Dow Jones 10,000, Fraud in Afghanistan

Click on this link and read the first full-bodied biography every written on Nostradamus' life "and" Afterlife.

Click on this link and read the first full-bodied biography every written on Nostradamus’ life “and” Afterlife.

First, some quick replies to current events:

The balloon is blown half way to popping.

Bear with this market rally. It is certainly lasting longer than I expected and now it triggers a new timeline. The Wall Street rally is now roughly regained half its losses from its highest numbers before the Great Recession plunge. An economic lobotomy can be pleasurable to the nutcase gone under the knife being severed from the pains of sanity.

The lobe that is being split from the mind of economic reality, the Wall Street fantasy casino cerebellum, is feeling a lot better as it is let loose from recession’s reality. I would say the balloon is half empty with fake value. Those breathing high on the blow of helium into the “whoopee” rubber meme-brain are the spawn of unregulated investment banking and Wall streaking Streeters celebrating last week’s milestone passage beyond 10,000 points. Their beautiful balloon is half full of their hot airs of hope. The economy is on a rally back to the future of the good old days when — as that druggy sixties song goes: Wouldn’t you like to ride my beautiful balloon?

The balloon is going to keep growin’ as the BS keeps blowin’ chipmunk talking crazy until the helium blather-bladder pops with one hell-ium of a bang in 2010. Who knows? The DOW-te-chah-ching might get up to its old 14,000 points of ballooning diameter before it bellies up into a little pin called the devaluation to the inflated US dollar.

My Prediction from a half-year ago still has Brass Tripod divination legs

Dear readers, let us not jump to prescient conclusions after reading predictions I posted back on 9 April 2009 about the national elections of Afghanistan met the judge of the August election day, see: Afghanistan prophecy.

The UN has filed their report and have exposed that one-in-five Afghani votes were fraudulently cast for Hamid Karzai. That means he did not win his election and either he will do nothing and hold onto power through the power of his corruption or undergo a run off election with Abdullah-Abdullah, as per the country’s constitution

This is what I predicted back on April 9:

“I do not foresee a good outcome here. Hamid Karzai could very well lose and in his place will be a weaker leader for sure, even one that is sympathetic to Islamic fundamentalism. More chaos will come to Afghanistan, and the little bouncing pebble of a plebian that might replace Karzai will form a coalition that will soon collapse and turn into a political avalanche that will roll towards Pakistan, undermining the foothold of Obama’s grand strategy to defeat the Taliban, restore security of Afghans, whilst rooting out the last cells of al-Qaeda.”


Simple Questions breed Fundamental Answers

On occasion, I get request for e-interviews from Middle and High School students from all over the world for their papers on Nostradamus. I wanted to share with you, and perhaps elaborate on, my answers to a seventh-grader named “Sam” for his project.

1.Do you believe that Nostradamus’s predictions have come true?

No. I don’t believe. I know they have. Some of them even in my lifetime. Probably the most striking of these was the subject for “An Eccentric Man for All Seasons” — my introduction to my Nostradamus biography. In it, I investigated what I believe is compelling evidence in Century 6 Quatrain 97 and Century 10 Quatrain 49 that Nostradamus foresaw al-Qaeda’s terror attack on the Two Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In these two quatrains, he accurately plotted the latitude locale of the great new city (New York) of hollow mountains, their plunge into a boiling cauldron of debris clouds into a tub (the actual name given to the watertight, eight-story deep pit onto which the twin towers were built. He mentioned the importance of the Normans (a synecdoche code for France in the prophecies) trying to warn the Americans of the imminent attack, though it would be too late. It is a documented fact that French intelligence, the day before the attack, on September 10, where in touch with their opposites in the Pentagon trying to forewarn them al-Qaeda was about to strike

2.How did he even come up with these predictions?

Through going into a trance and conjuring beings from other planes who could show him the future. That’s the main way. However, if you really want to make this paper comprehensive then I suggest you ask your library for a copy of Nostradamus: A Life and Myth. All the details are there. Same with the accurate prophecies proving he could see the future. In essence, Nostradamus was a Theurgist. That is, he conjured or channeled spirits from mostly higher and sometimes astral planes of existence. I understand the TV shows like to show actors playing Nostradamus conjuring in his street clothes in his secret study glowering into bowls of water. Actually, he donned a white hooded robe and looked more like a wizard diviner from ancient Rome. Nostradamus did practice hydromancy (water gazing) but his main passion was customizing neo-Patonist magical traditions of ancient Egypt, Assyrian, Chaldonean with the Delphic and Brachidaeic traditions of Hellenistic Greece to see, hear and smell the future. You can read more about his practices in detail laid out in the following chapters of the above life biography. See Chapter Five in the subsections: Forbidden Ceremonies; and, The Prognosticator and all the subsections of Chapter Six. These are entitled: The Inner and Outer Watercourse Way; Omens and Nocturnal Vigils, The Apostle from Beaune; and, The Importance of Being Earnestly Obscure.

3.Why would someone want to predict the end of the world?

Everything that is born also dies. Even worlds and universes. It is the way of things. What has never been born in us never dies. When we are born, inside us is this knowing, then it gets educated out of us; or better, it is buried beyond recognition by borrowed identities and knowledge we find necessary to collect for life on this plane. Mystics say you can remember this “isness” beyond birth and death if you quietly look deep inside yourself beyond your thoughts and feelings. We never lose this THIS. Yet we do forget we have immortal presence and need to be reminded. Meditation is the way I remember it.

Nostradamus didn’t predict the end of the world any time soon. When it happens it sounds like he is writing about people living in the constellations of Aquarius and Cancer after the year 3797. This is the only time he describes places and locales in astrological terms. That is significant

4.Did he study the Mayan calendars?

No, he never did. In addition, he never said anything directly about what is understood to be the end of the Long Count of the Mayan Calendar coming on 21 December 2012. His astrological prophecies indicate that since 2001 and again in 2002, 2004 and February 2009 all the stuff people expect to happen in 2012, is actually happening right now. Great and revolutionary times are with us right now and will be especially intense before, during and long after 2012 has come and been forgotten. Times of upheaval, revolution and potential transcendence will be especially intense in the 2020s.

5.What is Armageddon?

A myth perpetuated by people who do not love this world and would like to see it destroyed. Priestly hierarchies for thousands of years perpetuating this doomsday mafia of the soul, preach this ugly idea cloaked by golden, holy words. If enough of us listen to these disturbed people, we can make some or all of their doomsday battle happen. So, let’s ignore them and feel sorry for them.

7.Is there an antichrist?

Yes, but he is not a personality. It is “personality” itself. We all have been trained to wear personalities over our true selves. Then we are trained to believe we are these masks. Every word is born in its own virgin story. Later on the true essence of words get corrupted with lesser meanings. Take for instance the word personality. It originally came from the Latin persona. It means mask. Most of us today presume that having personality is an attribute, not knowing that the word is synonymous with being a fake or a false face, a person of pretence.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry I was so late. I read all and try to answer most of my reader’s emails. I get on average 5,000 a year. It takes time. Even if my answers don’t get into your paper, I thought I should at least answer your questions for your sake.

John Hogue

(19 October 2009)

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