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Federal Reserve doesn’t raise Interest Rates, Christian Fundamentalists attack Hogue’s Predictions for the Last Blood Moon eBook, Readers come to his aid, and the Off-the-Grid Revolution has begun

The FINAL blood moon glowers over the Middle East on 28 September! Is it just another Christian Chicken Little story, or is there more too it? Click on the cover and read a free sample.

The FINAL blood moon glowers over the Middle East on 28 September! Is it just another Christian Chicken Little story, or is there more too it? Click on the cover and read a free sample.

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DATELINE: 20 September 2015

Hogue Readers answer the Author’s call to defend his eBook Prophecies for the Last Blood Moon against a concerted Fundamentalist Christian Attack

History repeats itself. When I published The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome—Prophecies of St. Malachy for Element Books in 1998, it briefly soared to number one ranking over ALL books sold by Amazon back in the time when their few million titles for sale were all paper books. I would do this again after 9-11 for a longer period with Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies in the autumn of 2001. My first shot at standing alone as number one was cut short by a concerted attack by reviewers pretending to be readers. They were actually hacks working for the Catholic League who were, no doubt, ordered by Cardinal Ratzinger, then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with Pope John Paul II’s blessings, to use Amazon’s reviewing program of that day to launch attacks pretending to be people who had read the book. It was a strategy used to take down a book’s five-star ranking so the flood of poor reviews would falsely indicate it wasn’t worth reading. A lot of well-written books critical about the Church were trashed in this way.

John Paul II had at one time condemned me for being an “author of polemics” when I set before my reader the many facts and crimes of the big business in religion that the Papacy and the Vatican had become over 16 centuries since the Council of Nicaea established Christ Corp. as the Holy See. Thus Ratzinger, (the future Pope Benedict XVI) let slip the dog-matists to wage holy writ warfare in the review boxes, shooting to kill my book.

Anyway, since those days Amazon has better perfected the technology to indicate whether someone actually “read” the book they reviewed. It still needs many improvements. People who don’t read books can still slither through the system and leave a venomously fake review hurting my standings.

Of late, the majority of negative reviews for Blood Moon coming from fundamentalist Christians had no record of registering a purchase of that book. In some cases they fired off with what sounded like only a precursory reading of the free sample of the opening introduction. They stated their self-righteous disgust and reasoned that since the rest of the book must be the same, why read further? Why not review the whole thing negatively on blind faith. Fundamentalists love using their blind faith.

Here’s an example of some of the most toxic slams from someone who did not register as a purchaser, even though in later back-and-fourths with one of my readers, “N” protested that he or she had. The full handle N used was a sexless name. N starts off by saying my book was a “blasphemous joke.” That’s a fundamentalist code for not being able to cram me up her dogmatic set view of religion.

The author, John Hogue, is obviously not saved as he makes fun of Christians and even refers to Jesus as the “mutonous lamb”. I wonder why he even bothered to write the book. He makes fun of others who have written books on the blood moon. He obviously has an axe to grind against Christians and so titled his book on a subject many Christians are interested right now just so he could insult the reader…….got all this from the first chapter….never did read any further.

What I love about Amazon’s system is that others can review whatever you write about a book for its veracity or gushing mediocrity. C.S.K. responded:

A good review is about the content of the book, the quality of the writing, etc. not based on an emotional type of reaction to the first chapter. Your first line (“he’s obviously not ‘saved,'” exactly what is your criteria for being “saved?” and how can you tell? as a consecrated Bishop, I’m curious) hurts your review.

We learn the most from those with whom we disagree. Opening up the possibility that, perhaps, they might have a valid point. There is no sin in being open minded.

N liked to dish it out but can’t take a review of her review very well. N retreats to that age-old mediocrity’s stance that “I have a right to publish my unsubstantiated opinions without anyone criticizing them.”

Yes I read this on my kindle. You need to get your facts straight CS [K]. Why do you find it necessary to ridicule and try to discredit my opinion? Are you related to the author or seller and profiting from this book which bashes and mocks well known and proven evangelists who have a good reputation and sell lots of books? The author of this mess obviously has done no research on his own but has taken the message of prophets of God and misconstrued and mocked them in this book.

Now I’ll reply to that:

You’re unsubstantiated and false swipes at CSK aside, N, it’s clear to me why your opinion is so easily discredited. You only read the opening chapter and chose to play blind “expert” about the rest. Later in the book I came to the defense of a number of Christian interpretations of the Bible and theologians who think Rev. John Hagee had hyperbolized the blood moon’s emphasis in Joel, Jesus and St. John of Revelation’s visions. He magnified the part—a moon turning into blood—distracting from the whole of the great and multifaceted portent that these three significant Bible prophets had laid before us. Moreover I point out that the Bible never mentions four blood moons. Look it up. I have.

I’m quite clear in my hits of Hagee where his quotes don’t match the facts, where his moons don’t warn the Jewish people until often a year after the danger has hit them, or a year after the Jewish State was born. A reasonable person like the Christian critics I quoted later in the book, think Hagee has strayed from the prophecies, not enlightened us about them. His sloppy research does not deserve respect, in our view.

Anyway, N, you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, because you couldn’t get past first base and read where I took the book.

Now to my “mutonous lamb” joke, as N misspells it without the extra “t”.

Anyone who actually read the book knows I never wrote that phrase. This is what I inserted into the final section of Revelation. 6:12-17. Please note the underlined: …‘Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One who sits on the throne and from the vengeance of the Lamb’ [the sacrificial mutton-headed metaphor representing the martyred Jesus Christ].’ For the great day of their vengeance has come, and who will be able to stand?

It’s not my fault that St. John describes Jesus Christ earlier on in his Book of Revelation as a seven-eyed, lamb-headed man. (Saints preserve us, St. John. Lay off chewing on those magic mushrooms in your cave on Patmos Island, already!)

It’s his metaphor, not mine, and I went on to expose it near the end of the book in this following passage from Chapter Four. If I erred, I should have added that we disrespect Jesus Christ as well as his followers by describing them with a “mutton metaphor.”

There’s a potential of universal and divine consciousness standing alone inside of us. It hasn’t ever needed planting. We are this seed. It can sprout any eternal moment of the Now. Your future is not written in stone. It is not inevitable. Each of you has the power to change it with your awakened intelligence once you find a way to snap out of the herd-religious mind.

Remember your humanity.

You aren’t sacrificial lambs of god. The mutton metaphor is ugly—defining you as sheep, and your good reverend the anointed shepherd. No awakening, loving human being can call people a “flock” of believers. Your divine-given humanity is not comparable to some dumb, hoofed, herd-headed animal—an unconscious, willing, sacrificial victim submitting your throat to History’s butcher knife.

Those spouting Bible prophecy as though divine destiny were inevitable are not standing at the right hand of God but standing on it, keeping it from moving, progressing. Your preachers in every organized religion are servants dishing up borrowed religious bad habit. They’re trying to make an apocalypse happen that will not have the intended, promised results—yours and their salvation. They serve death and destruction.

To forestall doom-laden futures from happening, it’s not enough to go all gooey, singing John Lennon’s call, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

Peace has no chance if people do not look inwards and understand what makes them unpeaceful.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Edgar Cayce (d. 1945) was one of the most accurate forecasters anticipating the Second World War. He belonged to a small club of seers throughout history predicting the same conflict coming in breathtaking detail, yet unlike all the others, Cayce visualized a future without a third world war.

It is enough that he did. It is enough that “you” visualize it and then transform your part in making such wars inevitable.

We can build upon that one potential today that changes the outcome of tomorrow. Consciousness is only concerned with “oneness”. That means there’s a chance we can repent our blindness, expose our false narratives and stop acting upon them.

I would not say, give peace a chance. Peace is a consequence. It comes on its own accord as a byproduct of choosing to open up to giving something deeper inside all of us a chance.

All I am saying is Give Meditation a Chance.

This and many other passages you missed, N. But not a large majority of readers apparently. Today I posted a invitation to those who read Predictions of the Last Blood Moon who are members on my Hogue Prophecy Bulletin newsletter list, to read those mounting and scathing reviews from disgruntled and often unregistered Christian fundamentalist purchasers and come to it’s defense with a fair and balanced review if they felt to. Thanks to CSK and all of you who pitched in your comments. I’m deeply touched and grateful. You can read all 26-and-counting reviews starting with the most recent from today by clicking on Customer Review.

Here are some excerpts:

Like all of John Hogue’s books, this one is written with scholarly acumen and accuracy with a dash of peppery wit. Hogue does not subscribe to fundamentalist christian “end-time” prophecies and hysteria, but instead explains in detail the astrological significance of blood moon events and it’s relationship to seer Nostradamus.

John Hogue is the leading scholar on Nostradamus, there is no other. This book is a refreshing and insightful interpretation of a complex and misunderstood event. As world events grow more worrisome, there has been a bifurcation of “scholars” regarding the work of Nostradamus, a branching into two groups, those who are self-serving iconoclasts and those who seek the truth while doing no harm. John Hogue falls into the second group. Yet, Hogue has warnings aplenty about what is coming! Read this thought provoking and well-researched book and decide for yourself.

John Hogue is a brilliant visionary and scholar with accurate and well researched predictions. I have been following his work and writings for a long time…

Religions have been used as a tool to control the masses… resulting in most people unable to think on their own.. thus becoming in my mind, good SHEEPLE… with no individual thinking capacity at all.

…I appreciate the foregoing 5-Star reviews as I read them so I have no need to repeat what has been so eloquently stated.

I urge everyone to read John Hogue’s books… as I have always learned from his years of knowledge… and doing one’s own due diligence in a day and age of so much biased and mis-information… instead of the old fashioned reporting of the facts, like news used to be.

Every day of my life is a new adventure as I am here to learn, love and enrich the lives of everyone who crosses my path.

With great appreciation and admiration I am a more knowledgeable individual learning from John Hogue’s expertise.

K.L. (Momma Cow)
As a long-time student of end time prophecy I invite you to read John Hogue’s “Predictions for the Last Blood Moon” ~ John helps the reader think out-of-the-box to gain much needed perspective and understanding of these important prophecies. We could all use this breath of fresh air – I’m a long time fan of Hogue’s work! In fact, I highly recommend all of Hogue’s work!

I want to thank John Hogue for continuing to make us think despite the hate and deliberate falsehoods of the rigid, hypocritical christians who would have us believe ONLY in their interpretation of the next stage of human evolution. Christians have co-opted the end times. Fortunately, because of authors like John who continue to wade through the the swamp of nonsense produced by an unthinking, unfeeling, prejudiced, fundamentalist group of non-thinkers, we have a lot to think about. Christians most certainly do not own the end times. They can have their interpretations, but what makes me so angry is that they insist their way, their beliefs and their interpretations of “the Bible” is the only interpretation possible. I was raised Christian. It was only when I became a Buddhist that I understood the significance of what Jesus taught. I am sure that if you ask Jesus what he wanted people to explore at this time, he would say “EVERYTHING”…oh, and be sure to read John Hogue. he will make you think for yourself.

This book is certainly one you should consider. Just think, a book without cliche’s, that considers many sources, including some of Christians most important theologians. I will continue to support this man who writes beautiful books, charges half what other authors charge for theirs, and says that you have the “God-given” ability to think and research for yourself.

And finally,

[Hogue] writes with knowledge and study behing him. Hogue never claims to have all the answers or the definitive last word. But he does give you great insight into these troubled times. Some people who blindly follow dogma may not get Mr. Hogue but they don’t get much else either.

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

Thank you, All. And thank you, N, and the other fundamentalists, your “grist” has been ground down and become the “bread” of intellectual nourishment for our mill.

DATELINE: 20 September 2015

The Federal Reserve Didn’t Raise Interest Rates
What did Hogue’s Prophecy Hit and Miss?

First off, before I launch you all into a string of short articles looking at the mounting list of forecasting successes of Predictions 2015-2016 (just now available in a printed edition), I want to write about some of my misses. Let’s look at my prediction of an anticipated raising by the US Federal Reserve of interest rates I wrote back in early December of last year set to happen this late September. There would be a prelude, a scare in August. A correction in the markets that my Oracle accurately foresaw when the Russian ruble went to its lowest devaluation and China began devaluing its Yuan and Renminbi currencies, effectively joining other countries in a global currency war.

August could be the month an economic bubble busts. All the efforts to quantitatively ease a faltering fiat credit-based economy by flushing it full to ballooning with more gouts of printing and digitalizing imaginary money has crossed the Russian Ruble-con, as it were. It knells the end of smoke-and-mirror reform. Perhaps the new recession will visit us in those dog days of Saturn summer 2015. After the prelude “correction” of stock markets there may ensue what my Oracle calls a “Greater Depression” the following year. It won’t dispense inflation but deflation of currencies, starting in the late summer of 2015, mainly because of the currency wars well underway since the latter half of 2014 where all currencies are trying to rush to the bottom of value in a mad competition to attract importers for their ever more affordable products.

Prediction 2015-2016, Chapter One
The Stars War, the Empire Strikes Out
(Subsection: Saturn Summer)

After August I forecast part two. The bracketed insert in the second paragraph is from today, just to clarify the two windows in time for easing I forecast for either late June or late September:

US dollars will have their “correction”, thanks to the Fed attempting a very modest lifting of interest rates perhaps as soon as late June 2015 just as Saturn returns one last time for some karmic economic house and financial sector cleaning. I predict the lifting of interest rates will be delayed closer to the end of Saturn’s final pass through the financially karmic sign of Scorpio in late September.

There will be more than a correction coming in 2015. The Fed can’t stretch credit credibility further. The Fed would like to keep raising interest rates but they won’t do it for very long. They can’t. They are stuck like a deer tick in a zero interest option hole where they will reel back a one-percent increase in June [or late September] to zero again and they will pray that a correction will just “happen.”

Prediction 2015-2016, Chapter 8:
Fiat You! World Economics in 2015-2016
(Subsection: Quantitative Weaseling)

My Oracle got the August prophecy correct. However, rates were not raised as I predicted but remain at zero for perhaps another month or another review of the markets and the concerns about a developing deflation of the Chinese currencies and a better take on the trend of a Chines economic slowdown before raising the rates. Now then, I could stretch it and say the next date for potential correction correction is “close” to late September, but I don’t think the Fed will do anything in late October.

Now, I recall that on a recent set of radio interviews, and a Skype lecture linked to the Triad Movie Theater in Cle Elum, Washington State last week, I amended my rate hike prediction from one percent down to something much smaller, like .25 percent

It turns out that the minority vote in the Federal Reserve committee were in favor of a .25 percent rate lift but the majority voted it down. In my view, this is another example of how futures can happen—they are stories waiting for the present to catch them—but since we have free will, people can change their minds and alter destiny. The .25 percent raise was coming on, and may yet become the rate hike that will have the American economy bracing itself for nudging interest rates in December of 2015 to January 2016.

DATELINE: 20 September 2015

Predictions 2015-2016 Fulfillment Alert!

Border Clashes Between India and Pakistan
Herald a New and Dangerous Phase in Indo-Pakistani Relations

In late November 2014, I documented the following prediction about a resumption of Indo-Pakistani tensions in 2015-2016:

If a new border crisis happens from terror attacks on India it would take place in the latter half of 2015 after the Monsoon Season has ended, usually by late September when some serious blood mooning is going on. A far more dangerous time for miscalculated moves comes during the Jupiter-Saturn Square at the end of November through mid-December. The most dangerous windows for war in South Asia are the spring and late summer into autumn of 2016.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter 6:
Forecasts for Regions and Nations
(Subsection: Kashmir and the Line of “un-Control”)

Terrorist attacks were not the cause of this border clash, although I went on in the passage above to predict that Pakistan based Islamic Jihadists called “Lashkar e taiba” would “strike India again, no later than 2016.” In the most recent incident, Artillery clashes flashed and thundered over the disputed border between Indian and Pakistani artillery and heavy mortar positions late this August, less than one month earlier than I had forecast. Those killed, as often is the case, were innocent farmers and their families. This time 11 Pakistani and Indian civilians were killed with dozens more wounded on both sides.

The pot shots were let loose during the lead up to celebrations in India marking the 50-year anniversary of their victory over Pakistan in 1965. It was the second of three major Indo-Pakistani conflicts (the others included the first come after India’s partition in 1947, and the third caused Pakistan to loose its East Bengal province (East Pakistan) to an Indian-supported insurrection creating Bangladesh in 1971). Certainly my India and Pakistani readers will cite other large-scale border clashes as full-scale wars; however, none of these spread fighting beyond the contested territories of Jammu-Kashmir, of which Pakistan seized the eastern quarter in the first war. Both Indian and Pakistani armies dug their fortifications facing each other along the mountainous frontiers and glaciers of dividing disputed Kashmir.

The trouble started with India’s partition hastily overseen by the departing British. Islamabad claims the majority Muslim Kashmir should have passed to them. India, with one of the largest Muslim minorities in the world, argued that states should decide on secular, not religious grounds. Anyway, the cancerous issue churning the nationalistic frustrations of both regional and now nuclear powers goes on, and often get’s hotter when the BJP pro-Hindu right wing party is in power, as it was in 2001-2002 during the last large-scale border incidents. Prime Minister Modi and his BJP won a commanding majority in Parliament in a landslide election a few years back. So here we are again and the stars for war are only going to get more bellicose this autumn, resuming their vitriol in spring, to late summer and into October next year.

These border clashes bear close watching. A small scale, regional Armageddon may be around the corner if level heads don’t rule in New Delhi and Islamabad. As Afghanistan intrigues fade with the departure of the US and NATO in the next few years, the attention of South Asian nationalistic hubris will turn its attention once again to trouble Kashmir. Mahatma Gandhi had once predicted after the partition he so vigorously tried to prevent that the dividing of people of South Asia would unleash four major wars between India and Pakistan, each becoming larger and more destructive than the last, the fourth possible destroying them both. The fourth and final war, if it happens in 2016, has both combatants armed with several hundred atomic warheads

DATELINE: 20 September 2015

Another Predictions 2015-2016 Fulfillment Alert!

Decentralizing the Power Grid has taken its first Baby Step

One reader, “Kathy C.” back in early May, sent me a heads up about a Minds Alpha new bulletin about Tesla Motors introducing a little boxlike battery that you can plug your house or office into and power part of your home off the grid. In the following predictions made years ago, I kept seeing such a device emerging around the present time. I called it a “black box.” It would be the beginning of what I foresee as part of the technological and social move away from the Piscean era to a more Aquarian Age way of life in the future. That life sustains individual freedom through a localized movement of community activism around the world. A revolution of decentralization also grabs the tech fields that in a decade could render Piscean Age centralized power grids, political-powered nation states, and central banks—indeed all banks—obsolete.

Our age of power pole ugliness is about to end in wireless energy systems, unbridled from any centralized controlling power grids. You will have in each house and business a little black box that makes limitless power to heat and light your life.

Predictions 2014, Chapter 9:
The Post-Snowden World
(Subsection: Towards a Decentralizing Independence)

We will begin taking small steps this new year of 2015 towards what will eventually lead to a complete dismantling of all centralized chains of control. A decade from now, the centralized banking system will shrivel and retreat from our eyes as a result of what crypto currencies have set in motion as a new system of money bartering, based on ones and zeros rather than gold and silver or fiat debt spending. The individual will be his or her own bank and his or her transactions will commence with the speed of light, unfettered by borders and credit card middlemen. Indeed in this peaceful Aquarian revolution, the concept of middleman as conduit, wetting his beak on your wealth will be going to the guillotine, as it were. Banks will disappear. Credit Card industries will disappear. New technologies will find themselves in small black boxes becoming your power and heat sources. The age of utility poles will disappear. Your great electric grids will be irrelevant and dismantled.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Three:
Go Shock and Awe-thorities, (Subsection: From Centralizing the Many to The One in Manyness Manifested)

Kathy sent me a link to the Mind’s alpha article with a funny note because the Tesla apparatus isn’t black but sleek and sexy silver:

“Gosh, John,” I thought you said this unit was going to be black! Soon one in every home—way to predict.

To which I replied, “Thanks for the article, Kathy. I’m going to order mine in black. J

Click on Tesla and read the article in question.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.



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