Superstorm Sandy, Climate Change, a Global Warming Pearl Harbor and Nostradamus 2012

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City and Governor Cuomo of New York State, both became converts to Hurricane Sandy being a symptom of Global Warming, and declared as much to the nation in press conferences in the aftermath of what will go down as the most expensive natural disaster in US history.

In Chinese the word “catastrophe” is represented by two characters representing “disaster” and “possibility”. Superstorm Sandy is such a catastrophe. The Category One hurricane that grew 1,000 miles wide before it mated with a winter storm over the northern Atlantic seaboard states to become a perfect superstorm may be the first of many “Pearl Harbor” moments that shock the people of the United States in a positive way, to take the attack of Mother Nature and global warming seriously.

As I stated in the previous article (click on Hurricane Sandy) Mother Nature is at war with human stupidity, a kind of glacial lack of forward progress towards awakening to what we habitually have been doing to the climate and ecological balance of the planet. Before there were so many of us we did not need to worry too much about what our usurpation of ocean and stream or rape of the forests might do the our world. There was always another greener pasture to mow to desert sands by overgrazing. There was always another new river, lake or ocean to overfish and dump our poisons into. The glaciers we melt with our CO2 emissions from the onset of the Industrial Revolution to today’s highest increase of such fossil fuel farting (an average increase of 3.2 percent per annum since 2010) may have inundated our coastlines already with an extra foot of ocean in the last century. The gas will go on melting the ice caps and glaciers inundating three to seven feet more by this century’s end, but hey! Look at opportunity knocking.

Think of what glacier retreat and permafrosted plains thawing has exposed for our mining and minting of more trillions of dollars!

More oil, natural gas, methane and coal!

The great tundra supervolcano that is the melting arctic steppe lands of Russia, Canada and Alaska spews its invisible plume of methane, once strapped by the ice, to speed up all forecasts of rising oceans happening much sooner than later, but we will drill for more greenhouse gas products anyway. We will harvest it in record breaking CO2 belching annual levels to satisfy short-term greed, and thus shorten the time oceans will rise.

I predict that we are on course now, at this current fossil fuel boom to frack up and jack up global warmed ocean rise three to seven feet in the next 20 years, not 80 years. I am foreseeing the kind of inundations that by the next decade will flood the world’s harbors, shut down commerce and perhaps be responsible for the great global famine forecasted by Nostradamus visualizing humanity becoming baby eating cannibals with a die-off of two out of every three of us

There is shockingly good news to tell you.

I will present that news declaring something many of you haven’t heard anywhere else that is equally shocking.

I want to thank you, Superstorm Sandy!

Thank you for upending millions of people from leaders in our US capital with their heads otherwise high and dry in a place where the light of climate crisis never shines in Washington DC, all the way to the fossil fuel based economy’s capital of the world: New York City.

Thank you Sandy for destroying Jersey Shore!

Thank you for burning down neighborhoods in outer bank islands of Queens.

Bless you for placing empty fuel barges left high and dry on the beaches of Staten Island.

Thank you for drowning the New York Subway system.

Bless you for becoming what I predict will be the most costly US natural disaster in history!

Sandy! You are a blessing in disguise.

You are a “Pearl Harbor” moment for America and the world.

A splash of cold storm surge water in our faces, a grave of beach sand burying our dead, a hot breath of global warming awareness set to melt a human glacial stupidity about our part in stabilizing the Earth and its ecosystem and climate.

I long awaited you, Sandy. I welcome the other “Sandy’s”, the other “Pearl Harbor” shocks coming to America and the world that might awaken the sleeping giant of American creativity and industry just like the Japanese attack accidentally did on 7 December 1941.

Back then, Americans were stuck in an economic Depression. The surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet docked at Pearl Harbor awoke Ameri-can’ts. In four short years, they became AmeriCANs, defeating the Axis Alliance, winning the Second World War, then going on from one ascendant decade to the next, rebuilding Europe with the Marshal Plan, waging economic war and defeating the Soviet hegemon in the Cold War. We reached for the stars. We reached to the Moon and created the longest period of prosperity in human history.

That is what Ameri-CANs can do when someone bombs the USS Arizona and it blows to bits.

Will Mother Nature sending a surprise attack, a superstorm into New York City and New Jersey, taking them temporarily down in one of the worst natural disasters in US history, turn American’ts into AmeriCANs one more time? Will the sleeping giant awaken once again and rise to defeat the oncoming planetary climate crisis, the fascism of fracked-up global warming running amok?

For years now, my oracle has sounded the warning about Global Warming. It avoided the politically correct euphemism of “Climate Change”. It kept providing my readers with the hot breath of raw climate reality.

“Climate change” to WHAT, already?

Change towards a hotter planet, a climate cascade that might undermine human civilization unless a string of unprecedented natural disasters hit our stupidity like a Japanese bomb cutting through the deck and igniting the magazine of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. We need Climate Change to torpedo the equilibrium of our comfortable mindsets, like a capsizing USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor.

We need to be shocked into action, America.

We need to stop postponing, denying and blaming global warming on fantasies birthed like Birthers “Donald Trumping along” looking for Obama’s birth certificate.

The devil made me do Global Warming. No? The Sun made me do Global Warming. No? Well then it has to be these “clothes hanger” radio networks making me do Global Warming. (Cheesh!)

It is time to listen to science, not blowhards harping about solar cycles or HAARP-ing about secret stations shooting beams into the ionosphere to make the storms you are seeing that only global human pollution emissions are making.

I love how all the “Sun made me do it” cult purveyors on their web sites out there on Internet blame our weird weather and Sandy on the oncoming climax of the solar maximum in 2013 when sunspots blaze highest affecting the weather. They believe the Sun is the sole cause, the panacea of denial of other causes. Yet, these missionaries of “one simplistic myth fits all” thinking are as unscientific as holy rollers cherry picking the data that only supports their creationist theories.

Where were these Solar-holy-rollers during 2005, when we were approaching the last solar minimum? According to their dogma, there should have been no violent storms mistakenly attributed to human pollution emissions, right?

Yet, Hurricane Season 2005 was among the most violent and hurricane crowded seasons in recorded history. Remember Hurricane Katrina breaking of the levies in New Orleans and the flattening of the Mississippi coast?

The Solar-Sunday-School climate preachers and a few fossil fuel financed and lonely scientists have become the new Holocaust deniers of our day. Their audacity of inanity ignores the exhaustive documentation of evidence that unquestionably concludes global warming is a human triggered phenomenon. They are no better than President Ahmadinejad of Iran who denies Jews where killed in their six millions by machine gun, pistol shot to the neck or by gassing and disposal in Nazi death camp ovens.

As bountifully documented as the Jewish Holocaust was, the mountain of evidence for climate change and global warming caused by human beings is far more vast and comprehensive. I dare to add, the consequences of denying its existence will set all of you reading this in line for a future where the skies become your Auschwitz oven.

It will not be fueled from above by Zyklon B tablets thrown down into your fake showers by some SS thug, but by invisible to the eye and dimwitted mind of greenhouse gases.

You all need this shock, this Superstorm Sandy swipe alongside your sleepy heads.

What other Pearl Harbor flooding New York Harbor, will it take to awaken the sleeping giant of human genius slapped hard by climate change?

Wake up, people. A planetary greenhouse holocaust is waiting to gas, burn and drown the entire human race.

Since 2008, my oracle has drummed this message (see below) about the hidden blessing of catastrophic Pearl Harbor shocks to the US national psyche. There is a war on. We are under surprise attack. Not from Mother Nature, or Hurricane Sandy but from Hurricane “Stupid”. He’s the new Hirohito, Hitler, Mussolini, folks. He is guiding you astray. He is our bad habits and insensitivity to the planet. You are with “Stupid” right now and he’s unraveling your world.

We have a chance to prevent what America’s so-called Greatest Generation of the Great Depression period missed. In the 1930s, they saw the catastrophe of world war approaching and did little to forestall it. They let fascist regimes appear and spread in Germany, Italy and Imperial Japan. These obtained vast military power until it was too late to stop them without a world war in the 1940s killing 60 million people. Today, Americans and the rest of the human race of the uh-oh! decade can still stop the march of an unfamiliar enemy: our parasitic over-consumption of Earth’s resources and its consequence – global warming. Unchecked, these adversaries to our future will lead to a nuclear world war free-for-all, a Balkanization of all human nations fighting over food, water and living space in a coming decade of catastrophe I call the Roaring 2020s.

Predictions for 2008
(Documented in late January 2008)

After the year that cried, “change,” [2008] comes the year we get sincerely acquainted with changing. The years beyond 2009 will even be more unsettling and revolutionary, however, we will be in the groove of change and better adapted to flow with it beyond 2009.

The new beginning breeds hope in our hearts and a little terror of the unknown. 2009 is the year to get creative, people – or get extinct.

Kind of a scary proposition, what?

Well, it has to be done because on so many levels humanity seems to be approaching the critical mass of “stupid.” The housing boondoggle, the hedge funds, the buying and selling of credit that wasn’t even there. General Motors, AIG, knocked on her Fanny Mae, and the voracious Freddie (Big) Mac double-pounder econ-medy of errors, arteries busting investment banks, monitored by a government of the stream by the stream and for the 700 billion dollar money stream of con-scious bailouts. If 2008 was the time of the turn, 2009 is the time to turn it up and get to work on novel solutions. If this were the last Cosmic Night Cycle, 2008 was Pearl Harbor – 2009 is roll up your sleeves Rosie the Riveter and GI Joe and let’s manufacture a renascent Arsenal of Democracy before the dumb camel of habit and mediocrity in us breaks the straw’s back.

A sign of intelligence is its ability to adapt and recreate.

One of the American people’s greatest contributions to history has been their ability to redefine themselves and recreate what it is to be an American.

Predictions for 2009
(Documented in December 2008)

On the eve of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall, just prior to Halloween, I treated members of my free HogueBulletin Newsletter list with the “trick” of finding something good out of accurately forecasted disaster, presented in the following excerpt from Predictions for 2010, written three Halloweens before: 31 October 2009.

The trick is this: How to get enough human beings aware that a World War Three has started?

I explained to those on my list that just like the last World War, there was a kind of “Munich Pact”, a devil’s deal of appeasement with the enemy, which in this case is “us” – our terrible treatment of Mother Nature. The appeasers met in Copenhagen this time. Not in Munich. It was back in December 2009 when the Danish winter could make one almost believe that climate change and global warming was only hypothetical. A month before this idiocy of world leaders gathered to postpone any serious discussion of, or the legislation of legally binding laws to moderate, human greenhouse gas emission, I wrote the following passage three Halloweens ago.

Following this Halloween 2012 and in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy burying much of the Jersey shore in six feet of beach sand, I present to the general Hogueprophecy audience these passages from Predictions for 2010. They are my oracle’s scary prophecy about a Third World War we haven’t even noticed yet, even though one of its “battles”, if you will, devastated the northern Atlantic states of the United States in the guise of Hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy. (If you haven’t already done so, please read my article forecasting what did happen, two days before landfall, link to Superstorm Sandy).

What will follow is a prophetic Halloween tale terrifying in its prescience because as you read these words written on Halloween 2009, three years ago, you will recognize how much of this has already happened. Moreover, if you read my update of this prophecy, covered in two chapters in Predictions for 2012, this war of Mother Nature against human stupidity has only just begun and it only got much worse in 2012.

I can assure you, Mother Nature’s war will widen its “target package” in 2013, as I am already preparing the predictions of my oracle for my next almanac of forecasts for the coming year 2013. (See the notice at the end of this article that tells you how you can contribute to the rapid completion of Predictions for 2013)

Here then is a prophecy of a potential Pearl Harbor moment, when Climate Change shocking the sleeping giant of human intelligence is possible. Remember, these words were not written yesterday. They were recorded three years ago.


 All bets on the future progressing to a positive end are off if the Copenhagen Accords held a few weeks from the publication of this book of prophecy on 1 December don’t challenge human civilization to make the painful yet necessary cuts in CO2 emissions necessary to stop the planetary climate fever from cascading out of control.

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita in a still from History Channel’s “The Next Nostradamus.”

I am reminded of what Dr. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita concluded in Next Nostradamus using his algorithmic plotting of the near future. His mathematical anticipation of human nature computes that climate change accords are little more than “feel good gestures” empty of results. I will add that the Copenhagen Accords will go down in history as the next Munich Pact of appeasement before the next great global storm since the Second World War breaks.

In 1938, Adolf Hitler was poised to invade Czechoslovakia to incorporate the German populations in its western frontiers called the Sudetenland into the Third Reich. An Austrian Nazi farce of a national plebiscite in March 1938 to ratify a coup muscled popular approval of Austria’s union with Germany. That summer, Hitler threatened to bring the Sudeten Germans of Czechoslovakia into Nazi Greater Germany by force.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister édouard Daladier convened an emergency summit in Munich with Hitler and his Axis ally, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The Democratic leaders of France and England bent over backwards to appease Hitler. They agreed to allow him dismember Czechoslovakia, accepting the unethical and immoral act of selling out an ally, sacrificing the little country’s sovereign rights if that’s what it took to stop a world war. On 30 September 1938, Chamberlain flew home to Britain stepping off the plane waving a paper containing the Munich Pact triumphantly over his head announcing, “We have peace for our time.”

John Hogue in hour six of his film shoot at Columbia University, New York in August 2008: History Channel’s “Next Nostradamus”.

Hitler in fact wanted the war and said as much privately to his diplomatic team once the “spineless worms” of the two most powerful European democracies had departed. Chamberlain’s time of peace by appeasement lasted only 11 months. Hitler gobbled up the rest of Czechoslovakia on March 1939 and unilaterally invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. The Second World War was on: the greatest global crisis and tragedy yet experienced by humanity.

Until now…

What lies before us in 2010 is another kind of appeasement to buy a little less than a year’s worth of denial before the sudden lightning spike of a new kind of world war where friends and foes alike are cut in a more subtle identity. Starting the year 2010 into 2011, Mother Earth is about to declare worldwide war on us. She will fight us on the oceans with weapons of typhoon and hurricane. She will invade our beaches with rising oceans. She will bombard us with heated atmosphere and withhold the rains to water our fields of grain to deny her enemy sustenance. She will pull back her glaciers, withdraw and deny us her rivers. She will set in motion a scorched earth policy. Ignite her forests afire to burn us out. She will decimate our exploding and rapacious populations that covet and denude every arable acre, suck every last fresh water drop and befoul every last cubic inch of her fresh air. We drive her mad with climate fevers and she attacks.

The forever altered Jersey Shore from Superstorm Sandy.

This world war about to break has no clearly defined physical enemy. There’s no Hitler, or Swastikas or Third Reich of menacing stahlhelm’d blond beasts with panzer tanks. It does have its Neville Chamberlains, its Daladiers, its appeasers. They meet to form their own emergency Munich Pact at the end of 2009. It is in Copenhagen the heads of spineless democracies and totalitarian regimes alike gather. They meet in emergency session to ostensibly bring “peace for our times”—a Copenhagen Climate Treaty. It’s a long-term and legally binding pact to reduce the fossil fuel emissions of human civilization in the next half century to slow down the onset, if not completely stop the gathering catastrophe, of global warming from delivering human civilization down into a new hot and humid dark age.

The signatories of a Copenhagen Climate Treaty won’t appease Mother Earth, but their own hubris of complacency and political expediency. This time humanity is the enemy of Earth: our wasteful habits smearing sea, air and earth with toxic filth, our runaway locust-like consumerism, our mindless breeding multiplying like vermin unto a lemming ecosystem crash. Our crime against our own humanity is immense because unlike mindless locusts or lemmings we have the spark of sentience in each of us. We have this large and amazing brain that could work out solutions beyond a carry-over of instinctive animal traits. We have a potential to be self-cognizant. This sentience can understand and transcend what no longer instinctively works, effecting a change in behavior that need not force this great and natural planetary mechanism to kill us off with the same plagues and natural disasters that bring locusts and lemmings back into balance within her ecosystem.

The enemy is our unconsciousness as a species, our willingness to believe rather than “know” our collective soul, our willful postponement and outright resistance to awakening our responsibility to be gardeners—not rapacious parasites—of this Earth. And, if Mother Earth must, she will scourge us, starting in 2010 through 2011 with a spike in climate change disasters never before seen, bringing to a close this most ominous 00 “uh-oh!” decade of the new millennium. The potential death and destruction of this oncoming war of Earth on us will render every land and ocean a battlefield. Militant Mother Nature on the warpath will deliver more epic horrors and losses than endured in the last global World War and all 3,000 wars in 5,000 years of recorded civilization.

We will wish we only had an Adolf Hitler to appease with our Munich-cum-Copenhagen Pact. It is easier to behold an objective foe, far harder to fight the subjective enemy hiding behind our platitudes about becoming the change we can believe in. Six weeks before the treaty is signed sometime in mid-December 2009, my Oracle can already intuit the accord of appeasement drawn. The legally binding levels of fossil fuel reduction will be compromised down to feel-economically-good levels. They won’t stop Mother Nature’s climate war assault. China and India will be allowed to grow their economies living fossil fuel large with token fossil fuel restriction. Asian Tigers in the Year of the Tiger will be appeased to risk a run for quick prosperity and a quicker national destruction.

It’s as if the oil and coal was China and India’s crystal meth, giving the body of their emergent economies seemingly superhuman strength and a sleepless manic endurance to all terrible stresses. Like addicts on a meth high, they can’t understand what cost their body economic pays.

Burn fast a hundred years worth of life in ten my India, and my China. Watch yourselves spent, your economic bodies burnt out by the 2020s and your hapless billions made helpless prey to cyclones and typhoons in summer whilst your great rivers dry out in winter.

This is the future you create, China, when the Copenhagen Accords appease your greed to build two coal-fired plants a week. As a result, by 2050, China will vent as much CO2 pollution as the rest of the world put together. China, you will belch more CO2 into the gun of Mother Nature’s fire upon the whole world.

She aims climate fire at your Himalayan glaciers. They will be first of all glacier systems in the world to disappear. The great rivers of Asia, those perennial blue and brown watered lifelines to billions, will become seasonal aberrations. The holy Ganges will run dry in longer dry seasons, India. Who will nourish your billions then when appeasing the maya (illusion) of newfound materialism? China, your main river road, powering hydroelectric dams at Three Gorges—the Yangtze—runs out. Your Huang Ho (Yellow River), will be yellow mud cracking in the great interior continental droughts to come from the loss of glaciers in new deserts on the roof of the world.

The Neville Chamberlains of Copenhagen will come home in time for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday celebrating the approach of 2010. They will metaphorically wave their Copenhagen pact in our faces, declaring “Peace from Climate Change for our times.” Most of you will believe it, because most of you are under the spell of your unconscious animal habits. Instinct isn’t self-reflective. The animal nature can’t understand a finite resource, and need not. Nature just crowds out or kills off the miscreants.

If the Neville Chamberlains appeasing your future are lucky, they will have bought you another 11 months to a year of false comfort and false hopes.

Mother Nature is a compassionate enemy. She will muster retribution in 2010, a preliminary reconnaissance of disasters in force, to wake you up and make your next accord on climate change legitimate.

Former Vice President Al Gore, an early proponent of Global Warming, was behind this ground breaking documentary about the consequences of Climate Change. A half-dozen years ago he was ridiculed and personally attacked for it. Now, a dozen years later, his views have proven him an early political prophet of climate change.

I understand how you might not want to read on. I too have this enemy of unconscious animal habit deep in denial of the changes I must initiate in my life to stop the World War of Mother Nature wailing down on my head and the heads of those I love. Those of you who have read Predictions for 2009 are savvy to my climate change weather forecasts being the most accurate of any theme in the book. I am writing this chapter appropriately on Halloween 2009, and so far with two months remaining to go, my meteorological forecasts are running at over 90 percent! Perhaps this is evidence that my oracle has an aptitude for divining the way the winds blow and the clouds of climate change world wars gather over the horizon of the present.

Forgive me then, for the frightening message I am compelled to deliver you:

The years 2010 through 2011 will see a spike in climate change never before experienced. There will be stronger earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes, droughts and floods will make all that happened in the 2009 and its far more devastating predecessor, 2008, look tame in comparison. A few weeks after the ladies and gentlemen of the climate change debate club at Copenhagen have passed too little and too less binding goals for reducing carbon emissions, retribution will begin. You will see this spike loom up in early advents of the typhoon season in the Western Pacific and tornados in the American Midwest and Gulf States of unexpected ferociousness.

The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season won’t throw wave after wave of tropical storms at the Gulf States and Florida like the year of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in 2005. The quality if not the quantity of hurricanes will visit upon America the kind of devastation not seen since Hurricane Andrew just missed flattening Miami on its storm track over Homestead Florida in 1992. The Hawaiian Islands will also be visited by severe hurricanes the like of which haven’t been seen since towns, palms and hotels on the island of Kauai were buzz sawed and laid low by Hurricane Iniki in 1992 with property damage costing an estimated $1.8 billion.

Europe will have major snow events in early 2010 rapidly melted off by a sudden warm-up leaving its great river systems flooded and the remnants of typhoons will hit the Pacific Northwest more frequently than ever before as will Atlantic hurricanes visiting Southwestern England, Portugal, Spain and Northwestern Africa late in the season.

Be prepared for cold and snow filled winters to suddenly shift into greatly warmed meltdown floods. Great torrential wets will presage land-mummifying droughts in Australia, and the interiors of all inhabited continents in 2010. The only constant theme threading through next year’s weather forecast: extreme.

The South Asian countries will see their monsoon arrive at the wrong time, drowning crops. East Asian typhoons will smash into China causing devastation in 2010. Yet, this new year will begin a decline in aggregate summer monsoonal rainfall for Southeastern China. Monsoon rains necessary for crop growth in southeastern China will diminish just as droughts melting the snow packs that feed China’s great rivers in drier seasons will clearly accelerate water shortages. Food crises are coming to China, sooner than the 2020s. The Chinese will look back at 2010 and remember that’s when the slide to climate disaster began its slow avalanche burying their prosperity.

South East Asian nations of the Philippines and Vietnam and Thailand will have a different story to tell from 2010 onwards—a shift in the monsoon flow southward will begin and visit upon them a brutal and sustained series of annual typhoons. The frequency of typhoon invasions could be relentless in the new decade. We may witness Vietnam, Laos, and the Philippines become the first failed states rendered into chaos, famine and mass migrations by winds, storm surges and flooding rains.

2011 blood of Bangkok, Thailand.

I foresee 2010 as the year things get hot and stay hot in the climate, almost as if this is a temperature tsunami rolling across the earth from northern to southern hemispheres of season change. If one drew a line on a chart of average temperature spikes it would look like a cross section of a fault line of a tectonic plate in the sea west of Bandar Aceh, Indonesia, after a 9.3 quake hitched one of the tectonic plates up by 30 to 80 feet. The upward thrust of tectonic plates sent a tsunami across the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day, 26 December 2004, killing between an estimated 250,000 to 350,000 people, though unofficial estimates presume more than a million expired. The sudden thrust of world median temperatures could be just as deadly.

It will be reported in 2011 that a fault line in climate sustainability was breached in 2010 and thrust the global average of temperatures across the planet suddenly upward. A climate changing tidal wave of natural disasters the most serious of which will visit South and East Asia and Southern California.

The Santa Ana winds in the next California fire season will redouble in 2010. By extension the US and Canadian fire seasons will go down as the worst in a year closing a decade of historically devastating seasons, despite the fact that many Western states will emerge out of wet and snow filled winters thinking summer will be less vulnerable to fires.

Cold or suddenly hot, torrential or bone dry, it is the intensity of extreme weather that spikes in 2010. You’ll read here first about the source of a climate tipping point coming in 2010. Climate scientists will report it in 2011, after the weather of 2010 has savaged us. Climatologists will publish findings of a large-scale plume of methane escaping from vast tracks of thawing permafrost across Siberia, Canada and Alaska has begun a new cascading temperature rise and acceleration of the greenhouse effect. Methane is a far more able to trap solar heat than CO2 in the atmosphere, not letting it escape out into space, like a transparent greenhouse pane of glass traps the solar heat inside.

The great methane pump into the atmosphere is the climate change wild card that will bring all tipping point predictions of science a decade forward. If a serious effort to cool down the planet isn’t soon engaged, methane will out gas the greenhouse effect beyond what human CO2 air pollutants already do…

I sense an uncontrolled increase of the methane plume over the next five years could be the source of the latter temperature rise coming much earlier than expected, in the 2020 and 2030s…

The 1994, fully illustrated, deluxe first edition of “Millennium Book of Prophecy”.

Back in 1990, while I was visiting India and writing The Millennium Book of Prophecy, I discovered and understood the prophetic significance of a United Nations report predicting climate change caused by uncontrolled future human consumption and overpopulation called Our Common Future. The report came out in 1987, the year marking the birth of the five billionth human being. The scientific body contended that a threshold had been crossed with its birth. We had passed beyond hope of preventing climate change disasters. The scientific panel concluded it would henceforth be a better use of time and intelligence to modify the degree of pain and soldier recourses for the challenge of cure and recovery ahead so humanity can restore sustainable growth in a forever changed ecological balance.

In short, sustainability of life on Earth rather than peace on Earth will be the future’s motto…

This future isn’t set in stone, and this forecaster has published the oracle’s apprehension in the hopes that [President] Obama and his Secretary of Energy [Chu] won’t waste 2011 like 2010 by being offhandedly dismissive of oil and coal cleaning technology. Don’t withhold serious research money towards testing the carbon sink concept in 2011.

There’s an alternative future waiting, where America leads in this research, finds a way to use new coal firing techniques that trap nearly all CO2 pollution. Chu’s Interstate Energy Highway could create thousands of jobs running pipe lines pumping greenhouse coal gas deep into the empty wombs of mined out coal, gas and oil pockets within the earth. Carbon gas sequestering is a kind of recycling, really.

If America follows this alternate future, it will then show its greatness and historic generosity with a Greenhouse Gas Marshall Plan. It will share its technology with the second greatest coal producer, China, and with all other nations dependent on coal fired energy, so that within a generation’s time every coal furnace around the world would run clean.

Chu on that, Mr. President…

Talk of change in 2010 will get louder but actual legislative action will remain indecisive. We will do as our grandfathers did in the last fourth turning. This is one of four 20-year generational periods kicking off an 80-year cycle in American history, theorized by futurist William Strauss. A positive response to 20 years of crisis brings on 20 years of national ascent—the First Turning. This then is followed by 20 years of apogee, followed by 20 years of degeneration, neglect and corruption in government and society thus leading back again to a new global crisis, a new 20 years of the Fourth Turning. Crisis is the catalyst that turns the wheel of generations once again towards recovery and ascent and so on. The current Fourth Turning started much like the last in the 1930s with the worldwide financial crisis. The rise of totalitarian movements and regimes threatened democracies, leading at last to the Second World War. Whether this new Fourth Turning will slide totalitarian then slip into the Balkanization of civil society in Climate’s world war against us is still a destiny we can change but will not presently prevent.

We’ve had the economic crisis. We in 2010 will appease and postpone changing ourselves until a new enemy crosses more than the border of Poland but invades across every border, bombs every city and town with its sky of fires, raises every ocean, parches every interior continent with decades of drought and casts a pall of global famine across the inhabited continents.

The enemy of Habits rather than Hitlers in this “war” will be a harder sell for this Obama-the-FDR. We Americans can sometimes politely disparage our high fossil fuel energy excesses but it is a pretense. We are energy waste Isolationists, no less in denial of the high Heil Hitlerian dangers of pollution’s tyranny and the subtle warnings of our coming climate crisis than Isolationists of the 1930s were about ignoring the spread of Hitler’s fascism. Thus, it will take many more Pearl Harbor-like catastrophes of nature and famine to register the alarm, soldier the understanding of sacrifice, and see a new kind of “victory” never before sought or required of human beings.

We are the soldiers of our bad habits against the earth. We must cry mutiny against our habits and mature into guardian warriors of the Earth.

This struggle will last fifty years. Take up the challenge now, while there’s still time to win this oncoming world war.

John Hogue

(Halloween 2009)


Nostradamus: The War with Iran

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The Mayan Calendar Date of 2012 is upon us will there be doomsday or a lift in consciousness; or, are we too chicken little, too late for either? I will release a new e-book and begin downloading it to everyone on a waiting list starting three days in advance of 21 December 2012. It will be the last book published, the last word on the 2012 phenomenon. Check out how it can be yours by clicking on Nostradamus 2012 – The End of End Times.

John Hogue
(04 November 2012)


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  1. graeme johnson
    Posted 4 November 2012 at 10:35 am | Permalink

    john, you dont understand how i dont want to read on. one reason is your comparison of pearl harbour with sandy. unless you mean they were both arranged by the sinister portion of mankind. the u.s. has had weather control for at least 40 years. rules about using it were aired in the united nations in the 70’s. why did they not move sandy to a safer place?
    global warming is not CAUSED by man, only contributed to. the whole solar system is changing and any warming is part of that change.

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