Predictions 2015–Excerpt: Cold Armageddon

An Ice-SIS Cold Armageddon
In the Middle East


Cr-ISIS! Everywhere. Worried Facebook friends posting their fears on my wall. Fraught emails cower in computed darkness each morning in my Inbox. They wait for the light of white photons and electrons to picture them up as I press “enter.” The questions, forwarded from all sides, whether sent in my social media communities or uttered by dear friends in my little village along the Saratoga Strait, all denote a shared, sickening, sinking feeling obsessing fearfully about ISIS (Islamic State in Syria and Iraq) just as autumn came in late September 2014 (the time I’m writing this).

Sitting in a SUV with fellow local author and friend, the subject of ISIS hung in the air like sticky dog breath. He had driven me home and the two of us were discussing things as his car was idling on my driveway. I had just briefly let off steam about the new war in the Middle East spiking a flood of traffic to my prophecy-news agency web page, adding “inbox” to injury to my overloaded schedule because all had to be set aside so I could produce a new article stream. History quickens demanding I report whether tightening deadlines liked it or not.


“I don’t like to think about ISIS, much. It brings me down…” said my friend, the fiction author of mystery, detective and horror novels to the “non-fiction” horror writer—Me.

He looked off and I sensed, etched on his face, a reaction to the bitter taste of that history’s-about-to-suck feeling. Between the lines of his comment was a wordless, dull ache about all this war-with-ISIS business, growing, not going away. Digesting that fact was like nursing a dull bellyache, not soon to go away.

I heard his thought unspoken:

I don’t want to deal with it. I can’t do anything about it but it could at any moment do anything unexpectedly to me, fouling plans and life.

In America there is a suppressed and decisiveness-draining malaise spreading throughout its people. It is an underlying, indolent feeling of helplessness about a new war that a war-weary people do not want, started by leaders in Washington that do not represent them much anymore.


The leaders we voted into office are not hearing us. Instead, they follow the drumbeat of their lobbyists, then like heroin pushers employing news media pimps, they push fear like a drug on us and we shoot up on being scared. Injecting fear has become our addiction habit thanks to a growing dependency on our authorities. The overlords thrive best when we are thoroughly overwhelmed and uninformed under fear’s bruised purple haze.

Another war in the Middle East? I’ve lost count! From bombing Libya back to the stone age we go with an encore stoning-to-rubble of Iraq while US jets begin deconstructing yet another Arab state into failed-state. I’m talking about what’s still left standing of Syria after years of civil war. In just a few short days, the new US airstrikes have done more to destroy infrastructure than ISIS forces and I doubt it will end there. The mission will creep death over the infrastructure held by the Assad regime and soon. It’s the Vietnam doctrine all over again. Some enemy and a whole lot more innocent collateral damage must happen if, as the US General once explained that you have to destroy a village to save it. Now America destroys whole countries to save them.


It plays serial murderer of nations. We choose a side and make wretched all sides, leaving in our military wake a ruined and more radicalized land, breeding jihadists and regimes worse than the ones we found. They in turn will spread mayhem out of the smoldering wound that was Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq Part Two and now Syria is next. It seems that America is not the global peace officer but the war industry perpetuator. Its economy is dying. It only has one economic growth trick up its sleeve left, manufacture a perpetual war and the profit it makes for certain special interests in and around Washington DC.

My friend broke his silence. “I’m glad, that you’re there to try to make some sense of it.”

There’s little sense to be made of this gathering hysteria of US hubris. It seems like a bad American habit keeps raining on history’s parade with tomahawk cruise missiles, bombs and thundering jets announcing with falling masonry and flames YET AGAIN a US President mission-creeping out the American people into ANOTHER WAR. And soon, US boots will kick up the dust of that ground in the parched Middle East, and US blood will soak the sand without our leaders asking whether we Americans want the looming reprisal to come. Did our leaders ask us whether we wanted a terrorist’s bull’s eye stuck on our backs because they jumped at starting new war?


Oh yes, the beheading of American journalists. That was supposed to scare the people and pump them full of moral indignation against ISIS. They were the “bad guys.” Given how ill-informed the average American is these days, with an intellectual capacity of a seventh grader, the black and white-wash of more complicated issues in the Middle East kind of worked. The polls shot up in favor of a fight.

ISIS-Knife held upOrangeJournalist

The leaders and their news media won’t tell you about the dozens of beheadings taking place every month in Saudi Arabia, one of our staunches allies in this new war. Most of the “criminals” are publicly executed and filmed with their heads falling off their shoulders to sharp scimitars for non-violent crimes, like sorcery—the euphemism used in that equally barbaric Islamo-fascist state for those caught questioning Wahabbist Islam, which is little different from the Salafist black vein of radical fundamentalism professed by ISIS. Indeed, our “allies” the Saudis are one of the prime financiers of ISIS.

Saudi beheading

Saudi beheading

I don’t encounter many Americans getting upset about this barbaric country with its double-dealing outrages. I see instead what your handlers in power want you to do, turn away from this conundrum, turn away from your political responsibility as citizens of a democracy to be a watchdog against government tyranny.

Most of my fellow Americans try to get on with their lives, keeping awareness of that target on their backs out of mind because for now its behind them, as out of sight as the sticker saying “kick me!” that some practical joker in middle school attached to one’s backside.

statue-of-liberty-and-militaryOthers “adrenalize” the fear with media fed, frenzied stories, buying into a false premise as a foundation for their judgments and actions. We are the good guys and the terrorists are always the bad guys because they hate us. We never consider asking “why” they hate us because if one is constantly and willingly spoon fed that unspoken hubris of exceptionalism, preached by president and echoed by the press, then one’s blinkered premise is this: America right or wrong, does its bombing and killing for the greater good in whatever country it collaterally destroys.

I suppose Dr. Frankenstein felt the same way when he built his monster, that he was robbing graves to piece together and bring back to life “a greater good.”

KerryFrankensteinOur current Dr. FrankenAmerica sitting in the White House created the monster ISIS by training and arming it to wage war against the Assad regime in Damascus as the real fighting wing of the feckless, chaotic and fractionally fractured Free Syrian Army. His monster is a degeneration of others built and trained by other FrankenPresidents, like the one who built and set lose Saddam Hussein of Iraq. But one day, the SaddamStein monster “broke out of the lab” as it were, disobeying his American creator, gone stomping off to terrorize the global villagers.

I guess a lot of you Americans don’t know that Saddam Hussein was a paid CIA agent. You probably don’t remember that Dr. FrankenBush Senior had gave his monster the means to make, and encouraged him to use chemical weapons of mass destruction on the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War. FrankenBush Senior even gave his monster satellite intelligence to better strike down the Iranians his monster had unilaterally invaded.

ObamaBushFrankensteinBut then his monster turned on him. He made a flat-footed invasion on oil-rich US ally, Kuwait. Time for the creator to destroy his creation in the Persian Gulf War, but he failed.

What Dr. FrankenBush Senior couldn’t do in 1991, his son, the comical Young FrankenBush, succeeded in doing. He hunted down and destroyed his father’s creation but the cost to lives and US treasure was far higher: a ruinous invasion and eight-year occupation of Iraq (2003-2011). Nevertheless, just like in the Frankenstein movies, when you kill one monster, it begets others.

Before we examine Obama’s newly Iraq quagmire: 102, lets look back at G.W. Bush’s Iraq quagmire 101. Like a “kick me” joke from a Mel Brooks movie when you know the hobnailed boot is about to strike, Young FrankenBush openly taunted al-Qaeda to come into the heartland of the Middle East and duke it out with US troops occupying Iraq. In the bloody sectarian civil war that followed, the monster called al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia was pieced and stitched together from what was left of SaddamStein’s Sunni regime, turned holy-war radical. The monster was destroyed, but pieces of it crawled over the Syrian border to safety.


FrankenBush’s dried black, bloody remnants in Syria later became Dr. FrankenBama’s source of jihadist human body parts stitched together and animated to life as part of the Free Syrian Army. A new Doctor was in the White House. Dr. Obamastein’s creation was ISIS, the son of Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia and a far more barbaric creature is he.

Two presidents-in-counting played doctor. Waiting in the wings for the presidential election of 2016 is an even more neo-conservative, neo-liberalist hegemon “Hillary.” Will she be the star of the new and monstrous movie The Bride of FrankenBama?


Here’s the story pitch.

Like the previous movies, it’s the same horror story with new actors and monsters. It begins with a misguided “do-gooder” doctor. She tries to reanimate life in a dead and monstrous idea. She, like her predecessors has a fatal character flaw. She righteously believes in committing necessary evil in service of a higher calling to achieve exceptionally all-American audacious acts.

She’ll try to unravel the mystery of creating this creature and discover more than she dare imagine. It’s so potentially evil. She shouldn’t go there, but the attraction of power is almost sexual. These monsters aren’t just made out of Arab dictator and jihadist body parts. She reads the journals of the last two Dr. Frankensteins who creeped around  the White House. She learns their most important secret. For the monster to lumber on and terrify the world she must stitch it together with the dead body parts of moribund constitutional and international laws before zapping the patchwork corpse with a dose of hegemonic lightning, coursing through electrodes stuck in its neck.

This monster can only come back to life if the laws of nations, rendered dead and buried, are exhumed from their graves. Take hold of a treaty’s lifeless heart and brain. Staple it inside your new monster before you pull the electric switch. Only an unholy charge of electricity through the disfigured corpse parts of the American Constitution and the United Nation Charter can bring the Clinton-Stein monster back to life.


Well, cut me down! I get “a head” of myself, talking about the advance of a new Islamic monster created by the next president in 2016 and 2017. For now, watch in 2015 the evil and dire consequences of the resurrection of the al-Qaeda in Mesopotamian Monster that is ISIS in 2014.

Already the global villagers are assembling in the West with torch missiles. They make a Coalition of the Willing “with an Arab filling”—that is, a few token bomb runs made by Arabs flying wingtip to wingtip with a US and EU armada bought from the US Military Industrial Complex to plant Arab lipstick on what is a big and ugly “Western” Crusader face.


Yes, yes, there they go again, the mob of global villagers cornering ISIS in Syria like the Frankenstein Monster in the original 1931 movie’s climax, this time throwing their missile torches on his Syrian windmill hideout. The ISIS-Stein monster will do the Boris Karloff, growing “rrRROW rrrrROWWW!” like a debased bass-baritone cat, flapping his crude arms at the flames before the building collapses on his stitched blockhead. The Coalition with an Arab Filling in late 2014 will drop the bombs that press wooden beams on him remorselessly at the approach of flames.

Frankenstein1931-monsterLookingUpBut this isn’t the end of our story…

My Oracle will now reveal the more monstrous and unforeseen strategic consequences that arise from the ruins of Syria in 2015.


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  1. Justin
    Posted 25 August 2015 at 2:28 am | Permalink

    well what i think is that yes they put us in fear and i notice that people turn away when you try to talk about it out of fear. the government is removing classes and adding ones they think is right when its just dumbing us down just like there answer the pill. i grew up as a ward of the state and that state i grow up in is still targeting me and they expect me to do as they please and end up in jail just like my dad when i do nothing wrong. in 9/11 i was in a psych ward for giving my mom a crazy look cause she got in a car accident while on meth. well the day before i dreamt even though you couldnt call it a dream and it was more like the noise of a plane crashing into a building. i was then sent out to a hidden treatment facility in another section of the us and they were shoving pills down my throat hoping it would dumb me down. it continued for months and months where i could predict things and finaly all emotion left me and i in my soul felt hurt. by age 15 i was so emotionless i had the feeling of i dont need pills instilled in me and i slowly took myself off do to the law they couldnt violate. they threatend me with court to shove a needle in my ass and then they arrest me at age 17 for being out past curfew when i was on the run from the life i had been living previously and now its why they keep chasing me with it and i get arrested they threaten me and keep me put up with fines and no amount of jail can pay it off. i dont feel like i deserve this. its outrageous and its just there way of keeping us controlled by fear. in that sense you are correct. but what i can sense is the want of a revolution and that someone needs to speak up and allow this. we are all waiting for something that would allow the people to strike back do to our rights written in the constitution. idk if im that person but who knows what it is. we have to fight democraticaly and i cant do that till im 25.

  2. Laurie Lind
    Posted 28 September 2014 at 11:05 am | Permalink

    WWWOW. John your writing just so fits the time. Incredibly creative and descriptive.
    The tragedy of course is the “no boots on the ground” lie is just that! Already beautiful young men from my community have been called, with 24 hrs. notice, told they are leaving for training in Africa and on to Syria.
    My heart is weeping.

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