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All Past and Future Wars and Discord stem from the Inherent Violence in Unconscious Identification. We can’t choose to Change the Future if we don’t first understand how the Chooser cannot choose wisely. Understand what True Respect is and you can never lose it again

J. Krishnamurti.

J. Krishnamurti. Public domain.

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Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

What a week we’ve had in my Facebook social media communities wrestling, reacting and trying to share a teaching moment to understand the roots of programming of the human mind in us that makes us ego drones of predictability fueling our repeating the mistakes of the past in the Future.

Hogueprophecy is a schoolroom and you who read it and its author are class and catalyst teacher, working together to understand why we repeat our mistakes in the future so that we can break completely with that ugly past and bring about a golden age of love and consciousness promised in the prophecies anticipating the advent of a new humanity.

To help make that understanding arise in our consciousness we need sometimes to confront the robotic behavior and the cancers of false identifications and sometimes facing this is painful, like pealing skin. The price we pay to bridge over these troubled times to a golden age may require we put aside our most precious (but borrowed) identifications. Our country, our religion and ultimately we must drop the core identification that separates us from being united with The Whole of Existence, the name, ego and personality each of us were indoctrinated to take up as who we are “not.”

The presence of that lies underneath the coating of personality, which is never born and never dies is the source of all right loving, right thinking and right identification. In the latter’s sense, right identification is merely utilitarian. The body-mind in which this Mystery incarnates is like a vehicle we drive down the road of our potential destiny until this vehicle ages and gives out, then the soul steps out of it and thumbs “Forever” for a ride home.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

Society falsely conditions us to identify the body-mind vehicle as who we really are. The driver is forgotten. When the drivers are forgotten, 7.4 billion vehicles have no one steering them down Highway Earth. Is it any wonder that the world is crazy and seems on the verge of some great and planetary disaster?

Hogueprophecy is dedicated to helping all of us remember The Driver of the vehicle. Practicing Meditation is the way I work to remember who is driving this manufactured vehicle called “John Hogue.” I am not that personality. I am the driver. When this witnessing consciousness is aware of itself, perhaps it is then possible to be master of the wheel of this vehicle and not run off the road into a ditch.

I accept the fact that many reading this are not ready to understand and drop their precious, birth-given identities of self, political state and religion. I understand that my devices, my parodies against national anthems, my making jokes about your religious imaginary friends-turned-deities can hurt. I am neither an Atheist nor a Theist because meditation helps me understand that they are two sides of the same false coin of big business religion.

I look beyond them and invite you to look beyond them too.

If you carry your heart on the threads of the rag of colors stuck on a stick you call your Canadian, American or Islamic State flags, etc. prepare yourself for some pain. I intend with all compassion to upset nationalistic delusions made manifest in the world as political prisons we call “nations” cutting and separating people with borders of Mind.

To end war on earth you need to see your nations vanish.

If you want to end all sectarian religious strife, disband all the great religions. Only then when they have faded away will you and I simply be “religious.”



J. Krishnamurti, like my meditation teacher, Osho, as well as G.I. Gurdjieff, were perhaps the three most significant twentieth-century prophets that foresaw a new humanity coming. That future humanity will be free of our imaginary chains of identity. My parody lyrics sung to the Canadian National Anthem last week later adding to it the following observation about Identity from J. Krishnamurti was a catalyst for catharsis and discussion among my readers. I took the Canadian National Anthem and converted its lyrics into a nationalistic anthem praising the export of Athabasca tar sand turned into the dirtiest most Greenhouse gas rich crude on the market that could tip the Earth’s warming climate over the edge.

It was too much for Rob G., a Canadian chauvinist. He left this comment about my parody on my Facebook Public Page.

“Always thought you were a bit of a dick. Go fuck yourself!”

This violent reply lives up to just the thing J Krishnamurti, whom I met three times, had to say about the inherent violence lurking behind all attachments to identity. I quoted this passage to Rob and here were his reactions that, to me, seem to epitomize how our identifications make us violent and abusive to others:

When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.

You feel justified in mocking an entire nation and our anthem in order to promote your e-books? Condemning my country for the actions of a few powerful AMERICAN oil companies in one part of one province? I stand by my [go fuck yourself] statement.

Thank you Rob. At least I got you to sound less like a redneck American troll here and I do appreciate that. Throwing a fuck-yourself bomb is so American that I had to check to see if you were one.

Of course you stand by your statement, at this point in your consciousness how can you do otherwise?

You are under the illusion of being a “Canadian” as much as those oil robber barons from America are under the illusion of being Americans. For their identity’s stick with a red-white-and-blue rag tied to it, they exploit your country. Under “your” nationalistic fever, you have to blame what’s wrong with your country’s potentially catastrophic escalation of CO2 emissions on some outside enemy rather than take responsibility for the Canadians who let those American multi-national corporations in.

Cartoon from the 1900s depicting the pervasive anti-Semitism of Europe where all the crowned heads of Europe blame everything on the Jews.

Cartoon from the 1900s depicting the pervasive anti-Semitism of Europe where all the crowned heads of Europe blame everything on the Jews.

Nationalists always need to find another people to hate and to blame their troubles on as scapegoats. The German nationalists blamed the Jews, you blame the Americans and so it goes. Divisions between human beings deepen and violence is just underneath divisions and scapegoat-mongering nationalism.

Someday humanity will discard these childish ideas and the world will then truly be at peace, truly be enlightened. I love you, Rob. My parody is an act of love and it has helped you come to this moment when you might look deeper into your nationalistic identity and see the violence and separation it creates. Krishnamurti is right about you. He’s right about all of us who are burdened with the chains of our borrowed identities.

I don’t blame the Americans. I needed to point out that YOU were as responsible for the tar sands mess as anyone. How dare you invoke Krishnamurti in all this. He would never have done something as vile as to denigrate an entire people in order to hawk his wares.

Really? Seems pretty clear. He’s called all of us as a body who identify with being part of any nation or religion as all being violent. He is denigrating identity of any type as violence, is he not? Read it again:

When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent… When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence.


That’s you, Rob, and all the other Canadians. He’s calling you out and all the rest of us separating ourselves with belief, nationalism and traditions.

If you are going to take the moral high ground you should make sure you have something to stand on. I said what I said [Go fuck yourself] because it was the most hateful thing I could think of and an adequate retort to your post which was nothing if not hate-speech directed at Canadians.

When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. That’s why you sought the most hateful thing you could think of, Rob. You’re under the spell of Identification and it has made you speak violently.


Big money gets what big money wants in Canada just like America. The vast majority of Canadians are appalled at the environmental mess in northern Alberta including me. I will not accept any pseudo-mystical claptrap about national identities here.

It’s not claptrap, Rob. It is J. Krishnamurti, whom you seem to respect, who is saying that your identification with being Canadian is making you violent. He’s right. Look at your angry words and exaggerated ireful spewing. If I was in the same room with you, I think you would physically assault me.

You didn’t mock my favorite sports team here you basically spit in the face of every Canadian and I take exception to that period.

And thus, as Krishnamurti points out: When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence.

At this point I would like to point out that “in this stage of my evolution” I have the respect NOT to insult freedom-loving Americans, their flag, or their anthem. I will happily apologize for my hateful language if you apologize first for insulting Canadians everywhere.

I have denigrated no nation, because there is no nation to denigrate. There is an illusion of separation of people into nations. That is merely your indoctrination violently and predictably reacting to my statements.

We are all just people living on this planet. The creation of the national or religious identities is imprinted by an imposed society we happen to be born into.

Rob, if you were born “Mohammed” a Muslim in Saudi Arabia, you’d be railing at me for my hits on Saudi society. If you were born an American, your bias would be programmed to agree with me hitting the Canadians just for the sake of it and not thinking why. If there were no Americans or Canadians labels you would not be angry and abusive now. It is Identity that makes you an angry man.

I think you said your piece and I understand where you’re coming from. If you could manage your anger better you might not bleed your power of perception away. You could then look at my words in a calmer light. Many Canadians, like Kerry and Brandi below, get what I’m saying and don’t take my parody so seriously. They didn’t see it as hurtful, but satirically funny. A way to use humor to make people think. Those Canadians can take criticism.

Canadians are fully aware of the tar sands pollution. We have a new government who seems directed to alternative fuels. I have called my representatives to address this situation. We only contribute 1 per cent to the worlds total. Until China, India and yes the U.S drop their outputs, it will continue to be a mess. As far as your parody goes who cares it had some truth to it. Take Care John, enjoy your books.

Thank you, Kerry. Hopefully Trudeau will “can the ‘duh'” in “O Canada” about these tar sands because if Canada expands the full capacity to export the Athabasca mother load of bitumen it will flood the market with another Saudi Arabian sized ocean of even dirtier oil. Today, Canada may enjoy only one-percent culpability in CO2 emission setting the skies on fire, but as a futurist, I anticipate the trends. In a few short years your country will be one of the leaders in unraveling the Earth’s climate. Keep pressing your leaders, Kerry. And Rob, rather than powerlessly rail against me, why not direct your bountiful energy at your government instead. Work to send those American corporations back over the border. I’m all for Canada coming back to its environmental senses as you are.

We may contribute a small amount globally, but we can do better. And our fellow Canadians who cannot take criticism with good grace, they don’t speak for us all.

Thank you Brandi. I love Canada and Canadians. I only shock with parody and other devices those whom I love, who need a little shaking up. Sometimes that’s what a true friend and lover does if one is lucky to have such compassionate friends.

If we cannot laugh at ourselves, we have no business laughing at others. Though on this issue, I really want to cry when I see what we are doing to our home.

Every person on this planet, whatever their false nationalistic identities, are heating up the atmosphere. Anyone who uses fossil fuel has a responsibility for what is happening to this planet and is at fault. It’s a fact. Face it, no matter how initially painful. Come to an acceptance that we are all responsible. That’s the first step in becoming “response” ABLE. Then we can work to fix the problem together as one human race.

And by the way, Yes Rob, I promote my books because I’m a writer by profession. I would add that the Krishnamurti Foundation during K’s life was ever displaying quotes like the above to sell his books. I’m glad they did. Otherwise I would have never known Krishnamurti’s rare and life transforming insights. If you would read my books rather than rant ignorantly about them you would know that I’m fair in hitting all sides when it comes to ego identification, whatever the labels attaching us to self, nationalism, fossilized tradition and every theist and atheist organized religion.

[In chimed Yvonne, next. She had initiated half of the conversation stream of complaints about my parody hurting her nationalistic feelings, and then erased the whole stream including mine and other people’s interesting responses. Now she comes to slam the cyberspace door in my face in one parting pitter-patter of her keyboard. This gives us another “teaching moment” about expectations.]

I once respected your opinions and scholarly knowledge but that is no longer possible! My sincere best to you in your future “Prophetic Endeavours”

Thank you, Yvonne. It is easy to respect my views when they happen to harmonize with your expectations. The real test for every reader is to “respect” (look a second time and deeper) when I train my iconoclastic “respected” opinions and “scholarly knowledge” on your cherished and self-identified beliefs.

That can be an important moment of growth, when you’re really looking at what I’m saying and not just liking “John Hogue” because he thinks like you and agrees with you. That perception is worthless.

I’m not here to feed your egos. Eventually we come to some issue where my “respected” opinion hurts that ego. If you can stay with me then, and look at yourself, something of spiritual value is possible. You might all come to an experience of what real Respect is and this respect can never be insulted or taken down by another. Strive to live your lives in a state of respect, the state of looking a second, third and fourth time, as many times as you need to peel the layers of an issue until you come to the moment in your memory when an incident or the society tricked you into borrowing one of its infinite stupidities of identification.

For instance, if someone has hurt your nationalistic feelings like I did to Yvonne and Rob. Witness inside yourself deep and find the moment in your memory when you borrowed the idea that you are a “Canadian.” You were made to adopt this identity and later burden it with emotionally nationalistic baggage coming from others.

If you look deep with meditation you will see the memory of a moment someone else turned you into a “Canadian” a “Christian” a “Jew” or an “American” and so on. At that moment began a process of dividing you from other human beings who are also being brain-dirtied to do the same. I don’t say brainwashed because I’m all for brainwashing, moment to moment. Get all that borrowed crap of identity out of my mind so it can be clean and innocently intelligent again. Osho is right, we are all born intelligent, stupidity, like national, religious or ego identity, is borrowed.

Yvonne, at this moment, ego identity is winning. Ego slams the door. Just remember, my door to you is always open. You are always welcome to come back. Be well.

[And finally, Anthony D’A wrote in something worthy of our contemplation:]

click on the cover and read this often satirical look at all traditions of End Time forecasting.

click on the cover and read this often satirical look at all traditions of End Time forecasting.

Just one aspect I’d like to draw into question. The issue is choice.

Ideally, or perhaps ultimately, we always have choice in most matters of our lives. But in the case of my own life, my work situation put some limits on my choices on a practical level.

I found myself in a dead-end job driving for a living. There was no practical way I would have been able to buy an electric car, or perhaps one powered by Hydrogen. Hell, I had a hard time keeping the gas powered car on the road.

Now I am disabled by medical problems and certainly don’t have the resources to acquire a hydrogen fueled vehicle, although that would certainly be my first choice. (BTW — am talking about burning hydrogen as fuel, NOT fuel cells.)

Is it right to fault ourselves for being unable to manifest the kind of universal abilities we know we all possess as potentialities? Somewhere between the spiritual ideals and the practical walls we build for ourselves is a real set of options.

Rather than setting up for failure in living up to those ideals, it might be a good idea to look at practical application of those ideas in a way that is within reach for the majority of people who are not quite yet God.

And in the meantime, I refuse to feel guilty for driving my car.

First off, Anthony, thank you for this great comment!

Everyone is able to tackle the core source of all of our problems and failures—The Programmed, Ego-self-dividing Mind.

Choice can never be clear and clean without first understanding why the mind sabotages life. One cannot make the mind better. That would be the mind trying to transcend the mind. It’s just a trick of the mind. Yet through meditation techniques it may be possible to gain an understanding of the mind that brings an awareness that is free of it—that can use it as a servant and not our false master.

Focusing on whatever others can or can’t do about fossil fuel use and climate change is the mind pulling us away from the core problem. Don’t get lost in others. Go deep inside yourself. Become aware of how the mind runs you around. To do that one has to become aware of something that is beyond mind. Meditation gives us a glimpse.

Feeling guilty about facts is another way the mind enslaves us through the hell of comparison. When I say everyone is at fault for climate change, I am merely stating a fundamental fact. However way you react favorably or unfavorably about that fact is simply the illusion of the mind reacting. I look meditatively at this fact—my part or fault in being one of 7.4 billion people using fossil fuels. I am part of the problem that is driving this civilization towards a planetary disaster. Whatever reactions of guilt, shame, alarm or feeling of helplessness or unworthiness comes up as a reaction to that fact I simply witness, like storm clouds moving as they will, flashing emotionally with lightning and pouring tears of rain.

The mind is like the weather. Meditation says, watch, understand without judgment for or against the clouds of thoughts and feelings and wait. They pass away on their own accord. Once again the limitless sky of consciousness is empty. In that blissful emptiness there is “Answer.” Questions have disappeared. A soul intelligence awakens.

Then one does what one can in the world, being totally engaged in life but not identified with life. You do what you can, Anthony, and you can do much if you can see things beyond the guilt and the expectations and self-judging. You begin to see things as they are in the state of “such is the case.”

For instance, such is the case that you have to drive a fossil fuel car. Such is the case that you are disabled and unable to buy the Hydrogen burning fuel car. Such is the case that you’re inwardly fighting a feeling of being guilty about not being (as your mind is judging you to be) a better agent of change. This is all hiding behind your declaration: “I refuse to feel guilty for driving my car.”

Only someone struggling with guilt can say that. If there’s no guilt there no motivation to “refuse” anything.

Meditation relaxes the sky’s hold on all those “storm clouds” and in time they simply vanish, you are still able to do “what you can” about it, even disabled. For instance, you can vote for those politicians and parties that work towards getting humanity off fossil fuel addiction. You can educate your friends and have them spread that education about manmade climate change. By teaching others, you might spread to understanding to those who can take significant action to help the planet. This is what I’m trying to do every day. There is always a way to help and you can find the way, if you meditate and let all those cloudy and confusing clouds of guilt and expectation simply evaporate from the limitless sky of your consciousness. (I will continue this thread in future writings. I have to get my mother ready for a new day handling her Parkinson’s disease.)


Before I begin another full day of the “caregiver meditation” I want to invite anyone reading this who wants to explore the meditations I use to Contact Me. Put in the subject line one word: Meditation. When I see that, I’ll send you leads, advise and links to the meditations I use free.

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Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.




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