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Nostradamus and Iraq

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PROPHECY ASSESSMENT (20 March 2013): on The Ten-Year Anniversary of the US Invasion of Iraq. In the prophecy field, the older an article is, the more powerful its message. Especially if it generally reads like it was written today, not 31 months ago in August 2010.

This article below closes the circle on my prophetic exploration of a US invasion of Iraq that began in mid November 2000 when asked by Ian Punnet, hosting Coast to Coast AM, what a G.W. Bush administration would give America if the disputed Florida election count gave him the presidency over Al Gore, to which I predicted:

I believe this war could happen as soon as 2002… Where a Gore presidency will contain Iraq there will be an eagerness in a Bush presidency to settle scores and bring about a Gulf War, Part Two. It will most likely topple Saddam Hussein but not before it gets a Bush presidency bogged down in a Vietnam in the desert and threatens America with 27 to 30 years of terrorist reprisals.

Back in late 2002, when US Congress enabled Bush to ramp up for his invasion of Iraq by 20 March 2003 (Baghdad Time), I began looking at the prophecies of Nostradamus for a sign of the outcome. After examining his verses concerning an occupation of “Mesopotamia” (modern day Iraq) by an army of Western “Crusaders” (the same term al-Qaeda fighters use to describe American soldiers in the Middle East), I concluded America would lose its war in Iraq. What follows is the article I published in August 2010 as my final testament on the Nostradamus/Mesopotania/Iraq prediction.


Nostradamus and Iraq

(19 August 2012)

They have retreated down the dusty desert road from whence they came. The last US combat brigade rolled back over the Kuwaiti border on a predawn hour, like the one that set rocket and artillery fire to the darkness seven years and five month ago when armored tank treads rolled into Iraq. This time the guards at the Kuwaiti border gate that unlocked and opened the Operation Iraqi Freedom invasion, pulled the gate closed after the last armored personnel carrier of the last retreating US armored combat unit had passed out of Iraq before MSNBC cameras. MSNBC was the only US cable news agency able to broadcast live what most of the US news media and American people would like to forget: the US war in Iraq.

The pullout ceremony jumped the official date by a few weeks to prevent any roadside bombs blasting the last exit of the last complete combat brigade. Despite that, the US leaves behind armed camps and air bases packed with 50,000 support troops and trainers to aid the reformed Iraqi army and military police forces to fight their own battles with guerrillas and jihadist insurgents. The departure of the US 4th Stryker Brigade from Iraq happened sometime after 3 AM in the morning of 19 August (Iraqi Time). It marked this as the 2,666th day after the previous US President G. W. Bush put on his bollocks-harnessing flight suit costume to stride bull-legged-cowboy style thumbing up the folks and the serried ranks of sailors, pilots and marines on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier displaying the “Mission Accomplished!” poster. He announced that combat missions in Iraq where at an end.

Well, according to what happened today, Mr. Bush was 7 years and 5 months off, 4,415 dead US service men and women buried, 318 coalition troops and 1,000 US contractors killed, 35,000 US and coalition wounded, and 650,000 Iraqis whacked after mission was prematurely “accomplished” on Mayday-Mayday! 1 May 2003.

At this moment in American denial, 70 percent of the people polled believe that the war ended in success. They also believe they paid way too much for the war, costing an estimated trillion dollars. Actually, the war is not yet a success and the American people have not paid the lion’s share of the cost. The Chinese did and we will owe them more than half of that sum as a loan with steep interest and soon!

Yes, the violence of civil sectarian strife reaching a climax in 2006-2007 has abated because of General Petraeus’ anti-insurgency successes that fortunately coincided with a “Sunni Iraqi awakening” to entering politics rather than stuffing RPG missiles into their tubes pointed at US humvees. Nevertheless, do not call the current dysfunctional and ungovernable Iraqi parliament in Baghdad evidence of victory, or that Iraq has become the symbol in the Muslim world of freedom and democracy that will illuminate and spread moderate democratic values across other Muslim Middle East nations

American Jarheads and G.I.s where supposed to dispose of Saddam Hussein with the garbage of WMD they could not find, guard US oil contractors as they drew out the Iraqi oil to pay for the war that they did not plumb and finally establish and leave behind a working democratic government that is not there. Elections happened this year in March in Iraq. Five months passed and STILL there is no government seated doing the Iraqi people’s pressing business. However, I will tell you what there is in its void, a new regional power. The Islamic fundamentalist government in Teheran openly sabotages progress towards forming an Iraqi Parliament for over five months now. The fall of Saddam brought on the rise of militant and powerful Islamic Revolutionary Iran dominating the Persian Gulf where much of the world’s oil exports lie.

We have won in Iraq?

NONE of the pivotal legislation has happened that would secure democracy and concord between the three major factions in the Iraq: The Sunni minority, the Shia Muslim majority and the non-Arab Kurds. The latter would prefer to live as their own nation and take back Kirkuk where most of Iraq’s oil reserves lay. Indeed, the all-important Shia-Sunni-Kurdish agreement to equally share Iraq’s oil revenues remains in limbo after years of all talk and no legislation. Soon American bureaucrats and military advisers will not be there to wave their fingers at them.

Actually, the official combat operations in Iraq will end after 31 August 2010 when another six thousand troops will fly out beyond the Stryker Brigade’s photo op “out” of Iraq this morning. The Pentagon will transfer power to the US State Department when on that day begins the new operation. From Operation Iraqi Freedom we will move to Operation New Dawn. In that new dawn on 1 September, thousands of State Department diplomats and technocrats will augment, the 50,000 US military trainers left behind in Iraq with a brighter, stronger and more subservient Blackwater-style army of 7,000 US private mercenaries. These will guard remaining US military assets until the end of 2011 when all US forces will leave Iraq to its own fate and devices. A sizable portion of those departing US troops belong to Army and Air Force personnel that flew missions over Iraqi unit counter-insurgency operations. The protection of righteous avenging angels on their shoulders will go with them. The commander of all Iraqi Army forces, Lieutenant-General Babakir Zebari, openly protested to the world press that Iraq’s military will not be ready to stand on its own until the year 2020.

The end of 2011 looks a lot like the beginning of 1973 when all US troops withdrew from defending the Republic of South Vietnam. Just as in Iraq, the US military and State Department buttressed and spent billions in a Vietnamization-cum-Baghdad-ification that intended leaving behind a workable government and armed forces to fight the suppressed forces of civil war after a rapid withdrawal, thank you very much.

The South Vietnamese government corrupt as it was did at least convene in Saigon. A national Iraqi government is still in the Bagh, dad, and bickering politicians show little sign of coming out to play parliament. The South Vietnamese armed forces, like their US manufactured and armed Iraqi descendants were left to fight guerrillas without the critical protection of a functioning air force. They fell to the North Vietnamese in 1975. US air forces were in Vietnam (as they currently are in Iraq) the key to successful counterinsurgency activities of troops on the ground.

Today’s withdrawal of US combat forces in Iraq warrants a reprise of excerpts from one of my articles written seven years and nearly one month ago, posted on 11 July 2003, when the glow of “Mission Accomplished” began to feel the heat of bombed-out US humvees at the onset of the Iraqi insurrection against US occupying forces.

Here are some passages from New Quagmires and Crusades. You can read the whole article by clicking on Nostradamus Iraq.


Perhaps Nostradamus foresaw Bush’s “Crusade”

Over four-and-a-half centuries ago, Nostradamus said the following in Century 3, Quatrain 61 of his prescient masterpiece Les Propheties

La grande bande & secte crucigere,
Se dressera en Mesopotamie:
Du proche fleuue compagnie legere,
Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.

The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia:
Of the nearby river the fast company,
That such law will hold for the enemy.

It would seem that Nostradamus has written a compound prophecy embracing two modern invasions of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) into one: the Gulf War of 1991 and the land invasion and occupation of Iraq via its southern (Mesopotamian) approaches in 2003.

Back in 1997, I wrote the following interpretation of C3 Q61 for Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. My views then covered what now appear to be the first part of this compound prophecy:

“It could be said that Operation Desert Storm was the most recent Crusade of Christian armies in the Middle East; moreover, it starred the largest cast of Christian soldiers ever to fight in ‘Mesopotamia’ in the 20th or any other century. Rick Atkinson in his book Crusade: The Untold Story of the Gulf War estimates that the West sent 4,000 tanks, 150 ships, and 600,000 soldiers (the vast majority from the Christian nations). The ‘nearby river’ is the Euphrates during the rapid attack by the 101st Airborne Division cutting across Highway 8 next to the river. This action effectively cut Saddam Hussein’s supply line to Kuwait during the 100-hour ground war. The final line may take us into the near future if we can define just which ‘law’ holds in Iraq: Is it the brutal ‘law’ of Saddam Hussein, or the sanctions of the United Nations? One could argue that the swiftness of the Allied encircling maneuver spearheaded by the 101st Airborne helped bring the conflict to an end before Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard divisions were destroyed. After the peace, he could use these relatively intact elite units to tighten his hold on Iraq.”

A revision of my interpretation would include a second invasion and occupation. Line 1 and 2’s phrase “great host and sect of the crusaders will be massed in Mesopotamia” is more applicable to the US forces occupying the region today. I believe President Bush’s use of the word “crusade” [to describe his “war on terror” against those who attack the Pentagon and World Trade Center on 11 September 2001] is a classic catch phrase Nostradamus wouldn’t have overlooked.

Thus, it seems we “have” a new crusade in Mesopotamia, as Nostradamus defined it in Century 3, Quatrain 61.

Lines 1 through 3 point to the Gulf War of 1991 repeating itself in early 2003:

The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia:
Of the nearby river the fast company…

Fast armored armadas of the Mesopotamian encirclement of Republican Guard divisions in 1991 become leaner and meaner armored brigades of the U.S. blitzkrieg of 2003. They plunge across the Mesopotamian delta heading north, northwest for Baghdad alongside the western bank of the Euphrates (“nearby river”).

At the date of this writing a “great host” is indeed “amassed in Mesopotamia.” At the end of the war there were close to 200,000 soldiers, the vast majority being of the Christian faith (“crusaders”) on the ground in Mesopotamia. Since 1 May [2003] the Bush administration scaled down the number of troops to 145,000. An escalation of guerrilla warfare sets the stage for history to repeat itself. Another US president from Texas is issuing secret orders for a buildup of more troops for what could be America’s second Vietnam quagmire.

Perhaps the repetition of history is closer than I’ve stated it. When US troops crossed the Euphrates River on their final push for Baghdad, they passed into the fertile and marshy planes of the Tigris and Euphrates watershed.

“Gosh!” remarked one reporter on camera from CNN riding on top of an armored personnel carrier through yellowish green rice fields and palm groves, “It looks just like we’re driving right back into Vietnam!”

Is he right?

Let us review the prophecy again:

The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia [modern day Iraq]:
Of the nearby river the fast company,
That such law will hold for the enemy.

The final line seen in the light of the 2003 invasion becomes more ominous for America. Indeed, a clearer picture arises of just what Nostradamus might intend for the “law” that will “hold for the enemy.” Saddam’s dictatorial “law” survived the Gulf War of 1991 only to be replaced by a new tyranny — the “Sharia” law of Shiite fundamentalism.

The law of the Sharia will hold Iraq because the American president’s preemptive war and occupation is the catalyst. A force-fed Iraqi puppet democracy will radicalize the country. The guerrilla insurrection will grow in strength long after the US captures or kills Saddam. This insurrection may be the match setting the fires of a 27-year war foreseen by Nostradamus in his famous “Mabus” and “Third Antichrist” prophecies. (See Mabus).


Much of what I said posted on 11 July 2003 did happen. Saddam was caught and executed; the Shia majority that controls political power to this day even though they cannot govern the land after the US occupation supplanted the Sunni-dominated regime. The 27-year war may have already happened. If you take Saddam Hussein’s bloody, war ravaged reign, add to it the last three years of his life which marked some of the bloodiest days of the Iraqi insurgency until his death in late December 2006: his violent rule in perpetual warfare with his own people and neighbors lasted 27 years! Read more about what else Saddam Hussein clearly fulfilled in Nostradamus’ prophecies by clicking on Third Antichrist. According to these prophecies, there may be another 25-year war of the Antichrist coming after the 27-year conflict.

What have US combat troops left behind to stew in hot Iraqi deserts today? What will be waiting for Iraq when this second repetition of all-American blundering Vietnamization fills the void when the remaining US forces and support aircraft leave Iraq at the end of 2011?

The dire side of Mayan Calendar year 2012 has a new devilish dimension.

John Hogue

(19 August 2010)

PS–The Pentagon is at a crossroads. The future course of US strategic thinking and the destiny of the US military industrial complex will be decided in the latter-half of 2010. Read more about it in Predictions for 2010.

UPDATE 20 March 2013–What comes next for Iraq? You can read all about it in my new eBook about the next great and final war Nostradamus foresaw in the Middle East. Click on this cover:

Click on this cover image and read more about this book.

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