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The Ukrainian Crisis: The Critical Time Window is Here: Mid-February-to-Mid-April. No Russian Invasion, but…Wagging the Dotard US President. The US and Ukrainian Fascist False Flag Attack in the Donbass—My Prediction what Will Happen. And Finally a Faustian Scenario for Victoria Nuland and Jake Sullivan to ponder. A Win, Win Wag the Dog That Gives the US and NATO all Nuland and Sullivan have Propagated. BUT! The Price is a “Second” Ukrainian Crisis And this time it is a Ukrainian “Missile” Crisis—Cuban Missile Crisis Style!

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DATELINE: 10 February 2022


Russian Army tactical exercises of radiological, chemical and biological protection Troops units at Shiikhani training ground. © Creative Commons.


The Critical Time Window is Here:

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

Something is developing and it may be imminent. So imminent that I’m already doing something I haven’t done before for my HogueProphecy subscribers: just sending first this single, but epic, Emergency Prophecy Article and two much shorter follow-up articles. I hope to have it to every other subscriber’s device before Feb 15.

My “premonition meter” has been rising since early February. It may have a personal context as I’m in limbo about whether I will be staying in this rental in which I’ve lived for 20 years. It follows a pattern of these rare high-level premonitions that they start initially as something about my personal life but then they grow way beyond the personal to something world changing. This is the mind’s habit, and it has happened in all the three significantly “big” premonitions of my life as I’ve detailed in my book Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11, the middle one of which was personal and completely life changing

The first premonition that turned out felt the Cuban Missile Crisis coming happened in mid-October 1962 when I was approaching my seventh birthday.

The second did indeed remain only personal. It happened 40 minutes before I was in a major auto accident where I was given up for dead. I was sent into a Golden Infiniteness for 20 “earthly” minutes. The incident of the crash happened on Ash Wednesday 1981 where I received an important message and got a glimpse of the potentials of the future down the next nine decades: 2071. The glimpses remain subconscious to me until the time of fulfillment is near.

The third premonition began in March 2001 just after I returned from my last spiritual odyssey to India to meditate, mostly in the Samadhi memorial chamber where Osho’s ashes are laid at the Osho Meditation Resort, in Pune. Something inexpressible deep happened meditating before Osho’s ashes and I found myself imparted with a profound and silent magic of Osho’s Samadhi that came back West with me.

Once back in Seattle at the end of March 2011, a “message” began to stir and grown inside. Something so big was about to happen that I needed to end my life as an urban dweller, get away from the mob minded cities, and live closer to nature’s nourishment so I could prepare for a big change in my work with prophecy. It also involved moving from my base of operations for 11 years in my flat on Capitol Hill, downtown Seattle.

Click on this link to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to and get the eBook version.

Click on this link to purchase the eBook version.

I began the process of moving and sensing where next to go. I was pulled to Whidbey Island nearby Seattle to live on the edge of a little village of 1,000 people on the water’s edge called Langley. By late August into September 2001 I was moving into my current base of operations in Langley as the premonition became physically painful and overwhelming towards 10 September 2001. This third Massive Premonition so far was the most powerful of the three. It reached its peak on 10 September 2001. I first thought it was going to be my death. But then the personal projection passed away and I felt what was about to happen would impact us globally.

After a fitful sleep of a few hours I was awakened on the morning of 11 September by the voice of my literary agent leaving three messages in a row on my answering machine saying, “Wake up! Wake up! It’s happening! The attack on the Two Towers in New York that you’ve been predicting for years!”

I did awaken in time to turn on the TV and see live the second hijacked jet hit the South World Trade Center Tower. At once my Hogueprophecy website that I had literally plugged in about a day and a half before was getting 20,000 hits a second! The tragedy I’d been long warning, even across America on national television in March 1996 too place, though I warned in hope to help in some little way to prevent it from happening. Certainly this international tragedy brought a whole new level to my prophecy work, especially on an international level than before.

Something as big as that is looming with a feeling that’s all collectively tangled, insane, manic in its ups and downs and indeed it may happen in the next few days or the next few months. So I had to scrap my plan to release my eMagazine at the end of February and release on 14 or 15 February.

Since Monday (7 February), when I got the news of a potential need to move from this house, although I am open to what unknown journey is before me—or the unknown journey of staying here too—whatever it is the following morning and on all six mornings since, I’ve awakened with a profound dread that I now understand is far bigger than the dramas of potentially uprooting my life. What I’m feeling could uproot lives around the world, it is just by coincidence that my private drama with life takes place at the same time.

What changed my understanding and let the premonition loose was watching a video of two of some of my best news sources and best political analysts who run The Duran on YouTube and on Rumble (just type in the Search “The Duran”) and now a half dozen other outlets also display the Duran to better avoid being censored. That’s ever becoming more a sign that you are making people think and drawing from intelligent sources of information, subjective or objective, that is upsetting the “Static” quo of the now privatized public commons where free speech can be censored any next video sound and light byte from now.

Alex Chrisoforou and Alexander Mercouris of The Duran.

Alex Chrisoforou and Alexander Mercouris of The Duran.

The Duran is hosted by Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou. These two men of Greece, who currently live in the United Kingdom and Cyprus respectively, in my oracular view, have figured out a lot of what’s REALLY going on in the Ukraine Crisis and what all this patent hysteria about Russia about to invade Ukraine starting since November is really about.

It isn’t about Russia invading. It isn’t about Ukraine. The real target of the Biden Administration’s neocons is Germany and forcing the new German government headed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the shutdown the certification of the now finished Nordstream II pipeline set to send Germany and by extension Europe, cheap natural gas of which a quarter of Europe depends on to run their industries and warm their houses.

Washington is playing an incredibly dangerous game pressured by its Military Industrial Complex that controls it, to get what I told you in my last article wave at the end of 2021 they wanted, a new iron curtain falling, US forced and self-inflicted by Europe, to start what I see is a new Cold War. If need be, Washington will sacrifice Ukraine to get it going with Russia. The mainstream US and EU press is telling you that Russia is about to launch an invasion but what’s really going to happen perhaps by 15 or 16 February at the earliest is a false flag incident not conjured by the Russians but conjured by US intelligence agents and the Neo-Nazi’ elements in the Ukrainian Army set to target the break-away Eastern Russian Ukrainian provinces of the Donbass.

The US press will go ballistic pinning the blame on the Russians. It would be better if they looked to the White House and State department neocons as the source of this wicked idea. Whatever happens their intention is to put Europe in its place as subservient to the US economy and policies, give NATO a reason for being and stop an sovereign desires of Germany, France and any other NATO and EU allies to move their economic interests eastward to the rising power of the grand Russian-Chinese geopolitical economic sphere of new and historic influence.

The neocons and the US Military Industrial Complex and its mainstream news propagandists have been and will continue to sell this crisis since November as an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine. They’ve constantly shown us photos of the motorized artillery, APC (armored personnel carriers) and hundreds upon hundreds of Russian tanks in different satellite images to prove their point, but if you yourselves go to Google Earth, you can find that assembled armored hardware not in fields but inside permanent Russian military bases HUNDREDS of kilometers from the Russo-Ukrainian border.

640px-Ukrainian_army_self-propelled_field_gun_firing_in_Donbass-SRC-UTR-News, cc3.0

Ukrainian army self-propelled field gun firing in the Donbass. Source UTR News, © Creative Commons.

The US intelligence is selling you a lie. The CIA head has been traveling to European capitals showing pictures, you can even see the tank parks online, of amassed Russian machines of war but the pictures shown by the CIA head to other leaders are cropped. There aren’t 100,000 Russians right on the Eastern Ukrainian border the cropped satellite photos have cut away pictures of building surrounding the parked tanks and armored infantry carriers at their bases deep in the Russian provinces of Voronezh and Rostov, 200 kilometers from the border. Go to Google Earth. You can find the military parking areas and their surroundings there!

Whatever you listen to on the mainstream news, you’re getting it told upside down from reality. The threat of invasion is not coming from Russia. The Ukrainian Army is preparing to invade the disputed Donbass breakaway republics. A few weeks earlier I received and then verified disturbing reports that Ukrainian units are already organizing themselves into strike groups along the line of trenches known as the Line of Contact.

The flood of weapons into Ukraine from America and the UK since November has been steady and massive. There are now hundreds of NATO military advisors there as well. The pattern reminds me of the debacle that happened when NATO advisors and NATO weaponry was flooding into Georgia and its leaders were encouraged therefore to attack the disputed South Ossetia territory starting a war with Russia, to which the Russians in six days crushed the NATO trained Georgian Army.

It is the same potential scenario at work here in Ukraine but with an even more cynical goal of neocons in Washington. They want their very profitable Second Cold War! They like to believe that making Germany and Europe shut itself off from Russia over the latter’s “retaliation” to protect hundreds of thousands of Donbass ethnic Russian citizens—now dual citizens of Russia.

The Russians have already publicly said that a military attack into Donbass by Ukraine is crossing a red line that will warrant some kind of kinetic military response—what kind of response is unknown.

Russian-backed rebel armored fighting vehicles convoy near Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. Source Mstyslav Chernov, © Creative Commons.

Russian-backed rebel armored fighting vehicles convoy near Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. Source Mstyslav Chernov, © Creative Commons.

We are being sold a western mainstream media war drumbeat that the Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! But really this is a US play for keeps geopolitically and militarily and since we are in the Chinese Year of the Tiger, these neocons in Washington think they can ride the tiger of the first major conventional war in Europe since 1945 and not see it escalate out of their control into a hot war between NATO and Russia. That’s what this growing premonition is making me feel, the potentials, all the way to the unthinkable possibilities as if I’m feeling them happening.

One of the possible “matches” to war hinges on Germany being forced to publicly announce that it will not allow Nordstream II to pump natural gas to Germany. Washington want’s Germany to sanction itself and its energy needs and be reminded again that Germany is a US occupied country. The largest US bases are in Germany, its government and command structure are integrated with US puppet strings attached. Its army cannot make its own decisions before the US Pentagon agrees. Its political leaders are surveilled by the CIA.

Right now, Germany is showing too many signs of gaining a geopolitical spine and Nordstream II is the crux of that. I’ve been writing since 2013 that Germany wants to expand its industrial might by making it more competitive building its factories in Russia employing Russians. I predicted that Berlin would see its destiny, as will the rest of the EU, is to become a part of the new geopolitical axis shift where the center of history making history have now shifted to Eurasia in the twenty-first century, leaving the American century behind since the Great America Eclipse marked the US century’s end in August 2017.

American hegemonic circles desperately trying to keep their failing power and influence are about to go to panicked extremes to prevent Germany leading the EU into economic integration with the Russians and the Chinese Road and Beltway Afro-Eurasian super-continental infrastructure transformation.

It all comes down to the Nordstream II Pipeline.

The Russians never wanted to build it, by the way.

Chancellor Angela Merkle’s German government pleaded with Putin and Moscow to build it and Moscow reluctantly laid the pipe down the Baltic Sea starting from near St. Petersburg all the way to Germany starting in 2015 and completing it by late September 2021 after many stops and starts from US threats. Now Merkle is out and been replaced by a new coalition government with Scholz as Chancellor.

I’m hoping you’re reading this no later than Tuesday 15 February if not earlier. Pardon me for not sending you as polished a wave of articles as I planned because starting from Mid-February through Mid-April, if you hear the Chancellor of Germany publicly announce that Germany is officially declaring that it will not see the pipeline opened or see its certification completed, know that within 24 hours radical fascist elements in the Ukrainian Army are expected to start a war along the Donbass Line of Contact.

It will bring a rapid response from the Russians. To what extent they will measure their military retaliation of a false flag attack, the cards of that are held closely to the chests of those who dwell in the Kremlin. But whatever they do it will be sold to you as a Russian unilateral invasion when it is not. And then the world will hold its breath as the first of three crises I have foreseen loom over humanity, the first in Ukraine, and fraught with danger to humanity’s future not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October of 1962, may be upon us. The next danger will be Israel and Iran and finally Taiwan, any one of which could light the fuse and transform a new and Second Cold War potentially nuclear “HOT”!

Russian Army night maneuvers. Source, © Creative Commons.

Now I’d like to give you a summation of what I heard Mercouris and Christoforou disseminate. You will find my additional commentary inserted with additional prophetic insights and takes on what they’ve uncovered written in italics. Consider what you read so far, a wetting of your whistle. The second half of this article and two follow-up articles will entertain all kinds of possibilities even how the Ukrainian crisis might enjoy an eleventh-hour reversal of neocon fortunes upsetting its false flagged incident and whether the Germans should dare defy Washington’s pressures to cut off Nordstream II and upend the whole false flagged farce… Complete reading this and get full access to all ten articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 10 February 2022


These Nordstream II pipes are now welded together and under the Baltic Sea in a completed pipeline. Source Harald Hoyer from Schwerin, Germany. © Creative Commons.


The Critical Time Window is Here:

ALEXANDER MERCOURIS: But I think, underpinning this all, there is a geopolitical story, in the sense that if Nordstream II is completed the US loses its leverage over Germany. And since it loses its leverage over Germany, it loses its leverage over France… because the French and the Germans work together. The French are not prepared to go beyond what the Germans do. So, at that point, because the Germans don’t want to see NATO’s eastward expansion continue, because the French don’t want to see [it]. At that point, it becomes possible for the French and the Germans to start agreeing those legally binding security guarantees with the Russians. At that point NATO loses its purpose. At that point the US geopolitical position in Europe begins to become undermined and at that point also the grand strategic plan going all the way back to [Zbigniew] Brzezinski and [Paul] Wolfowitz breaking up—[their motto being] NATO in, Germany down, and Russia out—all of that falls apart and at that point we’re in a completely different, geopolitical environment across not only in Europe but all the entire Eurasian continent… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 14 February 2022

Joe Biden caricature by DonkeyHoty ©Creative Commons.

Joe Biden caricature by DonkeyHoty © Creative Commons.

The US and Ukrainian Fascist False Flag
Attack in the Donbass—My Prediction what Will Happen

Well, mediocrity only rises upwards to greater Wag the Dotard moments, and I predict a far greater one is coming for President Biden over this Russian invasion-wagging “tale.”

One can’t rule out that something might be “exploding” on that front this new week in February. If not, it will still be imminent of course, down the next month or two. Bloomberg News has gambled their dwindling credibility predicting it coming at the time of this writing day after tomorrow on 16 February. And Bloomberg News ought to know. The other week, they had the wrong title for an article posted on their website that remained watched by the world for half a day before it was taken down with profuse apologies. It had declared the Russian invasion of Ukraine was underway!

Let me say again. There will be no Russian invasion this week or down through to mid-April. One possibility that has my premonition meter still unsettled but feels more and more remote as time passes is that a false flag indeed is in the works. Check out your local and loco-fanatical neo-Nazi Ukrainians from Svoboda or Right Sector or the Azov Brigade elements in the Ukrainian Army along the Line of Contact.

They’re going fishing for Donbass.

Before I forget, there is another strength the Russians are playing beyond possessing a powerful military. Russia can hurry up and wait. Nothing can do more to undermine this Wag the Dotard big lie than to simply lie in wait and do Nothing.

That’s what I predict the Russian armed forces will do. They’ll just keep gathering nearby, doing their drills, letting the weapon of their waiting presence abide, while all the Wag the Dotard invasion story is shot and wounded each day further passes away the days with nothing moving the Russians to invade Ukraine. To make the Russians budge into battle must be so terrible an atrocity, 9/11 times ten.

It could happen.

I’m getting reports that the Ukrainian Army have moved their air defense S-300 batteries on to the Line of Contact… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 14 February 2022

Donetsk, Christmas Day 2014. DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Sparta Battalion’s commander Arseny Pavlov. Photo:Andrew Butko, © Creative Commons.

Donetsk, Christmas Day 2014. DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Sparta Battalion’s commander Arseny Pavlov. Photo: Andrew Butko, © Creative Commons.


That Gives the US and NATO all it Propagates
But the Price is a “Second” Ukrainian Crisis
And this time it is a Ukrainian “Missile” Crisis
About a little over three years into this Second Cold War

It may very well be that Victoria Nuland (architect of the overthrow of the last legally elected Ukrainian government replaced by her hand-picked Ukrainian fascists in February 2014) and Jake Sullivan (one of the key architects of Hillary Clinton’s completely discredited Russia Gate Hoax), may AT LAST get traction in their epic propaganda war to demonize the person of Putin and his people of the Russian Federation in the world’s view… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

640px-Young_Woman_Damaged_building_in_Kurakhove,_Donetsk_regionSRC-VO Svoboda's photos-cc3.0

Young Ukrainian woman posing in damaged building on the Ukrainian side of the Line of Contact in Kurakhove, Donetsk, a town west of Donetsk that was a battleground in the 2015 winter war. Author, VO Svoboda’s photos, © Creative Commons.

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