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Antichrist. The name for the personification of evil. He’s the Agent Smith shadow cast by every messianic Neo trying to save those in the Matrix of illusion. He’s the opposite of Christ the “anointed one of God.” Without him, good and evil can’t dance. Opposites attract in the war of heaven over Earth.

Luke Skywalker awaits Darth Vader. Jerry the Mouse confounds Tom the Cartoon Cat. What significance is the Roadrunner without his Wile E. Coyote? If Christ were the consciousness incarnate Son of God on Earth, then the Antichrist is God’s ultimate and unconscious bastard boy.

Nostradamus, the greatest prophet of the last 500 years not only knows who the Antichrist is but also who “they” are. It was such a dangerous secret that he hid their true names in a code.

He was protecting our future from them, for if they could see their names tied to actions foreseen, clearly exposed, there might not have been a future for us.

Finding a perfect balance between revelation and occultation can’t be more delicate and dangerous than when one presents visions of an emerging Antichrist to future readers. The theme plays prominently in Nostradamus’ writings. His take on the matter is by far the most radical of those who prophesy the Antichrist whether hailing from East or West.

He foresaw not one, but THREE antichrists.

Each would be responsible for taking humanity one step towards the world’s complete destruction. Investigators for centuries have entered the torrent of the prophet’s vaguely punctuated stream of consciousness prose or navigated the prescient shorthand in his four-line quatrains to catch or commit an evil history before it happens.

Good as well as evil people were looking for a prophetic advantage at the future’s expense. That’s why Nostradamus wove his visions together in words and sentences hard to illuminate. If Hitler was one of the three Antichrists foreseen, could a more clear prophecy from Nostradamus have helped Hitler change destiny, win a world war and plunge humanity into a greater darkness than first foreseen? Who then would be responsible for such a disaster other than the prophet himself?

Nostradamus took great pains to cloak the names of his three candidates for antichrist in coded anagrams: to protect the innocent from those in the future that might recognize themselves in his prophecies and do worse.


Nostradamus code-named him “PAU, NAY, LORON.” All in uppercase. An obvious decoding would give us three towns in southwestern France: Pau, Nay and (O)loron. The rest of the prophecy strays the subject away from three villages to describe a human being. The upper-case presentation is a literary nudge in our sides to envisage a person’s name hidden in the letters spelling three towns.


His name encoded is “Napoleon King”


An Emperor will be born near Italy, He will cost his Empire very dearly… He is less a prince than a butcher. – Nostradamus (1555)


The Second Antichrist: HIƒTER

“Germany Lives!” by K. Stauber (US Army Historical Collection), depicts Hitler as a Nazi Messiah. No dove of the Holy Ghost descends from Heaven but Wotan’s raven flying down from Walhall, (Aryan warrior paradise). In Norse mythology, the raven is the Teutonic god’s messenger. Hitler is the message.

Nostradamus code-named the second Antichrist “Hiƒter” — or “Hister” with a Gothic “s” — after the ancient name of the River Danube, which is the Ister. Nostradamus spells it with its most arcane variant Hister as some specific hint. Again, there’s a pattern to follow here. This “Danube” finds itself a thing representing a person mentioned as Hister in five prophecies containing similar story lines. He becomes the “Captain of Greater Germany” born in Noricum (the ancient name for Austria). He will have a “crooked cross” as his symbol: the Swastika. The people of “Irale” (an anagram for Israel) would be sent as captives into a great furnace by this “Hister.” It seems Nostradamus saw the boy who grew up on the banks of the Hister (Danube) River in Linz, Austria, dreaming of concentration camps for the Jews, Nostradamus’ kin, to be sent up in ash clouds.




The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist.



The prophet forged visions into cryptic verse after sitting alone in a state of trance in nightly vigils locked away in his secret upstairs study in Salon Provence summoning what he called “angelic emissaries from God” to his aid. In the mid-1550s, he received from them words, sounds and twilit images warning about a third and final antichrist that has yet to fully reveal himself. This man is described in a prophecy indexed 10 Q72 (Century 10, Quatrain 72) as, The king of terror. He will enter the world stage, descending from distant future skies, In the year 1999 September month.

Nostradamus fashioned anagrams out of numbers too. If the month of “September” is a lead, then “1999″ could be a reverse code for the actual year, month and DAY:

1999 = 9111

Thus the prophecy means to say:

In the year 9.11.1 September month, The great King of Terror comes from the Sky.

Nostradamus gave the Third Antichrist the following code name. He’s Mabus. A number of notorious contemporary figures, still living or recently dead from the Middle East can see their names spelled in the Mabus code. But there also are other leaders from the West, deeply entangled in Middle Eastern turmoil, a current US president and a charismatic candidate who could be his successor whose names also easily decode out of Mabus, making the search for the right candidate the most provocative and topical challenge presented by Nostradamus for our present times.

Though his true name is occulted, the Third Antichrist’s destiny is made clear. Unlike the first two, he is the first to die in a war he initiates at the sign of a comet, or a rocket falling out of the skies:

World War III begins when Mabus dies a sudden death.


His act of terror unites a hundred nations in a war against what Nostradamus calls three Eastern kings secretly allied in opposition to the West. They would use piracy (hijacking?), ambush and subterfuge to wage war.

Know the war has begun when hollow mountains of a great New City (yet to be built in Nostradamus’ day) at latitude 45 in an unborn country he called Americh or Amorica, will be attacked by a fire in the sky. The hollow mountains crafted by man will be seized and plunged into the boiling cauldron of their own debris clouds.

After this happens, we will be living in the days

of the last Antichrist.

In the shocking conclusion to this new book on MABUS, John Hogue introduces a NEW candidate for Mabus which only his own depth of understanding of how the human evolution is taking shape in these times could comprehend. It’s easier to see and recognize the other candidates on the world stage. This new candidate for Mabus is very close, too intimate for all of us to easily discover. Most importantly, knowing his identity could indeed prevent the dire consequences of his (or her) destructive activities in the world in the coming age.

This thought provoking, illustrated digital book sets forth Nostradamus’ clues to catch the thief in the night of our souls. He has waxed mysterious, sending us a trail of tips obscured by nebulous word games to protect the innocent from the guilty who would preempt peace and launch a world war far worse than even the prophet foresaw.

This is the hottest prophetic detective case discussed among an estimated 20 million Nostradamus fans around the world and now at last there’s an answer that decodes the enigma of Mabus. He is not only a force of evil personified in a world leader, a dictator, a terrorist of Jihad, a past or a future president elected in 2008.

He could be far closer than that and therefore far easier to understand and overthrow. Does he also lurk in the shadows of the mind?

The greatest prophets change our minds and thus they help us change the future.


About the Author:

John Hogue

John Hogue writes about Nostradamus with the clarity and interpretive accuracy of a kindred prophet. He uses his own gift of future insight along with the geopolitical savvy of a Noam Chomsky to unravel the complex issues affecting us today. Voices such as these are needed in our times.

In 1987, John Hogue wrote the book Nostradamus and the Millennium. It sold 1,158,000 copies and was translated into 20 languages. Twenty-eight books and 21 years later his understanding of Nostradamus’ coded texts, as well as his grasp of the art of prophecy itself, has deepened with experience, earning him the distinction of being hailed the preeminent authority on Nostradamus and collective prophetic traditions. Hogue’s documented predictive track record into the new millennium has achieved an accuracy surpassing 80 percent.

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Prior Reviews

by Jerry Winn Date Added: Friday 26 December, 2008

I am very impressed w/ this book. It gave me much to think about. Obviously Hogue is an expert in the subject and has done years of research. I commend him a job well done, and thank him for his thoughts.

Anyone looking into purchasing this book and have doubts??? DON’T; you need to buy this. It is an excellent read.

J. Winn

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


  1. Kathleen Berger
    Posted 3 November 2014 at 5:18 am | Permalink

    I have a strong feeling of negativity coming from the GOP, the shadow government! We cannot put a single name or face to them. They are behind everything, they know all about us but we know little about them!

    I would say you need to look deeper. This evil plays “good” cop and “bad” cop with us. The Democrat party is just another kind of evil. Americans will not get their country back unless the citizens from the grassroots up abandon the two-party system and vote as a body of citizens building on what we commonly agree and share rather than define ourselves by the DemPublican polarization of politics. This keeps us all under the illusion of them and us. We just need to be “we” Americans, and the “us” is simply all of us in the U.S.

  2. al richards
    Posted 28 September 2014 at 10:52 pm | Permalink

    The Gospel,Matthew26:52,Jesus says,All who take the sword perish with the sword,and ALL means ALL. Christians are supposed to spread this Gospel,not the one the Media spreads-in others words Jesus is antiwar,not prowar. Jesus is the Prince of peace,not peace through war,but peace through his Cross and Gospel.

    Hi Al, while you’re spreading the Gospel, could you please “spread” your commas from the next word. Please put a space after your commas. For, as Jesus said, “I am the space of the comma’s resurrection.” :-)

  3. Mekhael Frizzell
    Posted 4 May 2014 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    Christ (God) did not teach us dogma, he taught us how to live, which is to love each other. Sacred Scripture teaches us to be the anti-christ, the Jews will have to accept him. I do not see them accepting obama, as the Christ.

    Dogma is like the ocean surrounding a fish. The fish cannot see it, takes it for granted because it is completely immersed and breathing dogma through its gills. Only when the fish is flung somehow by a great shock right out on the dry land, does it discover what water is. The old Sufi saying is, “The fish in the sea are not thirsty.” I would say that people, like yourself, under the influence of dogma are “followers in the sea of dogma who are not thirsty to “know” the divine mystery rather than blindly swim in belief.”

  4. Wayne
    Posted 4 September 2013 at 8:36 pm | Permalink

    Um, Faith can only devlop from within the faculty of reasoning. Nobody has ever become a believer by following others. And the word ‘dogma’ is only used by people with closed, biased, minds.

  5. Garine
    Posted 5 July 2013 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    I do believe that Osama Bin Laden was The third anti christ! After his sudden death which is most definitely before 2011, major events happened. According to Nostradamus, Shortly after the death of the third anti christ, The world war 3 will begin and it will last for 27 years. Let’s begin with the invasion of iraq, which bringed a lot of bloody headlines, then there was the war between Israel and Hezb Alla’s soldiers! shortly after, The Arab spring suddenly made the spotlights, which also carried blood and death. And now, the world war 3 continues in Syria, where the 2 most powerful goverments, battle on the land of Syria, USA and Russia! fighting over oil? I don’t know. I also don’t know when the war in Syria will end, but I hope it doesn’t last for 27 years.

    • Manouelian
      Posted 29 September 2014 at 1:31 am | Permalink

      The WW3 will not last 27 years and the third antichrist was not Ben Ladin. For me, Nostradamus was referring to Mao Tse Dong imposed a reign of terror for 27 years in China (from 1949 to 1976). Mabus is perhaps annagram of Abu Musab Al Z. who had proclaimed an Islamic state in 2006.

  6. A. Alexis
    Posted 9 June 2013 at 7:42 am | Permalink

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but; according to the Holy Bible, the anti-christ when he appears, is suppose to be looked upon by the world as a savior even to mislead a good portion of the elect, to make a Peace Treaty between Israel and Palenstine but after 3 1/2 years break it. FURTHERMORE, the Bible goes on to read that there are many anti-christ and gives us a definition of him saying that a person which denies that Christ is the son of g d and died for the Salvation of the world, who has risen after conquering death and sit’s at the right hand of the Father is an anti-christ. In conclusion, our president is the last person I would consider especially since the whole world is not enamoured with him. Look it up true Christans, don’t be a follower be a leader.

    Alexis, your premise is fundamentally flawed. As a “christian” you are a “follower” so leading by your own inner truth and experience is not possible because you follow the borrowed dogmas of others.

  7. J. Bradley
    Posted 18 April 2012 at 6:33 am | Permalink

    Dear John,

    Could it be possible that Nostradamus’ third anti-christ is the United States Government?

    • Roger Smith
      Posted 7 June 2012 at 2:32 am | Permalink

      cool check out this song i’ve never heard entirely….. more about the title it sort of just speaks to me ya know( (goverment involvement)… like that show lucy daughter of the devil, god the devil and bob, raven from teen titans………. ….. that photo aligned to the photo for code
      mabus which is two articles from the top here:

      “i am gsus)
      please pass this on
      if all of my evidence is in order mabus is actually about half the age of the man in the picture which means there maybe still be time…

      There are fundamental traps in our interpretations of Nostradamus that one need consider. Presuming that he wrote anagrams in English is one of them. He played with words only in French, Latin, Provencal, Greek, Langue d’or, the dialects of Brittany, Hebrew and Arabic. So there cannot be an “I am” this or that. There cannot be a Mabus = “May Be US” as some many of you almost daily write. If you do not study the above languages in their 16th-century meanings you might not be able to crack a famous anagram, such as Alus Sanguinaire (Bloody Alus). It can stand for “l’usa saunguinaire” (the bloody USA).

      • Thomas Matus
        Posted 26 November 2012 at 8:09 am | Permalink

        As a Latin anagram, “Mabus” yields at least two simple solutions: 1) Absum, “I am absent, I am not there/here” (yes, “sum” does mean “I am”!). 2) Subam (spoken Latin, from literary subeam) meaning “I approach, I’m coming up (from below)” with implied sense of “I am arriving suddenly” (the past participle of the verb, subire/subii, in the ablative case gives Cicero his adverb subito, “suddenly”). Another possibility is Ambus, intentional misspelling of ambo, meaning “both”. And here is what my intuition tells me: our time has given us both Obama and Osama (often spelled “Usama”), as if the angel of this century had wanted us to stumble repeatedly on this Freudian slip (remember? we heard the slip even on the tongue of one of the presidential debate moderators!). If Osama is an anti-Christ, Obama is psychologically a Christ figure. Pity, I am afraid that he, too, will die (God forbid that this be soon), to the great grief of many, but also as a shock to anyone who thinks that the turning calendar page of December 21, 2012, is laughable. (Speaking of Freudian slips, I have also heard “Osama Biden”!)

        • Lisa Marie Williams
          Posted 22 December 2012 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

          Thomas. I find your name Matus (Mabus) funny if it’s real. Or should we be scared? LOL! Let’s hope and pray that the third Anti-Christ has already passed. There are 2 good candidates and they’re both dead now. Osama; Mabus is closer I guess but even more so…Write Mabus on a piece of paper and hold it up to a mirror, it spells Sudam! (Sadamm Hussein) Creepy!

        • Lisa Marie Williams
          Posted 22 December 2012 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

          Just found another candidate, Abu “Musab” (Mabus) and thank goodness all of these guy’s are dead but it just shows that there isn’t just 1 person or group of people that could possibly be the 3rd Anti-Christ or who may have already started something bad for everyone’s future so it’s good to always keep our eye’s and minds open to that fact. In the mean time, be good to others and yourselves, try to stay positive in your lives (those last 2 have been so hard for me to do in the past but I’m really going to work hard on that now.) and pray, if that’ something that you do. <3 Best Wish's for the the rest of this year, next year (2013) and the future for everyone out there.

          • Wayne
            Posted 12 September 2013 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

            Syria, is now, the developing story,
            in the Daily news,
            just, today, it has been reported that, as a result of a car bombing,
            explosion in a Syrian military area, many personnel were killed.

            Abu Asma had detonated a bomb,
            11th Sept 2013, at a military area.

            Abu Asma, ” Mabus ”
            Mabus has, died soon.

            Chemical weapons or not,
            now is the time for Diplomacy,
            hopefully the solutions, for all those
            directly affected.


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