A Hogue Prophecy Bulletin Special Article–I Musk Be Dreaming!

DATELINE: 08 February 2023






2023 is the Year of Prophetic Vindication
And Cancel Culture’s Karmic Comeuppance

Because the Evidence on at Least one Privately Owned “Public Commons”
 Is no Longer Suppressed

First, a word about the photos of the Twitter office “before and after” Elon Musk took over Twitter. On the left we have a crowd of mostly girls with a few guys “before,” and a shot to the right of mostly geeky men with a few geeky girls (see upper left, and girl waving in back, another girl near the back right wall.

Some people look at the “after” picture and say, “Where are all the women?” But one could also equally ask, looking at the “former” picture, “Where were all the men before Musk changed everything?”

In both cases the gender extreme majority changed. Isn’t it telling that one side mostly saw it only as a woman change.

But beyond that, I think people are missing something in the energy of the two pictures. Pre-Musk, the smiles are a bit forced. Except for a few, the majority of smiles look strain-fully plastered on the faces of many of the people arranged before us who did a whole lot of censoring free speech as the Twitter Thought Police, sort of how a young Miss Umbridge might have smiled as a student at Hogwarts before she grew into her sadistically magical abuse-of-power trip as a middle-aged lady.

Miss_Umbridge_SmileStrike a pose, vogueing, you glittering-toothed, Twitter Gestapo of ladies and token, effeminate guys but mostly Miss Um-bitch girls.

Post-Musk, it looks like the geeks of free speech are back. Free speech isn’t always pretty in form, attire, or attitude. Still, the plastic herd of smiles and perfectly arranged appearances is gone. The carefully groomed faces and bodies are gone.

The stiffs are gone.

It feels more relaxed to me. I don’t know if there’s more love in the office, but there at least are more “love handles.” I have love handles; I can handle that perfect imperfection. And I want to date that geeky dusky girl behind the thumbs-upping oriental guy!

Elon Reeve Musk, founder, CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc., the man most likely to become the first “Trillionaire,” CEO of Twitter, Inc., and last but not least Musk is a member of the elite class that overlords 99 percent of an overwhelmed humanity, holding nearly all the power, the money and the influence of now-rendered lesser figures of power than they, the politicians, who play front-people for this corporate fascist aristocracy.

He is one of the Oligarch Lords of this current climaxing cycle of aristocracy reaching its apotheosis 248 years since the last time Pluto finished one “PLUTO-cratic” orbit after the American Revolution happened, the middle classes first emerged and the last “blue-blooded” version of aristocratic control at the height of its power and influence began its collapse through a century of popular revolutions.

When last that happened there were a handful of rebel Lords and Ladies of the Elite classes—even coming from Europe—pooling their prestige, power, influence and wealth to fight for liberty, free speech and the premise that all men (and much later, women) were created equal. One European aristocratic rebel comes to mind, the Marquis de Lafayette of France. Also von Steuben of possibly Prussian aristocracy who came to train American soldiers in European tactics.


One might call their commander George Washington, if not a true aristocrat by blood, he was a member of the one-percent elite of the American South, being master of a plantation in Virginia. He belonged to the “merit” American aristocracy in that he didn’t receive his Valley Forge plantation as an entitlement of blood right. He built and grew it himself. And like other similarly British citizens of the American colonies, Washington pitched-in his proven leadership and military training, commanding the Continental Army that eventually defeated the British Empire in America, giving birth to the first modern democracy.

At present, Pluto’s great orbital cycle of history is returning after 248 years to pass several times back and forth over its natal position at 27 degrees Capricorn at the birth of the American nation in 1776. Pluto in Astrology rules generational changes. When in Capricorn doing this, it redesigns and rebuilds the structures of the established order, in the hope of erecting something better.

We’re not reliving that time back in 1776. We are indeed living in that rhyme of re-invention. If successful it will reboot America with a new political and social architecture after we have completed one 248-year orbit of Pluto’s transit around the Zodiac back to Pluto’s 27-degree birth position in Capricorn in 2024 through 2025, given that Pluto passes several times over its birth position before the transition astrologically is completed. Then Pluto leaves Capricorn and begins its long transit through the sign of revolution, Aquarius. What was Capricorn “constructed” in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence, was activated in revolutionary-fighting forward motion in Aquarius from 1777 to 1797-99 through the prosecution of the American and French Revolutions.

You might say the American people and the handful of influential aristocratic rebels that lent their hand and genius to it, laid the cornerstone on 4 July 1776, rang the Liberty Bell for the first time and drew the architectural plans for a new kind of statecraft that upended rule by elites. What Pluto in Capricorn birthed, born in America in 1776, moved into Aquarius for another long transit where Capricorn plans became “Aquarian” humanitarian action under arms that fought for it in the American War of Independence.

Fifteen years after America won its independence, the vision, the political architecture, passed across the Atlantic to the rebel aristocratic/middle class heartland of Europe. It became the whirlwind of change that started with the French Revolution.

Pluto will return to its position at the fiery birth of the French Revolution, in the mid-2030s. What was planned and tested in America would on 14 July 1789 be fully launched in the French Revolution down a century of Aquarian-launched, humanitarian revolutions that eventually broke the back and power of blue-blooded aristocracies. And yet, they would be born again, not measured by royal blood, but by your royal “bottom line” of wealth as the litmus test of your princely influence.

Elon Musk, at this moment, is one of the wealthiest humans on the planet, but he is more than that in this dawning Aquarian Age, poised to become either a humanitarian, or a police state, given how our actions make the future incline. He is an inventor, an eccentric—that means he thinks out of the box. Musk is that cool cat out of the bag! Shall we call him mad genius even?


Elon Musk and Howard Hughes.

To answer that question I must speak about the man that Musk somewhat resembles. The twentieth century multi-millionaire that didn’t sit on his money but let it take flight in his visions of aerodynamics, of flight. I speak of Howard Hughes. He was also a trailblazer in mass media interests from silent to talking films. Howard Hughes comes from the Deep South, since Texas is as deep geographically speaking going farther south than Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia, if not the Florida Keyes.

In Texas they used to have African slaves. Musk also is an African. He comes from a far deeper south, about as far as you go before you must cross a lot of water to stare face to face with Penguins and Leopard Seals of Antarctica. Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa.

And “woke alert!”

If you are born there in that continent, that makes you just as “African” as any other born there, even if your skin color is equally unique from the equally unique tones of other darker shades of a majority of “Africans.”

If you take offense to this observation, I lovingly ask you to remember what I said earlier. If you see not enough women in the new picture, why can’t you see too few men in the old picture of Twitter officialdom?

Put a card that is jet black up to any darker African and you will never find true black, but rather a rich celebration of browns, blues and umber tones. Do the same putting a pure white card against a picture of the lighter African Mr. Musk and there is nothing truly white about his face. It consists of all kinds of reds, pinks, green veins, yellows.

These ideas of “black” and “white” are racist abstracts that do not exist in a world of humanity that is never one color but a festival of skin tones of one human race. I’ve given you a little discourse here that is an example of what Aquarian Age humanitarianism sees, and it isn’t merely black and white.

I had a conversation with Sean, one of my readers, about Musk around the end of 2020. Musk first publicly pondered an interest in owning Twitter in 2017. The idea seemed as far-fetched as Howard Hughes breaking the monopoly that Pan American Airlines had controlling international flights of US carriers in and out of the United States. Then came Hughes and TWA (Trans-World Airlines) breaking the monopoly on air travel choices. He succeeded even as Pan Am used all of its political influence in Washington attempting to publicly destroy him. Don’t go toe-to-toe with a genius. He knows his limits. You may not know yours.

Musk in 2020 was thinking about doing another “TWA” impossible achievement, breaking the monopoly that had privatized the Public Commons online, now controlling the American public’s free speech. Musk was about to rhyme Hughes with his own Tee Dubiyah-yoo-ing. A twittering takeover that later became a hostile buyout after he saw how hostile and controlling the current ownership and “smiley” staff of censors had been, Ms. Umbridge, HogWarts and all.

Here’s my interchange on the matter with Sean in 2020:

Another quick though is Musk taking over Twitter, a good thing or bad?

It might be better for some, worse for others. I’ll give him a try. Given that he’s supported a coup in Bolivia because he wanted the lithium, I imagine it will be worse for Bolivia, but for all the woker-geddon folks, they might lose their power, shadow-banning a lot of people.

Because I mean he is essentially a plutocracy incarnate right? I don’t use Twitter so I wouldn’t really know.

I use it. I haven’t been banned yet. Though I had no idea if I’ve been shadow banned. Facebook shadow banned me big time!

Musk is a wild card. He is a crazy genius like Howard Hughes, a rebel. He might open Twitter wide just to spite the censors and wokesters and virtue signalers, the MSN, etc. We’ll see.

When working in the prediction business, one can never be closed to someone like a plutocrat doing the right thing.

Over two years later, Musk pulled a “Howard Hughes” coming in carrying a Kitchen sink to the main offices after he bought the company for over 50-bees, as in billions, on 27 October 2022. He fired all the cancel culture people, reopened thousands of formerly banned accounts, such as President Trump’s. Suddenly I could communicate with thousands of my Twitter fans since 2014. I never liked the software and found it hard to communicate with anyone on my list. Then one day all the glitches just disappeared.

Thanks to Musk, I became aware that I had been an early shadow banned fellow in late 2014, long before that term was made for what they did to my account. It was on account of my early exposing of Biden’s nepotism and sharing videos proving that there where NAZIES running Ukraine after the US State Department of President Obama and his “Viceroy” (emphasis on the VICE), his “vice” President Joe Biden, came to oversee the new Ukraine. My exposé reports for the “Hunter Biden” problem at Burisma gas and oil company back in 2014 got me banned from emailing my several thousand fans. I can tell the banning happened in 2014 because now that my access to twitter comments is up again, the record of my last email entries suddenly ended in 2014, nine years ago!


Musk politely told the FBI office in Twitter to pack up and leave. Then came the collaboration of Musk with one of the few real journalists still working in America, Matt Taibbi. They began data dumping massive evidence to the public proving that the US government through the FBI was suppressing citizens’ rights enshrined in the First Amendment, by allowing the Federal government to manipulate and ban free speech!

How ironic that karma circled back: good karma for me being liberated by Twitter like millions of others, under Musk over Ukraine; bad karma for Biden that his Ukraine project is now getting exposed big time by the Taibbi revelations.

Further Taibbi/Musk revelations include Russia-Gate proven now to have been a complete hoax, ginned up by the Hillary Clinton Team during the 2016 election campaign. As I predicted back then, Russian bots, HAD NO INFLUENCE on the 2016 election result.

And now Musk-Taibbi are working on exposing a real and greater election fraud of 2020. More articles on this later from me, chapter and verse, in 2023.

Rather than Russia-Gate, let us go back to Watergate and my following observations how in its aftermath America started taking a malevolent course away from the First Amendment and Bill of Rights unto the present times.

Journalism’s sharp decline began after Watergate in the mid-1970s saw the power elites learn a cunning lesson on how to undermine truth-seekers in the future. Before Watergate there was a healthy, though civil, adversarial relationship between journalists and the politically powerful. People were more literate in their constitutional rights and limitations then. The powerful tolerated their role of having to look over their shoulders at the people, far better informed then by the Fourth Estate, or what the First Amendment called the linchpin of freedom, of free speech being “an independent press.”

The press and the politicians were meant to remain balanced in cordial but fundamental opposition. Then after Watergate, the elites began welcoming and corrupting members of the Fourth Estate by including them into their club. Once you’re in the club, even Woodward and Bernstein who exposed Nixon in Watergate’s cover-up, soon began to have “insider” perks, and write books inside the circles of power, as long as they didn’t say too much or tipped the status quo too far.

Even Woodward and Bernstein, in my view, became corrupt journalists. And given their stature in the press, more people began serving the powerful over the people and their protection enshrined in the First Amendment. Now we have no first amendment protection. The protectors have become propagandists of power. They no longer inform, but blind and divide the American people with their so-called Journalism.

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster with "Starman" driving in a Space X launch.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster with “Starman” driving in a Space X launch.

I predict Elon-Gate will engender a new beginning of America’s Democratic Restoration. What Elon Musk is doing by buying Twitter and stamping out censorship could be the beginning of “Democracy’s Spring” in 2023.

A return of Free Speech. A restoring of the First Amendment which says, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The government with a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office at Twitter WAS abridging the free press, telling it what to say, who to ban, who to censor. Taibbi’s findings are proving this, naming names and revealing documents! Musk the oligarch of the elites is for now Lafayette fighting and exposing this. May it start a trend in the next two years, especially with the populists in the Republican majority in the House of Representatives expose further through investigations to what extent government three-alphabet agencies like the FBI, the NSA and the CIA, influence the legacy and cable news networks of America.

How many of you who watch CNN know that the aristocratic scion of the Vanderbilts, who goes by the name Anderson Cooper rather than Anderson Vanderbilt, one of CNN’s most influential start anchors, is a CIA company man?

Of course he’ll protest too much that he no longer does their bidding since he began his “journalistic” career, but as they say at Langley, Virginia, “Once a company man, always a company man.”

Let us open the lid on all the ways the government has infiltrated Twitter and other public commons purchased and controlled by oligarchs like Zuckerberg of the Royal House of MEGA Facebook, being overseen by the censuring body known as the Atlantic Council. They are the gatekeepers of free speech and freely banning people, or shadow banning me at Facebook from reaching tens of thousands of my fans and my fans reaching me.

The Atlantic Council is another US federal infiltration, and possibly worse than those at Twitter were. They include retired CIA heads, NSA spooks, NATO politicians and let’s not forget all those former heads and board members of the military industrial complex’s chief arms manufacturers like Raytheon, Grumman, and Boeing, to name a few.

Google’s FBI office must be even larger than Twitter’s had been, YouTube too.

Shine a light, check the back offices in Google, in YouTube, and Facebook. All that is coming next in 2023.

It will prove widespread fraud by Democrat operatives in the 2020 National Elections, maybe even the 2022 midterms too.

Just as Watergate was seen as a great moment ending the crime committed by a US president, it was used to kill American democracy over the decades to come after the 1970s. Musk and his Elon-Gate might be starting something positive and in reverse, the beginning of the end of tyranny in the public discourse, in the commons of public communication. So let’s “elongate” Democracy for decades maybe centuries to come.

This liberation from cyber tyranny will take time. The year 1972 for Watergate meets the year 2023 for Elon-gate. The attrition war of truth bombs will begin to wear down the edifice of the Deep State. By 2025 through 2028 the stars are friendlier to see the breakout, astrologically speaking—the necessary demolition of the status quo plutocracy as Pluto finally leaves Capricorn, not to see its transit finish there again for 248 years of a new orbit. With its passing by mid-decade into Aquarius, the renewed Capricorn plans for democracy will be seized up by humanity to demolish this fascist CEOligarchy of corporate aristocrats once again in Aquarius through the influence of some of their members going rogue, going all Elon-gated Musky.


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