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DATELINE 18 October 2014

Ebola and the “Real” Plague
Overtaking America

When putting together last week’s article, I was in a quandary. I was searching for illustrations of just what hemorrhagic fever called Ebola does to its victims. I have a pretty strong constitution but these images of boils of blood on faces and skin of the stricken, the bleeding tears, the bleeding tongues of opened mouths and the grotesque transformation of faces looking more like grimace of swelling carrion than living beings, was too vivid to portray next to my text.

This plague is uniquely terrible in what it inflicts upon people. They literally have their organs melt and bleed out from inside and in the last stages of their agony, the body begins to vent its bodily fluids in uncontrolled diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding copiously out of every orifice, including a bloody sweat out of skin pores!

If ever there was a plague of blood foreseen in the future by Nostradamus, the famous plague doctor, this would be the perfect match, as perfect as Raymond Mabus, the current Secretary of the Navy being “Mabus”, the code name Nostradamus gives to his third and final Antichrist.

And there’s the rub, readers. Sometimes what is obvious is not what Nostradamus intended us to find.

In the summer of 2008, I wrote and documented the following passage for Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. Please note that this was documented well before the election on the first Tuesday of November by at least three months.


Sometimes a name appears so close that it must fit. During the 1990s many people were convinced that the former Governor of Mississippi Ray Mabus (1988—1992), tapped to be President Bill Clinton’s US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1994), would go there, be killed by terrorists and this would trigger 2 Q62’s terrible undoing of people and animals in a Middle Eastern war.

It makes logical sense. This wouldn’t be the first time Nostradamus stepped away from code names and obscurity to openly name a future historical person. A nebulous prophet must come clear and clean from time to time. It gives him the credibility to engage readers further to delve deeper, especially to decode names Nostradamus carefully keeps cryptic.

The man who caught Louis XVI and his family fleeing the French Revolution was correctly named in 9 Q20, Saulce. In 1 Q25, he named Louis Pasteur outright as one who would discover a long forgotten medical secret. Nostradamus augured that a man, surnamed de Gaulle, would lead France three times. (9 Q33) Charles de Gaulle (d. 1970) became leader of the Free French Resistance during the Second World War, then headed a provisional post-war government and at last served as President of France from 1958 until he resigned in 1969.

Maybe there was nothing obscure about the name Mabus.

It’s Ray Mabus, sent as a most influential US ambassador into the dangerous arena everyone in prophecy circles during the 1990s expected would be the theater of Armageddon.

His appointment, and the thousands of “Ray Mabus is the Antichrist” letters I received about it, compelled me to write this passage in 1995 for page 202 of Nostradamus: the Complete Prophecies (published in 1997):

“At this time I don’t sense anything malevolent about the ambassador, but this gives me the opportunity to look at yet another angle to the Mabus enigma. The ambassador may not be the Antichrist but a victim of such. Since the November 1995 car bombing of a US-run military training facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has ended its long exclusion from terrorist acts. From now on Ambassador Mabus has a dangerous assignment and I wish him well. I wouldn’t like to see him become the target of a future Gavrilo Princip and have his assassination trigger World War III.”

The best-laid names in Antichrist detective work can go nowhere. Ambassador Mabus left Saudi Arabia without fanfare or prophetic significance, retiring from public service in 1996.

Case closed, so it would seem. Then Mabus came back.

He resurfaced in 2007 from years of serving on charitable and corporate boards to endorse Senator Obama’s bid for the presidency. He’s now one of Obama’s chief Middle Eastern advisors on Arab relations and has been appointed co-chairman of Obama’s Democratic Primary campaign in his home state of Mississippi.

If Obama wins the presidency, the handsome and engaging Raymond Edwin Mabus may serve in his cabinet. Perhaps he will return as some special envoy to the Middle East and start doomsday tongues to wag about the return of the man who “is” Mabus to the region of the Third Antichrist.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus,
Chapter Nine: Obama the Mabus


Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

Well, here we go again. Ray Mabus is in Obama’s cabinet; moreover, in his responsibilities as Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Mabus makes frequent inspections of naval assets of the US Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain on the Persian Gulf. In other words, he’s back in the Middle Eastern cauldron of potential future wars, just like in the 1990s. God forbid anything happens to him but, as many of you have recently written, you speculate that “if” Secretary Mabus might be killed, the international incident could be the shot or the terror bomb heard around the world that somehow causes the terrible destruction of the human and the animal world that Nostradamus warned in his Antichrist prophecies. For the record, I don’t foresee Raymond Mabus suffering such a fate. Whatever happens in the next two years, the most critical windows for a future war with Iran, I do not see him as the casus belli.

Ron Paul.

Ron Paul.

Which brings me back to the bloody Ebola plague. I understand the hysteria spilling over in America for what it is, a byproduct of the collective state of intelligence of a populace kept uninformed by a corporate media that manipulates mob-think’s collective habit to act on sensation rather than sentience. Corporate news does not want us to be informed but “in-formed” afraid. As Ron Paul sagely said this week, “If a second person died of Ebola [in America] the news media would decry ‘Ebola deaths have increased 100 percent!’”

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

It’s hard for the American people to get over themselves when the press no longer serves the sustaining of intelligence and perspective. Consider what CNN did last week to “calm” people down. A bunch of barbie-ken news anchors of some show got all dolled up in Ebola HASMAT full-body suits as their “shallow”-ween costumes. That’s right, after scaring people to death just laugh the plague off the map.

The topic of Nostradamus’ blood plague prophecies will find itself refreshed and published in a subsection of my forthcoming Predictions 2015-2016. Please help Hogueprophecy.com continue by advance donating to receive the limited “Fire and Ice Prophecies” expanded edition.

DATELINE 18 October 2014

Is it all just Bad News?
Answer: The Good News is
Consciousness is beyond Good and Evil

Chris speaks for many of you and you all need me to answer this:

Good News!? It seems most of your articles focus on negative world events, or the possibility of them. PLEASE tell me if you see anything positive happening in the near future, especially regarding the beginning of the golden age/1,000 years of peace. What is the earliest you think this could come about? Thanks for your time.

Hi Chris,
I totally understand your wish to have me say something positive. I sympathize with your anticipation of some sign of the golden age of 1,000 years of peace coming. However, these expectations of the mind are postponing your advent into this golden age “right now”.

There is no new humanity coming. The new humanity living its golden age lives it in the eternity of the present. This golden age is an age of the eternal “now”. The birth of the new humanity happens when “you” are living in the eternity of the present, no one else.

If you keep waiting for it to happen, you will miss.

That is why I am often sharing with my readers at the end of most of these article streams my invitation to use meditation techniques that prepares the way for living with all your love and intelligence “in the NOW”. There’s nothing more positive I can share with my readers than these techniques. I can’t think of any other way that I can create the new humanity than sharing these techniques with you “right now”.

Are you interested, Chris? If so, just Contact me with an email that has only one word in the subject line: Meditation

I’ll then send you the links and information to help you join me and others in the birth of a new humanity one individual at a time.

DATELINE 18 October 2014

The Seed of Soul
The Manure of Unconsciousness
Grows a Buddhafield of Flowers

On a personal note, I just wanted to express my thanks and admiration for your work. There are far too few voices like yours out there that offer an alternative view of reality. But I suppose this has always been the case throughout much of human history. There are those few that have a realistic grasp of what’s going on around them, and then there is the rest, following their leaders blindly over the cliff.

Over years of meditating on this matter, I came to understand in the early 1990s that all of us have within our seed of soul the potential to become a fully-grown “tree of life” as it were. Yet, like in nature, seeds are ever bounteous. In the life of a single tree, there are enough seeds made to fill a grain tower, but how few of these grow to their full potential. So, it is in our nature as a Universe to birth a near infinite potential seed and only a very very few sprout to their potential.

The rest of us seem to become the matter, the manure for growing the flowers. In the mass of things, there will always be a need for more manure to create the few flowerings. Even Bodhidharma said that unconsciousness in others creates a context, a need to wake up in some of us. Perhaps that’s why sleepy India became a place charged with the presence of the enlightened ones for thousands of years, because its unconsciousness is so much rich manure. Lord knows it’s also a pretty dirty place with real manure everywhere. I know this because I lived there many years. I came to this understanding while writing an essay for The Millennium Book of Prophecy on this matter of flowering and manure while living there for 2 years straight in 1989-1990.

Osho visiting the land of Socrates, 1986.

Osho, visiting the land of Socrates, 1986.

Now then, with the odds stacked so against a human seed becoming a tree of life, I also learned in India, sitting at the feet of Osho, that a master can be like a great gardener and create a situation where seeds are consciously given the right soil and the right amount of water to grow many many more flowers. He called this “The Buddhafield.” It is created by meditation. It is a collective soul presence of awareness and love that makes it possible for so many more people to flower. In today’s world  the natural ratio of shit to flowering is out of whack. There should be many more flowers, there’s too much shit unconsciousness right now. You can smother the flowers with too much manure in the garden and that’s what is happening in our times.

A Buddhafield is needed to expand and restore balance. Meditation is the way. (At least, it is the only way I know.) So I offer it to my readers, the links and information to the meditations of Osho that I’ve been practicing since I first went to India to sit at his feet in 1980. I give these meditations freely to anyone that asks.

It is a sweet irony that when forced by the material question of survival I am compelled to ask my readers for donations and to buy my books, without which I couldn’t go on in this work. Even then, I cannot bring myself to ask people to give money to Hogueprophecy without giving a gift of a PDF book or eBook or physical book in return. And yet, the most precious, most valuable thing I can give all of you are these links to the meditations I use. And I give that treasure freely.


Rebecca took up my invitation to have me send her links and information to the meditation techniques I use. I wanted to share her letter and my response:

John, I read on your blog awhile back about a meditation you were willing to share. At the time I was either not meditating or very new. Doesn’t really matter. I started reading your post “Noah’s Ark of Consciousness” today and something you said clicked. I can’t find the exact passage but it had to do with people not wanting to really “know” because it means having to give up preconceived notions or expectations. This resonated with me. I have been “on the brink” of reaching a new level of understanding, at different times, but pulled away in fear. It is easier to believe some magical being will come to save me. I am really scared to have to save myself. I am nauseated just writing these words! But, my greater fear is for my soul to be trapped and never set free. With that said, and please forgive the length, I would very much like any information on your meditative technique as you care to share. Thank you, Rebecca

I understand the resistance. It goes against 5,000 years of human conditioning I would prefer to call Un-Civilization. Civilization hasn’t happened yet on this planet. It can only happen when people begin to save themselves. A child believes in imaginary friends and we call it childish. An adult does the same and we call him or her “religious.” If we project a false divinity outside of divinity itself, then how can true divinity be recognized? We’ll always be chasing the imaginary and then those priesthoods who are the Mafia of the soul will give us condolences coming from the core of their ignorance of true divinity. They’ll say  our imaginary god works in mysterious ways.

Yes, he does, only a fantasy can be so invisible and mysterious. However, meditation turns one inward towards the direction of the real divinity. It is us. We just started playing a game one day, a game of pretend where we gods and goddesses decided to pretend we weren’t divine and then forgot what the game was about.

One simply has to watch these feelings, these nauseas, and resistances come up into our conscious witnessing. That’s the beginning of the process of untrapping one’s soul.


And last is a word from Alex that I would offer you take into your hearts and if they resonate with you, please help us with your support so that this work can continue:

I appreciate all that you do in trying to awaken the masses, and I would like to extend this opportunity to offer any help that I may be able to give in achieving this goal.

This would be a great help. I do all that I do full time, seven days a week with meager resources and little financial support while also serving as a full-time caregiver to my aged mother. Yet out of all the millions who read, listen or watch me on television all around the world, most of them, except for a very few, like yourself, take it for granted that they can take this information and not nourish it’s source.

Thank you, for not being one who takes this source for granted.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

The calculations of the Christian Millennium for doomsday or bloomsday were off 12 years. So say those who believed that the Mayan Calendar was a better timekeeper of ages. The reckoning of humanity was a dozen years later. And doesn’t it seem so? People expected more apocalyptic troubles approaching 1999 and 2000 but these were relatively quiet years. But as time approached the Mayan Calendrical age change, on 21 December 2012, one could argue that the times were looking far more dire. Is this a correct assumption? The book will answer. It has to, because the 2012 hysteria has dragged Nostradamus into the debate, and applied his prophecies as some kind of proof or support of New Age aspirations for 2012. If one can actually apply Nostradamus to 2012 one must first check one’s premises about who Nostradamus actually was and what did he actually predict as the year zero between changing ages. READ MORE.



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  1. Marc
    Posted 18 October 2014 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    The future color, I remember in the college days, I had this vision in meditation about the inevitable fact of a one color future, I saw 50 yrs before it would be obvious, this was in 93. Well 2003 interesting enough I met this wonderful white lady, who we now live on the hill side with 7 children between us, as I am black. We have a wonderful family oldest just left for college. My wife spends most of her day collecting heirloom seed to store, and I meditating, and speak to others when I come out about the inevitable peace that will become after our head first charge into the Golden Age. Could you please enlighten me, of this day when sex, and material drive will be no more. Great Work! Do you see us taken the one way trip as the next Adam and eves? Do you feel that total legalization will play a role in the growth pains of this transition we are living in. Love&health

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