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US Terror Attacks in September as Foreseen. Next, Start from the Ridiculous: Hillary Clinton Health Issue. End with the Sublime: An Illumination of the Antichrist Unconscious as Pokémon Putz and the “White-wash”-ington Post calling Edward Snowden a Criminal

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Click on the cover to go to Amazon and purchase this eBook with easy one-click shopping.

DATELINE: 21 September 2016

Hogue’s Long Foreseen Terrorist attacks Wave hitting America in September have Unfortunately Arrived. Will they influence the Election?

It all started last Saturday with a trashcan blowing up on an empty street in Seaside Park, New Jersey. A fortunate delay in starting the five-K race of active-duty and former Marines meant the timed pressure-cooker bomb left in the trash by jihadist lone-wolf, 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, would not explode a blow a gap of death and maimed men and women through the line of runners and crowds cheering them on.

The bomber playing Jihadi Johnny Apple seeder of death and destruction had moved on, crossing the Hudson over to New York City. That evening in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan Island, another trash can erupt with a flash and New-York apartment-shaking explosion sending shrapnel over a city block and injuring 29 pedestrians.

Jihad-Johnny Crab Apple had set the device off with his phone. We know this because he phoned 9-11 to announce his baby-9-11 terror attack and how he lit the bomb off. Too bad Johnny, your next dialed up pressure cooker dropped the signal (“can you hear me now?”).

Time for him to scram. A symphony of New York City Police sirens in neon flash and alarming cruiser lights were approaching. They would find his unexploded pressure cooker in the trash can, giving them valuable forensic details, such as fingerprints, along with the many shots of the man, with face clearly illuminated, in security camera footage to start a manhunt, using social media to broadcast his face on millions of NYC citizen phones and televisions.

Rahami was on the run. A discarded backpack load of five pipe bombs was in a wastebasket around 9:30 pm on Sunday outside a neighborhood pub in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 16 miles west of New York City.

I’m getting ahead of myself. More terror mayhem was afoot and above that foot was a man named Dahir Adan, a naturalized young-twenty-something Somali US citizen dressed in his security uniform, pushing open the large glass door into a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the same Saturday evening Rahami, by coincidence was planting bombs in Chelsea. Disarmed by the security guard uniform people were caught off guard when Adan pulled out a knife and began slashing and stabbing any men and women he could reach yelling about “Allah” (God) in Arabic, or asking if his next victim was a Muslim before he slashed. This man injured ten people, and many more may have fallen under his knife if it wasn’t for an off-duty officer Jason Falconer fatally shooting the Allah-praising assailant.

Let’s come now to Monday morning where a man in a hoodie sitting crouched against a cracked glass door of Merdie’s Tavern, owned by Harinder Bains in Linden, NJ. The owner had crossed the street from his restaurant to check him out, thinking he was perhaps one of last night’s customers sleeping off his bar-room binge, curled up under the awning, trying to get away from the driving early morning rain.

Bains warns the man about the broken glass and the face appears out of the hoodie apologizing and shifting off the door a bit before pulling the hoodie over his face again. The owner got back to his restaurant and couldn’t help thinking how similar hoodie-man looked like the picture of the Chelsea bomber. He thought of calling 9-11. A friend gave him the direct Linden police phone number instead to call up a unit to check the hoodie vagrant out.

The police came, approached the man who then moved his right arm suddenly to his left, pulled out a pistol and fired two shots at the policeman standing only six feet away. A gun battle ensued with another policeman also slightly wounded. It lasted 30 seconds of terrifying forever ending with Ahmad Khan Rahami, himself critically wounded in the interchange of gunfire, now carted off to the hospital in police custody.

I was then reminded that my Oracle had forewarned that a wave of US lone-wolf terror attacks would begin happening in the latter days of summer. The first quote that comes to mind is one I documented on 21 March 2016 for a planned astrological book that I shelved which read:

I do see bombings rocking September’s late summer days.

I have also laid out earlier for my Hogueprophecy readers, another completed segment of that planned book written in March 2016 and posted at on 15 June 2016. It describes how a window for terrorism would move from the streets of Europe to America when a long and malefic stationary retrograde of Mars in retrograde was ending. Mars began moving direct course out of Scorpio into Sagittarius in early August where it would magnify its fieriness coming to a head in the middle and latter days of September by joining Saturn in Sagittarius. Here’s what I shared just one day shy of six months before this new US terror wave happened:

The passion of Mars in Scorpio was kinetic. The passion of Mars in Sagittarius in the coming few months runs through our veins like the blood of the zealot—all or nothing can we proclaim in starkly righteous religious overtones. Patriotism will be rampant on every side, left, right or center and the temptation to behave harshly, to lack tolerance, to listen to others’ political and religious opinions will be “my way or the highway” highly likely. If you think the political discourse has gotten too coarse already, brace your shield and spear, Mars, God of War, you have heard or seen nothing yet.

…It’s a time for conflict and danger, intolerant speech, ideologically zealous politics, Black-flagged and saturnine Jihad! Black fires of oil fields in the Middle East. Sparks can especially fly inside the United States because Mars sets itself in a stationary retrograde just under 9 degrees Sagittarius. That means it conjoins the Seventh House Cusp of the US horoscope while pulling a stalemate tug of war in opposition to the US Natal Uranus.

This in astrological terms for America means terror attacks on the homeland. This means America is going to widen its war in the Middle East on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

The opening paragraph sounds like an overview of what Trump and Clinton have been dishing and counter-dishing out at each other all this summer, during the conventions and so extra laboriously since Labor Day into September. Trump was worse for wear in this competition to see which one of the two most unpopular candidates in modern American political history will become lowest loser, to the nearly as low the next president. Then Hillary Clinton got smacked down with another wave of 19,000 “missing” emails revealed by Wikileaks bringing Email-Gate back into the news cycle. Then, on 11 September, she fell ill in public, nearly collapsing as she was suddenly ushered out of the Ground Zero ceremony, apparently suffering from walking pneumonia, though there’s suspicions afoot that she suffers from something worse that might make her health doubtful as a president. Thus Clinton’s polls began to drop and Trump, today on 20 September seems back in the race.

The missing emails and Hillary Clinton’s health crisis are the kind of wildcard moments in prophecy where fortunes can shift in a moment’s notice. I had talked about these three months earlier in my article posted on 15 June 2016. The lone Islamic terrorist attacking a popular gay and lesbian bar and dance club in Orlando, called The Pulse, had set me musing about what could suddenly change fortunes for Donald Trump, upsetting my presidential forecasting winning streak of 48 years:

What happened in Orlando, by itself, would not propel Trump to a victory against Hillary Clinton. If, however, there are a number of domestic terror, lone-wolf attacks in America launched by jihadists masquerading as immigrants or American citizens proven to have come back from ISIS training in Syria, then the fiery tempers of the times of rancorous Mars could make me wrong for the first time predicting presidents in 48 years. Hillary Clinton actually loses to Trump.

The ISIS Orlando Massacre:
The First of Several Prophetic Wild Cards
That Hogue Predicted may tilt the Outcome
Of the US Presidential Election in Favor
Of Donald Trump
(, 15 June)

Adan, the St. Cloud stabber and Rahami were born in Somalia and Afghanistan respectively, the sons of immigrant families escaping the horrors of war in both failed states. The young boys became naturalized US citizens. Rahami may have traveled back to Central Asia and trained with the Pakistani Taliban or al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. An ISIS media outlet declared Adan a “soldier of ISIS.” One could say events were gathering to make the above forecast possibly fulfilled. However, what happened over the weekend into Monday is not enough to turn the tide of national anger for Trump to successfully exploit. To do that the lone wolf attacks would have to continue unabated up until 8 November. Otherwise, one significant terror attack comparable to those that happened in Paris in November 2015 killing 130 people killed, or a lone wolf jihadist mowing down over 80 people crushed with a heavy truck in Nice, France, in July 2016, might move the masses to emote a Trump-sympathetic hysteria.

I don’t foresee it happening. Trump’s high-water mark has passed. All he can do now is climb out of the whole he’s often dug for himself and will do so again in the polls and with Clinton’s bungling as a campaigner added, make this a very close race he will lose by a cherry blond hair of his over comb.

There’s still an outside chance that the debates could still shift enough votes to Trump. That will be the subject of this coming weekend’s forecasts about the upcoming first presidential debate on 26 September.

DATELINE: 21 September 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Health: Will it take Her out of the Race? Beat the Thrombosis Loudly!

When I use the word “Ridiculous,” it sounds like I’m making a Roman Senator disappear. “Rid us of Senator Dingus Diculous!”

What then could be ridiculous about the person I’ve predicted for 16-years-and-counting finally blundering into the White House not as First Lady but the first woman President of the United States? On the surface of it, a woman being “mother” of the nation is a historic milestone. Under the surface you may find that inside this woman is the ghost of John Wayne trying to break out, Pilllgruumm

Wait until you see what warmongering is coming from our next president. Rather than a mother of the nation she has Richard Nixon on the brain, a predilection for scandals that could sabotage any potential for greatness in leadership, and more: a cardiovascular system under siege by decades of stress and strain from someone who, in her own words, “toughs through” sickness too much, to a fault, prophecy would say. A fault in the cardiovascular system.

In my little village in the Pacific Northwest, I tried an experiment in politics back in the spring of 2008. I became a Clinton delegate for a brief few weeks. I wanted to know what it was like to witness the world, as a delegate of a candidate I was certain would be president someday, if not in 2008, then 2016 for sure. I tried a similar experiment in self-observation four years later trying to be a Republican delegate for Ron Paul. I might give the Green Party a go next time or perhaps ad-lib a Libertarian experience. When you have no side—when you are someone meditatively taking in politics “in the whole”—you can learn to appreciate and empathize with all sides, their truths, and their virtues as well as seek to understand intimately their political delusions and prejudices thrown like tomatoes at other parties.

Click on the cover of this forthcoming book, read more about what it covers and get on the list to receive a personal note when it is soon published.

Click on the cover of this forthcoming book, read more about what it covers and get on the list to receive a personal note when it is soon published.

Anyway, while taking on the role of Clinton delegate, I had the sincere and eye-opening pleasure of getting to know one man and several women in my little town who knew and worked with Hillary when she was the First Lady of Arkansas under hubby and Bubba Governor Bill Clinton. I also got to know a US Army veteran who worked with her on veteran assistance issues when she Senator of New York. In my forthcoming book (which I endeavor to publish on Halloween, if the writing muses allow) I will share personal experiences people told me of the Hillary Clinton few have heard. Trump, be advised, she’s a tireless workaholic that even wore out her workaholic husband. Perhaps, at 68, she is wearing herself out now.

Hillary Clinton is total and passionate in her work. She’ll spend the long hours on a task, to a fault, like what happened in her role as Obama’s Secretary of State, breaking records flying around the world from country after country trying to mend the political bridges burnt by Bonzo, the previous president. There’d she busy “bee” working a 16-hour day, even while often sitting in cramped Air Force transport plane seating on trans-continental flights, working on briefs, emailing thousands of messages passing along memos marked (c) for confidential or not. She wouldn’t stir from her chair to walk or stretch for many hours until a “c” of another, stroke-manifesting type developed in one of her veins in her leg—a thrombosis. This happened to her at least twice, once in 2008, 2009 and there was the fall in 2012 causing a lingering clot next to her ear after receiving a serious concussion “flu-induced” by dehydration.

Dehydration from pneumonia was the label for her sudden need to be escorted out of the 9/11 sixteenth anniversary ceremony at Ground Zero last Sunday. If she could have passes successfully through an obstacle course undetected by ubiquitous cellphones clicking and capturing her every stagger-faint and fall before being dragged limply into an awaiting van, dehydration would have been the only cover-up of something else.

Why the Clinton Camp secrecy for hours? Just tell the press she has walking pneumonia and move on, you “dot” orcs.

She’s rushed off to her daughter’s nearby apartment and a few hours later, with exaggerated smile and an attempt to be too “hail-Hillary” and hardy, when she descended on an elevator down to the street to meet the press.

Such health swings are odd. That she’d finally admit to walking pneumonia so long afterwards, odder. And oddest meme of all, she would complain that she didn’t think her walking pneumonia was worth fussing about—like (c) for a “cough” that won’t go away. I for one nearly died from walking pneumonia during my first three-month stay at Osho’s ashram in India in early 1981. It can suddenly, without warning, take you down on a stretcher carried feet first into an ashram medical center.

On a recent appearance on Coast to Coast AM, I reiterated a predictive caveat many of you have heard me make and write in these pages before. Unless suddenly cut short by an illness in the head cause by a problem in Hillary Clinton’s cardiovascular system, Hillary Clinton would become the next US president. I hold to that prediction even now, no matter how many of my Trump readers flummox about it who do not want to see that future happen.

What to do?

When you make 12 successful presidential predictions in a row that foresees a spread of five Democrats and seven Republicans becoming president, you will equally satisfy and disappoint just about everyone who follows your forecasts in the last 48 years. Yes I must say this to the flummoxers that phlebitis, thrombophlebitis even, is a potential threat to a President Clinton, if she does not find a way to stop knocking herself out with long hours and too many toughing-it-out pushes of herself. I will give far more detailed and astrological insights into your next president’s health challenges in President Hillary Clinton Prophecies, coming out around Halloween. (Trick or Treat!)

DATELINE: 21 September 2016

An Illumination of the Antichrist Unconscious as Pokémon Putz

Now to the “sublime.” Ray, one of the readers who frequently leave reviews of my books on Amazon, sent me this email on 11 September 2016. It opened a door inside me where a message meant for him and all of you flew out.

For those of you who are not yet recipients of my free newsletter, I have taken the readers there on a journey through the stages of my mother’s final years and blissful death. I had to include them in this process because my caregiving for her had become so full-time that none of my promised book release deadlines were happening when timed. My Mother, Irene Hogue, who was (and is), like myself, a devotee of Osho, who called her Ma Dhyan Vipassana (Mother of Meditation through the Breath Asana), died ecstatically at 10:30 am (Pacific Time) on the morning of 15 July 2016. I will share all the bulletins here on these pages, perhaps next month, for everyone who isn’t on my newsletter list. So please get on that list so you can receive a notice when I’ve posted the fully illustrated account of my final days with my beloved mother, her passing, her cremation and my journey through the process of the post-mortem afterlife.

Now to Ray’s letter:

John, Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your mother.

Thank you, Ray. It’s good to get this wonderful letter from you!

It happens that you lost her in the same week that my wife lost her mother, which was about one year after I lost my mother.

Remember when our generation was surrounded by new arrivals, like new green leaves and flowers of spring? Then comes another kind of hard beauty. The beauty of aging into red leaves, death’s autumnal celebration. It is natural that the green leaves that came before us should begin the color brilliantly in death and fall from the vine.

Even when you have a deep spiritual connection, such loss is not easy. At least, you had a deep spiritual base and connection to help you deal with it.

I’ve worked with the recently departed over the years. One of my other tales to tell. Vipassana when she died had “the great death.” It is a new experience for me. She’s not in a spirit form at all. She’s become “The Whole” and the love we shared that’s still anchored in the physical with my remaining embodied has become a bridge and an invitation to merge with The Whole.

In that regard, perhaps you haven’t really lost her. You apparently shared the same spiritual outlook with your mother. I came to have a very different outlook than my mother. It separated us in life, and perhaps the afterlife.

Whether one has sustained a spiritual connection during life or one had it severed by life’s circumstances, the same reality remains. The “Beloved” has vanished from the “apparent” world and the only way to connect is ever the same and only way.

Ray, seek “The Beloved” from within.

The Within is the doorway to the “All” that is the Beloved. Wherever the essence of your mother has gone, your direct connection is always from the Within.

That’s the beauty and the gift of Death. It strips all that is unnecessary and inessential from us, whether we are the one’s dying or the one’s left behind in the Dream called life. Death is precious. It is the pinnacle of Life. Life without Death is not complete.

Still, you and I are about the same age and I suspect that you’ve hit upon something, some point that I missed.

What I’ve hit upon is the Science of Self-Observation—Meditation. It is my path, my Life…my Death, my Rebirth, each moment since I lay my head before my beloved Master Osho in Poona India on 15 October 1980. Everything I do, including my writing and teaching is a way to remember my Self, 24/7 and help others rediscover this lost birthright of witnessing consciousness. I happen to use prophecy as my talking point because of the trajectory of my past lives has made me versed in that aspect of living the Dreamworld of Ego. Prophecy, a device most of you reading this are familiar with as your association with me, is just one of my ways. I also use, song, dance, symphony and silence.

Even so, you apparently see the world as I do and I don’t have the advantage of a numinous connection.

Everyone has that numinous connection. You “are” IT. We’ve all fallen into long lives lived in the habit of forgetting, the addiction to mind and its illusory misunderstanding of the Whole, which it sees infinite as things divided, because mind is a divisive appearance on the mirror of eternal consciousness.

Meditation, Ray, can help anyone reconnect to this eternal birthright.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

I am rereading A New Cold War with the intent of reviewing it and featuring it in my blog or newsletter.

Thank you for doing that for your readers. I hope many of my readers who have blogs will do the same with their favorite Hogue books: give reviews, start up a discussion, and encourage their readers to read my books. Especially this one. It is the most important book of my 40 yet published. It contains the keys to avoid the oncoming threat of a thermonuclear war at the end of next year because of the strategic blunders lurking as a potential in your next H for Hillary, President, H. (Bomb) Clinton.

I think you’ve hit upon something there as well. These are dangerous times where the thoughtful person has to consider what it means to be human, and to be alive. I think James Hilton had a clue when he said in “Lost Horizon,”

“There is a chance…We may expect no mercy, but we may faintly hope for neglect.”

He was referring to a hope for neglect by the “Powers that Be” towards those instances of fragile beauty such as Shangri La. Moreover, I expect it is a faint hope, indeed. But maybe that neglect is why we still have the Sistine Chapel, the Sphinx, and the writings of Nostradamus.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies. Find out also just exactly "what" is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies. Find out also just exactly “what” is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

That’s because these temples are mere monuments inspired by glimpses into consciousness the people in darkness have encountered by looking into the eyes and feeling the grace of great masters. These masters are often persecuted and crucified by the “Powers that Be.” This will to punish those who would open our eyes is in all of us. I call it “The Antichrist Unconscious.”

What else but a force of unconscious habit and fear-based state—keeping us living sleepwalking lives dreaming that we are awake—becomes threatened by those rare people of light and truth that disturb our sleep?

Why else are those who disturb the peace of our cemetery lives, like Socrates, Buddha, Muhammad and my own Master, Osho, poisoned?

Who else but mobs under the influence of the Antichrist Unconscious demand Nostradamus be burned alive for trying to forewarn his king not to get himself killed in a jousting accident?

These people set fire to witches, and set fire to Pythagoras and his disciples in their commune. They crucify Christ, chop the Sufi mystic Al-Hillaj Mansour to bits while still alive and for what?

Christ says, “God is love.” Al-Hillaj declares “An ‘al-Haq!” (I am godliness incarnate.) Such spiritual rebels disturb the Antichrist Unconsciousness in each of us.

We feel better when they’re words like fire are snuffed out and we can then build Sphinxes and stone temples to bury their light with our false memories of their martyred glories.

Michelangelo’s paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are beautiful and inspiring. Indeed, his murals, statues, and temples like the Taj Mahal white washed in moonlight by an architect of Pure Silence become objective art and not the spew of the subjective artistic mind. All such works of objective art may trigger an awakening in the traveler who really beholds them with eyes of soul and not his idle clicking of a cellphone camera on the run to the next travelogue entertainment as if Taj Mahal was merely a Pokémon to collect.

I have compassionate dread for what is becoming un-human in-humanity. We are fascinated by Zombie stories because WE ARE the Zombies under the spell of the Antichrist Unconscious which has no power over us, except to make us identify with the shadow of the inner light.

Go within. Be a witness of pure mirror-like consciousness, and what we think as truth, our sleepwalking will merely become reflections in that consciousness. We are that consciousness. You can remember it right now, right away. Meditation is the key.

Wanna catch a Pokémon? Or do you want to alight, forever NOW in Eternity’s Orgasm?

Meditation is the way. The only way I know and I give this most precious gift to anyone reading this, for a very small but significant cost: your true Yes.

To pay me that Yes, you only need Contact Me at this link. Put Meditation in the subject line only. I will send you links and information to the techniques of self-observation and illumination I use.

DATELINE: 21 September 2016

And Last but not Least, a word about the “White-wash”-ington Post calling Edward Snowden a Criminal

My fellow Americans, learn to read the signs that your Republic has been overtaken by a multi-national corporate face of Fascism when the signs are readable in the pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post. You’ll see it when the last two bastions of “Free Press”—the cornerstone described in the US Constitution as fundamental to informing the citizenry about those in power who might abuse your freedoms—takes up as “fact” whatever propaganda the US State Department spews in its memos and news releases without question or journalistic skepticism.

Watch well the New York Times in the future. Today it apes Hillary Clinton’s declarations that anyone who criticizes her foreign policies or person is some “Russian spy” or “Putin sympathizer.” In the near future when she becomes “President Putin” (oops, I meant, “President Clinton”), the New York Times will play her blow-hard horn for the return of McCarthyism—in a variation on the red-commie-bating days of the late 1940s and early 1950s, what I call “McClinthyism.”

But that’s tomorrow’s news. I close this article stream with the faux-journalistic absurdities of the present week, a week when the Washington Post declared that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had committed a crime and should be brought to justice. This is the same newspaper responsible for “publishing” Snowden’s leaks all around the world that won its writers and editors a Pulitzer Prize for doing it. If these pinheads with pens and paper where real human beings, they would also call themselves criminals for printing Snowden’s leaks. If he is a murdering criminal, they were the GUN fired.

But no, they aren’t human beings yet. Just shadows of humans contained in body sacks of hypocrisy. By their actions, these almost humans will be judged by future history as journalistic whores publishing news porn. They’ve sold their integrity, by taking Pulitzer gifts for helping Snowden help us, US and world citizens, know to what extent the US government is spying and abusing privacy all around the world. Snowden will be remembered by the humanity of the future as a brave and patriotic messenger, reminding his brothers and sisters just how far the United States has fallen from its constitutionally signed and sealed values.

A newspaper is a whore when it will publish Snowden’s leaks to turn a trick getting more people buying more papers, then call him a criminal to turn a trick to buy more approval and favors from the same government Snowden illuminated spying on you. The Post no longer is your advocate, or watchdog on guard to sound a journalistic alarm against any government-turned-corrupted by power threatening your freedom.

A revolution is coming. A people’s movement. It will build over the next four years. First it will put aside paper revolutionaries like Bernie Sanders. By midterms in 2018, it will FINALLY understand that there are no lesser or greater of two evils, the Republican-Democratic Party is a two-faced evil of corporate hegemony. You cannot fix it from within its machinery. Instead your aspirations will only be ground up and spat out by the gears of its cartel-driven powers.

That’s when the shift will begin happening, when Americans of right or left leanings will abandon the two parties and begin coming together in political “community.” They will begin to see that political parties as such are evil because they polarize and divide the citizens. A political “community” seeks to find common ground and tolerate differences of opinions for a greater good that balances individual rights and needs with the rights and needs of the whole community. It is that revolution of the American Community that I have long foreseen and work to peacefully bring about in my own small ways as a postman of the prophecy. That revolution will be here by the year 2020.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.



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