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India never predicted to Fall

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“Deepak” from India took me to task in Mumbai 9-11: Part Five (see 26.11, India’s 9-11). In the series I tried to explain how Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist commando attack on the financial district of Mumbai India on 26 November 2008 was intended to pull India into another — and potentially nuclear — conflict as per al-Qaeda’s strategic aims, which are to unite the Islamic world to fight infidels thus fulfilling Islamic apocalyptic prophecies. Mahatma Gandhi, before his assassination had predicted that partition of Pakistan from India would create four large-scale wars. Three of those wars have since been fought. If there is a fourth, it could be nuclear effectively killing more Pakistanis and Indians in South Asian than all who died in the First and Second World Wars combined.

In the Mumbai 9/11 series, I reprised segments of an earlier set of articles describing the border standoff in late 2001 early 2002 between India and Pakistan just after al-Qaeda had launched its terror attack on New York City and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Kashmiri rebels trained by al-Qaeda elements had tried storming the Indian Parliament in December 2001. After which, Pakistani and Indian forces gathered along their shared frontier. Nuclear arsenals of both belligerents were on a hair trigger. More frightening to me than this were the mass rallies in Indian and Pakistani urban centers. Millions on either side urged their governments to drop the atomic bomb on the enemy. Many blithely believed that nuclear blast effects and plagues of radioactivity were nothing new to what Indians and Pakistanis suffer from earthquakes or monsoonal floods. They could take it — please drop the bomb with our blessings. Our India, our Pakistan will live forever, according to our prophets.

This incredible naivety lurks underneath the masses. Perhaps it embeds deep in the mind of “Deepak” who wrote the letter below.

All religious fundamentalists of every cloth, be it orange of Hindu, black of Islamic, or the somber cloth of Protestant collared reverends or the rich raiments Catholic priests, presume divine beliefs prevail untested. I wrote about it in greater detail here: See Messiah. The righteously faithful serenely believe they will survive any apocalypse they might have to unleash on others. Here is one of them:

I read your article and well don’t agree with your Analysis. India survived 1,400 years of Islamic and British rule. Swami Vivekananda and Swami Ramakrishna were the reincarnation of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. They did not predict the destruction of India ever. They have only spoken of India’s rise. Many other saints have predicted the same. Indian horoscope also shows the same.

There is a famous story of Ramakrishna giving his disciple Vivekananda siddhi (psychic) powers and was admonished to use them wisely. Instead, he used them to plant a thought in a simple disciple’s mind that he should throw into the river the rocks he used to represent the gods for worship. Ramakrishna found out and promptly took the powers away. Vivekananda pleaded for them to be restored but Ramakrishna compassionately forbid their use as long as Vivekananda lived because his ego was too strong to resist misusing them and he needed to learn humility.

He was sincere and a great messenger for his Master, Ramakrishna, but his master tried very hard to help him go beyond that self-absorbed spiritual narcissism. Ramakrishna’s message was delivered well by Vivekananda to the West, and he is one of the pioneers of the great shift of spiritual values from the East to the West gradually taking place. Vivekananda, however, was only a messenger and not a living “message.”

When I see Ramakrishna (left), still as a statue, propped up by his bewildered disciples, in the famous picture, gone, gone, completely lost in the light of the gap… Who cares about who was born as whom? All distinctions are lost in that blissful light of Now-Eternal. Only top-heavy people lost in the dark recesses of minds piled high with religious jargon and thoughts care about whether Ramakrishna was Lord Ram. As I see him in the photo, Ramakrishna is not thinking. He is free. He is beyond all dry-boned and drop-dead punditry. He is gone, gone, beyond Lord Ram.

You don’t know for sure, Deepak, but you would like to think Ram and Krishna never said there would be an end to India.

All things of this world — India included — end. Lord Krishna “had” predicted your end, my end and India’s eventual end, albeit indirectly. Read the Gita. Krishna often speaks of transience of the egoistic world. With that in awareness, think. Where is “Bharat”? Gone. Where is the Mogul Empire? Where is the British Raj? Gone, gone completely gone.

India? Pakistan?

It takes no prophet to tell you that your current political construct called “India” will go the way of Ashoka’s Empire and the way of the Kaurava’s whom Arjuna slaughtered with his arrows with Lord Krishna guiding the chariot.

Where too has Arjuna gone? He has also passed to the Himalayas in an icy tomb of avalanche. The evil, the good, all the chapters of India, even “chapters” as a concept will pass away in Kalpas (great cycles of time) coming.

India will end. What is important is whether the witnessing Atma ends. Who cares about transient illusions like India, or the USA, or this “John Hogue” or that “Deepak” — all dust. What about the consciousness behind these masks of illusion, Deepak? That ought to be your concern, not the further existence of the idiotic political posturing of Maya.

…They have only spoken of India’s rise. Many other saints have predicted the same. Indian horoscope also shows the same.

Then they are projecting their chauvinism. India will vanish like Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, like the throne of Hastinapura. It is the nature of things. Yet, egoists like your saints and astrologers would project their belief as fact against the passing of kalpas. Such folly.

There will be problems which Indian horoscope shows and K N Rao predicted about the turmoil in India during the Bombay attack. Indian astrology is quite competent to show what lies ahead and its also has a dark warning for the coming years.

Indian astrology is the most competent. I know from direct experience. I’ve lived in India and met with many of your astrologers. Unlike the West, Indian Astrology keeps the calculations simple and doesn’t clutter them up with the needless additions of every piece of floating space rock to clutter the interpretation with noise.

I have a large South Asian readership. They’ve been asking for predictions about India and I will provide them with many in my forthcoming book Predictions for 2011. I will say this, one dark warning for which India must prepare is a natural disaster of floods and storms in the next Monsoon Season of 2011 that will rival those besetting Pakistan in 2010. Orissa, West and East Bengal in particular should brace themselves. Also, there will be more terrorist attacks in September and November of 2011 issuing out of Pakistan from Lashkar-e-Taiba. Once again the targets intended will be where Westerners gather and spiritual retreats. If security is high and awareness vigilant these attacks will not succeed.

Back to Indian Astrology. It is the finest in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that on occasion egos like those possessed by some of your Indian-chauvinistic seers will be any less myopic than chauvinistic American astrologers are about believing and projecting upon the stars an illusion of the eternal progress of America. All things of this mortal world rise and fall like a wave on eternity’s ocean.

The question I ask my self is this: shall I fixate on an identity of wave or remember that I am the ocean?

I will stand with Ramakrishna transfixed and gone in devotion of Ram.

John Hogue

(04 December 2010)

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