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We start with 10 HogueProphecy Russo-Ukrainian War Reports: The Prelude—Pluto’s Next Transiting Blow, Completely Changing the World Again; 1)The Turning of the Tide; 2) Putin’s Strategic Goal; 3) What is NATO’s Strategic Goal; 4) What is Kiev’s Strategy to Win; 5) Who Wins the World War of Sanctions; 6) An Interlude of the Absurd, spiced with Belgian and Polack Jokes; 7) Phase 3 of the Russian Special Operation, Open Russian Tank Season; 8) Will Russians Use Nukes; 9) President Putin Explains Things Intelligently without the Western Media Editing him; 10) The Blockade of Kaliningrad. And after that: Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited: The Israeli -Iranian Missile Crisis, Part 1 & 2. Mabus/Third Antichrist Report: US war with Saudi Arabia Foreseen? US President Alzheimer’s forewarned in August 2017. The New Fascism is Globalism & the Great Reset. Hitler’s Prophecies Series—Lesson 1. The Earthtrauma Report—Lest We Forget… Osho’s Prophecy about the Auto-Suicidal “Old Humanity.” Hogue & the Fourth Wind Mystery. The Snake of Identity. Roe v. Wade Struck Down, & Finally Signs and Rumors in the Vatican that Pope Francis may Retire

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