Between Iraq and a Hard Place – 3, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Before there could be a catastrophe called Operation Iraqi Freedom, there had to be a context exploited to go there. Those of you who read my books on Nostradamus and prophecy during the 1990s or heard me on radio shows hosted by Whitley Strieber or Art Bell know my views about the next world war. It will be so different in nature and prosecution from the last that we might be several years into the conflict before much of the world understood they were sucked into fighting it. When the 1990s drew to a close and millennium fever rose, I explained that the coming world war would appear around or shortly after 1999 or at the turn of the millennium. It would be a world war of terrorism launched out of the Middle East by radical Islamic fundamentalists.

Taped and documented transcripts of this prediction can be found in the radio archives of the following shows:

Art Bell (Host), Coast to Coast AM (Show), November 1994
Art Bell, Dreamland (29 December 1996)
Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM (21 February 1998)
Art Bell, Dreamland (3 January 1999)

(For the record, there are literally hundreds of other radio shows from four continents documenting my warning throughout the 1990s. All of these I have taped and transcribed for the record.)

On some of these shows I added that the war would be triggered by some Pearl Harbor-like Arab terrorist attack, using a small nuclear or dirty atomic bomb to take down the Two Towers of the World Trade Center as soon as 1997, no later than 1999 or 2001. It transpired that 2001 was the year but no atomic or dirty bomb was needed to collapse the towers. Just a weapon of mass air transit-cum-mass destruction. The missiles of hijacked jets.

On the last day of 1999, I wrote and documented the following Press Release and posted it to media contacts around the world. Some of you early subscribers to HogueProphecy Bulletins also received a BCC broadcast of this press release and might remember it. The brackets are mine from today.

(31 December 1999)

John Hogue will appear on “Coast to Coast AM with ART BELL” Tuesday/Wednesday night 11 pm Pacific until 3 AM Pacific [4-5 January 2000]. Check your local Art Bell radio affiliates or hear the show on live internet feed at

“With New Year’s Eve we begin the 27 to 30 year war of international terrorism foreseen by Nostradamus and other prophets. So far the new year has passed at least in America without any terrorist acts. However, the first workday of the new millennium saw terrorist attacks of the Russian Embassy in Beirut and a bombing of a marketplace in Srinagar, India. [Note: half the world was already enjoying January 1, 2000 when I wrote this in my Pacific Standard time zone.]

“What are the clues we can use to prevent terrorists from putting the world under hostage?

“Come listen in on ART BELL and find out.

“His shows are archived on the internet and usually are rebroadcast the following evening between 6-10 pm (Pacific). You can listen to his shows live or on internet archive by clicking on his website:

“I hope to hear from you soon.”

Kind regards,

John Hogue

As it turned out, Art Bell took our show at the beginning in a completely different direction. We talked instead about another kind of terrorism. Spiritual terrorism. The kind of words like fire that burn down old and fossilized dogmas. The kind of enlightened, fresh ideas a Jesus, a Muhammad or a Buddha used to clean out the monkish mold of the religious status quo clogging human perception. Terrorizing an outdated and fossilized idea of truth is a good and creative cause. It is completely opposite to the terrorism I wished to explore that night. Still, I was happy Art Bell took us on a path towards those hopeful visions about the coming world of a new humanity and their transcendent new religiousness. They patiently wait for us, hands outstretched across the gulf of war, terror and woes we will face and transcend eventually.  I was glad to present a positive future; yet, after what later happened the following year to the World Trade Center, I wish that we had recorded for posterity the original theme, because I had planned to disseminate in three hours air time to millions of listeners across the globe detailed predictions pointing quite close to what happened 21 months later. Perhaps in some little way a talk of impending terrorist attack on America could have forewarned and influenced the outcome into something better

I have in my possession hard and computer copy of the notes I prepared for the show about terrorism. The themes of an imminent terrorist attack that would launch a 27-year world war, though not new in what I have predicted up to that point, gained a more specific and detailed focus upon the near future. The notes were listed under titles like Terrorist bombing of New York/Vatican/Other city (this alluded to a possible terrorist attack on the Vatican but mostly concentrated on predictions about a future attack on the World Trade Center that would plunge the buildings into a boiling cloud of smoke.). The notes considered the appearance of Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist as the Arab terrorist responsible. Another bank of notations set under the title The Next President’s Crisis predicted that a terrorist event would overshadow the presidency of the man who would follow Bill Clinton into the White House.

A little less than a year later, G.W. Bush became that president. My first forebodings about his destiny regarding a failed military adventure in Iraq were recorded from August through December 2000. When that year ended, I began foreseeing a terrorist trigger to a war with Iraq and a wider conflict beyond. What follows might have presaged the coming terrorist attack on the US and what turned out to be a false premise it provided President Bush for attacking Iraq and compromising basic American freedoms for the sake of national security.

A political crisis in the year 2002 may see the mischief of apathetic voters come home to roost when a war in the Middle East threatens acts of terrorism in America. History shows that faltering governments often seek, or create common enemies to distract the populace from real domestic problems by uniting them behind their leaders to defend against a “greater evil.” In the worst-case scenario, extremist elements in the Bush administration might use a threat–or actual act of terrorism–as an excuse to evoke emergency rule. They would then gag the press, detain activists, and generally suspend democratic freedoms of American citizens above and beyond the needs of the emergency.

(23 December 2000)

ASSESSMENT (March 2007):
The above was partially fulfilled. After 9/11, Bush successfully rode the first few years of patriotic sentiments in US Congress and the nation to make law necessary “emergency” bills, such as the Patriot Act, to curtail many democratic freedoms of regular American citizens in the name of finding and preventing terrorists from attacking the homeland.  Since the terrorist attack on America in September 2001 not only suspected “terrorists” are under surveillance but also “yours truly.” Many American citizens critical of the Bush administration’s heavy-handed abuses are being scrutinized, their phones tapped, their emails electronically eavesdropped, or better, emails “e-dropped.” Who “else” knows what books or tapes you borrowed from your local library about Usama bin Laden? The Patriot Act quietly subverts our freedom while at the same time this administration neglects securing thousands of miles of US borders alongside Canada and Mexico. They are looking after your library records but either cannot, or do not, record the comings and goings of people and cargo from hundreds of US ports that are wide open to terrorist cell infiltration or a smuggled weapon of mass destruction. Is this just incompetence at play, or something more sinister?

The prophecy I posted above over 7 years ago may yet sound a bit polemic in tone compared to a more modest and secretive undermining of personal freedoms that has been going on, a kind of shadow usurpation of US democracy rather than a Reichstag firestorm of sweeping dictatorial subversion. That could all change in the flicker of a fleet cell phone signal’s “beep” that blows TNT surrounding stolen plutonium in a subway under New York city or ignites a dirty bomb in a van across from the White House in Washington D.C. If another act of terrorism in America between now through 2008 should happen, there will be emergency rule and martial law. Hopefully the emergency loss of basic freedoms will not last more than a short time rather than a life time, as I sense some Neo-con artists in power, subconsciously hope for. There are those who thrive for a calamity serving a clamoring for more security and order than freedom.

John Hogue
(24 March 2007)

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