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DATELINE 06 August

Worldwide Release of

MARK AND LIVE THIS WISELY AND WELL. May 2013 through December 2014 is the future’s Deep Breath before the Plunge when destiny draws in a draft of potentialities before it exhales and by the new year of the mid-decade, we all plunge into the flood, surfing or wiping out on a new tsunami of history’s quickening.

This eBook is about the most important 18 months humanity has ever had the opportunity to experience. It comprises the climax of Saturn’s karmic 28-year cycle—its returning passage through Scorpio, the sign of taxes, the portent of the bill coming due, presenting a choice of what future we wish to inherit. READ MORE>>>

Here are some initial first impressions from those Hogueprophecy readers who sampled the expanded version of this book for advance donators whose contributions made the production of this book possible. Many of them had been patiently waiting for the book since October of last year:


Dear John I am sincerely impressed. I did not expect over 400 pages, you [have] done a great job. I do not have words to express how gratefully impressed I am. It took a lot of work and was worth waiting for this

I’ve started reading and it certainly was worth the wait, and now I can’t wait to finish this book! I appreciate all the time and devotion you’ve given to bring this book into being.

[Your book] is worth it’s weight in gold!

I’ve read 100 pages of The Predictions and am blown away by your scintillating prose and sparkling gravitas not to mention your truly original and unique insight.

I want to thank you for all the personal sacrifices you have endured in order to make this book happen and getting the warnings out to us. It has been an active time energetically as we moved from the Age of Pisces last December to the Age of Aquarius and sensitives were overloaded with the massive New Age information upgrade the Universe gave us. I know [for myself] how difficult it was to assimilate the information and I wasn’t trying to write a book throughout the process. It is with Love and Gratitude that I say “Thank You” for all you have done for us. I’m off to read [your eBook] the most anticipated book of my life.

Many thanks for your magnum opus… I much look forward to reading and studying the work. Much as I still disagree with some of your politics I find you very warm intelligent and insightful, independently of all the obvious gifts you have of prophecy.

A Great Big Heartfelt THANK YOU. I have just finished the Intro and my gratitude to you is overwhelming from the ‘insights’ I received, [both] personal and in a larger scope of keeping faith. Bless You and our collective existence.

You are amazing. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and dedication.

Perhaps we will all “learn” something.

This is an amazing document—filled with inspiration, insight, astrological patterns and urgency. It’s an honor to [be] among those getting the book early… This should be required reading for our Congressional representatives.

A masterpiece… and very ominous…

(HOGUE: I will comment on Bodhi’s complete email in a near future article.)

You’ve done a beautiful job! The material is high quality. More so, I feel the authenticity of your desire for humanity to realize a better destiny than what has been experienced thus far. May humanity awaken.

Thank you for a very relevant e-book which has flagged all of the relevant issues before they made the news headlines…

Thank you so much, I received my copy in the wee hours of Sunday morning and went straight to the Hopi Prophecy section. That alone made it so worth the wait. I can’t wait to delve into the rest of this mind opening read. Thank you for this epic effort.


Rosemary is talking about the bonus 13th Chapter that is available with a donation to Hogueprophecy. To get your own downloaded copy of the expanded version of Predictions for 2013-2014, click on predictions and scroll down to the dancing Hopi Blue Kachina.


DATELINE 06 August

Thunderstorms in Alaska
Britain Basting Heat Waves

I welcome my readers sending me reports from all over the world about the weird, extreme and warming global weather.

As the song goes, “I love Paris in summer, when it sizzles…” So reports my friend Satgyan in Paris where they were sweltering under 90-degree weather for much of July. Cool and misty Britain became hot and steamy in the latter days of July as well, breaking temperatures held for over a half-century. Then there was Shanghai, China, logging in the hottest summer temperatures in 140 years!

Way up in the high northern climes sits Grant next to his laptop sending me this Facebook message a week ago last Monday:

I’ve read your blog about Alaska’s 90-degree hot weather. [Click on Alaska heat wave] Up here is very hot recently. Also down in South Central AK where I’m at had our first ever thunder and lighting storm. [It] lasted for nearly 4 hours… Now from the old folks who lived down here longer, have never seen such an impact.

Grant went on to say that “old folks”, long-time residents of the 49th US state “have never seen such [a climate changing] impact.” I would add that the changes in climate being most dramatic in the Arctic and Antarctic, Northern and Southern Hemispheres follows what climate scientists have consistently forecast and documented. There is no wiggle room here, unless you are one of those nearly extinct specimens of climate science that take fossil fuel corporate money to peep contrarian propaganda that Climate Change is not real.

That also goes for the rare and dwindling breed I call “Sun Huggers”. They cry loudest that the Sun made the Earth’s climate heat up only during increased cycles of solar activity, such as right now, but not a “Carrington Event” of solar storming alarm is rung when violent and globally warming weather rages equally hard during quiet “solar minimum” years. That is what happened when Hurricane Katrina flattened the Mississippi coast and flooded New Orleans in one of the most active hurricane seasons in history in 2005.

Where there’s thunderstorms in Alaska there are fires.

Grant passed along some news published at the end of July by the Anchorage Daily News (click on boreal forest fires for the full article). These are the largest forests on Planet Earth that circle the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of great and sprawling landmasses of Alaska, Canada and stretch across 11 time zones of European and Siberian Russia. In short, a new scientific study of the Yukon Flats region indicate that these forests are more beleaguered and set on fire than the Amazon Rain forests of South America. The article reports that they are “burning at a rate considered historically unprecedented.”

Your network Lame-stream-brained news outlets won’t tell you about such stories because the fossil fuel interests that control your network “nut-Worked” news do not want to frighten you little froggies sitting in the slowly warming pot of water that has become your climate. They want you to obsess about when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have their baby, what sex will it be, what’s its name, etc., just when large tracts of boreal forests are burning and altering your climate. Don’t upset the frogs in their “fog”. Otherwise the corporately approved propaganda that climate change is only a “new normal” might actually alarm you pollywoggish brained, boob-tube, royal baby watching folk that this world is suffering through a worsening “New Abnormal” human induced climate shift. The water’s getting hotter and if you keep adapting to it, like that frog, you will one day expire and become frog-legged food for the Moon.

“Food for the Moon” is a term used by the 20th-century mystic George Gurdjieff to describe a kind of “psychic” food chain that sees a lower evolved world feast on the unconscious acts of a slightly more advanced world. Thus the Moon, which is dead, eats the unconsciousness of humanity on Earth in its planetary, food-chained evolution. Let us look beyond what I grant all disciples of Gurdjieff reading this will rightly tell is a way-too simplistic definition. What you, my fellow frogs in the pot of slowly boiling climate change, need to know is that your collective and individual unconscious acts “act” as part of a food chain of psychic evolution. Moreover, your current civilization if it does not wake up will become a meal devoured by the forces of the collective unconsciousness.

(For further reading, check out Chapter 12 in my book of prophecies for 2013 and 2014, entitled, It’s Global Warming, Stupid!)

DATELINE 06 August

US Embassy Closings
False Flags and Snowden

I will be brief about this BS fomented from the capital of the US. The United States has closed a number of US embassies and consulates across North Africa and the Middle East. Washington has gone as afar as evacuating all personnel from the US Embassy in Yemen because of “claimed” communication traffic between the chief al-Qaeda leader in Yemen with the head of AQ, Muhammad al-Zawahiri, hiding in Pakistan purportedly fomenting “the biggest al-Qaeda attack since 9-11”.

Do you smell the “Agent Orange” of this toxic propaganda?

I do. It is another example of Barack Obama playing G.W. Bush with a “tan”. When President “W” ever got into trouble politically, or his efforts to steadily lock down US citizen freedoms in the name of the Patriot Act and National Security where exposed as overkill and overlording the US people, he would up the colored terrorist security coded threat level system from Yellow to Orange Alert. Like Obama, Bush would show his security system flex its muscles facing an ill defined but general, rumored threat of another al-Qaeda attack. There wouldn’t be one. We would then see the threat level descend to yellow again, but there was an obvious pattern to the timing of Orange Alerts. They always happened when Bush sank in the polls, especially during 2004 when his job was threatened by a rise in poll numbers for Senator Kerry running against Bush in the 2004 Presidential Elections. When Bush’s poll numbers went up as people were sufficiently scared of a terrorist Orange Alert threatened attack, he would lower the alert yellow.

In my recently released eBook predictions for 2013 and forecasts for 2014, I have a chapter called The Obama Prophecies that pinpoints the direction the US president would take his destiny in his second term. One of the trends favors he ends his presidency a similarly branded mediocrity as he predecessor—a “George Bush with a tan.” Snowden and the PRISM NSA scandal requires a G.W. Bush-style distraction of the US public away from them being illegally spied upon by President Obama to levels never approached even by Bush. First, the Obama-Bush modus operandi focuses on Snowden the person and not what he exposed. Next, you create a false flag threat of terror attacks so imminent that you even evacuate the US Embassy in Yemen. You make sure the US media doesn’t go all “O.J. Simpson” on the story on the weekend, obsessing on this story beyond all others, because news ratings are low on weekends. You wait until Tuesday to “OJ” juice up the terror threat to get maximum viewing of stories about how the US surveillance system “does” protect you by tapping phones and email conversations of terrorists. This “Obaminous” US government does this to gain support for such surveillance systems that Snowden exposed.

Cynically speaking it is a “win, win” situation what happens next. If no terror bomb breaks a window in any embassy building in Yemen or elsewhere then the government can claim exposing the plot prevented it. If an embassy is bombed the Feds in Washington can claim that they presciently anticipated it and saved the embassy staff.

There is a third possibility that also is a win for those who would increase surveillance on you and turn the US into a corporate-driven fascist state. By retreating and evacuating your embassies you are laying bate for a terrorist attack that was not even planned. Retreat of an enemy always tempts one to strike while they fall back in disarray.

So, bombed or busted, this embassy “Snow-den” job is Obama’s way to divert attention away from his surveillance scandals, nothing more. It is not done to protect Americans abroad but Americans like the president who is illegally upending First Amendment free speech and the Fourth Amendment citizen privacy rights by fomenting the onset of real or waving false terror attacks.

DATELINE 06 August

Hogue Boston Bombing Prophecy
They “Were” White Supremacists

An interesting new disclosure apparently vindicates my remote viewing documented on the day I tried to psychically profile the Boston Marathon bombers before it was clear who they were. (Click Boston Marathon.) To recap briefly, I sensed that one was wearing a white baseball cap and that they were Caucasians and white supremacists. As it turns out the youngest of the Tsarnaev brothers “was” wearing a white baseball cap. As it turned out, they “were” domestic white Caucasian American citizen terrorists, literally and ethnically hailing from the Caucasus region of Russia.

Monday on BBC news Panorama, it was reported that the leader, the older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, subscribed to a number of White Supremacists magazines. This also explains why they set off their bombs on the Patriot Day holiday and on the week of anniversaries white supremacists usually commit acts of terror that included the anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing and Hitler’s birthday.

DATELINE 06 August

The Prophecy of Ayn Rand

Tom Snyder of NBC’s Tomorrow Show used to follow Johnny Carson every weeknight with some of the best one-on-one interviews I have ever had the pleasure of losing sleep staying up during my high school years to watch. In 1979, he taped a jewel of an interview with Objectivist Philosopher Ayn Rand, author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Rand is all the rage (or “en-ragement”) these days in that band of mostly millionaire mediocrities crowding on the left or the right of the pork barrel troth that is the 113th US Congress.

The left hates her. The right praises her. In both cases—as I point out in the opening essay of my epic Chapter 6 of Predictions for 2013-2014 called “Towards a Greater Depression?”—neither side apparently reads Rand with much open-minded intelligence or intellectual depth. Comedian Bill Maher mars her memory with his Cliff-Note brush-offs and Tea Party Conservative Congressman Paul Ryan might glower through Rand’s tomes with those gaping owl eyes—sans wisdom—making no apparent mental connection to who…whoo! Whoo-Hooo! Rand despises more than liberals: faux conservatives such as himself.

So, American readers, just as your public servants in the Congress are beginning their exodus for an extended, five-week summer holiday, leaving behind the people’s work undone, the Sequester unraveling government functions, budgets unbalanced, US public and private debts unresolved, ungoverned, I came across Ayn Rand’s prescient warning to the Ryans in Congress heading for the beach at your expense and your uncertain future.

Ayn Rand back 34 years ago, may have seen where your United States future is going.

What do you think is going to happen to the United States if we keep going this way?

If we keep going this way, a total collapse. But I still think that we won’t be going this way. That what will save this country is not its intellectuals but the people. Because they rebelled already without much intellectual prodding. That they are already becoming aware of the fact that we have to go to the Right and not more welfare state. That’s a great…great tribute to the intelligence of the people.

Only—I want to make something clear—I am not a conservative. I think today’s conservatives are worse than today’s liberals. I think they are… If anyone destroys this country it will be the conservatives, because they do not know how to preach Capitalism, to explain it to the people, they do nothing but apologize and because they are all altruists. They’re all based on religious altruism and on that combination of ideas you cannot save this country.

In Predictions for 2013-2014, I make an effort to rehabilitate a philosopher that, like Nietzsche, can measure her greatness by the capacity of her detractors and devotees to misunderstand her philosophy. I am not endorsing many of Rand’s views any more than I completely endorse any great philosopher, mainly because all of them are limited by viewing the Greater Existence through a brilliant if narrowly, mentally filtered, spyglass of their programmed minds, albeit brilliant as their identified and ego-lamed gray matter might be.

Moreover, what I point out through the six subsections of my chapter on the future and potentially far greater economic Depression coming (and how to prevent it) are the observations of Ayn Rand that to me sound far different and transcend the capacity of what the Bill Mahers and Paul Ryans can conceive. Call her philosophy selfish (she called it self-interest in one’s self-esteem), Rand’s definitions of what is money, what is its moral premise and value, are what I hope all of my readers will consider reading, through whatever political rose-colored glasses they filter it be they Democrat Blue or Republican Red. Here is more of a taste of an Ayn Rand many of you might not have sampled before, beyond the second hand, pundit-idiocy of left-wing comics and tragically comical, bug-eyed right wing congressmen.

The trouble with this country is that it was based on the right philosophy originally by the founding fathers, but they did not have a moral code to match the political ideas, which they had.

You love this country, don’t you.

Passionately. Very, very much. And consciously. I love it for its ideas. And I’ve seen enough of the other side, so I can appreciate this country.

[HOGUE note: Rand was a Jewish-Russian refugee from the Bolshevik Revolution.]

You might even get emotional about this country, huh?

(Her ever dark and penetrating eyes suddenly brightened. She smiled). Oh yes! (Laughs.) Why? You want me to get emotional?

You might even thank God for it, huh?

(Smiling. Her face opening. Innocently nodding.) Yeah. I many not literally believe in a “god”, but I like what that expression means. “Thank god” or “god bless you”. It means the highest possible—to me—and I would certainly say, “Thank God for this country.”


DATELINE 06 August

What was the Significance
Of the Planetary Alignment
Forming a Star of David
On 29 July 2013?

Some New Agers believe the alignment in the heavens of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and the Moon fashioning a kind of grand Star of David is as significant as the Mayan Harmonic Convergence that Jose Arguelles “made up” by combining Mayan lore (as he generally misunderstood it) with astrological happenings in August 1987. (Read more about it in my eBook on prophetic time cycles by clicking on Harmonic Convergence or Mayan Calendar.)

Several days before the “event”, one of my Facebook friends asked me for a comment on the alignment’s significance. As often happens with my Oracle work, the question triggers a drift towards a more important point for consideration than perhaps was expected:


The mystical West’s “Star of David” is made from the same root symbolism as the Star of the East. Indeed, it is believed that much of what we take for granted as being “Jewish” mysticism derives from the ancient Persians providing a bridge of the Eastern thinking westward to Judea.

The star symbol is built on two triangles. One descends like a light beam to Earth from the “divine”. The other radiates like a cone of light to the cosmos sent by the ascending ecstasy of the human response that celebrates the divine—the divine remembrance returning to the One—the atomic moment of “ah-HA!” were above and below, all is met and divine.

The “Star of David” alignment, as it is popularly called, is significant for the future destiny of Israel: that it does not confront or precipitate a war with Iran (Persia), because much of Jewish mysticism “came” from Persia and the act of war would be an act of murdering Jewish mysticism.

Click on this cover image and read more about this book.

The marriage of Persian-Hebrew mysticism happened when the Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great conquered the Babylonians and liberated the Hebrews from Babylonian Captivity. He then helped the Hebrews reconstruct their kingdom. In that process many of the deepest Jewish mysteries embraced what were Persian concepts. Indeed, this would happen again a few millennia later when the Jewish reform movement lead by Yeshua was transformed by the Apostle Paul into a “Pauline” Christianity incorporating the Holy Eucharist, Master Yeshua’s virgin birth and resurrection stories adopted verbatim from the Mythraic Persian religion popular in the Roman world at that time.

So the alignment of the Star of David is also Israel’s direct “line” to the Star of Eastern mysticism midwifed and mothered by Persia (modern-day Iran). The karmic thread will come full circle for better or for worse between Israel and Iran. The two will either destroy themselves in a war that Israel triggers; or, the circle can harmoniously complete what the great alignment on 29 July could intend: a completed circle of fellowship through spiritual understanding and peace, born out of an 11th-hour threat of military confrontation.

My oracle tells me that when Isaiah predicted, “They shall make their swords into plowshares,” he was saying to a distant future Israel “and” Iran, that they abandon their nuclear aspirations.

You cannot have peace between both nations unless BOTH nations have inspectors comb their installations to expose ANY manufacture of atomic weapons. If these are discovered then BOTH nations should be isolated from the family of nations until they disarm. Moreover, no nation can claim the moral high ground of pressuring Israel and Iran to abandon nuclear aspirations or arsenals unless ALL nuclear powers disarm. Read more about Israel and Iran’s mystical and nuclear karmas in the following eBook, click on Iran war prediction.


There are some signs of positive movement. The new and more moderate President of Iran replacing Ahmadinejad, Hasan Rouhani, as one of his first foreign policy statement declared Iran is ready to resume negotiations about its nuclear program. In Chapter 9 (The Future of Israel—Progressive or Apartheid) of Predictions for 2013-2014 I wrote:

My oracle predicts that some significant resolution of the Iranian nuclear threat draws near, after a new Iranian president is elected in June 2013.

This is the man to talk to. This is the last chance before war erupts with Iran in 2015-2016.


Click on the cover to read more at the page.

DATELINE 06 August

Scry-Fy News!
Availability to download
Kamikaze Tomorrowland
Will Expand Soon

The end of July saw my first foray onto Kindle tablets with a short story from my new Prophetic Science Fiction genre called “Scry-Fy”.

Within a few days, Kamikaze Tomorrowland became the number one best selling time travel story on Amazon. For a time it ranked around 800th most popular story out of millions of competitors.

Thank you readers for your positive reviews over on my Amazon page.

Mark asked a question many of your are asking:

Hi John I’m writing concerning you’re new e-[short story] “Kamikaze Tomorrowland”. I do not own a Kindle reader, and I wanted to know if it is available on any other platform aside from Kindle. Looking forward to receiving the Predictions download, and I’m more than happy to support your work. Thank you for your efforts.

Sometime this week I will be releasing Kamikaze Tomorrowland on Kobo, Nook, and via all other tablet outlets via Smashwords, including Samsung, iBook, etc. If you are a member of my free newsletter list you will be the first to know. Not a member. Join up here, click on John Hogue.



The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more.

Click on Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist
This is the hottest topic among an estimated 20 million fans of Nostradamus across the world. Who is his third and final Antichrist? Napoleon was the first, Hitler, the second. The third is foretold to be our contemporary. Four key candidates find their name decoded from the Anagram “Mabus”. One was a dictator of Iraq, the other, head of al-Qaeda. Two were US presidents. The previous and current one in office. Could Barack Obama be Mabus?

Click on Cycles in Prophecy
And see how ancient prophetic traditions use cycles in time as the architectural supports for forecasting the future. Examine here what went right and wrong with the Mayan Calendar date of 2012 and also, how new age sewage authors made a book selling franchise that took 2012 completely out of context will minimalizing other and far more significant and ancient prophetic cycle forecasts.

Click on Nostradamus Iran predictions
A War with Iran in our immediate future is a real and well-forecasted potential reality dated and described in detail by the Prophet Nostradamus!

Click on Pope Francis
He may be the last pope in the Vatican succession unto doomsday, foreseen by St. Malachy and “other” Catholic seers that are well known for their accuracy and rendered notorious by official Vatican spokesmen. Learn more about what the Vatican does not want you to know about Pope Francis “and” the real Catholic (Universal) message.


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