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THE HOGUEPROPHECY REPORT 31 August 2023: A HogueProphecy Vindication Report: A Review of Hogue Long ago Foreseeing the Success of the BRICS / Disney Corp. “Mickey Mousing” with Pluto: The Planet of Re-Generation and Degeneration Cycles – the Latter Fate looms as Uncle Walt Disney’s Entertainment Empire goes Woke-for-Broke / Ukrainian War Report: The Russian Steamrolling Offensives (in Plural) / The Niger-Ecowas Report: / Dilution is the Solution to Nuke Pollution as Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant pisses Radioactive Wastewater into the Pacific: What could go Wrong or Right with That in the Future??? / My First 2024 Presidential Elections Prophecy Report: The Trump Indictments and a “Total Eclipse” of the US Judicial System

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Author: Pixabay, © Creative Commons.

A Review of Hogue Long Ago Foreseeing
The Success of the BRICS

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

The following predictions I documented in 2013 and 2014 have turned out to be some of the most far-reaching and prescient given the test of time and events. Moreover, they could be describing in the long run, once we passed through this human travail, something exceedingly positive for the future of humanity.

For the acronymically challenged, BRIC, before it became the BRICS, is an acronym for the first founding four members of a gathering of the fastest growing economies at the turn of the century: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. BRIC became BRICS after it added South Africa in 2010. When the first four formed this economic union in 2001, Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill forecasted that by 2050 they would come to dominate the global economy.

He’ll be proven wrong as far as the timing goes.

How could he have known and factored in a “black swan” moment in prophecy, unexpectedly speeding up the process he foresaw? It was caused by an auto-suicidal move in February 2022, made by the US and its collective Western allies who unleashed the first of eventually 11 sanction regimens aimed at destroying one of the BRICS’ key member economies, the Russian.

The first sanction instead blew a great big “whole” in the US-EU economies, rendering the other ten sanctions equally superfluous as they bounced off the “siege” walls of financial defensive measures that the Russians slowly developed for eight years after being, economically burned by US and EU sanctions in 2014. Moscow slowly learned to develop a complete disconnection from the collective Western economic and banking system if such a blow was tried inevitably again.

This attack on Russia was a game changer—and yes, I’m replacing the word “hole” with “whole” for effect. Since then a whole lot of the world’s economies in the Global South (across Africa, South America, and the Middle-Central-South and East Asia) have begun backing away from the US dollar and the economies of the collective West. They started that process after sanction number one on 28 February 2022 hit Russia and so shocked the financial world that many non-Western nations began slowly removing their funds from the Western banks. This included Saudi Arabia, no less, and the Arabian black gold commodity that backed the US hegemonic dollar making it powerful and able to sustain a spendthrift US hegemon through deficit spending and money printing to an outrageous extreme.

That is over now. It may take two years for the Americans to feel the karmic economically pinching consequences of it, but it is coming and nothing can stop the advent of this economic “Greatest” Depression.

The global reaction to the first sanction in late February 2023 will go down in history as the beginning of a global axis shift event in human civilization away from 500 years of Western dominance. It started a process of what will eventually be the removal of most of the world’s national economies from the influence and weaponization of the US dollar all because the US and EU banks froze hundreds of billions of the Russian Central Bank’s foreign currency reserves sitting in them.

This was seen by most of the non-collective Western world as the US and its EU vassal states committing an economic Pearl Harbor surprise attack on Moscow, as a declaration of financial World War Three, while at the same time the collective West began a militarily proxy and conventional US/NATO World War Three that did everything but officially put NATO troops officially on the ground in Ukraine, fighting face-to-face with the Russians, but instead send aid, arms, training, and give even satellite assistance to Ukraine to fight Russia there “to the last Ukrainian” as US Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham infamously said publicly too many times. All of this is done to hurt and weaken Russia if it takes destroying Ukraine and its people in the process.

That it is doing, but without the fall of the Russian state. One-and-a half-years later, after an unheard of financial and illegal act of freezing assets of the Russian Central Bank, the brazenly unthought-out move to sanction Russia has instead mortally wounded the US dollar from ever recovering its global reserve currency status. Rather than collapsing the Russian economy, it is growing while the US, and especially the EU economies, are bleeding trillions of US dollars and euros of value from their weakening economies as a blowback wounding that their own sanctions had wrought upon themselves.

Then an even greater outrage that the Western media dare not expose, is the US committing a terrorist attack on the vital energy infrastructure of the German heart of the European economy. President Biden while blinking at Secretary of State Blinken, and Chief National Security Advisor Sullivan, ordered the sabotage of the German-Russian built Nord Stream pipelines last September in the Baltic Sea using US navy divers. Not only was it one of the largest manmade ecological disasters, but it also violently ended a European era of affluence, affordable social and healthcare services. The US “ally” denied Europe from ever again receiving cheap and affordable Russian natural gas that kept European lifestyles among the highest and its economies among the most competitive.

The Biden Administration and its neocons have sent the European civilization down into an economic dark age with the lights sometimes literally going out. It will soon struggle, like so many developing nations it once colonially controlled. And yet the European governments slavishly serve US interests, ignoring the rising discontent and protests of their peoples, emptying their treasures and their military ammunition and weaponry stockpiles given over to the Ukrainians all getting destroyed by the Russians. World War III with a Ukrainian proxy is conventional for now, but every day it inches closer and closer to open war between NATO and Russia come this autumn.

The big bad bully US dollar, like all bullies, finally went too far.

It committed an illegal, international act never attempted before, freezing a G7 economy’s central bank foreign assets and the US and its allies even openly tried to see how this greatest bank heist in history can be exploited legally so they can pocket perhaps a half-trillion-dollars’-worth of Russian foreign assets. Outside of the collective West were central bankers, finance ministers, their prime ministers and presidents in capitals across 100 nations looking on at this, all beginning to ask themselves the same question, “If the US and Europe can do that to Russia, a G7 major economy, a commodity superpower too, also the largest nuclear superpower on the planet, what’s stopping those great and idiotic “geese” strutting about in the halls of Washington, or in the halls of the European Union’s capital in Brussels, from honking off arbitrarily at any moment the same kind of bank-freezing sanctions on much smaller and more vulnerable countries and economies like mine in South America, or mine in Africa, or countries across all the near-central-south-and-eastern Asia lands?

In the 1970s through the 1990s a lot of books were written by Ruth Montgomery that became international bestsellers where she’s channeling her “spirit guides” to prepare the world for a physical shifting of the Earth’s Axis by 40 degrees just before the turn of the century but no later than 2012. As it turns out that Axis Shift was not a natural-geologic, but an unnatural economic, axis shift. Though it is coming slower than a polar shift, I predict it will cause just as great set of changes in human destiny if not the geologic coastal changes and mass loss of human life that Montgomery foresaw. Indeed I predicted as far back as ten years ago.


I want to present you two predictions I made about the BRICS. The first was published on 13 July 2013 for my bi-annual forecast book entitled Predictions for 2013 – 2014. The topic of the BRICS first came up in Chapter 6, entitled “2013-2014: Towards a Greater Depression?” in a subsection making forecasts about the future return of the Gold Standard and precious metals in an alternative economy to the US dominant Fiat economy, entitled. From Cold War to “Gold” Wars: “Bonds” Away!”


Some form of the gold standard’s return is only a matter of time in the multipolar economic world to come. From May 2013 to the end of 2014, any slim chance of a future Bretton Woods gathering might establish a Euro-American economic system that would compete for global dominance with one created by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) forming the first North-South, rather than East-West centric economic power shift in history. The precious metal mines of Brazil and diamond minds of South Africa will back a BRICS banking system. Two or more competing economic systems will increase pressures to organize a conference to establish a new global monetary arrangement rather than lock the world for a generation or two in a “East-West”, cold war style economic standoff…

Some believe the gold standard’s return will bring down the price of living because as no precious metals anchored fiat economies, this opened the floodgates to speculative and arbitrary monetary price hikes. Some think gold will stabilize and lower prices around the world and relieve the burdens on people to make ends meet.

The bridge to such an economic Utopia won’t be easily built in our times. The stars aren’t as favorable as in 1944 during Breton Woods. There was no malefic serial squaring of Uranus-Pluto during Saturn’s remaining transit [in Scorpio]. It’s more likely that these squares will stop progress and foster further procrastinations in the EU parliament and banking interest worldwide and feed political polarization and bickering in the US Congress. Despite our angry stars, China and its BRICS economic alliances will move forward with steady progress being made in their structural changes.

My Oracle foresees under such stars a piecemeal, chaotic and ultimately squandered window for reform. Still, there will eventually come a restructuring of the global economy into a new system of checks and balances based on a variation of an ancient, tried-and-true reserve of precious metals and stones. Yet there will never be a complete return to a monetary system based solely on precious metals in a commodity market. Any new arrangement will have to include a social contract, a social understanding of checks and balances, rules and rights. A degree of economic collapse, if not full collapse, and a period of chaos may now be unavoidable, though this could be a catalyst for the change of economic systems.

Chapter 6: 2013-2014: Towards a Greater Depression?
(Subsection) From Cold War to “Gold” Wars: “Bonds” Away!”

Indeed the reform didn’t happen in 2013-2014 during Saturn’s transit through Scorpio that dipped into Sagittarius in late December 2014, returning to Scorpio in June 2015 until mid-September 2015. At the time I was writing about the BRICS five, it wasn’t taken seriously by the West, they saw it as just a debate club on economics that might see any economic union soon shattered by political upheavals. Indeed such were coming, starting in the latter half of the 2010s. I even started to wonder if my oracle’s bolder prophecy, which we will examine below, was going to fall like a stack of broken BRICS.

But then a little less than a year after this 2013-2014 book was published something happened that was almost ignored by the world media, but my prescient instincts grabbed onto it unexpectedly writing the second prophecy in an article for on 23 May 2014, two days after a handshake between Chinese and Russian presidents were destined to change the world in a big way, even though I also had a sense that few would acknowledge that handshake in the West for a long time as the beginning of the world making changes not seen in 500 years!

Russia was going through a very rough patch after the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution was peacefully resolved in late February 2014, yet only a few days later, a violent coup led by Right Sector and other Ukrainian Nazi organizations violently overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian Russian President Yanukovych from office. He was replaced by a provisional, unelected government hand-picked by a woman that is today, so I believe, the neocon architect of our current woes over Ukraine. She’s Victoria Nuland. She was charged by Obama’s State Department to pick six of the 12-member Ukrainian provisional government cabinet set up after the coup that was a who’s who of the Ukrainian Nazi political leaders and henchmen.

Nuland hence became point person to facilitate the first “old-School” Nazi movement to seize power in a major European country in 2014 for the first time since Adolf Hitler did same in Germany in 1933. Germany’s Nazis were responsible for starting the Second World War. This time, and with US help, Nazis in Europe coming to power again in Ukraine have been the cause of starting a Third World War.

The Ukrainian Nazis were not voted in by the people. They immediately got to work threatening, persecuting and even killing Russian Ukrainian citizens who did not want to support an unelected and US enforced Nazi government that precipitated an eight-year civil war that also was an attempt by the Kiev regime to ethnically cleanse all Ukrainian Russians from Eastern Ukraine.

Russia made two diplomatic attempts to have Kiev and the Donbass regions make peace and keep the Ukrainian union of provinces intact. President Putin and the Russian government wanted the Donbass to achieve autonomy inside Ukraine, even though both leader and Duma voted to admit Crimea’s request to secede from Ukraine and once again return this Russian province of 300 years back to the Motherland.

Putin’s diplomatic attempts to create the Minsk I and II agreements with European leadership’s help turned out to be a cynical European and Ukrainian plan to talk peace, buying time so that NATO could train, arm and prepare Ukrainian forces to eventually launch a military invasion and conquest of the Donbass set for 10 March 2022. The threat of this Ukrainian invasion brought the Donbass leaders back to Moscow to plead their case again for Russian military protection. This time both Putin and the Russian Duma voted to start a Special Military Operation (SMO) to liberate the Donbass from ethnic cleansing, demilitarize and de-Nazify the Ukrainian State, preventing NATO from ever absorbing it into their alliance. Putin had been warning the US and NATO since 2007 that any further NATO expansion to threaten Russia’s borders would come to war if NATO conspired to absorb Ukraine into its alliance as that would be viewed by Moscow as an existential threat to the Russian Federation’s existence.

The SMO was launched on 23 February 2023 to preempt the Ukrainian conquest and complete ethnic cleansing of millions of Donbass Ukrainian Russians.

It was the Crimean departure into Russia that launched Washington and Europe’s first crushing sanctions on the Russian economy and specifically its agricultural industries in May 2014. In my view, their act triggered the “Second” Cold War with Russia. I quickly wrote a book about this in April 2014 entitled: A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

What was Putin’s response to the western sanctions in May 2014?

Putin went to China, the BRICS’ largest economic powerhouse. I wrote an article for, entitled, China’s Got a lot of Gas, and It’s Russian to the Toot of$400 Billion. Inside this short article below is my second BRICS prophecy. The date I predicted for the BRICS’ ascendancy was once again a bit too soon like the last prediction, but it has come fulfilled all the same. Dates are hard to catch in prophecy. And the year I picked below turned out to be one of the worst for the future of the BRICS, almost breaking their BRICS over Chinese-Indian border tensions, plus Brazil making a big turn backwards into the American sphere of influence when a right-wing Brazilian government arrested and had imprisoned the pro-BRICS Brazilian president and one of its first four founders, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, in Beijing 21 May 2014. A day that a great axis shift in history began. Author: Russian Presidential Website,, © Creative Commons.

The mainstream news in the West minimized as best they could the shift of the world’s axis this Wednesday, 21 May 2014. Remember, forever this significant date in 21st-century history. The world began to incline Eastward to become Eurasian-centric. A millennium of Western dominant civilization will be left behind, playing catch-up like another ancient Roman empire, unable to adapt to a new reality it remains in denial is taking the axis of economics, politics and civilization eastward and southward. The West will be sidelined perhaps for a thousand years to come.

The civilization earthquake started Wednesday, when the Russian President Vladimir Putin had gas, a lot of gas, while staying over in Shanghai, China. Putin had so much gas that he signed a deal with China worth $400 billion dollars and will keep “giving” gas loudly and long to China for 30 years. Ah, the sweet “smell” of natural gas successfully and soon pumped out of Russia into China to fire up what I predict by 2016 will be the world’s largest super-economy.

Russia under Putin’s pivot to the East will be “relieved” of the pressure and tension of US and EU threats of economic sanction over Ukraine because it has diversified its natural gas exports eastward [rather than] westward.

Beijing likes the cut of this cheese because thanks to Russia it can get gas that vents far less pollutant flatulent into its smog-foggy fetid-to-be-fatal air. Bluer skies in China make a greener, ecologically healthier Earth atmosphere, in which all of us pass greenhouse gas—industrially speaking, that is.

I can finally thank President Obama, his neocon Ambassador Nuland and his Secretary of State “in chief” (Obama’s version of Dick Cheney) Mr. Kerry. It seems the US Republican-sympathetic neocons have mated with neo-liberal, blue-dog Democrat supremacists when it comes to their bi-partisan, politically bisexual word for s-e-x: American “Exceptionalism”. Russia under Putin took exception to American “X-septic-nationalism” and it’s beating the dead Kerry horse-faced drum of renewed Cold War tension not anticipating how this sped up the Russian President’s well-recorded dream of shifting economic power away from the West to a Eurasian and southern hemispheric co-prosperity sphere.

Love Putin or try to put the Hitler mask that just doesn’t fit on his head, he maneuvered the exceptionally ignorant US leaders and ministers playing their geopolitically weak Cold War, East and West Ukraine hand just where “he” wanted to lay down his bet. He called them and they folded to Putin’s larger strategic gamble for Russia to utilize its unique geographic and resource advantage as a bridge—a land bridge literally of East and West—giving access to both when he chooses for export of Russia’s vast resources in a resource starved world.

The Western sanctions over the Crimean Anschluss and the following Ukrainian crisis have only sped up Russia’s pivot to China with the goal of forging a greater Eurasian co-prosperity sphere. This business deal with Moscow and Beijing signed in Shanghai last Wednesday is a significant moment in history. Some are calling it the “Deal of the Century”. I would call it the great economic axis shift of history’s shapers and influencers from Western leaders to Russians and Asians, leaving the European millennium of influence and what’s left of the American “Century” behind. For better or worse you’ve just seen signed in this deal the writing on history’s wall, if you will. The US dollar’s reign as petrol’s currency is numbered. In two years or a little more time the US reserve currency will begin its rapid decline in value as oil and natural gas transactions banknoted to a new reserve Sino-Russian currency for business. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) will adopt it and as I forecast in the Saturn prophecies of Predictions for 2013-2014, there will appear a new world of multipolar economic systems.

America’s economic power will rapidly fade. The loss of economic clout will eventually break the clay feet of America’s last tool of superpower, the ability to finance its huge military industrial complex and uber-giant-and-expensive military. When the dollar weakens and oil is bought in an alien currency, this makes for a very dangerous period in the latter half of this decade into the 2020s. When an overwhelmingly expensive military force, faces bankruptcy, it usually uses its threatened power, under false pretexts, or guided by a false narrative, to trump looming default with war. That is why the new Cold War arising is placing humanity in its most dangerous passage through time, just ahead. That is why I implore you to head the message of those seers of the Three World Wars, Nostradamus, Stormberger, Pastor Bartholomeus, St. Odile and many others whom I’ve gathered together for your enlightenment.

I have their prophecies waiting for you. These can warn and teach you how to prevent the Third World War that is not behind us, but ahead of us, if we do not prophetically anticipate the threat and then politically ACT to prevent it. Please read further about my most important new book A NEW COLD WAR: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

So here we are and much of what I wrote above is in play “into the 2020s,” including my prediction that the Chinese economy by 2016 would become the world’s largest, that is if you gauge it by size and volume of production. I later found out that back in the early 1950s Chairman Mao Zedong also foresaw that happening by 2016. The BRICS have risen, the dollar is falling out of use by the world and the they are openly working on an alternative gold-based financial transaction currency.

The BRICS Summit held on 23-25 August 2023, in the long run, is another significant Axis Shift event in human history. This time a whole lot more people in the world are watching, except for the collective West, which rendered most of this summit’s significance out of sight out of mind just as I predicted they would continue to do.

Well, can one blame these Western propagandists?

Their world, their “Empire of Lies” as President Putin labeled them at the beginning of the US-NATO Proxy Conflict with Russia in Ukraine cannot recognize this axis shift, this truth overtaking them.

I do not know if Alexander Mercouris back in May 2014 had seen Putin’s $400-billion-dollar deal of human history, as Russia’s great pivot away from the West towards the East, but I’ve been listening to his observations of recent BRICS moves, taking notes, along with studying other commenters in the alternative “free” media. I will share now what I understand of his insights whilst inserting some of my additional points of view from what he said on The Duran in topic 947 where at the end of his daily report on world events he commented on the BRICS expansion back on 24 August 2023… Get full access to all six articles by choosing one of two options:


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A map of the BRICS nations after the South African Summit in August 2023. The newest members, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are in blue. Together they consist of 40 percent of humanity with 10 more slotted to join next year. Author Peter Njeim, © Creative Commons.

A Review of Hogue Long Ago Foreseeing
The Success of the BRICS

BRICS has gathered all the oil producing giants outside of the US. It wants to back whatever the final form of international trading currency will be with oil it has gathered outside that is free and outside of the US domestic oil production and influence. There’s lonely America with its fracking boom slowly going bust, while outside of it are an alliance of oil giants Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia with another key Gulf Sheikdom, the UAE, with its significant free trading zone, to become what Mercouris also sees as an “energy backstop for the BRICS and to the new financial system…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.



The Ghost of Mickey Mouse haunting an empty Disneyland? Is this what going Woke then going broke will do? Source: Disneyland at Halloween by Laika ac from UK, © Creative Commons.

The Planet of Re-Generation and Degeneration Cycles:
The Latter Fate Looms as Uncle Walt Disney’s
Entertainment Empire goes Woke-for-Broke

There is a book from the Old Testament. I’m sure you’ve never read it. It is The Book of Frankincense and Murrh, the Lost Stand-up Comics of the Holy Bible. I’m the only one who has the last surviving ancient copy in my possession. Frankincense and Murrh thought Ecclesiastes needed a few improvements. Here they are:


For everything its wokish want, and for every activity under heaven, It is a time, oh Chuck Barris of Gong Shows,
To take the hook and be cast off stage when reciting the following:
For everything its silliness, and for every activity under heaven, its time:

a time to be woke and a time to wake up:
a time to plant and a time to uproot your media empire;
a time to buzz kill a fairy tale and a time to save Mickey Mouse…
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The Russian Steamrolling Offensives (in Plural)

Here we have a meme to be mindful of, given who is keenly responsible for the Ukrainian solders that have died in such great numbers that their swelling graveyard fields can be seen from satellite eyes in space. Deputy US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, when only a mere Assistant Secretary of State back in the days of the Maidan Revolution of 2014, had hand-picked for the Obama Administration the Nazis that would pack a provisional government poised to take power. But first, there had to happen a US-backed, violent coup by Right Sector Ukrainian Nazis to overthrow democracy in Ukraine, and ever since, leave it a “democracy” in name only. Right Sector goons scared out of country the “democratically” elected President Yanukovych and his government, paving the way for putting Vicky’s “team” of thugs in the new provisional government… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


Nigerien armed forces participate in the opening ceremonies of Flintlock 2017 in Diffa, Niger, Feb. 27, 2017. Flintlock is a multinational Special Operations Forces exercise geared toward building interoperability among African and western nations. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Zayid Ballesteros)

Soldiers of Niger. US Army, public domain.

Battlefield Africa?

As we go to press Gabon has just experienced a coup on 30 August 2023, overthrowing President Ali Bongo Ondimba. Once again, we have a takedown of a French-preferred puppet president of a family dynasty that has fraudulently controlled the elections there for 51 years. Burkina Faso overthrew a Francophile regime in January 2022. Niger did same in late July 2023. Now Gabon in late August 2023. When you add Guinea in September 2021 and Mali in August 2020, it looks like an accelerating wave of further coups across the former French-connection colonies are at last spreading to throw out the Francophile African governments under “shadow-colonial economic,” and fey Parisienne control… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


“Put! The jet! DOWN!!!” Production still of either Haruo Nakajima or Katsumi Tezuka portraying Godzilla via suitmation in Godzilla (1954), Toho Productions. Public domain.

“Put! The jet! DOWN!!!” Production still of either Haruo Nakajima or Katsumi Tezuka portraying Godzilla via suitmation in Godzilla (1954), Toho Productions. Public domain.

As Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
Pisses Radioactive Wastewater into the Pacific:
What could go Wrong or Right with That in the Future???

What was it that awakened Godzilla from a deep one-million-year sleep? Oh! It was oceanic atomic bomb tests. The blasts were enough to make his famous spiked spines glow in the dark whenever he vomited radioactive flames on Tokyo back in his first movie released in 1954 (see above).

Godzilla was my first guru when I was a little kid and first saw that movie in 1961 deep in my “Reptilian-brained” childhood phase. I was obsessed with all things dinosaurs. Before deciding to be a “Writer,” at age eight, my first career dream at 6 was to become a “Paleontologist” when I grew up… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


Trump’s “mug” shot.

Trump’s “mug” shot.

The Trump Indictments
And a “Total Eclipse” of the US Judicial System

With this article I do thee “wed” myself to the future possibilities I must foretell that will be the culmination of the dire portents that America has never known that launched this current four-year presidential term on 20 January 2021. It birthed Joe Biden’s first four years in office marking the beginning of the end of the American Hegemonic era. The journey in prophecy I begin today will take us through the impeachment process coming for Biden, the attempt to bury Donald Trump, his key opponent, with an attack of Biden’s Justice Department’s war of “Law-fare…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

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