What is Prophecy?

(It is important to note that the reflections you see on this page below where written many years ago in December 2000, before President Bush officially became president and nine months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon dragged the US into wars in the Middle East. This was written before the US Patriot Act  threatened many civil liberties and nearly a before Climate Change became a daily topic on mainstream US news outlets.)

The Illusion of the Future

Doomsday or Bloomsday?Years are illusions. Numbers are illusions. What numbers did we count before we were born? What numbers or years will we be hypnotically fawning about after the brain that counts has forgotten its adopted language, and its adopted mentality, and has ceased to be? The future is another illusion wrapped in hopes and fears unsubstantiated by reality.

The present is the only reality!

Still we can conjure up the future’s ghosts of things to come. These unborn spirits of events yet to be can help reflect back to us the potential outcomes of things we create in the reality that is eternally “today.”

What then does today’s mirrorlike illusion reflect for our immediate future and beyond?



A spiritual rebellion against the fossilized past…

With the year 2001 we began a 30-year period of chaos from which the stars of a new humanity could be born.

Global Warming and Environmental Conservation

The choice is ours whether we continue to over-breed and over-consume the earth’s finite resources and reap global warming’s whirlwind.

If other nations continue to adopt the American apocalyptic fad of waste and consumption then we will remember our present as the time that saw the seeds of civilization’s collapse planted. These seeds will flower with all their horror in the United States, and other nations by the 2020s.

In the future, starting with now, more and more people will come to understand that civilization has yet to happen on this planet.

They will courageously face the heartbreaking truth that Democracy has yet to appear in the world!

Thanks to the disaster that the Bush presidency will be for the world, more and more people will seek the birth of a new and loving human race on this planet within themselves. They will turn away from lies of salvation and solutions peddled from outside of themselves.

Human Evolution and Meditation

The seed potential of humanity has not collectively flowered, although this seed sleeps within the soil of each living human being. True, there have been individuals who have reached their full potential of being aware and loving human beings. You have flowering individuals like, Krishna, Buddha, Rabya, Jesus, Socrates, Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, and Osho, but for the rest of us, the Sufi mystic, Suleiman Dede, best exposed the truth behind the pretension of our humanity when he defined us as “talking animals.”

Talking animals rule by Mobocracy. That is what we have today in the world and in the United States. This moment in history will make this painfully apparent for those living in the last superpower.

In the near future there will be a greater understanding that real democracy has never happened on this planet. A political crisis in the coming years may see the mischief of apathetic voters come home to roost when a war in the Middle East threatens acts of terrorism in America. History shows that faltering governments often seek, or create common enemies to distract the populace from real domestic problems by uniting them behind their leaders to defend against a “greater evil.” In the worst case scenario, extremist elements in the Bush administration might use a threat–or actual act of terrorism–as an excuse to evoke emergency rule. They would then gag the press, detain activists, and generally suspend democratic freedoms of American citizens above and beyond the needs of the emergency.

God forbid this should happen, but if it does next year, two years, or two decades from now, the culprit is not the leaders abusing their power, the culprit will be the citizens themselves. When a majority of a democracy’s citizens do not participate in the political process or act as their own watchdogs it takes no prophet to predict that such a democracy will lurch towards Fascism. A government reflects the political health of its citizens. At this moment, it can be hoped that enough Americans will recognize that their democracy is adrift and make the coming years a politically revitalized period.

I am only pruning the leaves of this political problem here. In the long run we need a far deeper understanding and pruning of the problem. Government will always fail as long as its root to the cunning, political mind remains uncut.

For real democracy to flower, you first need a real humanity. Not one that conditions its children from birth onwards to identify themselves with borrowed knowledge, dead moralities, fear, hate, mediocrity and hypocrisy.

If enough people do not awaken to this fact–that we have not yet seen real democracy in the world–a new form of Fascism will overtake our mobocracies anytime in the next 20 years.

Fascism will arise again out of the chaos of a humanity that has over-bread, over-harvested and over-exploited its world.

The entire world and its mobocracies will become another version of the Weimar Republic of Germany between the world wars. In other words, the weak and ineffective democracies born out of the mismanagement of politics will provide the climate for a hundred Hitlers to seduce billions with their false messianic salvation in the catastrophic world of the 2020s and 2030s.

It may turn out that Democracy may yet arrive on this planet when all political parties–and the political mind as such–fade away.

What we need is a system of governing that is a-political. Many prophets I have recorded in my books point to the coming of a new political system that transcends the political mind–a Meritocracy. Leadership will not be a popularity contest, with the winner being the biggest BS artist. Being a leader in a Meritocracy becomes a skill, such as being a surgeon.

Do we vote for which surgeon will operate on us? Why, therefore, do we vote for mediocrities to operate on our freedom?!

We must look at the job of wielding power as something requiring the highest training in ethics, wisdom, meditativeness, and civic responsibility.

In that system, a leader, as well as those who vote in such a leader, will be judged by their merits and wisdom.

What is needed in the world is a Meritocracy.

The trans-political system I could fully support is still waiting for us a few centuries ahead of these troubled times. Such a system cannot flower until the toxic poison of the political mind is first exorcised from the field of dreams from which we cultivate visions of a better world.

The day of Meritocracy will come. As great and ancient forests sprout from a single little seed, with time–and with the understanding learned from hard lessons to come–humanity will eventually harvest a system of enlightened government.

Even now, that government waits to sprout in this time, in your hearts!

Let it blossom and spread new seeds all over the world, in the hearts of sleeping buddhas, who have forgotten they are divinely born. Each of you can be a field for the sprouting of this seed in the coming new year.

Best Futures, today,

John Hogue
(21 December 2000)


  1. Nicholas
    Posted 23 July 2012 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    Yeshua, er known also as Jesus, said that there will be many who claim to be Him—This is common among those with mental illness. Might this be another sign that the time is near?
    What if He is here, but doesn’t know it?
    Or more accurately, doesn’t know what to do?

  2. Posted 17 May 2012 at 2:03 am | Permalink

    I beleive that there is some truth as to what John is saying. He seems to keep up on what is happening to our world is sense that the rest of us do not understand. But he needs to stop writing in
    parables-riddles, it’s like Nostradamus writings.

    Could you cite some examples of “parable-riddles”? Otherwise for the most part I’m pretty un-Nostradamian. For instance, when I say Greece is going to default in the Summer of 2012, or back in November 2000 when I wrote that if Bush was president rather than Gore, he’d have us in a war mostly likely with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the middle of his first term. Adding that the easy part was invasion and taking down Saddam. The hard part: the occupation and a new Vietnam quagmire in Iraq.

    I don’t know how that stands as a “parable” or a “riddle”.

  3. Ray
    Posted 12 April 2012 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    John, you talk of a more loving human race coming and seem to think that it is coming through hateful and violent groups like Occupy and their Communist affiliates. And then disparage people who show the power of love (ie Sarah Palin). I don’t get it. If the new world is going to be run and led by violent extremist terrorists like Bill Ayers and Van Jones, then count me out. It is a path to human ruin. I will wait , thank you, for Jesus to come back and make things right and show the world REAL love. You are losing credibility with me, John.

    Everything you are saying in this missive misses what I’m saying about the new man. Where did I say that the Occupy movement or communists are the way to a new and loving human race? You show me the quote. Show me where I disparage Sarah Palin over her attitudes about love?

    Wasn’t it you who so stridently wrote in these pages nearly nine months ago that Sarah Palin absolutely was going to be nominated president? How silent you have been since she quit, once again, as I predicted she would.

    Show me the quotes where I am slamming her ability to love rather than expose her political teasing of her followers. She keeps letting you down when the going gets tough. Why do you follow such a manipulator?

    It seems you only project yourself on my words. Occupy and Communists are your definitions imposed on my writings about the New Humanity. It’s your stuff and issues that build a gulf between you and what I actually write, Ray.

    Now you want to wait for your “Jesus”. Why do you call him that? He never called himself by that name. Why do you call him by that name projected upon him as an attempt of St. Paul and others to make him more Pagan Roman palpable?

    Even in this you are under the influence of projections. Why not call him Yeshua? Why not pray in “Yeshua’s name”?

    And why are you waiting? Isn’t the kingdom always at hand for one who would be a small child of spiritual innocence this moment? People have been waiting for this Greco-Roman misnomer called “Jesus” for 2,000 years. That’s way too long to hold onto a projection borrowed from the churches and men with pointy hats wearing dresses.

    Before you question my credibility, why not question your own.

    And, you are missing an opportunity by counting yourself out. I hear Daryl Hannah is going to be making a speech at the expo. I mean, “Elle Driver” sans eye patch is going to be there. Daryl played a replican in “Blade Runner” a mermaid in “Splash” and a 50-foot giant woman in the remake of that B-movie of similar name. I think the Expo is going to be a hoot with such characters coming. I’ll feel right at home. Do all the interesting people you want to see have to agree with your politics?

    There’s going to be a lot of wonderful people there and the one’s you don’t like you can encounter them in the questions and answers part. You could stand up and confront the terrorists you don’t like and ask them why they are represented in an expo about “New Living”.

    Who knows? Maybe they have changed. Maybe some Christian forgiveness on your part is in order. They have sinned. You have sinned. Yeshua loves you both.

    Love your enemies, Ray. Yeshua taught us to love one another. Why not love them? Love is not conditional.

  4. sylvia kopp
    Posted 29 August 2011 at 10:49 am | Permalink

    hi i have seen you talking on several documentories. There is only one way to know a true prophet THEY ARE NEVER WRONG. I am a Christian who believes in the bible, and if you look at those prophets everything they predicted comes true as they said it would happen. I am always worried about people who claim to be profits themselves, especially when they have so many products for sale. I do pray for you and about this, I can not say you are real or fake, but if you are not getting your information from God who are you getting it from? Finally, you won’t need to wonder if this guy or that guy is the anit-christ he will be unmistakeable. Hitler and other evil men were demon possessed there is only one antichirst and he has not come yet. If you really want to know about him read the bible for that is the sourse you can rely on. it has never been wrong

    • Nigel Mcmillan
      Posted 26 September 2011 at 8:18 pm | Permalink

      Personally I believe that John has the ability to retain the mental awareness of the world’s stage which is on a constant theme of repeat throughout the ages, from the overall mentality, issues of cultural and political past. Man has the tendency to evolve yes, but also the tendency to remain the same; making it that much more accessible to draw upon similar conclusions. Prophecy is not a simple task for to really dance within its flames one must revert back to a former mentality but also rise above it; doing so allows visions and basically a hand delivery of history’s of things to come. John i’m sure is well aware of the bible for he knows the romanization which has long driven its claws into its pages; to say whether he gains his insight from heaven and hell is simply to say that as human beings we are not good enough to simply build ourselves up…not a gods but of people who are better attuned with the world, John you would agree with the birds you saw behaving rather odd, then soon enough there came an earthquake…animals don’t need to worry themselves with the illusions of possession, fame, desire, ego that we as humans encounter within ourselves further clouding our vibrational/ spiritual connection to the world, worlds, and existence entirely. There is no false doctrines within the approach to John’s methods, he merely brings to light what nostradamus couldn’t make public in his time, we wouldn’t even know of Jesus today if it hadn’t been for the continuous word of his resurrection. I myself am a christian however god gave us a brain to think for ourselves, and a mouth to speak; to not use these resources at our disposal would be an utter waste of his time and ours. – Nigel, Australia

    • Virginia
      Posted 24 July 2013 at 6:04 am | Permalink

      Did you really use the word “Profit” for the word “Prophet”? Anyway, the Bible is a historical document that has been changed and changed, burned, books taken out and was written by man. That is not to say that there wasn’t some Divinity guiding the words, but God is the Supernatural. We can’t even conceive of “God”…our brains might get an inkling of emotion or feeling from the word “God” but the actual meaning and way of LIGHT is something that humans have a difficult time comprehending. Have you read Eckhart Tolle?

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