Ray Mabus as Antichrist? Part 1

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.

Enigma is playing in the background late this Friday night, which seems appropriate. I take a little break from writing Predictions for 2010 to issue an article in response to many of your letters about the man in Obama’s cabinet that the mainstream press dare not mention. He who must not be named. You’d think he was some Harry Pottered Voldemort. Poor fellow. He doesn’t deserve these murmurings of being named Mabus after Nostradamus’ final Antichrist of three foreseen. It is a coincidence being rear-ended by a remote possibility

Back on April Fool’s Day 2008, I wrote my first blog about Ray Mabus, the former Mississippi Governor, and former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and future Secretary of the Navy. It soon turned out to be no joke of April Fools that Mr. Mabus was officially holding that post fulfilling my prediction the previous summer logged in my book of Nostradamus predictions about Mabus, his Antichrist: Obama would pick a man named after Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist — Mabus — as a member of his new cabinet. And boy would the soothsayer sleuthing tongues of prophecy investigators wag when it happened. They would begin to think the name is not in code like the other two antichrists of Nostradamian fame — Napaulon Roy (king Napoleon) and Hister (Adolf Hitler). The appointment of Mabus to be the civilian leader of the US Navy on the 194th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 2009) has since stirred many readers to send interesting comments, to which I wish to post a response today.

To “Ian” in Australia, I wrote the following:

I’ve been on the trail of Saddam Hussein as the man meant for the Third Antichrist since the mid-1980s. I have always had one candidate foremost in my vision and indeed the 27-year war element (from Century 8 Quatrain 77) is, like the sign of a comet at the Antichrist’s death (Century 2 Quatrain 62), key evidence to support Saddam Hussein as the best candidate. Saddam, more than anyone yet living or recently extinguished, has fulfilled all but one of the important milestones of the Third Antichrist and Mabus quatrains. I state my conclusion about Saddam fully aware that Nostradamus might have someone else in his mind. All students must sustain an alert and fluid intelligence when on the trail for Antichrist. Other candidates still have time to fulfill what Saddam Hussein being dead has notoriously accomplished, such as Usama bin Laden of al-Qaeda terror.

Ray Mabus AKA Mabus by contrast has not shaped up as an antichrist as Nostradamus simply states the death of Mabus will precipitate world war.

Yes, Mabus could be a victim rather than the antichrist himself. That is an important subplot in my Mabus ebook. Still, one must be cautious about making any hasty conclusions. The future has a funny way of sharing its insights through the back door of unanticipated events or the unanticipated fates of players in these. There are far more clues pointing to Mabus being the code name of the Antichrist and not his victim.

If anything, I have defended Ray Mabus not having any connection with Nostradamus’ Mabus, ever since he was US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia back in the mid-1990s. Then, as now, emails and letters from people saying, “He’s Mabus for sure,” snowed me under!

I cautioned people not to be too enamored with the obvious when it comes to Nostradamus’ prophecies. That 16th-century prophet of Salon-en-Provence preferred the tricky to the obvious answers clearing cloudy verses.

I have been waiting to see if [Ray Mabus’] will rise through the Obama admin as well. Not because he is a criminal psychopath but rather if he was to be assassinated I’m sure the USA military would collectively go off the deep end as a reaction to such an event, rather than Ray Mabus becoming a Dr Strangelove or antichrist for Pete’s sake. The quatrain suggests nothing more nothing less, don’t you think?

It seems to make sense, your conclusion, that is; however, prophecy can follow illogical lines to fulfillment. I describe in my book a number of angles or traps of interpretation. We interpreters over time have adopted a bad habit of assuming Nostradamus never misread his visions; moreover, that the shadowed way these visions came to him were somehow easy to read. There is enough evidence in the prophecies to illuminate how strange and hard to fathom where the visions delivered in Theurgic rites from emissaries of other planes of existence.

The King of terror fits Bush Jr. to a T, yet many lump this into the antichrist mould as well…. he really gets around this character.

It does in your mind and the minds of many; however, as I explained in the book, if you follow the effrayeur-terror word link down through different quatrains disclosing aspects of the larger Antichrist prophecy, the evidence pulls away from leaders of European stock and points to some Muslim fanatic like Usama bin Laden as Mabus. (Usama = maaus. Replace the redundant ‘a’ with the one missing letter allowed in anagramming and you get “ma(b)us” out of “Usama.”

Sometimes I think we try to bundle too much from abstract verse, condensing what are really separate lines of enquiry from separate quatrains. In the end, the interpretation of the verse can mean all things to all people.

That is true. Nevertheless, one can equally ignore too often the linguistic connections of one quatrain in one Century (volume) to a quatrain in another Century of Nostradamus’ magnum opus Les Propheties (The Prophecies). That is why I took so much care to take readers of my Mabus book down the labyrinthine and slippery path of interpreting Nostradamus’ words. Caution, saddled with regular pauses to reflect upon one’s own projections, is a virtue often lacking in the works of most Nostradamus authors. I can count on only two fingers a few who were mindful of their own projections: Bardo Kidogo and Edgar Leoni. Even a scholar so great as Leoni could fall into making sweeping and even petulant dismissals of the occult aspects of Nostradamus’ language, I think, because he lacked understanding of that important dimension to the prophecies.

One must test all observations and assumptions, purifying them of the dross of our ever unconsciously lurking conceits.

John Hogue

(Night of 23 October 2009)


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