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15 February 2013

And the Next Pope
Will Be…?

I am preparing a major article on who will be the next pope, trying to make prophetic sense of all that has happened this week with the pope’s resignation on Monday. It is a significant event in the prophecies of St. Malachy because now we come to the final pope in his list to reign before the beginning of the Catholic version of the Christian Apocalypse. Will that be indeed the case?

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11 February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI to Resign
The Next Pope
Will be the Last Pope
According to the Prophecies
Of St. Malachy

In a cool and matter of fact manner, Pope Benedict XVI announced today that he would be stepping down as Pope of 1 Billion Catholics because of his advanced age. The ring of St. Peter will be removed from his living hand and smashed at 8 pm 28 February 2013.

Popes rarely retire. They are led out of the Papal Palace usually feet first, dead with their white slippers on. If my memory serves me at this short notice of this Church-shaking news, the last pope to retire was St. Celestine V. That was 719 years ago in 1294. It is a rather sordid story: one of the worst moments in the history of the papacy. It is unfortunate, but telling, that Benedict XVI would once again put papal foot in mouth as now comparisons with his abandonment of the throne of St. Peter match that of Celestine V that led to one of the most monstrous pontiffs in history taking holy office, Boniface VIII.

Apostasy, Fatima-Gate and sex scandals, has ever overshadowed Benedict’s short and checkered reign. He apparently will not survive the widening sex scandal of pedophile priests that as Cardinal Ratzinger – head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope John Paul II’s long reign – kept under wraps, sequestering and shielding hundreds of serial sex predators from secular justice all around the world.

It is believed that this was all foreseen by St. Malachy (d. 1148), a medieval Irish prophet who left us a list of 111 Latin mottoes – each signifying the life, heraldry, name or works of every Pontiff from his contemporary Celestine II (1143-1144) up to Benedict XVI. What follows in his prophecy is a coda where he describes the “last pope”, who he calls Petrus Romanus (Peter of Rome). Benedict was foretold to be the pope who brought about a spiritual crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, Peter of Rome will administer the faithful, it is presaged, when Rome itself is destroyed in a horrific prophecy about the Last Days of Judgment.

I will be writing much more, as today’s significant prophetic events require a full-bodied blog and article on this topic. Those who are currently subscribers of my free HogueProphecy Bulletin will receive the first notice when the article I am feverishly writing today will be posted. If you would like to join my newsletter, click on: newsletter.

If you wish to read a short eBook about St. Malachy’s prophecies about the fate Benedict XVI and his successor, Petrus Romanus, click on the Last Pope.

There is also another book I wrote on this matter of St. Malachy and collective Catholic prophecy you can check out by clicking on Church of Rome.

8 February 2013

From Superstorm Sandy
To Super Winter Storm Nemo

If you are in Boston and it is the evening of 8 February 2013, and you look up from your computer screen, you will see wet snow sprayed horizontally on trees like Jack Frost had a detergent explosion in the Laundromat.

If you are navigating the streets of New York City and it is the night of 8 February and you look up from your iPhone broadcast of this Hogueprophecy page, you might wonder if you have suddenly become an extra in a Roland Emmerish film about the global superstorm that brought on an Ice Age and “ate” the Big Apple.

The day after tomorrow, this super blizzard incongruously named after that cute Disney cartoon fish, “Nemo” by The Weather Channel – being the Nth or 14th alphabetically-named winter storm since the Maya were too Chicken Little too late to bring an end of the world on last year’s shortest day of the year launching winter – will make New York and New England look like movie locations of The Day After Tomorrow. That is the fictional movie based on the book by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber that envisioned global warming melting so much glacial ice off Greenland that it desalinated the great ocean currents shutting them down and triggering a series of global superstorm “ice age” hurricanes. In short, global warming brought on an Ice Age sometime after a New York minute and before the end of a Hollywood movie week.

Little Nemo with at the moment of this writing is spanking the daylights out of power grids across New York and New England with hurricane-force winds, storm surges of two to four feet. There will be episodes of lurid “thundersnow” thunderstorms and there are tornado warnings broadcast for a long blizzard blasted night expected to drop 12 to 18 inches of snow in New York and upwards of two feet in the Boston metro area in the next 24 hours. The day after tomorrow we will bear witness to a truly historic weather event that shut down New York and Boston impacting 30 million people.

If you are watching the power winking on and off on your computer screen whilst sitting huddled in blankets in the one room you can heat in the upstairs master bedroom of your semi-demolished row house under reconstruction, situated on a barrier island along the Long Island coast of Queens, New York, you might remember my Superstorm Sandy blog with the movie stills from The Day After Tomorrow. It looked a whole lot like the real storm surges flooding the streets of Queens and other boroughs of New York. Ever since that Frankenstorm came barreling in to drown hundreds of thousands of homes in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island on 29 October 2012 and flooding the New York City subways and art galleries, the premier television channels have been regularly broadcasting that Day After Tomorrow movie. Climate change AT LAST is stealing some attention from porcine Honey Boo Boo, pregnant Kim Kardashian and the Facebook love affair of a college football player’s online relationship face plant.

Click on the cover of this 1994, fully illustrated, deluxe first edition of “Millennium Book of Prophecy”.

In my 1994 study of collective prophetic visions of doom and “blooms” day (See, The Millennium Book of Prophecy) the vote of seers of ancient and modern traditions voted fifty-fifty on whether the current and accelerating violence of climate change that they clearly foresaw will end in a greenhouse or icehouse climate in our near future. Whether you were sandblasted and flooded by the tropical fury of Hurricane Sandy; or, whether you are now holed up in a cold house with power going out and only the pall of snowfall’s pale glow in the pitch black night, glowering through windows to light your way in New England, the oracle’s vision of your future is either arctic frozen or tropically hot in the many tomorrows coming.

The future is yours to make. Either Ice Age it or see the return of a runaway, fully greenhouse-gassed return of Jurassic Park global weather. Either way, both spell the same unsustainable future for this current human civilization. It will go hungry.

The real name of the age our climate change is bringing is Famine.

The climate might still come back into balance if humanity decides to continue its habit of not applying its huge brainpan and instead surrenders intelligence to live the pea-brained path. Scurry if you will in your furry-brained mobs to run off that cliff of “terminal” and instinctive “breed and consume ‘till you drop” antics of a rodent stampede of Lemmings.

You don’t have to do a thing, people. Mother Nature is a planetary machine that could reduce the polluters of her air and land, decimate their numbers back to a pre-Industrial, pre-Medieval, population. She’ll turn off the Greenhouse gas feeding our collective brain fart. In the end, she can do without us, the thing that needs doing. She can eradicate humanity with her mechanical balancing ways — a plague here, an ice age there, a rise of oceans drowning our ports and cities. A crop failure (everywhere) to cull our parasite host. We could calm our abuse but if not, she with time will reduce “us” and seek without our help a way to nourish herself back to a balanced climate. I, for one, would rather help her, than be eradicated by her.

Mom Nature’s weather is starting the great purification.

The famine will finish it.

But hey! Cheer up, everybody. It’s not so bad. Honey Boo Boo will lose some baby fat and Kim Kardashian will lose her pregnancy fat when the baby arrives. Moreover, when baby arrives, we’ll all have something to eat.

Anyway, that’s how a rodent would think. Now then, “how” do you think?

Are you mice, or are you maidens and men?

Choose your original face and change your future. The prophets saw what we are doing to this world. The following is a future you can change when “you” (and only you reading this) categorically change from being mice to human beings:

We have to expect a day when the balance of nature will be lost.

Quetzalcoatl (947 c.e.)

The time has come…for destroying those who destroy the Earth.

St. John of Patmos c. 81-96 c.e., Revelation 11:18

They will no longer love this world around us, this incomparable work of God, this glorious structure which he has built, this sum of good made up of things of many diverse forms, this instrument whereby the will of God operates in that which he has made ungrudgingly favoring man’s welfare, this combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that can call forth the veneration, praise and love of the beholder.

Hermes Trismegistus (c. 150-170 c.e.)

As far as the world of man is concerned, I don’t think there is much chance of converting the masses against their own past. They are creations of the past, and their past will come to its crescendo in the coming crisis. The masses will be drowned in that crisis. I feel sad about it, but the truth has to be told.

Only a few people in the world will be able to survive after this global suicide, and those will be the people who are deeply rooted in consciousness: alert, aware, loving, and ready to disconnect themselves with the past completely and unconditionally, and ready to begin the New Man and the new humanity with the freshness of a child.

Their only hope is a self-realized being. It is too late to do anything to prevent the immense destruction that is going to happen. If we can protect only a few genuine human beings, that will be enough, more than enough. The past of humanity has been completely accidental; they have been doing things without knowing the consequences. Now we are suffering the consequences, and there is no way to change those consequences.

Osho (1988), Hari Om Tat Sat

1 February 2013

Say Farewell
To the Dream Team
Of Obama-Clinton

Today, Hillary Rodham Clinton shook the hands of – and had her smiling face framed in iPhone, Droid and cell phone cameras of – a grateful mob of US State Department staff as she ender her last day as US Secretary of State. In her four-year stint, Clinton has become one of the most popular and respected women in the world. Though her critics cite no defining diplomatic achievement, her supporters promote, rightfully perhaps, that her accomplishments are far broader. I mean, this broad mended bridges and restored respect for the United States abroad after eight years of the world being bushwhacked and just bushed too often with US unilateral actions, unsubstantiated grounds for invasion of Iraq, imperialism to control the oil pump of the Middle East and an attempt to restart a Cold War with Russia. Others might rightfully say that time will tell if the Obama doctrine that Clinton was point-woman diplomat promoting will have its own George W. Bush debacles in Libya, Syria, the diplomatic pressure to exert regime change in the Egyptian Revolution, leading to today’s bloody and perhaps more uncertain second Egyptian Revolution rising.

For now, life and legacy is good for Hillary Clinton. I am reminded of my oracle’s unwavering and documented predictions that she would team up with her 2008 campaign rival, Barack Obama and become a dream team, even after she lost the Democratic Primary election to Obama – even when the roll of Vice President was denied her. This is what the Oracle had said back in mid-November 2008:


This vision of the teaming up of the two is something I’ve been trying to frame in different forms since early 2007 in my bulletins, as any of you who have read me over the last few years know. First, I thought the team would be Clinton with Obama as Vice President. Then Obama-Clinton. I just couldn’t get the vision of this powerhouse duo to stop haunting the silent unguarded auguries of my oracle, even as the presidential elections approached and all outward signs of that future ever happening seemed dead. The feeling of a missed destiny stayed in a distant corner of silence in my future gazing, humming like a soft overtone, slightly out of key. It couldn’t really go away.

Today’s [14 November 2008] not so cryptic messages from the Obama headquarters that the job of Secretary of State is Hillary Clinton’s to have or reject, has brought the future of that dream team back to life.

If Clinton takes the job, the person I predicted since 1998 would become America’s first woman president of a Nixonian Democratic administration, might be part of a power team in international affairs and diplomacy not seen since Nixon chose Henry Kissinger to be his Secretary of State. In the end, this step may be her next step to being a president herself, in the future…

Clinton-Obama, the Dream Team Returns?
Hogueprophecy Bulletin 14 November 2008

1 February 2013

Say Hello to…
The Return of the Mummy
From the Vault
Of Skull and Bones

The mummy returns today to be sworn in as Hillary Clinton’s replacement and President Obama’s “second” choice for Secretary of State – Senator John F. Kerry. This is the most senior figure in the Democratic Party, who ran for president in 2004, and also who publicly endorsed Barack Obama to become the Democratic Party’s candidate for president in 2008. This aged junior Senator of Massachusetts even jumped to endorse Obama before the senior Senator of Mass. Teddy Kennedy and the Kennedy clan. Kerry is the man who by playing a very poor impersonation Mitt Romney in rehearsals for the 2012 presidential debates nearly gave Romney a chance to win, catching Obama flat footed in the first of three debates. Kerry is the only man in recent US history to run against a member of the secret Anglo-Saxon society – that has been behind the scenes in the shadows, influencing the powerful in the halls of Washington DC for over a century. Kerry is the only man in history so far who has also been a member of the same secret society as his opponent in the 2004 election, President G. W. Bush.

Now Kerry will achieve another “first”. He will become the first member of Skull and Bones to head the most influential cabinet post of a US President, starting today.

The story of Skull and Bones, Kerry and his influence as their “ambassador” inside the Obama administration is something I wrote about and published a half year “before” Obama was elected president in Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS.

This eBook is the summation of a 25-year search to find key and contemporary candidates, leaders and terrorists of the West and the Middle East, who might find their names decoded from Nostradamus’ enigmatic code name for his Third and Final Antichrist prophecies.

Read more about how you can get a copy of a book that reads like it was written today rather than four years ago and see also where Skull and Bones, Obama and Kerry play their part in the search for candidates for Antichrist. Do not presume or precipitously react when I mention Obama and Kerry here, that I am marking them as candidates for Nostradamus’ Antichrist. This prophetic detective story has lots of surprises and layers. This journey into prophecy is not black President or white Secretary of State simplistic, but great grey area – a story where even Nostradamus seems confused by the similarities of names, like Obama, Osama; or Saddam Hussein, and Barack Hussein Obama. It is not black and white, but I have found the journey to mark the Antichrist fascinating as it is confounding and worthy of your examination.

On 16 October 2012 I wrote in an article called Obama’s Albatross the following predictions about John Kerry as a future Secretary of State:


In my last article assessing the first presidential debate, I explained one of Obama’s flaws as a classic passive aggressive executive was picking similarly passive aggressive types in pivotal positions. Tim Geithner, the Secretary of Treasury was one of his worst cabinet choices. Much about what I predicted about him in late 2008 has come true. Another immature choice was Massachusetts US Senator John F. Kerry, as Obama’s “Mitt Romney” in practice debates.

If Obama is elected for a second term, he will most likely make the worst executive decision of his political career and replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State with John F. Kerry. This will only make an already remote chance of finding a diplomatic solution over Iran’s nuclear program even more difficult. In my new book, Nostradamus: The War with Iran —  Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse, we look at the astrology of Michel de Nostradame and his prophecies about a “Black King” being elected. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter that dates his election, foreseen four-and-a-half centuries ago is only off by a week or so from the moment Obama was sworn into office [for his first term]. Before this “Black King” is a choice of “calamitous war in Cancer” the sign of the USA, or “peace on Earth for a long time.”


In this book which is now available for downloads, I reiterated my prediction made in September 2009 that Obama would get his second term. My oracle was so confident about this prediction that I structured the expanded narrative of this new edition to cover the possible destiny of peace or war that President Obama might face over getting Iran to end its presumed nuclear weapons aspirations. To read more about the book, click on this cover:

Click on this link and read more about this book.

26 January 2013

New North Korean Dictator
Is Crying Wolf, because…
Kim Jong Un
Has No Dong
But not Un-Donged for Long

The US recently succeeded in increasing sanctions on North Korea in punishment for test firing of an intercontinental Taepodong-2 missile late last year. In retaliation, on 24 January 2013, Pyongyang threatened further underground nuclear weapons tests and shouted their intention to soon test fire multi-stage missiles potentially capable of carrying a nuclear warhead in the direction of the US. On the following day (25 January) South Korea was put on notice by the North that there would be “strong, physical countermeasures” if South Korea took a direct part in enabling the US-backed regimen of new sanctions.

I have seen this kooky Kabuki Theater from Pyong-ying-yang dictators before. (See Kim Jong Il has No Dong.)

Here again is ritual doomsday brinksmanship that each successor sustaining the last Stalinist dictatorship on Earth must pass. Kim Jong Il had to cut some kimchee military swagger when, behind the scenes he showed the military elite some “ball”-der-dash in the waning months of Il’s ill father King Il-Sung proving to father and Communist military junta that he could run the North Korean family bluffing business. That business includes making threats to drag the whole Pacific Northeastern Rim down to blazes to get attention and eventually use doomsday bluff as blackmail to get aid for its faltering agricultural system.

Since the Korean War was put on hold with an armistice in 1953, a string of chubby, well-fed Fuehrers of North Korea threaten invasion of South Korea or boast they can fire missiles on Japan or the United States even. These cries of a Crazy-in-Chief threatening to jump off the brink generate a diplomatic rush often involving North Korea’s only friend in the region as arbiter, China. Then the US steps in too, calming down one fanatically fat North Korean tyrant after another with offers to feed his starving, hermetically sealed, hermit, commie failed king-“dumb”.

Diplomatic efforts hastened the back tracking of North Korea after Kim Jong Il became the new leader, shortly after threats of invasion in 1994, by his soon-to-be diseased father Kim Il-Sung (AKA The “Great” Leader) evaporated faster than kimchee gas warms a threadbare proletariat’s winter coat. President Clinton sent his Secretary of State Madeleine Albright forthwith to mother the new rotund number-one son and diminutive successor, Kim Jong Il (AKA the “Dear Leader”…ah, how cute) with aid if the North Koreans would stop their nuclear weapons and missile programs.

After Clinton came President Bush. He clogged the arteries of aid in the early 21st century, bringing back a spate of North Korean missile test firing, Taepodong tantrums – a mini-nuke test firing lit and tossed down a mine shafts too. Regional ballistic No Dong and Intercontinental ballistic Taepodong missile launches splashed harmlessly in the Pacific. Then, when it was time for Kim Jong Il to begin his fuzzy-headed fade into illness after surviving a stroke, his successor, his Kim Jong “young”-Un, squeezed into the Dr. Evil jumpsuit and applied baby fat finger to pointed military doomsday threats. After which, a South Korean corvette is blasted in half by a North Korean torpedo in March 2010. Then a Northern artillery barrage blasts a South Korean fishing village on Yeonpyeong Island in November 2010.

As before, these heinous acts did not foretell war was imminent. They indicated a change in leadership was afoot, requiring a new and beefy heir-apparent take up the old Cold War corny beefs, show off that he had No Dong to fire. Soon after in December 2011, his dad toasted his failed state with one last glass of $300-dollar Hennessy and rolled his bacon off to atheist commie oblivion. The young-Un became the new dictator, Kim Jong Un (the “Supreme” Leader). At first there was hope in the region that North Korea would cut the bull, red flagging a stampeding potential of war and national self-destruction, do the Kim Jong Un-predictable for a positive change, opening up North Korea.

It would seem of late that Kim Jong Un is Kim Jong Un-doubtedly more outrageous in his threats. For the first time a North Korean leader actually threatens to test fire one of its Taeopdong ICBMs “AT” the US.

It is not the case now, but with time, these North Korean threats will eventually be backed by capability. Their missiles will eventually stop falling apart and splashing harmlessly into the Pacific, that “large watery place” (Korean for taepodong), whoever they threaten to fire them at. Their suitcase-sized, fizzling nuclear tests in mine shafts near the Chinese border eventually will produce a nuclear warhead or two that Kim Jong can “Un”-leash on the three-stage successor to the No Dong, Iraqi Scud-style missiles. They will lengthen their big Taepo Dong’s reach to bollock tundra in Alaska and lift grass skirts in Hawaii.

China, North Korea’s only “friend” in the region has endorsed the new UN Sanctions. Little Kim Jong is “Un”-backed by Beijing this time. If one can put a unexpected positive prophetic spin on an Kim Jong Un-thinkable future trend, China has the leverage to pull Kim Jong Un from Un-stable reactions about U.N. sanctions and thus Un-dercut an Un-believably stupid act of aggression that can only use UN sanctions to Un-do Kim Jong Un-necessarily. But this placation, once again, by China will have its limits. Time is running out.

Without a Kim Jong Un-doubt, he will belly up from being a dictatorial Ding-Dong with No Dong at present to eventually let slip a Kim Jong Un-Donging-bollocking with real intercontinental and nuclear warhead capability with his “Tom Jones” capable of turning North Korea into a self-immolating Jonestown.

There has been loose and as of yet unsubstantiated talk on the news spinning media in the US that a new Taepodong-2 ICBM might set off an atomic blast high in the atmosphere releasing an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) over the US Western Coast states that might fry all the electronics there.

You folks freeze-drying your food: think!

Come out of your survival dens and doomsday-prepper bunkers and get some fresh air. An North Korean EMP blast will not happen. For one thing, a Taepodong-headed missile cannot reach the West Coast. Moments after such an act of aggression one or both US trident nuclear submarines that patrol off the Korean Peninsula will let slip their thermonuclear missiles and turn Un’s kingdom and baby fat into nuclear ash. Pyongyang goes Yang-bada-Yongbyon BOOM!

I am less concerned that this ratcheting up of the Korean crying wolf game will lead to a full-scale invasion of South Korea or missiles falling on the United States. But, one of these days, this game of North Korean clap-trap-and-mouse gamesmanship with South Korea and America could accidentally lead to an implosion of North Korea and a very violent, bloody end to the Korean War which has never officially ended but lies in a militant state of Kim Jong Un-certain limbo for nearly 60 years.

2013 is the year when many old patterns of delay and behavior, as well as systemically unstable economic, political and ecological patterns of governance and behavior have come to the end of the rope. The kicking of many cans hits the cul-de-sac in history. There is a great opportunity this year to initiate diplomatic breakthroughs with North Korea or Iran, the Israel-Palestinian conflict and Indo-Pakistani nuclear brinksmanship. 2013 could be the year polarized governments come together to reform the banks, tax codes and systemic flaws in global economic systems.

Will they do it?

That is the theme of the eBook of prophecies I am currently writing about the year 2013. I hope to have it finished by end of February or in early March. Click here to learn more about how it can be yours with a special chapter for donators only: predictions 2013.

Click on this link and read more about the new eBook.

21 January 2013

Nostradamus 2012
The End of End Times
Downloading Now!

My 21st book (11th eBook) is now being downloaded with a personal letter of thanks to all the advanced donators who made it, and the continuation of Hogueprophecy.com, possible with their help. The list of supporters is rather large so it will take until Monday at midnight (Pacific Time) to download the book to everyone who has been waiting.

The years drew down to 2012. The anticipated – if flawed – belief intensified, that a great doomsday or bloomsday was imminent on 21 December 2012 when the Mayan Calendar purportedly shifted into a new great “Long Count” of 5,125 years. Over 3,000 books had been published about everything 2012-ish, even down to a book on Barack Obama and 2012! A lot of you began asking why I had not joined the “Photonic Band” wagon with either an argument that the Maya had more accurately dated the end of the world, or a tome that promised contact New Age, marijuana-high enlightenment when gamma rays from the center of the galaxy were anticipated to fry or photonically enlighten us.

Well, my silence was deafening to many and some of you got the message that anticipation of 2012 was less important to me than commenting on its aftermath. I was not going to join the sheeple scribers who made a book writing industry out of this Chicken Little story. I planned to publish my book “after” all the acorns had bopped Chicken Little’s head thinking the sky or enlightenment was falling. This book, part serious, part satire and hopefully rife with a lot of divine comedy, is my answer. I would chime in the morning after the Mayan much ado about no-thing had happened any more or less significant than what many great time clocks and cycles of different prophetic traditions rebooting in our lifetime have forecast, and some visualized even clearer than the Maya.

So then, here is Hogue book number “21” about 21 December 2012 that separates the silly from the sincere message of the Maya, their calendar and puts it in its proper place among other prophetic time clocks sounding the alarm about and chiming in hope for the 21stcentury. Read more about the book and how you can receive a gift copy by clicking on Nostradamus.

And now, a little excerpt. Here then is a unique definition of what 2012 as a year of bloom or glooms-day means to me. Cue the Proph-arazzi!:


2012 is the Lindsay Lohan of End Time dates. She’s the Hollywood starlet of stargazing ancients… [The other “end time” girls are] too broad and operatic [some] taking a cosmic year to come. Hollywood likes a quickie “it” girl. End timers like a snappy and uncomplicated calendar pin-up call girl to rock their world…

I mean, look who starred in her own major motion picture?

2012 of course.

Did you bijou a flick recently called Stop my Wheel of Dharma I want to get off! or The Hopi Hangover – Final Warning? Did that Hollywood version of CNN called Entertainment Tonight wolf-blitzer down a high heeled, silicone-heaving movie trailer for end time epics called Yabba Dabba Kali Yuga or Catch Me if you can Jupiter-Saturn Cycle?

There was no Oceans 11-Year Pleiadian UFO Return. Jodie Foster dove buck naked backwards in Nell. Who can play supersized, buxom Nibiru flopping her vast planetary curves into the inner solar system? And who can Angelina Jolie that action figure to Van Allen Belt [whip] the Solaris Maximum?

Popularized “paparazzified” prophecy needs something simple, a one-liner star whose number everyone gets without complications of reflection. Take a real drama queen in and out of interpretive rehab. A date diva doomsday that everyone wants to vote in favor for on his or her craven American Idol show and naughty tell.

Dumb the doom down, baby.

Let her wrap her Daisy Duck collagen lips around my Mayan solstice. Give her that big boob tube job. You’ll sell a lot more ad time! She’ll fill out the cover of an autobiographical confessional every New Age publisher will print, crowding out and rejecting all other doom-dreamy dates and cycle sirens of prophecy because, really now, they’re tooooo complicated.


There is much more where that came from. There is the film shoot for a celebrity doomsday dame, two guys playing Gilligan on History Channel’s Apocalypse Island. A Vincent Bridges going far off the deep end of plausible prophetic interpretation. And there is Nostradamus.

These Twenty-Twelvers dragged the poor 16th-century seer of Provence, France, out of his peaceful wall tomb and tried for 25 years to “make” him bone up as a part of their “make” – that he foresaw 2012 and predicted it. Someone has to straighten all this stupid axis “shift” out. I guess it had to be me. When I look at some of the books out there putting 2012 in Nostradamus’ mouth, I had to wonder if the authors based their research on pure imagination built upon a foundation of third-rate English translations of the original Renaissance French material.

How could they get it so wrong about Nostradamus’ connection to the Maya? How could they overlook a man who is on record making the most accurate forecasts of dates, years, periods of time of any prophet in recorded history not mentioning 2012? Moreover, Nostradamus “HAD” a year “2012” to proclaim and he did so in the clear, for all those who actually READ Nostradamus before they tie strings on him like Pinocchio and try to wood-chuckster hustle a long woody of wife-tale lies with his lengthening nose?

Nostradamus 2012 – the End of End Times, clears the air with insights and laughter. It will often playfully expose the 2012 forecasters as being a bit “Too Chicken Little too late” to the era changing prophecy party.

21 January 2013

The Hottest Year
Ever Recorded

The most obvious sign of epochal shift changed did not happen in 2012. They began in 1998 when climatologists chronicled a spike in global temperatures making it the hottest year in history at that time. Since 1998, EVERY year has been a little hotter than the last, as if 1998 was the first of many years to come that belong to a kind of temperature tsunami of rising aggregate record breaking temperatures around the world.

Then came 2012… OK, maybe it has some significance, not as the start of something big, but a new magnification of the new “abnormal” in Climate Change.

It saw a significant spike in global temperatures never before recorded, even dwarfing the breakout heat funk from normal that was 1998!

NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) reported that: “2012 marked the warmest year on record for the contiguous United States with the year consisting of a record warm spring, second warmest summer, fourth warmest winter and a warmer-than-average autumn. The average temperature for 2012 was 55.3°F, 3.2°F above the 20th century average, and 1.0°F above 1998, the previous warmest year.”

The following are not forecasts from New Age Sewage peddlers, channeled Mayan Gods, dolphins. Fact is fact about the changing weather, whether it is fairies or unfairies to our expectations and what we deny.

The NOAA reports that 19 US states out of the lower 48 were all warmer than average in 2012. What reporters now like to coin as “Frankenyear” was the second most devastating on record, clocking in 11 catastrophes that cost $1 billion or more in the United States alone. That makes 2012 just one natural disaster less destructive than the tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and droughts hitting the US in the year 2011. Maybe lucky numbered 2013 will send a “13” billion-dollar plus pummeling of the United States.

The average surface temperature of the Earth has increased one-Centigrade degree (1.8 Fahrenheit degrees) in the past century, and is heading for a calamitous 4 C. degrees increase in this century.

2012 was not the end of the world, but maybe the beginning of the end of a world of balanced and relatively mild weather as we have known it – as it helped aid with its mellifluous 10,000 years of relative climate stability our evolution to civilization.

2012 was the 15th driest year on record.

The Great Drought of 2011 became the Great Drought of 2012 attacking 62% of the nation. We are talking in 2012 about record braking temperatures such as Nashville; Athens, Ga.; and Cairo, Ill., all hitting 109 degrees on June 29; Greenville, S.C., which hit 107 degrees on July 1; and Lamar, Colorado, which hit 112 degrees on June 27. One third of America’s 300 million people experienced 10 or more days of summer temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

Even Hawaii, which in some places marks some of the wettest rainfall records is now 63.3% drought stricken.

The 2012 fire season in the other 49 states scorched 9.2 million acres of forest, the third highest on record.

As forecast by my oracle in Predictions for 2012, the Mississippi River is anemic for some more water to carry barges down America’s busiest commerce waterway. Now barges have to load with one-third less cargo, otherwise in several areas they will run aground in soon-to-be exposed and cracked Mississippi mud it would seem if my oracle’s forecasts for 2013 (which I am now writing for release end of February) are true.

Hurricane Sandy (on 29 October 2012) covered much of Queens and Staten Island (New York) and the New Jersey coast in sand dunes from vast tidal surge. It has since compelled the corporate news media to talk about climate change even though they only chirp timid “peeps” about the human cause of what we really should call – man-made GLOBAL WARMING, not wishing to upset their fossil-fueled corporate handlers.

Look! Do I say when my house is on fire that it is going through a “structural change” or do I say it is “burning down”.

Diane Sawyer, the anchorwoman at ABC Nightly News can baby talk to us like we are children each night, PG-rating every report, “there… there…” with that “everything’s going to be OK” voice. Reports from Brian Williams, the anchor at NBC Nightly News, being a New Jersey native, sound a little more alarm, because corporates are forced to fill his prompter with the bad climate change news, but if Climate Change and Hurricane Sandy was the Climate Change “Pearl Harbor” moment, B. Williams playing FDR would deliver the bad news vague and cuddly.

Put it another way, what do we do after the Imperial Empire of Japan sank the Pacific Fleet in a surprise attack and Brian Williams plays FDR before US Congress addressing a state of war the morning after?

He might mumble something uncertain, like, “Gee, we should maybe watch the waters of the West Coast a little more carefully; maybe even think about building some tanks, guns and ships to defend our homeland. I don’t know…”

Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941 became Climate Change Pearl Harbor 29 October 2012. Yet it gets the same vague and vacuous set of bromides from news anchors.

When faced with a deepening super drought that will only get more extensive in the coming years, killing off 20 percent of the world’s richest cornucopia of farmed food source, what is the message in the prompter?

Something essentially like this: “Golly, maybe we should buy some food insurance? Maybe we should think about getting a little more energy efficient?

“Do we need to drastically cut down carbon emissions, you think?


“And now more news about the vast expansion of fracking oil drilling that will make the US the next Saudi Arabia in a few years…”

(Frack you! World. I want to get off!) Put your Mayan dance rattles away, folks. Americans, ancient and modern, have showed the world the way to climate disruptions that end civilizations. Whether the Americans are ancient Mesoamerican Maya or North Americans of our time: we Americans have a legacy of overusing, overspending, over-wasting and thus laying waste to air, soil and forests to the point of abandoning our great templed cities in Guatemala, like the Classic Mayan Civilization did about 900 years ago. We have taught the rest of the planet to pollute American – North, Meso or Southern American style, does not matter which. We have taught the rest of the world to keep on venting their fossil fuels, give a few words of concern but just keep on smoking out the Earth’s climate down to the cigarette butt. Drill baby drill. Do it until we too will abandon our skyscraper temples, then starve and perhaps evacuate our ruins for future archaeologists to marvel at and wonder why we consumed our civilization like a snake biting into its own denial – eating its own “tale”.

21 January 2013

The Great Wall
Of Chinese Wheezing

Bless the Chinese. Being a polluting American, I am most proud of their adapting to the Mayan-to-American climate altering dream and besting it! Nobody pumps more greenhouse gassing filth into the atmosphere that the Chinese these days. They are an American’s most successful disciple in climate change doom, in understanding and mastering the All-American dream-cum-nightmare of American Armageddonomics!

Back on 12 January the US Embassy in Beijing recorded an air particulate quality index level of 755. (Other reports place it eventually rising to 855.). It is important for you, your lungs and your cardiovascular system to know that a markup up to 300 is beyond unhealthy and that 500 is off the scale. The inversion layer created by a chilly and stagnant high pressure system over the Chinese capital had trapped air pollution and plumes of filth from forests of chimneys of coal power generators and the toxic fumes of heavy industry – symbols of China’s “miracle” economy – into a malevolent pall. Birds dropped dead out of the sky, and hundreds of children, the elderly and asthmatics were warned to stay indoors or take a breath outside and drop dead. Hundreds fell sick and though the reports might be censured by a Corporate-Communist-totalitarian-turned-command-Capitalistic regime, it is anticipated that hundreds will have died from air pollution-related injury.

The global warming that fossil-fuel-venting corporate industries around the world publicly deny is expected to warm up the climate, evening out temperatures in northern and mid-temperate latitudes. This will create lingering high-pressure events that will soon see a great plume of trapped and extremely hazardous pollutants settle over the most industrialized and populated eastern regions where most of China’s 1.4 billion people reside for days, then weeks, then months.

As foreseen by my oracle for years now, Nature will go on reacting to human atmospheric filth manufacturing with “Pearl Harbor” climate changing events. I hope these tragedies will serve to wake us up from our stupidity. Superstorm Sandy shook the centers of power and industry in the United States on 29 October of last year. China has had its wake-up call last week sent in a funerary shroud of many shades of grey pollutant death. In both cases the leaders and people are at least “talking” in the clear on mainstream media about it. But we are a long way from being “all clear” of the problem that needs talk turn into action to reduce our pollutants around the world. Here is where you can read more about the Superstorms and Super High Pressure Stagnations coming: click on prophecies for 2013.

21 January 2013

Election Prediction:
Israel goes Right
and very Wrong

Way back in 1994, I published the special deluxe illustrated edition of Millennium Book of Prophecy: 777 Visions and Predictions. In this study of collective predictions (half of them doom-laden and half of “blooms” day, often coming from the same prophet’s pen), I wrote a section listing predictions about a Second Holocaust. This new threat to the Jewish people would come to those crowding the little Jewish State of Israel if the trend towards a future right wing fundamentalist Israeli government my oracle foresaw – starting in 1990 – came to pass in the early 21st century.

Tomorrow (22 January 2013), Israel will hold a parliamentary election. It will be the end’s beginning of the Prime Minister Netanyahu’s era, not from election results but afterwards when the new government is formed – a government so far to the right and nationalistic that the Zionist-supremacist political forces Netanyahu has embraced will eventually marginalize him. After next week’s election, the Israeli ship of state will set its steering wheel hard right and tie the wheel down.

Israel will be on the way to becoming the next South Africa, a pariah of apartheid, where the non-Jewish Arabs, nearly half the people of what was once called Palestine, now controlled by the Jewish State, will become the new Black South Africans. The Palestinians, rendered illegitimate Semites, will crowd and overpopulate their shanty slums like black South Africans, without rights or justice, while beside these an ever-shrinking Jewish population of “legitimate” Semites will become the new “Afrikaner” white rulers, their slave handlers.

This future is unsustainable, as the South Africans finally discovered when they began walking on the difficult path of national unity and reconciliation, the future outcome of which after several decades is still uncertain. The concept of a racist state, be it Nazi, South African or Jewish, cannot be sustained. It can only be perpetuated by the same violence that eventually consumes and destroys it. The Afrikaners avoided their complete destruction by changing. The “national socialist” Jewish State that’s coming, beginning after next week’s election, will also have to make this difficult change, or be consumed like Adolf Hitler and his national socialist “Aryan” state.

Meditate on this, Oh Israel, as you go to the polls on Tuesday 22 January 2013.

21 January 2013

2 0 1 3
The Year of the Great Comet!

Back on 4 January 2013, “Bruce” shared this comment for all of us:

From Space.com Mid-November Through December: Comet ISON On Sep. 21, 2012, two amateur astronomers (Vitali Nevski of Belarus and Artyom Novichonok of Russia) used a telescope owned by the International Scientific Optical Network to discover a new comet that was christened using the acronym of the instrument used to find it: Comet ISON. Orbital calculations indicate that comet ISON will travel closest to the sun, less than 750,000 miles (1.2 million km) above the sun’s surface, making it a true “sungrazer,” on Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving Day in the United States). The comet could eventually be bright enough to be visible in broad daylight around the time of its nearest approach to the sun. It will then travel toward Earth, passing within 40 million miles (64 million km) of our planet a month later. Since comet ISON will become very well placed for viewing in the morning and evening sky from the Northern Hemisphere during the following weeks, it could become one of the most watched comets of all time.

Comets play important roles in prophetic traditions. Seers like Nostradamus generally believe comets are portends to great changes in the course of history, most of these negative. Perhaps the reason might be in our cellular collective subconscious memory. Perhaps on some yet unexplainable level we have a “memory” of being those great lizards and dinosaurs hunting or grazing about Mesozoic savannas who might have registered in their sub-chicken retarded brains the anomaly of a great cometary ball and tail getting closer and closer to Earth until it blasted these Chicken-Little behemoths into extinction 65 million years ago. This atavistic, primal fear may still motivate us in our DNA to regard comets as the Old French word for such heavenly portents originally intended: desastre (from the stars) disaster.

Two very important themes will dominate my discourse on the future in 2013 related to Comet ISON. The first is a planned update and expansion of my book Nostradamus and the Antichrist – Code Named: Mabus. The reason being that the prophet’s most infamous quatrain about a third and final Antichrist out of three being our contemporary or not, depends on how you read the following quatrain with the last line being a portend dating the times of Mabus:

2 Q62
Mabus puis toƒt alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & beƒtes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, ƒoif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Comet McNaught in early 2007 became the brightest seen in 60 years. It became visible to the human eye during the predawn hours near the end of 2006 when Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein was hanged. Saddam Hussein is one of four key candidates who see their names decode from “Mabus”. The others are G.W. Bush, Usama bin Laden, and the man who today at the publication of this article was publicly inaugurated to a second term as President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Husseins that are Obama and Saddam. Obama rhyming with “Osama” bin Laden. It is enough to confuse the best of prophets peering down the timeline from the 1550s. What is clear is the appearance of a comet, or comet-like portent, dates the time of the Antichrist. At the time of this writing, the McNaught best fits Saddam Hussein’s fall, but what of Comet ISON? What will it portend for President Obama, the US nation, the world?

If it indeed becomes the brightest comet of the century and shines blue, will it represent the “Blue Star” of the Hopi Kachina Prophecy? This vision of Southwestern Native Americans is said to mark the beginning of a Great Purification of the world by fire.


All that you have read above in this article is but a taste of the prophecies subject to current events I will develop more fully. Right now, in the early weeks of they ear of this comet, with my Mayan Calendar eBook at last published, I can at last throw myself entirely into the quick completion of my next and much anticipated almanac of annual prophecies. For those supporters of Hogueprophecy that advance a donation of $12.50 or more, you will receive the special autographed donators edition of this book. Just for you, it will include an extra chapter about this important Hopi Indian prophecy and whether Comet ISON is the fulfillment of it. This special edition can be yours if you pre-order it with your donation before the end of February.

Please send your $12.50 or a little more here: Predictions for 2013. Be sure to leave in the Paypal note box “2013”. Or, you can send a US Check or US Money Order payable “John Hogue”. You can mail it to John Hogue, P.O. Box 666, Langley, WA 98260. Be sure to leave me a legible email address and “2013” written on a note or on your check. In that way, I can send you your donators special edition of this eBook when it is completed.

21 January 2013

A Reflection on Meditation:

Hi John, Please send me the links/information for your meditation techniques. Tears welled up when I read your words “We don’t want happiness, we don’t want real freedom because to attain it we must confront all that is false in us, chaining us down.” My reaction surprised me because I wouldn’t have believed those words until now. It’s time to dissolve those chains. 🙂 Thank you, Terry

Dear Terry, tears come from the depths of our being. Sometimes they are a call to go inward, an echo of remembrance. Once you have had a glimpse of the truth of your inner existence, underneath all those shadows of happiness and freedom that the mind projects as our desire, the attachment to the false will never be the same. Then, through meditation, a process begins on its own accord. A loosening of the false bonds. One watches them unravel.

My teacher, Osho, told me when I was initiated back in 1980 that my role in meditation was ever to begin it, each moment. Every moment.

It is like being available, like waiting with great attention — available. What is illuminated is sometimes painful, but only to the false in us. The deeper you go, the more you become aware of something beyond wonderful. This “it”ness that cannot be expressed in words has never been a part of our dramas, even though it waits behind the veil of all drama, life and death. One cultivates a remembrance of “it” until “it” is inescapable. To allow this, one begins meditation, each moment.

Those of you reading this, if tears of mystery or a wave of some forgotten echo of ecstasy should well up from deep inside of you, vibrating with what is behind the veil of these words, calling you, then ask me for links and information to the meditation techniques I use. I will freely give you this.

The price is only that you ask.

Go to this Contact link and put in the subject line: meditation. I will then send you an email containing the only treasure of true value hidden behind the veil of Hogueprophecy.

Join my free newsletter list too.

There are over 400 articles archived at Hogueprophecy.com. In the prophecy field, documented forecasts should only get richer with the test of time. Here then, are some of the hottest Hogueprophecy article links to further sample:


Hogueism of the Day:

I suppose reality is the instantaneous place in the eternity of the present where opposites meet and are annihilated in union. (Woo wooo!) Boring becomes scary. Scary becomes boring. Dog lovers become cats. Toilets neither have the seat up or down.


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the “Contact” email button and I will post them here.


Here is an interesting study on fear’s handmaiden, named Ignorance and her wet nurse, named Projection:


Why is your P.O. box # the sign of the devil? How stupid.

I am so glad you asked. Here is my answer:


I think you are screwed in the head and will refuse any more email from you – I am going to opt out. There is no excuse for using a number like that unless you have hidden, messed reasons. BYE

That is your choice and I respect that but I will have the last word on this matter.

Fear and ignorance motivates your abusive statements in this and your first letter.

You asked me a question in the first letter as to “why” I use 666 in my P.O. Box and I had provided you an explanation.

Apparently, you are so psychologically crippled by fear of that number that you cannot even read my article about 666. My goodness, you were so scared of the number 666 that you could not even bring yourself to type it in, as if your fingers would erupt into flaming satanic candles. I bet you that the number 616 does not give you the willies, though it should, as per your belief system. My article would have explained that.

I hope that someday you (and anyone else reading this who has a trip about 666) will find the courage to question your beliefs and actually read my article about 666. Otherwise, you are committing the sin of judging another man out of cowardice, fear and ignorance.

Yeshua has said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

Why then are so many Christian believers so judgmental of others?

Here is the article as my farewell gift and thank you for being on the Hogue Bulletin list. Your letters have provided me with a teaching moment for anyone who is interested in 666 and wants to have a good laugh. Click on number of the beast.

Check out my 6-Part Series on 666, Your Comments and Questions, click on: False Prophet.

Here are more articles on Christian prophecy themes:

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  1. Bernard Continelli
    Posted 9 February 2013 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    Are you sure it wasn’t named after Captain Nemo of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” fame? … I mean, it DID arrive with (ahem) “collision speed”!

    I would have called Nemo “Ned Land” because, like the Jules Verne classic, “Land” made “landfall” and harpooned New England. 🙂

  2. Rocker
    Posted 1 February 2013 at 1:40 am | Permalink

    I know the topic is not funny, but you do crack me up sometimes: “Pyongyang goes Yang-bada-Yongbyon BOOM!” LOL.

    When the future looks really bad and getting “badder” better to clown-a-pocalypse.

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