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A Fiscal Cliff, Predictions for 2013, 12-21-2012 Post-Mayan Calendar Apocalyptic Message, A Christmas Gift of Meditation and Sense-IT-tivity

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01 January 2013

A Prophecy
For the Year 2013
The Year when THE BILL has arrived!

You can kick the can of your debt down the road. Rather than jump off the edge of your fiscal cliff on January 1, 2013. You Washington DC legislators can delay facing a whole “fecal” cliff of troubles for a few months down time’s roughening road. American Congress, you can ape the Europeans who won a Nobel “Peace” prize for delaying leadership, mollycoddling their people about many karmic debts, doing the “Neville Chamberlain” about “peace for our time” not running out to encounter the systemic, structural cancers in economy, in banking, in the climate that’s changin’ and blowin’ global warming in the wind, my friends. You can “Obama” a hollow victory tonight, winning for Americans a 10-year resolution to cut the national debt by $600 billion rather than stand like a man and honor your campaign pledge not to budge until $800 billion is taxed to the rich. Even though this is only slightly less pathetic a mathematical equation to end the oncoming Debt-Apocalypse than the measly $600 billion you bent your soft spine to accept. Yes, you can stand tonight in the White House press room and rush through your little written speech and miss the pregnant pauses that would ram your points powerfully through, because, Barack Obama, you are not “pregnant” with Leadership. And now we face four years of you, and four years of “us”.

Eric Cantor, the Republican Congressional Majority Leader, can stake his claim for the Speaker of the House John Boehner’s job, by stridently not voting for compromise. The eleventh-hour political kabuki is done. Obama can go back to his beach in Hawaii to chill, as can the “Boner” to his Cincinnati digs. The cancer of a third of a century in making can be patronized for a few months more. But friends, and fellow travelers on this path to a troubled civilization that cannot long sustain itself, we have entered a new year. The year of tristaidekaphobias. The year ending with a “13”.

The year of “THE BILL.”

The year 2013 has come like a an impediment across the timeline when what you kick down the road only hits a wall and bounces back karmic blow back. This year we pay the Bill, the price of unsustainable habits. Saturn the Grim Reaper of Reality is transiting Scorpio, the ruler of karma, of inheritances, of death and taxes. You are all going to pay, so play a new challenge. Face things. Pay up, or else.

That’s the theme of my Predictions for 2013 – the next almanac of forecasts for this new year. Check it out.

23 December 2012

A Post-Maya Apocalyptic Message

The best thing I could say about the Mayan Calendar purportedly rebooting on this Friday’s winter solstice was said and documented exactly one year before as a chapter in Predictions for 2012. It described the astrological doings on that day and how it might color the mood of the masses expecting something, or nothing to happen on 21 December 2012. Today’s article will begin with sharing the complete chapter with you all. Then a comment or two about the newest wave of unemployment coming. Not from the venial fecal-ity of politicians letting the US go over the Fiscal Cliff. That will be a big topic in my newest almanac of forecasts about the New Year: click on presages for 2013. No, today I’m going to put out a challenge to all those Twenty-Twelver gurus and “experts” who made a New Age living for 25 years. It was mostly a send-up, trying to one-up the myths projected initially by the late, Minnesota-born, Mayan reincarnated, man-made-into-Maya-God-of-earth-and-drums, Jose Arguelles, on the poor Maya and their Meso-Native American Calendar by mostly Gringos from north of the Mexican border that are now soon to be out of a job. What will they do now? Finally, I received a number of thought-provoking comments from those of you who have checked out my interview with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM released this Friday on Gaiam TV. It stimulated quite a response from inside of me and coined a new Hogueism.

But first, here’s an excerpt of text published exactly 365 days before the Mayan Calendar turned this Friday:




Drum it out, reader – the tempo of 2012:

One, two-two, one. One-one, two… (12/21/12)
One, two-two, one. One-one, two… (12/21/12)

Bridge the beat by including the whole year’s number:

One, two-two, one. Two-ott-one-two… (12/21/2012)
One, two-two, one. Two-ott-one-two… (12/21/2012)

OK, Ringo Star gazers, close it with a European Calendrical flourish:

Two-ONE-one-two. TWO-ott-one two! (21/12/2012)

My 2011 New Year’s resolution is to compose a tune based on this rhythm, with my music collaborator, Talia Toni Marcus’ help.

Seven billion songs can be written solo or in collaboration with others. We can all play and sing our tunes to the skies on Winter Solstice Day 2012, celebrating life, celebrating the discomfort of birth, leaving comfort behind altogether for all seeking of comfort is an attempt to hold onto a past that is dying as new adventures in human evole-revolution now gain pace.

The winter solstice of 2012 isn’t the end of time but the end of year one of a final, five-year travail. 2012 will light the match of a great purification, where one Mayan-counted age is immolated and out of its ashes, the Phoenix of a new five-millennia Mayan age has completely emerged from the vagina of vaticination.

The astrology for 21 December 2012 has some significant astrological aspects warranting a single chapter dedicated to one of 365 days of 2012. Come hither and “yod” to a rare astrological configuration on the first winter night when we sing and drumbeat our songs. A Yod happens when a planet lines up in two quincunx aspects, 150 degrees each to two other planets – sort of like making a “Y” on an astrological wheel chart. The horns points of the “Y” if you like form when two planets are in sextile (a 60 degree aspect wherein positive opportunities and good ideas are possible). Though these planets are in positive potential play, they are incompatible with the planet in a quincunx stem of the configuration because; at its 150-degree variance, this planet neither matches the compatibility of signs, genders nor the element of the two sextiled planets. In short, a Yod is an aspect revealing how positive ideas and potentials struggle with that which is alien to them.

On 21 December 2012, Jupiter (the planet of expansion and/or self-righteousness) is in a Yod quincunx with Pluto (zeitgeist ruler of transformation or degeneration of an age) and Saturn (the limitator, repressor or compassionate reality giver, i.e., the teacher). Influencing this Yod of Jupiter with Pluto and Saturn, is an opposition Venus with Jupiter. Venus is in turn conjoins Mercury.

In layman’s terms, the higher mind and expansion planet (Jupiter) is in a tug-of-war with how to relate and inspire its higher mindedness (Venus-Mercury). Thus, Jupiter is blocked to this potential and is running that stuck state down the Yodding conduit to Pluto (age definer), in Capricorn (establishment authority, structure, business, order) and Saturn (reality giver and what restricts). Thus on 21 December 2012, the winter solstice moment is not going to awaken the world in a contact enlightened high. It will express a collective, deeply confused feeling about how to relate and what to relate as a solution to an uncertain future.

Saturn on 21 December 2012 will be in Scorpio, the sign of desires, sex (life force – its use or misuse). In this sign of death and rebirth, Saturn will be the one who has to cut the crap of systemic flaws in Pluto-Capricorn and teach civilization new ways based on earthy, practical world realities. Saturn is karmic accountant wearing shades and back in black leather, saying, “Stop looking for pies in the friggin’ skies and get real about your financial responsibilities, your business affairs, corporate resources, how to generate new revenues (that means TAXES boobie) and account for yourselves.

However, to do this, Saturn is being blocked by a climate of self-righteousness, religious and economic urges to extremism, faith based economic and political philosophies, medieval in their anti-scientism. It sort of sounds like our current stable of world leaders and economists who seem tone deaf to climate and economic changes and the millions crowding the streets of the world demanding new directions and fairness in their dealing and doling out shared Saturnine sacrifices.

December 2012 doesn’t look good for the global economy. This time the Cold Depression could glow hot in many regions of the world – in the US, in Europe especially. Jupiter is the focal point of change. It is afflicted, however, so this means change is afflicted and it is a most difficult thing to bring about in December 2012 onwards into 2013 because of this Yod on the Winter solstice birthday of 2013. It becomes a defining natal aspect in the birth chart of the 365 day long life of the year 2013.

On the winter solstice of 2012, history goes on without this Pollyanna lift in consciousness New Age oddities seem to think can happen like a marijuana contact high just because an alignment of the Sun and Earth with Galactic Center makes it so. The Yod that night maps out in the skies for us in 2013 the Himalayan task wherein evolution isn’t a contact high. Enlightenment of this civilization isn’t just going to happen because you have fixated on the mind drug of smiling hope-iates. The lifting of consciousness must be earned, one individual at a time and the only time is right now. You don’t wait for someone else to blow enlightenment in your face. Contact highs come from outside yourself. Enlightenment wells from inside.

God’s Fickle Finger of Fate
A Yod is otherwise known as the Finger of God. I’d add that God’s giving our illusion the middle finger. On the year defining first winter night of 2012, there will be added tensions of squares pulling Venus (relationships, diplomacy) with goals and ambitions in inharmonious and adverse (90 degree) aspect with Uranus (change, sudden upheaval, revolution) and Jupiter. The square will award the Yod a Rowan and Martin “Laugh in” Fickle Finger of Fate trophy because of a divine comedy of errors in worldwide leadership requiring many a government’s hopefully peaceful overthrow, hopefully by ballot and referendum measures rather than by bullet and machine guns.

For the first winter night of December 2012, God’s finger will be fickle-flipped at collective expectations placed on 2012 as being the end and beginning of the world or the end of being “Stupid”.

If there was no fixation on 2012, the astrological aspects of the solstice are interesting in themselves and worthy of comment beyond the prophetic hyperbole of 2012 ideology or better idiot-ology. I say that last barb on 20 November 2012, exactly 13 months outside the age-changing Mayan Calendar “event” and I will make this prediction for the record:

There will be no shift of consciousness or shift of the Earth’s polar axis, or anything much happening that you wouldn’t see before during and after other important convergent aspects happening on other days. We’ve been living in intense astrological times anyway for the last few years. Those of you who have read my previous almanacs and weekly articles at know that big thinks and things have happened in the stars to match the Yod, such as the grand T square of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn in the summer of 2010. Chief among these where seismic disruptions in society, economy and even earthquakes of natural or volcanic aspect. Such upheavals will be happening in and around 21 December 2012’s Yod. I’m sure there will be lot of Chicken Little, “Sky is Falling,” doomsayers as well as New Age, Polly-gone-crackers-Anna’s declaring their contact enlightenment, who will spin these reports of upheavals as being more significant astrologically proven events than those past and future on account of the 2012 date’s projected celebrity.

More astrologically potent days are coming, such as a spate of Pluto-Uranus squares between now and 2015… A little more than two years left of Saturn in Scorpio will intensify efforts to recover an ecological inheritance for future generations that the parent and procrastinating generation in power is smokestack fuming away. That’s why a collective alarm and anger of the young, the New Millennial generation around the world, will give rise to rebellion against established order.

Saturn in Scorpio rules inheritance. The inheritance of a happy, growing, promising future isn’t set before our young. The inheritance of a planet in ecological balance and limitless cornucopia of resources is not before them unless we manage the world differently.

The young will be tempted more than ever in the next two years following 2012 to find a savior or saviors like many people sought in Germany during the dark Depression days of the 1920s and early 1930s. Saturn transiting Scorpio generates a mass desire for order and authority when the world is in chaos. Beware what you wish for.

Eating Nostradamus’ Hat
I know what I’ll be doing on 21 December 2012, talking about what you just read in this chapter so far with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, broadcast to over 650 stations across North America and the Caribbean and on a live feed on the worldwide web. I most likely will be sitting in my home office, old-fashioned landline telephone receiver in my wax-congested ear, connected to 20 million listeners in North America and around the world. The pulsing LED light sculptures slowly throbbing and melding all the colors of the natural light spectrum in aurora-borialic clouds and patterns on my off-white office walls like Scotty’s engine room on Star Trek. I’ll stare off into the dark beyond my office window and make my challenge, to eat Nostradamus’ hat on air if the world starts to end by showtime.

I don’t actually have Nostradamus three-cornered professor’s hat. I’ll have to eat one of my own knitted berets, I guess. Perhaps that old green thing atop my head in History Channel’s The Next Nostradamus documentary.

After nothing happens, maybe George and I will talk about how

the “Yod” finger of God is angled like a peace sign from the sixties. Thus the idea of “peace” is a mixed bag just like what the Yod represents astrologically – a mixed bag. Some Christian prophecy watchers would say the peace sign is a broken cross, signifying a secret sign of the Antichrist. Others would retort: all new Christs, new world teachers that is, are “anti” what has appeared before them. Christ was “anti-Moses” to the established religious mainstream of Christ’s day.

I’d like to hope 21 December 2012 marks the end of stupid and the beginning of an age that is anti-Christ in a positive way. Maybe 2012 could mark the year the Christians devote themselves and pray to the real name of their master. Let the Yod restore the name of Yeshua. Time to drop a Greco-Roman misnomer that took the “kosher” heart out of such a beautiful and significant world teacher. It’s high time Christians understand how this label is derogatory. It’s what the pagan Romans derisively called followers of Yeshua when they were viewed as new fan-club members of just another emerging Roman cult. They called these catacomb-dwelling Rajneeshees of the Pax Romana “Little Christies” or Christianites or mini-Christs – that’s what Christian means.

Time for a Yod to a Yeshua movement. Restore the Son of Man and Galilee to his original name and go back to the teachings and not the borrowed lamb sacrifice blarney from other Romanized cults like Persian Mithras. We’ve occupied Wall Street. Let’s occupy Yeshua and liberate his ministry from the Pagan Roman Jesus Christ cult.

How to Score when you’re partying like it’s Twenty-Twelve
Coming back to the heavenly bodies in the sky of 12-21-12, there’s more than just a Yod going on. The starry sky of the first winter night is busy. There’s a lot of square dancing going on. In a deeper sense Squares are growth points, friction points giving heat and enough discomfort to awaken our sleepy soul’s attention to where we need to grow and purify our lives.

Here’s what you’ve got to deal with in the square department that night:

The Sun (in Capricorn) is square Uranus whist it quincunxes Neptune (in Aries). The celebrations of 21-12-2012 will be erratic, impulsive and spacey. Watch where you swing your magic wands when you harmonically converge. Don’t drink beyond your limit or your hangover on 22 December will seem like the end of the world in your aching head and belly. A great night to go rainbow lady eccentric though!

Party girl Venus in free-loving Sagittarius is squared Uranus in impetuous Aries and squared Jupiter in a schizophrenic Gemini. That means you might end up in the sack with a guy who talks too much and sniffed waaay too much Police pepper spray in Occupy Oxnard demonstrations.

So what’s a Venusian girl’s need for an emotionally satisfying fling to do at the end of the Mayan Age when the Moon is also flaming emotive in Aries, conjoining, magnifying the revolutionary-chasing Uranus until both of you split the 2012 contact enlightenment bong party for that connubial “conjunction” that is definitely not fair and square with Pluto.

Not the planet.

I mean “Pluto”. Your new boyfriend’s dog.

Your booty boy’s Great Dane.

He’s sleeping. He has claimed your side of the bed.

I guess it’s time to talk about oppositions…

Our lady Venus preparing for bed will be in a tug of war with the sleepy, massive, passive-aggressive dog occupying her side of the covers. The dog has a mind (Mercury) of his own and it’s unconsciously opposed to her bedtime ambition. Pluto won’t yield any space whilst the jabbering, Jupternian boy toy she wants to bed is blabbing in the kitchen, making a nightcap of espresso.

But fear not my Venus, you’re the evening star planet of the Mayan Calendar, and the basis of their calendrical machinations. You wanted the Mayan end of the world to rock your world tonight and if party Moons and Uranus go together, you’re going to score big. You’ll have to let sleeping dogs like Pluto the Great Dane lie in “your” bed despite the cramped dimensions for Kama Sutra exercises because the Sun is exactly conjoined Pluto and that dog knows exactly where he wants to sleep, come what harmonious conjunctions erupt on the other side of that bed!

Well! I see it’s time to get to the astrologically lurid Sextiles!

What can Lady Venus and Gemini jabbering Jupiter expect?

Well, that Sun of a gun is going to get some sextile with Neptune, he is. His Mars – symbolized in astrology with the shield and the… um… “spear” – is going to get sextiled with her North Node!

Which brings me to “Pluto” again.

No! Nothing kinky with animals, honey. I’ve got this psychic suspicion, based on Gemini Jupiter’s sextile with Pluto that he’ll be keeping his Martian Mickey Mouse “north node” arrow vigorous to your great satisfaction not by remembering football scores. He’ll be thinking about Pluto and figuring out how he’s going to get him out of bed so you can both cuddle comfortably afterwards.

The dog will sleep through it all anyway.

You however are in for a great and orgasmic “time wave zero” moment! The temples of Venus will move and the Mayan skies will fall! That’s because your Moon will be thoroughly “sextiled” good and well, leaving you cosmically expansive and feeling Tantric-Khajuraho-statue spiritual after singing a new Neptune tune in fishy fantastic Pisces!



Find out what’s coming next in the first Post-Mayan-Apocalyptic New Year. We are about to plunge over much more than just a fiscal cliff. Some of what happens when we make that collective jump into the year 2013 might not be all that bad, but transformational. Get on the list for your special “Donators Edition” of…


A Message to Twenty-Twelver New Age Gurus:
There is a Pink Slip waiting at the End of End Times

I document everything I write, including this passage written over four years ago intended to be in my eBook of a last word on 2012 prophecy which I am rapidly finishing up for publication first to advance donators by no later than the second week of January 2013.

I will share this with all of you for your enlightened entertainment. It is a message mainly directed to all those 3,000 authors in 25 years and counting – especially those with the timerity to drag Nostradamus into 2012-dumb – who capitalized on blowing the Mayan Calendrical shift this Friday into a ballooning myth all out of proportion and filled with hot air, having nothing to do with the true significance to the Maya calendar count or this time keeping system’s place alongside many other ancient prophetic time clocks.

Now you guys could be soon out of a job.

It takes no Nostradamus to predict that the following challenge will fall on deaf ears. I do trust that those colleagues of mine who tried to write responsibly about the Maya will not be offended. I also anticipate that those of you (you know who you are) who exploited this New Age fad are past masters of finding a way to BS-up a new End Time or New Age boondoggle.

You have your dreamy audience, they need your bromides, your frightful fancies and sleeping pills of wisdom.

I have a different audience, and we have weathered these New Age fads with insight, wit and humor, longer than anybody. Anyway, here is a gauntlet lowered that no truly irresponsible New Age Guru can afford to take up:


I challenge these “experts” to retire from prophetic research and get a life when 2012 comes and goes and the wheel of time continues to roll. This objectively unsupported tie-in of Nostradamus with the Mayan End-Time is a pure case of irresponsible, fear mongering “Chicken-Little-ism.” The sky isn’t falling in 2012.

Let me say for posterity, right here, right now – on my 52nd birth day (29 October 2007). It so happens that there will be no end of the world or an end of time in December 2012. There will be a world full of evolutionary crisis and challenge, that’s for sure, but the world will go on, and we will be responsible for growing up as a people and as a more heartfull culture in the year 2012, 2013, 2020, et cetera, or continue to suffer the global consequences until we do.

The only thing we have to fear about the near future isn’t bin Laden, Bush, or even 2012, but a hypnotic addiction Americans have to fear itself.

It is fear used as a weapon of human unconsciousness that makes the future a scary place. I have had interchanges with the producers of this show [The Lost Book of Nostradamus]. I don’t believe they consciously intended to foment fear. Rather, they’re like many of us, prone to interpret the future and its prophecies fearfully. They did the best they could and will do better next time, hopefully. May we all do better.

I hope and work towards the day when a more balanced and fact based documentary on Nostradamus’ actual prophecies might be produced for the sake of our enlightenment beyond fear to grasp a future – a golden age.


Click on this link and read more about the new eBook.

Reality check, 23 December 2012. I did a whole lot of documentaries this year and now they are starting to appear on History Channel outlets. I have been too busy writing my prophecies for 2013 and finishing Nostradamus 2012 – The End of End Times to watch the final edit of them. At first glimpse, though, it looks like my criticisms of the New Age movement hijacking Nostradamus and tying him into 2012 go on being edited out of some of these shows, once again. I can say, that I am not silenced on George Noory’s Beyond Belief interview. I still hold hope that my National Geographic documentary will be edited fairly so you can hear and see me go through why nothing of significance happened on 21 December 2012 and why it missed the true shift of ages that Nostradamus, in my view, got correct 13 years earlier. One can always hope the National Geographic special will get it right. But then, hope is another four-letter word for which I have little respect. You cannot have hope spring up unless its platform is a hidden foundation of hopelessness. Be authentically free of hope and you are free of hopelessness. Then a different reality of freedom and response-ability arises.

This is what meditation has taught me. Meditation evolved into the chief topic discussed by George Noory and me on Gaiam TV. You can get a taste of that interview on YouTube by clicking on George Noory.

Here are some comments from – with my replies to – those readers who have already watched the full show and have asked me to share links and information about the meditations I use.

Watched your interview on GAIAM TV yesterday and was impressed with the grounded intelligence with which you addressed the current Zeitgeist. The world seems to be turning upside-down; would appreciate your sharing your meditations! Thank you.

Dear Lydia. The world is turning upside down. In a way, this is a blessing, because the way we’ve been conditioned by our various societies has made us all upside-down from the truth. One meditation, of my own creation, I play with is reacting different from what I automatically do. For instance, when I was in France and my French lover’s brother was driving way too fast down country roads in SW France at wee hours of the morning after picking us up from the train from Paris, I started tensing up. And he drove faster.

I thought, “Well if we’re going to die, then this is the time to relax completely.”

So I began relaxing. Strange thing happened. My relaxing seemed to change the energy in the car. It also calmed down his driving.

Have you noticed, when you sit quietly in a noisy room and go deep into the silence inside, it sometimes lowers the noise in the room? Literally, it calms down the room and this is not because you are sitting in a prominent place where others see you and then automatically calm down. I’ve tried this experiment even when I’m off from the main action in a crowd of people. They do soften and calm down.

The Zeitgeist is directly nourished by meditation. It becomes a “Buddhafield” of presence, an antidote to the “Miseryfield” of the ego.

I just watched your 12/21/12 interview on Gaiam tv and found I really resonate with what you are saying. I have gone thru intense changes in 2012, and… I have had to come face to face with who I am. I do meditate but need to take it to a new level. I feel the best thing we can do for planet and ourselves is bring up the frequency thru meditation.

Dear Heather. I’m glad you enjoyed the Gaiam TV show. It was a special one. I would agree from my own experience, what is needed is not reliance on outside phenomena to give us an excuse to lift consciousness, like Galactic Alignments or Photonic Band BS. The key is inside of us. The key is our own inner birthright of innocent intelligence and connection to the Whole. Only from the inside can the key of consciousness be turned. These meditations will help.

I’ll keep this short since I know you’re busy. I have had a yearning inside me to find the truth! I’ve been reading A LOT beginning with Kaballah onto the bible, aliens, the Mayans and any ancient history when people were simple and open. When I tell people what I’m reading and learning they think it’s weird and completely unbelievable. I think they’re blind and ignorant and it’s sad. I want to meditate even though I am a little scared. I know that if I do I’ll find my path and that yearning in my soul will somehow be soothed. I know there is way more than going to work and paying bills and I need to discover it then share it with all who will listen. I see why you work tirelessly and appreciate what you do. I’m just an ordinary girl but I feel like something extraordinary is upon us and no one sees or cares or is even curious. Thanks again I’ll donate on January 18th that’s after rent but I will do it I give my word! Don’t give up on us yet keep up the amazing work.

Dear Cheree. The vastness behind the veil of things, of pretenses of the mind. The presence that is underneath all changeable emotions from happiness to sadness, love to hate. Like an invisible air of the mind’s stormy weather IT cannot be seen, but it is there and sometimes in our unguarded moments of sense-IT-tivity, we feel the no-thing-ness caress us, call us without sound, love us without arms embracing and “womb” us in its Great Creation. It is constantly beckoning us, but few, very very few, have that sense-IT-tivity to recognize it. Even fewer have that knack of remembering when the breeze had passed through them.

So, it is very rare and important that you are beginning to recognize the “unrecognizable” and begin to feel it as something “inescapable”. And it is natural to feel some fear, because you are about to jump into the unknown like being born again, only with meditation, you will learn how to be born again “every moment” rather than the misunderstanding of some Judeo-Christian religions that have you born again just once. I’ve done that with Christianity, and I found it another system of control, another standstill. I then sought to be born again and again, and again, this time, this…this…a thousand times born again. “This” I believe was the original intention of Yeshua, before he was abducted and turned into another Romanized mainstream religion by the Roman Empire, a bad turn of spiritual events that has forever marred the message of Yeshua, now wearing his Greco-Roman mask, stamped “Jesus Christ.”

With meditation, that may someday restore Christians to the source long cast astray by St. Paul’s manipulations when he created “Pauliantiy” and followers who are “Paulians”.

Meditation as I understand it, is not a religion. It is a way back to reawakening our birthright of sense-IT-tivity. Whether you are theist or atheist, it will bring more awareness to your path. With more awareness, all religions might be renewed or returned to their innocent and living sources. You might through meditation understand what the ancient Maya meant with their calendars than even the dogmatically bloodthirsty Maya who sacrificed people and children to their blood-lusting gods and demons could understand.

The Maya aren’t the only people that turned their violence into a religion, just perhaps one of most authentic about it. Meditation will pull the veil off the false projections placed on what it is to be “religious”. Meditation is not a religion, but in my experience of practicing it since 1980, I see no other way better suited than meditation to turn the key of awareness, open the inner door of the witnessing consciousness, which is religiousness incarnate inside every one of us and every thing.


If any of these ideas stir something from behind the veil, deep inside you. If you feel an urge to know more and experiment with this knowing beyond the qualified ignorance of merely “believing” what is behind the veil, contact me. Moreover, I will freely give you as my Christmas Holiday gift, links and information about the meditation techniques I use for 32 years and counting. Click on Contact Me. Be sure to place one word in the subject line: Meditation.

John Hogue
(23 December 2012)

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