Earth Day 2012, Climate Change – living beyond Time

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Today is Earth Day, Sunday, 22 April 2012. Earth Day is Mother Nature’s day. Sort of like a planetary Mother’s Day, or a Harmonic Convergence day. It is the way people mark a moment on their calendar to snap briefly out of their habit, think or make symbolic acts of love for mother, for wife, or Earth or to harmonically converge for an hour or so, take a moment – “think” – about enlightenment, hug a tree before habitual habits pursued the rest of the year dominate, finding mother love lacking, the tree you hugged cut down and the hour of harmonic convergence all but forgotten in the day-to-day grind of selfish survival.

Earth Day is a mother of all symbolic and ultimately irrelevant gestures for supporting Mother Nature. One precious day only out of 365 of them. Rather, it would be better to reverse this and celebrate only one day out of 365 called “Forget the Earth” Day, leaving the other 364 days open only to love and mother and harmonic converge our moment-to-moment celebration in attention and action every day, 24/7, forever. Real life is only lived fully in a moment-to-moment chain of attention and love arising from one’s core as a true, spiritual intent and urgency. The planet Earth will thrive when enough people stop pretending to be alive, stop fantasizing love of the Earth and live it.

Love the Earth as you love your Self, this moment, forever.

Right now, we expect from our mother planet that it give of herself to us resources that not even four planet Earths can sustain. Our ultimate mother and nourisher of life is sending us messages that she is upset, that she is hurting, shaking with fevers. We are having our Earth Day Eco-Easter Sunday Christian trip today musing about and worshipping the Earth just one day out of the year. Are we not just like Easter Sunday Christians going to church just on Easter more for their own token gesture towards selfish salvation than love of Christ? Twelve days before our Easter Earth Day, Mother Earth gave us her “Quake Day” on April 11-12 2012. It encapsulated in time an unprecedented eruption of temblors rumbling up and down the Pacific Ring of Fire. Even CNN had to take a five-minute break from its weeks-long obsession with hoodie-shrouded, African American Trayvon Martin’s execution-by-profiling by George Zimmerman the Mexican American Minute Man vigilante community watcher. Shook out of their yellow journalistic reverie they had to make quick mention of the 8.6 magnitude quake off the west coast of Sumatra. They even had to report what followed a few hours later, a prodigious aftershock measuring 8.2, before falling back to suspending all other news so that talking big-headed lawyers could get back to spinning CNN’s new and racially charged “who-done-it”, for rating’s sake!

I rarely watch CNN anymore. I would rather call it DNN (the Dinosaur News Network) because like most cable news, a swelling crowd of people have cut their cable to it and gone online to find real stories about their world. Ratings researchers report that in a year’s time CNN has lost 50 percent of its viewing audience.

I also do most of my research online these days. The only Cable News TV show I watch with any consistency now is RT (Russia Today). I find it actually informative and they do not take the weekend off like most US cable news “nut-works”. Yes, the Kremlin funds it, as CNN likes to complain and like any government or corporate owned network, RT will lose that objectivity when it rubs against the grain of product advertisers and Kremlin policy. For instance, RT goes suddenly myopic when reporting on the street fighting, shelling and massacring of Syrians protesting against the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. Why? Because the Russian Federation sells up to $4 billion dollar’s worth of military hardware each year to the al-Assad regime. I mean, it is the same reason why pro-America-spinning CNN really never tells or shows us just how bad things are getting for the US occupation in Afghanistan. What an abject disaster it has become, because the US “Kremlins” – the White House and Pentagon – invest billions in sustaining that war market for American military contractors.

Anyway, while CNN just reported the Sumatran quakes before falling back into trying to hype the Trayvon Martin murder as the next racial-riot maker edition of Rodney King and the LA riots of 1992, RT and the Internet news outlets were abuzz with what I define as Mother Nature’s “Day of Hot Temblor Temper”. RT also showed footage of how wide ranging was the shaking across the Indian Ocean region that had people running from the shorelines just in case a new tsunami was approaching not only across western Sumatra but across the Bay of Bengal on the eastern shores of the island nation of Sri Lanka and the eastern shores of India! Fortunately, Mom Nature did not reprise the Boxer Day tsunami of 26 December 2004 that carried off an official death toll of 250,000 and an unofficial toll of 350-to-450,000 souls. Instead, for one day she rang the fault lines of the most active seismic fissures of her planet that stretch from Sumatra, Indonesia, down to New Zealand and arch over from East Asian to North and South American Pacific Shorelines.

She struck the coast off of Oregon with a 5.9 quake that day, then rang the neck of fault lines thousands of miles farther south in Michoacán, Mexico with a 7.1 quake, followed by one slamming the Gulf of California, east of the Mexican Baja Peninsula with a 6.9 tumbler. The former shook skyscrapers across central and southern Mexico. Once again, citizens of Mexico City came running out onto their boulevards to get away from their line dancing towers, just like what happened three weeks before when neighboring Guerrero State was hit by a 7.4 quake. Out in the Far East that day, Tokyo’s skyscrapers joined the Ennosigean dance, with a 6.1 earthquake. (Want to know what Ennosigee means and how Nostradamus uses this classical metaphor as a clue to describe the oncoming 13-year rage of quakes? Click on Nostradamus.)

I cannot recall such a day packed with so many major earthquakes in the records of modern seismology. This is once again the miraculous becoming the new mundane; or, it is that CNN perversion of corporate propaganda, meant to mollycoddle us: another example of the abnormally “new normal” when each year reports three or four flood of the century here, three or four 500-year droughts there, one or two 1,000 year storm here and so forth.

This is the year in America when spring comes early in March and feels like the record-breaking heat waves of summer – AGAIN! This has been going on now for three consecutive years. The greatest number of tornado outbreaks of April 2011 is repeated with the greatest tornado outbreak ever recorded for the month of March in 2012.

March Madness has a new meaning. It is no longer just a colorful sport’s metaphor for a month long post-season championship to see which US college basketball team is the best in the world. It has become Mother Earth’s March Madness of breaking over 10,000 temperature records across the eastern two-thirds of the United States. The year 2011 was bad, but many of the records broke in its “April Madness” of high summer temperatures in early spring were bested by ten degrees in 2012, with northern regions of the US climbing to the upper 80s and 90s Fahrenheit!

Put that in your Earth Day moments of silence, folks and smoke it with your carbon emissions.

Mother Nature is hot and bothered and running a fever that even now in April is seeing amazing temperature mood swings from upper eighties one day in the northeastern US states plunge the next to the upper fifties then back up again into the 80s. That is why I did something unprecedented in my annual prophecy almanacs this year. I had to review my climate change predictions written in 2009 in two chapters in my most recent book on 2012. My Oracle thought it necessary to remind “once-an-Earth Day but no other day revelers” that Mother Nature for three Earth Days and counting had declared world war on us. The predictions I received at the end of 2009 about it are still forecasting into 2012 at a 90-percent rate of accuracy.

The summer-like spring of 2012 is here. Before the “beyond-summer” heat of the hot-dog burning days of high summer are on us bringing its typhoons and hurricane seasons onshore, I recommend that you read the three chapters in Predictions for 2012. These review the previous acceleration of earth changing violence and natural disasters that lead to my oracle’s forecast for 2012 which it defined as the year of “upheaval and floods” – not only of Mother Nature’s quakes and deluges of rain and oceans but floods of people this summer pouring into the streets all across the world to protest a loss of freedom from the new cycle of fascism approaching. This fascism has a new face – not of Nazis but one that is definitely multinational corporate.

Right now is a good time to read and prepare for one hell-raising summer as history in 2012 is drawing its breath before the heat fanned plunge of very intense times starting end of May through to December.


Now I would like to move to another topic. Some good news really. In the last six weeks or so, I have enjoyed receiving more well-written and thought out critiques and comments from my readers than ever before. Almost all of which were worthy of building an article around them, so that I could share your comments and my inspired replies with the entire Hogueprophecy community around the world.

I will be sharing these with you all in the coming weeks and encourage more of the same thoughtful writing in the future. Today’s comment is a response to an article that only those who have joined my free newsletter have read concerning what I found to be a reader’s rather insensitive jibe about a typo. It made it clear it was time to remind some of my readers who have been receiving these free articles for over a decade not to take the work I do free for granted. Moreover, I needed to remind them that without their continued support of, this web site would not continue to generously dispense high quality and unique takes on prophecy and current events.

Beyond what I do to create two e-books a year for sale to scratch out a writer’s living, I spend thousands of hours a year producing upwards of 75 to 105 articles averaging 150,000 words in total. A fantastically small number of the MILLIONS of people coming to this web site actually sustain it financially with their modest donations. So, when “Randy” pointed out the typo in the first line of my newsletter message and asked what was I thinking my response was an editorial. I said in so many words that I am thinking more readers need to support, especially the ones reading us for years that have not even donated $5 or more to keep us going. They seem to think we will always be here, year after year to entertain, inform and enlighten them with all of what we produce on these hundreds of web pages since 1999 – free.

Anyhow, this preamble sets us up Catherine’s comment and critique, which inspired a response that eventually evolved into a theme my Oracle never touched before: timelines of the mind-line.

Namaste, John, I hope this email finds you well and happy. I just read your reply re: a Titanic article typo~ which led me to an article on Iran’s nuclear weapons and your response to an email on that subject~ I understand your impatience, and the need for more help in funding your website.

Hi Catherine, your Predictions for 2012 CD is in the mail by the way. I know your heart was well intentioned and yet, you do not understand. I am not impatient. That is a projection from your mind. The mystery that uses me is compassionate. Frankovitch (I am assuming that is the comment you are talking about) got my lecture (see Iran article comments box) because that is what this presence in me deemed was exactly needed for him. I step out of the way when I do this work and how I respond is as much a teaching moment for me as it can be for others. Frankovitch was thinking about enlightenment. Enlightenment is not about thinking.

Some people think too much when action or effortless effort is required. The work to bring a new humanity out of seed form in us is ever a magic that takes place instantly in the eternity of the present. All the same, if you delve deeper into my writings, you will notice that I have written that a more mature, spiritually-materialistically balanced human being may be coming but it could take centuries. It may even take 700 years. So, I am not impatient for the new humanity. The education can take lifetimes. Paradoxically, it can happen right now. It requires instant lightning strikes of understanding issuing from that microsecond-sized doorway of eternity called “The Present”. In this moment the work of 700 years can be accomplished only if The Present can blissfully electrocute our pretenses and shock borrowed identities of our conditioned minds.

The habitual, programmed mind can only exist in the past or the future, but never HERE, never NOW, where Eternity IS.

The NOW you and I live in this moment will be the same NOW the minds we will have imposed upon us will leapfrog and avoid 700 years from NOW.

So, my work intends by using reflections one moment and outrageous “shocks” the next to make one equally aware of that long timeline as well as ever being naughty enough to make you aware of that moment when you can jump off of “mind-lines” of historical “time-lines” to freedom.

Remember that many are short on cash these days…

Catherine, you are being a bit patronizing here and unmindful. As Merlin said in the John Boorman “Jungian” take on the Arthurian legend, his movie Excalibur, “For it is the doom of men that they forget.”

I am the fellow who predicted the Great Recession coming a year before it happened. Furthermore, in forecasts for 2011 and 2012, I redefined it as a Cold Depression similar to a Cold War. I have given all of you the opportunity – if you would but read these e-books – to know how long or how short this economic tragedy in your lives can be made.

I am well aware of how difficult times are for people. Those of us in the Liberal Arts have been hit by economic depression since the turn of the century. Now, I can openly talk about it here and ask for your financial assistance in my newsletters as writers, dancers, artists and the like are joined by millions of you in the mainstream who struggle day by day to financially survive these times. I know it is hard. I hate asking for help myself but this work I do I feel is important and my own personal aversion to ask for some small donation, as little as $5 a year, to keep us going is necessary. I managed to sustain solely on my own resources between 1999 through 2007, but with the advent of tougher economic times, I had to do what was unthinkable and abhorrent to me because I had – still had – to. If people cannot give even $5 once in awhile I encourage them to share links to with their friends on social media outlets so that more people will know about us.

I am most touched by those of you who are even homeless right now, yet still give some donation because you see the value of what lies on these electronic pages.

…and remember that the Internet and television has created and shaped minds that are unable to really think anymore, or especially to think deeply. It is a human quirk to want something for nothing, and to want it easily and quickly ~ including answers to the big questions

Well put, Catherine. All you say is quite true. We all are under the influence of these all-too-human habits. Habit is like gravity. It pulls us down to valleys of dull mentality when we need consciousness to rise and revel in high sunlit peaks

Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. It asks us to be mindful of the times when it is right to love, when it is right to hate, when it is time to sew and time to reap, and so on. I would add that there is a time to caress and a time to slap some readers out of the collective habits you have just defined. It is only loving to do so.

The other day, writing for my newsletter readership, was one of those compassionately “tough-love” moments. It has since engendered a very positive renewal of attention for many long-time readers that have never helped us financially continue. The hit was also a very positive device to help others rededicate themselves to what Hogueprophecy has and is doing for them. More help is needed though from hundreds of thousands of readers falling under the influence of modern short term TV saturated memory habits. They are losing the ability to think shallowly let along deeply, to pause and think what Hogueprophecy has and is doing for them, and make some effort to help it stay alive, or else, it may disappear like their ability to think for themselves and think deeply.

One of the defining dangers of life in the 21st century is that people will lose everything, even the ability to see what they have lost. A new kind of soulless stupidity creeps into human life, caused by the artificiality nourished technological and virtual reality advances. They are making out of us virtual human beings, artificial souls, unless a science of self-observation and meditation can grow inside us. With meditation keeping us conscious, loving – a constant witness to transitory realities – our technological and virtual reality advances can be a great blessing to us, rather than the abyss forgetfulness, first about forgetting ourselves and reality itself. Then forgetting that we forgot.

Even though the hit was not directed to them, I am very touched and grateful to that small band of readers who once again and again financially support us. They are coming forth in a major way right now and my eyes and heart are filled with tears of “great-full”-ness sent to each of them. You, Catherine, are one of these people, because you buy books to keep us going.

I understand your impatience, some of the most famous prophets in history had their impatient moments~ but cynicism, vitriol, anger will defeat and crush the message, if not the messenger, as well as those who do have ears to hear the message.

Again, I thank you for the heart that is concerned, but your mind is projecting a definition upon that concern.

I am not impatient.

“Impatience” is a slave of time.

My work is to take you “out of time” and “out of mind.”

The mind when programmed uses chattering thoughts like a the chain that fastens us to time, to Samsara, what the Hindu’s call the wheel of life and death. An attachment to mind and time breeds cynicism, vitriol, anger, defeat and the crushing of messages and messengers.

The work of a messenger is like stepping into a holy fire. It burns and purifies. It gives one a different kind of suffering to which one must become consciously and dispassionately aware, otherwise you will go mad if you attach it to impatience time and mind’s expectations.

It is a place where moments of trans-morality exist. A place Nietzsche tried to define as “beyond” good and evil, higher than these limited concepts.

In this walk over the coals of a holy fire, one can definitely go down in flames like Nietzsche did, because he tried to work this revelation through the very thing that ultimately is a shadow of its light – the conditioned, biological mind. Moreover, he was alone in a culture that does not help people encountering this spiritual revelation and subsequent inner crisis. Osho often said that Nietzsche could have been an enlightened Buddha if born in India rather than Leipzig Germany. In the East, gurus have some understanding of this existential crisis. I went to India, and what I learned from the feet of Osho has helped this messenger, so far, cope with that holy fire.

When one reads the world, one begins to see the ego of one’s self connected like a microcosm to the macrocosm of illusions that are all collective egos of all the others held in the moment-to-moment flame of one constant and uncompromising awareness. It is a shattering revelation that takes time to become acquainted with. It is “Apocalypse!” as the word was originally intended: a destroyer of illusion’s shadow cast into the blazing light of revealed reality.

Once this veil is lifted there is only one thing left to do, be a witness. Be a meditator. Be a member of the crew of Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. This is what I will be talking about at the New Living Expo in San Francisco at 1:30 Pacific time a week from today on Sunday, 29 April. I hope you can attend. Read more about my planned talk by clicking on New Living Expo.

One cannot be impatient about being HERE and NOW with one’s energy. One simply is HERE and NOW. It is like being a little pregnant. One in this moment is either pregnant with NOW or not living in the EVER NOW. The work requires we remember NOW each moment, not as some intellectual concept. I am not telling all of you reading this to start “thinking about NOW”.




A knack can be aided by certain meditation techniques. There are many techniques of my meditation teacher that can help one nourish a “now-ness” state. Just contact me and request this free information, links, and I will be happy to send it.

I hope you are well and happy. And thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world~ you are certainly a beacon in the darkness. Catherine

You are welcome, Catherine. Thank you for writing this letter. Even though you read me wrong, your heart was right to “write” it. Your letter triggered a unique and important response. I will post it with some additions in a future blog.

John Hogue
(22 April 2012)

Books by John Hogue

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