The “W” Prophecy — Last Call

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A new era in American politics begins tomorrow and with it comes the final prophetic judgment of Nostradamus on the outgoing president, George W. Bush. The 16th-century seer had foreseen the catalyst of ineptitude requiring that change in political course. In two quatrains, he wrote about G. W. Bush’s final legacy 453-years before he bungled it.

On the eve of the inauguration of the new president, Barack Obama, my thoughts turn back to what I wrote almost exactly one year before. In “Predictions for 2008, ” I made my last forecast and testament about a fascinating prophecy in two verses that marked the life and destiny of the man who will soon fly out of Washington DC back to Texas and begin his post-presidency life as a mediocre apologist fighting history’s label of disgrace.


Vn dubieux ne viendra loing du regne,
La plus grand part le voudra soustenir:
Vn Capitole ne voundra point qu’il regne,
Sa grande change ne pourra maintenir.

A Dubya (doubtful) one will not come far from the realm,
The greater part will want to support him:

A Capitol, will not want him to rule at all,
His great burden he will not be able to maintain.

Century 6 Quatrain 13

Par detracteur calumni puis nay.
Quand istront faicts enormes & martiaux:
La moindre part dubieuse l’aisnay,
Et tost au regne seront faicts partiaux.

By the detractor calumny (lodged) against the younger born.
When enormous and warlike deeds will go on:
The least part doubtful (Dubya?) for the elder one,
And soon in the kingdom there will be patrician (Patrick Fitzgerald) deeds.

Century 6 Quatrain 95

Nostradamus (1556) Les Propheties

The president of the United States, on the morning after winning his second term in November 2004, went to thank a throng of the faithful at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington. The throng waved purple banners with the letter “W” in gold emblazoned in Times New Roman font. To those who voted against him and lost, it was a party rallying four more years of George W. Bush’s Imperium — a presidency marked by unprecedented, some would say unpresidential, powers surrendered to the executive branch of US government in the traumatic final two years of his first term as commander in chief of a nation at war with al-Qaeda terrorism. To the victorious come to praise their American Caesar, he was their beloved Dubya (W) Bush, voted into four more years by a slim though, as Nostradamus might have meant, “greater part” of the American voters, unlike the first and disputed election in 2000. He announced he was now ready to spend his newfound “political capital.”

During his Inauguration Speech (21 January 2005) and full of himself in victory, Bush invoked God more times than in any inauguration speech recorded. He also cited a laundry list of goals so ambitious that Washington Post reporter, Peggy Noonan, heard an observer quip that by the end he would not have been surprised if the president had announced we were going to colonize Mars. Yet, if Nostradamus has marked this leader in his distant future by his unique nickname ‚Äö?Ñ?Æ W = Dubieux ‚Äö?Ñ?Æ Bush’s ambitions will sour into burdens he will not be able to maintain.

The use of the French maintenir (will maintain) suggests a collapse, a departure, someone not at the helm for the allotted time on history’s watch. Add to this Nostradamus use of dubieux (phonetically dubeeyuh) only twice in his entire work of 36,000 words of prophecy: first as a noun and later as an adjective in two seemingly linked prophecies shown above. The prophet is implying a specific future leader, fighting a great and worldwide war, faltering, undermined by scandal, a rebellious legislative branch and finally tragedy. If this is about Dubya Bush he will be unable to finish his term, his life, perhaps. A Doubtful-W-Dubya is the “younger” born president of the same family. The other, elder “W” is his father, George Herbert W. Bush. The “calumny” lodged against the son-President Bush comes from “enormous and warlike deeds” being somehow poorly managed or initiated by false pretenses, such as those used to argue an invasion of Iraq — weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. Thousands of Americans dead, no weapons of mass destruction found, Bush’s once historic high favorability polls after 9/11 plummet to some of the lowest approval points of any American president since Nixon resigned his presidency because of the Watergate Scandal.

Nostradamus may play his wicked pun saying the father (“elder one”) was the lesser part doubtful in comparison. Herbert “Dubya” Bush waged a successful Gulf War in 1991. His son’s Gulf War now in Iraq (2003‚Äö?Ñ?Æ) is a disaster on hold, at the moment of this writing. It could spread to Iran in 2008. Bush the younger was quite unlike his globetrotting father. He had little prior experience of the world beyond a visit to neighboring Mexico (“Dubya will not come far from the realm.”).

In a quatrain numbered after America’s symbolic number 13, we find the only time Nostradamus uses the word “Capitol” in his prophecies. It is the US Capitol Building. Apparently in the final year left to this president more military blunders and scandals are coming. Perhaps the worst yet. In the worst case scenario, legislators from his own Republican Party unite with their Democratic Party opposites in impeachment proceedings that deem him unfit to rule.

A “patrician deed” could indicate the source of a scandal, or better, the mother of all scandals born out of cherry picked intelligence agendas of the President and his cabinet that saw a CIA spy’s cover blown, Valerie Plame. This Valerie Plame-gate will not go away in 2008. The scandal that saw a Vice President’s chief advisor, Scooter Libby, indicted for perjury by the special patrician prosecutor (patrician is Latin for Patrick) Fitzgerald.

Will casting blame in Plame-gate be the new Watergate of our times?

Unable to maintain his burden of office, will Bush be forced to resign? As threatened earlier, Senator Joe Biden, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, will move to impeach the President and Vice President if they should order a unilateral attack on Iran, especially as the intelligence community in late 2007 concluded that Iran has had no active nuclear weapons program for years. Release of the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) could be a sign that the NSA, CIA and Pentagon are waging a quiet mutiny against the president’s Iran war mongering. Watch for a Pentagon rebellion of the top brass in April or May 2008. That’s when time and the remaining threads of military and political credibility run out for Bush going to war with Iran. After that, it is Israel’s call.

The low point in presidential politics in 2008 could be a constitutional crisis between those of the Capitol and the White House. “Not wanting” him to rule does not mean those of the Capitol can achieve impeachment of President Bush. Other causes for departure might be health related.

Parallel to what Nostradamus may be saying in these two prophecies, some believe the president, either elected or stealing the election of 2000, did so under the malefic aspect of Jupiter conjoined with Saturn. It happens once every 20 years, and it so happens that every 20 years a US president wins an election under this sign and dies in either his first or second term. After Harrison in 1840, only Reagan has survived his brush with death so far. Astrologers tell us he barely survived assassination in 1981 because the conjunction in 1980 transited an air sign ‚Äö?Ñ?Æ he is the only president to enjoy such a softening effect.

Bush may survive the presidency, as I hope he does, because the evil aspect only works on the man who actually was the legitimate president, or the man in Bush’s cabinet that many believe runs the White House as America’s first de facto prime minister. The president, if he is a doubtful leader, is someone easily manipulated, rendered symbolic rather than substantial by Vice President Dick Cheney. If Bush survives but his powerful Vice President in Chief should die from a heart attack, then prophecy might declare the curse yet again fulfilled.


ASSESSMENT (19 January 2009):
Bush is fortunate that the only thing lost was his legacy and not his life, though in his case it is a good thing that as a former president he will keep a Secret Service detail for a decade. No president since Richard Nixon has left office so disfavored. Nixon eventually regained respect as an elder statesman; however, even Nixon in disgrace didn’t face the calumny that Bush will endure. I hope for his case, and the safety of his security detail, that the ballistics flung his way will be no more lethal than a dirty shoe or two at public appearances. Although Biden’s impeachment threat remained idle, Congressman Denis Kucinich of Ohio did tender a request on the House of Representatives floor for articles of impeachment to proceed. It was tabled.

May came and went and Bush thereafter was unable to instigate a war with Iran. Incidents in the Strait of Hormuz, and the most strident saber rattling so far coming from Israel, Bush, and the President of Iran in retort fortunately did not lead to war in Bush’s final year in office. The danger is imminent in 2009 because it remains absolutely the last chance Israel can strike Iran. The new US president may wage touch and fair diplomatic initiatives to counterbalance the new Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s saber rattling and avoid a conflict. There will also be a new Iranian president in 2009 and I believe a more pragmatic one.

Bush’s diplomatic cram in the last year of his presidency to achieve his roadmap to Palestinian peace went nowhere and the year ended with a new Arab-Israeli war in the Gaza Strip that extinguished any modest goodwill or progress to peace he garnered in the region. Bush in 2008 kept pushing Russia aggressively. Russia finally pushed back. Bush’s new model ally on its border, Georgia, invaded South Ossetia in August 08, and got counter-invaded by Russia — its US armed and trained army routed.

Bush leaves office with the US facing renewed Cold War tension with Russia. Though Iraq has actually improved, after Bush finally acted upon advice given him many years earlier, his greatest blundering did come in 2008 when he rashly threw nearly a trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money at the financial bank crisis and in his usual habit, did so without promising any oversight. The financial bank system was near about nationalized. The economy was not stimulated, the Dow Jones continued to crash all the way down to 7,400 points in November and there’s no accounting of where half the bailout money went. Bush in this parting scandal hands his successor tomorrow an extra “thanks 1.2 trillion” dollar deficit.

The curse of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction saw neither Bush nor his Vice President in Chief, Cheney, dying in office. This brings to mind with the fulfillment tomorrow on 20 January 2009 of a destiny I first explained over eight years ago, back in November 2000. On Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnet, I forecast the two possible presidential future timelines of an Al Gore or Bush presidency while the Florida count was still in dispute. I told the audience that the curse could be a “political” assassination of Gore, rather than literal: the true president, denied his office, surrendered to an illegitimate pretender.

John Hogue
(19 January 2009)

PS–I hope to have more blogs appearing every other day again. Most of my waking hours (comprising a lion’s share of the 24-hour cycle these days) are dedicated to finishing my next almanac of forecasts: see Predictions. Look for it posted for sale at come 30 January.

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