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Putin, Euro Zone Crisis, the Prophecy of Edgar Cayce

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The opening of today’s article will turn the oracle’s eye on the political earthquake in Europe the Super Moon of last weekend did perhaps influence.

As predicted in the last article (click on François Hollande), French President Nicholas Sarkozy fell in runoff elections to Hollande. One of my French readers reflected on this saying the new socialist president reminded her of a duller version of another “François”, the last socialist in office, Francois Mitterrand (1981-1995), pointing his Gallic “nose in the air” even higher than the last. That is a French way of saying Hollande is a duller snob than “Dieu” (God), the name given Mitterrand’s Kermit the French frog character in a popular French television puppet show satirizing French life and politics from the early 1990s. President “Dieu” was not pleased. So, it seems France has traded one pragmatically stuffy socialist for another stuffy pragmatist, after a round in the Elysee (French White House) of two right-of-center wing presidents: Chirac and Sarkozy.

Last weekend the Greeks voted for a big super “moon” at the European leaders promoting crippling austerity measures to shore up its deep economic Depression by filling their parliament with extremely strange bedfellows twice trying and failing to form a coalition government between the new fascist New Dawn and extreme leftist parliamentarians. If no government is formed soon, the Greeks go back to the polls next month for another round of musical parliamentary chairs in Athens. In either case all of this is building a bridge of events to a future Greek default my Oracle has long foreseen and slotted to happen this summer during the next astrological beating of Pluto-Uranus Squares.

This powerful aspect influences us collectively. It gives color and mood to the times in which we live. The times of summer into autumn 2012 will set many masses in the mood to have a fight in Europe against their oligarchic overlords.

Uranian urges for growth will collide with Pluto in Capricorn’s saturnine austerity. There will come a collective rebellion directing amassed Uranian ire to pour into the streets of Athens, Rome, Madrid, and rush to the polls to push back Plutonian Capricorn’s status quo leadership in power who hand over that power to a directorship of European affairs by unelected technocrats. The people most austerely and economically hobbled, the countries known as the PIIGGS, the southern, Mediterranean members of the euro monetary union, will chose growth over sackcloth and ashes of economic austerity. Already 11 European heads of state promoting austerity measures have gone down since the Great Recession began in 2008. More are coming. British Prime Minister David Cameron and German President Angela Merkel will be next, next year.

Will this improve Europe’s situation?

Not if Europeans continue following blindly the collective mind’s habit to do things in extreme. Appointing a new Mitterrand stuffier than the last will only frustrate the French once again with Socialism. Thus they will recoil once again from socialist left to run back to the right, perhaps the extreme right, this time, and in five years you will see Marine Le Pen’s National Front take over the Elysee and the Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament).

In Predictions for 2012, my oracle set out a detailed prophetic assessment of what will happen to the great European experiment with super-statehood in a segment posing a satirical and rhetorical question at the ribald expense of 18th-century British historian Edward Gibbon and his classic tome The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I called into question the euro union’s future in, The Decline and Fall of the Euro-Man Empire.

Will the euro monetary union and to a greater extent the European Union survive the oncoming economic crisis of Greek default this summer and the sloughing off Spain and even Italy between the summer of 2012 and 2013? Read the e-Book and find out how Europe can go back to the drawing board and rethink and reboot their continental unity dream on a right footing.

Now to another important political earthquake from last week’s super moon, in Russia. The rumble of pomp and seismic circumstance as Prime Minister Vladimir Putin returned to be Russia’s President-cum-Neo Czar of all the Russian Federation for a new six-year term.

My oracle accurately foresaw this return as far back as November 2010 when I wrote:

Russian President Medvedev will soon switch posts with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Putin will become president in April 2012.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 6: Around the World in 2011 Days

(See the Free Predictions for 2012 section to find more fulfilled and future predictions about Vladimir Putin. Scroll down until you get to “Obi-Ron-Paul-Nobi” with a lightsaber.)

My Oracle continues to view Putin in a far more positive light than those of us programmed with Western, or American mind-sets would like. Still, my job is to report the Oracle’s findings and not report only those towards which I personally agree.

Putin believes he can be a new Peter the Great, a modern Czar of all the Russias that can and will modernize his nation, not for a six-year term but in two six-year terms. Putin will recreate himself since his last eight years as Russian President before legal constraints forced him to step back for a single term of Medvedev in the Kremlin. Now, the native of St. Petersburg is back in Czar Peter’s saddle. Putin from 2012 through 2024 will attempt to build a bridge from Russia’s totalitarian-sympathetic government model to a full-fledged Russian Republic.

Notice I did not say “democracy”. It will not be a democracy. Putin understands something most Americans who spout democracy as the vague and generalized panacea to all people’s problems of inequality do not. I remind my American readers to repair their generally mediocre education in political history. Their school systems doled out to, or “dolled” up for them, history in Mickey Mouse measure, giving out simplistic and politically corrected civics lessons full of a whole lot of charm and sentimentality about how great their country is, at the cost of little civic meat for mentation.

I look at some of President Barack Obama’s actions in his first term and I sigh at the lack of civic education expected out of professors in constitutional law even at Harvard. This former constitutional law professor has done more to threaten personal First Amendment freedoms than even his Yale alumnus, preppy party boy retard of a predecessor, G.W. Bush. Anyway, if you want the sordid details to what extent Obama shows himself to be a product of American mediocrity at school, just read a selection of my almanac books for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 by clicking on Obama predictions.

If you ask the founding fathers of the United States, they never called the country they created a “democracy.” It is a Republic. It is a government of laws, not mobocractic rule. American “democracy” looks a whole lot less like the Greek tragedy unfolding in regular eruptions of riots on the streets of Athens, which in ancient times was the founding city-state of chaotic mob democratic rule.

Americans, your government was formed by your founding fathers who recoiled from the Greek chaos model to make theirs look a whole lot more like the Ancient Roman Republic.

President Putin gets this and will try in the next 12 years to make his Russian “Republic” a Roman disciplined reality. If he is successful, he will fulfill the bold vision of one of America’s greatest prophets, Edgar Cayce perhaps with American help, even.

Back in 1994, I published the following observations in the Millennium Book of Prophecy about Cayce’s vision of Russia as the “hope of the world”. I would like to close today’s article with some selections from that essay written and documented 20 years ago in 1992:


In 1944, before there was even a Cold War brewing, Edgar Cayce forewarned Americans of the future to take stock of themselves. The hope of the world would depend on it:

What is the spirit of America? Most individuals proudly boast “freedom.” Freedom of what? When ye bind men’s hearts and minds through various ways and manners, does it give them freedom of speech? Freedom of worship? Freedom from want? Not unless these basic principles are applicable…for God meant man to be free…

…What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, OR Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. [Reading] No3976-29

…This is not the first time I’ve been confounded by an extremely utopian prophecy. Being born and raised an American, I find this collective vision particularly hard to swallow. But I’ve seen too many fulfilled predictions cut through my outrage and assert their truth.

Nostradamus’s sixteenth-century contemporaries thought him a bit of a loon for predicting the quick fade-out of Portugal as the maritime superpower. Adding insult to injury, he proclaimed that tiny, insignificant England would fill the superpower void for 300 years.

He was correct.

I stretched my biases to the breaking point trying to contradict the Nostradamian forecasts that date the beginning of the U.S.-Soviet friendship around the year 1989.

This interpretation at least seems to be correct.

When I shed my nationalistic righteousness for a moment, I understood that it is lethal for our future if we believe our world must be run “American-style” or “Soviet style” – or according to any other national ideology. History is the witness to this; the Pax Romana, the Pax Britannia and now too, the Pax Sovietica – are all extinct. Hopefully, the UNO will not become the fading rubber stamp for the Pax Americana.

But the Uranian jack-in-the-box factor may pop up at any moment and expose victory’s deeper insights first to the superpower defeated by the Cold War. Perhaps losing twenty-seven million to World War II and ten million to Stalin’s purges has taught the Russians a lesson about war that America has yet to learn – restraint. Would Americans have been so eager to Rambo their way into Iraq if they had lost twenty million people to World War II? History does not forget that America is the only nation to use nuclear weapons prior to Armageddon and rumors of Armageddon.

Cayce closes his famous declaration about Russia’s destiny by offering a challenge and a dose of compassionate criticism to Americans:

It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes the hope of the world. Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit “In God We Trust.” (Do ye [America] use that in thine own heart when you pay your just debts? Do ye use that in thy prayer when ye send thy missionaries to other lands? “I give it, for in God we trust”? Not for the other fifty cents, either!)

In the application of these principles, in those forms and manners in which the nations of the Earth have and do measure to those in their activities, yea, to be sure, America may boast; but rather is that principle being forgotten when such is the case, and that is the sin of America. No3976-29

Apparently to Cayce, if Russia is tomorrow’s great hope, America will nurture her transformation. An economic marriage between U.S. technology and Russian natural resources was foreseen by Edgar Cayce in 1932 during the Great Depression. The prophet cautioned a businessman: Many conditions should be considered, were this to be answered correctly. You could say yea and no, and both be right, with the present attitude of both peoples as a nation, and both be wrong, for there IS to come, there WILL come, an entire change in the attitude of both nations as powers in the financial and economical world. As for those raw resources, Russia surpasses all other nations. As for abilities for development of same, those in the U.S. are the farthest ahead. Then these UNITED or upon an equitable basis would become or COULD become powers; but there are many interferences. [These]…will take years to settle. No3976-10

…If the Cold War has a karmic bill for America to pay, its people will not suffer the same magnitude of shattered dreams as the Russian people have from the scandal called Soviet Marxism. Then again, the deeper the repentance, the greater, perhaps, the potential for wisdom.

Remember what now I say, begin in Russia,
finish in Russia

G. I. Gurdjieff (1949)

(The twentieth-century mystic made this prediction to his disciples a few weeks before his death. Russia was where he launched his spiritual movement for the “conscious evolution” of mankind. This admonishment points to the future completion of his great work through a renaissance of his primarily Eastern teachings in the former Soviet Union.)

CHAPTER: Is There a Bridge to Utopia?
Millennium Book of Prophecy (1994)


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John Hogue
(13 May 2012)

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