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From Nostradamus and the Antichrist to Nothing is Free, Otherwise Life would have no Value and will Joe Biden get in the Democratic Primary Race?

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DATELINE: 17 October 2015

Of Antichrists, Mind Filtering Red or Blue Political Ego-glasses and a World where all is Divine and Nothing is Free, otherwise it has No Divine Value

Often my articles are inspired by interchanges going on within my growing international social media community. The discussion/debate can take interesting directions. I want to post one for the audience at large because it covers a number of important issues, such as snap judging my work without reading it, having issues with being paid for what some think is a “divine” gift to make forecasts, etc. What triggered a progressive reader sharply to the comment was a Sputnik article about Obama on my Facebook page entitled Arrogance Precedes Downfall: Obama Could Learn This From Napoleon, Hitler… Believing and insisting that one nation or one religion are better than others is arrogance that always leads to a downfall—Barack Obama should remember this…

His liberal sentiments were upset by the contributor, Bob D. posting the article on my Wall, with tongue in cheek suggesting, “Oops, should I consider this as a suggestion for the third anti-christ?”

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

To which I replied: “Hi Rob. Before Obama was elected president I had forecast it would happen and I wrote a chapter on him in my book “Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. He is one of the four top candidates for the Third Antichrist, solely on a study of the key clues the French 16th-century prophet gives, and not from any bias for or against the president. I hope you’ll all read it.”

This prompted Anthony to write the following, which started several different discussion/debates—thank you Anthony, you devil you… J

This is the last place I thought I’d see right wing wackos. Is Nothing beneath you to condemn liberalism???

Anthony, look how quickly you snap a judgment without standing on any facts about my work. In that Antichrist book, I savaged G.W. Bush. He’s also a candidate, as was Saddam Hussein, as was Usama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarkawi, the father of ISIS. Politics blinds and narrows your perception of my writing exactly in the same way a lot of my conservative readers think I only bash Conservatives. When you’re in this mode of mindset, there’s no real difference between liberals or right-wingers. You’re mirror reflections of each other—quick to jump to conclusions with ignorance of my work as your guide.


The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more.

I plead guilty to being ignorant of a good part of your written work — my exposure to you has been solely thru FB and your appearances years ago on Coast. I cannot afford the price of the other works. As for being a mirror reflection of the right — I would be curious where I reflect George Bush Jr’s acts of high treason with the 9/11 Inside Job in NY and DC? I couldn’t hold a candle to that…and when I see him and Dick Cheney doing hard time in prison for their crimes, I will be a LOT less defensive about attacks on progressives.

Yes, the world is changing. There is a new consciousness unfolding in each and every one of us, like it or not. And it is happening primarily as individuals. I wrote a piece years ago called “The Dance” which outlines what the real purpose is of Prophecies of Doom. So it is a narrow road to walk, dealing with such attacks and when and when not to respond. My approach is to aggressively expose the worst lies and point people to the truth, to the best of my ability. And I welcome a dialogue.

Anthony, you can’t expose any lies if you are ignorant of those whom you criticize and attack. If, for whatever reasons, you can’t purchase my book then how can anything you think, or write or attack be cogent? This makes you a Progressive “blue-neck,” just as arrogantly misinformed yet opinionated as a right-wing redneck, intellectually pissing in the strong winds of ignorance.

You admit your guilt then go on theorizing and drawing conclusions, blind about my book, what I’ve presented, what Nostradamus’ clues are and how I and he approach these candidates.

You right and left-wingers are so alike in this conceit of opinion at all costs. Neither of you read, and some  even sometimes say “mea culpa” (which I thank you for saying) but the habit overtakes you both, that itch you must scratch and scratch, that  need to profess an opinion at all cost to knowing anything about the topic–damn intelligent preparation and full speed a-headless you go.

And then you write about a new consciousness unfolding. Just how qualified is your consciousness? Can someone conscious move forward with an unsubstantiated knowledge, ignorant of the subject, yet have an opinion and think they are self-aware enough to see “a new consciousness unfolding”?

Sorry to hit but you deserve this. Being a “progressive” do you call this “progress” in “your” consciousness?  When I read you talking with faux authority about consciousness unfolding  you might as well be a colorblind man playing expert about Technicolor.

Now, to the money issue. Are you really telling me you don’t have $14.50 to buy a pdf download of my Antichrist book? Really?

HOGUE NOTE: The rest of the letter I’d like to keep private. I’ll only add for public consumption this:

If you can’t pay for the book you attack without reading it, you haven’t earned the right to have an opinion for or against it. Don’t play the fool and think otherwise. It’s best you remain quiet, otherwise whatever you say is a blind man playing bluff with a lie. It’s deception and it only serves Stupid. As far as I’m concerned the true name of the Antichrist in us is Stupid with a capital “S.” It’s time not to be Stupid’s slave.

I will confess to you I am torn in one respect: Signs have shown me throughout my life that is is never a good idea, when you have a God-given gift, to sell that gift. What little I have been able to read of your work, and a fair number of appearances on Coast that I have heard from you thru the years, have earned you a great deal of respect from me as a prophet. But I have also experienced subtleties like what happens to my own gates when I try to sell the products of that inner sight. I used to do Tarot Reading… When my little sign said “Donation Suggested”, the readings went very well and people would often hand me ten and twenty dollars (1970’s dollars). But if my sign read “Readings — $20”, it was like those gates got pissed off and locked up. So yes, I have a bit of a problem from that end on the money issue as well.

I just wish the New Age would finally manifest in all its glory…(HOGUE NOTE: The rest is private.)

Thank you for being so forthcoming about your issues with being paid for God-given gifts. I suggest to you a new way of looking at it. Isn’t growing food a God-given gift? The farmer is creating and cultivating life. The harvest of life-giving food has in ancient times always been recognized as a religious act of supreme sacredness.

Now I ask you, does the farmer do all that work for nothing?

Should he or she be rewarded with poverty and suffering?

Should the farmer starve for those who enjoy the bounty of a farmer’s sacred gift to us of life?

But your “Signs” tell you it is never a good idea to sell your God-given gift at Tarot.

Why not?

This is how you cultivate and harvest insights to help others. It is another sacred harvest, Anthony.

Consider this. You are misreading the “signs.” You do this, like many do, because you’re brought up in a Western, Puritan-influenced culture that divides the physical world from the spiritual world.

The Cosmos is one Whole. The human ego exists by creating false divisions. When you understand this, then you understand that even a man like Donald Trump has a God-given gift of making money.

It is a gift to create wealth, and Trump and some other wealth artists are even great philanthropists helping others with their “art”, their harvest of the sacred.

Did you know that one of the most gifted prophets in history, Michel Nostradamus, NEVER gave a prediction free and died a wealthy man?

Did God take his gift away? Did Nostradamus’ angels of fire from the Ethers admonish him like yours did you?

The Mafia of the Soul that is our big business religions and their priesthoods of poverty promotion love to keep us all poor in spirit, divided against ourselves. They make our misery sacred and condemn as unholy our aim to be equally rich in the ways of the earth and spirit. Actually these mainstream religions are unholy, not you, your gift, or your right to earn a fair living using your gifts from God.

Now then, Anthony, to the issue of leaving the donation amount open, or, asking a fixed limit. That’s not the divine telling you its bad or wrong what you did. I would say, the upset it caused your clients  uncovers the poverty consciousness that’s so unconsciously prevalent in all of us because of thousands of years and thousands of lives being conditioned by big business religions to think material wealth is evil and sinful and that spiritualism conversely is God-given free. Wealth isn’t the problem. It’s “unconsciousness” that misuses wealth. The unconscious fears of the rich make them greedy, cruel and aggressive in the sequestering and hoarding of that wealth. And those without wealth are no less greedy to grab it if they can and dream of being as venal.

The growth of Wealth is one of the hopes for the human future. With it used consciously it can put an end to all social stresses, unemployment, crime and punishment and even terrorism. Wealth is the one blessing Jesus Christ couldn’t understand and it is one of his greatest errors as a teacher that he made poor people feel good about their wretchedness because that only strengthened their slavery in poverty for the last 2,000 years.

You know, if money was so evil, why do these big business religions expect you to give a tithe?

If they practiced what they preached, they should be the poorest, the most miserable and holy of us all, right?

No Vatican. No nice churches of any denomination. Just reverends in rags or naked as a Jain monk wandering the roads, begging for food—street people. Moreover, if these religions really wanted to make the world holy, according to their poverty consciousness, they should work towards a Third World War with nuclear weapons launched. What’s left of humanity will all be as wretchedly “holy” as we can be. We won’t need halos even. We’ll be glowing in the dark from nuclear fallout.

Anthony, I’d say that from you side of your clients’ issue with the donation price, you have a misunderstanding of human psychology and not a “sign” at all of the divine’s displeasure at you demanding a fee.

You flat fee was too high. Lower it. Find the sweet purchasing spot. Give them a little more freedom to feel what amount has a “Yes” as a minimum starting price to give a little more.

Asking $20.00 in the 1970s was like asking for $50 or $60 today. You were pricing yourself out of the market. No divine displeasure was sent from above. Your lowly, all-to-fallible and human clients rebelled from the grass roots upwards to the peaks of your soaring prices.

Now to the New Age coming that you spoke of.

It never comes if you wait for it from the outside to appear. The golden age only exists when you rediscover your lost “golden-ness” of consciousness. So I suggest to you, Anthony (or anyone else reading this interchange) that you consider learning techniques of self-awareness that might help understand the New Age has always been inside you, waiting for you to recognize it. You “are” IT.

Now is the only time for New Ages to happen. If you are willing, I can send you information and links to the meditations I use. Contact me at this link and put–Meditation–in the subject line, and I’ll email you back this information.

I thank you for the thorough treatment you gave the subject. I should correct one misunderstanding, though. My problem is not with accepting money for a reading. I did that frequently. But I know that what I was given was a gift, to be used to help people. When that gift is scorned, or disrespected, those on the other side that regulate the flow of guidance thru the process let me know in no uncertain terms that I am letting “Mammon” get in the way. I’ve pondered this over the years and found that the key issue is the idea of “Demanding” payment of a fee before rendering the service. Beyond that, there are issues with the dollar amount. There are differences in the ability to pay — and there are also major differences in how much “work” goes into one reading that has little to say and is over in five minutes, versus a major crisis reading that may take two hours and a lot of pain and strain to get through. So rather than require a set fee, I simply suggested a donation, and trusted both the customer and the Gods to make right. It worked out well.

“Demand” or “ask” you are still making a transaction. You still are “selling” the divine gift, Anthony. You’re seeking a euphemism to psychologically relax the mediumistic channel that’s stimulating a negative message in your mind. The personification of our spirit guides falsely follow how we filter them through our conditioned minds. If you were programmed Buddhist, you wouldn’t get a message about Judeo-Christian “Mammon.”

Consider this. The deeper understanding beyond our minds is that our spirit guides best serve us when we understand their “Not-There-ing-ness.”

They do nothing.

They say “no-thing.”

They do not exist at all.

In that reality comes their perfect message to the medium who has begun to rediscover his or her lost not-there-ness.

No one is there to receive the message and no one sent it. That’s when the messenger and the medium are in perfect harmony.

There’s an underlying issue I recognize hiding between your lines, Anthony. It’s something to do with Value.

You say as much:

“I will confess to you I am torn in one respect: Signs have shown me throughout my life that it is never a good idea, when you have a God-given gift, to sell that gift.”

Maybe psychologically you feel less tense about leaving the transaction fee (i.e. “the donation”) open ended. OK. Still, it feels to me like you do not stand up for a base fee when you do this. It’s like you put the burden on your client to come up with a base fee for you, because you don’t want to consciously stand up and own, “My time and energy is valuable to this much. Anything less than this, I don’t have a yes to give you a reading, because you will not value it enough.”

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.

I do not give donor’s eBooks if they give me less than $12.50. That’s my base-line value number. I am at peace telling the rare donor or two who give less, to pay the difference, otherwise, thank you for the donation, which I will keep, but no return book gift is coming. You haven’t earned it.  Or, if they really can’t pay in money, I have them pay in another way.

For instance, I freely give my information and links to meditation techniques without a money transaction. I still charge you though. I charge you to pay with your decision, your “Yes.” Cost of purchase: you have to write me and place in the subject line of your email just one word. Just one word it costs you, yet it is a very valuable word. One of the most costly words in language. I ask you to write “Meditation” in the subject line.

You pay me in in the currency of “Yes” with a bank noted word “meditation.” It’s a most valuable word that stands for all the treasures of soul it can unlock. By writing it and emailing it, you have opened yourself to Meditation.

Nothing in life is free. Nothing free has any value.

You pay in time, in energy, or in barter or in monetary currency, but there’s always a currency given and received if you are aware of it or not. You can call it a donation or selling but giving and taking always requires something interchanged as current between people. Both sides must have-share-and-gain a value in the giving.

Someday, in the era of the new humanity coming, economics will be fundamentally grounded on this kind of human-to-human value and giving.

DATELINE: 17 October 2015

Joe Biden.

Joe Biden.

Will Joe Biden Run for the Democratic Party Nomination?

Melodi asked a question about the US Vice President who currently is soul searching a bid for the nomination during a trying time of personal tragedy, the loss of his first born son to cancer.

Hi John, just curious and thought it might be a good question for your facebook/blog – how does Biden look astrologically in terms of a run for President in 2017?

I have no strong feelings about him one way or the other – he’s always just strike me as a typical, rather older school, politician; no better or no worse than most.

Of course one thing he might have gone for him is he has managed nearly two terms as V.P. while getting a reputation for almost nothing except standing there; unlike Hillary who has a lot of baggage from her time as Secretary of State.

If your busy, don’t worry about this yet; or at least not until he announces but I thought the question was interesting now that it looks like VP Quiet Man may be seriously thinking of running. Melodi

I’m on a roll this week editing the Trump for President: Astrological Predictions book, and I haven’t had much time to think about Biden. One of the reasons he doesn’t spark my oracular radar screen too much is this:

This eBook is coming out in early November, stay tuned.

This eBook is coming out in early November, stay tuned.

Biden will not run. The family is not 100 percent behind it, moreover, Obama fatigue will mark him on the campaign trail. The Clinton machine has all the money and influence and I think Clinton will continue her rebound as I predicted she would after Saturn left her Scorpio birth sign situated in the twelfth house of karma and hidden enemies (the Email Scandal). People forget that when this thing really gets going after New Year’s she’s a tough campaigner. She almost beat Obama in 2008. He won when the Super Delegates turned on her.

I’m thinking the money interests will see her through to the nomination, not Sanders, because he’s got no support in the Super Delegation. They choose the candidate unless Bernie can win by a landslide in the primaries. An outside possibility. By the way, after my Trump astrological predictions come out in early November, I will start work on a Hillary Clinton astrology assessment for publication early next year.

I have a bit of a “Trick and Treat” coming on Halloween, a new book about that devilish numeral, numbre-hombre: 666.

Thanks, Melodi, for the review on my Pope Francis book, by the way. I’ve posted it for everyone in the next and last article for this week along with one written by “WriterKEB.”

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

DATELINE: 17 October 2015

Two of many Five Star Reviews for my new Number One Bestseller at Amazon’s Prophecy/Divination Genre: FRANCIS and the Last Pope Prophecies of St. Malachy

Here’s Melodi’s Review:

John Hogue updates us on the St. Malachy and Nostradamus Papal Predictions!

John Hogue does it again! This is a great little book that picks up where John’s larger works on the prophecies of Saint Malachy and Nostradamus concerning the Papacy and brings us forward in time to the present in 2015 including the unusual election of Pope Fancies while the previous Pope is still alive, although living in retirement.

John looks at these recent events in the light of various prophetic traditions that concern the Papacy and the possible outcomes for the future contained in them.

He also gives a great over-view of some his previous material on the “St. Malachy” predictions (hits and misses) on the previous Popes that provides the reader with some of the background for his more current updates and information.

For new readers, his book also includes sample chapters of some of his other current works that can also be purchased for Kindle or read on Kindle Unlimited.

Overall a good read, I could not put it down and read it all in one sitting!


A second review from WriterKEB (the paragraph formatting is by me for better clarity):


Having been raised Catholic and having attended 12 years of Catholic school, I do not remember being taught anything about the Popes during my school years 1955-1967. I do remember memorizing a catechism without having the faintest idea what anything really meant. However, looking back, the Catholic Church did prepare me to discover my own personal INNER JOURNEY to find God.

This was thanks to every GOOD FRIDAY when I observed three hours of silence in the solitude of my darkened church save for the flickering votive candles. Those three hours were mine with God as nobody would dare speak or disturb another’s religious reverie. All of that changed when I graduated into a world no longer shielded by priests, nuns and friends who all thought the same as I did.

Life soon took me into a new direction. Even though I am now I am of a non-denominational belief system, when I saw newly elected Pope Francis make his first appearance, I didn’t see a Catholic Pope – I saw a very special person, who gave off a very UNIQUE energy, so much so that I knew I was going to keep an eye on what he had to say in the future. I didn’t feel he was elected Pope to just serve Catholics – he felt more Universal to me – much like the first time I was introduced to Buddhism and heard the Dalai Lama speak.

Fast Forward to why I highly recommend this book!

When I caught Pope Francis on tv meeting with the President and Congress, I was hooked. I did not turn off CNN until the Pope’s plane left for Rome! Tears would stream down my face whenever that man smiled or interacted with the people! Once again, I didn’t see him as a Pope – I just saw this incredible human being who exuded such beauty that I wanted to be a better person! However, with these unexplainable tears came unsettled feelings of fear where I knew I wanted to pray for this man before he even requested everyone pray for him.

Throughout the Pope’s visit, I kept wondering if John Hogue was watching and what was he thinking! Not soon after the Pope departed, I saw John’s newest ebook appear with Pope Francis on the cover! Incredible timing!

As much as I wanted to jump straight to the chapters about Pope Francis, I’m glad I didn’t do that. The first five chapters were a history lesson about the Popes that I never received all those years in Catholic school. I found myself agreeing with many things John wrote, while knowing that others of my birth faith might not be too happy to read what was on some of those pages. It is why I find that an OPEN MIND is so important when reading whatever John writes!

From Chapter Six to the end, I became transported. For me, this is where writings of the Pope prophecies by St. Malachy or possibly by others ended, and it is where John Hogue begins – flesh and blood John Hogue, who is fearless when it comes to sharing what comes from WITHIN him!

I will read and reread those chapters many times because they resonated so strongly with me!!!!

As always, I appreciate that John does all that he does to share his gifts with us – while being a full time caregiver to his beautiful mother and being given the same 24 hours in a day as the rest of us! THANK YOU, JOHN!


Thank you WriterKEB and Melodi and also reviewers Ray F., Elaine S., G. East, Ryan J. Persad and all the other reviewers writing and invited to write your feedback after you’ve read this papal firecracker of a little eBook. Just go to the book’s sales page by clicking on Francis. Sample the free introduction, please scroll down to the “write a customer review button”, and share what you think.

And if you haven’t read the book, please try it. It’s only $2.99. When you purchase it, you help this website to financially continue.

DATELINE: 18 October 2015

Why the Russians play “Hero,” and the US Play “Zero” in Foreign Policy

I don’t know why, but my spidy senses tingle when I read about how great Russia is. With China along side? My heart wonders how we can endorse the act of war period. No matter who’s who. I love our planet beyond politics. So as I am witnessing how many people all around the world are engaged in “Russia as the New Hero”, while the most free (somewhat) and ecologically beautiful country in this age is being hated even by their own people I come across this; Recorded back in the early 70’s: Have you seem this?

Hi Lana, thanks for the links. I’ll be brief, as I’m pretty swamped with work these days. The Russia of today is not the Soviet Union of 25 years ago. Back then there were a number of forecasters, such as Sture Johanssen of Sweden (the Swedish Edgar Cayce, he was called) who foresaw the end of the Soviet Union and a period where the US would become more like the dead Soviet Union and Russia would become more open and free. This apparently is happening in the last quarter century.

My review of the two links: Obama is not a communist puppet like the first of your links implies. He’s a corporate puppet. America is harming itself by taking capitalism to its lowest evolution, corporate monopolizing of the democracy, turning it into a plutocracy.

Communism and the Russians are not doing this to us, we are doing it to ourselves. Our foreign policy after 25 years is a complete mess. It’s a self-inflicted wound stemming from voting into power a string of mediocre presidents. It’s gotten so bad that Vladimir Putin has stepped up to play the adult world leader and actually FIGHT the Syrian rebel insurgencies, all of which are various degrees Jihadist.

There are no moderates any more in the Free Syrian Army.

They simply don’t exist, one of the reasons because Obama moved so slowly to aid them when it was a moderate force. He pissed away two years and the Jihadists took over the movement.

Putin’s moves show a grasp of realpolitik (rational politics). For instance, you don’t take Assad down “and” defeat ISIS. You have to choose, and the rational choice is, supporting the regime that’s stable rather than taking that regime down, imploding Syria, causing millions to flee the region to the EU and further destabilize Europe. (I’m mean—Duh!)

Putin and Assad are actually fighting Jihad extremism and America and the EU should be helping them. Heck, even candidate Donald Trump see this.

A mature US leadership could fight side by side with Stalin to defeat a greater evil, Hitler. Our infantile US leadership hasn’t the maturity to play rational strategic geopolitics. The US should ally with Assad, Russia “and” Iran to defeat ISIS—they are the new version of Hitler’s SS in black. Islamo-Fascism must be destroyed like Nazism. Instead, America is perpetuating and spreading it.

So, yes, this time around, the US is playing the idiot-bad buy and Russia is the hero. At least Putin gets what needs to be done with ISIS. What comes next for Syria in 2016 is an important topic for my next annual yearbook of predictions, click on Predictions 2016.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.



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