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We start with 10 HogueProphecy Russo-Ukrainian War Reports: The Prelude—Pluto’s Next Transiting Blow, Completely Changing the World Again; 1)The Turning of the Tide; 2) Putin’s Strategic Goal; 3) What is NATO’s Strategic Goal; 4) What is Kiev’s Strategy to Win; 5) Who Wins the World War of Sanctions; 6) An Interlude of the Absurd, spiced with Belgian and Polack Jokes; 7) Phase 3 of the Russian Special Operation, Open Russian Tank Season; 8) Will Russians Use Nukes; 9) President Putin Explains Things Intelligently without the Western Media Editing him; 10) The Blockade of Kaliningrad. And after that: Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited: The Israeli -Iranian Missile Crisis, Part 1 & 2. Mabus/Third Antichrist Report: US war with Saudi Arabia Foreseen? US President Alzheimer’s forewarned in August 2017. The New Fascism is Globalism & the Great Reset. Hitler’s Prophecies Series—Lesson 1. The Earthtrauma Report—Lest We Forget… Osho’s Prophecy about the Auto-Suicidal “Old Humanity.” Hogue & the Fourth Wind Mystery. The Snake of Identity. Roe v. Wade Struck Down, & Finally Signs and Rumors in the Vatican that Pope Francis may Retire

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(Prelude, & Parts 1 through 9)

DATELINE: 26 May 2022

Pluto’s 10,000-foot mountains of ice. Source: NASA/JPL.

Pluto’s 10,000-foot mountains of ice. Source: NASA/JPL.


Pluto’s Next Transiting Blow
(Late June-to-11 July-through-Early-August 2022)
Just like the Last Blow on 21-24 February
It Will Completely Change the World Again!

The next war in Europe will be between Russia and fascism, except that fascism will be called democracy.”

Fidel Castro

A Note to My readers: I apologize for this release being late. I had to apartment hunt, move and during both suffer a serious bout of Covid-19. I just pushed through the plague, hauling furniture and stuff to my new duplex in Langley, WA, through the bulk of July into August. Then I returned to finish these articles and am now on the mend. Thanks for your patience.

–John Hogue (12 August 2022)

Now AT LAST, let’s begin…

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

As Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park once Said, “Hold onto Your Butts!” The raptors of a significant reality-check, reality-changing return of Pluto passing over its US Natal position, 4 July 1776, will touch and set in motion another sudden history-seismic event changing the world as we have known it. This has not been seen since everything changed in late February when this US/NATO proxy war with Russia and a world war of economic sanctions began. It’s first forever change? Putting an end to the US, unipolar world!

Back March 30 in an article my full-access subscribers got to see dated 1 March 2022, I wrote:


The last Tuesday of February, the twenty-second day of the second month of the twenty second year of this new century is a day that changed the world. It is the day the Planet Pluto touched for the first of several times over the next several years its natal birth position of 27 degrees Capricorn when the United States of America was born on 4 July 1776. The forecasting art of Judicial Astrology was used by the famous sixteenth-century French Prophet Michel Nostradamus to plot the courses of collective human history. Applying this astrological art to planets we have since discovered, astrologers behold how great and epochal are the shifts in world history beginning and ending within one 248-year orbit. In the next few years of swings from direct to retrograde to direct motion again Pluto will finish one orbit around the Sun that it began on the birthday of the United States set in motion by a Declaration of Independence, the signing of which was proclaimed to the citizens of Philadelphia by the ringing of the Liberty Bell up in its belfry around the time the belfry clock counted 2:22 pm.

The waxing-exact-and waning influence of Pluto’s transit over the US birth chart position at 27 degrees 34 minutes Capricorn started 3 February 2022 just as feverish rumors of war and war threats began their crescendo. The buildup of Russian forces was true but none of these mainstream Western reports covered the “why.”

HogueProphecy covered it.

The Russian build up was in response to a third of Ukraine’s best regular armored and mechanized brigades amassing along the Line of Control starting in November 2021, just as the approach of Pluto to the US natal position began tightening. A date for invasion of Ukraine by Russia out of many not bandied about by the Western media was 8 March, the date the Ukrainian forces planned to take back the Donbass breakaway republics by force.

The waxing conjunction to its exact minute of US birth at 27 degrees Capricorn began accelerating tensions acutely starting 18 days before it reached the exact degree and minute mark of the US chart’s Pluto position for the first time since July 1776—between Monday and Tuesday 21-22 February 2022. I foresee in that timeframe the beginning of the end and the beginning of a new era. For America it is the beginning of the end of its influence upon the world. On the global stage it begins the rapid decline and fall before a new 248-year Plutonian orbital cycle that at the time of America’s birth also gave birth to middle classes and marked the beginning of the end aristocracies of that time.

The End/Beginning of Ages:
The Transit of Pluto on 2/22/22

The Planet Pluto, Astrological Ruler of generational and de-generational change.

The Planet Pluto, Astrological Ruler of generational and de-generational change.


I published the above on 1 March just after Pluto had slowly advanced through its exact conjunction with the US chart Natal position. Eight days later it moved from exact to very near exact, just one degree forward, 28 degrees Capricorn, and it would not advance further out of that slightest change, grinding and grinding the war’s unique stoic and slow motion but ever violent trainwreck pace of the Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. The dark lord did not care what fantasies the Mainstream Media (MSM) wove as it creeped the plutonian near-motionless progress day by day, week by week, through March into April and dragging into May, declaring how Russia was slowed down by the victorious Ukrainians. They killed 20,000 Russians, destroyed thousands of tanks with only 3,500 of their own dying. That the sanctions “world war” was killing the Russian ruble and destroying the Russian economy. The evil “Dobby” house elf Putin will fall soon!

The Russians had abandoned their positions around Kiev, the glorious Ukrainian forces had pushed them back there, and near Kharkov too. The Russians were suffering one debacle after another. They were killing civilians in Bucha, killing prisoners. The few of us in the alternative media who documented a very different story were distained and laughed at, or worse, threatened with banning off media platforms. What was our crime? We were generally trying to direct people’s attention away from what were merely Russian strategic withdrawals from Kiev and Kharkov. There was no pushing the Russians out. They left to reinforce their fellows where the “real” fighting was raging. They were sent east then descended to the southeast back into Ukraine to begin a long and methodical envelopment of Ukraine’s best troops forced by order of Kiev to stay stuck, as the Russians approached, sitting on the Line of Contact (TOC), a trench line along the western limits of the breakaway republics the of Russian speaking Donbass region known as the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and the LPR (Lugansk People’s Republic).

By order of Kiev they could not maneuver to face this approaching threat because their government, run by former actors, producers and script writers, fought this war making good optics a more important priority than military prudence. So this beefed up best trained mass of over 100,000 Ukrainian troops stayed on the trench line of the TOC, nose to nose with the DPR and LPR Donbass militia, allies of the Russians, while an approaching doom slowly advanced out of Russia behind their northern flank as did another Russian force of arms advancing west along the Black Sea Coastline from Crimea threatened their southern flank. But not one step back could they withdraw out of the clear and present trap because President Volodymyr Zelensky and his TV team turned cabinet members demanded that not one square foot of Ukrainian territory be lost.

Why? Because it was bad optics.

He should know. In his last job he played the Ukrainian president in a highly popular comedy reality show called “Servant of the People.” It was so popular that with the help of Ukrainian oligarch Oleh Kolomoisky’s financing his campaign, Zelensky was elected president of Ukraine a few years earlier. I mean, what more military and political experience to you need to save your country from a Russian invasion, hmm?

“TOC” about missing the mark, you MSM networks!

Donbass was where the real war was happening along TOC with the crawl of a Russian and Donbass militia army moving as slowly as sloths taking a hill at a time, a village, a field of black, grain giving earth, a trench, a dug-in Ukrainian tank while the MSM reporters sat on their 5-star hotel roofs in Kiev reporting a war, a false Ukrainian (but good optical) victory in a war that had left them behind in the Ukrainian East for months to come.

Finally when their ratings could no longer stand the delay the MSM came late to Pluto’s hellish party raging in the Donbass city streets of Mariupol where they could suppress new moments of “bad optics” called fact. They reported that there were no Nazis terrorizing the Ukrainian citizens there. The Ukrainian forces-sans-Nazis was “defending” this Ukrainian Russian-speaking city of 500,000 people. They were shielding them from danger rather than using them and their high-rise apartment blocks as strong points to fire upon and be fired at by the Russians. They made sure the civilians were safe in the apartment’s basements. The Ukrainian Nazis would only use their snipers to shoot any of the civilians down looking for water, aid or food so as to protect the others from venturing out into the sun as they fought the Russians using civilian homes as fortresses—and while you’re in the civilians’ homes, why not eat what’s left of their food, sleep on their beds while the owners hid in dark, dank bombproof cellars clutching their children. Defenders of Mariupol, the Ukrainian Nazi “Azov Brigade” did their utmost to destroy Mariupol, terrorize, massacre, rape and kill its Ukrainian Russian citizens, to save it, and them, from Russian liberation.

Finally what was left of the Azov Nazi forces were finally pushed back and pounded by Russian artillery into the Azovstal steel works, a vast 15-square kilometer forest of smokestacks, steel yards and smelters called Azovstal. The MSM had to save face and declare their last stand there was synonymous with the last stand of the Texans that ALAMO, y’all. Not a good fit, really if you are historically literate. The Texans weren’t taking civilians as hostages. The Texans would never crawl down deep into Azovstal’s nuclear-proof bunkers 60 feet or more underneath the steel yard keeping the civilians from leaving. Nah! They were just protecting them real hard from the Russians besieging Azovlamo the “Alamo.” Don’t take one step out of this catacomb of bomb shelters Mr. and Mrs. civilian. You’re safe here, even if your “protectors,” using you as human shields, declare they’ll fight to the death like the Texans did against the Mexicans with their civilians along for the last stand dive. The heroic Texans at the Alamo did not do that, by the way. They sent their families to safety through Mexican lines. Fortunately for the hostages, the Azovstalians suddenly dropped all “protection,” and cast the civilians out because they were eating too much of the dwindling food supply.

In my March report I told my subscribers how the MSM was winning its propaganda war but that the Russians, despite suffering some tactical setbacks at the onset of hostilities, some tactical defeats, they were strategically winning this war and that would continue. Moreover, I warned that all the propagated fun would soon end with reality invading the optics from people in Hollyweird-to-Washington spin doctors all the way to the weird world of actors and TV producers running the Ukrainian government. By end of March into April, it was time to smell the bullshit and something worse, something sweet-like and sickly wafting from Ukrainian trenches and Azovstal in the far Ukrainian east, a developing military disaster.

Back on 29 March I explained why I planned a long pause before my next Ukrainian Report by writing, “It seems appropriate to pause on this day for two reasons. The first is a long-forecasted prophecy by the mainstream Western news. Remember? This was the day they forecast the collapse of the Russian military losing in Ukraine, unable to further sustain their offensive because of the loss of tens of thousands of men. This is the day that Vladimir Putin should by now have been deposed in a coup because of that and his Russian regime is no more!

“Now then,” I explained, “none of that’s happened, so it’s time for a new load of bullshit from our glorious Western media outlets. Their take so far has been this: Russia’s putting all his efforts in taking Kiev by storm, and the reason why that hasn’t happened yet is through the military prowess of the Ukrainian Army checking them at every effort down the last 30 days of this war. (Yes, today [29 March] is Day 30 of the conflict.) So, since that hasn’t worked, Putin (who should be gone now) is going to “suddenly” take the territories in the eastern Ukraine in a lightning-fast and armored sweep and fight a large force of the Ukrainian army still on the Line of Control that somehow hasn’t been reported being there for a month.

In conclusion I added, “Now, I wonder, how is it possible that a soundly defeated Russian force of arms can just bounce back and do all of that?”

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld has creeped up to touch and upset the scales of fate with his crooked finger against the MSM, Western leaders. He is tipping the bullshit; he’s popping the balloon of loony lies with the propaganda war’s greatest enemy: Reality. And since the end of March throughout April it got a little harder for them to explain why the Russians are still there, getting stronger, not running out of missiles, not running out of thousands of artillery rounds raining on the “victorious” front of the proxy NATO war in Ukraine. The EU and NATO leaders can’t explain why the World War of Sanctions against Russia has not crushed and crashed the Russian ruble but made it stronger. These Brussel-sprout brained people like EU President of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen and ersatz EU Foreign Minister Jacop Borrell, or the stunned mullet-eyed General Secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, are seeing all their economic weapons literally backfiring in their faces, backfiring across the EU and America’s economies.

By end of April, astrology’s Lord of the Underworld—lord of what lies underneath people’s false masks, made his move.

Pluto slowing even further its direct course since it passed over its US Natal position starting all this war and craziness reversed course on 30 April 2022, going retrograde back from whence it creeped. And like a counter swing of a very slow moving but powerful planetary-sized wrecking ball it is swinging backwards, sweeping away all the forward marching fantasies about Russia losing, Ukraine winning, no Nazis surrendering in Azov (sorry folks, no Alamo fight to the end). Pluto passing backwards catches and drags the curtains pulled over people’s eyes strung by the MSM, getting them angrier and angrier as a global food crisis mounts and inflation skyrockets.

The ruble imploded by a Western initiated World War Three of economic sanctions?

Almost all the EU nations’ businesses in April were in a silent rebellion, sending to Russia euros which the Russians converted for them into rubles for the lifeline of Russian gas and oil to continue flowing. The ruble became the best performing currency of 2022 while Recession loomed across the West. Perhaps by autumn we will see food riots and revolutions across the EU and US and the fall of many a proud and boorish EU Bear. Not the evil POOOTin Russian bear, who isn’t dying despite the MSM’s mantra said that he was. I’m talking about another bear, or Ursus in Latin. I’m talking about the she-bear, that “Ursula” van der CRAZY Leyen lady, and her boring EU Foreign minister Borrell, that stunted intellectual Stoltenberg, and sleepy Joe Biden, all at last being seen as the stupid architects of this Plutonian cluster f**k, coming. Brace yourselves for a complete unraveling of the Ukrainian armed forces, perhaps even a military coup in Kiev, and even the breakup and partition of Ukraine coming, as Pluto plods ever closer toward its date with transiting over, in retrograde motion this time, its Natal US birth position at 27 degrees Capricorn again. Strangely enough, the second pass begins on the same day numbered in June that the transit went first exact in February.

February 22? Meet June 22, 2022.

Brace yourself for the waxing of Pluto’s return over its US natal position beginning on 22 June, intensifying all through July unto the first days of August. This will be the second of seven of Pluto 27 degrees Capricorn transits that by August will have utterly altered our world as we have known it again.

Last time it started this global economic war and US-NATO proxy war fighting the Russians using up the Ukrainians. Brace yourselves for Monday (Pacific Time) 11 July 2022, the day of transit exactitude at 27 degrees, 34 minutes Capricorn! After that day passes, a new unraveling of the world as we’ve known it will get cracking.

Neo in the “Architect’s” chamber.

Neo in the “Architect’s” chamber.

What follows in the next six article parts of my new and third Ukrainian Report will present all the potential details of this global oncoming tragic opera. But first I end the prelude with and Overture playing some of the key themes of this infernal, Plutonian underworldly piece. I will play conductor weaving my own themes of prophecy together with what I hope will be a renewed chance to interest my readers in checking out my gifted sources, the “musicians” playing in my “orchestra.” They are the accurate members of the alternative media—or what I would like to call the real media, that’s had to go off main social platforms. Together we try our best to see things as they are, not as we want ourselves to believe. Our collective accuracy proves that we are on the right track, or so I contend. Let the following articles stand the test of time and events to that claim.

A half-truth is far more dangerous than an outright lie. Yes, finally and way too late, the MSM had to start reporting on where the lion’s share of Ukrainians fighting for their country is happening in the Ukrainian East. Although a lot of my sources dispute or question each other at times, we all claim to see the facticity of events that will result in the Ukrainians suffering a great military defeat, indeed it appears as I write this on 26 May it will be a rout of the army that, back at the beginning of this conflict, was poised to attack the Donbass republics and take them back by force. The Russian “special operation” was indeed that, not an invasion of Ukraine, but a prevention of an invasion of the Donbass as its first objective.

As it turns out the Ukrainian “offensive” force, pre-empted has since not received any orders from Zelensky and his government to retreat as the Russian danger of encirclement slowly grew. These poor brave men are denied what winning armies do, maneuver, make strategic withdrawals to fight on better and more advantageous ground. Instead they are being encircled in developing pockets, the Russians systematically rolling up their strongest entrenched positions from the south around Propasnaya, up to the conurbation of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. Another pincer of 20,000 Russians to the northwest around Izyum is ready to pinch off ALL the Ukrainian defensive lines and their main headquartered reserves at the conurbation of Slavyansk-Kramatorsk. This is the communication and headquarters hub of what once was a Ukrainian offensive force caught by surprise in late February, their final open roads for retreat to a much more defendable position far west along the Dnieper River cut off in mid-summer.

The Ukrainians along the TOC until just recently had cohesion and were fighting hard. They won some tactical victories such as giving the Russians a bloody nose along the Northwest Pincer’s attempt to cross the Severodonetsk River with pontoons in late March. Well the Russians are across now and closing the vice. Ukrainians will win little battles but not the largescale battle the Russians are completely winning. The Sloth’s slow slaughter, the long grind is now causing a collapse of Ukraine’s best regular troops, marines and elite Nazi battalions.

The loss of life is uneven. President Zelensky can’t lie anymore about the Ukrainian death toll hanging idle around 3,500 for months. A lot of his people are getting killed, wounded and captured in the bloody latter days of May 2022. He’ll now admit to 100 dead a day. He’ll have to admit to more. The real number killed, wounded and captured is 700 to 800 a day. The Ukrainian static front strategy reminds me of the fight-an die stratagems of the fascists in the Second World War. Today’s Nazis apply Hitler’s stupid “Not one step back!” order pressed upon Zelensky by the rather scary Ukrainian Nazis in his government, like Right Sector’s Dmytro Yarosh. These aren’t neo-Nazis, they’re old school Nazis. And they fight like the Japanese fascists who fought even harder than the Ukrainians do. I would even say they fought harder than the Americans during World War II, but nearly always in the island-hopping battles, being dug in on islands with no ability to maneuver had the Japanese at a strategic disadvantage. They knew how to die bravely, but not how to win a world war. As General George S. Patton once famously said to his own troops, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

The Ukrainians are dug in and entrenched inside Russia’s developing encirclements, its cauldrons as the Russians call them; their only road west plotted by Russian artillery from both sides of it will make it a turkey shoot. And what do the Ukrainians have left to fight with? They are running out of bullets and shells. They are running out of petrol for moving their armor and artillery. For the sake of holding ground you can’t win a war fighting to your advantage.

Zelensky and his Nazi henchmen are murdering their own men by the thousands to sustain a media narrative. Wag the dog is soon becoming wag the thousands of corpses to pretend there is life in them to fight on to victory! The Russians fight better, they are better trained, better armed, better supplied and better led from the Kremlin down to the lowest lieutenant. And you are going to find out in the coming months that after the initial setbacks their numbers of killed are not 20,000, 50,000. These number are roughly ten times inflated. However, and sadly I must add, if you apply these estimates to the Ukrainian dead, they will be seen as too low.

We are going to see in this war how the NATO forces would fight Russians because the Ukrainian Army for eight years-and-counting has been trained and armed by NATO so that they can be integrated with any NATO nation’s military units as one. Watch, therefore, how, and in detail, the Ukrainians on the battlefield lose their war. It is how NATO would fight if this proxy war if it becomes a direct conventional war.

I finish my “overture” returning you all to what I wrote on 29 March 2022 when finishing my last Ukrainian Report. I presented seven prophecies about what was coming down the next few months of the war. Prophecy #3 is already being fulfilled by the Mainstream Media:

Prophecy #3
I get the feeling from the propaganda coming from the West that they’re preparing their gullible readers and video watchers for the blow, Ukraine’s major defeat in the Donbass region. I don’t know what bull they’ll come up with to manure and plant their fantasies with.

Well they’re weaving all kinds of force majeure—forced manure that I’ll get into in more detail below in the reports. And it is over the defeat I saw coming in the Donbass at the end of March that at the time I wrote this the MSM wasn’t even talking much about. It is now happening. We are getting a glimpse of things to come once this encirclement has effectively destroyed the best half of the Ukrainian Army popping up like prairie dogs in their holes for slaughter:

Prophecy #2
An overwhelming air and land attack is about to be unleashed on what’s left of an estimated 75,000 Ukrainians encircled in pockets along the line of contact. The Colonel-General [Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Igor Yevgenyevich Konashenkov] already lowered that number to 59,000 left fighting. After Azov in Mariupol, comes a hammer blow upon Ukrainian Nazi units like Dnipro I and II and Donbas intermingling with regular units there who are already running out of ammunition and gas, already leaving behind as the pockets tighten around them fields full of empty tents, piles of ammo and masses of APCs, mobile artillery and tank units parked in towns and standing forlornly on Ukrainian fields.

And now a glimpse of things to come once this encirclement has effectively destroyed the best half of the entrenched Ukrainian Army immobilized by their government to defend to the last man lands that are indefensible:

Prophecy 5
Then phase three begins. Which I expect will see Russian arms freed of encirclements in the East make a rapid North and Westward advance to occupy the lands that once comprised Novi Russia, the predominantly Russian speaking areas of Ukraine reducing that nation to a rump state in what was once Western Ukraine and if the Polish want to annex it back since losing it in the Hitler-Stalin swap, filled as it will be to the brim with the surviving Ukrainian Nazi forces and politicians, be Moscow’s guest. Clearly this war is taking its time and might go on for another month, perhaps even into May. As far as high-kinetic warfare goes, even a three-month slog to de-Nazify, demilitarize and politically reconstruct Ukraine is quite quick. Already I see cities along the Black Sea coast dropping the Ukrainian hryvnia and using Russian rubles. A small thing, the shift of the basic coin of transactions, but new kinds of money passed from hand to hand always sprouts major changes in civilization as I predict you will see in the next two years when the dollar ends its role as global reserve currency.

Back on March 29, I was still under the illusion that this war would be soon over. That was a biased assessment. It’s what I wanted to happen. Not long after I published that article on 30 March 2022, and April began, I could see this war would go on for many months more. Even a year.

DATELINE: 27-28 May 2022

Fierce fighting in Severodonetsk Azot industrial chemical complex, late June 2022.

Fierce fighting in Severodonetsk Azot industrial chemical complex,
late June 2022.


We Come to it Now
The Turning of the Tide
The Russians are Cooking
Their Ukrainian Cauldrons

The Ukrainian soldiers in their earth-colored camouflage, flak vests and military kit, crowded and clung to each other and to whatever they could hold onto tight atop the superstructure of their armored personnel carrier (APC) speeding down the road in a south-south westward direction, as fast as it could carry them, escaping from their fortified town of Liman, in the Donbass region of East Ukraine. They sped through low-angled sunlight and long shadows across their asphalted path on a beautiful mid-spring morning. The APC’s camouflage netting whipped and fluttered about them in the wind the speeding APC made on its forward sprint down the straight country road, the engine on overdrive, the countryside a blurred wall of green as it passed. A video camera recorded it all.

A race was on. A race to avoid capture. A race to cheat the iron and thunder of death falling all around them. So many months static, entrenched, dug in, suddenly dug up and out by the Russians. Now like Ukrainian pheasants startled from their cover, exposed in the gunsight of the hunter, they fly. Their path dangerously straight they accelerate the drag-race-death-defying.

The video camera’s audio distorted all sounds into loud and flapping gurgles and rumbles of too much wind drowning the little microphone. But not enough to modify or mollify the roar of great and explosive crashes falling all around them, hunting them, intent to obliterate them as artillery struck ahead and behind, “Crash-Boom! Crash! CRASH-CRASH!!”

They ducked their helmeted heads pressed fast to the steel and camo nets, hugging the APC, a few clutching one of hits turreted machine guns passing while they through the gray smoked foggy breath of the Russian 152 mm howitzer batteries near misses.

Farther out from the nearby blur of passing roadsides the camera captured the columns of black smoke, in the near distance. Perhaps it marked the flaming wrecks and ground meat of burning comrades who in this death race to avoid being surrounded by the Russians, to be trapped, cooked down in their cauldron, the enemy artillery had already caught, crushed and killed.

And then they were through! At last. The smoke columns behind them. The cursing in Ukrainian turned to pensive “can I believe it?”

Yes… YES! We made it. We’re through. The APC slowed down and relaxed its pistons, the driver mindful to save his diesel tank load of fuel for who knows when the petrol tank could be filled again?

Perhaps next time, the Russian pincer coming out of Izyum, 20,000 Russians hundreds of tanks and heavy guns, when at last they make their move, farther west will cross their path on their next escape attempt. Maybe next time the platoon of men would have to make their breakout without their armored personnel carrier. They had to leave it behind, out of gas and they, trying to pass through columns of hundreds of well-fueled and armed Russian tank and motorized infantry battalions, must charge without any remaining ammunition.

And then everything ends with dead hands outstretched to fall grasping the black Ukrainian earth of so many good and golden wheat harvests. This year of war, however, they are left unplanted with seed. Instead, men will be planted in the black earth for Death’s harvest. I wish you good luck, members of that platoon, that you live to see the golden fields, only if now, you drop your empty weapons and stretch those yet living hands up high beyond the golden land and into the deep blue Ukrainian sky in surrender.

Tying a Ukrainian flag on a Second World War Soviet soldier memorial won’t change the reality that Ukraine’s war is lost. Source: © Creative Commons.

Tying a Ukrainian flag on a Second World War Soviet soldier memorial won’t change the reality that Ukraine’s war is lost. Source: © Creative Commons.

On 26-27 May, Liman, a city of 20,000, had fallen to the Russians at the far north end of a fortified line holding tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops in their last territorial toehold on the breakaway republic of Lugansk that their government in far off Kiev demanded they hold at all costs, not one step back! It is a twisting line of defense penetrates east up to the Ukrainian line’s deepest salient east to the fortified and much conurbation of Severodonetsk and Lysichansk. It then curves long and far down to the higher ground of its strategic southern hinge of Popasnaya.

Popasnaya had fallen first, about a week before the northern hinge of the line at Liman, starting the Russian roll up of the line to encircle the whole group of Ukraine’s best troops, who, in this long an grinding war of attrition with the Russians, past masters at this tactic, have seen mostly artillery barrages ground it down over the last few months until the present week where they are losing a battalion a day, 800 men killed wounded and captured, each day!

Attrition warfare is like a pressure put on earth before an avalanche. The movement is almost invisible to the human eye, unnoticed to a propagandist’s ideologically blind eye. But like a line of fortified rock holding the side a hill back the Ukrainian bulge began to break on its edges, first at Popasnaya to the south flank a week or so ago, then on the north flank at Liman on 26 April. And, an avalanche is slowly moving, until suddenly, we will see the line from Liman to Severodonetsk breaking, the impact on the Ukrainian regime and nation, earthshaking.

Usually the war of attrition looks like stalemate until it gives with sudden and dramatic breakdown of the static battle to that of movement and maneuver of the winning side rapidly encircling its static prey along its own lines, as well as cutting off the defenders full-fledged rout of a withdrawal. In this case most of those not killed or captured would head down road west, most of which head to the strategic transport hub of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the latter being the nerve center, the chief headquarters of Ukraine’s Donbass front.

With Liman fallen, it is now Krasny Liman again, restored to its Russian name, and Russian flags now fly on its government buildings. The road to Slavyansk has been cut by the 27th. Perhaps it was the road our lucky platoon of mechanized Ukrainian infantrymen passed through a gauntlet of Russian artillery escaping the encirclement. The way now is shut, unless a Ukrainian concentration that back in April was estimated by the Russian Ministry of Defense to be just under 60,000 men, should get the withdrawal order, pull out of Severodonetsk, through Lysychansk and head west before they are surrounded.

At the time of this writing, the media narrative dictates military strategy in Kiev. The enveloping military disaster was not written in their TV script!

An army under sustained attritional pressure, unable to maneuver to gain initiative can break. Especially if its soldiers are often living on one potato a day or ordered by officers who more than often abandon their men after ordering them, scarcely trained, to charge into the advancing Russians with only 30 rounds to shoot out of their gun!

You can’t make this stuff up. Not even Zelensky’s script writers could see this plot twist of REALITY coming. Not even the Washington Post, can continue weaving its Jeff Bezos owned BS of endless victory and vast losses of a Russian invader ready to collapse at any moment, to run out of his rain of hypersonic Kalibr missiles taking out the military infrastructure of Ukrainian armed forces since the Special Operation started on 24 February with no let up. Indeed only a crescendo of more and more missile strikes mount. It is only yesterday that one of my best sources, Alexander Mercouris, whom I’ve vetted his accuracy for over a decade. He’s often cautious to a fault when watching and reading Russian media that, in the end, are upwards of 95 percent accurate later, I find. I predict a rumor he mentioned will be another fact that indicates to what amazing extent the Russian arms industry can mass produce missile weaponry. For instance, Russian military factories can produce not one, not five, but 32 new Kalibr missiles a day!

I have also heard that all the Russian forces involved in this Special Operation is perhaps not even 20 percent of the entire Russian armed forces available.

Now the flim-flam good news of victory has crashed into the bad news of Reality and as RT International reports, even the top leaders and the Ukrainian president himself has to admit things are going very badly on the Eastern Front.

The Ukrainians are beginning to break. Liman was the first time in this war that they didn’t fight tooth and nail in close combat with the Russians in street fighting. Russian command expected to take Liman in a week. They took it in a day (26 May 2022), because for the first time the Ukrainians made token fights and abandoned the city to them.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced on Saturday that Liman had been “fully liberated from Ukrainian nationalists.” On that same day, Oleksiy Arestovich, a key adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky, admitted during a livestream that Ukrainian forces had lost the town.

Just before Arestovich admitted the fall of Liman, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba described the situation in Donbass as “extremely bad” for Ukrainian forces during his meeting with Western allies at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

Zelensky, meanwhile, hinted during a video call at the WEF that he would now be willing to sit down for negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While describing the Russian head of state as delusional, Zelensky noted that he was still the only Russian official worth talking to. According to the Ukrainian president, if Putin “is able to realize” what Zelensky called the reality, “then, probably, we may try and go the diplomatic way, unless it is too late.”

Up to the fall of Liman, the Washington Post for months now has rarely even mentioned the Donbass front. Now it must. Now even Zelensky must go off script and his special advisor Arestovich, who plays Zelensky’s Josef Goebbels, chief propagandist, does the same. In happier days with Zelensky, Arestovich performed in drag in times of TV comedy shows past. After Liman, he had to wake up and smell the transvestite of fate’s switcheroo of Ukrainian military fortune for the worst. Even these media myth makers of strategic policy must admit openly that the endless “victories” against the beaten and collapsing Russian invader for the first three months of the war was all Hitlerite Fuehrer bunker bunk.

The high spirits of globalist-central, the purveyors of the “great reset” at Davos dived. They felt compelled to roll out onto the stage a now 99-year-old Henry Kissinger to croak and rattle his fear that the end of centuries of Russia performing an important European strategic role was in sight. It would no longer play a pivotal role keeping the balance of European power. Now it would play that role for China, to Europe’s detriment. Alexander Mercouris will go one step further and say the EU sanctions pushing Russia away will render Europe a backwater, adding that it has been so before, like in the Dark Ages, when the Arabs, Persians and Chinese civilizations flourished, I would add.

Kissinger suggested that Kiev had to negotiate a settlement warning that it “had to make significant territorial concessions.” He believed a negotiated settlement had only a small two-month window. Both myself and Mercouris foresee that as only a two-week window and frankly I would add, that on a recent phone meeting Putin had with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emanuel Macron, Putin ever pointed out his willingness to negotiate, that the door to negotiation was always left open, but that his experience has been that the Ukrainian government currently in Kiev “aren’t serious people.”

Kiev’s propaganda war began suffering losses in a slow attrition of its credibility constantly shot down by truth and realities starting at the end of April when Pluto began its retrograde motion heading backwards with a date to perform a second pass over its US Natal position, starting near end of June. The Russians take territory as slowly but definitively as Pluto progresses. I do not foresee the Russians in a mood to dance with drag queens of Kiev in another fruitless round of talks at Istanbul, even if by end of June approaching Pluto’s exact pass over its natal US position by 11 July beckons, even begs, for a ceasefire.

I believe the people of Russia would be very angry with their president if he even thought of a ceasefire now and many of the “new” Russians by the millions getting Russian passports in Russian-speaking liberated Kherson, Zaparozhia will not, cannot, go back to Ukraine now. Not with the de-Nazification process in Ukraine complete. They would face mass massacres to dwarf the false-flag massacre of Ukrainians at Bucha (more on that later).

After Liman fell, the Washington Post (Wapo) shocked its readership with a truth bomb of an article that pulled a one-eighty on the Western mainstream media narrative. It is behind a paywall but Zero Hedge gives it a great overview in Tyler Durden’s article entitled, In Stunning Shift, WaPo Admits Catastrophic-Conditions, Collapsing-Morale Of Ukraine Front-Line Forces. Time for Wapo to get ahead of the new “wake up and smell the cow patty” narrative, for its readers. It is far more significant than the New York Times doing same a week earlier because this Washington DC based paper is the rag of choice of the capital’s neo-liberal and Hollywood war mongers. It’s what the CNN, MSNBC writers and anchors read before sitting on “the throne” for their early morning data “dump” before they get up, make-up! Action! Camera! Sit up, smile and look newseey. Now spin ye Cult News Network (CNN) and weave thy fantasies thou Mostly Stupid News Bull Crap network (MSNBC). To be fair, I’d hit Fox too, but they don’t read Bull Bezos Sh*t newspaper—they want their Maypo in the morning, not Wapo.

Here, therefore is an overview on the Wapo article that soon finds its way to where the canary reads it on his perch below his tail. Zero Hedge points to the Washington Post report belatedly admitting to the avalanche of propaganda based in a pro-Kiev, pro-West narrative from the outset in quotes with my inserted comments:


“Videos of assaults on Russian tanks or positions are posted daily on social media. Artists are creating patriotic posters, billboards and T-shirts. The postal service even released stamps commemorating the sinking of a Russian warship in the Black Sea.”

Now the vaunted and victorious Ukrainian soldier-boy story meets Wapo’s confessed reality that those fine-tuned troops, if they ever really existed en masse are now some scrapes from the bottom of the man barrel. They’re a “rag-tag force of mostly volunteers in the East” incessantly pounded by growing numbers of overwhelming Russian artillery, air, tank, and infantry forces.

Neither side for months now has quoted little-to-no casualty numbers. The Ukrainians being far more mum about the war’s murderous grinding of their men to grave. But now Ukrainian troops are talking, as a body of survivors, such as a company of 120 that was killed and wounded down to only 54, especially from desertions in action.

The Wapo report reads about one of many battalions (I’ve watched many of these videotaped reports) committing the ultimate sin of a propaganda war, “Thou Shall not bellyache the truth on the ground to the world at large”:

“War breaks people down,” said Serhiy Haidai, head of the regional war administration in Luhansk province, acknowledging many volunteers were not properly trained because Ukrainian authorities did not expect Russia to invade. But he maintained that all soldiers are taken care of: “They have enough medical supplies and food. The only thing is there are people that aren’t ready to fight.”

Then Wapo as an example shares a group video of tired men of an entire platoon before the camera, in their gear, in their bunker taking turns after their commander to complain that they can’t fight for lack of weaponry, ammunition, food and proper command support:

Dead Ukrainian soldier. Source: © Creative Commons.

Dead Ukrainian soldier. Source: © Creative Commons.

“We are being sent to certain death, said a volunteer, reading from a prepared script, adding that a similar video was filmed by members of the 115th Brigade 1st Battalion. “We are not alone like this, we are many.

“Ukraine’s military rebutted the volunteers’ claims in their own video posted online, saying the “deserters” had everything they needed to fight: They thought they came for a vacation,” one service member said. “That’s why they left their positions.”

“In the wake of the video, the Ukrainian troops featured are being accused of ‘desertion.’”

I’ve seen the videos the Wapo article the Zero Hedge review talks about. Men armed with Mosin nagant World War One infantry rifles. There was a World War II Soviet “mobile” Maxim machine gun on wheels with a fresh bright green paint coat.

The Zero Hedge reviewer wrote that the “stunning WaPo report further documents volunteer groups of men who were previously oil well technicians, salesmen, or other ordinary jobs like farmers being sent to front line positions in the south and east – even though they thought they were first bound to simple security posts in much less intense environs like Lvov (Lviv in Ukrainian) [in the extreme westward end of Ukraine].

“We shot 30 bullets and then they said, ‘You can’t get more; too expensive,’” one volunteer described. And more: “When we were coming here, we were told that we were going to be in the third line on defense,” Lapko said. “Instead, we came to the zero line, the front line. We didn’t know where we were going.”

Lapko said that now even food and water were in short supply in the hard-pressed Ukrainian salient, the last toehold of DPR land, he said, ‘And in recent weeks, the situation has gotten much worse. When their supply chains were cut off for two days by the bombardment, the men were forced to make do with a potato a day

“They spend most days and nights in trenches dug into the forest on the edges of Toshkivka or inside the basements of abandoned houses. ‘They have no water, nothing there,” Lapko said. ‘Only water that I bring them every other day.’”

Meanwhile the very noticeable shifting rhetoric issued from prominent officials and pundits of late has strongly suggested not all is well for Ukraine’s military…

Zero Hedge recounts Wapo’s devasting final testimony and assessment:

“Many got shell shock. I don’t know how to count them,” Lapko said. The casualties here are largely kept secret to protect morale among troops and the general public.

“On Ukrainian TV we see that there are no losses,” Lapko said. “There’s no truth.”

Zero Hedge continues, “Many of the casualties suffered by the above referenced volunteer unit were due to lack of logistics available to transport the wounded to hospitals behind the front lines. The report emphasizes that the entirety of the catastrophic conditions of frontline forces has led to officers and enlisted increasingly refusing to follow orders from higher command.

“With this fresh and unexpected Washington Post report, the mainstream seems to now belatedly be admitting what only weeks ago could get a person banned from Twitter…

“Lapko and his men have grown increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with their superiors. His request for the awards has not been approved,” the report finds. “His battalion commander demanded that he send 20 of his soldiers to another front line, which meant that he couldn’t rotate his men out from Toshkivka. He refused the order.”


Meanwhile, on the day after Liman’s fall the Ukrainian president’s office published a video address by Zelensky in which he commented on the latest advances of Russian forces. However, the president insisted that “Donbass will be Ukrainian,” vowing to retake the region by force.

The retrograde motion of Pluto since end of April is pulling back the curtain of propaganda making the Ukrainian president’s vainglorious predictions ridiculous to the point of Zelensky bearing some mental disorder of mind.

The retreat of Pluto for the overstretched, tired and dreadfully led and supplied soldiers of Ukraine in the Donbass Salient begs for their retreat. And I believe that by end of June when Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn begins its exact 27 degree conjunction in transit over the US natal potion, the men who fight and die for US strategic interests, might be forced to run the gauntlet of their last roads out of the closing Russian encirclement like in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famous poem of the fatal Charge of the British Light Brigade beset by Russian cannon fire from three sides during its disastrous advance in the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War (1853-1856):

Half a league, half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death…

Was there a man dismayed?
Not though the soldier knew
Someone had blundered.
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die.
Into the valley of Death…

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
Volleyed and thundered…

They will run the gauntlet of Russian Grad rockets to the left of them, Russian heavy 152 mm mobile howitzers to the right of them, while Russian jets to the front of them fire volleys of rockets that thunder. The British Light Brigade was not killed to a man but did suffer a dreadful loss over a third of its 668 troopers with 110 killed and 161 wounded. The flight of the 600 in poetry will be the rout of the 16,000 Ukrainians left standing to run the gauntlet of Russian fire or be captured.

UPDATE 5 July 2022. The Severodonetsk-Lysichansk salient indeed began collapsing after it was nearly surrounded, only leaving one narrow passage down a last remaining road for a disorganized Ukrainian retreat peppered by a rain of Russian artillery fired to the left and right of the retreating remnants. The Russian Defense Ministry told the world that they had recovered 5,000 Ukrainian dead, wounded and captured thus far. Back to what I wrote on 27-28 May:

The next nine reports on the Russo-Ukrainian War will assess the current status of the war up through mid-July. These reports will also predict the future outcomes of the strategic goals of Russia, US-NATO, the US-EU Sanction World War, and finally the state of Kiev’s strategy to turn its media driven war of narrative into either a tangible victory or an utter debacle when Pluto swings backwards like a recking ball against illusions starting in late June through early August.

 The strain of mounting defeat etches the worried and worn face of President Zelensky of Ukraine. Source: © Creative Commons

The strain of mounting defeat etches the worried and worn face of President Zelensky of Ukraine. Source: © Creative Commons

DATELINE: 6 July 2022

The Kremlin. Source:Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA.

The Kremlin. Source:Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA.


What is Putin and Russia’s Strategic Goal?
They are Clear as Anyone Who has “Eyes to See
And Ears to Hear,” Dear Jesus!

Since I last wrote to you all about the Ukrainian Crisis at the end of March, the Russo-Ukrainian escalation of the 2014-to-present day Donbass War had fallen into a routine that I will call the “slow-plodding and Russian grinding the Ukrainians” phase. What the Russian armed forces and their allies the Donbass militias have done since early April is essentially the same thing Russian forces allied with the Syrian Arab Army did to negotiate, then isolate, and ultimately grind down the forces of the Islamic State during the Syrian Civil War, especially at the two-year Siege of Aleppo. The Donbass front has become a plodding, methodical and inexorable war of attrition well on its way to fulfill the very clear military goals set down at the beginning of the war by President Vladimir Putin in a speech that my subscribers to the eMagazine got to read. The only reason why the mainstream media (MSM) is scratching their noggins wondering what the goal is stems from a willful blinkering of their minds and eyes to the obvious stated goals of the Russian President after consulting with his Security Council.

I must admit as someone who for over two decades has watched and read what Putin and the Russian government express and set down for the record, I can only conclude that the entire MSM of the US, Canada and the EU/NATO and the ANZAC countries are too lazy as journalists to actually READ and WATCH what the Russian leader, his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other leaders at the Kremlin are clearly sharing.

Here again is President Putin laying out his strategic goals at the opening of the war, clearly defining from the beginning what is “Special” about the Russian “Special Military Operation”:

In accordance with Article 51 (Chapter VII) of the UN Charter, with permission of Russia’s Federation Council, and in execution of the treaties of friendship and mutual assistance with the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic (i.e. the Donbass breakaway republics), ratified by the Federal Assembly on February 22, I made a decision to carry out a special military operation.

The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. To this end, we will seek to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.

It is not our plan to occupy the Ukrainian territory. We do not intend to impose anything on anyone by force.

Now let’s unpack each goal and report on its progress since this war started, up to early July:

PUTIN: The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime.

This war did not begin on 24 February 2022. It started in 2014. The Donetsk and Lugansk breakaway republics have stood their ground for over eight years resisting the Ukrainian Army and its Nazi bracing forces keeping the regulars ideologically committed to what has been a war of attempted and documented genocide. In my last 30 March report you can freely see the links to the evidence of mass graves, civilians and Donbass fighters shot by the Nazi elements in the Ukrainian army. The Russian Embassy in Geneva released a document entitled “War Crimes and Crime against Humanity Committed by the Ukrainian Military-Political Leadership in the Donbass” and made it available here. WARNING! Very graphic material, especially the photos of dead Donbass civilians taken after they were killed by indiscriminate Ukrainian rocket and artillery fire, a daily activity for eight years.

The Ukrainian Russians have been terrorized, humiliated as subhuman, and terror shelled FOR EIGHT YEARS! As many as 15,000 have lost their lives from constant artillery fire. And even now Ukrainian ballistic missiles letting loose cluster bombs are aimed at dense civilian population centers with no military targets anywhere around—or specifically no Russian military units using civilian centers, hospitals, and malls, etc. as human shields like the Ukrainians themselves regularly do, even using their own civilians. This targeting can only mean what it looks like. It is a wanton intention to murder thousands of civilian Russian Ukrainian men, women and children day and night. That is genocide.

Now to “humiliation.”

Zelensky’s predecessor was President Petro Poroshenko. His successful campaign for president was financed by Right Sector, an even more violent set of Ukrainian-Nazis than the Azov people. In December 2014, President Poroshenko made a speech about the population of eastern Ukraine (the parentheses are my inserts of commentary):

“We will have work, not them! (The Donbass Ukrainian Russians). We will have pensions and they will not. We will have benefits for pensioners and children, they will not! Our children will go to school and kindergarten, their children will stay in the cellars! (Because you are shelling them day and night Mr. President.) Because they can’t do anything. And that’s how, precisely that, we will win this war!”

(See his speech opening Donbass, a 2016 documentary by French journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel.)

That was and still is Kiev’s policy and attitude towards its ethnic Russian citizens in the Donbass. At this time and with Russian military support the armies of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and the LDR (Lugansk People’s Republic) have nearly pushed the Ukrainian forces out of their newly recognized countries by Moscow. I predict the Ukrainians will be further pushed out completely from the Donbass by August 2022, but the war will continue. This horrific terror bombing has awakened a grim resolve in the Russian leadership and people to push what’s left of the Ukrainian armed forces and its fascist battalions all the way to the Dnieper River.

And it may not stop there, because of the next important goal, to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine. That might require the Russians take the entirety of Ukraine.

PUTIN: To this end, [The goal of ending the humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime,] we will seek to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.

I was one of the first American websites to report, and accurately predict the future trends of what would happen when a US-backed coup of Ukrainian Nazis on 23 February 2014 overthrew the last democratically elected Ukrainian president. The Obama administration did so through the auspices of Obama’s State Department hand-picked the interim government. The process was directed by Assistant Secretary of State of European and Eurasian Affairs and current Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland. She is the neoconservative architect of the coup, and the of restructuring Ukrainian laws that allowed as I predicted a return of Banderite Ukrainian Nazism not seen restored to legality and power anywhere in Ukraine since their collaboration with the German SS in World War II. In eight years Nazism has infected the political, judicial, police and military establishments of Ukraine. (See the following articles from that time covering Ukraine’s government going Nazi and the New Cold War it started: (2014) Ukraine 1, Ukraine 2, Ukraine 3, Ukraine 4, Ukraine 5, Ukraine 6, Ukraine 7, Ukraine 8, Ukraine 9, Ukraine 10, Ukraine 11, Ukraine 12, Ukraine 13, Ukraine 14; (2015) Ukraine 15, Ukraine 16, Ukraine 17, Ukraine 18, Ukraine 19, Ukraine 20, Ukraine 21, Ukraine 22,; (2017 Ukraine 23; (2019) Ukraine 24; (2021) Ukraine 25; Ukraine 26; (2022) Ukraine 27, Ukraine 28, Ukraine 29, Ukraine 30.

These Nazi elements with legal cover set fire to and beat people to death because they were participating in peaceful Russian Ukrainian demonstrators in the predominant Russian speaking, Russian cultural city that is Odessa on the Black Sea Coast. Their thugs enjoyed legal cover to shoot down peaceful marchers, Russian Ukrainians celebrating Victory Day 9 March 2014 in Mariupol, and committed many other outrages against Russian Ukrainians which number nearly half the population of the nation.

Now advancing, slowly, methodically, the Donbass and Russian forces of the Special Operation are coming to stop that terrorization of Odessa. What makes it “special” is how slow and careful Russians forces can be to save Ukrainian civilian lives and infrastructure. This is not a war against Ukrainians, it is a war against Ukrainian fascism. Russian forces are losing more lives by doing it slowly, methodically. If they were following American shock and awe they’d do a shockingly awful destruction of infrastructure, taking out all power, telecommunications, potable water systems, leveling all government buildings and bureaucrats. They’d basically do the US strategy that has evolved since Vietnam days, where American commanders said they “destroyed a village to save it” devolving into future commanders saying they “destroy an entire nation to liberate it.”

That doesn’t mean a lot of civilians aren’t being killed in Ukraine in the crossfire. I’ll tell you this, in the last month to early July the Ukrainians have arrayed around and in the Donbass town called Avdeevka, a fortress of artillery batteries that are indiscriminately shelling Donetsk city, the capital of the DPR, day and night (more on that, and with pictures and videos below). Russia could pull an all-American way of winning, destroy Avdeevka to save it. They have the thermobaric conventional superbombs to flatten that artillery, but it would flatten Avdeevka and kill thousands of its 30,000 civilians the artillery batteries are using as human shields. The rules of the special operation will not allow such a massacre, so the people of Donetsk take the pounding until the Russians and their DPR allies can stay the course, finally surround the city, pinch off its supply lines of artillery shells—most now made in the USA, France and the United Kingdom, all of whom intended them to kill Russian soldiers, not civilians.

The special operation is an attrition war to demilitarize all that NATO built, equipped and trained ever since the Nazis came to power in Ukraine in February 2014. It is a daily grind that’s seen the dreadfully led Ukrainian common soldier suffer dozens, then hundreds and up to June through July’s average of 800 killed, wounded and captured per day of combat. Up to 18 May, the Russian Defense Ministry had reported the Armed Forces of Ukraine thus far had lost 172 aircraft, 125 helicopters, 3,139 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 2,997 special military automotive equipment, 927 unmanned aerial vehicles, 311 anti-aircraft missile systems, 389 multiple rocket launchers and 1,548 field artillery and mortars. On 4 July, RT reported the Russian Defense Minister revealing that the Ukrainian losses in their defeat that saw the collapse of their Severodonetsk-Lysichansk salient was “5,469 casualties over the last two weeks, including 2,218 fatalities. The fighting also cost Kiev a significant amount of hardware, including 12 warplanes, six long-range air defense missile systems, 97 rocket artillery launchers and almost 200 tanks and other armor… Ukrainian troops abandoned some of the weapons in Lysichansk, including almost 40 vehicles,” Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.

I can say at present that the Ukrainian navy has been “demilitarized” and sunk in ports, nearly all of Ukraine’s radar air defenses were lost in the first few days, almost all of its helicopters and jets, the factories that make them, the oil depots and oil refineries that gas them, the trucks that carry supplies, etc. In short, the Russian’s grind and grind aided by the sheer stupidity of Zelensky the comic president’s military “stand and fight” orders, that I’m sure aren’t his idea because he’s just a puppet president pulled by the strings held by Nazi politicians of his shadow government and apparently a lot of US “intelligence” officers and advisors. It is primarily the Nazi element in the government who are successfully advising the Jewish Zelensky to repeat the Hitlerian Stupid “stand and fight” orders, ending the Ukrainian’s ability to maneuver. They dig into flat territories better for growing grain than defending your nation where they become sitting ducks to Russia’s vaunted and overwhelming artillery barrages. This is “de-militarization” and it is at a point where much of the Ukrainian military may begin collapsing throughout July 2022.

The death, wounding and now final capture of thousands of Azov Battalion Nazis in Mariupol is a major blow too, and a big Russian step toward, Russia’s de-Nazification of Ukraine. Like the Ukrainian military losing now and around a battalion (700 men) a day killed wounded and captured. The same is happening to the military wing of Ukrainian Nazism being stamped out. All Ukrainian prisoners are treated fairly, their wounded tended to, even the survivors of Azov battalion are admitting as much (See Dreizin Report Video). They and all POWs on the battlefield are evacuated from the firing line, then searched, including their gear before being sent mostly by buses to a guarded prisoner of war complex. Because of de-Nazification, they will also be asked to pull off their shirt and show their tattoos. If they have regular tats only, they pass to normal POW places. If they display Nazi symbols such as Death’s Head, Black Sun, Swastikas, “Azov” logos or SS symbols of German SS and Gestapo forces of the last world war, their fate is different. The Nazis will get the same food, bedding, care for wounds, but eventually they will be sent to POW prisons where they will undergo interrogation and possibly stand trial for war crimes that include offenses committed in the last eight years of the war many of them may have committed. As Jacob Dreizin of the Dreizin Report wrote “Those wounded not seriously or not at all, are being transferred to prisons in the Donetsk republic where Russian investigators intend to hold nice chats with the Azov’s against some of whom, criminal cases (e.g., for abuse/torture or killing of civilians, or of rebel captives [I would add the shooting and bleeding out of POW Russian Federation soldiers, gleefully videotaped.]) Many of these men now captured are not new to Russia intelligence. For years they have been watching and adding to each more evidence filling their dossiers of crimes.

Dreizin adds, “Some of these gents will be breaking rocks north of the Arctic Circle until 2040 or 2050.

“Karma’s a bitch.”

PUTIN: It is not our plan to occupy the Ukrainian territory. We do not intend to impose anything on anyone by force.

This could be read in several ways. Realities on the ground may dictate temporary short or long-term stays on Ukrainian territory by Russian forces. I do foresee that the Russian-dominant provinces of Ukraine will eventually leave Ukraine as has the Donbass republics. Perhaps like them they will form their own militias if they wish to remain autonomous states in the Russian Federation. All signs are that Kherson will soon have a referendum voting to leave Ukraine. Already it flies the Russian flag and its pre-Soviet banner which today does not represent Russia’s return to the Soviet Era, as the MSM falsely says. The Red Banner with the hammer and sickle stands for the flag that won the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany.

The people of Kherson and Zaparozhia Oblasts (the term for Provinces in Russian) are using the Russian ruble as currency. This financial movement more than flying flags closes the deal. Eventually Kharkov, Melitopol and I also predict Odessa Oblast will follow suit. Russian soldiers will remain to protect the former eastern and Southern Russian-speaking, Russian-joining former oblasts of Ukraine. To have troops there in perpetuity is not an occupation of Ukraine but a wish of its Russian peoples there to become part of the Russian Federation by their choice. And anyway, Kiev’s fascist tainted governmental response to Kherson’s move is exactly what Kiev did starting eight years ago to the DPR and LPR. Missiles fired at civilians. This only accelerated their desire to secede when at first the LPR and DPR wanted merely more autonomy inside the Ukrainian union. Now their terror bombing the people of Kherson. Do you, a Russian born in Ukraine, want to stay in a country that denies you access to bank accounts, power grids, water sources? Kiev only hastens the breakup of Ukraine.

Patrick Lancaster.

Patrick Lancaster.

This is not an occupation. Putin has called it a “Liberation.” I tell you this heterodoxic future, a heresy it is to all who watch and believe what the Western media is selling. I am seeing many war correspondents from America Patrick Lancaster, Italian V-N Rangeloni and many more who document for eight years and counting what the people of the Ukrainian occupied Donbass have suffered and what they think about the recent arrival of DPR, LPR and Russian Federation forces. They are liberators to them.

This is one example from 26 May 2022, in the morning (Ukrainian) when Svitlodarsk returned to being Russian Svetlodarsk. It was liberated without a shot. The Ukrainian forces were in a hurry to leave it or be surrounded. Forgive me when I say from watching videos over the last three months of war, when Ukrainian units give up a city or town to the Russians, they know they’re never coming back. They take their revenge on the civilians and towns by shelling them with their tanks and artillery, often setting urban areas on fire like Volnovakha was set on fire a few months ago before they retreated.

Here’s further evidence of Ukrainian terrorist atrocities in three videos from SouthFront:

Video 1) In the video, the militants are seen carrying green armbands. Some units of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine were previously spotted with such signs. Their tasks are not clear. They were seen committing crimes in different cities of Ukraine. Here they’re shooting up a children’s school in the Donbass.

Video 2) A surveillance camera recorded how they captured a civilian car by force in Kiev, of all places, so it doesn’t matter if you are a Ukrainian or Russian Ukrainian.

Picture 3) Later, in Kiev, they were filmed in the five-star Premier Palace hotel, where they threatened the hotel administration and demanded them to allocate rooms for free for their accommodation.

Svetlodarsk was lucky. And here’s V-N Rangeloni’s video report interviewing the citizens of that town. Do they feel liberated? Just watch and know a reality the Western media is so afraid you’ll find out that they often ban people for showing it.

DATELINE: 28 June 2022

The New York Times reports that CIA personnel continue to secretly operate in Ukraine, mostly in Kiev, directing much of the intelligence the US is sharing with Ukrainian forces according to current and former officials.

The New York Times reports that CIA personnel continue to secretly operate in Ukraine, mostly in Kiev, directing much of the intelligence the US is sharing with Ukrainian forces according to current and former officials.


What is the US/NATO Strategic Goal?

Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense, when visiting Kiev in the early weeks of the Russo-Ukrainian War was asked by the press what where the US goals in this war. “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.” The new US goal was “to defeat Russia on the battlefield so decisively that it will refrain from any new attacks.”

Notice what he didn’t mention.

Not one word about how the US was going to defeat Russia on the battlefield and who was going to do all the bloody dying and maiming of its own people to do it. Allow me, Mr. Austin, to qualify your statement by saying you want a very long, and bloody weakening of Russia to transpire. And your in it, however long it takes unto the complete destruction of Ukraine as a state, and even if it takes the last Ukrainian killed.

So cynical and evil is this strategy. It is a new low in US strategic thinking that hails back to the stupid rationales like I just mentioned about destroying villages, towns, and even nations “to save them.” The late Madeleine Albright, US Ambassador to the UN (1993-1997) and US Secretary of State (1997-2001) under President Clinton, made an all-to-inhuman-and-dim-witted confession about killing kids to give them a better future in Iraq, no matter what the cost. During the Persian Gulf War (1991) US air strikes destroyed not just military but ALL Iraqi infrastructure. That included water filtration plants to make the water safe for soldiers, yes, but mainly for civilians and vulnerable children. This one act alone killed an estimated 500,000 under-aged Iraq children dying from waterborne diseases in the three years that followed.

When asked by a reporter if killing a half million kids was acceptable. She merely blinked holding fast her severe, owlish-faced expression a moment and coldly said, “yes.”

I wonder if this mother of three was ready to see her own children slowly die before her eyes to bring “Freedom” to Iraq?

Albright once said, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

Do you consider it helping those Iraqi mothers who lost children to waterborne diseases? Did America have to kick the kids when they were down after clearly obliterating Iraqi military forces from the air long before you took out the fresh water supply?

There is a cold and callus thread of rationalizing running through the hearts of US leaders, how they remove themselves abstractly from crimes against humanity. To be born an American, makes one a member of an exceptional nation, a law above the law. In 1945, President Truman, was so impatient and desperate to show off his atomic bomb to intimidate Josef Stalin at a Potsdam conference that, well, damn those Jap civilians in Hiroshima! Light the goddamn A-Bomb off so I can show how powerful we are, scare the commies, keep’em in line!

Well, give’em HELL! Harry. And you did.

The atomic attacks didn’t bring the Japanese to an unconditional surrender. Truman knew they had been offering to surrender through back-channels for 6 months. It’s a documented fact that they had told the Soviet Russians they were willing to unconditionally surrender. The Japanese were already on their knees militarily.

Ever wonder why Hiroshima and then Nagasaki three days later, were chosen for the atomic bomb demonstrations? They were the last significantly large cities left standing after all the US firebombing raids burned the rest down across Japan.

But those two cities left standing filled with non-combatants and further crowded with homeless refugees from the other firebombed cities had to be indiscriminately obliterated to “save” the United States newfound hegemony and show the Soviets who’s boss. Stalin by the way, when told by Truman about the Hiroshima, Nagasaki bombings that killed 130,000 civilians and radiated hundreds of thousands more, just passively puffed on his pipe and said disinterestedly, “hmm…”

Truman didn’t know how massive death tolls didn’t concern the dictator of the Soviet Union who had once said, “The death of one person is a tragedy. The death of 1,000,000 people is merely a statistic.”

Lloyd Austin’s got that point of view on the topic of sacrificing Ukrainians and all of Ukraine and Albright also had that Stalinist streak of statistical abstraction about dropping a half-million children into the throes of a dreadful death caused by dysentery brought to you by US bombs. Truman at that time was completely unaware of how many Soviet spies were in the Manhattan Project sharing information about the progress of the US building atomic bombs. Stalin probably knew more about “The Bomb” than Truman could stuff his head with under a midwestern straw summer hat.

Ukraine and its people are becoming NATO’s sacrificial lambs for the battleground in NATO’s ongoing proxy war with Russia. The neocons at last have their Second Cold War. The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) has at last its new cold-war and profitable war market business rolling out the weapons and making them trillions of dollars down the next few years. NATO has a reason at last for being. The war business is a death business to the utter bankruptcy of their morality making riches off the death and suffering, if not the lingering and daily dread of a nuclear conflict falling upon the world.

It’s not only Lloyd in the game of fighting Russia to the last living Ukrainian drops. Southfront reports: “High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell visited Ukraine on April 8. He was accompanied by the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

“Josep Borrell spoke about the EU’s intentions to continue supporting Ukraine, first of all, economically. He also called on European countries and the community in general to strengthen sanctions against Russia, especially to focus on the energy sector.

“The USA voiced support for this initiative and continued arm supplies to Ukraine.

“Josep Borrell visited Kiev and stated on the social media that ‘this war must be won on the battlefield.’ Moreover, it was announced that the EU would allocate €500 million euros more in aid to Ukraine. According to Brussels, this will be used to buy for the Air Forces of Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry reacted negatively and accused the EU of an ‘insane transfer’ of weapons to Ukraine, and warned the parties that from now on convoys with weapons are targets for the Russian military.”

As we enter the summer of 2022, reports arise indicating how deep embedded are the US, UK and even Lithuanian intelligence agencies running Ukrainian command’s war with Russia. The Lithuanian connection in Kiev explains the madness with no method move the little country made on 23 June 2022 to block Russian goods going by train to Russian territory through Lithuania to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, thanks to Vilnius’ broad interpretation of what the EU sanctions are meant to do. The EU is trying to do damage control because as you’ll read later, this “blockade” of goods could escalate into a Cuban Missile “Quarantine” moment, a Berlin Airlift moment. How the Lithuanians think blocking Russian goods from going to Russians is part of the sanctions is beyond me, except maybe it’s just another US intelligence/Lithuanian unintelligent stress test against Russia.

Clearly the Lithuanians are following the CIA plan, not the EU, to stir up some further crises with the Russians, and widen the proxy war with Russia if it takes the last Lithuanian standing. One has to find new willing stooge/patsy nations once Ukrainians are sacrificed to the last Ukrainian to win this proxy NATO war with Russia. How about expanding NATO and let the Swedes, and especially the Finns, with a 1,300-kilometer border with Russia, be willfully put in harm’s way by Washington and Brussels.

NATO’s weakness is that it must expand membership to make itself relevant. To achieve this it must make enemies not defend itself from enemies whom it offensively attacks by proxies calling it a “defensive” alliance. It is running out of European members left to join. Once it can get Moldova into NATO all the current Russian Western frontiers will be threatened. But not to worry. Mediocrity is not genius. Genius knows its limits, but mediocrity has no reverse gear. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will expand to the Western Pacific Ocean, just in time for the next big confrontation using Taiwan as a proxy fighting Mainland China.

(UPDATE: 7 July 2022: Former Trump Administration’s US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who will run for president in 2024 made a speech representing the feeling of the foreign policy elites both neocon and neo-liberal in Washington DC that the long-term US strategy will no longer view Russia and China as separate entities, or separate targets in the coming global struggle, they are the collective “Eurasian” enemies of the US and NATO. Look out autumn, here comes a Taiwan Missile Crisis, perhaps?)

DATELINE: 17 July 2022

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley do a virtual meeting with Ukrainian leaders in late May 2022. The depth of American knowledge does not include presenting Ukrainian flags right-side up.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley do a virtual meeting with Ukrainian leaders in late May 2022. The depth of American knowledge does not include presenting Ukrainian flags right-side up.


What Is Kiev’s Strategy to Win?

Cry Havoc! And Let a Slip of the Tongue,
That Wags-the-Dog of War

Truth is so valuable that it should be protected by a bodyguard of lies.

Winston Churchill

Rule of thumb when dealing with war dog wager tail tellers. Always watch what isn’t said or isn’t shown after it is shown all the time. Absence is a message. In February and March, Ukraine was the name of the MSM’s ratings game. It was televised everywhere. And you never heard the end of it, that Ukraine was winning. The Russians were being routed here and there, with lots of shots of burning Russian tanks and APCs. The super ace known as the Ghost of Kiev could take out 40 Russian MiGs and counting until they stopped counting his kills and then counted him out, tossing him into a memory hole.

I mean, that’s what happened in the false flag attempt at the nuclear installation at Zaporizhzhia early in the war. Ukrainian news sources warned Russia was about to do it, but in fact, it was a sabotage team of Ukrainians that raided Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant installation to attempt a meltdown on the night of 4 March. The Western press relying on reports from Kiev said the Russians shelled the plant. Actually the Russians were already guarding the plant and its operators from attack and wiped out the Ukrainian sabotage team hiding out in an office building, top floor, outside the installation. I saw the battle on security camera footage that verified the layout of the plant and used Google Earth to check my verification from space. The Ukrainian false flag attempt happened just as the Russians filmed and reported.

OK, let’s see Kiev come up with a new story. A “massacre” of civilians was about to happen. Turn our attention shortly after to the town of Bucha north of Kiev that was occupied by the Russians to hold down large numbers of Ukrainian forces in and around the capital and not let them reinforce where the real fighting took place in the east. You would have been told by Kiev that they were laying siege to the capital and its environs.

That was spin.

These forces voluntarily withdrew from their lines north of Kiev. They weren’t pushed out by indestructible and glorious Ukrainian forces ending the threat to Kiev.

There was not threat.

OK well, let’s change the story in Kiev: before they left, they fired upon and killed dozens of civilians in cold blood.

Oh those evil Russian brutes! And we’ll even summon from a space satellite the evidence. You could even see their murders from space via satellite. And let’s embellish further. These bodies in the pictures from space were laying there a few weeks before the Russians even retreated!

Now our story’s getting somewhere sensational.

Oh, by the way, says Fact, about those dead bodies in Bucha seen from space. I found out that Maxar the satellite imagery company contracted by the Pentagon to take photos for the Department of Defense don’t have date tags for those shots that prove those bodies were laying in that state remarkably uncorrupted for 2 weeks in the air and sun, with no freezing nights when Bucha was under Russian Army control.

And Maxar is very careful to date-tag and report the satellite’s orbital schedules.

I know, I read them.

The purported early March killing of those people just doesn’t match up with where the satellite was to shoot the photos on the dates in March reported by Kiev’s spin teams. Check out, for further details.

In brief, they indicate that the Maxar satellite “was” over the area to take such pictures on 1 April 2022. So those were fresh kills, just as pictures on the ground later corroborated. Moreover, they were all wearing white armbands indicating they were Russian Ukrainian civilians.

That’s odd.

Why would fleeing Russians shoot Ukrainian ethnic Russians? And how did they get photographed sprawling on the streets of Bucha by a Maxar satellite a full two days after the Russians had strategically withdrawn from Bucha?

Perhaps I have an answer. There is a video that has surfaced from Bucha of the “liberating” Ukrainian soldiers frog-walking a line of men out of their imprisonment to be shot and laid out on the streets of the town. I recognize the clothing of the corpses matched the doomed men. They didn’t have the fresh white armbands tied around their arms just yet. Perhaps those pristine clean arm bands were tied on the corpses after the men rounded up were shot.

No real investigation was made. The victims were soon hidden, zipped up inside body bags that the Ukrainians later showed EU VIPs. To their horror I would add. They could smell the dead but not “see” whose dead they belonged to.

OK, look over here. Let’s move away from what Hogue’s about to tell you…

Damn! Too late.

I saw videos of the Ukrainian National Guard (fascists) units filming themselves in Bucha and one of them asked about what to do with people with white arm bands? The officer said, “Oh, those are Russians (Ukrainians). Kill all those f*cks!”

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest LIAR, of them all?” Thus spoke the wicked—which story do we spin next—that is the Ukrainian government of President Zelensky and his spin doctors who are fighting the propaganda war suffering Mirroring Psychosis.

The Ukrainian propagandists ever “mirror” upon the Russians what “they” are thinking of doing next. And the MSM blindly apes every word Zelensky’s reality show cabinet of television writers, actors and producers script up, relayed verbatim to the Western world without context. The Western news consumers are eating junk food journalism to their own misinformed peril. Notice what is now missing as the fact. The confidence of their tales at the beginning of this war. As Ukraine lurches toward defeat, the Ukrainian-MSM production team is telling its wild tales more stridently because they are losing the real war, big time. We’ve already had a significant example of this early in the war.

And now they’re reaching for more than straws. In April the Academy Award winning White Helmets came to Kiev to “help out.” The government for, by, and of Ukrainian television spin reached out to their idols, the myth makers of Hollywood for help.

We need “Oscar!”

How about getting those heroic Syrian guys who saved people and tended the wounded in the ruins of Aleppo, Syria, during the Syrian Civil War. They stood up to the Russians. They are humanitarians “and” heroes that the Oscars awarded handsomely for all the world to see. Moreover, for all the world to purposefully ignore a disturbing fact.

It is a fact I already shared with my subscribers linking them to photos and footage evidence during my coverage of the Syrian Civil War and asking one question the Oscar-winning documentary avoided.

Why do you only find the White Helmets, their ambulances and ER men, serving the parts of Aleppo controlled by the Islamic State?

I showed things you won’t see in the Academy Award Winning documentary. How the White Helmets staged their own gas attacks in April 2017 and again in April 2018 in Syria, killing dozens of people, then falsely flagging the Syrian government for doing it. In both cases the US with British and French NATO naval allies launched dozens of tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian government and military targets of the ISIS people’s choice, without any skeptical inquiry other than what footage the White Helmets gave.

So why else would the ISIS White Helmet gang be coming to “help” their non-Muslim brothers in Kiev if it wasn’t to repeat the same false flags I exposed them doing in the Syrian Civil War?

The White Helmets in reality (right) toting guns with terrorists because in fact they are the ER if ISIS!

The White Helmets in reality (right) toting guns with terrorists because in fact they are the ER if ISIS!

The white helmets of Hollywood (left) shown helping an injured child out of an ambulance during a gas attack. Well if it was a real gas attack, cloth masks wouldn’t keep them from dropping like flies. The White Helmets in reality (right) toting guns with terrorists because in fact they are the ER if ISIS!

So, let me get this straight. Washington DC and the American media now trust the people sharing the only evidence of a chemical attack who have declared a war of terrorist Jihad upon them? Does that mean we should have taken evidence and advice given by the Nazi Gestapo in the Second World War as our friendly sources?

By end of April and especially from May onward, all the ghosts of Kiev shooting down Russian MiGs stuff and other big fish stories were beginning to lag behind reality on the ground. For the first time a lot of people in the West discovered that there was a big city battle in Mariupol and the Ukrainians were losing the city to the DPR forces. Basically the people of the West hearing about it were already late for the battle’s end by early May.

The Kiev magicians of malarkey were feeding stale myths to the MSM and it showed. It was now coming to light in the sunny days of May that Kiev had not mentioned Russian advances in the southern parts of Kharkov Province near Izyum. They didn’t mention the Donbass front, the epicenter of all the fighting. The news consumers where getting ladled out stale myths that had shielded them from any mention of the Donbass “Battle of Stalingrad” that was Mariupol until a month of heavy fighting was almost over and thus REALITY hit home of the first major defeat and capture of Ukrainian forces, many of them on video going viral all tattooed with Nazi symbols like unshaven skin heads.

But we were told by Kiev and the MSM that there were no Nazis in Ukraine.

For the first seven weeks of this conflict, I had been mentioning it to my readers, and pointed all this out when I appeared on shows like Leak Project with Rex Bear, but the mainstream news gave little to no mention of the biggest battles of this war from the very beginning raging in the east, in the Donbass region. You got false victory celebrations rather than mention of the city Nikolaev which is slowly being encircled by Russian forces preparing for a slow and methodical advance to take it and then the Black Sea coastal city prize: Odessa. If you consume junk mainstream news cooked up by Kiev, you still will have no mention tendered of Kherson Oblast now moving to break away from Ukraine. Russian flags are already flying over the government buildings there, and the people enjoy buying and selling in the Russian ruble. You won’t see the footage of life going back to normal there on MSM outlets.

I’ve seen it. I’ve also seen that like with Donbass, Kiev’s response to its citizens breaking away is not to negotiate a solution but immediately start firing Torchka U ballistic missiles unloading cluster bombs!

Heck! That’s only going to speed up the ongoing breakaway of other Oblasts all along the Black Sea coast near Melitopol, in Zaporizhia Oblast, etc. I’ve been telling you about it, many of you were surprised and doubted what I was saying because of the Western media’s blackout of such voices. The problem with initially waging a successful propaganda war, as Kiev supplied to the Western press, is the same problem a Nazi propaganda genius like Goebbels experienced. At some point your very persuasive use of footage, stirring music and confident voices drumming the victory drumbeat meets reality, the total defeat from Western Allies invading Germany from the West, and the Soviet Steamroller crashing into Germany and Berlin from the East. I mean, you could be a German citizen in a Berlin cinema believing these Wochenschau Nazi weekend newsreel reports until the first long-range Soviet artillery shell targeting the German capital puts a roaring whole in the cinema roof. Suddenly the black and white exploits of German arms on screen has gaping holes in it as the film melts. The screen stripped of film stock clothing it, glowers naked dead-bone white, before it’s lights out! And you, sitting in the cinema face reality in a heavy mortar and dust fall of darkness.

The weekly Nazi newsreel would open with the Schwartz Alder (Black Eagle totem) of the German Third Reich.

The weekly Nazi newsreel would open with the Schwartz Alder (Black Eagle totem) of the German Third Reich.

I neither want nor expect your belief. Belief is ignorance. I want you to know and the only way that’s possible is to disturb the phony film myths of lying men and women in Kiev. I help prepare you for the shock coming when the Western media face the forces of fact and have to admit that such Donbass encirclements exists, that Ukrainian Nazis destroyed Mariupol by using it and its 500,000 Russian citizens as human shields, and so many other shocking things I’ve presented and said to my audience—things that are so completely contrary to the media narrative until time and events have proven otherwise.

These things happened. These things exist. That’s how my take and the take of my great sources, will eventually shine a true light on the situation that your cinematic media outlets have avoided.

Get a load of this comparison. Here is President Zelensky’s stating that there is no Nazism in Ukraine. But we won’t just let that bromide hang there. We splice him saying “they saying we are Nazis” and followed it with footage his government suppresses that clearly presents a reality that there is a Nazi problem in Ukraine.

Zelensky ought to say, “You say we have cancer.” Yes, Ukraine does and you are the Jewish Ukrainian face that is fronting a Nazi cancer in your government, your national guard and your armed forces. Six million fellow Jews must be turning in their graves.

The war of reality always eventually defeats the war of lies no matter how hard they try to suppress voices of truth in America, in Europe or in Ukraine. Only liars need to suppress the truth. If people cast lies about me on public media, I don’t suppress them, I publicly dismantle their lies.

Gonzalo Lira, one of my sources for information on the ground in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov, resurfaced after a week where we who watch him online thought the Ukrainian secret police might have tortured and killed him. He was arrested and questioned, but since he was a US citizen, the goons took his electronic gear to study, changed the passwords, and set him loose back in Ukraine’s second largest city. I know this because he immediately came on to The Duran, one of my best sources the moment he was freed though under surveillance.

Anyway that was earlier in May when he disappeared. Lira began frequently appearing after that, and on 22 April he reported news that overnight he heard incredibly loud explosions in the city. It took out half the internet across this second largest city of Ukraine requiring him to drive his electric motorcycle to and frow to find a good internet signal to cellphone in his interview. He ended up near a cashier line. You could hear on his cellphone (saving bandwidth by being audio only) the beeping cashier transactions going on in some Kharkov supermarket.

He couldn’t tell whether the explosions he had heard were from missiles or artillery. The detonations were so extreme that they shook awake the squealing car alarms across the city. I heard The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris, primarily the latter, say that whether it was incoming or outgoing artillery it indicates that Kharkov was now in range of Russian guns once again.

So much for the “great Ukrainian offensive”—a new wagging of the dog tale from Kiev to MSM, anything to change the narrative back to Ukraine winning this war when it was losing on all fronts.

It wasn’t hard for the Russians to retake all the territory that so-called massive forces from Kiev took back. Once again in May, like around Kiev in March, the Ukrainian forces simply advanced into territory the Russian forces abandoned all the way up to the Russian border in a strategic withdrawal from the Kharkov area to rest and regroup for their next duty, to advance east and southeast of Kharkov. They were repositioning to set up a holding force that would keeping any Ukrainian off the Russian flank of a developing military disaster, the final stages of encircling Kiev’s best troops along the Donetsk line of contact (TOC).

Make the most spin doctoring of “victoriously” advancing through large tracts of territory with no Russians in it. Therefore you don’t have to amass the tens of thousands of men and tanks you no longer have. This “great” Ukrainian offensive consisted of stretching one mechanized Ukrainian Brigade of 5,000 men scattered across a on a broad front to pass through peaceful countryside to reach the border for this offensive’s all-important photo-optical “win.”

Roll cameras! ACTION!

Here comes a couple squads of Ukrainian troops, all nice and washed, geared up to look the part of conquering heroes. Oooh what’s that over there, beyond the bushes we’re crouching for cover within. That must be the Russian border!

Alright bring up the prop!

More men advanced to those under the bushes. They were carrying a secret weapon. A border post prop all painted with yellow followed by blue stripes from top to bottom.

Is blue on the bottom again… NO! Its on the top. The Pentagon didn’t plan this stunt, we did, and we know which color in our twin-color flag is placed.

The blue is for the sky on the top, right?

Yes! And the yellow represents the Ukrainian fields of grain on the bottom…

OK, OK, let’s brace ourselves for a run into the open field up to the Russian border where you can’t see a living human being for miles.

Strike that border market high and straight—not too hard—it is a prop, you know. Probably paper mâché.

Be careful! We don’t have a back-up.

There! Nice.

Hold it some of you guys or it could blow away in the wind.

Now all tension leaves these valiant Ukrainian soldiers as a few dozen of them even lay or take a knee or stand in a tight group so that the camera man can get them all in frame, flashing smiles and two-fingered victory signals.

Got the shot?

Ok! Bug out of here as fast as you can back to Ukraine, and don’t forget to take the prop border marker with you.

Brian Berletic of New Atlas concluded that “the Great Kharkov Offensive” was just a political stunt. And what I gathered Gonzalo Lira was hearing was what Berletic concluded was Ukrainian forces that “are all stretched out and getting shelled by Russian forces.”

The war kept going south as spring came so let’s distract you with all the weapons the US and NATO are literally stripping their stockpiles bare to hand over to the Ukrainians to recover from setbacks in Donbass, the loss of Mariupol to the DPR and Russian forces.

No, President Zelensky, there will not be a Eurovision performance awards show taking place next year as you promised in Mariupol, in what you predicted would be “in the liberated Ukrainian city of Mariupol.”

It is helpful to your handlers, the neo-liberals to keep the narrative alive to prolong this war to avoid a complete skinning in the US midterm elections by the Republicans of the Democrats, so muses Alex Christoforou of The Duran. He went on to point out that the neocons drag on this war while preparing a pivot east to China and Taiwan as the next conflict. Subordinate therefore to Europe increased MIC (Military Industrial Complex) spending.

Then the big distraction became a US military aid package of $40 billion dollars to Kiev’s war efforts. The MSM won’t tell you exactly where all of that money was going. Thanks to Alexander Mercouris’ diligent perusal of the massive bills list of pork projects, he concluded that most of the money looks like it will pass into the hands of NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) I mean the Ukrainian economy and tax base had already collapsed three months into the war. The US was now going to pay millions a month to pay Ukrainian soldiers and government employees a survival wage. But fear not, military aid is coming, aid like $10 billion to the MIC to replenish the nearly exhausted stocks of US weapon stockpiles handed over to Kiev who seems to burn through them like a house ‘a fire—that is whatever the Russian rain of Kalibr and Iskandar cruise missiles don’t obliterate on the rain tracks from Poland into Western Ukraine, or the piles of weapons hidden in Western Ukrainian warehouses and empty, derelict shopping malls.

But I get ahead of myself. What direct military aid that isn’t pocketed on the way through NATO and Europe is a mere $6 billion of that initial $40 billion bucks, half of which will be paid off in training the Ukrainian soldiers in Germany on using their new “wonder” weapons.

A war of lies always finds itself promising an end of a war through “wonder weapons” that magical thinking believes can turn the tide of war faster than you can say, “Hitler will chew the carpet in his dank Fuehrer Bunker when he finally gets it that the war is lost!”

So in the end, Mercouris discovered that it’s only $3 billion left to spend on these weapon “wonders.” He added that the neocons and Military Industrial Complex companies like Raytheon sending the weapons are using this loser of a war to increase their budgets and profits replenishing all the weapons sent, if they can just drag this bled white Ukrainian war elephant down the primrose path a little longer.

“They are going to make HUGE amounts of money this way,” Mercouris concluded. “And it all swishes and swirls around the think tanks, the neocon think tanks, the neocon officials who do very well out of this, so of course do many, many people within the political system. And of course beyond that you’ve got the greater geopolitical prize. You keep Europe down; you keep Russia distracted and then you focus on China. And we can see this is what they are doing increasingly.”

Christoforou added, “Alright, different agendas [of US neo-liberal and neocons] but the same goal, which is to try to prolong this as much as possible at the expense of Ukraine men on the front lines.”

Ukraine definitely has a Nazi problem. The surrender of the Azov brigade in Mariupol made images of that problem spread across the world.

The liars in Kiev tried to sustain the approaching falsehood of their narrative. The Azov forces were “heroic fighters defending” Mariupol. They will make their last stand in deep nuclear bomb bunkers underneath he Azovstal steel factory complex and the men there, with their high-end video production taped themselves bravely declaring that “they would fight to the death!” (We… um… hope.) God! If they surrender and get stripped for the cameras we’re screwed!

The surviving 1,700 out of 8,000 of the Azov soldiers surrendered with a whimper. And now the evidence is as quick to collect, in their discarded bunkers, all the Nazi books, the pictures of Hitler on the walls glowering like an Azov Brigade warrior saint down upon those once hiding in their subterranean barracks, the many Ukrainian translated copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf under many a pillow.

You know, there be Nazi’s here in the Azov Brigade.

Here they come to surrender, have their bodies and gear searched and then processed by the Russian soldiers, all very businesslike and professional. They’re not being herded like Russian POWs out of buses to be shot in the back of the knee or in the groin to lie in agony on the tarmac bleeding out to death.

Also the wounded are being taken care of. Their leaders are processed but they aren’t heading for DPR prisons. They’re going all the way to Moscow for debriefing. There was on Twitter some photos that looked a lot like a US general was among them, a four-star US general named Eric Olson. However the picture of the prisoner, though he looks remarkably like Olson, has ears that taper to the neck. Olson has prominent earlobes, so it’s not him.

One Russian press source (Rudenko) indicates evidence that foreign Azov mercenaries were either killed in battle or shot by the Azov Ukrainians and then burned in a makeshift crematorium that had the remnants of burnt US identity cards and burnt US weapons all scattered around the crematorium. I’m of a mind to think they didn’t shoot their own but since hundreds of dead Azov soldiers were discovered in the Azovstal catacombs these burnt ones must have been foreign mercenaries killed in battle getting special treatment to destroy evidence of them being there. Whether some of these are the purported NATO generals or not, may be later proven or disproven as the FSB (Russian CIA) is carefully doing forensics for months now preparing a case for Azov war crimes.

There was indeed one confirmed NATO French Canadian General captured. Here’s the report: “A Canadian General, Trevor Kadier has reportedly been caught by the Russian forces while he was escaping from #Azovstal in Mariupol. He was allegedly in charge of biolab No. 1, where 18 people worked with deadly viruses. Kadier has been taken to Moscow.”

The Russian’s are professionals, however, in searching each Azov POW they are giving a new meaning to the military term, “being debriefed.” Actually they’re being stripped down sometimes to their briefs to confirm whether they are Nazis, given that like the Japanese underworld mafia members of the Yakuza, Ukrainian Nazis outdo their German predecessors in the SS who only received an “SS” tattoo under their lower bicep to search out. The present-day Nazi likes to cover his, or her, body with the gruesome and occult symbols of fascism.

Many had an egg-headed, balding man with a widow’s peak in a dark suit tattooed on their bodies. He is Stephan Bandera, the founder of the Nazi Ukrainian movement that openly collaborated with the German SS in killing hundreds of thousands of Poles, ethnic Russians. They especially hunted down and sent Ukrainian Jews to the gas chambers. The ravine outside of Kiev known as Babi Yar where 40,000-to-100,000 Jewish men, women and children were first ordered to strip naked, then lay down on their faces to receive a bullet in the neck, were mostly killed by Ukrainian auxiliaries under SS German command. A brooding statue of Stephan Bandera stands right above Babi Yar ravine, exulting in the purging of Jews out of Ukraine to this day.

No Nazis in Ukraine today?

Here is a showing of statues of Stephan Bandera the George Washington of WWII Ukrainian Nazism, along with other ringleaders and war criminals, hallowed by millions of pure-ethnic Ukrainians who dwell mostly in the Western oblasts. You’ll also see a list of their crimes. It’s all too true.

Off goes the shirts and pants of these Azov POWs and you’ll find many displaying the SS-Totenkopf, death’s head symbol. You’ll find the men decaled with the double-SS symbol. Their bodies are covered with Valkyries, Viking illustrations (Ukrainian Nazis like to think they are more pure blood Slavs with the blood of Swedish Vikings coursing in their veins.

I’ve watch some of these Nazis reason in interviews that Russians are tainted Slavs because they have Mongolian blood in them. You’ll see a tattoo in Ukrainian Cyrillic letters. It is a quote from Adolf Hitler. Hitler is tattooed down one Azov Nazi’s arm. Swastikas in red on an elbow, or swastikas in black adorn different body parts.

Adolf Hitler tattooed on the right forearm.

Adolf Hitler tattooed on the right forearm.


A Nazi German Schwartz Adler (Black Eagle) symbol holding a wreath with the Ukrainian Armed Forces insignia.

A Nazi German Schwartz Adler (Black Eagle) symbol holding a wreath with the Ukrainian Armed Forces insignia.

The Pagan God Baphomet is often mistakenly used as a symbol of Satanism by Nazis. On forearms are the Azov banner in blue and yellow field with the Das Reich SS Wolfsangle. The same guy had half of an Nazi Occult Sunrise symbol on his forearm, what survived from the scaring of a battle wound that obscured the rest in scar tissue. Along with the Azov symbols some display the Red and Black colors of the fascist brother group named Right Sector. The black is symbolic of Ukrainian earth. The red above it represents purer Slav blood of Ukrainian Fascism.

This is Nazism in Ukraine, crawling out from under a rock and ruin of Azovstal. They are a cancer upon the Ukrainian people today no less than they were back in the 1940s.

Satanic rendering of the Pagan ass-headed God Baphomet on his chest. It is also on this Nazi soldier’s back.

Satanic rendering of the Pagan ass-headed God Baphomet on his chest. It is also on this Nazi soldier’s back.

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DATELINE: 17 July 2022


Oleksiy Arestovich-drag-no-drag

(Top) Future President Zelensky playing transgender dancer in high heals. (Bottom) Olesksiy Arestovich in drag.

The Second Half of:

What Is Kiev’s Strategy to Win?
Cry Havoc! And Let a Slip of the Tongue,

That Wags-the-Dog of War

One of my sources for on the deck reporting in Donbass and Ukraine is Graham Phillips. He made this compilation of what people in Mariupol think about the Azov Battalion soldiers. It is a study of just about every Russian cuss word in the language. I have seen hundreds of these interviews, even during the fighting. You can also find documentation of Azov crimes against humanity by civilians at Patrick Lancaster. A lot of the Russian Ukrainians in Mariupol shared horror stories about the Azov forces aiming their tanks on civilian high rise apartment flats, for target practice upon the civilians and their apartments long before the DPR and Russian forces had even encircled this Russian populated city in the Donbass. I’ve seen cellphone videos of Mariupol citizens trying to escape the city being shot at by Azov soldiers before the Russians were even close to the city.

Really? Some of you write to me asking.

Why would Ukrainians destroy their own people their own cities like that?

Back on 12 March, shortly after the current evolution of this eight-year war became international with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, American born war corresponded Patrick Lancaster video recorded accusations by Donbass civilians recounting minutes after the fact, about Ukrainian forces once pushed out of Volnovarkha in the Donbass, turning their tanks around one more time to set Volnovarkha on fire with tank shells before departing.

The eight-year nightmare of Azov Nazi occupation in Mariupol is now over. As we enter the summer months, the power grid has since been repaired for several months now. Water systems are being restored. Light has come back to the city. Russia promised to help rebuild the city and it is doing it. Tens of thousands of citizens free of the danger of being shot down by Azov tanks and snipers, gathered on the main boulevard celebrating the annual holiday of Victory Day on 9 May 2022, the first time in eight years.

I shared with my readers eight years before that the last celebration when unarmed Russian Ukrainians marched down the same streets only to be shot at point blank by Ukrainian Nazi militias.

Now the only fire is fireworks. The people held the orange and black ribbon that stretched for a mile in their hands, the ribbon of St. George, patron saint of Russia. The ribbon symbolizes the medals of heroism from the Great Patriotic War of the past to what I would call the Great War to Protect Russians of today…

…Oleksiy Arestovich, Ukraine’s version of Josef Goebbels is quite up front about what Ukraine’s messages to the MSM are all about, and I quote:

The idea of the Ukraine, one of the main national ideas of the Ukraine, is to lie as much as possible to oneself and to others. Because if one tells the truth, everything will collapse, and it would be necessary to invent something else. That’s our fundamental imbalanced contradiction.


Zelensky very drunk on lord knows what in his “oval office” digs, probably cocaine.

I’m not making this up, the videos are on Twitter of him saying this. Like the rest of Zelensky’s cabinet, he’s one of the producers, writers, and actors from the president’s highly successful reality show where he was playing Ukrainian President entitled “Servant of the People.” It made him so popular he thought he—and his TV troupe—might act in earnest as President and his cabinet in Kiev. Arestovich is best known for appearing on the show as a fetching drag queen. (He’s actually quite pretty for a drag queen.)

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DATELINE: 20 June 2022

Tower of “Bablel-ing” Brussels of technocratic dick-headed dictators. Just how in the world can one be so stupidly honest and design, unconsciously no doubt, your capitol building to look like Bosch’s version of a Biblical blunder story? Even the unfinished part on the top floors looks like the unfinished part of the painting!

Tower of “Bablel-ing” Brussels of technocratic dick-headed dictators. Just how in the world can one be so stupidly honest and design, unconsciously no doubt, your capitol building to look like Bosch’s version of a Biblical blunder story? Even the unfinished part on the top floors looks like the unfinished part of the painting!


Who Will Win the World War of Sanctions?

Welcome to World War Green! It is a great reset that pits the ideology of the Green New Deal, which I have stated as someone who has foreseen and began warning about the coming of the Climate Crisis and the need to change our energy technologies for nearly a half century and counting, is completely going the wrong way about it. The Green vision has to unite with nuclear and fossil fuel economies. The Green New Deal needs to go back to the drawing board. Humanity must make intelligent and inventive ways to make nuclear power safer and fossil fuel industries carbon sequester their CO2 and Methane exhaust while taking their time to “scientifically”—not religiously—bring radically new ways to invent energy systems fulfilling what any Green invention MUST achieve to replace fossil fuels: provide the same constant, readily available and cheap energy to stoke human civilization.

The Greens need to stop tree hugging a lot of very shortsighted and outright stupid, faith based and fundamentally flawed ideas about how to solve this global problem, the most challenging in human existence so far. Their ideas don’t work. Their complete condemnation of current ways we run the motor of our civilization are destructive and condemnatory. To simply shut these systems off without any already prepared and tested alternative to replace them is Jim Jones, Jonestown cult crazy.

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DATELINE: 24 June 2022

A “slow down” sign in Krosinko (Poland) – “Increase your speed! We need more dust!”. © Creative Commons.

A “slow down” sign in Krosinko (Poland) – “Increase your speed! We need more dust!”. © Creative Commons.


An Interlude of the Absurd
The War has already Become
A NATO Brussel’s pouting,
Sprouting Belgian Joke

Could it Next Become a Polack Joke?

Yep, I’m going there. But before you run away screaming, if that’s your reaction anticipating what is written next in this article, let me at least explain why I’m going there because it equally makes all of us “the Joke.” People living in any mass programmed herd identity tend to set the stage for stereotypes, so the joke’s equally on any of us who identify with any herd of Sheeple waving their wooden stick with colored rags upon it.

In an essay for Millennium Book of Prophecy (HarperSanFrancisco 1994) entitled, What Makes Prediction so Predictable? (from the chapter, The Nightmare Unconscious) I used this among many examples of how we identify with herd-think and projection via programming. [The brackets are mine from today, 24 June]:


The four metaphorical Hellriders of Doomsday [these were my updating of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as: Overpopulation, Earth Trauma, The Lemming Syndrome and The Third World’s War] prefer riding only one breed of horseflesh. They ride our night “mares”—our unconsciousness. Without them they will never fulfill their potential destinies. We must grab the nightmares by the muzzle and turn the Hellriders away.

I cannot do it for anyone but myself. When I reach inside the dark meadows of my mind where nightmares graze, I catch hold of my particular horse’s muzzle—the tendency to take another’s criticism personally. I will chew and chew on a slight, an injustice, or any misunderstanding. Before I started practicing a technique of observing the nightmares browsing in fields of my expectations, I would hold on to my hurt feelings for years.

When I look inward at the mechanics of hurt, I discover that the pain has a voice. If I breathe deeper into it, I can even identify whose voice it is. By stripping off layer upon layer of logic, by discarding those justifications for feeling hurt by what someone has done or said, I can grab the mane and stroke the flanks of a nightmare—the essential root of my pain. And almost always, the shadow of this animal is a childhood memory.

The nightmare responds. She speaks with the voice of my mother. I remember how I learned to imitate her way of indulging hurts and slights. By touching the nightmare consciously, carefully, so that it does not start and run behind my awareness, I can study and understand this breed of unconsciousness that imitates my mother’s suffering and calls it my own.

If I delve still deeper into that dark meadow, I come across another nightmare: my mother’s voice of misery was her mother’s way of gnawing on misery and slights. Standing deep in the meadow of the subconscious, I can examine the pedigrees of unconsciousness passed from hell horse to dreaded horse.

The horses are legion. They graze in everyone’s dark meadow of unconscious motivations.

No doubt a number of my readers would profess to a patriotic feeling for their country and would watch with pride as their Olympic athlete climbed on the platform to receive his or her gold medal. Of course many of you (as I used to) would automatically feel your breast swell with patriotism, and some of you might even shed tears when your national anthem played and the cameras displayed your national flag hoisted high over the head of your athlete.

Just for one moment can we step out of our habitual identities and ask ourselves why? Just who is this stranger with the gold medal we are feeling so proud about? Few of us would ever come to know the athlete, or, if we are honest, ever care to meet the athlete outside the context of flags and medals.

When I was a child, I remember seeing some old newsreel footage showing a group of Japanese soldiers during World War II gleefully stepping on an American flag. When their jackboots stomped on the Stars and Stripes, I felt as if they were stepping on my stomach. Later, during Vietnam War demonstrations, I saw hippies wearing vests made out of American flags and felt the same indignant rage.


Let me show you. There are other nightmares grazing in the meadow. Awareness reaches out and touches the flank of another dark horse:

Looking inside myself I discovered that my patriotic rage was a breed of unconsciousness that spoke with my father’s voice. Digging deeper, I remembered the first time I was spanked by him, when I was only five or six years old. My childhood need to be loved compelled me to be good, dutiful, and as phony as I could be. I thought if I eagerly agreed with whatever my daddy said about our flag, he would love me.

All nightmares hate being watched. Once I had consciously encountered the source of any robopathic habit, it became more difficult to continue the behavior without some annoying tug of awareness. When I risked venturing into the unconscious mind to find out why a certain feeling was hurt, I found the shadow of a repressed and forgotten incident. When replaying that incident in my memory, I discovered that I brought my concept of hurt from mom, dad, country, and priest. And I realized then why I bought into these hurts. It was because I was trained never to question authority and ascertain the truth for myself. The risk and the freedom in looking inward is discovering that it is not that someone hurts my feelings—I am hurting because I purchased and hold on to that hurt feeling… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 24 June 2022

 © Creative Commons

© Creative Commons


Phase Three of the Russian Special Operation
It will be Open Ukrainian Tank Season
For Russian Predator and the Prey

A Forecast about the Next Chapter of this War
Total Victory and Liberation
For the Donbass in Summer 2022
Brings on a War of Rapid Maneuver
And Ukrainian General Rout

In this new Fourth Turning like the last, a European nation under Nazi rule—Germany last Fourth Turning, Ukraine this Fourth Turning—put their faith on new wonder weapons to at last defeat the Russian horde. In Germany they were making them. In Ukraine, they rely on the EU-NATO-US to come through at the eleventh hour to save them as their men are getting killed, wounded and captured by the thousands. Because of this delusion the Ukrainians keep on fighting and dying even harder. The false promises of the West hence lengthens the war. Western weapons deployed in Ukraine just makes the Russians stiffen their resolve to win, no matter how long it might take. The common Russian soldier might have started this war with some doubts in Putin’s statement made at its opening that “This is a war to defend Russia from NATO.” No soldier wearing a white Russian or red Donbass identity arm and leg band doubts it now… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 22 May 2022

Sectretary of Defense Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken meeting Zelensky face to face. I wonder if the chief Ukrainian negotiator has turned his head to notice that the ceremonial Ukrainian flags are at last set right-side up. I guess you don’t complain when they’re offering you $300 million in weapons.

Sectretary of Defense Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken meeting Zelensky face to face. I wonder if the chief Ukrainian negotiator has turned his head to notice that the ceremonial Ukrainian flags are at last set right-side up. I guess you don’t complain when they’re offering you $300 million in weapons.


The $144,000 Doomsday Dollar
Armageddon Question:
Will the Russians Use Nukes?

Except for the US/NATO veteran fighters in Afghanistan until recently for 20 years and some blasting up Libya from the air in October 2011, US/NATO has not been in a long lasting and major conflict to battle-hardened its forces. Chasing Afghani Mujahedeen in the mountains is not anything like the European set-piece war we’re seeing now. So, as far as I’m concerned, the British NATO forces haven’t been in a big war since the Falkland Islands in 1982. Iraq doesn’t count as a “European level” battleground for British troops. Fighting weak and poorly led forces of Saddam Hussein in 1991’s Persian Gulf War has only one fair parallel to today. That was the LAST time NATO forces, including the United States, had to mount a major, multinational offensive with 600,000 men, artillery and armored/motorized divisions, coinciding with air and sea forces. But even so, what where they up against? They faced a very large Iraqi army of pushover young and pot-bellied old conscripts, except for the Republican Guards, but even these followed outdated Soviet tactics and were pretty much destroyed with next to no damage done to US Coalition forces. All that “big-war” NATO training has atrophied, as retired Marine officer Scott Ritter can vouch for firsthand, being a officer serving in the general staff of Operation Desert Storm’s commander, General Norman Schwarzkopf and before that being a soldier in NATO during the last cold war where major tactical and strategic large-scale practice maneuvers of NATO were as frequent and all-year-round in training like anything that the Russian’s currently do. So the Ukrainians, NATO’s best integrated and battle-hardened troops, are getting creamed by the Donbass militias and Russian armed forces. Not a good look for NATO starting a direct war with Russia. A war Russia won’t start, but it will end.

And if NATO’s leadership should do the unthinkable that unthinking fools tend to do, they might answer their defeat by launching a nuke at the victory handing their “ass” back to them.

Remember, Russian doesn’t use nukes first, but it will “end” NATO’s use… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 06 June 2022

© Creative Commons.

© Creative Commons.


President Putin Explains Why
The Global Grain Crisis
Is not the Fault of the Russian Federation

At HogueProphecy I follow the maxim that the antidote to Propaganda is Context. It is very easy to find the Western media and governments throwing all the blame on this growing food crisis on the Russians. Unless both sides are shared, my readers will not have the full story. You can easily access the Western side, so I make it my chief effort here to give you the opposing side’s view. I would point out, however, that two months before the war even started, I had forewarned my readers that a global food crisis would come in 2022 as one of the defining challenges of this difficult year. On 26 December 2021, I published the following:


2022 gives us a taste of things to come in the 2030s, an era of the greatest mass exodus in humanity. We become a refugee species trying to escape from what we have unconsciously created by swelling too great in number living under a changing climate that doesn’t allow us to grow rice and grain stables of life to sustain our over swelling numbers. Perhaps an equally new and short-sighted trend finds its Green Revolution stalled less by a more erratic climate but at least equally by those blind Greenie ideologues today that, if successful in their zeal, will shut down so much fossil fuel/petroleum use in the world to meet the Paris Accord 2030 fossil fuel use reduction quota of thirty-percent, that it will have a dilatory effect causing a shortage of petroleum products needed to create the advanced fertilization of arable land that feeds a human race swelling to 8.5 million hungry mouths to feed by the early 2030s!

We’ll get a taste of that too in 2022. There is a looming, and global food crisis caused by a shortage of petroleum products needed to make proper fertilizers to feed nearly 8 billion of us. If you think food prices are high now, just remember by summer 2022 what Han Solo told Chewy, Princess Lea and Luke when the walls of the Death Star Garbage processor started crushing in on them, “One thing for certain. We’re all going to be a lot thinner!”

Refugee Tsunami hits the EU on Several Fronts
Starting Spring through Summer of 2022!
(HogueProphecy eMagazine November-December 2021 Issue)…

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DATELINE: 22 June 2022


The Coat of Arms of Kalinindrad, stradled by the Seal of the President of the Russian Federation. © Creative Commons.

The Coat of Arms of Kalinindrad, stradled by the Seal of the President of the Russian Federation. © Creative Commons.

© Creative Commons.


The EU-NATO Blockade of the Russian Enclave

Blocking supply to Kaliningrad is an act of war, breaking treaties Lithuania signed at the end of the First Cold War. There are all kinds of potential reprisals Russia could do, like pull the plug on the power grid of Lithuania that pipes electricity through Russia to turn its lights on. Or worse, they could simply take the corridor of territory that connects said Kaliningrad enclave to Belarus.

What an infernal absurdity, that a third world war might be caused by a little President Nauseda of a pipsqueak country. Such a thought of Nauseda ending the world can make one feel nauseous.

I can’t help but wonder if the EU leaders in fact were trying out this idea with President Nauseous. Brussels is constantly throwing out ideas and acting covertly or overtly upon them quickly discovering how these moves, like the sanctions on Russia blow up in their faces because they haven’t a set of brain cells when all together to think their moves through and consider consequences. Maybe President Nauseous is their patsy and the EU leaders are throwing him under the bus now that it failed.

There is an even worse possibility. Nauseous is the mouse that roars at the Russian bear because he’s got leaders at NATO headquarters in Brussels egging him on unto egg on his face. Or maybe this is even worse than that. Maybe this Kaliningrad crisis is Victoria’s “secret”? It is Victoria Nuland’s “I’ve got your back,” Nauseous move. I am tracking reports that the CIA is stirring up trouble in Georgia and Moldova for Russia too. Apparently, the New York Times is even writing about how Kiev is crowded with US CIA and UK Mi6 intelligence operatives secretly advising the Zelensky/Nazi Ukrainian government and they have junior intelligence partners along for the ride, the Lithuanian secret services!

What a dangerous folly…! Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: December 2021, 1999, and 17 June 2022


One of thousands of Shahab regional ballistic missiles that can strike Israel if just one Israeli jet penetrates Iranian airspace to attack Iranian nuclear installations.




The Danger of Lighting off World War III
Using the Middle East as the Match
Is Ever the Prophetically Anticipated Wild Card

(I wrote the following in December 2021)

I saw the map of targets posted in the Iranian Times the other day. The target map was a forest of red dots, across all the roads, bridges, reservoirs, factories, towns, cities and even a string of red dots intend in one fell swoop to blow up and knock down ALL the sniper towers and barbwire fences that keep the largest ghetto open prison crowding 2 million Semites within its walls. Such a huge prison containing the Semite race has not been seen since Nazi times occupying Warsaw and Lodz and other Semite containing ghettos. Only this time the watch towers slotted for Iranian missile dismantling are guarded by the great grandchildren of the survivors of the last group of Semites crowded by their millions into urban open prison ghettos.

Iran won’t be the only holy victim suffering nuclear reactor meltdowns. Israel’s nuclear reactor central, the installations at Dimona in south central Israel in the Negev Desert, will be obliterated and if Allah be praised enough a mere shift in the wind will cast a pall of radiation northward rather than the usual eastward direction to rain fallout on the flaming cities of Israel that Iranian rocketry will ballistically-biblically wrought. In-coming too will then be another 20,000 missiles from Southern Lebanon and Iran’s ally Hezbollah.

Then what happens…?

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DATELINE: 17 June 2022

An Israeli F-15 fighter jet escorts an American B-1B heavy bomber through Israeli airspace, on October 30, 2021. (Source: Israel Defense Forces)

An Israeli F-15 fighter jet escorts an American B-1B heavy bomber through Israeli airspace, on October 30, 2021. (Source: Israel Defense Forces)




Israel’s “Blue Flag” and “Chariots of Fire” Exercises
The Not-So-Secret Rehearsal
For a “Pearl Harbor Attack” on Iran

President Biden travelled from Israel to Saudi Arabia next where he is freaking out the Western press by giving a very friendly hand pumping with the Saudi Crown Prince and de facto leader of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government on Sunday acknowledged officially that Israel can use Saudi airspace for its civilian airliners.

Israeli military use of Saudi airspace to strike at Iran is next.

Acting Prime Minister Lapid’s acting government is going to war with Iran.

Think of it!

Can there be a worse time for this?

Oil is already over $100 a barrel. A global oil crisis is brewing. The world economy is in crisis already over blowback from failed EU sanctions of commodity rich Russia. And a demented US president gladly signs off giving the green light for Israel to launch an attack on Iran, effectively turning the Persian Gulf into a raging war zone, where much of the world’s oil and natural gas is refined and shipped…

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DATELINE: 11 July 2022

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS): M(a)B(u)S??

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS): M(a)B(u)S??

Gonzalo Lira foresees US boots on the Ground
In a War with MBS’s Saudi Arabia

What Does Hogue Say About That?

Nostradamus foresaw three antichrists in the future. For those who are new to this aspect of my prophetic work, that includes being on the trail of finding candidates for this third and final antichrist since 1983. The third is a Middle Easterner. He’s not from France like Napoleon (or Napaulon Roy – a code name for “King Napoleon” by Nostradamus’ anagram), or the man of the “hook by crooked cross” codenamed Hister (Adolf “Hitler”).

He’s Mabus. How do we get Muhammad bin Salman out of this anagram code name?

Muhammad = Mmmaaduh (cut the redundant letters) = Madhu (reverse the b) = Mabhu (and replace the one junk letter h with the missing s) = Mabus.

Now the rest of his name, bin Salman (son of Salman).

Salman = (turn the n upside down to u) = Salmau (rearrange the letters = maaus(l) (replace the junk l with the missing b) = Maabus (drop the redundant a) = Mabus.

Nostradamus saw, smelled, and heard the future. Many nicknames of future leaders appear in his work. For instance Vn Dubieux (a dubious one) captures the nickname of President George W. Bush because the French pronunciation of Dubieux is doobeeyuh, or his nickname “Dubya.”

Nostradamus will sometimes hide a name by stripping it of its vowels leaving only the consonants. In his famous Challenger Space Shuttle disaster prophecy, he uses three Greek letters to spell out consonants of the culprit responsible for the O ring failure that blew up the shuttle some 73 seconds into its liftoff. They are Kappa [K] Thita [TH], Lambda [L]. What was the name of the manufacturers of the O rings? Reposition the three Greek (now Latinized) letters: Morton TH-K-L. Return the missing vowels: Morton Th(io)k(o)l and you get Morton Thiokol.

What does the world media prefer to call Muhammad bin Salman? Such a long name for them. They just call him MBS and it sticks.

Meet the missing vowels of MBS: M(a)B(u)S, Mabus.

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DATELINE: 25 June 2022

President Obama and Vice President Biden in the US Presidential Limousine taking a selfie in better times—with Biden still in possession of a better mind—back in 2014.

President Obama and Vice President Biden in the US Presidential Limousine taking a selfie in better times—with Biden still in possession of a better mind—back in 2014.


With a Brand-New Puppet, Kamala Harris
But an Old Astrological Problem:
His Sun Squared Neptune
The Sign of Self-Delusion Par Excellence

What does the name “Obama” mean?

Kenyan Professor and Dr. Cliff Kodero, who works at Florida International University explains that the former president’s name is not derived from Swahili. “Obama is a Luo name,” he wrote on his Facebook page, “It means one whose birth is mysterious, not straight, born bent or something. For example, if the mother expected a daughter and got a son, he would be named Obama. In literal sense, the shortchanger.”

I definitely watched some “short-changing” and being figuratively “not straight” going on in a video recording Barack Obama’s triumphal return to the White House at a Gala party in his honor, hosted by the former Vice President now President Biden, with the who’s who of the Democratic Party’s elite leadership in attendance (see the video posted by Alex Christoforou of The Duran on 6 April 2022)… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 25 June 2022

Joe Biden and Tulsi Gabbard in 2020 Democratic Primaries.

Joe Biden and Tulsi Gabbard in 2020 Democratic Primaries. Photo (left) by Keven Lamarque. Photo (right) Brendan McDarmid.


An Early Warning Followed by Many More
Written down and Broadcast on Coast-to-Coast AM
Where I warned rigged Elections lead to a

By the way, I just saw an Insider report sent to me by my article hunter and dedicated reader Neill, entitled, Biden accidentally flashed a cue card telling exactly where to go and what to do at the White House event. Here’s the power points for the meeting he flashed:

  • “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.”
  • “YOU take YOUR seat.”
  • “Press enters.”
  • “YOU give brief comments…” — this note was partially blocked by Biden’s finger.”
  • “Press departs.”
  • “YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question. Note: Liz is joining virtually.”
  • “YOU thank participants.”
  • “YOU depart.”

To which Neill added his comment: “This vindicates your prophecy/opinion that Biden is the “Alzheimer’s President.”

Thankyou Neill for reminding me and us of that. I then tracked down my first prediction/comment about his dementia. It first appeared in the August HogueProphecy eMagazine in a 17 August 2019 article entitled, Who Will Win in 2020? Early Intuitions that Will Likely be Fulfilled, if what I Forecast here is Ignored. The brackets for clarity are posted here on 25 June 2022 just a few months shy of posting the following three years ago:


The Dems may already have that candidate, but she’s being completely marginalized by a Democrat party and media machine for the very reasons that gives her a chance to beat Trump, that she [Tulsi Gabbard] is not extreme left-partisan enough or Dem. establishment party bosses, or geriatric-enough like old creaky and sometimes creepy Joe Biden, Biden-his-time.

The time and destiny for him to become president, I’m sad to add—has passed him by. One can almost hear the dying of brain cells to dementia in the slow thinning of his rehearsed and regurgitated Bidenisms in the first two waves of debates.

It’s over for Biden.

Short of a brazen move by the new “stealth” party rules that might get him “chosen” at the Democratic Convention in the distant summer of 2020, I just don’t think Joe Biden will manage to sustain the strain on his weakening mind to win, unless there are so many candidates still running that no one comes close to having the supermajority needed to pass party boss muster. Then steps in, the superdelegate swindle and like before, they pick the candidate. In 2016 they picked her [Hillary Clinton] in the guise of “superdelegates” a half year before people could vote. In 2020 they could pick Biden if he’s still shuffling and duffing along with rigged polling at the end of the primaries, after the first convention ballot is cast. Either way, if you are a Democrat, you are being played exactly the same in a DNC-rigged primary election in 2020 as you were in 2016. You just get screwed in the end rather than in the beginning…

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DATELINE: 30 June 2022



Why are modern globalist dominators usually Germans and like to gather their inner circles for meetings in secure compounds in the Alps? For instance we have Hitler’s Berghof (top) and Klaus Schwab’s secure World Economic Forum compound (bottom). This is its private helicopter airfield.

“The Great Reset”

From Berchtesgaden to Davos
With Monkeypox on the Brain

Aryan German Hitler made many prophecies, so does Aryan German Globalist dictator Schwab, and this one’s a doozy, his “Great Reset” Prophecy:

Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy and life has never been better.

Or, put it another way, “as we head into the future, maybe the secret lies not so much in knowing what tomorrow will bring, just in making sure we know someone who does.” And how does he do it? He takes away your privacy. He takes away your property and ownership of more than mere things, but what you think, I might add. And your life as a globalist serf will never be better. So says the Aryan German man in the High Castle in Davos, though he does not put it the way I put worlds into his fish lipped mouth!

Religions don’t reason. You must believe or be cast out, cancel cultured, shadow banned because you don’t have the faith. This kind of mob witch-hunting rule is as medieval in nature as Klaus Schwab’s neo-Feudalist world order, his Fourth Industrial Revolution that by taking away all of your responsibilities as he predicts will happen by 2030, he, or his successors struggling to create such a world, would fight to win the world over the next 20 years, following Hitler’s foreseen timeline of the 2040s… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 June 2022

Hitler rehearsing gestures for his public speaking, photographed by Heinrich Hoffmann, playing Nazi Prophet. Source: Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-10460, Adolf_Hitler, PhotosHoffmann, Heinrich, © Creative Commons.

Hitler rehearsing gestures for his public speaking, photographed by Heinrich Hoffmann, playing Nazi Prophet. Source: Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-10460, Adolf_Hitler, PhotosHoffmann, Heinrich, © Creative Commons.


A first Glimpse into the Prophecies I prepared in 2005. For a book I’ve waited all these Years
To write until the 2020s had finally approached

  • Japan will become a future economic superpower after the war.
  • Eventually America and Canada must unite.

(Said in 1942, it could foresee the creation of at least an economic union like NAFTA [the North American Free Trade Agreement]).

  • The world must establish a World Trade Organization.
  • A world court without a world police would be a joke.
  • Preemptive invasion of another country will be the right of any superpower, even if the threat of attack from a neighbor is only imagined.

(Hitler applied this prediction to his own preemptive invasion of Russia but it has some disturbing echoes to preemptive invasions of our times, such as the US attacking Iraq in 2003.)

—End with the one ironic prophecy that no one can deny was a success:

“Germany will survive even my rule.”

(Hitler said this in jest, in 1942—how ironically true).

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DATELINE: 08 June 2022


Lest We Forget…

The Green cult thinking of Germany’s government and the former German Defense Minister Ursula van der Leyen who was appointed to be head of the European Union, is to make the Russo-Ukrainian conflict a means to an end forcing Europe to de-industrialize by tapping off easy exported and affordable Russian fossil fuels. The motivation is emotional, not scientifically based. Think seventeenth-century “Puritan” solutions. Punish the sinning people for they must freeze and atone for the sin of easy, cheap fossil fuel to run the prideful heavy industries. Come home to Green-Just Christ my people. It has a snag, as all cult religious-leaning solutions to problems. The sin will run deeper because this coming winter Ursula, Scholz and many an EU state leader will have to open coal mines and burn coal in Germany, and across the EU to stay warm and energize their flagging industries. Hence there will be far more carbon coming to the Earth’s atmosphere thanks to all the wrong people presently in power. The cult climate change folk spout all the wrong ideas about how to transform human civilization off fossil fuels with technologies that in my prophetic view are not thought through and are inadequate to match the challenge that no windmill or hot wind bags back in Brussels can execute.

A fundamental need is not addressed by them, replacing what fossil fuels can do: 1) give constant and steady energy, and 2) energy that is affordable.

Neither of these base points are achieved by ANYTHING the green cult leaders are imagining, nor are they yet capable of drawing the plans to physically create workable alternatives that achieve these two goals.

The Green Climate Cult thinking is doing more damage to their cause than the fossil fuels being pumped into our skies through their negative selling approach, their virtue signaling, their outright cancelling of nuclear and fossil fuel industries with no replacement in sight, causing political and economic disasters that will be remembered forever as caused by the Green Movement. They will therefore be forever cursed for these crimes and because of them it will set all serious and mature progress backwards maybe a decade or more—time humanity does not have to stop this catastrophic, planetary, and slow-moving train-wreck of human civilization because of what the C02 levels measured this May at Mauna Loa have discovered.

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DATELINE: 18 June 2022

 Osho, circa late 1970s giving Energy Darshan to Devotees.

Osho, circa late 1970s giving Energy Darshan to Devotees.


About an Auto-Suicidal Old Humanity
Unconsciously Preparing its Own Destruction
Has that Time Come Now?

And a Word About My Readings
And the Oracle’s Fourth Wind Mystery

So there I was, in India, in one of Osho’s famous/notorious therapy groups, stark naked. The group leaders, perhaps some in lungis wraps but the rest of the women and men coming from all corners of the world, were equally stark naked.

The women were sitting in a supplicating posture, knees together in a circle bowing head to carpeted floor then sweeping bodies up to their full length with arms stretched to the sky!

Bowing down, UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN!

Saying on the down lunge “Ishk!” And “Allah!” when rising with arms stretched to the ceiling.

“Ishk! ALLAH!! Ishk! ALLAH!”

The circle of naked women pulsed a grounding feminine energy to the earth opening and closing, a breathing flower closing and opening, closing and opening, forming the center of the cyclone as we naked men ran as fast as we could around and around them, clockwise, like a flesh, blood and sweat hurricane, slapping our chests, yelling “EEELL!” and stretching our arms an instant later like a thrust to the sky shouting “ALLAH!”

The women faster and faster: Ishk-ALLAH! Ishk-ALLAH! Ishk-ALLAH! Ishk-ALLAH!

The men faster and faster: “Eeell! ALLAH!” “Eeell! ALLAH!” “Eeell! ALLAH!” “Eeell! ALLAH!”

The group leaders were carefully watching us as we passed through the first barrier of exhaustion, but they wouldn’t let us stop. If somebody faltered in the running or stopped bowing and stretching to sky, they would come close and say “keep going no matter what” and even pick them up to continue the bowing or the running on and on.

The room was steaming with naked human sweat and scent as we became the moving parts of a great human Mandala Circle dynamo, carried on by our collective masculine orbiting, and feminine opening-closing, the flowering center. At one point the group leaders one-at-a-time would grab someone and thrust them into the middle of the ring of women those men ran around.

Placed in the center of the cyclone, take all the energy into you, dancing wildly, almost levitating.

All of us had our turn in the center of the cyclone.

While running, beating my chest (Eeell!) and in a split second thrusting my arms wide and upward (ALLAH!) one cannot help but encounter exhaustion of the first winding of the body.

The mind will be freaking out telling you to stop, rest, or you’ll die.

But your burst-beating heart is telling you, “Are you devoted to God? Do you not trust God to do the exact opposite of what the freaking mind is yelling at you to do…?

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DATELINE: 12 June 2022

 Waugals (yellow triangles with a black snake in the center) are the official Bibbulmun Track trail markers between Kalamunda and Albany in Western Australia. Always remember to "Follow the Waugals!" Source: cc3.0m author, Bjørn Christian Tørrissen. © Creative Commons.

Waugals (yellow triangles with a black snake in the center) are the official Bibbulmun Track trail markers between Kalamunda and Albany in Western Australia. Always remember to “Follow the Waugals!” Source: cc3.0m author, Bjørn Christian Tørrissen. © Creative Commons.


And a Call to Meditation

Nachash the snake is kundalini, your life source. The personification of these forces gives them identity. Identity means a state of being under the illusion of believing there is a “you” and it is separated from the Oneness of the cosmos. It is like a wave who is searching for the ocean and only finds other waves. He feels lost not because there is something to achieve, something to work on, or struggle to transcend. How can a wave struggle to find the ocean?

It “IS” the ocean. So no stiving, no fighting, no advancing to the unity/Christ type state is possible. You are that already. There is no you. Only that.

This is the hypothesis to test by merely being a watcher.

So achieving was what sent Crowley down to the fall of the magician because at every step of attainment he was simply feeding his ego-identity with occult powers and utterly failed.

Only “inner”-standing is needed.

Meditation is the way. In meditation you become merely a witness, not a doer. For doing is identity. The wave is “doing-wave” thinking it is contained unto itself and separate from returning to the whole ocean. To even think of “returning” is a trick to sustain the illusory “separation.”

All one can do is witness this suchness and without any judgment for or against, simply watching it, the complete pretense of wave-living is witnessed by that you can’t witness, which is the whole. Nothing you see, feel experience, think or sensate is “this” understanding.

Nachash is not to be fought with. Nachash is simply to be understood by the witnessing consciousness.

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DATELINE: 12 June 2022

Roe v. Wade rally hosted by the Senate Democrats before the Supreme Court building on 21 May 2019. Source: Senate Democrats. © Creative Commons.

Roe v. Wade rally hosted by the Senate Democrats before the Supreme Court building on 21 May 2019. Source: Senate Democrats. © Creative Commons.


John Hogue Predicted
It would Be a Significant Step Towards
America’s “Federalization” of a Nation

The constitutional precedent Obama allowed happen was immense. States’ rights over weed did more to break the federal hold on the Southern Confederate states than four bloody years of civil war between Union States failed to do with a puff of weed, rather than a puff of rifled Federal Union cannon. Twenty states and two territories of Guam and American Samoa so far have made marijuana legal for recreational use; 18 states and two territories of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands made it legal for medical use; and of these nine states have decriminalized its use, including two more who are still officially citing its use as illegal but have also decriminalized it. It is anticipated that upwards of six more states might legalize recreational use in the 2022 mid-term elections.

The precedent has begun a breakthrough to ignore federal rules and bring decisions back to the states. Roe v. Wade being the biggest catalyst yet. The Supreme Court and Congress will continue giving back to the citizens of the states more and more sovereign responsibility to vote upon and decide what once the Feds did…

Barack Obama’s lack of decisive action in his second term is responsible for setting precedent that led to the Roe v. Wade debate going back to the people in each state. Perhaps this is a good thing. People, not the SCOTUS, in each state, will now decide where they stand. The Union therefore of states “is” awkwardly a Union of states that “are” not so federally unified; moreover, issues of civil rights of ALL American citizens in the Union will now be parsed out to the states… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 12 June 2022

Pope Francis in healthier days, kissing baby during a visit to Estonia in 2018. © Creative Commons.

Pope Francis in healthier days, kissing baby during a visit to Estonia in 2018.
© Creative Commons.

640px-Pope_Francis_in_Estonia_kissing_baby-circa 2018-SRC-cc2.0

Pope Francis in healthier days, kissing baby during a visit to Estonia in 2018.
© Creative Commons.

And Finally:


Signs and Rumors in the Vatican
That Pope Francis might Retire?

Prophecy aside, it soon became apparent that angels do not make good leaders of the papacy. Celestine may have been holy, but he was wholly ignorant of politics and even the cross-and-wafer basics of daily church duties. His Latin was atrocious, forcing the pontificate to write his edicts in Italian. And his commands only fouled the church machinery and brought more chaos and crisis. After four disastrous months Celestine — seeing what harm he was doing to his beloved Mother Church — locked himself away in his apartments, turning them into a monk’s cell.

The naive pontiff was tricked into abdicating St. Peter’s throne through the unorthodox counsel of the treacherous and ambitious Cardinal Benedetto Gaetani. Celestine had asked the cardinal, a noted expert on canon law, to find a holy loophole to get him back into his tattered and dirty habit and back up Mt. Morrone into his barred cave as soon as possible. Gaetani, under cover of darkness, drilled a hole into the wall of the pope’s cell, twisting a speaking tube into it. For several nights the hermit pope curled upon the stone floor was awakened by a voice calling out to him in the darkness: “Celestine… Celestine… Lay down your office. It is too great a burden for you to bear…”

The pope became convinced that the Holy Spirit was calling upon him to abdicate. Celestine retired soon after and was succeeded by none other than Gaetani as Boniface VIII. His successor kept Celestine under lock and key and would not grant his simple wish to return to the rocky wilds of Mt. Morrone, fearing that his own pontificate might be threatened by radical Catholic doomsday cultists and other papal enemies who might climb the mountain and pluck the former pope from his cell to lead a schism.

Boniface finally had Celestine locked behind bars in the tower of Castel Fumone, east of Ferentino. The old hermit resigned himself to his new lodgings, saying, “I have desired nothing in my life save for a cell, and a cell they have given to me.” He would live within his its confines for two more years before finally passing away in 1296. Historians claim that he was not harshly treated. Certainly a fanatic mendicant who abstained from the rich bounty of papal banquets and preferred to munch in seclusion on dry bread crust and water, would find prison life in Fumone more to his tastes. Still, an argument could be made that he died of starvation and general neglect. Clement V had him canonized in 1313.

Before passing away, Celestine accurately predicted the fate of his successor: “You leaped on the throne like a fox, you will reign like a lion, you will die like a dog…”

Boniface VIII had tricked Celestine V like a fox to retire. This lion of a pontiff would take the medieval Holy See to its zenith only to see its secular power weakened beyond repair by his intolerance of the rise of monarchical and national power in Europe. In September 1303 Boniface was captured by forces of Sciarra Colonna and King Philip’s lieutenant, Guillaume de Nogaret (c. 1260—1313), at the pope’s opulent palace in his hometown of Anagni. Nogaret stopped Sciarra from beheading the 85-year-old pontiff but allowed the head of the Colonna family to take his revenge. He knocked off the pontiff’s mitered hat and cut away his garments with his stiletto until Boniface was stripped down to his loin cloth and a multitude of hopping lice. Most of Nogaret’s mercenaries then proceeded to ransack the sizable plunder collected by the pope in his short reign. Once satisfied with their spoils, most of the mercenaries left. This allowed the townspeople of Anagni to free their native son and bring him back to Rome and safety.

The ordeal had broken the leonine pontiff, who seemed to become a blubbering and senile old man after only three days of incarceration. While in confinement he had refused all food and drink, fearing his enemies would poison him. Once returned to Rome he locked himself away in his apartment in the Lateran Basilica for over a month. Priests outside his door could hear him banging his head against the wall. He was seen gnawing at his arm like a dog worrying a bone. In the end Celestine’s prophecy was fulfilled. The “fox” who had tricked his way into St. Peter’s chair and ruled like a lion — calling himself Lord and master of the Universe — in the end died like a dog, alone and insane.


(18 July 2022)





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A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

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PRE-ORDER this fully-illustrated PDF eBook version of this new 270-page work scheduled for release on May Day 2021 with your payment of $4.99 or a little more to Put New Book in the PayPal Memo line. If you don’t see the line, just send the message by email to I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. You can also send me a snail mailed US check or money order payable to “John Hogue” to P.O. Box 666, Langley, WA, 98260. Be sure to put “New Book” written on your check and send me your email address to send the book to you.



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