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From the New Nixon to the New Gore

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Last week, the US television news networks squint an ever more myopic eye at one topic to the near “ignore”-ance of all others. They affixed their electric gaze on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina flooding New Orleans. We are on the verge of the mainstream media’s next cycloptic obsession–the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack on the US. Before that happens, I do not want to leave the subject of Katrina without offering what I hope is a fresh and unexpected angle. With all due respect to how great a danger and concern terrorism is to all of us, climate change will dwarf all 9/11 style attacks put together, past or future. What fall of two towers in New York City can match the catastrophic flood that drowns the thresholds of ALL towers of New York City? Such a potential attack of nature may be waiting but a few decades ahead if ice sheets over Greenland and Antarctica melt, and oceans rise 20 feet. Fumes of the greatest gas weapon of mass destruction invisibly waft around each of us from the nearest exhaust pipe. They trap the sun’s heat, raising temperatures and the oceans perchance to drown civilization. That is why I would like to move from Katrina to the destiny of one man who aims to end such inundations.

Al Gore remains the first major US political leader–as a congressman, then senator, and finally Vice President–who took climate change seriously and tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to legislate change.

Add another title since 2000. Gore wryly introduces himself now as “the former President Elect of the United States.” He also calls himself, “A recovering politician.” The man who in 2000 some say “was” president but denied his office in a re-count motion rejected by the US Supreme Court spent the next six years healing his wounds by returning to an old calling as therapy. Gore resumed teaching people about an inconvenient truth that the future of humanity is under threat of ecological disaster because we cannot sustain as a civilization our wasteful, consumptive ways. With time and mounting evidence those who used to laugh at Al Gore’s Jeremian greenie message now find themselves laughing with him and listening. Gore travels around the world blending self-deprecating wit and humor with hard scientific evidence. He gives a highly captivating slide show presentation about the dangers of global warming. His Eco-lesson has since become one of this year’s most talked about and financially successful documentaries, entitled “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Behold the metamorph! In 2000, a butterfly ballot in staunchly liberal, Jewish, and pro-Zionist Palm Beach, Florida, designed by a Democrat no less, sent thousands of votes to the wrong name on the ballot card. If they were correctly cast, there would have been no Republican recount declaring G. W. Bush the winner by a few hundred votes. Up to 19,000 liberal and pro-Israeli voters cast a ballot mistaking the punch hole of right wing, anti-Zionist Pat Buchanan of the Reform Party for Gore. We know they intended Gore because 19,000 confused people nullified their vote by punching another hole for the democrat candidate, unwisely thinking it fixed the mistake. That nasty butterfly’s mistake rendered Gore a politically dead grub shut away from the Washington beltway’s view or interest. Gore sought the cocoon of private life and introspection for six years. Then aided by his lecture turned hit movie documentary on global warming, out springs the new Gore testing his political wings.

Have we not heard of the cocoon-to-butterfly story of cheated Vice Presidents before?

The “new” Al Gore sounds like the “new” Nixon, all over again. It is another example of a karmic echo. I wrote about this phenomenon last year in a HogueProphecy Bulletin entitled America’s Karmic Echo. You have a Karmic Echo when nations, like individuals, face karmic lessons that, if not learned, return like an echo, often magnified for another confrontation every 20 to 40 years.

Roles may reverse but the lesson essentially sounds the same. For example, 40 years ago a Texan president (a Democrat that time) rushed recklessly to war on flimsy grounds and the nation suffered a military quagmire in Vietnam. Forty years later a new Texan president (Republican this time) rashly invaded Iraq, suffered the nation again to endure a military quagmire on near baseless grounds. Vice President Richard Nixon, after serving two terms under Eisenhower lost a close presidential campaign against John F. Kennedy in 1960. Nixon chose not to challenge the dubious vote count in Illinois that many believe stole the election from the rightful winner by a mere 110,000 votes. Nixon down but not yet out went on to lose the California gubernatorial elections of 1962. After that, everyone, including Nixon himself, thought he was politically dead.

“You won’t have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore,” he said to the press corps in his fairwell press conference, yet Nixon ducked out of politics only a few years. He sought the presidency again in 1968 as the “new Nixon.” The now pollished campaigner ran and propagated a coherent and this time media savvy message that carried him into the White House by a half million votes over Hubert Humphrey.

Lessons from the year 1960 echoed again in 2000. Al Gore ran for president. Like Nixon, he served two terms as Vice President. Like Nixon he had spent much time advancing his knowledge of world and political affairs. Like Nixon, he was thought to be a man most prepared by direct experience to become a president. Like Nixon, there was rumor that his election was stolen by botched ballots and fraudulent vote counts, this time in Florida. Gore won a half-million votes more than G.W. Bush. Unlike Nixon, Gore contested the Florida vote but lost. The electoral college votes from Florida went to Bush and he won the presidency. Gore did not leave us a parting shot to “kick around” but by 2002 he made it publicly clear that he would not run for president again, and was leaving public life–echoes of Nixon forty years before in 1962.

Like Nixon after 1962, Gore after 2002 spent several years in the background of US political life, making occasional speeches. Like Nixon he has rethought and fine tuned his world view. Like Nixon he extensively traveled around the world to gain a better understanding of its problems. This included running a highly popular and well-attended slide show talk on global warming and its solutions called “An Inconvenient Truth.” Political watchers began to wonder if the movie documentary version of the lecture released in June 2006 served as the coming out vehicle for a “new” Gore’s run at the presidency in 2008. Exactly 40 years before 2006, Nixon had also re-emerged in front of cameras doing interviews as the “new” Nixon. The year 2008 will be the 40th anniversary of Nixon winning the presidency in a second try in 1968.

Does this repetition mean that a “new Gore” will win back a presidency 40 years later in 2008. The Republican Nixon 40 years earlier faced a Democratic party ruling Congress, the Executive Branch and stacked the Supreme Court with its left wing ideologues. Despite this advantage, the quagmire in Vietnam made them vulnerable. Today, Gore faces Republicans ruling the three tiers of government echoing a similar vulnerability because of Iraq. The Texan presidents have changed party affiliations. LBJ (Johnson) becomes G.W. (Bush) stuck in a quagmire overseas that divides the nation at home and divides his ruling party.

Americans appear to be in a 40-year repeating loop of all too predictable unlearned history. It would seem that prophecy often works because generations repeat–or better, echo–predictable repetitions of unlearned lessons. The habitual sins of the fathers and mothers are conditioned and repeated by the sons and daughters in 20 to 40 year cycles. The children of their parents’ generation enter their twenties ready for exploitation just as the generation of their parents are entering the peak of political power and can order their young to fight their wars and bleed for their causes or loose their jobs because of their economic policies.

The logic of generational conditioning would predict Gore in the next two years sorely tempted to run for president as the “new” Gore despite all his public protestations to the contrary. The new Nixon made the same protests in the beginning. However, unlike Nixon, I believe Gore really is enjoying life as a recovering political addict, even if he wryly adds that he does not rule out “having a relapse.”

The karmic lesson rebounding for consideration by Vice President Gore asks what role is best for influencing political and social change. Nixon sincerely believed he could help America and the world become better through politics. Gore is learning that he can improve the world by being free from politics. Both men echo their roles as trailblazers of ecological responsibility. It is almost forgotten now, but Nixon was an ecologically activist president. It was President Nixon who passed the Clean Water and Air Acts. He established the EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency).

In the end, ecologically speaking, Nixon could influence the improvement of things by returning to the political arena in 1968. Gore may affect greater changes by staying away from the presidency in 2008. Nixon in the late-1960s rode the wave of new ecological national awareness. Are enough people heeding the karmic echo for a new wave of interest today? Gore seems to perceive that a majority of the US public this time around may be less disposed to accept his ecological activism even by 2008.

I do not think Gore is aware of the reason why this is so. If I met him I would pose that is was easier for Nixon. The catastrophe and the need for revolutionary change were far away in the future. As I experience the conditioning of generations, they seem more habitually disposed to deny the threshold of disaster when it is right here and now. They fall into the habit of collective illusion that what they traditionally know will save them until pushed at last by the pressure of an all-too apparent emergency into curative, spontaneous action. For example, there was no political will in America to preempt a terrorist attack on the homeland by occupying Afghanistan and destroying al-Qaeda’s base until after the latter attacked the US on September 11, 2001. A habitual, and predictably conditioned humanity always cures–it never consciously prevent–disasters, political, ecological or othewise. In short, a great and lingering ecological disaster must first come before Americans will elect Gore and heed his message from the Oval Office of the White House.

I think Gore is smart enough not to run in 2008. He will be sorely tempted to backslide into the dirty addiction of politics. A price worth paying for a higher calling. If he does run someday, the star of “An Inconvenient Truth” must meet the potential destiny of an inconvenient prophecy.

This inconvenient prophecy is called the Curse of Tecumseh.

The story goes that this great Native American Shawnee Chief who fought US forces commanded by General William H. Harrison, invoked powerful medicine to hex Harrison and his people should they kill him and defeat his warriors in battle. The message was sent personally to Harrison by freed prisoners seized at the battle of Tippecanoe (1811). In short, Tecumseh augured that if he should be killed, his warriors defeated and his people decimated by Harrison, these acts would unleash his curse on the United States. The country, warned Tecumseh, would see a great chief die every 20 years, starting with Harrison himself, if he dare become chief of the Americans.

Harrison’s army did defeat and kill Tecumseh at the battle of the Thames River, in Ontario, Canada (1813). Harrison was elected president in 1840, after which, the American chief did soon die from pneumonia caught a few months later while delivering one of the longest inauguration speeches in history, bare headed, in a driving, icy February downpour in 1841.

Starting with Harrison, the curse culled a president like clockwork elected to office in a year ending in zero every 20 years after Harrison up to Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980. Reagan barely survived wounds from an assassination attempt made a few months into his first term. Because he survived, some in occult circles believed the curse of Tecumseh had been broken, or at least softened with time. Astrologers theorize Reagan survived because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction coinciding with the cycle of the curse had passed through an air sign, for the first and only time so far–softening the blow. (*)

(*)A more detailed account in previous HogueProphecy Bulletins of the curse and its parallel to the 20 year astrological cycle of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction can be read in the following links:




Al Gore ran, and many say “won” the election set for the next test of the curse in 2000. On the one hand, those who think the curse is softening might theorize that Gore was politically assassinated rather than literally assassinated as the majority of the presidential victims had been. There are those who believe his adversary, President G.W. Bush, winning a questionable vote count in Florida is cursed not only with illegitimacy but runs the danger of dying in office in a second term. Thus far, no president under the curse who survived his first term unscathed survived the second. If the curse has indeed softened then Bush may leave office in disgrace instead of death, or better, he may leave office with honor, thus proving the curse was finally broken.

There would be those who might argue that Tecumseh’s curse has become more subtle with the new millennium. Rather than losing a great white chief in 2000, the American “tribe” whose constitution was drafted by Tecumseh’s Caucasian enemies is now under a collective curse. The curse evolved from the American chief to afflict the American democracy as such. The potential then is that after 2000, Americans begin loosing their freedoms. Their destiny will decline inexorably towards an American brand of fascism in the next generational period of 20 years.

If Gore runs and wins the presidency in 2008 is he free of the prophecy and curse? One could argue that a win in 2008 permits him to act as president in his second, rather than his first, term, which was denied.

Does that mean the effect of the curse was only delayed and he will die in office?

Probably not, if the fate of Nixon would reflect today upon Gore as the karmic echo. Nixon, the arguably “rightful” and legitimate winner of the 1960 presidential election did not die in office after winning a successful second campaign in 1968. Whether Nixon left office in his second term in disgrace for Watergate because of the influence of Tecumseh’s curse is debatable.

Gore could wait until the election of 2012 or 2016, or run even later, to test Tecumseh’s vengeful ghost as a most elderly elder statesmen at the start of the next generational curse cycle of 2020. In any case, time, old age, and the law of averages, rather than conjoined planets and subjective curses, might stack the odds in favor of Gore passing away in office.

For the sake of reason, it must be remembered that the American people elected Zackary Taylor president on a zero year (1850), neither coinciding with astrology nor Tecumseh’s dark prophecy. No evil eye, but the overindulgence of too many strawberries coated in tainted cream on a hot summer day laid Taylor low.

I do not want to leave the subject there, all veils of black and horse hooves clattering, a funerary presidential caisson for your thoughts. It must be remembered that many a president marked by coincident or occult intent to fulfill the curse of Tecumseh were among our greatest achievers. There was Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Even Kennedy, at least initiated much in his brief three years before malevolent stars, angry native American shamans, or mere chance cut short a bright life. If such a fate awaits a future Gore presidency, may a President Gore at least, before his untimely departure by way of an inconvenient prophecy, launch America on the right course to ecological responsibility and health.

John Hogue
(07 September 2006)

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