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The cover designs in this printed form are far more stunning than they appear online or as eBook covers. Wait until you see the spine and back cover designs. These will be wonderful gifts for the holidays and as soon as you order, they are quickly delivered to your door in only three days if you order on weekends and only two days ordering on week days.

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Prophets, such as Nostradamus, Stormberger, and others introduced in this new and topical book accurately dated, detailed and forecast the coming of the First, the Second, and perhaps a “Third” World War. A new cold war between America and Russia “in our future” would merely be a short prelude to the threat of a civilization-ending nuclear exchange that no one saw coming.

With open eyes, we “walk into these great catastrophes,” so the prophets say.

The future has another destiny. Edgar Cayce foresaw Russia becoming the “Hope of the World” with the help and support of American friendship. From citing future dangers to offering solutions, these prophets might show us the way to lasting peace.


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This is a rare little book giving you the skinny on a big subject: Nostradamus, the man, his magical practices and a comprehensive overview of his greatest past, present, near future and distant future prophecies.







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Never has Nostradamus “come into the clear” like this, naming names, accurately dating events and places outright about a war in the Persian Gulf between America and Israel against Iran. Ships will be “melted and sunk by the Trident”! Is he speaking of US trident nuclear missiles, or, the mysterious trident symbol hidden in the Iranian flag? This war is dated to happen after an interlude of peace negotiations in 2014 lead to the worst region-wide conflict the Middle East has ever seen. Armageddon, perhaps? That depends on accessing Nostradamus’ alternative future hidden in prophecies written over 450 years ago. Peace is possible, dated for the last dark hour before a war that will change the life of every human being.


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Read John Hogue’s last—and often satirical—word on Mayan doomsday or “bloomsday” and first word on the many other significant and ongoing reboots of prophetic time cycles that a fawning paparazzi obsession with the Mayan Calendar had overlooked and neglected while they are still transforming human destiny.





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John Hogue published the first full-bodied biography of one of the most famous and controversial historical figures of the last millennium. He traces the life and legacy of the French prophet in fascinating and insightful detail, revealing much little known and original material never before published in English.


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