Preview my 50th Book: Nostradamus, Coronavirus and the Pandemic Prophecies: Nostradamus “did” see COVID-19 in breathtaking, chilling Detail—Read the first Revelations Here. After Global Pandemic in March-April, a Global Famine Crisis in 2020. US Military Playing Chicken with Iranian and Chinese Navies. Sino-Indian Ladakh Border Crisis. Tropical Ocean Collapse in a Decade? Workers will “Cry Havoc!” and Let Slip their Ire on Lockdowns. And Finally, Back to the Future of Civil Rights Demonstrations, Riots and a New Era of American SpaceX-ploration

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402px-SpaceX_Demo-2_Launch-SRC-NASADATELINE: 31 May 2020

May you Live in Interesting
Quickening Times

This title is a variation on the Chinese proverb that euphemistically sugarcoats a time of upheaval, an end of the long vacation from history’s whirlwinds as “Interesting.” There are many moving future-trending parts to the quickening evolutionary crisis of the human race. HogueProphecy will try to keep giving you the larger perspective as the news plays its infantile fixation on one running part of this engine of global crises, such as the Coronavirus. The first important trend to anticipate is upon us: what kind of “new abnormal” is the world about to enter, just as it looks like the US and Europe are the first large centers of civilization after China to stagger out of their economic shutdowns and slowly resuscitate the engine of commerce.

382px-RiotMinneapolis-SRC-unknown ©Free Art LicenseWhat are signs of the damage to look out for?

How long will the recovery be? Will half the world emerge unemployed? Are the dire figures initially being reported about job losses going to end up in fact not at all as high as feared, just like forecasts of the Coronavirus’ death toll have turned out far lower than first anticipated?

Given the quickening times, I will start off my May 2020 Article wave with several news-trending articles providing you with quick oracular insights into future trending themes before I take you on to a preview of three chapters from my new and fiftieth book about Nostradamus’ Coronavirus prophecies.

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line. Check out the free sample articles:

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

Awakening from a COVID Pan-Econodemic Coma
By early July we will begin to See
How much Damage Shutting Down the World did
To the Body Economic

The human family braces itself. The artificially-induced industrial coma to stop the spread of the virus, is taken off life “un-support.” People will emerge from self-isolation to breathe into it the life of commerce again.

When the patient revives and comes back into full econsciousness, as it were, what kind of bread-winning Economy will rise from its sickbed?

Will its state of mind and body we were once familiar with return? Or rather, will Economy sit up in bed blinking-and twitching, irreparably changed and weakened by this harsh, some say medieval-medical lockdown, move?

The diagnosis anticipated by the International Labor Organization (ILO) is not good.

The ILO believes half of the world’s workforce—1.6 billion workers—will have no jobs to return to. Like gig workers in the developed world, the informal or day-job workers on short-term contract will be hardest hit, especially in developing nations.

The ILO report came out at the end of April, roughly after month one of the global economic “coma” as my oracle likes to call it, declaring, “The first month of the crisis is estimated to have resulted in a drop of 60 percent in the income of informal workers globally.”

Imagine an epic peril of 436 million businesses descending into foreclosures, bankruptcy with a good chance that a third of these, even half might disappear?

Protest and riot aftermath on West Lake Street, Minneapolis, 27 May 2020. Source: Fibonacci Blue, © Creative Commons.

Protest and riot aftermath on West Lake Street, Minneapolis, 27 May 2020. Source: Fibonacci Blue, © Creative Commons.

The EU’s (Eeeyoooky!) unemployment stats are coming in. If COVID-19 prays on the vulnerable with compromised immune systems and preexisting conditions, the post-COVID-Pan-Econodemic has the econimmunologically unhealthy members of the EU in its clutches.

Italy is in shock and crawling out of the shutdown weak as a kitten. Then there’s Spain’s Labor Ministry revealing unemployment benefits hitting an all-time high of 5.2 million at the end of April alone. The Spanish working in the food and beverage services lost 720,000 jobs. With the Bank of Spain forecasting an economic shrinkage of 6.8 percent and even 12.4 percent in 2021, “if the Covid-19 lockdown lasts eight or 12 weeks.”

That report was tendered April 20, 2020. I post this article a little over a month later. If we calculate when shutdowns started in the EU, countries coming out of lockdown nearly hit and some exceeded the 8 month limit. Europe in general is a major tourist hub, especially for the Chinese. These estimates in late April of the Spanish or other ministries of economy in the EU are not factoring in something very important. People’s habits have undergone a shock from this plague and lockdown. China, the first outbreak center opening back to business in early April, has seen a lot less people returning to crowded malls, movie theaters, sport venues and restaurants.

Let’s face it, the world will pass through a year of the COVID-19’s masked pandemic ball, with rubber gloves worn while you work included, until there is a vaccine. There’s some hope we might get one by the end of the year but more likely in the late spring of 2021. So nobody is going to be flying to European tourist destinations in their millions this summer.

France’s President Macron has already declared in late May 2020 a cancellation of August vacations. Say au revoir to millions of French folk crowding their own and Italy’s restaurants and Mediterranean beaches sustaining millions of French, Italian or the 720,000 Spanish food and beverage workers hoping to go back to work in hotels, bistros and kitchens of these nationally critical tourist markets.

The same vacuum of international tourism is coming all over the world.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) when faced in mid-May with 90 percent of air travel grounded in Europe and the US since the start of the pandemic are now predicting a great downsizing of the airline industry as a consequence. They have concluded recovery back to pre-COVID-shutdown levels will take until 2023, a minimum of three years.

What they are not factoring in are changes of habit coming. People aren’t going to fly with masks on long flights across the world without being able to take them off, eat or drink, etc. for months to come—peak months for tourist travel. We are going to see a record amount of people traveling to local areas instead. International flight will be long delayed in recovery. But I do see an improvement in going “local” to vacations—so domestic flights will more rapidly improve. The absence in the air of the world’s largest demographic of industry-sustaining international tourists, the Chinese, will be sorely missed.

Now let’s look to the EU’s economic heart, the German economy, without which there would be no Euro economic union, since the euro is a deutschmark in disguise. It’s heading for its worst recession since it had no economy left standing at the end of World War II. The German Economic Ministry predicted it will shrink by 6.3 percent in 2020 but rebound by 5.2 GDP after the economy revives in the second half of 2021.

Hmm… I think that is depended as much on the world’s economy rebounding to give Germany something to sell to other struggling countries. The German government has already dumped $1.1 trillion to compensate workers for disruptions of their employ from pandemic social distancing measures. Even Germany is going money printing-press slap-happy despite the gamble of not completely locking down its economy. It remains one of the world’s success stories of massive and efficient testing, sequestering the sick and keeping the death toll low, relative to other EU and the US death tolls.

These euro-craptic bureaucratic ministries aren’t thinking globally in their fig-gure-gitations of life lived in the future.

Germans can suffer less in their domestic arena but with the world market in a two-month coma and set to take years to recover from that, you can have one of the most educated and skilled labor and white collar work forces in the world, but if nobody is buying… It could be a whole lot like 1945, this time with the factories idle rather than rubble.

Now to America.

Rick Sanchez of RT America on 13 May reported a study done by Stanford University estimating that the current unemployment numbers of mid-May, passing 20 million, would see 60 percent of their jobs returning but 40 percent would be completely lost. The study is based on percentages of previous recessions for that estimate.

Sanchez pointed out that that printing unbacked fiat money to abandon “is not good for consumers.” The reckoning comes later when they begin bracing for rises in the cost of living because of all this printing by fiat across the globe. The funny money has been cranked out by central banks in the trillions—$5 trillion by the US alone in mid-May.

I predict that number might hike to $8 or $10 trillion by the end of 2020 to somehow restore life support to a third of all US small businesses closing completely down. Moreover, since mid-May unemployment requests have passed the 40-million mark. There could be 15 million people without a job, depressionary figures rivaling the 1930s.

Food processing and transport disruptions because of social distancing have been responsible for the initial rises during the shutdown. In the economic revival months to come, prices could even improve a bit as 60 percent of the unemployed get back to work.

I can feel it clearly, we aren’t coming back to pre-COVID prices for food or much else. There will be a slow climb in costs that the US president will do whatever magic tricks with stimuli of the economy he can to curtail. That means the real pocketbook pain is coming “after” the 3 November presidential election. Late November it could begin. By early December it might accelerate prices because of disruptions expected in the second wave of Coronavirus infections as it  settles in with Christmas shutdowns—perhaps not as all-encompassing as we’ve just endured, but enough to bring inflation, or “stagflation” woes through the winter and into the spring of 2021.

Stagflation is defined as “a persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment and stagnant demand in a country’s economy.” That’s something not endured since the 1970s, but with a black swan of a twist because by the end of 2020 upwards of 30 percent of businesses either are dead on arrival or in critical condition without enough government assistance (that means printing more fiat valueless money intensifying stagflation). Also by year’s end perhaps 40 percent of the 40-million plus unemployed are still unemployed.

I’d like to be a bearer of better recovery news.

Here’s why that time has passed. Actually it passed 12 years ago when the last Great Recession came and leaders of governments and industry didn’t reform the lifestyle changes that made it crash on 9 March 2020 with the oil industry crisis as one black swan event, accelerated by the Pandemic “Panic” and a third black swan come dancing on our heads: the Black Ballet Bird of Lockdown.

We are at last entering the decade where karmic “bills” for decades of bad economic behavior, that kicked reforms down the road of time until they hit the wall called The Roaring 2020s.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

Illustration by Randolph Caldecott.

Illustration by Randolph Caldecott.

If you Can’t Work You Can’t Eat
The Hunger Games of Global Food Shortages are Here

No work equals no income, equals no food security and no future. This, framed in my brevity of words, is what the ILO Director-General Guy Ryder related in his late April UNO report. He added that a “massive” rise in poverty was coming in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown and lockdown. And what he didn’t mention directly is these newly-impoverished people will go hungry.

That was left to another UN agency the World Food Program (WFP). I can tell you this from an oracular standpoint, when what the WFP report says is “probably” a long lasting recession coming has no probably in it. The harm done by the global shutdown is heading the world down through the first half of the 2020s into the greatest-depression experience the world has ever known.

What UK journalist Rob Lyons, specializing in science, environmental and health issues, stated in his title for his 23 April Article is not hyperbolic, it is prescient: A long lockdown will be catastrophic for developed nations—but a ‘biblical disaster for the developing world.

Lyon cites UN-sourced WFP hunger report as “a depressing view of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.” It rivals the UN organization’s ILO’s economic biblical disaster we just covered in my last article.

Writes Lyon, “The report suggests the number of people facing severe food shortages—on the brink of starvation—could double over the next 12 months, from 130 million to 265 million.”

It was the head of the WFP, David Beasley, who described the possible famines as biblical.

“Those debating lockdowns in the West should bear in mind the world’s poor before demanding that restrictions should stay in place,” cautions Lyon.

My European, Canadian and American readers may be breaking out of their lockdowns, but the developing world is just descending into them, with scant medical resources caring for vastly larger populations. I only hope that herd immunity will prove itself in the developing world where the poor cannot easily sequester and the authorities can’t easily police.

If we step back from the developing nations’ looming international food crisis, the developed nations have their own waiting woes, though outright famine at this time is not likely in 2020. Later, astrologically speaking, hunger could stalk the richer nations once Pluto enters its final degrees of Capricorn’s transit before entering a 20-year generation of revolution in Aquarius. The Lord of the Underworld plans an extremely intense exit, a generationally degenerating “farewell” to Big Business, Capricorn-capitalism’s global sustainability of the late great Fiat economy. It’s collapse could begin as soon as 2022 through early 2024.

For now, hunger has come to the developed world of the European (not-so-unified) Union’s Italians. The economic disruption of the pandemic in early May has left 700,000 Italian children 15-and-under without enough food. So reports Italy’s largest farmers organization, Coldiretti on 11 May 2020.

The developed world is already suffering meat shortages because infections in meat processing plants are high. Add to this equally high density human activities of harvesting and packing other food stuffs, it equals price hikes all around the world will rise higher because less food gets to the table with less laboring hands in place to catch a COVID-19.

Rick Sanchez on 13 May 2020 reported the “largest monthly increase in grocery prices across the US in 50 years.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US government meat and eggs up 4.3 percent. Fruits and vegetables 1.5 percent and cereals and breads 2.9 percent.

These are bound to climb much higher.

Onward through the summer of 2020 into autumn, the poorer nations will be impacted by food scarcity. The richer counties will confront hunger in a different way, from affordable food price scarcity. In either case it brings up another “trend” the mainstream hasn’t anticipated yet but HogueProphecy has. When people suffer a food crisis, especially when the breadbasket cost hits you below the economic belt, as it where, this is a catalyst for widespread social unrest, mass demonstrations and ultimately an opening for revolutions erupting in the lands of the poor “and” the rich.

I think these rebellions are still a little far off, but the Arab Spring revolutions starting in early 2011 across North Africa and the Middle East were caused by bread prices climbing to 40 percent of a family’s daily income.

Look out for that percentage of rebellion.

We might first see it spread across the developing world. Brace yourselves for a food fight—revolutions in the spring of 2021 at the earliest.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

Venezuelan Navy helicopter and frigate escorting the first of a fleet of Iranian tankers into port.

Venezuelan Navy helicopter and frigate escorting the first of a fleet of Iranian tankers into port.

Where there’s Plague, there’s War:
US Playing Games of Military Chicken with Iran
From the Persian Gulf to Venezuela
And US is behind Renewal of Tensions in Hong Kong
Plus the Sino-Indian Border Crisis in Ladakh

There is an important overview not being addressed by the US mainstream media. There is a reason behind why President Trump threatens to defund WHO (World Health Organization) because it answers, in his view, as an agent of China. There’s an unaddressed motivation why Washington is rattling the sabers of Cold War 2.0 with China, threatening an escalation of sanction threats. You’re told by the media it’s because the Chinese brushed off all US attempts to get their medical investigators (some of them CIA spies no doubt) into Wuhan to uncover why COVID-19 hit the world spreading from there. Add to the above the unspoken consequence that brings US Naval assets playing potential deadly games of close quarter monitoring of the Chinese Navy in the South “China” Sea.

The media will not broadcast nightly on prime time this reason: The American Century is over since 2018 and its era of hegemonic, single-superstate dominance is on its way out. The void is being filled by China and a more multilateral world.

WHO (the World Health Organization) used to be in America’s pocket. China’s patrols the South and the East “China” seas because they are Chinese. Do we worry that the Chinese navy will be patrolling off the shores of Florida in the US pond called the Caribbean Sea?

American governments suffer the weight of the world policeman while China’s softer power, as with the new Russia seek to strengthen their regional strategic needs in their “near abroad.” Only a rising superpower makes claims to islands and the resources underneath because they can. Only a declining power overextends its forces and logistics to countenance an encounter about it.

I am reminded of the Russo-Japanese War (1905) when the Russian Empire’s elite fleet, Baltic Fleet, sailed out of St. Petersburg to challenge Japanese ocean superiority on the other side of the world off the East China sea. Czar Nicolas II order the  flotilla of Russia’s finest battle cruisers and battleships to steam all the way around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, across the Indian Ocean all the way, engines breaking and barnacles on the hulls slowing their course until they met the more modern Japanese Imperial fleet in the Tsushima Straits. The Japanese nearly sank and captured the entire Russian Fleet.

Back then America had just started its imperial colonial power phase with President Teddy Roosevelt convening the peace talks to successfully end the Russo-Japanese War.

China’s seas are “China’s” and the very fact that they now have the power to make that so is something the hegemon has never known for over a century.

This is China’s time to shine come what will, good and bad.

Empires in their fall tend to suffer from a gathering fog of imperial dementia. They march forward looking backwards at the gloried past that is no more, unable or wanting to face their fall. The harder they try the harder they will fall as suddenly as the Russian Empire did in the First World War, or Napoleon’s empire fell in two years after his foolhardy invasion of Russia in 1812.

They just don’t know what to make of another country saying “no” to their otherwise unquestioned, bullying demands to investigate Wuhan, or expecting the WHO sing to slavishly sing their tune.

Hey! Weren’t they “our” UN organization? Wasn’t the WTO “our” homies of a trade organization? Wasn’t any sea an American Sea, come what Chinese name was stamped on it?

In a way, the candidates for US president in 2020, the erratic incumbent Trump and the mentally recumbent Biden, remind me of the mad-Roman-emperor candidates for the newest decline and falling “Rome” of today.

So now we enter in the first half of the 2020s, the most dangerous phase of falling empires: an attempt to hold power with the last tool they have, especially when economic tools are failing. And that means they launch wars to sustain a soon-to-economically-collapse hegemony.

That is why American naval forces have invoked a 100-yard no-go zone invisibly drawn around each warship. They hint they will fire on any maritime shipping civilian or military coming to close to them while passing through the Strait of Hormuz and anywhere in the Persian Gulf. The US Fifth Fleet 8,000 miles from home waters tries to uphold what is now becoming an absurdity of declining imperial power, thinking the “Persian” Gulf belongs to them and not the rising regional superpower of Iran.

Indeed, Iran is even sailing through America’s pond, the Caribbean Sea. A half-dozen or so Iranian tankers widely spread apart are sailing on a mercy mission to Venezuela. They are sending fuel, to 23 million Venezuelans, suffering cooking and fuel oil shortages caused by a brutal US economic sanctions. The Americans, under international pressure, won’t even temporarily lift them during the Coronavirus pandemic. Washington declares they are sanctioning to people to free them. I guess that’s military jargon for destroying the nation to save it.

By the way Iran is not donating this fuel and also chemicals Venezuela needs to upgrade and restart their own refineries manufacturing fuel independently for their own people. It is two sovereign nations selling and buying oil, fuel and chemical products. They are practicing their sovereign freedom to pass through international waters granted under international law that the US Sanctions thwart without the world’s support like in the good old US overlording days.

The Venezuelan Navy came to escort the first two tankers into port. The US Navy on patrol offshore threatened to block and turn the Iranian ship back but let it pass. More Iranian tankers are steaming to Venezuela. Iran threatens a reprisal if they are attacked or turned around by US warships in the high seas.

Hundred yard no sail zones. Sanctions and blockade threats. At some point some mistake could happen. A reason for the US to blame conflict on Iran and start beating a thing down it can’t understand it has already been defeated by. Not Iran, but America’s power passing away, rapidly. The world begins to abandon the US petrodollar. People that never question US policy are now looking more to China for geopolitical help, advanced 5G technology. The more I watch the more I see China echoing the America of my childhood in the 1950s and 60s. Cutting edge in technology, expansion of economy power and productivity. As I approach the half-way point of my sixth decade, how far the “bald” eagle of modern Rome has fallen behind the times.

You can’t force your friends who are turning their backs on your bullying to turn around and bow down to you. America cannot win fighting with what I would call this ongoing rise of “International Civil Disobedience.” The British Empire tried it against Gandhi in India and lost their jewel possession non-violently. America however, is a far more militarist bully at empire’s end. It will attempt to force the turnaround. And that’s why this playing chicken with China and Iran may be a disastrous distraction to unite the American people as one against foreign enemies and not the enemy closest to them of corporate fascism overtaking the homeland.

It is a testament to how panicked falling hegemons are that the Trump Administration is considering setting off the first live nuclear bomb test since 1992 as a show of strength against rising powers Russia and China.

High-ranking officials in the Trump administration floated the hint that it was considering a controlled nuclear explosion test as a way to gain leverage in nuke negotiations planned with China and Russia. But on May 15, the idea was dropped, or so the Guardian UK reports from an unnamed congressional aid, “There are still some professionals in the room who told them this is a terrible idea, thank God.”

Such a test would be prohibited by the 1996 Nuclear Testing and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, signed by 184 nations. RT reports that Russia ratified the accord four years later. The US didn’t do so but chose to adhere to its moratorium on nuclear tests, which is still in force for the time being.

I predict this idea has not been dropped. Moreover, those treaties will be dropped allowing the US to resume testing if Trump gets a second term. I tell you what else will be dropped, the Open Sky Treaty. RT reported end of May 2020 that the treaty has been in force since 2002 and “allows for unarmed aerial surveillance flights to be conducted over the territories of its participants. American personnel are on board the Russian flights over the US, while Russian personnel are on board during flights over Russia.”

“…US exit from the treaty could lead to ‘a new arms race,’” said a spokesman for the UN Secretary General, according to RIA Novosti.”

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “European members of the treaty are unlikely to pull out, because they understand it has “value as an instrument [to secure] trust, predictability, and transparency.”

America will go on trying to hold the world in its armored grasp while it isolates itself even from its closest allies. An agitated failing superpower agitates. By 2021 the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) will not be renewed as the time runs out. That’s when an intercontinental arms race could deepen the danger of the Second Cold War going hot.

I will write about the following in more detail in my first June Article Wave. I will just briefly say this, the violence resuming in Hong Kong at the end of May is pushed by the CIA and US State Department which are synonymous given that Trump’s former head of the CIA is now his Secretary of State missile-and-pathological-lie-lovin’ Mike Pompeo. Even the ominous developments of a border clash brewing between Chinese and Indian forces along the Indian Himalayan frontier it controls as the administrator of the Province of Ladakh.

The US may be behind that too. Secretary State Pompeo is making a lot of accusatory hay, condemning the Chinese. But to be fair, this heavy-handed move is a new level of Beijing’s pushback to strategic pressures between China and India that the US starting with the Bush Administration quickened back in the 2000s when it backed India’s expansion of its nuclear arsenal, triggering a Sino-Indian-Pakistani regional nuclear arms race. A regional “cold war” within a larger US “cold war.”

The Chinese complain that the Indians as per their administration responsibilities delineated by the United Nations were not supposed to develop Ladakh. Equally the Indians had last year rescinded the role of administrator of neighboring Jammu-Kashmir declaring it an Indian state ready for full Indian development. A very bold move by the Hindu supremacist Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “Hinduize” this Muslim majority autonomous region. I believe Beijing sees that Ladakh apparently is next. That’s why the Chinese countered Modi with its own heavy-handed move.

When a rising power begins to claim its place at the table of the hegemon, that hegemon will strain it every way it can before open war, and spend it to death in an arms race, mindlessly of its own economic bankruptcy. Throw US support into the Chinese-Uyghurs domestic conflict inside China and look to promote friction next in Tibet, the Chinese Himalayan province, once an independent country, that China occupied in 1950. That’s the next US State Department-cum-Central Intelligence Agencies color revolution after Hong Kong.

China isn’t just going to sit around.

You’re going to see this agitation slapped back and hard in the coming months. Beijing will crush the Hong Kong “color” me red-white-and-blue “revolution.”

Right now as I write this on 25 May, 1,000 People’s Liberation Army soldiers with heavy equipment and a tent city crossed into Ladakh and set up a military camp a few hundred yards into Indian administered territory.

We wait for developments.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

640px-Green_turtle_swimming_over_coral_reefs_in_Kona-SRC-Brocken inaglory! EARTH TRAUMA WARNING !
Sooner than Later: Tropical Oceans
Will Begin Collapsing in Ten Years!

It is coming in our lifetimes! The timing, speed and intensity of temperature rises have brought forward estimates by scientists of a catastrophic biodiversity loss their earlier findings pushed back far over the horizon window to the distant year of 2100.

I have been presciently aware of this danger and publishing my concerns as well as speaking about it on television and radio for over 32 years. Starting last year, I began reporting on alarming objective discoveries where the science is catching up with my oracular concerns.

This year I started issuing the first alarms called “Earth Trauma Warnings” for my HogueProphecy subscribers on 15 March 2020 after findings published by the journal of Nature came in from a three-decades-long and careful study measuring how the Amazon and Central African rainforests trap and release carbon. The authors of the study, led by, Simon Lewis, a professor from the School of Geography at the UK’s University of Leeds, concluded that the Amazon and Central African rainforests, rather than remaining the lungs for replenishing Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen would become instead carbon emitters “by 2035.”

In short, the lungs of Earth, that we so often set on fire to clear these tropical rain forests for palm oil plantations and cheap MacDonald’s hamburger beef ranches will exceed their ability to sequester carbon pollution that warms the world dangerously. This study has brought the danger of ecological and biodiversity collapse into our times.

So does today’s new report, also published by the journal of Nature.

Where the last study sent teams of scientists into the tropical rain forests of the Amazon and Central Africa to measure the ratio of carbon sequestering to oxygen output of over 500,000 individual trees over 30 years, the scientists of this different study from Britain, the US and South Africa researched archival climate data stretching back to the 1870s and fact-checked the trends in records of over 30,000 species of birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. They divided the world into 39-square mile segments to model the temperature trends and their effect on the wildlife in each area.

This is a different type of testing than mere snap-shots of the future. Their RCP8.5 computer-modeled scenario attempts to time when different areas start feeling a temp. tipping point, what is usually an immediate and devastating impact when world temperatures cross the 2-degree Celsius line, the amount of global heating that happened since the Industrial Revolution began. Thus each degree added after 2-degrees Celsius upon reaching 4-degrees Celsius by 2100 will put in peril upwards of 73-percent of all marine, air and land-based species suffering  unprecedented warming, causing mass extinctions.

Yes, some of you have guessed it. These scientists are still low-balling the scenarios, trying to keep the impossible to conceive over a near future advent horizon way below waiting in 2100. More on that in a moment.

The head of the study, Alex Pigot, from University College London’s Centre for Biodiversity and Environment, explained, “As we pass this threshold we expect the risk of local extinction to increase substantially.

“It’s not a slippery slope, but a series of cliff edges, hitting different areas at different times,” he added.

Given their RCP8.5 modeling the rapid bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef off northeastern coast of Australia, the world’s largest coral habitat, indicates that region has seen warming of the Coral Sea passing the threshold for several years now prompting Pigot’s team to conclude that life in the rest of the tropical regions will begin a rapid heating potentially accelerating mass die offs of coral in tropical waters around the world “before 2030”! Though the acreage of coral is small the marine biodiversity threatened is 25 percent of all oceanic marine life and the beginning of its collapse is just less than a decade away.

You might compare the coral reefs “before 2030” as the oceanic equivalent to the UK’s Leed’s study of Amazon and Central African rainforest habitats, concentrated storehouses of plant and animal species on land equally at risk, set to become a burning carbon emitter in only fifteen more years: by 2035.

Patrick Galey of AFP Science Alert, commenting on the study pointed out the United Nations telling us that CO2 emissions must drop 7.6 percent per year by 2030 “in order to limit warming to 1.5C—the more ambitious aim of the Paris accord.”

“There is an alarming escalation in the risks of these abrupt biodiversity losses, providing strong evidence for the need to hold warming below 2C,” warned Pigot.

I must once again allow oracular insight’s advance from this moment of bad news to the potential swarm of “black swan” events that Pigot’s study, though more globally comprehensive than most, are putting a greater strain upon their model than programmed into it for the years heading up to the 2030s. I can only forewarn this, hoping I will be wrong.

The last 32 years of my documented forecasts say that I am unwillingly on a roll, a doomsday streak of accuracy. May the steak break with something miraculously intelligent changing course. Before I play Cassandra or Hector again, I want to cue you in on some research I’m doing for an article coming in June 2020. I am uncovering a trend that shutting down the global economy for two months is not showing a significant downturn in the general polluting that’s warming the world’s atmosphere and oceans, the latter of which is where most of the trapped heat of global warming is stored.

Two months? How about two decades of shut down. That would cause a significant cooling and equally impossible to do without ending civilization in another unique way—a doomsday lockdown.

What I can predict, categorically, is that upon our own conscious intentions alone we are not going to keep the warming of the world at 1.5 Celsius rise.

It’s too late.

We’ve baked already a two-degree Celsius increase, and it may be coming at the end of the 2020s, not a decade later because of the objectively unpredictable “black swans” of natural carbon sequestering engines of Nature that are beginning to become carbon emitters. These can’t be estimated by big data because they have to happen first to “have” the big data.

The other trend is a bad case of what I will call Green Mythology.

For example, the Paris Accords is an idiotic Pollyanna agreement that seeks an impossible 30-percent reduction of fossil fuel pollution to be achieved in the next 10 years.

No one likes to wallow in their own bullshit more than Earth-friendly politicians of the world about this agreement and proclaim comforting lies to the human race about arbitrary deadlines and goals based on politics rather than science. Legislators of the Green Movement, the Green New Deal wheeler dealers in Washington, you all have to go back to the drawing board about this.

First off, in a decade dedicated to exposing ALL of humanity’s systemically flawed ideas about sustaining or saving the current civilization from collapse, hopefully in time to alter course, I would start with a documentary that confronts all Earth Firsters with the most honest encounter with the systemic flaws of myths we weave about the Green Industrial Revolution. In my forthcoming Climate crisis prophecy book scheduled for release by the end of the year 2020, I was already deeply at work preparing a detailed presentation of these important flaws, when last month I discovered I no longer alone composing these back-to-the-drawing-board revelations. Michael Moore has helped executively produce a must-see documentary, entitled The Planet of the Humans. Go see it at the link. It’s free.

Follow that up with Michael Moore and the filmmakers’ response to critics. Watch this explanation from Moore and the creators explain as dedicated climate activists why they produced it and why it is now time to re-thing the fight to save the civilization. What is being done now will not get us there. Time to confront what is wrong with our premises and then resume our work with new and better strategies.





From Fulfilled Predictions of Plagues Past
To Plagues by Any Other Name


Separating Fact from Fallacy
When Prophecy is Infected
By the Virus of Lies

And the Hottest Scoop in Prophecy Today:


The Coronavirus Pandemic
Was Indeed Foreseen
By Nostradamus

Nostradamus did Foresee the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is rare for me to make such an absolute statement in study of this cloudy and cryptic prophet for more than four decades, but I am surprised to declare this is so and you are about to find out why.

Along with the usual, completely and fantastically Fake Prophecy or two, some of the articles published by the press have pulled up a few that have some merit. All they require for a more comprehensive study is a deeper knowledge and experience of the man, his prophecies and how to understand the verse and poetic language he used to write them… Complete reading this Special Featured , plus get full access to all ten articles by choosing one of two options:


Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.

These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. Put 12-months in the PayPal Memo line.


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Nostradamus' Hallowween costume, the leather bird mask,hat and cape of a plague doctor.

Nostradamus’ Hallowween costume, the leather bird mask,hat and cape of a plague doctor.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020


From Fulfilled Predictions of Plagues Past
To Plagues by Any Other Name

1 Q63
Les fleurs1 paƒƒés diminue le monde,
Long temps la paix terres inhabitées:
Seur2 marchera par Ciel, terre, mer, & onde:
Puis de nouueau les guerres ƒuƒcitées.

Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes small,
For a long time the lands will be inhabited in peace:
[One] will travel safely by air, [over] land, seas and wave:
Then wars will start anew.

1Misprint for ƒléaux = the “ring” of inflammation around the “roses” of pestilential boils. 2Old French suer or sceur from Latin, securus, free from care, or safe.

By 1963 (Q63), advances in medical science had almost eradicated the great killer diseases such as yellow fever, polio, and smallpox. The dawning jet age following the war paved the way for countless millions to travel safely through the skies, to every continent, over every ocean. The world for the first time had become “small.”

…Nostradamus 4.6 centuries before the term was coined foresaw our “small world” of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries thanks to developments in communications technology that allows one to Zoom or Skype or use any number of social media platforms to reach the world, facilitating contact between different peoples and cultures. Moreover, with blockchain technologies and the rise of “person-to-person” cryptocurrency transactions poised to bring in the coming decades a decentralized but intimately connected planet, our world could keep growing more free of centralized governments, power grids. Even banks could disappear.

Perhaps Nostradamus had a prophet’s-eye view of a tiny blue and white orb in the deep blackness of space, seen through Apollo Eight’s porthole when all humanity got their first televised look at our beautiful fragile world, a small world without borders… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

NostradamusMannequinDATELINE: 31 May 2020

Separating Fact from Fallacy
When Prophecy is Infected
By the Virus of Lies

Prophecy is a strange profession. It is all fancy until it is fulfilled fact. And for the most part one like myself is trying to open our eyes to the future Nostradamus may have seen before that future collectively closes our eyes and plants us and our civilization six feet under.

His generally pessimistic prophecies dwell on potential futures we are intended to mostly avoid before these hammers fall. If interpreters have read him right and steer people away from bad futures, the reward is nothing at all, and I would add, nothing bad happening at all, for which no one need take credit.

Talk about fanciful. I’m in the business of changing the future and ending up like someone only remembered for crying “wolf!” all the time, but never right about the future I don’t want to happen.

Where evil people can fail to fulfill their dark dreams, it is equally true that good people mostly miss the moment of foresight, sometime recognizing what they missed in hindsight, as long as an authentic prophecy of Nostradamus isn’t infected with a highly attractive lie, like “The City of York”… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

Hogue-Nostradamus2012-intenseDATELINE: 31 May 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic
Was Indeed Foreseen
By Nostradamus

Another article from the Express (published 3 March 2020) did mention it but the author needs to bone up on his geography. He only thought this covered Italian cities. Actually these four cities also represent Italy “and” the other two continental EU nations fiercely visited by mass infection of hundreds of thousands, overwhelmed medical systems and tens of thousands of deaths:

3 Q75
Pau, Verone, Vicence, Sarragouƒƒe,
De glaiues loings terroirs de ƒang humides:
Peƒte ƒi grande viendra à la grand gouƒƒe1,
Proche ƒecours, & bien loing les remedes.

Pau [France], Verona, Vicenza [Italy], Saragossa [Spain],
Swords from distant lands damp with blood.
Very great plague will come with a great [husk shell-like] pod.
Relief near but the remedies far away.

1Shell, scab, husk, pod.

Nostradamus picks up on our iconic images of the future. At no time in history thus far has a great pandemic’s viral form been broadcast across the mass media outlets like Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and I content Nostradamus did not overlook this when he called it la grand gouƒƒe.

To me, the most common image of the virus is a three-dimensional rotating grainy sculpture looking like a roughened, roundish and husky sea mine. The pod-like body painted white with its stubby-arms, the “spike proteins” appendage triggers of high contagion covering the shell, painted red.

The source of this fearsome plague pod is indeed from a distant land, Hubei Province’s chief city of Wuhan, China. Since China’s rapid transformation into the world’s largest economic dynamo the Chinese people, known in Far Eastern countries as “the Jews of Asia” have a large cosmopolitan footprint in many countries. Prosperity has made the Chinese the largest demographic source of global tourism. This is especially so each year during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations when millions of expatriate Chinese or those working abroad fly home to China be with their families.

When they returned to their jobs overseas, especially a large number who work in Italy the plague outbreak in Wuhan came with them first ravaging Italy, then France and Spain. Note that Northern Italy was the first region hardest hit by the great pod plague. Verona and Vicenza are in the northeastern Veneto region at the same latitude as the hotbed of the plague, the region around Milan… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

Source: Daniel Arauz © Creative Commons.

Source: Daniel Arauz © Creative Commons.

The Themes of Gathering Ire
That Working People will Cry “Havoc” about
When the Covid-19 Shutdown Ends
And the Greater Recession Aftermath Begins

There’s no turning back, only moving forward deeper into this decade to face either destruction or transformation

Saturn will have returned to Capricorn by 2 July 2020 after giving us a taste for the Aquarian waters of revolution to come when Saturn finally exits Capricorn on 18 December 2020 for its over three year transit into the Aquarian sign’s potentials of a full-on rebellion versus a gathering global surveillance state—what Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto transiting through world-order ruling Capricorn had established as a corporate aristocracy of the one-percent over 99 percent of the human race.

On the streets, in the workplaces, standing in food and unemployment lines, huddled inside households facing mortgage and rent implosions, you will hear the following sharp statements jab us to attention—coming out of our own hot-hearted mouths, as early as the summer of 2020. By the spring of 2021 these become pique’s prick thrusted pitchfork points in the direction of the powerful pricks of politics and kleptocratic business gangsters and banksters that sold us short in every humanly decent way when Great Recession 2020 becomes the Greater Depression of spring 2021.

Hear then in future’s augury these cries of “Havoc!”… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the company's Crew Dragon spacecraft is launched on NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 mission to the International Space Station with NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley onboard, Saturday, May 30, 2020, at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Demo-2 mission is the first launch with astronauts of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station as part of the agency’s Commercial Crew Program. The test flight serves as an end-to-end demonstration of SpaceX’s crew transportation system. Behnken and Hurley launched at 3:22 p.m. EDT on Saturday, May 30, from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. A new era of human spaceflight is set to begin as American astronauts once again launch on an American rocket from American soil to low-Earth orbit for the first time since the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Program in 2011. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the company’s Crew Dragon spacecraft is launched on NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 mission to the International Space Station. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Back to the Future
Of Civil Rights Demonstrations, Riots
And a New Era of American SpaceX-ploration

Neill Cavuto was bantering back and forth with Fisher on the left side of the TV screen will the right side displayed reruns of the Falcon 9 rocket soaring through the sky into space with shots of thousands of onlookers filled with cheers and a level of excitement I haven’t seen in space launches since I watched them as a teen with the Saturn V rockets topped by Apollo missions to the Moon—a moment of inspiration and hope in the troubled times of 1968. Then as now breakthroughs in space exploration made a contrast with social, economic and racial breakdowns down on American soil, rocked then as just now with nationwide riots. The worst of these came in 1968 with the assassination of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King.

The racial abuse against African Americans, the Civil Rights struggle that saw its leaders like King and a few months later Robert F. Kennedy assassinated, the horrors of the Vietnam War dividing the nation, an uncertain presidential election outcome. All of that turmoil on the one hand, contrasted by the heroic, the inspiring gestures of what human scientific genius and explorer’s guts could gamble—sometimes die—but achieve in its first small steps for a man, this one giant leap for humankind, placing people for the first time on the surface of another world. Or as Nostradamus foresaw it 4.6 centuries earlier:

9 Q65
Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre,
Ou ƒera prins & mis en terre eƒtrange.

He will come to take himself to the corner of the Moon,
Where he will be taken and placed on alien land…

Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.



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