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D-Day Anniversary, Prophecies of the Second World War and Your comments about Hogue on Coast to Coast AM

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DATELINE: 06 June 2014

D-Day 70-Year Anniversary
And Famous Prophecies
About the Second World War

The trio of Rolls Royce airplane engines cicada-hissed and purred over my back yard. I ran out of my office into the sunlight, stood clutching toes into warm wet grass, and with outstretched my arms over my head saluted three, Second-World War vintage P51 Mustang fighter planes soaring overhead. My mother, in her 87th year in a body hobbled and bent of back by Parkinson’s disease shuffled and gamboled outside after me though too slow to see the planes. She did hear the roaring war engines and was satisfied to hear the echo from her past as a teenager in America during the war years.

Seventy years ago today, one of the three Mustang fighters I saw—the silver one with the signature black and white stripes on its wings to distinguish friend from flying floe—had actually flown four combat missions over the beaches on “D-Day”. It was also known by another code name, Operation Overlord, for the Allied landings on Normandy that at last started a long awaited and desperately needed Second Front in June 1944. At last the Western Allies made their invasion into Europe to take some German pressure off the forces of the Soviet Union. Since 22 June 1941, the Russians had absorbed the Nazi lion’s share of Hitler’s military blows, losing on average 10,000 men killed every day for nearly three years.

They had fought and died in battles along the Eastern Front that on average, involved more men, tanks, guns and planes than were used in the entire Western Front during 1944. The men killed in the greatest battle in history, fought on a six-hundred mile front before Moscow in late 1941 through early 1942 numbered more than all the allied and Axis soldiers gathered together, who fought on the Western Front from the beaches and hedgerows of Normandy, to Arnhem, to the Battle of the Budge and at last pushed over the following year across the Rhine deep into Nazi Germany.

History with the right perspective so sorely missing would have us in the West remember not only our heroes on this D-Day. We ought to also add 22 June on our calendars to remember the heroic allies of the East, the men of Operation Bagration who 70 years ago at last threw the German invaders out of Russian territory in the greatest single defeat the Nazis ever suffered throughout the war.

Two-point-three million Soviet soldiers, with 5,818 tanks, 32,968 guns and mortars and 5,327 aircraft, shattered Hitler’s Army Group Center on the Eastern Front, taking 300,000 to 600,000 Axis soldiers out of action in one battle alone that cost the Soviet soldiers more killed in action than the Western Allies lost in all the battles of the Normandy campaign. Remember also the 180,040 Soviet dead and 590,848 wounded who hastened the end of Hitler and his terrible world war in Operation Bagration 70 years ago.

I think of the “great Crusade” as General Eisenhower, commander of the western allied forces, defined the greatest military beach landing invasion in history, has most likely seen its last major celebration to mark the seventh decade since men fought and died on these sunny and peaceful French beaches. The spilled blood has long been washed away and the greying witnesses of such horrors find their aged forms and fading memory decimated by time’s march down to a handful contemplating the stone sentinels of forever young friends. With dimming memory they regard those band of brothers who died and mingled their blood into the sands of Omaha, Utah, Sword Juno and other code named beaches were Americans, British, Canadian and Free French forces came ashore under German fire.

I think of the men, and the women witnesses of that great and epic history, like my mother, fading from our view, departing this world each day, leaving us now with time’s march to make revised a false memory of them and of the war.

I see world leaders today basking in their photo-op, looking good, satisfying themselves singing praise to veteran faded flag and memory. Perhaps this will be the last time such a large-scale celebration will see these politicians gather in significant numbers to remember the heroes who are soon departed and disappeared.

And there are us. What will become of us now?

We are handed over from the last of the Greatest Generation into the arms of mediocrities we call presidents and prime ministers thronging on podiums for their close-up on this 70th anniversary who seem to all be leading from their behinds, backwards into history’s repeated mistakes.

Backwards we are going in 2014 to 1914 foolishness, when leaders of the West relied on false narratives to get the world into the First World War, then a little later let denial and lack of foresight to rising dangers of Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers they again led us all ass-backwards into the Second World War. It seems World War Three may be on the way if the doom of humans, that they forget, is dumb dooms day we choose again to deny is in action.

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

We prophets and interpreters of prediction have ever been warning you of the dangers ahead that your respect of us “after” the warnings have entered your heads and hearts too late to prevent the thing warned has passed. You respect us then, even though your respect is irrelevant. Better you called us fools and village idiots because we frightened you enough to heed and positively act on our warnings. Afterwards when that dire future we foresaw never happened, we future gazers would have happily accepted your ridicule about our warnings coming to naught in a golden age of peace.

They call this human habit “hindsight”, because the programmed and robotic human mindset, confronts the future butt first.

Butt seriously, folks…

Hindsight or not, check out a selection of Second World War prophecies, as this is D-Day for Divining-the war Day:


Great discord. Warfare will arise…unions will be split apart including England and the Mesopotamia of Europe [France] in [19]45 and others to ’41, ’42, and ’37.

Nostradamus (1557), Epistle

Germany broke its Non-Aggression Pact with Russia in 1941; America broke relations with Japan and Germany that same year. In 1936-1937, Hitler openly opposed the Treaty of Versailles by re-occupying the Rhineland and instigating full-scale re-armament.


This treaty is not a peace, but an armistice of twenty years.

Marshal Foch, French general, commenting on the Treaty of Versailles (1919)

The Interval between World Wars

Two or three decades after the first great war will come a second, still greater war. Almost all nations of the world will be involved. Millions of men will die, without being soldiers. Fire will fall from the sky and many great cities will be destroyed.

Stormberger (eighteenth century)

The Perpetrator

The ruler [Hitler] will avail himself of the spirit of discord and will enter other countries by force to govern over them….Exceedingly great shall be the suffering in the countries devastated by him….New signs will arise [the swastika]. As he had come, he will go, leaving the world in chaos.

Pastor Bartholomaeus (c. 1642)

When America Will Enter the War

The only likelihood will be in 41….This too—if the people pray, and live as they pray- will pass

Edgar Cayce (1939), Reading #1949-1

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Near the harbors within two cities, there will happen two scourges the like of which was never before seen. Famine, pestilence within [radiation?], people put out by the sword. They cry for help from the great immortal God!

Nostradamus (1555), C2 Q6

And Peace

to be established in 44 and 45.  Edgar Cayce (1941), #1152-11

Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and Stormberger will return in my new book, about to be released with its special Four Blood Moons Chapter for advance donors only, in the next three weeks. Nostradamus and Stormberger foresee a third world war coming unexpectedly out of this new cold war—that is, if the world leading idiots gathering over the graves of the fallen at D-Day today if their people don’t rightly read the signs and pressure them all to seek a diplomatic solution to Iran, Syria and the new civil war in Ukraine.

Edgar Cayce is the only World War Prophet who “doesn’t” see a Third World War in our future. Find out what he says will prevent it. Not enmity, but a new friendship that must be forged by America and Russia so that Russia, in his vision, will become “The hope of the world”, the hope of peace.

DATELINE: 06 June 2014

Put your Comments about my
Recent Coast to Coast
Appearance Right HERE

George Noory’s birthday was on Wednesday. I was honored to be invited as a guest on the 11-11:30 pm time slot. Here’s part of the overview about the show. (Check out the full overview of the show and download an audio feed by clicking on Coast to Coast AM)

“In honor of George Noory’s birthday, Coast to Coast partied in grand style with special guests, each half hour, joining the program to help celebrate another complete orbit around the sun for George. The first arrival for the festivities was author and Nostradamus scholar, John Hogue, who looked ahead to the 2016 presidential election and beyond. Hogue expressed a strong feeling that Hillary Clinton would, barring a health crisis, become the next president of the United States. He also forecast Brazil emerging as a major world power as the 21st century unfolds as well as how Middle East unrest could ultimately result in World War III between the United States and Russia.”

Here’s some of your comments from my Facebook Friend and Public Pages:

Love those dulcet tones! Most pleasurable Happy Birthday song ever! Great to hear you and George, every time you are a guest.

Thanks Shrimp. Many of you enjoyed my lyric light-operatic version of the “Happy Birthday” song to George. As a former opera singer, my largest audiences in my career, as it turns out, have been listening to me warble on the air on Coast to Coast AM across North America and all over the world on Internet. Thanks all of you for listening.

Heard your comments on Phoenix KFYI. Would like info on new book your putting out. Do you do any video taped presentations? Where are you located. Thanks, John

Hi John, though I’m still approached by TV companies to do more History Channel and Discover Channel appearances. I predict that, like the publishing industry before it, cable documentaries are beginning a decline in audience interest. Although I’d love to keep doing these,  sometime this year I will begin to appear on my own simple YouTube appearances and other alternative media source. There I can AT LAST tell you how it is without it being filtered by a television industry that generally is destroying its future by not respecting that its audience wants: intelligent shows, not Duck Dynastic Discovery or Swamp People on History channel.

I hope these channels, for which I’ve appeared on over 100 documentaries since 1987, will not go down. However, if their execs go on old-thinking that dumbing down works, remember that dumb usually is connected with being “mute”.

In this case, mute means “silence” and a blackburst TV screen for History Channel, Discovery and any other television outlets that don’t soon adapt to the new alternatives out there.

If you can believe this Nostradamus house is still standing in Salon de Provence. It is now open to the public!

It is amazing and I’ve been there to see it. That’s why I had to publicly call Dolores Cannon out in public, challenging her theory that she mentors someone who channels the living Nostradamus in her Conversations with Nostradamus book series. I pointed out that her channelers need only step foot in the House of Nostradamus to know how they got the details quite wrong. You can read all about my challenge and the riot it caused in a panel discussion by clicking on Dolores Cannon.

I just heard there was a mass shooting in your corner of the country. Here in Wisconsin we’ve been on the news for that horrific stabbing a few days ago committed by 12 year old girls. I keep thinking about homo novus and wondering if we are also seeing the opposite happening…are humans losing the capacity for empathy on a large scale (at least in “modern” societies)? I am thankful for meditation and the echo it leaves in the other moments of my life. Without it, I wonder if I would have any peace at all. Thank you for your encouragement to take up this practice.

Yes, meditation is, in my “inner” view and experience, is the only tool that can make a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness in the mind storms inside ourselves and in the outside of ourselves that is going to grow in intensity. It isn’t just Global Warming that brings fever to the atmosphere, there’s a collective mind fever afoot. Native people from all corners of the Fourth World tribes, bands and native nations have foreseen this coming. For those who haven’t visited it, please check you my Noah’s Ark link and read more about my path of meditation, my teacher’s important prophecy and what we offer freely as a way to be a calm and loving consciousness in the coming hurricane of history.

Dear Sir, I heard you on Coast to Coast last night. Funny thing I was re-reading your previous book to try to better understand your works once again, and was hoping that you were coming soon with a new book and when I heard that you just finished the new one I knew I needed to get it. I have been buying your books for years. Every time I buy them I say to myself this is not going to happen. I am constantly reading then ignoring you. Only to get your books out later and once again, “Damn he got it again.” Thank you for your work.

You’re most welcome, Byron and everyone who reads me. I especially would like you read the following book and what I wrote for members of my Newsletter list about it:

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

“Think not that Predictions for 2014 is only about this year and no longer relevant to you. This book is a chronicle of breathtaking changes waiting for us in the next four years and as a Hogueprophecy reader, I cordially and passionately insist that you need to read it so you can make yourself ready to best weather history’s oncoming hurricane in your life. Go right now to Amazon and get an immediate download HERE. You like to read on Nook? Get the Nook version HERE. Kobo’s your favorite reader? Click HERE. All outlets have Predictions for 2014 available on sale for only $3.99.”

Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

For a donation of $12.50 or a little more you can receive the special expanded donors edition of Predictions for 2014 that includes a chapter on the life and prophecies of Mattias Stormberger, the German Nostradamus. Click on the last link or click on Stormberger and see how this gift expanded edition can be yours.

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