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Prophecies of the Past Fulfilled 1: End of Hopi 4th World

The Great Purification by Fire begins with the Roaring 2020s. Time to read this popular book The Essential Hopi Prophecies on the topic by John Hogue

The Great Purification by Fire begins with the Roaring 2020s. Time to read this popular book The Essential Hopi Prophecies on the topic by John Hogue

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Now has been seen before. There are documented prophecies in hundreds of books spanning the history of this subjective art over the last ten thousand years. For decades, premonitions bureaus in America and England have recorded hundreds of certified cases of people accurately predicting the future.

The orthodox scientist dismisses any sincere study of the paranormal as a pseudo-science. Current scientific expertise concerns itself with matter, a word defined in its Latin roots as “to measure.” But many phenomena around us, like the universe itself or the potential of human intelligence, have no yardstick. Can it be denied that these mysteries exist simply because we cannot quantify and measure them? Is it not pseudo for a purely rational scientist to attempt an objective measurement of the subjective? That is a contradiction in terms.

At present, the art of psychic prediction is an enigma beyond our rational understanding. Be that as it may, the following time line of documented forecasts from the last 10,000 years is enough proof that the accuracy of prediction extends beyond any pseudo-scientific lucky guess.

The time has come to reassess our limits and to reawaken the prophet within us all.

Before 8000 b.c.e.
The End of the Last World
Before Noah’s Flood

This is when the trouble started. Everything they [the people] needed was on this Second World, but they wanted more….The people began to quarrel and fight, and then wars between villages began. Still there were a few people in every village who sang the song of their Creation. But the wicked people laughed at them until they could sing it only in their hearts. Even so, Sótukknang [the Lord of the Universe]…appeared before them.

“Spider Woman tells me your thread is running out on this world,” he said, “…I have decided we must do something about it. We are going to destroy this Second World just as soon as we put you people who still have the song in your hearts in a safe place.”

So again, as on the First World, Sótukknang called on the Ant People to open up their underground world for the chosen people. When they were safely underground, Sótukknang commanded the twins, Pöqánghoya and Palöngawhoya, to leave their posts at the north and south ends of the world’s axis, where they were stationed to keep the Earth properly rotating.

The twins had hardly abandoned their stations when the world, with no one to control it, teetered off balance, spun around crazily, then rolled over twice. Mountains plunged into seas with a great splash, seas and lakes sloshed over the land; and as the world spun through cold and lifeless space it froze into solid ice.

This was the end of Tokpa, the Second World.

The Book of the Hopi as recounted by
Oswald White Bear Fredericks
and recorded by Frank Waters

According to Hopi Indian legend, the world has already ended three times. Long before Noah’s Ark and a biblical four-cornered world, the Indians of prehistoric North America were aware that the Earth is round. Ice destroyed the world before Noah. Flood destroyed the Hopi world of Noah’s contemporaries. Modern Hopi shamans say fire will be the destroyer of our current world – sooner than anyone would like to think.

John Hogue
(28 April 2007)

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