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The Media’s Mask of Nostradamus–7

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Wild weather increasing. Uncertain futures sending populations of unemployed flummoxing as they hit the impervious Wall Street. I see PIIGGS flying from financial accountability as they and the future of European monetary union may hit the fan this coming weekend. The German parliament vote on whether or not to throw more good billions into the economic Hades hole that is the bailout of irrepressible infantile-fiscal, irresponsible Greece. Global stock markets waver in waiting to see if rumors of Europe’s biggest economy will actually abandon the euro, leave Greece to its katástrephein mess and let the rumor of Germany’s return to Der Deutschmark hit the mark.

Over the channel, Britain is left hanging by a hung parliament. David Cameron is in bed with Nick Clegg. That is, the new conservative Tory prime minister forms a tentative coalition government with politically strange bedfellows like the leader of the very Liberal Democratic Party. (I don’t know about you but don’t those two look like congenital twins? Clones? I can’t tell who’s who. Can the British people?)

After crossing the channel to Number 10 Downing Street, let us cross the Atlantic again to pig wallowing Wall Street losing -376.36 points today. Wait, can your New York bound passenger jet dodge the ash cloud belching once again from Iceland’s little volcano with the big Viking name with lots of gas and ash to spare. US Jobless economic recoveries rebound as another 400,000 requests for unemployment checks this week resound.

Way down South in the land of cotton balls staunching orange hydrocarbon goo, old BP’s ecological disaster is not forgotten. BP execs search for tennis balls and tires to butt plug a leaky oil pipe, whilst a loop current in the Gulf of Mexico takes their oil slick, born back one month ago on Hitler’s birthday (20 April) and now the size of the state of Pennsylvania, to catch a ride on the Gulf Stream express around Florida. It will eventually deposit souvenir tar turds from the white sandy beaches of Miami all the way up the Atlantic seaboard to golden beaches of Cape Cod, perhaps even all the way across the ocean to lay orange gelatinous spaghettio-so-rude crude balls on gravel beaches in Cornwall.

The Grand Ole Opry opens its doors to the globally warmed and flooding Cumberland River and becomes the area’s newest fresh water-and-mud aquarium while the rest of downtown Nashville auditions for America’s newest “Katrina-ed in the drink” city since the other American music capital, New Orleans, lost its levies.

From hung parliaments in badly banked Great Iceland (oops I mean Great Britain), we see US midterm election primaries pitchfork in purges incumbents from all parties — mad hatter tea bagger, dumbopublican and donkeycrat. And if all the above was not enough, there is 2012 around the corner punctuated with one ominous documentary after another on TV pitting dueling special effects labs trying to one-up and jack-up the apocalyptical mood sexing up the talking head experts with gesticulating arms getting wilder — middle-aged torsos getting wider — with each new doomsday docu. punch in the potato coucher’s gut.

Each new installment ends all the Nostra-sturm-us and doomsday-drang with a platitude or two about how we can stop destiny’s train from derailing almost as an afterthought as you sit cowering in your couch — a most uncomforted potato. Many of you are left yelling at your TV that $2,012 dollar question that closes Sarah’s letter and finishes my seven-part reply about the Media’s Mask of Nostradamus.

Sarah is someone who does her bit to recycle and lower her carbon footprint while her neighbors blithely bung up the earth with their wasteful ways. Sarah gives a damn about our future, who, back in mid-March, had a young daughter innocently contemplating her blocks on the living room floor in the lurid TV glow of Nostradamus: 2012. After two-hours of generally one-sided SFX flickering, ruminating pundits fulminating Wagnerian doom in all the fuss and Meso-American shamanic feathers of Mayan Calendar end time, came a feeble post statement at the end brings hope that we can turn doom aside and live happily every after. Well ladies and gentlemen, Sarah just doesn’t buy that hopeful punctuation to an altogether frightening two-hours of TV.

For my part, she is absolutely right to ask the following and get an answer from at least one of those middle-aged talking torso-to-heads pundits of prophecy:

What am I–a citizen of the word– Supposed to do? Try to get my states politicians to listen? Recycle my Styrofoam? WHAT? Besides scaring me and making me upset to the point my stomach hurts, my throat feels dry, and I suspect I won’t be able to sleep for a while. If this is all inevitable, what is the point of all of this? Thanks for telling me now what!!!???!! I don’t know what all this doomsday stuff is supposed to do. I’m not religious, but I TRY to live my life to the fullest. I TRY to be good. I help when I can. Am I supposed to leave my daughter with her grandparents, drop out of school and devote my time to rebuilding a war torn country? What is it that I do now? With all of this info???? Because I feel hopeless and scared.

First off, question everything you see on television. Then, look inward and ask yourself, why does your mind so quickly embraces what you just saw as gospel? Why is it so easy to be seduced by fear? What has happened to faculties, un-accessed in this mind that can help you step back and review, to question, to doubt if this raging documentary is actually balanced?

Why do we rush to the emotional exit to cower disempowered and frightened rather than tarry a little longer to review, apply our reason to question? Why are we so ready to snap-react rather than take the time to study a provocation rather than run with it and ultimately get run over by it emotionally?

I will be 55 years old just a few days shy of the next Halloween. I have lived long enough to directly experience the slow and steady decline of education in America, the eclipse of parenting by human to parenting by television. A mind addiction of instant access, instant knowledge and instant gratification speeds us up like a kind of intellectual cocaine and we are all taking a drag up the nose.

I have lived long enough to experience a few generations of kids having their brains adversely wired. It is the darker consequence of growing up in this fast pace, television-nannied, computer game obsessive atmosphere, to think fast, like or hate fast, make slap-in-the-face impulse judgments at the cost of losing a facility to take time, to wait, slow down, look deeper — reflect, recall, and remember — to hold attention upon something said or seen.

I consider the advent of the computer, the Internet and its gift of immediate access potentially to everyone on the planet as great a blessing as atomic power. Splitting the atom was a beginning. Invention will eventually bring us fusion reactors that will light our world, restore the balance of nature because it will end our pollution by rewarding us with clean energy. Internet will connect the world and eventually bring humanity together. Interconnectedness will end war, poverty and other human ills because it will be so easy to access each other, share genius and solve our problems.

I am saying this about atomic power, yet a long time ago, I was once a seven-year-old (not many years older than Sarah’s child). I was walking home from my second grade class at Lincoln Elementary School in Redondo Beach, California, in October 1962, looking at my street, my home, my friends and family mindful at all too-early an age that at any moment the Cuban Missile Crisis could destroy the world and everyone I loved. Atomic power scared me to death.

What can light the world can end it. What can bring interconnectedness to the world can also turn the human mind into a reactive, attention deficit disordered, technologically sophisticated but morally infantile instrument of a future corporate dictatorship.

I think now of that child contemplating her toy blocks in the television glow of Nostradamus: 2012. I think of her young mother, a 27-year-old, sitting silently in utter anguish so easily upset and willing to believe whatever the boob tube is spewing. She watches a few seconds of someone like me on the screen, duped by a fast and unconsciously paced, instant and shallow media saturated world that all I have to say on TV had been said in a second or two about Nostradamus and 2012. Sarah never read a book of mine. She was yet to read merely one of a thousand articles available and make her snap judgments, scaring herself further. Where has gone moderation of mind? Where has fallen the moderator in Sarah?

I say it again because our attention spans are getting shorter every moment: What can bring interconnectedness to the world can also turn the human mind into a reactive, attention deficit disordered, technologically sophisticated but morally infantile instrument of a future corporate dictatorship.

The Gospel according to our new god, the media in all of its hydra-necked outlets: television, DVD, computer games, internet, the cell phone, the iPodding iPad and so on can render me into a frightening mask because fear sells and modern minds are hot wired to quick reaction rather than patient reflection. It is not Internet or atomic power’s fault

These inventions from splitting atoms to iPod are neutral blessings born from our genius. How we use them to enlighten or en-frighten ourselves is dependent on our souls being the master of our minds, not the slaves of our minds.

These minds we have been given at birth are constantly imprinted with identity, and borrowed knowledge, morality and dirtied with the planted habits that are the very engine making us repeat the past and call it the future.

Every generation unconsciously passing to their children the seeded automatic behaviors implanted in turn make prophecy viable because every fresh and newborn child is essentially not trained to retain their soul memory but to bury it under a shell of ego. We were all children of innocence turned into personality. We wear our society’s birth-given masks — Western, Eastern, religious or agnostic — and clothe ourselves in the moralities in fad in our day.

The television is no more my enemy than the atomic atom. My conditioned mind filters and warps the use of these inventions, turning them into something bad.

You are the problem, Sarah, not Nostradamus: 2012.

You are the victim of your mind’s programming. It gives power to the things that scare you, not the power to look beyond fear’s filter.

These are the things I say on film in over 100 television shows that never get to you, because it neither fits with the fright entertainment industry nor the modern audience’s shallow-to-quick-judging, hot wired mindsets. That is why I hope something in my presence, my eyes, or the remaining fragments of what I had enlarged upon in my cut down statements seen in little bit bytes on TV are enough to direct you to venture further beyond the media’s television mask of “John Hogue.”

Once you take that jump, Sarah, and the rest of you, it is your response “ability” to understand how you have been hot wired to impatient snap judgment. Do not carry a boob-tubed bob-tailed mindset into my blogsphere and draw a conclusion on what I am all about by reading just one article. Slow down. Breathe. Reflect. Go build blocks with your child and remember your innocence, Sarah. Rediscover your innocence, everybody. Then come back to the issue at hand meditatively.

There is an ancient Native American saying: when life and times speed up outside becoming more crazy and hectic, you seek to slow down inside, becoming more inwardly calm, serene and aware with understanding.

You are much more than this filtering mind dazzled by the TV. You existed before this mind was born to be brain-dirtied. You exist even now under its spell. If you can exist in awareness of this deeper and abiding existence, here and now, the brain can be washed clean again so that your birth given love and genius can use it rather than let society taint it so that you can be used by society.

You are existence itself. The mind is merely your temporary servant during this visit embodied upon the beautiful earth.

Access this living light of existence and if you do, you will no longer be afraid of things on the television.

Earthquakes may accelerate. The world’s climate may be heating up. None of this can be directly healed or stopped by you. What you can stop is the caging of the soul by the programmed mind. If your light is relit, and your birthright of existent freedom unbound. If light, love and bliss can again flow, it is enough.

Worlds may rise and fall but you are existence. Forever.

Individual transformation of just you is enough. If enough individuals around the world rediscover their lost light of innocence and bliss… OK, fine. If that somehow saves the world… OK, whatever. Salvation of the world is merely a byproduct of individual transformation. Not something to seek. You alone are a whole world in microcosm that can be directly transformed. You can transform that world.

In the Millennium Book of Prophecy, I told the following story:

There’s an old Eastern tale: God is sick and tired of listening to all of bleeding humanity’s prayers. He tells the devil that he’d love to dash it all and hide somewhere on the farthest star.

“They will find you with time,” says the devil, “and as you know, you have all of eternity so it won’t be long before they catch hold of you again.”

“Not to worry,” the devil continues, “I have a simple remedy. Just hide yourself right behind their eyes. They will never look for you there.”

I would like to give you this key, this realization, as something to test for yourself: that you, me, all of us, are the problem. The problem is not outside of us. And, since we are the problem we can change right here and now. No need for outside influences to change or for dark ages to go all golden. No need to wait for harmonic convergence or doom in 2012. Eternity is only in the NOW. It is not influenced from the future or the past. Eternity is not marked on any calendar.

Where else can real harmony converge but right now?

There is nothing needed from outside of you right now, like a cosmic conjunction of the solar system with the center of the Milky Way or a Mayan Calendar set to “ding” on 21 December 2012.

That is the obsession of ding-dongs.

You have this present moment of harmonic convergence — always for instant access.

There are techniques of meditation that can help prepare the way to being a living “answer” beyond the world’s problems. If as a byproduct, all problems in this world should vanish or the world itself should vanish, so be it, with blissful blessing. Become only the Answer. Then live each moment as Answer.

If anything I have said in this series resonates with you, Sarah, or with anyone who has, is, and will read it, know that my invitation is ever open to share with you meditation techniques that have helped me try to become an “answer.” Just say the word in an email, and the only gift of true value, beyond all words and thoughts, can be happily given. With this offer, I close my series on the Media’s Mask of Nostradamus.

John Hogue

(20 May 2010)

RED ALERT–North and South Korea. Are they on the brink of war? A North Korean torpedo sank a South Korean’s corvette warship Cheonan back in March 2010. The South Korean War Ministry presented parts of the torpedo to the world today as evidence of a long and painstaking inquiry. They report it to be parts of the kind of near target detonation torpedo widely used by North Korean submarines using the shock wave of an underwater explosion below the keel to spit a ship in two. The torpedo parts were uncovered only five days ago in a 5-week search and recovery of the Cheonan and 46 of its drowned crew.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has promised to take “stern action. A Pyongyang defense spokesman said North Korea would “respond to [a] reckless counter-measure with an all-out war of justice!”

This might be a good time to review my bulletin posted in June 2009 concerning the possibility of a future Korean War, click on North Korea torpedo.

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