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Nostradamus and man-made Plagues, the Weaponizing of Ebola and for whom the Bell “Ekhart Tolle”s with Ta Hui, Prophecies of the Partial Solar Eclipse and Last Week to Receive the Blood Moon Prophecies

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DATELINE 25 October 2014

Nostradamus and Prophecies
About man-made Plagues
Will Ebola be Weaponized?
A New Excerpt from Predictions 2015-2016

2014 wound down with cranked-up talk about Ebola possibly being a biological weapon wielded by ISIS or other terrorists. The fact that the virus can only survive outside of the infected host for a few hours—and that is only possible if it swims in the body’s ejected fluids as long as they remain wet—makes it very hard to weaponize. It can’t be made into a powder inside a warhead. A vaporized release like Sarin gas is not possible. Three hours alive out of the body and an 8 to 21 day period for the infection to emerge as bodily fluid shedding symptoms of sickness makes humans a slow vector. There are other means of terror far easier to collect and use, such as stolen radiation dust encased around an explosive shell of a dirty bomb. ISIS raided a number of Iraqi installations containing what remained of the materials the US sold Saddam Hussein to make his weapons of mass destruction he used on the Iranians and Kurds during wars in the 1980s. I’m still waiting for the ISIS terror attack on the Shia stronghold of Baghdad. I wrote about it in July 2014:

ISIS can’t make an atomic bomb but they can manufacture hundreds of dirty bombs with that captured stockpile that includes radioactive isotopes. These would be conventional rocket warheads or artillery shells containing radioactive dust. Just one dirty bombshell fired from a captured US-made howitzer 20 miles outside of Baghdad lands in the government “Green Zone” where the massive US Embassy also resides. The explosion is minor. The spreading cloud of radioactive fallout over a square mile, will render the Green Zone uninhabitable for 60 years!

A New Cold War, Chapter 5
Stop Armageddon’s Countdown,
I want to get off!

I do not believe Ebola can be the great blood plague Nostradamus describes, and yet the theme of war and plague’s of blood are so tightly woven together in his many apocalyptically sequential litanies. He sometimes implies that such a plague is man-made. The apocalyptic sequence of the “war weapons, famine and pestilence” appears a dozen times or so in variations. For example take note of that theme in line three of the following verse:

2 Q46
Apres grãd troche humain plus grãd s’appreƒte,
Le grand moteur des ƒiecles renouuelle:
Pluye, ƒang, laict, famine, fer & peƒte,
Au ciel veu feu, courant longue eƒtincelle.

After a great misery for mankind, an even greater approaches.
The great motor of the centuries is renewed [the new millennium]:
It will rain blood, milk, famine, iron and pestilence,
In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a trail of sparks.

In comes the missile, containing some milky substance with the “blood” disease for an air blast that sends the loathsome warhead’s contents down on people like rain. Then the famine, the iron of war weapons—the pestilence unleashed.

Because Ebola may have had its start when people in Africa cooked and ate fruit bats, passing the virus into their blood stream one way to spread it would be through our food and beverages using our own mass food production and transportation systems to deliver it. Given the long incubation period of 21 days before symptoms and infection appear to be far more than “just the flu”, this could spread the disease to thousands before they knew it. The first signs of a food tainting attack might completely shutdown the global supersystem of food production, processing and transport all over the world, adding in some cases, famine to the plague, just like in the above prophecy. Again, for the record, I think the Ebola virus is too fragile for such delivery systems to work, so, if there is any merit in my musing above (which I hope there is none whatsoever), it will have to come from some other viral agent easier to embed in our food supersystem.

One blood-plague related verse clearly smacks of weaponization:

3 Q75
Pau, Verone, Vicence, Sarragouƒƒe,
De glaiues loings terroirs de ƒang humides:
Peƒte ƒi grande viendra à la grand gouƒƒe,1
Proche ƒecours, & bien loing les remedes.

Pau, Verona, Vicenza, Saragossa,
Swords damp with blood from distant lands.
A very great plague will come with a great scab.
Relief near but the remedies far away.

Locales in France, Italy and Spain receive a hard-to-eradicate, blood infecting pestilence by the metaphorical vector of swords “from distant lands. Perhaps Africa is the source. It has already been the origin of two plagues of blood, AIDS and Ebola. Maybe a new strain of hemorrhagic fever might come from its equatorial jungles in the near future.

Would swords be syringes “dripping with blood” plague, or does “sword” symbolize a biological weapon delivery system. Prophets have more than once down through time peered into the future and described rockets and missiles as swords.

German Pastor Bartholomaeus in 1642 described them thus:

Heaven and Hell will confront each other in this struggle. Old states will perish and light and darkness will be pitted against each other with swords, but it will be swords of a different fashion. With these swords it will be possible to cut up the skies and to split the Earth.

NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT. Click on the cover to find out more.

Click on the cover to find out more.

In this case he seems prophetically informed of what will happen in a future nuclear war if detonations of thousands of atomic and thermonuclear bombs would strip the Earth of much of its protective ozone layer. It would indeed be “cutting up the skies” wide open and letting descend lethal cosmic rays to carry off the survivors emerging from the ruin that they made of their beautiful world.

What if the blood plague is some mutation of Ebola or bird flu that some mad men used to saturate the air we breathe like someone coughing with a common cold?

Consulting Nostradamus further the great plague doctor of the sixteenth century might be describing a lab, out in space, orbiting the Earth where scientists in zero gravity might fashion a cure.

6 Q5
Si grand Famine par vnde peƒtifere,
Par pluye longue le long du polle arctique:
Samarobryn cent lieux de l’hemiƒphere,
Viuront ƒans loy exempt de pollitique.

So great a famine through a pestilent wave.
[It] will extend its rain over the length of the Arctic pole:
Samarobryn, one hundred leagues from the hemisphere,
They shall live without law, exempt from politics.

When a great plague covers the northern hemisphere of Earth, there is “Samarobryn” flying 270 miles above us. That altitude happens to be a standard orbiting position once plotted by the defunct Soviet MIR Space Station and is still the orbital altitude of the current International Space Station. In 1997, I wrote:

[Erika Cheetham] records an intriguing interpretation from one of her readers who thinks the word describes a Russian satellite: samo meaning “self” and robrin meaning “operator” in Russia, hence self-operator. Samarobryn could then stand for the Russian space station MIR. Rene Noorbergen (1981) gives us an equally interesting image. Nostradamus, when faced with the images of a space station aloft over the limb of the earth, with solar wings outstretched, could only describe it in terms of the winged seed pods of elm or maple trees, which are called samara in Latin. He then added the Latin obire to describe it “orbiting” the earth.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (Element Books, 1997)

There are two ways to interpret the final line. Either the people up there who find a cure are “above” rather than “without” law, exempt from the political intrigues that hatched the plague, so they can cure it; or, the danger isn’t Ebola. He is warning of an existential threat of unbridled power, disconnected from representative democracy, disconnected from a love of life. He might imply a powerful corporate elite without human decency that could create a monster plague weapon that scientists in space strive to cure. He may be describing the new plutocratic aristocracy so removed from normal humanity that they act without law. They exempt themselves from even political constraints, meaning, they just don’t care what the people who vote want or don’t want. They are a plutocracy of business corporations that are a law above the politics of sovereign nations. They believe they are big to touch, too big to fail, too big to jail, and ultimately, they are a class of CEOligarchs who believe they are too big to “quail” from doing the unthinkable because, yes, they “can” think it and do the unthinkable.


Faced with this possibility my Oracle has made a hopeful prediction. It says it knows the source of the cure for this and all other pandemics. I’ve entered my Oracle’s prophecy of a cure all to end all plagues today, on 26 October 2014, in the draft that will in a few short weeks from now become Predictions 2015-2016. Get on the advance donor’s list to receive the expanded PDF version later in November.)

DATELINE 26 October 2014

For whom the Bell “Tolle”s
Osho’s Discourses on Ta Hui
A Litmus Test to uncover False Gurus

I want to share a back-and-fourth with one of my readers:

Thank you for the links. I am very familiar with Osho. I have read many of his books, especially his works on Tao as that is the path that most speaks to me (and Zen, which is Tao in Japan, of course) but also many of his other books. He is a light in the darkness. I have not read his meditation book though, so I will order it. I have watched as many Osho videos online as I have found and will check the links to the websites and YouTube videos. Thank you again!



I attended most of the final two years of discourses Osho delivered, which were exclusively on Zen.

That is wonderful. For me, Zen and Tao have a particularly wonderful view of the essential nothingness of all things. It must have been amazing to soak up those teaching for those two years. I love the humor and irreverence that only an enlightened being such as Osho can have.

Another writer that I particularly enjoy is Jed McKenna. I don’t know if you have very heard of him, but he is able to explain the true nature of enlightenment and non-duality in a most direct manner. Jed mentions Osho as one of his favorite authors on spiritual/enlightenment materials in his first book.

Anyone who can recognize Osho is worth checking out. Especially when a man standing in his own truth has the courage and truthfulness to say they read Osho and are influenced by his work.

Absolutely. I marvel at the reactions I have seen people in new age and yoga circles have when Osho is mentioned. I always have to ask them, “but have you actually read any of his writing?” Of course they haven’t…

There are many people claiming to be gurus. Take for instance Eckhart Tolle. I thought his opening introduction to his bestseller The Power of Now read like his authentic experience of a spiritual nervous “breakthrough”; however, the rest of the book I had pretty much read before and read far better expressed. Indeed, I had heard it before. Tolle lifts Osho’s ideas and pretends they are their own, even when Osho said it far better. Osho always cited his sources and his commentaries covering and celebrating just about every path of enlightenment that’s out there, past, present and future.

The false get rewarded while the true get crucified and murdered for their effort…but Maya would reward the false, would she not? After all, they are helping her.

A “guru” like Tolle who can’t admit or even mention who has inspired most of his work is hiding a core falsehood of his “enlightenment.”

Too true.

One of Osho’s most illuminating discourse series was given during the 1988 Indian Monsoon season in Pune, India. I was there for that as well. It was called The Great Zen Master Ta Hui,: Reflections on the Transformation of an Intellectual to Enlightenment. The title “Great Zen Master was given to this Chinese intellectual by the masses people, though he was not enlightened or a great master. He was an ancient version of what a lot of modern-day gurus are, only with a unique twist.

That is very fascinating. I have never heard of Ta Hui. I’ll have to look into him. The tv comedies are a bit weak these days, so I need to find something to make me laugh deeply.

Osho, formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. If something deep inside is stirred by looking into this face. If it reflects back to you a truth already nestled deep inside the being, once forgotten. Now remembered. There are meditations of Osho I would be happy to freely share with you. These meditations have helped me rediscover that light behind eyes, in ego mind-bind, forgotten. If you have a feeling to explore these meditations, just ask by email and information and links will be freely given.

Osho, formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. If something deep inside is stirred by looking into this face. If it reflects back to you a truth already nestled deep inside the being, once forgotten. Now remembered. There are meditations of Osho I would be happy to freely share with you. These meditations have helped me rediscover that light behind eyes, in ego mind-bind, forgotten. If you have a feeling to explore these meditations, just ask by email and information and links will be freely given.

Osho used the sutras of Ta Hui to teach his disciples how to recognize the false gurus from the true, because he warned that after he left his body, they would come like wolves hunting for followers. The twist to this story is that Ta Hui eventually moved from being false to being a true enlightened master. Osho takes us through his sutras to recognize this transformation between Ta Hui’s written words. Perhaps the greatest chapter is one called “The Inescapable.” Osho said that was the closest he could come in words to describe the wordless during his last for years in the body. Click on Zen, to listen to the Osho discourse. (Please note: if the link doesn’t work again just go to YouTube, type in “Osho the Inescapable” in the search line and pick any video link in the list it prompts up that isn’t blocked. Also check out the other discourses available.)

I would say it’s far better to listen and watch Osho make these spontaneous talks rather than read them in print. You get the silence. You sense the real messages beyond the words. Osho’s spontaneous talks read like carefully prepared narratives, as if they were written. It is rare and amazing how his thought processes come out like finished prose. In my view this is the ultimate discourse on meditation and witnessing. (It also has a very funny contemplation on astronauts and cockroaches to explain how when you “try” to silent the mind, it’s like batting a cockroach that makes him come charging back. You cannot want your thoughts to cease any more than you can sit silently as long as you “don’t think of monkeys.” Don’t fight, just watch the mind and emotions.)

If this YouTube discourse resonates with you about learning the meditations of Osho, just Contact Me and put in the sublect line: Meditation. I will send you links and information via email.

I’m definitely going to look into this. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing it with me. Do you know if the Osho discourses on Ta Hui are in print?

The book is rare now, and somewhat expensive at this time. However, these discourses are on YouTube. (Again: if the link doesn’t work, just go to YouTube, type in “Osho the Inescapable” in the search line and pick any video link in the list it prompts up that isn’t blocked. Also check out the other discourses available.) Anyone who meditates deeply on this discourse series might develop a knack for smelling bullshit buddhas out.

DATELINE 26 October 2014

Fulfilled Prophecies
About the Partial Eclipse of 23 October
We Now Enter the Climatic Future Events of 2014

The year 2014’s most important future events are lined up for the last months of this year. This is the time to read Predictions for 2014

Here’s an excerpt of what it predicted about last Thursday’s partial eclipse across North America, written nearly a year before it happened:

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

“October is especially drum beaten and amplified with classic rock and roll astrology! The Uranus-Pluto Square kicks in again later in the month, just in time for a two-degree orb (13 Uranus-11 Pluto) square, during the 23 October partial “horned” Solar eclipse passing over the Arctic Circle. The eclipse starts in Eastern Siberia and then passes down over the eastern half of the United States before the shadow leaves the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, casting the entire US in various degrees of shadow. The Sun and Moon will also be in Scorpio’s first intense degree, while Saturn at 22 degrees Scorpio is getting karmically intense in its final pass through the last 10 degrees of the sign of death, inheritances, banks and business…The upheavals coming during the latter days of October are political related (the US midterm elections!) and economic (a new crash on Wall Street, highly possible for reasons I’ll explain in detail in my economic prophecy chapter below).”

ASSESSMENT: Has not the stock market gone through a tailspin recently? Is it a correction or the beginning of something much more significant and sudden? Please check out this bestselling book on Kindle, or sample parts of it free as a member of Kindle’s new electronic library service. Read more about one-second purchasing and the library options HERE.

DATELINE 26 October 2014

Your Last chance to receive
The Blood Moon Prophecies

Next Friday 31 October (Halloween) is the last time you can post date a donation or send me a donation by this linking page to Paypal of $12.50 or a little more to receive this gift expanded edition for donors only.

On 1 November, A New Cold War will only be available as an eBook for KindleUnlimited and for sale in print thanks to Amazon CreateSpace. That edition will not include this extra chapter on the Four Blood Moons, two of which have already passed and two more are left in 2015. Biblical prophecy watchers believe these mark the beginning of the Last Days of tribulation, the rise of the Antichrist and the fulfillment of the Christian Apocalypse. This chapter cuts through the dogmatic expectations and projections to like with fresh eyes as these events to dispel the false from the prophetically authentic meaning of these red-shadowed lunar eclipses.


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