Predictions for 2013 — The Special Donator Edition

A New Title, a New Direction, a New Revelation

Now at last I understand why this book of annual prophecies has been so often delayed. It has a greater vision to share.

Far more significant than a journey through the 12 months of a year is another unit of time, beginning on the  first  day  of  May  2013 and ending in the final week of December 2014.

This book goes beyond 2013. It is about the most important 18 months humanity has ever had the opportunity to experience. It comprises the climax of Saturn’s karmic 28-year cycle – its passage through the sign of taxes, the portent of the bill coming due, presenting what future we wish to inherit. It is about what lies beyond the death-numbered year 13 of the 21st century.

In these 18 months the old way humanity has solved problems and defined itself must change. That in us which is preventing this transformation must be burned down by the fire of an awakening consciousness in each and every one of us, high and low, leaders and led. That fire must burn a new destiny into us, rendering our past-oriented and habitual ways of thinking and doing into ashes so that a new understanding and a new direction for humanity can arise phoenix-like and fly again.

This eBook will expand my Oracle’s gaze into events of 2013 and Beyond: all the way to the end of 2014 so it can foretell and enlighten you about an opening, an opportunity taken hold or wasted, for the current human globalizing civilization to either change course consciously or pass through an apocalypse of unconsciousness.

May 2013 to the end of December 2014 is the LAST CALL of destiny for human beings to set in motion fundamental reforms. This is our last chance to peacefully alter human destiny by redefining what it is to be human in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, economic, and political. It is our last chance to redefine and at last take up our role and responsibility to care for the only planet upon which we exist.

A temporal doorway the width of 18 months has opened. If humanity can start walking on the path of re-membering, becoming one, uniting, undivided, if all of us can set forth finding common ground and purpose, we take our civilization on the ascendant path of balance. If in these 18 months we can take the first step, we will find ourselves and our civilization already half way through the journey upon a new path into tomorrow where awaits a golden future. From a future path that is pathetic, we could stride along a new path of empathy, of harmony, co-prosperity, love and compassion. If we take this new path many of the horrors and catastrophes of the coming decades can be greatly reduced and our journey to a golden era of peace will be far shorter and less irrigated by blood and tears.

Yet if we let our stupidity rule the day and procrastinate; if we keep kicking our unsustainable core problems down the road of the next 18 months, we still might be reformed and reborn as a mature civilization someday, but at a devastating cost to all of us and to this beautiful planet, because the redefinition of humanity will not be empowered by us but empowered by the forceful consequences and momentum of our stupidity and unconsciousness.

If we continue on the path we are on, a good number of you reading these lines will not see the golden age that could come soon if right choices and actions are not embraced right now. Time is running out to stem the tide of economic collapse, resource wars, political elitism and gridlock. There is soon to come beyond the end of 2014 a general social breakdown of civilized society. There will be ignited a new wave of global fascism beyond 2014. Much of these tragedies, plagues and terrors will be the result of a planetary climate crisis that we not only deny is upon us but is hastened and strengthened by our own greed in the service of unconscious, coveting hands.

Saturn in astrology rules Reality.

Saturn reveals to us the extent to which we limit human potential by blindly sustaining our illusions and lies. Heed well and understand through this book of prophecies, how postponement in facing ourselves can postpone a golden age. This book will shine prophecy’s light upon what we need to encounter, what doesn’t work – what is stupidity hiding under the cloak of religion, economic systems, politics and other fossilized foolishness masquerading as hallowed traditions of the past. These cannot and will never carry us over this abyss of looming planetary crisis to prophecy’s promised golden future.

We have 18 months left in Saturn’s passage through the sign of engagement, death and resurrection. In this book are the signs of how we can waste this opportunity or grasp a golden dream and work together to make that future our reality.

John Hogue

(Updated 07 August 2013)

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Blue bearded star reflected in oracular waters darkly.

This special expanded edition of the book was released 20 July 2013. You can receive a copy with a contribution of $25.00 or more and receive this special donor’s edition of Predictions for 2013-2014 that includes the chapter on Hopi Prophecies of the Blue Kachina Star. Only those readers who by their contribution keep HogueProphecy going will receive for their gift a gift chapter that will explore whether the Comet ISON expected to be one of the brightest comets in a century is the “bearded” Blue Kachina Star heralding what the Hopi predict is The Great Purification: a death of the known “Fourth World” into a new and more harmonious “Fifth World” through the element of fire. Will it be a fire of global warming and war? Will we be purified of mind and spirit by a fire of meditation and consciousness? Find out. Become a contributor by donating here:

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May 2013 to December 2014:
The Pause before History’s Quickening Storm

The Last Call before the Storm
Saturn the Tax Man in Scorpio Cometh with the Bill
The Hidden Luck of Unluckiest Numbers
The Breath before the Plunge

Fire from the Sky

Portents from the Sky
The Great Drought
The Solar Maximum

The Obama Prophecies

Now is the Time
Black Kennedy becomes Black Reagan
Super Fly in the Neo-Con Ointment

The “Drone”-Wellian World Coming

I speak Double “Peek”

When Saturn is in Scorpio
Get’er Done, America!

Saturn at Bat – Three Karmic Strikes, You’re Out
Reform Now or Revolution Later
An American Versailles and a Woman’s Care for the Future

China in the Year of the Black Water Snake

Surprises Coiled behind the Scenes
China Braced for and Profiting from the Unexpected
Three Sudden Sino-Military Crises
How do You solve a Problem like Korea?

2013-2014: Towards a Greater Depression?

Drinking the Kool-Aid Economy
Inflated Fiat Promissory Funny Money
EuroPeons and Trickle-down Bailouts
A Price for Everything when Valuing Nothing
From Cold War to “Gold” Wars: “Bonds Away!”
Just a Little “Bit” of Love Coin?

From Arab Spring to Fall

Neptune’s Wave of Salafi Brotherhoods
The Great Afghanistan Retrograde
NATO’s Quagmire in Syria
The Islamic Thirty Years War

Oh, al-Qaeda U!

The New Terrorist Central
Hey Africa! What’s-a-matta U?
Drone War is Peace

The Future of Israel:
Progressive or Apartheid?

The Creeping Pogrom at a Crossroad
Is the Jewish State going South Africa
1953-to-2013: NeoCon Zionism and Iran’s Karmic Echo

The Era of Resource Wars

Resource Imperialism
New Theaters of Resource Conflict
Follow the Fake Food Crisis to Future Revolutions

An Invisible Supervolcano Erupting

A Caldera the Diameter of the Arctic Circle
Man is “Fracking” Crazy!”
Earth Fever – Earth Convulsions

It’s Global Warming, Stupid!

The “Fog” in the Boiling Water
Pearl Harbors in the Hot House

The Hopi Prophecy
Of the Blue Kachina Star

The Great Purification coming in the Days of the Comet?
Death of an Age comes Dancing
Of Man and Meteor-made Stars Falling

Zeitgeist a Golden Age

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  1. Diana Juhl
    Posted 28 July 2013 at 10:28 pm | Permalink

    This is my first donation for your ebook. However, in doing so, I have run across some of your entertaining feed-backs. If for one reason or another, someone disagrees with your writings, they really should move on to something more to their liking. My thoughts are, those are people who can not live without complaining about something or someone. They live for it, if not, they would move on to someone more sincere or likeable to there own way of thinking.

    There are many who fit that collective ego profile of complainers, but there are also people who are rightfully critical and questioning even if they are often writing me based on preconceived biases and “givens”. Then, it is my compassion to pop their ego balloons and givens.

  2. Greg Helton
    Posted 19 July 2013 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    The donation I made was for 2013. I just read that above after I made the donation. I would like to get the ebook.

  3. Posted 14 July 2013 at 2:57 am | Permalink

    Hi John, I have heard you on Coast to Coast recently and signed up for your news letter I opened your letter and was shocked with the revelation that you look like Nostrasdamus. I strongly feel that you are the reincarnation of him. I clearly saw you writing down the future prophecies and how at ease you were doing that. It is not often that a picture so clearly defines an insight but your photo sent a round of shock when I viewed it. I feel that you are just picking up where you left off in that life time. Stephanie

  4. collaine
    Posted 26 February 2013 at 2:07 am | Permalink

    if you haven’t noticed the year of the snake is a bad year. All things that were predicted by many are coming true as of the years within the year of the snake. I have done my research and it seems to add up a long ways. i will continue this to fine out more but by then thank you for this time

    It is the year of the black water snake in Chinese astrology. Black water snake? Black water fever? Saturn (black) returning into Scorpio now (the grim reality giver to ego and hubris entering the sign of death, taxes, the bill, resurrection like a phoenix)? There is no completely “bad” or “good” aspected year in Chinese astrology. There are choices. I have a whole chapter on the Year of the Snake coming in Predictions for 2013 which I hope to finally have completed a little after the spring equinox. (UPDATE 3-29-13: End of April 2013.)

  5. Onysia OgMari
    Posted 8 February 2013 at 2:38 am | Permalink

    I paid for your 2013 book of predictions on 10/31/2012 via paypal and to date I I have gotten no email telling me how to down load the book. My email is

    I am a patient person, but one that does not like to be cheated. $12.95 is no small amount of money to me. I have sent you two other emails without reply, I have tried to contact you via paypal and all have been ignored. You understand the Laws of Karma…. I will in good faith try 3 more times to get the book I have paid for, then I will invoke the Laws. Consider this 1, two more good faith trys will follow. One by mail to your Langley address and one more by email.

    Onisya, you are not being cheated. I suggest you consider this reality about computers. Nine out of ten times when you receive no reply to your letters, it is because of your email server blocking my messages. I have sent you two responses to your email inquiries about the book and they apparently have been blocked. Please check your spam file before making accusations and please adjust it to receive my emails.

    It is easy for the mind to project upon the silence its fears. I have thousands of readers and usually they learn about the progress of books they’ve advanced donated towards by joining my newsletter list or frequently visiting my web site for updates.

    I have just sent you an explanation when the book will be out.

    I hope to have the book out to you in early March. (UPDATE: make that end of April 2013.)


    John Hogue
    PS–This is the form response I’m sending to readers about when 2013 will be released and why it is late:


    Thanks for checking in. Due to the overwhelming workload of deadlines and documentary appearances in 2012 spilling over into the new year, and also due in no small part my adding to that workload my new role as caregiver to my aging mother, “Predictions for 2013″ will be delayed.

    I’m working towards having downloads coming by the end of February, yet is it likely that it will be early March before I can begin my downloads to advance donators like yourself.

    If anything changes in the delivery schedule the best way to keep in touch is to either regularly visit my web site home page, for updates, or better, join my free newsletter list, HogueProphecy Bulletin where I send updates to readers.

    Here’s where you can join:

    Thank you for your donation and for your patience.


    John Hogue

    • Onysia OgMari
      Posted 19 February 2013 at 7:21 am | Permalink

      Well I checked my spam file and there is no mail from you in that file. But I did notice that you spelled my name incorrectly in the comment response. Onisya It is

      Heard you on Coast to Coast AM last night. Insightful and down right thought provoking. My apology for “leaping” to a wrong conclusion. Looking forward to your book.

  6. Brian
    Posted 29 December 2012 at 1:57 am | Permalink

    Hi John. I’d like to get your 2013 ebook but I probably should get your email address into my address book first so it doesn’t get blocked when you try to email me the proper link. Thanks.


  7. ORiGIN
    Posted 11 December 2012 at 9:55 am | Permalink

    Mr. Hogue….this is my first visit to your website. I heard of you on coast to coast a very long time ago sometime around the time Nancy Leider was on there. i was going thourgh your comments and seeing that you have a very pompus way of responding to people that challenge or question anything to your supposed abilities or Obama.

    Funny that you would say I’m pompous (that’s how its spelled, with an “o”). “Thourgh” is spelled “through”. Maybe I do sound pompous when I disparage lazy folk who can’t spell and are so quick to judge this work trying to cram me up their own preconceived notions where the sun never shines, as it were. And I’m surprised at you, “Origin”, (can’t even man up and give me your name, like a hit and run emailer does.) James Randi, who you seem to enthuse upon (below) is one pompous guy and he likes to… well… We don’t have to go into further detail about police reports on three serial events circulating around certain cities in Canada and the US. They may be untrue, but the similarity of these reports and the the pattern of accusations are worrying. Randi’s explanations have not put this to rest.

    The things I’ve heard you say and even Nostradamas were bound to happen eventually.

    You spell it with a “u”, Nostradamus. Anyway, the above is an semi-illiterate’s sweeping generality. You must be just another pseudo-skeptic that doesn’t “inquire” too deeply. I’m often surprised how many people who can’t spell and construct a sentence end up disciples of James Randi. I tucked him to bed and moved on a long time ago, back in 1997, when I took his book “Mask of Nostradamus” apart for its generalities, its slight of hand intellectual leaps of thought, his sloppy research. (For instance: one of Randi’s zingers was calling the siege of Alesia, the Battle of Vercingetorix.

    Here’s the passage from Randi’s book. It’s on page 187 of “The Mask of Nostradamus” (Scribners, first edition, 1990). Randi is describing his tour of Roman monuments known as “Les Antiques” (The Antiques) outside of the picturesque town of St Remy, the birthplace of Nostradamus, in Provence. Randi writes and I quote:

    “I neglected to tell you that the other member of Les Antiques is a beautiful Roman arch that stands less than sixty feet away from Le Mausole. It was erected by Julius Caesar to commemorate his victory at the battle of Vercingetorix, so named after the Gallic Chieftain he vanquished in 52 B.C.”

    Incorrect. The arch was erected to commemorate Julius Caesar’s victory at the siege of “Alesia”. It’s bad enough that Randi drops details like the fact that they were “Gauls” and that it was a “siege” not a set piece battle between standing armies, but I’m OK with that. Nevertheless, calling it the battle of Vercingetorix, LOL!

    That’s like calling the Battle of Gettysburg the Battle of “Robert E Lee.” Cheesh! :-)

    You see, Vercingetorix was not just a tribal chieftain but a leader of a union of tribes resisting the invasion of the Romans. At Alesia he commanded the Gauls holed up in the hilltop fortress, around which Julius Caesar’s Roman legions dug a remarkable double wooden siege wall studded with wooden towers to contain V’s forces “and” repel the Gaulish relief force that tried to break the siege.

    This is James Randi at work and in print. He’s the flim-flam artist who, on camera, more than once, proudly declared that he did not read the books he reviewed, yet he was a “rational” man. He even said that on CNN with a straight face (look it up!).

    I have transcripts clearly showing that Randi never read my books beyond the lightest of skims.

    For instance, I have a transcript, also a tape and some out-takes in video of Randi complaining why I didn’t write a whole chapter in my first book about Hister, the ancient name of the Danube being Adolf Hitler.

    That book in question, “Nostradamus and the Millennium” has a whole CHAPTER on the Hister-Hitler connection.

    But then, why really should Randi actually “be” scholarly when it is easier to “act” like a scholar? With skeptics like ORIGIN running around… Heck! Who needs to know what the Greek word “skepticos” actually means? I don’t think even Randi knows. It means: to investigate without prejudice for or against. How would doing that attract people like you to him?

    The rest of Origin’s letter reflects the influence of James Randi and the great disservice he has done to true skeptical inquiry.

    And surely in your books and here you must talk about the guesses that ol’ Nosty got incorrect.

    A true skeptical inquirer would have read those books, to test that assumption, before passing or drawing any conclusions. This proves you haven’t read a single line of my 20 books. There’s another hit-and-run emailist that uses the term “ol’ Nosty” in his letters. I don’t have any proof you are that person pretending to be “Origin” here, but, for the skeptical record, it is a little suspicious because you both can’t spell and struggle with your sentences in similar ways. If it is merely coincidental it shows us that mediocrity has predictable traits in more than one underachieving mind.

    I read that you have some sort of Oracle?

    Where did you read it? How did Mr. Hogue define his “oracle”? Upon what evidence do you base your term “sort of” on? Have you actually sought to find how John Hogue defines what he calls “the oracle”?

    I’m guessing that this is some sort of spirit guide or so.

    Yes, you are guessing. A true skeptical inquirer never guesses. They “investigate”. They “verify”.

    Why don’t you prove it’s powers to the world!

    Folks, I guess this lazy bugger hasn’t even been through my archived Hogueprophecy articles. There are 400-plus pages of them dating back 12 years documenting every hit and miss my “oracle” has made.

    Take the Randii Challenge go on real tv and bring us all to the enlightend age.

    Origin is talking about the Randi trick: he’ll give you $10,000.00 if you can prove objectively your prophetic or psychic powers. Why would one submit to any test of a “professional con artist”? (His quoted words, not mine, when defining himself.)

    By the way, Origin, you don’t spell Randi with two “i”s. You don’t punctuate your first sentence. The acronym “TV” for “television” should be capitalized. The correct way to spell the word “enlightened” is with an extra “e”. It’s not enlight-”end”, unless you really mean you want to “enlight” your “end”. (YouTube has many examples of that, chuckle…)

    In your response to this if you do or even post it, don’t marginalize this post or generalize.

    No, I certainly won’t because then I’d be behaving like you. Moreover, Origin is such a control freak. Now he’s telling me how I should reply to his attacks.

    Prove your life’s work and address my doubts about you and Nosty.

    Why? You have your head happily snuggled deep up your own little world. The place where you “enlight” your “end”. Who am I to pull you out of “that” state of mind?

    One last thing, I saw in one of your post’s that you were very critical of someone who challenged you on Obama and the economy.

    Where? Give me the source of this.

    Obama is a clown and I am not white trash as you called someone who posted against him.

    You have quoted me out of context. That would be proven if you had backed up your statement with my quote.

    More important than this, I have no evidence to support or refute that you are “white trash” because all I have is this ill-written letter from you. True skeptical inquiry would state, that I have not enough evidence to call you white trash or “not” to call you white trash.

    Now then, if I were James Randi — or your type of skeptical inquirer — I wouldn’t let a lack of data stop me. I would start by presuming you are white trash and then go about only doing the laziest of examinations to cherry pick data that supported my biased and prejudiced, preconceived conclusions.

    As a black person that does not care about the color of anyone’s skin I can tell you that his Ideology is truly flawed.

    Am I to blindly believe that is true? That you are a black person just because you say it on a comment page? Moreover, you bring up skin color, so you do care about it.

    Anyway, you’ll have to give me objective evidence that you are of African American, “ORIGIN”. I won’t accept that on mere words coming off the Internet.

    The economy could have been fixed already.

    How? Just saying it is cheap talk. Back that up. What would fix it? Who do you cite that could fix it?

    In your response post you made all of the excuse’s for him and I am quite sure you know far less of our economy and government than you know about ol’ Nosty. I’ll watch for your reply.

    You are then a man of blind and unverified faith if you are “quite sure” on anything you haven’t read — such as my well-documented forecasts about politics, government and economic trends.

    I mean, there are people right now reading this all around the world who come into Hogueprophecy by the hundreds of thousands every week who are laughing out loud!

    Serious readers have read my books and hundreds of documented articles over the years that show me as are highly critical of Barack Obama at every stage of his campaign to his presidency. I’ve even put illustrations of him as the Batman Joker. I upset a lot of liberals by making the argument that his name easily translates into the anagram Nostradamus used to hide the true name of his Third Antichrist (though I have to add there are three other top candidates who also spell “Mabus”). I even once put President Obama in clown makeup in an article with a big red nose. (You’d like that!)

    My serious readers know that I created the term “Obama Nation” in March 2007 long before Obama even ran for president. (Look it up.)

    My readers also know that I’ve been making documented forecasts of the winner of US presidential elections by popular vote since 1968. It seems your bias leans towards the Republican tint of “red”-colored glasses — apposed to the blue colored glasses of my Democrat readers (they really hate it when I put down their messiah of change!)

    Anyway, at 12 and 0 as a forecaster of presidential elections, I’ve predicted SEVEN Republican presidents out of 12.

    Go back to the drawing board, Mr. Origin. When you write again, leave your cynical and intellectually lazy “Wolf” in skeptical sheep’s hide at the door. Be a true skeptical inquirer. If you pass the test, you’ll see yourself in these comment pages again. If not. Your spam.

    A CODA (16 December 2012)
    “Origin” wrote back a huge, single paragraph ramble, generally not easy to read and was too obsessed being flippant about being called on his spelling and grammatical errors. It got in the way of what he was trying to say. Moreover, he said I should be an English grammar teacher because I was good at pointing out errors. Yes, yes, I imagine some of you readers who have issues with my writing style rolling your eyes. What to do, ORIGIN is not one to judge who is or isn’t a good English teacher.

    Anyway, I’ll play the English teacher today and announce to ORIGIN that he got a D for content and an F for effort on a messy essay and I put it in the trash. I’m telling him now, if I don’t see more careful effort and better writing from him, he will be flunked from these pages and find any future “essays” in the cyber space spam can. The moral for him and the rest of you: honor yourself and your ideas with an effort to convey them in clear, well written sentences. There’s a whole world out there in cyberspace that will take this junk writing, but these pages of photons and electrons are not it.

    Finally, ORIGIN commented on first being acquainted with my work by watching the Penn and Teller hatchet job done on their appropriately named Showtime Show “Bullshit” — because what they did to my footage was exactly that. Someday, when I have the leisure time to do it, all of their crimes against skeptical inquiry will be exposed.

    That day will come, Pen and Teller. I am a double Scorpio. We are patient. The truth will have its day. We are in a slow and methodical process of collecting the evidence, the film spots, the transcripts, all the things you have said and done without checking your facts or your slanders. We need to shine the light of truth on “you” in good time.

    Strap yourself into one of your electric chairs, Pen, it will be a bumpy ride. People will find out how you sent a film crew under a different name and under false pretenses from Showtime as guests in my house, filming me for your first Bullshit show. You don’t know this, but I taped EVERYTHING. People will learn how you took that footage, re-cut it and made me say things I didn’t say.

    What you did was slander and it has consequences. But worse than that, your crime is that you did not serve skeptical inquiry. If you had come openly to me, I would have welcomed being on your show, provided that we did the show in FRONTLINE fashion — you know — objective and balanced? (What a concept!)

    James Randi knows what I request in these debates because we tried to set up a face-to-face debate on camera. Because of the way he and you guys cheat around with the facts I would request (in wrting) a four-square interview; namely, I say something, you respond. Then you offer something, and I respond. Then you might offer a final word if you felt the need. Then we would turn the tables. You say something, I response and so forth until I had the last word. In this way, you’d really have to do your homework and back up your Las Vegas parlor act, Bullshit show with FACTS. And, you wouldn’t be able to act on the temptation to assuage your deep insecurities by shooting footage of me and twisting it around to make me look bad. You have to make your targets look bad because what you do is not inherently truthful or “good.”

    By the way, after hours of negotiation, James Randi bugged out when it came to putting our agreement in writing. Of course, I thought, how else does a con artist slip out of being truthful. Pen and Teller are his disciples, and I do not believe they could honor such a contract either. Otherwise why did they use deception when they interviewed me under false pretenses?

  8. John P. Shea
    Posted 3 December 2012 at 12:00 pm | Permalink


    Why does the artwork for your 2013 Predictions book remind me of the “Eye of Sauron”?


    Hmm…Gee… Maybe you watch too much Lord of the Rings? I’m just saying…

    • John P. Shea
      Posted 3 January 2013 at 11:01 am | Permalink


      In truth, I probably did not watch enough LOTR recently. After reviewing a still from “Return of the King,” I concluded that the “Eye of Sauron” is much more reptilian, with a vertical pupil, than your cover art, though the latter also conveys a sense of menace.

      BTW I do intend to buy your “2013″ book when it’s available online. I regard your oracular abilities and your Nostradamus interpretations quite highly. By any chance is Osho your “oracle”? Your Nostradamus interpretative ability might well relate to your facility in 16th century French, apparently not learned in any formal course. No, I don’t think you are a reincarnation of Nostradamus, but a 16′th century Huguenot might fill the bill in several respects.

      One thing that puzzles me, however, is your (and Nostradamus’s) use of astrology as a predictive tool. In view of post-Renaissance cosmology, its validity would have to lie in extreme synchronicity or some type of meta-physics currently unknown to Western science. The fact that it often “works” is, of course, evidence in its favor. When it first arose in Sumeria, it made perfect sense that the gods, appearing as lights in the sky-dome, would by their movements signal the fates of cities and kings. Later, in classical times, those lights would be considered the lanterns of the gods with similar predictive value. By the time of Nostradamus, most everyone of importance in Europe, including the pope, had their own court astrologer–at least to provide “input.”

      Anyway, bon chance in the New Year,


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