From Nostradamus on EBOLA to Joe Biden and a New Cold War that’s Five Minutes to Midnight from happening over Ukraine and NATO’s Provocative Eastern Expansion Provocation on Russia

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DATELINE 11 October 2014

Is EBOLA going to become
Another Spanish Influenza Pandemic?
What Does Nostradamus say?

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

There is a lot of growing concern that this terrible hemorrhagic fever EBOLA will spread across the world from the urban centers of the Western African nations hardest hit, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. All other outbreaks in the last 40 years, terrible as they were, were minor compared to the 2014 outbreak that has moved from rural villages far easier to quarantine than cities like Monrovia (Liberia), Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Conakry (Guinea) teaming with millions crowded in squalor. To go there now is like stepping back over four centuries to see people in cities of Nostradamus’ day where the first casualties of the plague are brave doctors and their assistants

In my biography of Nostradamus in the chapter entitled The Plague Doctor, we learn how Dr. Nostradamus went to Aix-en-Provence and for over three-quarters of a year fought the plague almost single handed, because all other healing hands had been stilled and buried six feet under by the century’s worst outbreak of bubonic plague in the year 1546. Nostradamus relates a horror story, remembered by his son and early biographer, that if one simply imagined it impacting a different race in different times in Western Africa, he could be describing the pestilential streets of Monrovia rather than the stricken capital of his native Provence in the sixteenth century:

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Persons stricken by the furor of this malady completely abandoned all hope of recovery, wrap themselves in two white winding sheets, and give forth—even while they live—their sad and lamentable eulogies. (An unheard of thing!) The houses are abandoned and empty, men disfigured, women in tears, children bewildered, old folk astonished, the bravest vanquished and animals pursued. The palace is shut and locked, justice silent and deserted. Themis [the Greek Goddess and personification of Justice] absent and mute,the stretcher-bearers and street porters work on credit. The shops shut, arts halted, temples solitary and the priests all confused. In brief, all the streets were villous, wild and full of weeds because of the bleak absence of man and beast for the 270 days that the evil lasted.

L’Histoire et Chronique de Provence,
César de Nostredame, p. 772.

Nostradamus spoke of a “blood plague” in our times that might spread across the of Earth’s Northern Hemisphere. Certainly one might think Ebola is that blood related pestilence, because it causes death by inflicting the organs of a body with hemorrhages. Right now, we enter a critical period for the Western African region. With the local medical establishments decimated, US, and world aid coming too slowly to the rescue, Ebola is about to exponentially spread through its cities and towns. Soon, over ten thousand people will come down with it each week and it nothing significant is done by the international community to stem its spread, 20,000 people a week will come down with Ebola starting just four weeks from now. Given the death rate of the infected, at least half or 60 percent of those contracting it will die terrible deaths. I am foreseeing a death toll from this outbreak not in the tens but in the hundreds of thousands.

Nevertheless, I contend for the prophetic record that this is definitely “not” the blood plague pandemic Nostradamus foresaw. He may have described it in his Epistle to Henry II as coming from “strange birds.” Ebola can and will spread in equatorial Western Africa because of non-existent or devastated medical capabilities and lack of sanitation. The avenue of contagion to other parts of the world being mostly by air travel will not prevent deaths from this disease in America and Europe but these will remain isolated, although the media will work itself to a near hysterical frenzy about it to raise their ratings if not to raise the few dead.

Those of you who read me over the years and listen to my forecasts on Coast to Coast AM and on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, may recall that I foresaw a high potential for a pandemic in 2014. It was, however, concerning an outbreak of a more dangerous evolution of the Bird Flu, a cousin of the Spanish Swine Flu of 1918 that carried off over 25 million people across the world. The Bird Flu is a blood disease and therefore can become a “blood plague” if the virus should morph itself into something that a simple cough or sneeze can transmit to others, like the Bubonic Plague of old that at its worst outbreak in the twelfth century killed one third of all people in Europe in two to three years.

Although Ebola is highly contagious in its final stages to anyone being exposed to sweat, vomit, urine or feces of the dying, it is not, at this stage, an airborne contaminant. Genetically speaking it is less inclined to ever become such. However, the swine and bird flu viruses are more likely to someday hatch out as airborne pathogens. If they do, it is estimated that upwards of 400 to 700 million people around the world could die from these.

With the spirit of Dr. Nostradamus watching over us between the lines of his cryptic verses, I will remain vigilant and report any new clues that might contradict what I’ve just stated about Ebola not being his foreboding plague of blood.


I will be addressing the possible time windows for a future pandemic in a chapter I’m composing at this moment for the much anticipated eBook Predictions 2015-2016. Advance donors will get on a list now to receive an extra chapter in their edition concerning the future of Climate Change starting Thanksgiving Day. Will tomorrow be a world of global warming fire or is the future set for a new Ice Age? Find out. This offer ends the day before Thanksgiving.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

DATELINE 11 October 2014

The War on ISIS
And the Bungling Biden of the Beltway
Biting the Venal Hand that Feeds US
“And” Jihadist war coffers


Now to the real apocalyptic agent, a stupid, backtracking Obama administration from back-slapping their Arab allies in 2012 by a 180-degree by non-other than the US Vice President Joe Biden. This is the same fellow, who, exactly two years to the day the US Vice Presidential debate happened on 11 October 2012 directed his gaze away from the widow-peaked Republican Congressman Paul Ryan (AKA Eddie Munster), Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate, looked the moderator Martha Raddatz in the eye and said, “That’s why our focus is on supporting a legitimate opposition not only committed to a peaceful Syria but to a peaceful region. We’re carefully vetting those to whom we provide assistance. That’s why, while putting relentless pressure on Assad and sanctioning the pro-regime, Iranian-backed militia, we’ve also designated al-Nusra Front as a terrorist organization.”

On Thursday, 3 October 2014, the VP was making a speech at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University. He stepped away from the podium and shuffling back and forth, back and forth, like an old duffer before the audience, face sinking down close to his hand-held mike. The pacing seemed to help his struggling brain cells spark the slack-lipped contemplation that sounded and made him look more to me like a well-dressed homeless man stuck in a groove of his own pacing, mindless of the people in the audience, just talking to himself.

“Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria,” he confessed. Rolling out his very selective memory, he explained that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were “so determined to take down Assad.” It was somehow they and only they who let slip the wrong dog in this fight of a “proxy Sunni-Shia war” by flooding “hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of weapons” at somebody—“anybody”—who’d combat the Assad regime.

Out of his mouth came the manufacturing of a myth-from-muddled mind in a state of false memory. “And we could not convince our colleagues to stop supplying them,” concluded Biden as if what he said in the debates two years earlier was a thing forgotten and wasn’t video taped for the record. The Biden speaking from the other side of his mouth in 11 October 2012 pressed forcefully that the US was very much involved in the funding and vetting of Syrian “moderates.”

Was he lying, or worse, was he and his president doing what they often do in foreign and domestic policy blunders: act as gullible pawns in the hands of advisors—in this case the Saudis, Qataris and Arab Emirates leaders by just being wooden-headed pieces of someone else’s chess board making strategic moves. Don’t they verify or do they blindly believe what their “colleagues” in the Middle East tell them?

When Biden at Harvard recently concluded that, “The outcome of such a policy now is more visible,” one could take that both ways: a perfect storm of the Obama administration naively spoon fed progress reports from Arab allies without vetting their allies were telling them the whole truth. Or, Biden is throwing the US blunder and blame solely on their allies.

Either way, it is pathetic. The admission is another sign of a lack of US leadership that goes on draining millions of US dollars and training into the sewer aiding and abetting from 2012 to the present the jihadist black rats lurking there, like the Al-Nusra Front—which America DID inadvertently help—to other US-conned Al-Qaeda fronts and at last indirectly aiding the creation of what later became ISIS.

Can we add forgetfulness to the VP’s developing dotery?

Biden’s speech bit the bejeweled hands of the Saudi princes and kings, who helped the US wage war, and these US “allies” who do a lot more televised head hacking than ISIS, were livid.

So were the Turks: “I view [Biden’s remarks] with regret,” said Turkish President Edrogan, adding, “If Mr. Biden uttered these remarks at Harvard, he should apologize. I’m saying this clearly. And we won’t accept slender, indirect explanations.”

To add insult to injury, first one must deconstruct the outrage.

First, the insult. The US government, from Barack O’Blameless to Joe Bi-Polar Biden, by pointing fingers at their co-conspirators is insulting because they also were responsible for vetting and arming radical Syrian fighters that they white washed as “moderates.”

Now to the injury. What Joe Biden was saying is true. Every word of it. The vetting was hasty, sloppy, and the vetters were blind to the potential dangers. Biden just wants to leave himself and the president’s part out of that truth. ISIS and al-Qaeda “do” get funding from sources in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States sympathetic to their extreme philosophy of Islam. The insulting and injurious lies start when Biden tried being an apologist, bugging the US out of being a part of this cynical manufacturing of something monstrous out of unintended consequences hatching out from their schemes.

But there’s a third element in the Arab dictators’ insulted and injured pride—Fear. Biden may be just another American leader with a historically chronic attention deficit foreign-policy disorder but memory in the Middle East is long enough to see the Christian Crusades as an atrocity that happened just yesterday. The Arab totalitarians in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States remember similar words and one-sided blame coming out of the mouths of earlier US administrations as a first warning shot that one-time dictatorial “friends” of the US can become tomorrow’s Saddam Hussein, Assad, or any other helpmate or puppet that has outlived its purpose. Maybe Biden’s gaff is something more insidiously intended, a “hint” that Arab potentates today can be slotted for neoconned regime change tomorrow.

Of course, after the backlash apologies soon came cascading from the White House like drool from old Biden’s slack lips.

You Arab dictators, for now, haven’t lost your job… Yet.

But the future of the Middle East is becoming more Byzantine and convoluted. Uncle Sam and his Arab allies will meet a fate similar to Br’er Rabbit in the Uncle Remus children stories. You Arab kings and princes with your Americans and their EU vassals are vetting then picking fights with ISIS who is a doll made of oil interests. He’s a Talibani Tar Baby of jihadist extremism. Like Br’er Rabbit, you keep hitting and getting your fists tarred on that oily black-cloaked holy warrior you have accidentally fashioned and placed in Syria and Iraq.

I predict America and your Arab principalities are all going to get “stuck” to that sticky tar baby, and like the prehistoric anarchism you are becoming, watch him drag you through that oil rich quicksand after chasing and getting stuck to ISIS tar one too many times. You’ll be dragged snap dab into that tar pit, gettin’ y’all sunk as good as other fossil  empires.


Black is the color of Saturn, Captain Karma astrologically incarnate. The truth seeker and the reality judge. The blackness that is Islamic jihad is a karmic consequence of Western meddling and quagmires in the tar pits that are Middle Eastern conflicts. A reckoning is coming in the year 2015. Read more about the prophecies of 2015-2016.

Sophie Shevardnadze.

Sophie Shevardnadze.

DATELINE 11 October 2014

The Potential for a Nuclear War
Is Closer than We Think
(The Prophets know it is so)
And so do a few voices in the US Media wilderness…

On RT’s Sophie and Co. Sophie Shevardnadze asked the distinguished US expert on Russia, Professor Stephen Cohen of Princeton University if a developing new cold war between Russia and America over Ukraine could suddenly jump from sanctions to a thermonuclear war.

“Well, let’s look at what’s happened, said Cohen. “ Russia has the doctrine; they’ve had it since the 90s, because Russian conventional forces are weaker than American-NATO conventional forces. Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons if Western conventional forces threaten the Russian state and Russia. Meanwhile, as was announced in the New York Times on the front-page, maybe 2 weeks ago, I forgot, that President Obama is about to sign a budgetary decree of what he calls a “major modernization” of our nuclear arsenal at the cost of $1 trillion over 30 years.

“One trillion dollars is only the cost today, it doesn’t include overrun inflation, and it’s a fortune. Meanwhile, your [Russian] government has been, quote, “modernizing its nuclear weapons” – but let’s talk as adults, what does the word “modernization” means? It means buildup, so both sides are now building up their nuclear weapons, we’re in a new Cold War, we’re beginning a new nuclear arms race, and the danger is now immense – does that mean there’s going to be war? No. The problem is to avert war you need leadership, political leadership, and the question of who’s leading correctly and who’s not is a political discussion, but the danger is there, absolutely 100%.”


Stephen Cohen went on to say the world is “five minutes from Midnight” once again on the doomsday clock of potential nuclear conflict. It is closer than it has been in 22 years. All except one of the finest world war auguring prophets—hailing as far back as the 2nd century c.e. to as recently as 1944—had foreseen in detail THREE world wars are gathered in this book A New Cold War for you to read and heed their message, while there’s still time, to change that future. It may not be too far away. Nostradamus’ view is that the first of two timelines runs out in the autumn of 2017!

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

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