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THEMES OF THIS eMAGAZINE SPECIAL: •Predictions for 2023—The Last Year of Humanity, or Year 1 of a New Era? •Ukrainian War Report. •Taiwan is Next? •US Dollar’s RAPID FALL as Global Currency Reserve. •US exposed Blowing Up the Nordstream Pipelines! •The Future Waits in the Past—A Solution to End All Wars. •Can Netanyahu Cat herd his Extreme Right-Winged Cabinet? •US-NATO Trapped on an Escalation Escalator. •The Unravelling of Western Dominance of 500 years in 2 Years! •Economic WWIII Report: An Axis Shift of Civilizations. •Climate Change Cults & Realities •3 US Presidents in 1 Year? •Why Woke is a Pejorative Term. •4th Estate Collapse to 5th Estate Salvation? •Fall! Overlording Aristocracy. •A Wagnerian End of Terrorism in Africa? •I “MUSK” be Dreaming up Cancel Culture’s Karmic Comeuppance. •What Hogue Will Write in 2023. •The 3 Great Premonitions of My Life Meet a 4TH PREMONITION, most Powerful & Strange, Celebrating Life Beyond Hope & Hopelessness! •The End in Sight is a Hidden Splendor that Ends ALL End Times.

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