Predictions for 2012 on CD

Predictions for 2012 on CD


PDF digital book ON CD – shipping required. After purchasing, it will be delivered to the address you specify during the PayPal checkout. NOTE: this is an e-Book on a CD. That means it is not a book made of paper.  © 21 December 2011, John Hogue, All rights reserved. 63,841 words, 159 pages, 39 color photos, graphics. Published by HogueProphecy Publishing

The new Predictions e-Book from John Hogue, the man who successfully predicted the winner by popular vote of every US presidential election since 1968 as well as the Great Recession of 2008, the US troop buildup in Afghanistan and the 18-month deadline before pullout began and the Pacific tsunami in 2011.

Forget the Mayan Calendar
We are making this Important Year
Significant for Ourselves

Here we are at last, living in the year 2012. Some believe it marks the end of the world or the beginning of a golden age because the most accurate of ancient calendars, created by the Mayan Civilization of Central America, purportedly marking it as the end of 5,000 years of civilization.

The truth is, the Maya didn’t accurately see the real 2012 coming. If you count out vast ages without a computer you can be off. The real “2012” came and went 12 to 13 years ago, during the winter solstices of 1998 and 1999.

I yearn for an end of end times so we can start anticipating the consequences of our present day actions in real time.

The Mayan Calendar doesn’t matter now. We are making our own prophecies about 2012, both dark and hopeful. We are making the year significant, shifting the prophetic narrative with our present day actions.
Time for 2012 reality checks!

My Oracle in this new e-Book takes you on a journey through the days of this pivotal year, the first real “Oh Shit!” year of the 21st century. It will help you anticipate and understand what is really going down in current events in a year when the mollifying media forces of corporate interests try hard to steer your intelligence away from our quickening history like never before.

Predictions for 2012 is an antidote to the bromide of a New Normal sold by economists, the media and the anti-science climate change deniers.

Be galvanized and inspired by this book of forecasts to positively change your destiny. Free yourself from corporate mind control and the social and religious conditioning that makes us so tragically predictable.

2012 is the year when two great forces – fraternity and fascism – collide in history’s great scrum against Stupid. It launches a tug-of-war for control of our common, human, future.

John Hogue (18 January 2012)

Some predictions from last year’s
Predictions for 2011

Here are three of a number of predictions John Hogue made in the previous book Predictions for 2011: published on 21 December 2012:

1. There will be tsunamis in the Pacific…in 2011.

p. 131, Predictions for 2011

What happened: A magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the northeastern coast of Honshu Island, Japan, on 11 March 2011, sent a great and devastating tsunami inland claiming over 20,000 lives. The tsunami also cast waves across the Pacific Ocean causing damage in marinas from the Big Island of Hawaii all the way to Santa Cruz on the California coast.

2. In 2011, we enter year two of World War Three, Mother Nature’s war on us. This isn’t some pagan voodoo threat. The natural world is ill. It’s fighting back madder than ever in 2011. Her fevers will be hotter this coming spring and summer, her chills colder this winter, her flood of monsoon tears and cyclonic rages will redouble from what was seen in 2010…

pp. 129, 131, Predictions for 2011

Pakistan’s Indus River Valley was inundated in 2010, covering a quarter of the country in floodwaters displacing 25 million people. The deluge of monsoon rains will shift eastwards over the Indian, Bangladeshi and Burmese watersheds in 2011, depositing similar nation-jarring floods over far larger populations than Pakistan… Typhoons will track farther south into the Philippines, into Manila, floods in Vietnam.

What happened: In early 2011 a “snowpocalypse” buried Philadelphia and Washington DC in the greatest snowfall recorded there in over two centuries since city records were first jotted down in the 1790s. By February, all 48 states, including subtropical Florida had snow on the ground.

Ice quickly turned to fire. Record breaking North American heat waves began in early spring. The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flooded. Then came the great drought across the US southern and southwest states. In Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area marked a string of consecutive and scorching triple-digit Fahrenheit temperatures lasting 40 days.

The cyclonic rage of US tornado outbreaks made April 2011 the most active month in US history with 753 tornados and a death toll 322. In May, an EF5 tornado flattened Joplin Missouri killing 161 people in one of the deadliest single tornado events in US history. Tornadoes in 2011 claimed 552 people in the second most deadly season in history – the first taking place 86 years earlier in 1925 with only a dozen more deaths.

In February 2011, Cyclone Yashi flooded Queensland Australia, displacing 200,000. Monsoons in 2011 cast especially destructive floods across wide areas in Eastern India states as well as Myanmar (Burma) moving eastwards to drown Thailand, Cambodia and the Mekong delta region of Vietnam, displacing millions. In the Philippines in August, the main island of Luzon was slammed by two major typhoons in four days, displacing 248,000 people and causing widespread damage to the capital of Manila. Another Typhoon in late 2011 hit the southern and mountainous island of Mindanao with torrential rains killing 1,200 in landslides displacing another 300,000 Filipinos there.

Year-end reports in the mainstream press marked 2011 as among the most violent in recorded history for deadly and expensive natural disasters with the US alone experiencing a record breaking 12 disasters costing over $1 billion.

3. You won’t see this oncoming debate over citizen rights [over corporate rights] gain serious time on the airwaves and papers of the corporate controlled mainstream media. Look for that debate in 2011 thriving beneath these electronic mainstream edifices of information control.

p. 23, Predictions for 2011

Seek you blogs and articles flashing at the speed of light, microwaved into your cell phone, iPad or WiFi computer console in the next underground (information) highway of our era…

Now the Internet will be seen to smuggle real issues and shared grievances to a citizenry not merely under a growing news blackout but really under the influence of a mainstream news dumb-out.

What happened: The year 2011 opened with a wave of spontaneous, popular revolutions and demonstrations across the globe. They were later called Twitter and Facebook revolutions because their global spread was accomplished by millions of people connecting and organizing demonstrations and encampments in major city squares using social media networks, cell phones, iPads, WiFi, etc., catching both mainstream media and the dictatorial regimes they toppled in Libya, Yemen and Egypt, off guard. Social network organized demonstrations spread to Europe by summer and went globally viral after they came to America in the autumn with the “99-percenter” and “Occupy” movements.

Much of the protest in America was directed at a creeping corporate takeover pitting real citizens and their rights against multi-national corporations given the same right of “citizenship” by what was viewed as a corporately compromised US Supreme Court ruling. Throughout the demonstrations the corporately funded mainstream media either ignored or dismissed these demonstrations, ever playing catch-up in their reporting while the synapses of the Internet and social media were sparking alive with thousands of citizen reporters documenting what really was happening on the ground as being a far more fundamental and cross-cultural rebellion under corporate foot.

A Few Predictions for 2012:

  • An Unemployment Presidential Bounce or Bust?
    Watch for this magic number: 7.5. Ronald Reagan on Election Day 1984 had unemployment dropping to 7.5 percent during the last severe economic recession. Reagan won by a landslide. President Obama need only take credit for a drop of the current US unemployment rate by one percent to win his election in 2012 by 8.5 percent of the popular vote. If unemployment rises to 10.5 percent in 2012, Mitt Romney will be the next president. There are forces that would like to see the economy harmed so this can happen.
  • Will there be War with Iran in 2012?
    War in the Persian Gulf is better timed for the years 2015 and 2016 when Nostradamus’ astrological aspects for a conflict between Iran against the US and Israel are at their most bellicose. 2012 will see a diplomatic breakthrough that will at least postpone war until then. The threat of harsher economic sanctions does work, for now.
  • Covert Warfare and the Greater Syrian Civil War
    Iran will step up its covert intelligence activities seeing the Syrian regime and Hezbollah in Lebanon drawn even deeper into Iranian influence until civil war in Syria erupts in the latter half of 2012 as a direct consequence of covert help from Western intelligence and a Sunni Awakening spreading from Sunni Iraqis to Sunnis in Syria.
  • Europe’s Economic Recession and the US Economy
    The euro zone of European nations is heading for deep recession in 2012 by the summer. Even a mini-depression is possible in Italy, Spain and Portugal. But big surprise! The American economy will be able to absorb the blow.
  • A Neo-Czar meets a Neo Matrix Buster
    Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will return to power as president of Russia but this neo-Czar has the smoldering popular frustration of a revolution to contend with. I do not expect he will be in power eight to twelve more years as planned by his plutocracy. Russia’s revolutionary tensions, suppressed for a decade, begin to smolder in 2012.
  • From River Floods to Fire.
    The amber waves of US grain will catch fire this summer in a repeat of the Russian grain belt’s blazing drought of 2010. The winter that never was will morph into the bummer of “sprummer” – a spring that once again comes early and with record-breaking summer temperatures. Then follows another summer with sustained triple-digit heat waves across the eastern US, but there’s a difference. The Mississippi floods of 2011 become a Mississippi Valley drought not seen since the early 1980s when water levels the great river artery of floating US commerce dropped so low that it threatened shipping. Spring and summer elsewhere will also become terribly hot and dry in central China, India and Southern Europe.
  • The “American Spring” Goes Global
    As the Tea Party movement fades, the 99-Percent/Occupy movement takes on a new evolution in 2012. Tens of thousands will become millions crowding streets and squares across the world. A great wave of civil disobedience is coming to the streets of America, Europe and even China where the greatest demonstrations yet will happen. Elites and their police will collide with these multitudes in June 2012. The time of peaceful and passive demonstration may end by July in a global wave of police riots and fatalities.
  • The Hurricane Season 2012 has an Identity Crisis
    The weather will lurch in and out of an El Nino pattern in 2012 but La Nina will not release its rain soaked and watery grasp of the Gulf of Mexico and US Atlantic seaboard. The season will violently start and stop, start and stop, as it suffers a climatological identity crisis. The God of Oceans, the planet Neptune, returns in 2012 for its long transit in the watery and oceanic sign of Pisces until 2026. Except for the Gulf of Mexico, expect weather’s inclination around the world – especially in the monsoon regions of Australia, South Asia and Southeast Asia – to drown the coastal perimeters of continents while continental interiors bake and burn.

Hundreds more prophecies and visions are found in Predictions for 2012.

e-Book Reviews

These come from readers who received the advance donation special edition of Predictions for 2012 from 23 December 2011 to 19 January 2012.

The cover is breathtaking!

Christine P.

I so enjoy your incisive prophetic takes, and your equally incisive humor and wit. Looks from the table of contents that there is much food for thought, a prophetic feast, and much to digest for the New Year and in the New Year.

Larry W.

My book did arrive, and it’s incredible. What a read!


Thanks again for your educational, inspirational, humorous, and insightful work.

Johan Rindegård

Your work continues to fascinate, repel, enlighten, infuriate, you name it! Good stuff! Well worth following over the years.

Richard K.

Very interesting, fascinating, & scary. I try hard not to fear the future but it is almost impossible. I am not really good with words, but so very thankful for someone like you trying to help point the way for us. There’s so much to try to understand going on in our world & someone like you is most helpful. I bless you & your work.

Faye S.

Thank you!! I’m only 30 pages into it and not sure what to think about 2012 but at least you make me think.

Kathy B.

You are a terrible person sneaking the e-book in after midnight and causing me to stay awake half the night devouring your predictions!!!!

Okay okay, so you are not terrible and yes [the e-Book download] opened just fine and thank you so very much! What a great Christmas present to myself. I shall be mentioning to others about this e-book because it is not just predictions of a generic type but you give the reason/justifications for why you believe these events will occur.

This has you standing out alone and shining through the other forest of predictors and seers that can not back up or explain their drab fortunes or woes. Again, thank you and a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year for you and your family.

Paula W.

I have to say, as of now, I am on page 27 of the new book and your words are resonating with clarity with me…

I bought your predictions 2011 book around summer and was profoundly impressed with your predictions, because I was already living through them and it felt as if I was reading the current headlines of the day’s newspaper!

Through my own evolution in spirituality and political awareness, I am realizing while I read your current book, it is making complete sense to me and I am enjoying your analogies of the dark of night feminine menstruation and cramping… (laughing, with understanding of your insightful wisdom).

Dawn Engelbrecht

I’ve read it cover to cover. Humanity collectively has become a wilderness. As your book drew to a close, I was reminded of another John crying in the wilderness. 5 years – wake up!! That you capped it with a call to prayer & meditation is so beautifully fitting to me. As we sit on the rim of chaos, there must be those who would take on the real work of changing their own resonance/frequency to be a part of birthing the consciousness needed to draw on the power of the human heart to step into harmony with the cosmos.
I fully resonate with your call and would appreciate very much knowing the meditations that you have used to grow into the beautiful human BEing who you are.

Donna Timme

Thank you so much, and all the Hogue-helpers who expedited the birthing of this 2012 ebook! May you all enjoy a well deserved brilliant Light bundle bursting open with love and gratitude from this, a companion traveler sailing the cosmic latitudes. Your “charts” are an invaluable reminder for all of us to “Occupy Mindfulness” as we make our way through the stormy waters.
Many blessings!

Maridee Broadfoot

Thank you so much for this! I have just finished reading and I am very grateful and YES YES – I resonate with the spiritual survivalist.

Rosanne M.


Carroll S.

Predictions for 2012
Table of Contents

2012: The Oh Shit! Year

Propheganda for a better Future
2012 and the Mayan new Millennium Missed
We are making 2012 significant by Ourselves

Dominion versus Democracy

Finding Revolution’s Roots before the Whirlwind
Moody History now dwells with the Piscean Fishes
Saturn’s Anchor in the mass-emotional Flood

China in the Year of the Water Dragon
Blowing Economic Bubbles

Enter the Dragon
The best laid Schemes of Five-Year Plans
Please do that GNP Voodoo that you do so well

Hot Crises in a Cold Depression

The Decline and Fall of the Euro-man Empire?
Al-Qaeda’s 9-11 Eleventh Anniversary – Eleventh Hour
Follow the Fueling of Future Military Fronts
Neo-Con War Drums beat for War with Iran
Between Iraq and a Hard Place Back Home

The American Spring

Spring comes in the Winter of American Discontent
Obama being John Malkovich
The Oracle’s Systemic Cancer Cures
Understanding the Leaderless Revolution

Nature’s War on Humanity:
The First Two Years (2010-2011)

Global Warming in the Dead of Danish Winter
Enemy of Earth, Seven Billion Times magnified
Hostile Habit rather than Hitler

Nature’s War on Humanity:
Year Three (2012) – Upheaval and Flood

Cure over Prevention – the Sign of a Childish Civilization
After “Me” Generation denial – the Deluge
When Water overcasts Quakes – Vanish the Ice to fire Volcanoes

Primates in Primaries for President

A Prime-merry Mess of Astrologically Mutable Stars
Oh “Ross Perot” the GOP!
The Man who Can beat Obama
The Electoral Mandate of Mayhem

For US Election Night

Mercury’s Retrograde Ballot Box
Who will win and Why


God’s Fickle Finger of Fate
Eating Nostradamus’ Hat
How to Score when you’re partying like it’s Twenty-Twelve
The Future in the final Mayan Orb

The Future belongs to Spiritual Survivalists

John Hogue defines himself as a “Rogue” Scholar. He has traveled three times around the world studying meditation disciplines, reporting on new religious movements, cults, and compiling a reference of the world’s prophecies concerning the future of humankind in a new millennium. Considered the world authority on Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions, Hogue is critically acclaimed for his ability to cut through the social, religious, and nationalistic projections of prophets and their interpreters to find threads of insight they all share.He is also a modern-day seer in his own right, with a highly accurate and documented record of accomplishment forecasting future trends in climate change, economics and global politics. He has the distinction of predicting the winner by popular vote of every US presidential election since 1968. He is currently 11 and 0! Voices such as these are needed in our times.Since the publication of his first book in 1987, Hogue has achieved the most multi-media exposure of any prophecy scholar in his generation, appearing on over 100 television and 800 blog and talk radio shows on five continents: North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.Syndicated reruns of his many documentaries and radio appearances air several times each month around the world.His North American Television appearances include Ancient Prophecies Part I-IV (NBC and the Learning Channel), The View (ABC), Unsolved Mysteries (CBS), Prophecies of the Millennium (FOX), A&E’s Biography-Nostradamus, Sightings (FOX/SyFy Channel), Ancient Mysteries with Leonard Nimoy (A&E), Nostradamus-A Skeptical Inquiry (Discovery Channel), The Other Nostradamus (History Channel), the Today Show (NBC), Nostradamus Decoded (Discovery Channel), and History Channel’s The Next Nostradamus, Nostradamus 2012, and numerous appearances on the History Channel series, The Nostradamus Effect.His international appearances include television spots on CNN International, RAI TV Italy and interviews on BBC World Radio. He is a frequent and premier guest on one of North America’s largest nighttime radio talk shows, Coast to Coast AM and the author of 19 books-and-counting, with over 1,400,000 in print in 19 languages.

One Comment

  1. Paul Kane
    Posted 14 February 2012 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

    Yes, I am interested in hearing more about your predictions for 2012. I am preparing for the mother load of all disasters if they should come this year. I have a business and it already dropped of 50% of income. I am also thinking of dumping some desert properties and one of my houses that is now vacant from a military family. I really got a bad feeling about the next couple of months what is in store for America. Please tell me what I can do to prepare for nuclear fallout if it should happen on our soil while MABUS (Obama) is in and going to get a second term. Oh, my God!!!! Its over!!!!!!!!!!

    Please direct me where to subscribe to your weekly predictions.

    For signing up to my free newsletter, copy and past this into your browser URL line:

    For more information about Mabus prophecies — and a study of other candidates more likely than Obama to be the one for who Nostradamus is speaking, copy and paste this link into your browser and click on it:
    Paul Kane

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