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THE HOGUEPROPHECY REPORT: End of April into May 2024 ___WORLD WAR III PREPORT-PART ONE_THE ISREALI THEATER: The 20-Day Missile Crisis in April. Israel Crossing Iran’s Red Line / April Fool’s Doomsday: Israeli strike on Iranian Embassy in Damascus / Iran Strikes Israeli Back! / Clarification for Westerners why Iran Struck Israel / Iran Braces for Israel’s Expected & Massive Response / Israel’s Big Nothing Burger Attack on Iran / Pepe Escobar Drops a Thermonuclear Bombshell! / A Story Full of Holes: Does Pepe Escobar have Answers? / What did the F-35 be Pack? Pepe Escobar’s last Words on the Matter, Scott Ritter Debunking / What Did Iran Gain, what did Israel Lose in the April Missile Crisis? ___WORLD WAR III REPORT-PART TWO_THE UKRAINIAN THEATER: The Russians are Coming! / US Congress Pats Itself on the Popo: $61 Billion thrown down a Ukrainian Money Pit to Armageddon? / Bullet Point Prophecies for Both Ukrainian & Israeli Fronts / Conventional World War III is About to Go Nuclear? / Russian Bear has had Enough – Scare the Collective West Straight!

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DATELINE: 25 April 2024


Damascus on 1 April 2024. The building in the center is the Iranian embassy. Next to it to the right is the burning rubble of the Iranian Consulate after it was hit with an Israeli airstrike. Author, Unknown. Source:, © Creative Commons.

The Missile Crisis Begins
With Israel openly attacking Iranian Sovereign Territory

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

On the First of April, on “April Fool’s Day no less, the Zionist regime of Israel did a very foolish and arrogant thing. It gave the green light for a Lockheed Martin, American built F-35 all-weather stealth multirole combat aircraft to fire a missile on Iranian sovereign territory, that was the Iranian Embassy complex in Damascus, Syria, flattening the Embassy’s Consular annex building. It was confirmed by Tehran that the missile had killed seven officers of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), including General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in the al-Quds force, the IRGC unit responsible for clandestine operations. Zahedi’s deputy was also killed, General Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, along with two military leaders, a senior adviser and an additional two Syrian policemen that guarded the consular section of the embassy according to Iranian Ambassador Hossein Akbari. Some reports say as many as 15 people, including embassy staff, had been killed by the Israeli strike.

As is usual, with Israel’s many brazen missile attacks into Syrian airspace over the years, West Jerusalem did not declare or deny they did it. The assassination by a US-built Israeli jet of General Zahedi was the worst blow to high-ranking Iranian leadership since General Qassem Soleimani was US targeted and killed by a drone missile in Baghdad on 4 January 2020. US officials were tipped off by Israel a few minutes before the embassy attack but didn’t say whether the US knew they were targeting the Iranian consulate wing, so said Axios’ unnamed US official source.

The Israeli strike on sovereign soil was a criminal act according to international laws laid out ever since the Treaty of Vienna was signed in 1945, establishing that all properties of all embassies around the world were henceforth considered lands and properties of the nation they represent. To attack one, means war. This significant escalation of Iran-Israeli tensions launched a 20-days-in-April 2024 missile crisis where those in the world who could rely on free speech/alternative news outlets could better catch the mainstream fake news media lying outright or merely deflecting facts to misinform people around the world to their own public “disservice.” We in the alternative news media began to accurately confront a terrifying tit-for-tat escalation of this Iran-Israeli Missile Crisis that had those of us around the world who were informed holding our collective breath, given that Israel, the aggressor, is a not-so-secret rogue nuclear power protected by the United States.

On 13 April, Iran triggered a paradigm shift in this currently “conventional” Third World War. As a retaliation for Israel’s act of war hitting its embassy, Tehran for the first time ever launched hundreds of missiles and drones directly on targets across Israel. It then waited for Israel’s dreaded counterstrike, threatening to meet it, and match it “ten-fold!” Though not a nuclear power, Iran’s conventional missile deterrent could turn Israel into ruins in days rather than the six months Israel took to devastate the Gaza Strip during its ongoing genocide committed against 2.4 million Palestinians imprisoned there, already killing, starving and wounding over 100,000 of them, rendering 2 million others displaced and homeless. That is Israel’s collective punishment of all Palestinian civilians, even thousands of Palestinian children as a reprisal for what “Hamas,” the Palestinian resistance did on 7 October 2023. They dared to break out of Israel’s open-air “ghetto” concentration camp to strike Southern Israel by complete surprise and take Israeli civilian and captured soldiers back into Gaza and their tunnel network as hostages. Hence, Israel’s severe and genocidal response opened a significant—even a potentially biblical and “Apocalyptic”—new front in the Third World War added to the Ukrainian and Taiwan theaters.

By 20 April 2024 (ironically the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday), Israel’s Zionist-supremacist, Apartheid regime unexpectedly stood down. It appeared that the April crisis had ended with an Israeli strike on Iran, that, despite days of bravado and threats, only seemed to consist of a few quad-copter drones attacking air bases near Isfahan, Iran, possibly launched “in country” with Israel not even declaring yet that it was their Iranian operatives flying them inside Iran.

Did Israel choke, or was something truly horrifying, aimed at Iran, thwarted?

Also on 20 April, there was made public by world-renowned Brazilian international journalist, Pepe Escobar, a shocking claim from his Asian intelligence sources, people he had carefully cultivated relationships with for 40 years as he contends are indisputably accurate. If what they hinted is true, we could have just missed the world nearly take a step beyond where the Soviet Union and the United States, during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, dare not tread.

DATELINE: 25 April 2024

The moment Iran launched ballistic missiles towards Israel 13 April 2024-SRC-Mehrnews-cc0-1.0-universal-public-domain-dedication

Dateline 13 April 2024 (Pacific Time): the moment Iran launched ballistic missiles at Israel for the very first time. Author خبرگزاری مهر., © Creative Commons.

With 300 Drones and Dozens of Ballistic Missiles
The First Direct Attack on Israel ever Risked by Iran

After the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus on 1 April, 11 days slowly passed, feeding the tension across the Western Asian region. The dead were buried. Like Soleimani before him, Zahedi had a state funeral with thousands if not millions of Iranians attending. The Iranian government said that they would definitely respond. This is what made it more unique and scarier. For decades the Iranians had been taking it and taking it from Israel with Mossad infiltrating terrorist assassins over its borders to murder their nuclear scientists, blowing up mosques, all-in-all killing hundreds of innocent people. Tehran, legendary for its patience and restraint over many decades of abuse, unexpectedly pulled a 180 to the world’s surprise and ordered up a major attack letting the days stretch on to feed into an ominous mood over Israel of uncharted action’s approach.

My dear friend and fellow disciple of Osho, named Bhagwati is an Austrian, born in Vienna. She and her partner live in Bali, Indonesia for decades now. As the first week moved into the second with no strike yet, so many of my sources were debating when it would happen. Would it happen during Ramadan or after it? This is the “holy” month of fasting in Islam, where all believers around the world only eat before sunrise and after sunset ending the month celebrating Eid, the breaking of the fast. on 10 April. On that day of Eid, Bhagawati sent me a long email. I replied to it at length on 11 April. This is the first of several extracts from my letter in reply that I will return to throughout Part One of this HogueProphecy Report because of its dated record of forecasts made while the crisis mounted.

Bhagawati and I had worked in the press department in Osho’s Commune/Ashram in the late 1980s. In the new century, she was responsible for getting many of my articles published in the online magazine Osho News, using my disciple name Arjuna.

Bhagawati was also wondering when and what Iran might do.

I answered thus:

“My sense is that the Iranians will wait to strike on the Jewish Sabbath, on Saturday, but we’ll see. This ramping up of Iran with all arms and missile systems on full-war alert may also be an attempt to make the US-Biden-brained administration have second thoughts about declining to pressure Israel into a permanent ceasefire in Gaza as Iran’s price to stop its planned reprisal attack.”

Iran attacked Israel in two waves on Saturday 13 April, 12 days after Israel hit the Iranian Embassy in Damascus. It took five hours for the Iranian drones to cross the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Jordan to appear over Israel so they were launched hours before the second wave of Iranian ballistic missiles came in to meet the drone attack at the same time just after dusk had fallen over Israel after the day of the Jewish Sabbath had ended. Given that officially the Sabbath begins on the sundown of Friday night and ends on the sundown of Saturday night, the Iranians were very thoughtful not to send bombs and missiles falling on Israeli citizens during Sabbath time. Indeed not one Israeli civilian died in this massive Iranian attack and only one Bedouin girl in Jordan got injured by debris from a shot down Iranian drone.

The Iranians also notified the Israelis and the world when the drones and later the missiles were launched and on their way. Then Tehran cited the legal reasons why they had a right to strike Israel. Here’s Iran’s statement, “We hit the Zionist regime in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter (attack in self-defense) after the attack in Damascus.”

Initially and contrary to reports, Iran said it did not launch any of its hypersonic or advanced missiles at Israel. A list of the following missile types was reported: the Emad, liquid fueled ballistic missile with a MaRV and exo-atmospheric cluster submunition decoy “bomblets.” I notice photos and videos of these making balloon like expanding detonations in the sky, revealing this to be a hit in the void of space by Israel US-made Arrow missiles.

The Iranians also launched their Kheybar Shekan, solid fueled ultra-maneuverable light warhead with MaRV in the final stage. There were a number of Qadr – Liquid fueled heavy warhead missiles without MaRV. (Source: Zlatt71 on X.)

On 13 April, something happened to American hegemony never seen before. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) then Qatar, and Kuwait, and possibly more Arab Gulf States, officially ordered the US air bases and missile batteries in their countries to stand down and not launch jets, or missiles from their territory that would bring down upon them Iranian strikes. The US bases were forced to comply. If they didn’t, they might be told to leave these Gulf State countries. This decisively handicapped US forces in the region from responding to the Iranian drone and missiles flying over their airspaces. I cannot imagine such a request would be dared and dared successfully just a few years ago. It signals in the near future, maybe in the next few years, that those Gulf nations and many more Arab nations will be ordering the US to pack up their arms, planes, and missiles and leave their countries. This is happening in Africa in Niger. The Americans were told to leave and they’re packing up their drone bases stationed there in Niger.

Only King Abdullah of Jordan stood by Israel, opening its airspace to Israeli jets attacking the drone wave, alongside US, British and French jets scrambled out of Cyprus to start shooting down a lot of the drones during the day as they flew over Jordan and Iraq. The US had earlier parked their Aegis missile cruises stationed off Israeli shores to add their Arrow missiles with Israeli crewed Arrow land batteries to shoot down the second wave of oncoming Iranian missiles after dusk.

On Iran’s side Hezbollah launched hundreds of rockets to aid in exhausting Israeli Iron Dome defensive missile systems.


Satellite camera captures F-35 hangars (left) hit by Iranian Fatah second stage hypersonic missiles.

When it was over, Israeli government spokesmen declared that Iran failed to hit anything. Israel claimed that they and their allies shot down all the Iranian drones, including 99.9 percent of whatever number of ballistic missiles Iran threw away in the second wave that they claimed only inflicted unspecified “minor damage.”

Conversely Press TV of Iran wrote that “Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major Gen. Bagheri, detailed the retaliatory attack against targets in the occupied territories, saying the Israeli regime failed to intercept Iran’s projectiles in a meaningful way, and the operation achieved its goals.”

I was watching the Iranian attack, live, for two hours. I didn’t see Iranian drones hit anything, but I personally saw a lot of strikes going into Nevetim and Ramon Israeli airbases by Iranian ballistic missiles.

A day or two later Israel had to amend their stories. Iran did reach out with its ballistic missiles and “touched” the Israeli airbases of Nevatim and Ramon. Satellite images (like the one above) began surfacing showing the pinpoint accuracy of Iranian cruise and ballistic missiles including Iran’s hypersonic missile systems that at first Tehran denied firing. Israel would later confirm that 18 missiles hit their targets.

At first Israel reported it had shot down 99.9 percent of every type of drone and missile launched at them. That means a measly one-tenth of Iranian missiles and drones hit anything. With time, and satellite images multiplying, the Israelis had to admit a more eye-opening and lesser kill claim of 82 percent shot down. That means around 18 percent of Iran’s drones and missiles hit their targets.

That is a lot, given what the Israel and the United States boast about their interconnected air defense system. They say the airbases at Ramon and Nevetim are the most defended military targets in the world. Nevetim is directly connected to the entire NORAD network, the US anti-missile defense system, with Israel having stationed at Nevetim one of its top-of-the-line radars and even more that night. Two US Aegis missile cruisers were on station in the Mediterranean. And let’s not forget the fighter bombers of America, Jordan, Israel, France and Britain patrolling over Israeli, Jordanian and Iraqi airspace blazing away. Sounds pretty impressive, and yet, altogether NORAD’s finest air defenses let nearly 18 missiles break this densely layered US/Israeli electronic and missile defense system.

The Iranians with their “sacrificial” drones gained a great amount of Intel. about where the US/Israeli anti-missile batteries are, where the hangars for jets are before US, British and Jordanian fleets of jets could shoot them down. Each downed drone cost between $5,000-to-$10,000 apiece, while the jets shot them down firing expensive air-to-air missiles at them. Israel’s locked and loaded, US-built Iron Dome, Arrow and David’s Sling missile batteries, the very best and very expensive anti-missile and aircraft missile platforms taxpayer money can buy, fired half their immediate available stock of missiles on hand that night and not stored far away in bunkers for slow retrieval, costing $10.3 billion against a mere $12 million expended by Iran.

If this was the prelude to a sustained Israeli-Iranian missile war, Israel could not afford to get into one. The Iranians have tens of thousands of missiles and drones. The level of attrition Iran could nightly and daily bring to bear upon Israeli air defenses would exhaust their laboriously lugged out and bunkered stockpiles, taking months to replace, plus break the Israeli war chest budget within a week!

Israel lost BIG in Iran’s counterstrike. It also lost its myth of invincibility forever. On came another revelation:

Sprinter Factory on X reported, “Iran attacked Israel with seven “Fatah” hypersonic missiles – the Iron Dome did not shoot down a single one.


“Moscow military expert Vladislav SHURIGIN: ‘The Iranians carried out their night attack in waves. Since they are significantly slower than both fighter jets and missiles, they launched the Shahed drones first. A few hours later, their subsonic cruise missiles were launched, and only then the ‘Fatah’ hypersonic ballistic missiles. Everything was so calculated and coordinated that the drones and rockets of both types reached the targets on the territory of Israel virtually simultaneously, acting as one shock wave.

More than 200 planes of the Israel Defense Forces and US naval aviation from the aircraft carrier, as well as the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system, participated in repelling the attack. Despite these massive forces, some Iranian drones, cruise missiles, and almost all ballistic missiles have hit their intended targets.

I had stated my concern to Bhagawati that the Dimona nuclear installation either might be targeted, with his reactor that makes the enriched uranium to build Israel’s secret nuclear arms that is no secret to anyone anymore, or at least suffer some close cratered “touches” near the installation that might hint of what they could do “next time.” Shaykh Sulaiman on X wrote that Dimona had been hit but the photos were from 2012. Caspian news writes about “Ori Vialkov, a researcher specializing in “Israel’s” wars, told the Israeli media outlet Maariv that the analysis of low-quality satellite images revealed there was at least one hit on one of the buildings in the ‘Dimona’ Nuclear Reactor and up to two hits in its vicinity as a result of the Iranian missile strike on April 13.”

But the Iranian Mehr News Agency on 18 April wrote, “The Dimona power plant was not on the list of the recent punitive measure by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Zionist regime,” said Ramezan Sharif, Spokesman for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Then Caspian News added, “Meanwhile, Commander of IRGC Unit for Protection and Security of Iranian Nuclear Centers, Brig Gen Ahmad Haqtalab, said on April 18 that Iran will “definitely” strike Israel’s nuclear centers with “advanced weaponry” in a tit-for-tat response if it “moves to target Iranian nuclear sites.”

Ramon and Nevetim air bases got a lot of press attention, but what about 8200 Group? During the attack, while I watched, everyone filming was looking southward at the flashes and missile strikes on the air bases with their mainstream media backsides mostly facing the flashes from the north and northeast coming from the Israeli Occupied Golan Heights. There was an 8200 Group, a Mossad secret operation base, situated there. It was charged with infiltrating Syria, gathering all the Intel. and sending agents undercover in Damascus to watch who was coming in and going out of the Iranian embassy compound and consulate annex. It was the spooks of 8200 that called up the decapitation strike on April Fool’s Day 2024. Neither the Israelis nor the Iranians are talking about it after 13 April or giving us the accurate count of all the Iranian hypersonic missiles drilling and completely destroying that operation base.

Fortunately, Pepe Escobar and Scott Ritter aren’t mum about it. They, along with Alex Christoforu and Alexander Mercouris of the Duran, have also verified and are also talking about evidence pointing to Iran possibly deploying at least seven more Fatah hypersonic missiles, to rain down upon that base, none of which were intercepted by anything the US, Britain, France, Jordan “and” especially Israel launched at them. The Iranian hypersonic missile systems aren’t like the Russian Kinzhal (dagger) hypersonic missiles, that go immediately hypersonic shortly after launch. The Iranians make theirs cheaper to afford, as a two-stage affair. The first stage of the ballistic missile launches and gets the Fatah hypersonic second stage to the point of its intended terminal descent. The hypersonic warhead detaches and races like lightning down the final several miles to obliterate its target.

At first everyone was denying their use, but again, as I said earlier, I was watching it live, and saw how one hypersonic missile’s afterburner shot through clouds of Iron Dome missiles floating in the night skies over Israel like distant white specks of man-o-war jelly fish hunting for prey, until exhausted catching nothing, started descending to deep ground horizons, snuffed out in the dark limbus of earth and hill and light polluted Israeli urbanizations. It seemed like the hypersonic ballistic “sharks”-cum-missiles pushed them aside, then at last approaching the target lost their Fatah hypersonic heads, igniting off the first stage like a dart of fire, faster-faster-FAST! FLASH! BOOM!!! Target hit. When you see it launch it looks like the missile had been hit by ground fire, then, out of the fireball comes, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet, the hypersonic warhead slicing into its prey.

At a certain point when Hezbollah was sending out a rain of hundreds of unguided missiles to purposefully absorb the very expensive Iron Dome missile musketry, I saw that some videos did catch a whole lot of flashes of missile strikes towards the Golan Heights. I saw Israeli witnesses on the ground, women screaming in terror and tears with their menfolk yelling “Lo! LOH!!!” (“No!” in Hebrew) at the flashes and delayed thundering. I thought it odd that I couldn’t find any follow-up reports about the Golan Heights strikes—especially because they turned out to be so deadly.

According to Pepe Escobar the Iranian airstrikes there are said by his sources to have killed 44 Mossad agents at the Golan installation. Iran had taken its revenge for the Embassy/Consular attack, and the Israeli government dares not mention this killing of the covert operators, because of questions that might arise, such as “what were they doing there and why did Iran so savagely kill them?” Avoid answering therefore, with mea culpa Israelis! stinking all over it.

Iran waited while Israel authorities finally had to admit because of the photo evidence strewn across the ground under the path taken over Jordan into Israel, the scattered litter of ballistic missile first stages with the tell-tale ignition burns where freed hypersonic darts had sprung.


One of several larger first stage of a Fatah hypersonic missiles found in Jordan after being jettisoned and falling to earth. The burned smudges can be seen from where the hypersonic second stage had successfully detached and ignited to take its warhead to hypersonic terminal velocity on target.

Even the hypersonics used were older models. The day after the raid, Tehran made it clear, and the detritus of downed missile and Iranian drone remnants scattered across Iraq, Jordan and Israel backed up what Lord Bebo on “X” reported, “Iran says to have shot their old missiles at Israel. Old missiles that are easy to intercept, are less precise and need to be decommissioned. Russian sources claim, that Russia rejected to buy the very same missiles due to their ineffectiveness. Still they got through.”

Samples of the Rest of the Articles, see below.

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DATELINE: 23 April 2024

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

Who don’t Understand Why this Time, Iran Struck Israel

Donald Trump being president at the time has a challenging astrological affliction. He’s a very powerful but unconscious channel of other people. Sometimes they can “channel” him to do their bidding, especially forceful, authoritative types one finds lurking inside the Deep State, like his NSA advisor John Bolton, who Trump naively appointed. Call him the Walrus, given his distinctive and eccentrically large, white mustache with its drooping, Walrus tusk-like, soup-strainer ends. The Walrus talked Trump into a missile launch on that Iranian anti-aircraft missile battery that shot the drone down, but in the last-minute Trump’s inner-eight-year-old, his innocent self he sometimes channels, can spontaneously impart an unexpected flash childish wisdom, like calling off the strike just 10 minutes before obliterating the Iranian missile battery on Iranian territory, saying, “Why are we killing people just because a robot plane got shot down?”

I’m sure there’s more to what made Trump change his mind. Scott Ritter is right that after the Walrus had his way with him, there stepped in some officers, who consider the Walrus a dangerous, war-loving hot head, gave the President their cold and sobering two-cents about the consequences if the US directly attacked Iranian territory, for they knew what I knew. First, channel Trump hero worships like a child any general in uniform. Second, to destroy the Iranian battery with its 195 men is also an attack on Iranian sovereign territory. It would ignite the usually slow to burn Iranians into an explosive response, taking out the Persian Gulf’s American bases in a full-scale war the US could not logistically wage or win. So the eight-year-old in him translated that into something like, why kill a bunch of Iranians over a robot plane?

That was one of two times, Donald Trump the malleable medium nearly got “channeled” by others to get “Armagettin’ stupid” causing a war with Iran… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 April 2024


Photo: Alisdare Hickson from Woolwich, United Kingdom, © Creative Commons.

Iran Braces for Israel’s Expected and Massive Response

The dog’s placard says, “Quite frankly, I’ve seen more humanity in cats than Netanyahu and Biden.” The photo was taken on 22 May 2021 at one of London’s largest protests in many years as tens of thousands set off from the Embankment, across Trafalgar Square and then down Piccadilly for a mass gathering at Hyde Park. The trigger for these mass protests had been Israel’s 11-day assault on Gaza, killing over 200 Palestinians, including over 50 children. That had just ended less than 48 hours earlier in a ceasefire. It was one of many massacres of Palestinians by Zionists over the decades that had culminated in the present-day, apocalyptic bloodletting of anywhere from 45,000 dead and over 100,000 injured during Netanyahu’s 2023-2024 mass genocide of Palestinians, enabled by President Biden.

Some days had passed after Iran’s strike that produced no immediate counterstrike from Israel. Is this a sign of a definite “maybe” moment that Biden’s phone calls to Bibi has AT LAST had some influence on Netanyahu and his government not to escalate…?

The real test is not so much this Iranian blow coming, or the escalation that Israel will do after it. The moment of truth comes when Israel confronting annihilation at the end of further escalations might conjure a deeply suppressed and unexpected surprise. Up to now the bully had threatened the Samson Option. Threatening talk is cheap. To face that imminent option before him, his annihilation along with his enemies, is this bully suddenly feeling afraid in the last second to destroy everything, including Israel and the Middle East…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 24 April 2024


Peaceful Tehran skyline under skies completely devoid of Israeli missiles.

Israel’s Big Nothing Burger Attack on Iran

By 20 April, things calmed down… The Israeli government was strangely mum’s the word and quiet after all the barrage of threats since 13 April’s Iran strike on Israel.

Only one member of Netanyahu’s cabinet had something to say about it, Itamar Ben-Gvir, his Minister of National Security. What I have to say about Gvir will have to take on a tone like an introduction written and delivered by Rod Serling, host of the early 1960s Sci-Fi classic horror show, The Twilight Zone.

Take it, Mr. Serling:

“Picture a self-professed Zionist Jew on an evening stroll with his gang of buddies in the Palestinian populated, but Israeli occupied, West Bank district. They decide to have some Muslim Friday afternoon “fun”—more like a looting rumble—ransacking and beating some Palestinian store owners, destroying their shops completely.

You can see gentle “Ben” in the following video in a white shirt easily distinguishable, straining the capacity of that shirt keeping his portly personage in place after he turned his back on the Palestinians and his gut followed. Gvir said something in Hebrew and his mates started tearing things up. Gvir joins in, tipping a rolling wrack of clothes into the street. He makes moves to enter the brawling but keeps back a bit. Where gut can go, his face keeps clear of fist-full-of-loud-mouth Ben. He’s an important man. He shouldn’t get his white shirt stained with blood of Palestinian nose.

“Where is security?! Where are the police to arrest this ugly stop this criminal behavior?

“Security? Call for Ben, of course, but only if you are the right, winged Semite. If you are Palestinian Semite, fuhgeddaboudit! This “Don” Corleone of Zionist supremacism doesn’t recognize you as a human being.

“And it gets worse.

“Ben-Gvir is the law. He is Israel’s Minister of NATIONAL Security, leading this armed gang of Zionist settlers and security guards to ransack that Palestinian street shop, because he CAN.

“Ben-Gvir has not suddenly found himself in the Twilight Zone.

“You have entered “his” Zionist State in the Twilight Zone…!” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 22 April 2024

An Israeli F-35I Adir assigned to 140 Squadron, Nevatim Air Base, Israel taxis out for a mission during Red Flag-Nellis 23-2 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, March 15, 2023. Red Flag is an opportunity to build on the success of JUNIPER OAK 23-2, JUNIPER FALCON, and additional combined exercises to enhance interoperability with Israel, strengthen bilateral cooperation, and improve capabilities in ways that enhance and promote regional stability and reinforce the United States’ enduring commitment to Israel’s security. (U.S. Air Force photo by William R. Lewis)

An Israeli F-35I Adir assigned to 140 Squadron, Nevetim Air Base, Israel, taxis out for a mission during Red Flag-Nellis 23-2 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, 15 March 2023. Source: U.S. Air Force, public domain.

Drops a Thermonuclear Bombshell!

Pepe Escobar, a veteran, globe-trotting Brazilian journalist and geopolitical analyst, based in Hong Kong, is a very good source. He published an eye-opening and really shocking scoop on his “X” twitter page back on 18 April 2024 that had me pacing about my office trying to settle myself into the consequences arising if this story is indeed true:



From a very high-level intel source.

In Asia. NOT Russia-China.

Although the strategic partnership, of course, exchanges at the highest level 24-7.

Confirmed and re-confirmed.

It will be great to know what Sy Hersh hears from his Beltway sources.

Here we go.

Israel initially chose to respond with extreme force.

An F-35 loaded with a nuclear bomb was sent east over Jordan.

The mission: cause a high-altitude detonation over Iran that would provoke a surge in the high-capacity power lines, crippling Iran’s electric grid, as well as disabling all electronic devices.

An EMP attack.


… As the Israeli F-35 was leaving Jordanian airspace it was shot down by the Russian Air Force. Hence the publicized version of the Israeli counter response was such a travesty.

In the end all sides decided not to publicize the real news – to de-escalate what could well turn into WWIII.


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DATELINE: 24 April 2024


Pepe Escobar.

To Be or Not to Be True
That’s the Question
Does Pepe Escobar have an Answer?

PEPE ESCOBAR: Larry. Please. I’m done. I’d like to listen to your interpretation.

JOHNSON: Yeah. So. I’ll put this out there for everybody to be assured of: Pepe Escobar is not a liar or a fabricator.

ESCOBAR: No, I’m not.

JOHNSON: That’s number one. And, I think he’s accurately reporting what his sources are saying. And, I can come up with what I see in the holes [in the story] that I’ve shared with Pepe, and we don’t need to go into that right now. The thing that’s troubling me, not so much about what Pepe is reporting, but the entire story about the Israeli attack on Iran doesn’t make sense. And nobody [meaning in Washington and West Jerusalem] has come out to really throw the red flag or call “bullshit” on it. Because in the aftermath of the Iranian strike on Israel, which I call a symbolic demonstration as opposed to one that was actually designed to be a strategic attack to accomplish specific military objectives, that…

There’s all this “Israel’s going to retaliate! Israel’s going to retaliate!” And I know among, particularly in the Western Jewish elite in the United States, they harbor this myth that, “Ah MAN! Israel can go strike Iran any time.” They can do what they did to Iraq when they hit the OSIRAK reactor in the [early] 1980s. And I keep telling them, “No, no, it’s not like that because, number one, Iran’s key military nuclear installations, they’re buried. They’re in deep, hardened, what they called, hardened, deeply, buried targets (HDBTs).” I worked directly on military exercises that tried to deal with that situation and it is just… The West doesn’t have a simple, easy answer for it.

In terms of Israel’s ability to strike back at Iran, what happened that night, you know, I was starting to write a piece. I’d just been on Press TV which is the Iranian-English-speaking version, and they were bringing up the fact that Israel was putting the word out that, “oh there’s damage done to the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel that Iran had attacked it. And I’m going, “boy that’s a shift in the [Israeli] narrative!” Because we were just being told [by Israel] that “99.9 percent [drones and missiles] shot down, no damage! Oh! It was a failure! An ultimate embarrassment for Iran!”

Now we’re getting this shift in the narrative. “Oh, Iran tried to attack our nuclear plants.” So I’m thinking, “Alright, Israel’s laying a predicate so they can justify trying to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

And then, within a half hour, my son comes in and says, “Hey! There’s breaking news!” So I turn it on, and man, CNN, Fox MSNBC here in the United States, “Oh my God!” I call it the “Breaking News” mamba. There’s a dance and lots of excitement, moving around and “Oh breaking news, according to Israeli sources…!”

So the Israeli sources are admitting that there’s an attack on the way. The United States is saying its missiles, there’s explosions, you know, madness, mayhem, “cat’s and dogs living together, mass hysteria,” you know, that line from [the movie] Ghostbusters.

And then over the next 24 hours, it’s like this car comes to a screeching halt and does an immediate one-eighty—or what Annalena Baerbock [i.e. the dimwitted German Foreign Minister] calls a 360.

[ESCOBAR and JOHNSON have a big laugh. Ania smiles shaking her head waving off the image in her head of Annalena dummkopf.]

JOHNSON: You know… And then all of a sudden Israel is like, “ATTACK??? WEEE Didn’t attack!” And then the United States starts walking all this story back. And then the report out of Iran, it was just four-quad-copter drones, these little drones about the size of a large cooking pan and then something did cause damage.

My point is, we don’t have the damn story. We really don’t know what happened… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 25 April 2024


Image of Starfish Prime from US Congress “Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.” This hydrogen bomb was launched from Johnson Atoll on the night of 9 July 1962, and ignited in space 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean. Here it is seen from Honolulu, HI, 900 miles east of Johnson Atoll. (Public Domain)

Pepe Escobar’s last words on the Matter
Followed by Scott Ritter’s Debunking of it,
This time in Detail, and Hogue’s review of Both

Perhaps Escobar’s sources misinterpreted or exaggerated the EMP explosion intended. For Israel to take out Iran’s power grid, they are capable to use a different weapon and warhead to do this but not with any surprise or stealth involved. They’d be firing a Jericho regional ballistic missile tipped with a large magnitude nuclear warhead to reach a ceiling way “above” Earth’s atmosphere of about 400 miles directly over central Iran to get the Electromagnetic pulse that could fry all the grids across vast expanses, in all the towns and cities of Iran. Such a launch cannot be hidden from US, Russian or Iranian radars and Iran’s missile defense would immediately guess what this Jericho intended to do, given its steep trajectory into space. Iran would fire thousands of ballistic missiles at Israel that, as their grid went down from the Israeli pulse, Israel would see those Iranian missiles pummeling the length and breadth of their little country, rendering it as ruined as Gaza.

What about a “stealth” atmospheric drop and detonation? That would be a surprise.

What can an F-35 carry in its weapons bay?

I searched for further information about what kinds of nuclear capabilities the F-35 has. I mean, if it is “all purpose,” I reasoned that would include nuclear capabilities hidden by its stealth defenses.

Popular Mechanics (8 March 2024) reported… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 April 2024


The Bibi Netan yahoo.

And What did Israel Lose
In the 20 Days of April’s Missile Crisis?

A particular madness seems to engulf politicians and many of those who had taken the infamous shots also seem to be suffering of diminished braincells. Because although it is being denied, those spike proteins ARE able to cross the blood-brain barrier. That on top of the many disastrous physical deteriorations that are coming to light and the many sudden and unexpected deaths that are occurring especially in young people.

Bhagawati, that is a GREAT insight! I have not factored in this, but it is clear as lightning dazzling the mind. Biden took all the shots and extra boosters. Most likely also his cabinet, and the leaders of the EU and NATO did that too. Could the speeding up of Biden’s dementia been the result or only a coincidence?

Putin took the Sputnik 5 shot, but it wasn’t an mNRA type. Russia has had none of this sudden dying syndrome. The Russian chemists and biolab scientists used a different regimen that has been used before that isn’t a genetic alteration of the human body’s immune system shedding foreign DNA to injure the heart’s walls and make meter long rubber blood clots in human corpses being prepared for embalming that morticians are seeing all around the world outside of Russia.

Consider the well-jabbed Western leadership. I mean when you already have stupid people in power what can make them even dumber than usual, perhaps? The vax can’t help them get smarter. That’s for sure! Another nasty surprise of Covid mNRA shots will only be known over the span of decades. It is likely that low grade damage is being done, even genetic mutations, that might not be recognized for decades when not only are there more people dying-suddenly, but maybe many will die earlier than the average life expectancy? We already have Turbo (charged) and fatal cancers appearing decades earlier in young people than they should emerge in people still so young. Mental damage might come on quicker than the usual old-age dotard time. Most of the Western leaders got their jabs three years ago. The changes of getting one’s DNA altered forever, might affect cognitive decisions that in the last three years seem dumb and dumber than I’ve ever seen before.

The leaders and the led in Israel per-capita underwent more mass vaccinations than any other country, boosters and all. Can this affect in subtle ways the mental health of the leaders and the led of Israel?

Just saying.

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DATELINE: 29 April 2024


Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

“With open eyes will the people of the Earth enter into these catastrophes.”

(Mattias Stormberger)

Top left: Ukrainian flag-waving House of Representatives, photo courtesy of Top right: Ukrainian flags flutter on one of many vast military cemetery fields across Ukraine. Bottom: a hypothetical portrait of the simple Bavarian peasant & cow herder Mattias Stormberger, (d. 1820). He is the Prophet of three World Wars. Are the Western leaders responsible for the third, leading their people with lies and misinformation right into it?

Sending $61 Billion thrown down a Ukrainian Money Pit
The Last Donation for Armageddon starting in Ukraine?

I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t know if this has ever happened on the floor of the House of Representatives before. American legislators wave foreign flags on the House floor after voting, in massive, bipartisan favor, to throw an additional dump of US tax dollars on a losing war horse named “Ukraine” in a race towards its inevitable destination, History’s glue factory.

The American people’s needs at home are ignored. It seems appropriate that US legislators now show their true national allegiance to this double-colored Ukrainian-flagged double-cross by tossing another $61 billion of the American people’s unasked for funding of this war as it now passes the USD $300 billion-mark-and-counting.

American elected officials continue to prop up a foreign country, not a democracy since 2014, but a full-blown Ukrainian Nazi Regime that the Obama administration helped create, while the Trump administration looked the other way and the Biden Administration sustained it, armed it, NATO trained it, this fascist Ukraine. So, America’s Deep State without its people’s permission can wage a war with Russia and hurt Russia, even if it destabilizes a peer nuclear power. Even if it takes the last Ukrainian killed to do it with little blood spilt by Americans, so the Deep State’s current president tells the American people.

These legislators waving kid flags from a dime store, are infantile and short sighted. Don’t they understand that if Russia’s government is overthrown or about to be overthrown in this US/NATO proxy war, that Moscow under existential threat, yet armed with their larger, more advanced, hypersonically driven, nuclear arsenal, will use it?

Europe will disappear in nuclear fires in 10 minutes!

The United States will be nuclear ashes in 30 minutes!

You are falsely promised that no American soldiers or civilians will shed blood is lost in this war?

And yet, your government is blundering in every way possible, charging forward, right into a nuclear exchange with Russia that will murder 300 million Americans in just 30 minutes…! Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


429px-Europe_a_Prophecy-ancient-of-days-1794-by-William-Blake-1757-1827-public domain

The Ancient of Days (1794) by William Blake (1757-1827). Public Domian.

Of the many “MAYDAYS” of MAY 2024
And Beyond to Come,

•When exactly will Russia undertake largescale offensives?
Everyone, including me has a prescient opinion. But I’ll try something new, let’s ask to presage an option the head of the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate, the very spooky General Kirill Budanov:

“Armageddon will not happen, as many are now beginning to say. But there will be problems from mid-May,” forecasted Budanov to BBC-Ukraine, adding, “…the Russians will use an integrated approach. They are conducting a complex operation. We won’t talk about this for a long time, but this will be a difficult period. Mid-May, early June.” (Courtesy of Military Summary Channel Archive)

Why did Budanov have to mention Armageddon and stress that it isn’t coming in the guise of the Russian offensives?

If there is no Armageddon coming as a real concern, why mention Armageddon?

It reminds me of the Monty Python skit showing on TV a Royal Navy officer played by Graham Chapman stepping up to assure the reporter that there is absolutely no cannibalism in the Royal Navy. The camera strays to another Pythonite Royal Navy sailor eating a human leg.

“Jenkins?! NO!” yells Chapman.

I time Russian offensives exploding across the battlefronts any time between 15 May to 21 May—the latter date being the final day by Ukrainian law that President Zelensky is legally president of Ukraine.

[UPDATE, 14 May 2024]

How will the Russians do this? Their General Staff will do to entrenched Ukrainian lines what Union General Ulysses S. Grant did in the American Civil War to finally defeat the Confederacy in April 1865. They will end this war of attrition with the Ukrainians, elongating their 870-mile (1400-kilometer) trench line, stretching, and thinning the Ukrainians out while keeping them under massive pressure until the front suddenly unravels.

Grant first denied Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army of Northern Virginia its advantage of maneuver to strike at his far larger forces by compelling Lee in June 1864 to dig in his smaller force by waging a race of picks and shovels building an entrenched front not dissimilar to what happened to both sides in the First World War on the Western Front in their “Race to the Sea” in the autumn of 1914. Over the following nine months, Grant forced Lee to extend his defensive line to match Grant’s expanding entrenchments along a front that eventually ran for 30 miles (48 kilometers) starting north at Richmond, Virginia, eventually running south, and making a southwest turn around Petersburg, Virginia.

Like the Russians against the Ukrainians, Grant had the advantage of marshalling a far larger army out of the far more populated and industrialized Northern States, backed by their superior industrial might. The Union army was well armed, well bunked, fed and richly supplied with a two-to-one superiority all along Richmond/Petersburg front.

Many battles in the no-man’s-land between earthen forts and trenches raged from the late spring of 1864, into summer, through autumn into winter, but with little territorial advantage, for either side, just like in Ukraine.

No matter.

Territorial gains to please the impatient press didn’t interest the stoic General Grant. By the new year of 1865, Lee’s right flank of trench works had been forced to follow the Union digging dangerously far westward from Lee’s Petersburg salient. Some quieter parts of his line were all but abandoned by Confederate soldiers, The Confederate logistical support began suffering breakdowns with their rations of food and ammunition becoming meager. In short, Lee’s defensive line as April and spring approached was losing the trenching tool marathon. Union cavalry with infantry support were making more daring forays west probing beyond the feverishly digging and famished soldiers of the Confederacy, scouting for a way to turn the entire Confederate right front.

On 1 April 1865, a large force of Union cavalry and infantry clashed with a line of Confederate infantry making a desperate stand at a strategically important junction where five roads met, called Five Forks. The Confederate firing line furiously stood its ground but was finally broken by overwhelming firepower and a massive frontal Union cavalry charge.

Things for Lee’s army then started unravelling fast… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.



The Russian Bear has had ENOUGH
Time to Scare the Collective West
Russia is DONE
With NATO’s Proxy War with It

And is considering a Nuclear Retaliation
If it Continues

Here are some must-read communiques about the second crisis.

I start with one of the best sources I have, Ret. Colonel Douglas MacGregor’s post on 6 May 2024 at 3:45 PM (Pacific time) that currently has been read by nearly a million people:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov summoned British and French Ambassadors to the Kremlin to warn them that an attack on Russian territory with their long-range weapons may prompt a Russian response against UK & French bases.

Russian General Staff is also reportedly considering plans for a nuclear strike on Ukraine’s training base Selidovo, which has many foreign soldiers and instructors.

Looking at the map Selidovo is not far from Donetsk City.

The Russians can easily use Iskander Missiles with conventional warheads to destroy any facility in that town. However, it seems Moscow’s patience with Biden and the DC Clown Show is at an end.

Macron clearly pushed too far and we did nothing to him.

Bottom Line: Moscow will no longer tolerate strikes on its territory.

Moscow is also unwilling to pretend that we and other NATO members are not co-belligerents. In sum, Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine on Russia’s doorsteps must end.

Given that Ukrainian Forces are defeated and collapsing, it would be wise to suspend further military aid and tell Kiev to ask for a ceasefire.

Failure to do so could precipitate a European war with Russia for which the US Armed Forces are not prepared… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

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