European Parliament Elections 2014, Marine Le Pen, National Front, National Socialism on the Rise in Brussels, Afghanistan Election Prediction, Heil “Hifter”, a New Libyan Civil War and picking Ukrainian President Poroshenko equals Maidan Three

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DATELINE: 30 May 2014

The EU’s “EEEee Yewww!”
Lurch to the Right
To set “Right” the European Union?

The election results for the European Parliamentary elections are in. As I predicted, right wing parties now sit in 25 percent of the new seats in the next five-year term of the EU Parliament in Brussels. Moreover, nationalism fever is back, as if Europe in 2014 looks more, in essence, like the nationalistic state of mind taken in Europe of 1914. That is, Europeans seek to divide as much as define themselves in national terms. Nationalism’s return is temporary. I would only reiterate what I wrote in 1-2 May 2013 that this year 14 of a new century is seeing that past nationalistic feelings having a last hurrah before a jump to a completely new global understanding after another dance with fascism passes.

The momentum of globalism is filling the air of 2014 with the smell of burnt pedal to the brake metal pressed by nationalist movements and political parties. They want to put a full stop on making racially mutt-dog their European world. The future drives too fast. Globalism carries such past-oriented, racist and anti-immigrant populists forward, under its wheels. However, don’t think the hope of an internationalized future can’t wither in a hot and final flare-up of a jack-booted return to power of national socialist (fascist) political movements, especially on the continent where fascism was born.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5:
Readings for Regions and Nations
(Subsection: Marine Le Pen and National Socialism’s Ascent)

The European Union is sustained by Germany. Therefore, what I said about the EU’s heart in May 2013 beats for the whole in May 2014 and beyond:

2014, like 1914, begins a long time of trouble for Germany. Certainly, it will not be trouble as disastrous as fighting and losing the First World War. Under Merkel, however, the rule of Germany in the next four years over the economic sustainability of the European euro-zone could falter if, like the Americans, they try to fix new challenges with old Band-Aid ideas from more economically flush past eras. German fascism may revive after Merkel steps down because of her “old-think” economic failures.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5:
Readings for Regions and Nations

The EU parliamentary election held under Uranus in impetuous, populist-loving Aries resulted in Europe’s near future taking a big right turn. It has been called a political continental wide earthquake. Although mainstream EU parties still hold a majority they have sitting alongside them, warming one-quarter of the MEP (Member of the European Parliament) seats with new bums of Eurosceptic and nationalist parities, such as those representing the Front National of France that also took one-quarter of the French Parliament seats in domestic national elections on the same weekend. Huffington Post reports that FN leader Marine La Pen “has had to work hard to detoxify her fair right party, including censoring her own father and the party’s founder. Jean Marie Le Pen suggested only last month that Monseigneur Ebola could sort out Europe’s immigration issue in three months. He has regularly been convicted under France’s race hate laws, and has called the Nazi gas chambers a “small detail”

Sit now ye mainstream MEPs next to members of the National Democratic Party from Germany. They openly promoted past National Socialist ideas at party rallies and have a auslander raus (foreigners out!) party platform during the May campaign with slogans such as “a continent for white people!” The sun of fascism also rises on a Golden Dawn Party of Greece. Now they occupy seats in Brussels for the first time. The same politicians that won a sit down in the Greek parliamentary elections in 2012 are currently the third most popular party in Greece promoting a “Greece only for Greeks”, anti-immigrant platform, “So we can rid this land of filth,” so they pledge.

The Finns retain seats for their anti-Europe populist (homophobic) party. Not to outdo cousin Aryans, the Danish People’s Party doubled its presence in the EP (European Parliament) and won 27 percent seats at home. The Party of Freedom, a Dutch far-right, anti-Islamic, Holland-for-white-Hollanders are represented as are Hungarian supremacists of Jobbik, anti-immigrant “go back home”-ster Austrian Freedom and last but not least, sit ye moderate MEPs beside the intellectual giants of Italy’s Lega Nord, whom the Huff Post relates had an ex-MEP say “Africa hasn’t produced great geniuses as anyone can see from a Mickey Mouse encyclopedia.”

Britain’s Euroskeptic UKIP survived the slanders and arrows of Fleet Street press attacks becoming the hair-on-fire winners of more seats in the EU Parliament than the Conservative-New Liberal coalition and Labor. Sorry Italian neo-Blackshirts, overall, Italy swung to the far left gaining more seats in Brussels than you did. The same was so for leftist advances from Portugal, Spain and little Slovakia.

My Oracle anticipated the 20-to-25 percent gain in domestic and EU Parliaments one year and three weeks before the 25 May European election:

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

Uranus will be with us in Aries until May 2018. In the past transit as now, it puts our private lives, hopes, needs and fears against a larger historical backdrop of fiery revolution and reforms in the political and phenomenal sciences. These are the times when fascism can thrive again, as can more life-affirming and human nurturing revolutionary breakthroughs. Unfortunately the lingering Pluto squares with Uranus in Aries active through to the second half of 2015 work to collectively bring out the worst in us. Real political influence will be put in the hands of right-wing political movements like the National Front in local French elections and in the upcoming EU parliamentary elections this coming May 2014. Voters will warm the seats to upwards of 20 percent of French Parliament and 25 percent of the European Parliament with right-wing hotheads.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5:
Readings for Regions and Nations
(Subsection: Marine Le Pen and National Socialism’s Ascent)

Back in early May 2013, I also predicted the following about Le Pen. She will be a significant catalytic agent bringing various anti-EU and anti-Immigrant, pro-white European chauvinist factions together in a coalition in the EU Parliament, plus even more:

[Fascist populism] rises with Le Pen’s spreading popularity in France. She could even become France’s next president.

…You buzz-brained, buzz-cut, Fourth Reich Aryans merely need to change the Semite scapegoat from Jews yesterday to Arabs today! Where Hitler’s henchmen blamed all German woes on Jews, Germans today can blame it on Arab Muslims. 

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5:
Readings for Regions and Nations
(Subsection: Marine Le Pen and National Socialism’s Ascent)

My right-wing bating aside, the move to the right and far right denotes a deeper message and the mainstream EU parities and leaders better be listening. Their technocratic dictatorship in the name of democracy must, as I stipulated in the following quote, rebuild itself into a new governing system:

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and learn the astrological bond that ties the fate of the US and EU in the coming crisis times.

My long term forecast is this: no matter what happens, no matter how many nations leave the union, requiring it more than once to go back to the drawing board, launching again this unique political experiment, the EU isn’t going away. It will move forward and by mid-century be an example to other regions of what to do right and what to avoid when forging a superstate system. These political systems are a stepping-stone to the next evolution of human politics, the United States of Earth.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter 6:
2013-2014—Towards a Greater Depression)
(Subsection: EuroPeons and Trickle-down Bailouts)

The people sent you a message. Do not construe their vote as merely a support for right wing, fascist and racist issues. EU skepticism is earned. You’ve got to bring to them a completely new and representative EU government based on the following ideas, so says my Oracle:

Europe needs a representative republic, not dictates by technocrats. The leaders and the people can go back to the drawing board again. Proceed during this Saturn transit. It may take 28 years to fix and rebuild the right government for a supernation before the next Saturn return over the EU’s Scorpio Sun sign position at eight degrees. What matters is that they begin now not 28 years on in 2042. Otherwise Europe might be looking a lot like 1942 at war and under fascist rulers. The astrological connection Europe’s ruling Sun sign has with America’s outer expression [it’s ascendant] indicates Europe this time must model itself after the US and in its next experiment become a republic of European nations successfully tackling states rights over federal rights issues. They must redraft their constitution with the aim to have similar political divisions of state and federal powers like those seen in the United States.

It requires the establishment of a parliamentary, Euro-Congressional system. The people of each nation in the union, each “state”, will send legislators to that governing body. That body will consist of a lower house of Parliament that represents each European state by population. The Higher House of Parliament will give each European state two senators no matter how large or small the state is in relation to its size or population.

There will be an executive branch. All Europeans will elect this Prime Minister or “President” of Europe. These governing bodies will also include a European Supreme Court that has a term of 10 years for the nine court justices. This three-tiered system will define by constitution what is under their federal jurisdiction.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter 6:
2013-2014—Towards a Greater Depression)
(Subsection: EuroPeons and Trickle-down Bailouts)

Begin this reform while Saturn is in Scorpio because this is the time to examine systemic political and economic wrongs and failures in your fundamental outlook for the EU. The Saturn transit gives you the rest of the year to “begin” this process. The beginning is the hardest step, but once ventured it is half way to the goal. Miss this chance and endure 28 years of upheaval, EU breakups, civil war dust ups and right wing revolutions. After which, you’ll have to come back and achieve the same reforms in 2042 that you can achieve without all that trouble now.

DATELINE: 30 May 2014

Will Abdullah-Abdullah
Become the Future President
Of Afghanistan?

The Afghans went to the polls in April 2014 and a runoff election will be held again this June for the last Afghans standing in this dark political “comedy” Central Asian reality show. It features who will be the last president of Saigon (oops, I mean Kabul) as the US pulls most of its forces out after its Vietnamization of Vietnamistan (I mean Afghanistan). Who then, after Karzai will be perhaps the last US-propped-up president? Five years ago, I predicted Abdullah-Abdullah would replace Karzai (I’m sorry, I’m sorry).

Dear readers, let us not jump to prescient conclusions after reading predictions I posted back on 9 April 2009 about the national elections of Afghanistan met the judge of the August election day, see: Afghanistan prophecy.

The UN has filed their report and have exposed that one-in-five Afghani votes were fraudulently cast for Hamid Karzai. That means he did not win his election and either he will do nothing and hold onto power through the power of his corruption or undergo a run off election with Abdullah-Abdullah, as per the country’s constitution

Down Jones 10,000, Fraud in Afghanistan
Hogueprophecy 19 October 2009

This is a good example of a prophecy pile-up. That is, when more than one event appears to the prophet as happening in one time. I misread this vision for 2009 election but if Abdullah-Abdullah does indeed win this June, the prophecy, though piled up temporally, is accurate: a “rerun” of the election has technically taken place, though not against Karzai, it will elect Karzai’s successor which will be Abdullah-Abdullah.

DATELINE: 30 May 2014

Libya’s New Civil War

Heil “Hifter”! Libya may have a new Gaddafi, General Khalifa Hifter, that is. This month of May he launched a united Libyan armed forces coup and declared war on Islamist militias to correct Libya’s faltering revolution. He aims to purge the country of a plague Salafists, jihadists that the regime change instigated by Obama’s acquiescence to strike the Libyan Gaddafi regime off the US neocon’s hit list and once again the aftermath of doing their hegemonic dirty work leaves a new failed state infected by jihadist terrorists and economically ruined.

Hifter’s Libyan “Luftwaffe” ordered airstrikes on Wednesday slamming jihad harboring militia bases in Benghazi. Fighting across Libya has reached such ferocity that US naval assets now park themselves off the Barbary Coast in lue of helping fulfill, if necessary, the State Department’s order to evacuate all US citizens out of Libya.

Hifter helped Gaddafi overthrow King Idris of Libya in 1969. He was a key ally in Gaddafi’s 41-year reign. His chief allies are Gaddafi supporters and officers and men of the Libyan Army, Navy and Air Force. They believe as many Libyans now do that a new strongman is required to restore discipline and order to a collapsing country. It is far more advantageous to have a new dictator rather than dick around with a mobocracy of militias.

The New York Times interviewed a former Benghazi militia leader Adel el-Hassi, who has a low opinion of their new Fuehrer Hifter even though he pragmatically supports his coup. “If there was safety and security in the country, we would not have needed him, but he was the only person who could unify the army. That’s why I support him.

“The battle will take a long time,” Hassi added, “and will not just be in Benghazi,” he added. “It will be in all of Libya.”

In late November 2013 my oracle predicted the rise of a new Gaddafi in 2014:

My Oracle anticipates that a new Gaddafi, or a gaggle of Gaddafis, on the rise out of the Tripolitanian West who will wage a greater, bloodier civil war fought along the same desert coastal roads. They will lay siege, winning and then losing, the same harbors like Tobruk advancing and retreating over badlands where Rommel’s Afrika Korps and British Eighth Army once fought seven decades earlier. Like moths to the fire, American presidents and their hegemonic councils ever fall into the flames of other men’s civil and tribal wars. The US will be dragged along with NATO vassals into a new Libyan Civil War by economic necessity. They need that sweet Libyan crude to run their civilization as much as they need the crude underneath Iraq’s new Civil War in 2014. These Westerners will side again with the Benghazi faction for the sake of backdoor control of their oil fields and refineries. Like before, great depressions always birth great wars, in this case a decade of great resource wars around the world beginning in 2014.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5:
Readings for Regions and Nations
(Subsection: Libya’s New Civil War Free for “Oil”

DATELINE: 30 May 2014

Ukrainians, Prepare for “Maidan Three”

Those of you who visit my new Facebook celebrity page can see a lively back and forth with readers sympathetic to the Nuland narrative. In other words, the Kiev’s opposition movement can do no wrong and all evil is Putin-shot-put and what all the Eastern Ukrainian Russians do in reaction to the threats and actions of the Kiev putsch with its anti-Russia, and right wing elements, is “criminal”.

There’s many wrongs committed by both sides of this oncoming Ukrainian partition. The aggrieved parties play a perverse game of Ukrainian-flagged blue-and-“golden rule”: Do unto Russian Ukrainians what Kiev then will be done by Ukrainian Russians. That is, if you’re Kiev, you transform your fascist militias into a new “national guard” so you can skirt around the agreement forged with Russian, EU and US diplomatic efforts on 17 April that called for “all” militias disbanded inn East and West Ukraine.

Thus you will be “done by” Ukrainian Russians in Donetsk, Lugansk provinces “not” disbanding their militias but making them a “national guard” for a breakaway confederation called Novi Russia (New Russia).

Kiev junta, if you hire Academi (Blackwater) American mercenaries by the hundreds to fight alongside Ukrainian army units cracking down on the restive east, expect the restive eastern provinces will accept foreign volunteers by the hundreds coming across Russia’s border to aid in their fight for freedom from said Kiev junta.

I mean, guess what, you Volkstrumming-the-war-drum folk in power in Kiev, this is a civil war that you pushed into being with your anti-Russian language laws and threats once you stormed and let your right wing elements violently overthrow the government and put you in its seat (without a vote). When brother goes against brother, when West Ukrainian breaks down the door of Ukrainian East and throws a punch, you might be punched back. And, if the guy you swung at gets help in this fight from his cousin brother from over the Russian border, just remember who stopped talking first and threw the first punch. If the other guy’s gathering what you claim are “outside agitators” its because you started the agitation rather than talked to him less like an adult and more like a racist Ukrainian supremacist.

I’ve tried to explain this in a number of ways to Vira, my Ukrainian Facebook friend from Kiev, but in my experience of her, I see her stuck in a monolithic narrative that is solely propagated by pro-Europe, American-neoconservative brain “dirtying”. I won’t say she’s brainwashed, because I strive to be brainwashed every moment.

In my experience, what people usually call being brainwashed is upside down from true reality. I want my brain washed every moment!

The brain is a pigpen thought-dirt collector. I strive to clean my brain every moment, using meditation techniques to wash loose and let go all the crap propagated into my brain by corporate media, the echo chamber of the US State Department in this Ukrainian Civil War that I anticipated and accurately forecast was coming in 2014. I contend for your spiritual experimentation that a clean brain is capable of understanding the world far better than one clogged and stuffed with the BS of bureaucratic governments and media propaganda-bloated organs.

More about meditation a little further.

First I want to only share those segments of Vira’s and my interchange that are specific to how I think Vira is under the influence of her Kiev junta and their press organs brain-dirtying her thinking. I’ve had to clean up her English for clarity’s sake, though I left some of it tangled as is because I’m not sure what she’s trying to say and don’t want to put words in her mouth.

Her first answer is to my question whether she could call the people in Eastern Ukrainian’s “Ukrainians”. I wanted her to confront a latent racism underlying how she constantly avoided calling them Ukrainians even though they are equally citizens of the country of Ukraine. Was being a true Ukrainian more a racial distinction than a political distinction in her mind?

This is how she answered-reacted. She hopped over my question and didn’t confront it head on. I’ve noticed this often happens with members of Semitic tribes battling in the Middle East. I confront either a Semite programmed to be a “Jew” or take “Arab” as their adopted ego identity from birth with their racist sounding stances. In both cases they often react like Vira will by not looking at themselves. The Jew throws all blame on the Arab and vice versa. It is the recipe for ongoing civil war and misery that I propose can only be broken by a meditative self-examination of this conditioned habit inherent in children being forced to adopt nationalistic or religionistic, racist-supremacist identities.

You have double standard. Putin made same propaganda as Hitler. He protect Russian of mystic danger. About this picture you attach is has nothing to do with fascist. [She’s talking about Interim Prime Minister Yastenyuk clearly flashing the Nazi salute she says isn’t so–see the picture.] About east [Ukraine] you right only very little. Is not civil war. [Eastern Ukraine] is very criminal region and the armed terrorists took power and terror the people there [note she doesn’t say “Ukrainians”]. You must know that every day in Donetsk and cities around at 12:00 people make strike against terrorists. [She’s talking about pro-Kiev demonstrations shown on Kiev TV broadcasts, I think. I’ve seen the footage and it is muted compared to the pro-Russian demonstrations in Donetsk that you can find on YouTube.]

To brand the entire eastern provinces with millions of people with Kiev’s propaganda generality, that they are lost in a criminal region—thus read they are criminal—is the kind of sweeping generality that leads to massacres in the Ukrainian past, like Babi Yar, where Jews, like yourself Vira, were shot in their thousands. Ukraine seems to go through these cycles of massacre and race hating. I find it interesting that you didn’t call the eastern Russian Ukrainians, Ukrainians. They are people from a “criminal region”. The whole people in your statement are rendered less human, less “Ukrainian” than you.

You may be too deeply entrenched in your own Ukrainian Nationalist narrative than you know. I can only hope that the thousands reading this interchange may recognize the seeds of all massacres even come out of the mouths of innocents. You don’t mean it. But it’s true. When we blindly accept what we’re told without holding what our government says to skeptical inquiry, we become indirectly responsible for the massacres of fellow human beings that our propaganda dehumanizes step-by-step.

Now a later entry from Vira:

When you talk about Ukrainian nationalists that killed thousands of Jews in WW2 it was only 22 000 people the name of that army was SS Galychina [Galicia]. And same time in Russia there were army of Vlasov (150 000 people) of Russian nationalists supporting Hitler. And actually on side of Germany were by official Russian information almost 4 million people in all territory of USSR. I don’t excuse Ukrainians that took part in Jew terror in WW2 but you can’t forget that there were much more Russians doing same.


Stephan Bandera poster held in a Svoboda (aka Ukrainian National Socialist) Party rally.

Its not conscious, Vira. The way you judge and put people into generalized categories. The way you avoid looking at crimes of your own people my marginalizing the damage and throwing attention to the real crimes committed by the Russians, which were many. It’s just a learned habit. Moreover, your information about the mass murder by Stephan Bandera’s OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) and other Western Ukrainian national socialists who massacred Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia doesn’t match the record. Nor are your mollifying attempts to lower the body count of Russian communists and the many Ukrainian Jews somehow able to tone down what Bandera and other Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborators openly promoted in writing, the “elimination” of “Muscovites” and “Jews” to purify Ukraine of any Moscow influence.

Poles massacred by Ukrainian fascists in Volhynia, 1943.

Poles massacred by Ukrainian fascists in Volhynia, 1943.

But this is academic.

Lowering the numbers in a mass murder just doesn’t soften the crime. It is the signature of those who want to deny national crimes, as if killing 22,000 is somehow not as bad as the 120,000 to 200,000 Poles, Russians and Jews killed by Ukrainian national socialists—which is the actual number.

Did you know that Stalin used to play this game, albeit with more cynical awareness, not innocently, like you do? He used to famously say, “The death of one person is a tragedy. The death of a million people is a mere statistic.”

A new generation of Ukrainian fascist fighters of Svoboda.

A new generation of Ukrainian fascist fighters of Svoboda.

Anyway Vira, thanks for this interchange. In the end the true judge of your side or my side in this matter is what’s coming next for Ukraine. I wish all Ukrainians (those in your “criminal” eastern regions as well as in your western regions can work out your differences.

I will predict this for the record: the Maidan Square is going to have another street crowd of revolutionaries gathering in it after Poroshenko becomes your new president. I give that happening no later than this November. Call it Maidan Three. “Four and five” will follow it.

Also, your economy will be collapsing soon, sad to say. I wish there was a better future for Ukraine but that will depend on a better understanding. It will require more self-observation and self-criticism.

You’re not alone in this. America is also highly racist society and it is heading for economic disaster too. The false narrative of neocons in Washington meddling in Ukraine will trigger much of it. This has sped up the Russian-Chinese effort to get all of their business off the US dollar. In two years, the US dollar will collapse because of what US “exceptionalists” triggered in the Maidan Square.

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

The world of unconscious-living humanity must soon come to a great crisis and an end, so that out of its ashes there will come a new humanity that doesn’t see itself as Russian, Crimean, Ukrainian or American.

We’re all just people. Just you. Just me, living together on this beautiful planet.

The only thing separating us from that future is our programmed personalities. I know of no other solution for it, but that people make meditation a thread of conscious witnessing throughout their days and nights. It may help them discover how their minds paint false pictures out of imposed false personas—masks, called “Ukrainian”, “Jew”, “Nazi”, “American”, Christian-Muslim-Buddhist-Hindu and all the lot.

I wish you find that which is not imposed. That which abides as your “original face”. The one you had before you were born. The one that smiles after our death. The one and original face that even now is hidden behind our minds. Blessings to you Vira and to all.

If what I’ve written resonates deep inside Contact me, put in the subject line one word: Meditation. I will send you links and information to the meditations that help me live and write with my unique take on the world.

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