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5/5/2000-making it through the Axis Shift Threat

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Another doomster-date bites the dust! First it was the millennium turning, and Y2K not burning our hot-wired world. Last Friday came the big D-Day for Earth Changes prophets like Richard Noone. He had spent the last 30 years researching and promoting a theory that gravity from a grand alignment of planets on May 5 would pull on a growing ice shelf covering the Antarctic and cause the Earth to roll over on its side.

Reality check!

Today, rather than covered with ice, the Antarctic is melting.

Back in 1977, the World Watch Institute’s predictions of a hotter world by 2000 were poo-pooed by Dr. Reid A. Bryson, a climatologist at the University of Wisconsin. Noone recorded Bryson’s observations in what has become, since last Friday, his classic chicken-little tome of doomsday, entitled “5/5/2000: Ice, the Ultimate Disaster.”

In the book, Bryson brushed off Worldwatch’s statement that a “big melt” was coming in 2000, saying, “They don’t know what they’re talking about. You can get all the opinions you like…”

In the field of prophecy, what we record for posterity can be hailed or harped on, given time’s inexorable judgment.

What the last 25 years have shown is that high “Noone” has come and passed for those who believed we were entering a new ice age and that 5/5/2000 would see the world spin off its axis, destroying civilization. So far, time and events smile on the auguries of World Watch Institute, which continues to wax prophetically with accuracy. They were one of the first groups to warn the world about global warming by 2000, over a quarter-century ago.

As a prophet scholar I swear by their predictions because they are consistently correct. I highly recommend my readers subscribe to their quarterly magazine WORLD WATCH, or go to your library or local book store to get a copy of their annual report on the world’s climate and ecology called STATE OF THE WORLD. If we heed their warnings we can prevent real potentials for doomsday that could come in the next few decades from not stopping overpopulation, global warming and the threat of a collapse from food and water sustainability.

John Hogue
(10 May 2000)

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