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(15 [Update 17, 18] April 2013)


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13 April 2013

Is the North Korean Regime
A New Jonestown
On the Verge of Auto-Suicide?

A number of developments in the North Korean crisis, mostly bad, a few moderately hopeful and all unprecedented, have happened since I posted the first wave of blogs on this article stream on 29 March 2013. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is either a far more daring poker bluff (if that could be possible) than the other two Kims ruling before him, his father Kim Jong Il or Kim Il Sung.

If I were to paraphrase Walt Whitman:

“Il Sung” the body electric! at the shocking way the little kooky Kid Kim, swipes the air with a conductor’s baton in an observation trench along the DMZ. Behind him stand a fawning gaggle of geriatric generals, dripping with brass and medals, looking like proud grandparents. They do not seem at all nervous about his waving that baton about like Mickey Mouse in the Band Concert cartoon.

The kid with the stick, shtick could be a kooky affect to frighten more rational kooks, the Americans, South Koreans and especially the leaders of China, to once again buckle under the pressure of the unknown and unpredictable end to the Little Kim show of bluster and apocalyptic threats. However the shtick could be just straight up kook. The kind of shtick that with one wrong move sends the Korean Peninsula and millions of Koreans down the River Styx. Summon the boatman, prepare your coins for the faire to Hades.

Sometimes I wonder what those fawning sycophants in general’s red-stripped kaki pants must be thinking as the boy wonder waves his wand Harry Pudgy Potter-style.

How do they love thee, let me presume the ways:


Just look at our darling leader. He has been so novel in his threats that even our last friend on the Earth, China, is signing UN sanctions and massing troops on our northern borders. We are in new crisis territory never before ventured in 60 years of this standoff. The armistice is torn up. All hot lines and other lines of communication with South Korea are severed. Just to show we mean business, we’ve cut our nose off to spite our business face. The Kaesong Industrial Park, our joint North and South Korean model of a shared industry where our last money stream of $6 billion a year fills our regime’s coffers, is Kim Jong Un-flowing, now that we closed it. Well, then. We don’t believe in profit anyway, you capitalist beasts!

The Kim Jong young-Un has made his first fat baby steps as dictator and said his first baby words, chased with actions. All calibers of missile batteries are now on full alert. Some regional ballistic missile units await Kim’s call to be fired on American bases from Guam to Japan to South Korea. He placed crews at entrenched batteries aiming thousands of heavy artillery guns within shooting distance of 10 million South Koreans in Seoul. He has even suggested national embassies in Pyongyang should close up and get out of the coming battle zone. Camouflage decorates the capital like streamers for a doomsday party. When that did not scare the diplomats away, Kim suggested all foreigners leave South Korea before the war is about to start.

None have left, yet how precocious and clever is our little Kim that even China is intimating military action if he takes the region into chaos and war, and even though joint US-South Korean military maneuvers will march, clank and rumble on South Korean land, sea and air space for the rest of April, the American’s will not test a ballistic missile as they planned and warned Pyongyang. So afraid of Kim’s next bold move or utterance are they.

Now comes the late and great granddaddy dictator Kim Il Sung’s anniversary birthday tomorrow (Monday, US Tax Day, 15 April, Korean Time). We’ve got the Taepodong 2 intercontinental missile fueled and idling, so to speak, for launch, harmlessly at the sea or at Guam US installations or at Japan or at South Korea. You capitalist pigs just do not know when or who is targeted and “what” in the world we have tipped on that missile.

Our Kim threatened preemptive nuclear attack and your own top secret intelligent reports mistakenly-on-purpose put in the record of a Washington congressional hearing Friday, say that we have already learned how to miniaturize our nuclear warheads to top our missiles.

So, off you send The Mummy, your Skull and Bonesman from Yale, your Secretary of State John Kerry, to talk with Ms. Park, the diminutive girly-girl president of South Korean yesterday and he’s off to China today. Maybe some diplomatic solution is coming?

Are we North Koreans just playing a new and improved version of the “he’s crazy, let’s talk” game? Or, do we really mean to launch a missile at you and raise the temperature and crisis even more? Are we crazy with a method or are we bound to pursue a method with a madness?


Before reading the streaming articles below about the gathering North Korean crisis and its future, I have a few things to write which might help you understand why Kim Jong Un and his Stalinist throw-back regime could be very seriously on the verge of going to war this time. It is a great tragedy that people under the influence of adversarial habits feed the repetition of human tragedies and wars that fuel a tragic past that prophecy predicts becomes yet again and again, our tragic future. If human beings are ever to be free of this tyranny they must find a way to witness the process of their programmed minds and genetic and hereditary predilections from a distance of soul that from my experience only meditation can reawaken.

Step outside of your chattering reality-filtering heads for a few moments and you might understand and appreciated “why” the North Korean dictator and his regime are taking their bluffs and brinksmanship to a level never before ventured by his father or grandfather, Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung. Simply put, they may already believe they are under attack.

And there’s the problem of the adversarial, paranoid mindset in us. Both sides can clearly see the flaw, the wrong, even the insanity of the other, but are completely blind to their own foibles and insanity. The most dangerous element in this current crisis may be that Kim Jong Un “and” his generals and apparatchiks see a truth but can react to it so unwisely.

They “are” correct. They “are” under attack.

Now, I am not one to defend and would never defend the North Korean regime’s reason for being. I personally sense and welcome that their perverse reason for existing is finally come near to its full stop. This horror that imprisons 24 million semi-starved and oppressed citizens, brained smudged with 65 years of Confucian-utterly-confused Stalinist propaganda, is approaching a critical mass of instability.

As far as I sense, North Korea is a kind of insulated cult commune of communist illusions, perceiving the world like a cult commune would, though the programmed filter of that collective and national isolation. That makes Kim Jong Un’s paranoia very volatile and as dangerous as another notorious paranoid with his messianic cult of personality: The doomsday-prepared Christian Reverend Jim Jones.

Jones took around 1,000 of his most devoted parishioners of the Peoples Temple out of Berkeley California in the late 1970s and hid them away deep in the jungles of French Guyana, building their Christian-communist cult paradise, officially called The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, AKA “Jonestown”. Jones and his followers felt the world was against their way of life and their odd brand of socialism and Christianity, and in part, they were not wrong, even though they were blind to just “why” people thought them crazies. More on Jonestown in a moment.

A cult leader of a nation, like little Kim, is right to think the United States is against him and he has listed the steps in the escalation to conflict in his own mind according to his own biases. The best biases are drawn from conclusions that are half correct. Kim is right to feel the US is out to get him because they are.

Years ago, the US government under George W. Bush in his State of the Union Speech before Congress in early 2003, put the regime of Kims on a list called the Axis of Evil. The list included North Korea and its allies Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the Ayatollah-ruled Iran. Then George W, forthwith invades and takes down Saddam’s Iraqi regime and openly waves plans leaked to the press that aim to take down Iran next.

Little Kim of North Korea might get the picture as friends and allies begin to fall. It doesn’t matter “why” the US falsely or rightfully took Iraq down and is planning to take Iran down next, or “why” the US pushed the United Nations to press new sanctions on North Korea – sanctions that you warned would be an act of war – the truth is, these crushing sanctions are this that: pinching off Kim’s last economic means to sustain the regime is a weapon to destroy it.

In your mind, when sanctions come that basically strangle your regime’s survival, you begin looking over your shoulder at the way America is ready to either change regimes it doesn’t like by sanctions or military action or both. You see friends of North Korea; fellow dictatorships go down by acts of US sanction and military aid, like Muhammar Qaddafi’s Libya. You see your ally, the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, besieged and ready to go down with US help. Then comes the joint US-South Korean military maneuvers set to roll and rumble on across the DMZ (demilitarized zone). North Korea was informed of them. North Korea has ever protested them as provocations but this one’s different. Here’s a month of maneuvers practicing occupation of North Korea, not an invasion by North Korea. What with the crushing sanctions, how do you read that? A rehearsal for what they plan next, your implosion requiring their occupation of your country and sequestration of your nuclear and chemical arsenal?

Tag! You’re next.

Those UN sanctions WILL take your regime down, so IT IS a shot across your bow. Not with bullet but with bucks – a crash because your openly declared enemies since 2003 cut off the cash. The Axis of Evil list is passed from Bush to Obama, the latter has gone after your allies Libya and Syria, which Bush put as subsidiary rogue nations, supernumeraries of the big bad three (Iraq, Iran, you) – members of the short list and your dynasty meaning you, little Kim are the next “Dr. Evil” in the Axis of Evil going down.

Click on this cover image and read more about this book.

Iraq? Down! Libya? Down!! Obama’s diplomacy looks to you like he is placating the war happy Israelis so he can gather his forces to contain and blast Iran. This strategic shift out of Afghanistan and into the Persian Gulf, isolating Syria, reconciling Israel with Turkey, etc., is all foreseen and detailed in my book about the coming war with Iran. This war has been planned with US bi-partisan tacit support inside Washington since 1992. When Syria goes down in 2013 Iran by mid-decade, it seems to you, Little Kim that North Korea seems next, even before Syrian regime change.

It is enough to make Little Kim think more like little “Jim” Jones.

Soon after around 1,000 Peoples Temple members migrated to the new 3,000-acre commune in French Guyana, Reverend Jones became more paranoid about legal and custody suits growing back in California. Relations began going sour with the French Guyana government. He worried that the CIA and US government would use these developing problems as an excuse to descend on his community and shut it down. He actively sought asylum for the entire commune, corresponding to the embassies and person of Kim Il Sung and North Korea. When these did not bear results, Jones prepared rehearsals called Operation White Night intending to go down in the face of approaching CIA and French Guyana forces going down like Hebrews fighting Romans in Masada, rather dying in mass-suicide than under arrest or capture.

The tension rose to a level that California Congressman Leo Ryan led a delegation of inquiry on a visit to Jonestown to verify if complaints and rumors were true about the closed commune society abusing its followers, who were also undernourished, preventing them from leaving – kind of like North Korea’s locked away society today.

The advent of Ryan in Rev. Jones’ mind was proof the US government has come to make objective your subjective feelings of victimhood and paranoia. Moreover, the concern is warranted. Congressman, representing US Congress will mess up with your shit and your reason for being, without which you can’t survive, even though you don’t want to understand why.

Ryan coming to your doorstep out the French Guyanan jungle with reporters, cameras, journalists cross the red line in your mind, not Ryan’s. The latter is clueless about what comes next. He innocently offers to take anyone who wishes to go. You let him. Because you know in your thinking, it’s over. The end is near.

Ryan’s gesture would be the end of Jonestown, Jones knew this. Just like Jones, the world of Kim “Jong’s-town” will now end because these UN sanctions will kill what’s left of his threadbare economy and collapse his regime. Where not the US and South Korean forces rehearsing in their recent military maneuvers just that: A scenario of occupying North Korea once the regime imploded?

It doesn’t matter that Jones and Jongstown’s Cult of personality gurus can’t fathom why outsiders have cause to shut you down. You are blind to it. All you see are the threats, the provocations, and, at a certain critical mass of paranoia and real mounting outside pressure, you draw a line of no return in your mind and conclude when that line has been crossed. Then you act like a madman.

What makes this current crisis scary is that Kim Jong Un has consistently ACTED on his threats, when lines he perceived are crossed. He said the UN sanctions were tantamount to an act of war. When they passed, he began preparing for war. He sees the sanctions as the first shot fired. In his mind, he’s the victim. Nevertheless, he’s not going to go down with a whimper. He may be mad, but he is proud, like Qaddafi, like Saddam Hussein’s sons, who went down fighting like men. Saddam Hussein after his capture regretted he didn’t go down fighting a blaze of glory. If the truth were known, US Special Forces dropped a stun grenade or some debilitating gas mixture down his spider hole. He came out drugged and disoriented. Otherwise I think he would have fought to the end.

In the coming days and weeks we enter a dangerous realm mind where miscalculated and misunderstood actions and reactions escalate the Korean crisis. If cornered, Kim Jongstown Un will fight to the end and do to North Koreans what Jim Jones did to the People’s Temple members of Jonestown.

Congressman Ryan’s visit was a red line crossed. The beginning of the final persecution. That is why once Ryan’s people left, Rev. Jones ordered his heavily armed bodyguards follow him and his entourage and a few Jonestown deserters to the airstrip and kill them in a fusillade.

In other words, UN sanctions crossed that line for Kim Jongstown Un. He believes he is at war with the US and those missiles targeting US bases in Guam, Japan and South Korea may not be a bluff. They are a “counterattack” in the making. They are packed with sweaty cultists of Jonestown crowding a dump truck armed to the teeth tracking Congressman Ryan and other prey, news reporters, cameramen, 14 cult backsliders who will show and tell and destroy Jonestown if they get away alive, even though before Ryan departed Jonestown for the airstrip he had told Jones’ lawyer his report would be generally positive.

Kim can fire on the US and pepper Seoul South Korea with an artillery barrage of 800 detonations a second. His version of Jonestowners with guns riddling Congressman Ryan and killing him and four others, wounding 11 of his entourage next to their plane.

Then comes the implosion.

Once the mad act is done, Jim Jones fell apart. He cracked. He saw that now it was only a matter of time and his cult, his world was going to end. Suicide can be a last act of personal power. If life becomes too terrible, I still have the power to end my life when I choose to.

Sometimes people commit self-inflicted suicide. That was Jim Jones’ way. He took his life and the lives of 905 of his devoted and brain-dirtied followers, dirtied by his cult of personality and dogmas, in a rehearsed ritual called Operation White Night. They lined up, drank the cyanide laced Kool-Aid in vats, then laid down in rows face down and died. Once their moans and cries of the children faded Jones shot his wife. You can hear his final words on an audiotape; he looked at his dead wife crying, “Oh mother! Mother! Mother! Then the gun went off again. Jones had shot himself. His body was found under the sign “Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them” swinging in the soon-to-become fetid equatorial jungle breeze.

Other times people do what is called: suicide by cop. They can’t pull the trigger on themselves so they do something outrageous requiring armed police to pull their guns, then they rush the cops waving and firing their gun and are cut down.

This may be Kim’s choice of suicide. In Kim’s case, he seeks a suicide by US global policeman.


I was preparing to write this essay for my new book Predictions for 2013 and Beyond but looking at the astrological situation of the next few weeks, I feel I must document my views and the following astrological windows ripest for a grave misunderstanding leading to a suicidal end for the North Korean regime. I wanted to post it because this implosion could happen before I finish writing this book and release it in the first half of May. Here are a few astrological passages, written for the book on 03 April 2013:

I track lunar and especially solar eclipses. The more total the more prophetic concern for two reasons. Major earthquakes and political upheavals tend to happen three days in, on and three days after the Full and New Moon events, especially if they are in negative aspect with certain outer planets or Mars or Uranus by near or at 90 degree angles (Squares). There will be a partial lunar eclipse on 25-26 April 2013 shadowing less than 2 percent of the Full Moon’s diameter. I’m not foreseeing much more than the strangeness of a partially bloody moon in the skies. A portent for worse perhaps?

It’s not the Moon’s minor shadowing by the eclipse that concerns me but what it portends for those in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Australia and most of Asia) who will see it.

When it happens the Sun (Taurus) and Moon in Scorpio in opposition make this the most powerful Full Moon of the year. At the same time Saturn backtracks over what many Mundane Astrologers calculate is the US Natal Chart’s Scorpio ascendant. Though the eclipse of the Moon will not be seen in North America, in layman’s terms the US Ascendant, its outer expression ruler with Saturn retreating backwards over its natal position could spell backwardness, retreat, not the forward thinking and forward dreaming America needs now to redefine itself.

The backtracking in the heavens will feed also the backtracking EU banking reform. What with Pluto in retrograde 11 degrees in change resistant status-quo Capricorn and Uranus pushing forward with impatience from two degrees of orb to a near exact one degree square of Pluto on the morning after the eclipse.

Stuck will be the momentum of encountering economic and political problems realistically. Intractable will be North Korea in the deepening crisis on the Korean Peninsula, now that an over 60-year armistice that put the Korean War on hold since 1953, has been torn up by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Expect three days in, on, and three days out of the 25th of April significant earthquakes of nature, politics, Wall Street, EU banking and the economy.

Expect seismic eruptions both natural and unnatural again with a new moon in Taurus around May 10th. The earth in certain places, and the Koreas may have their military incident that dangles the sword of war over millions there with the string snapping.

Predictions for 2013 and Beyond
Chapter One: Fire in the Sky
Subsection: Portends from the Sky

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Please continue reading this article stream on North Korea below. In prophecy, the older an accurate posting has more impact with the passing of time.

29 March 2013

North Korea Threatens
United States with Nuclear Attack

North Korean boy-strongman Kim Jong Un has ordered his offensive missile batteries to target US bases in South Korea, Guam, Japan, and Hawaii in response to joint South Korean-US military maneuvers practicing a North Korean implosion scenario. The practice bomb runs yesterday of two nuclear-capable US B-2 Bomber flying over South Korean airspace prompted the North Korean leader to place his missile batteries at the highest level of alert. Rather than repelling an invasion into South Korea, US military thinking theorizes that North Korea has more rust and starving soldiers than a real offensive capability and that the regime’s level of crazy-talk and threats is a sign that the regime may be at last reaching a point of collapse requiring US and South Korean forces enter the North to feed its starving 24 millions and secure its nuclear and chemical weapons arsenals.

Either way you shake No Dongs and aim these missiles at US and South Korean targets, it is war season under the stars. Since ancient times humans have been programmed to start their wars with the onset of spring and the Sun’s transit of Aries, ruled by Mars, God of War. I can predict with confidence that before the Sun transits out of Aries and later Taurus in May, a Korean military incident will take place that will mark the end of the Korean conflict and the Stalinist throw-back dictatorship of North Korea will likely implode, hopefully with a whimper and not a sudden, violent war that kills millions living in and around the Korean Peninsula.

Expect in the 13th year of the 21st century to wake up more than once in the morning to a world-changing event. Already a pope resigned, the first in nearly 600 years and changed the world for 1.3 billion Catholics. Then came a new Pope hailed by a name never granted a pope in a tradition that has not seen new names in the Papal list for 1,300 years: Pope Francis. (See also Prophecies of St. Malachy.)

Expect the world to change because of sudden surprises and upheavals coming to the northeastern corner of the Pacific Rim. Already, this week, the last hotline between North and South Korean governments has been severed. North Korean Kim Jong Un is the third Kim Stalinist dictator of the Marxist Leninist anachronism of a hermetically sealed, hermit commie kingdom. He is fresh on the job and like his grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il before him, little Kim Jong Un, the 29 or 30-year-old boy baby-fat wonder of a dictator, the Young “Un” if you will, follows the tradition starting up his new regime with a bang. Moreover, unique to our unpredictable and dangerous times, he is doing the big bang bluff to a fault and perhaps might lead the United Nations, South Korea and North Korea, including its last friend in the world, China, back to the future that Un’s grandfather Kim Il Sung concocted when he was 38-years young and wished to sow his wild and apocalyptic oats.

Korea, a former colony of Imperial Japan was divided along the 38th parallel, the northern half occupied by Soviet forces, the southern half by US and allied forces when the Second World War ended in 1945. Five years and a new Cold War later the Korean people, though ethnically and culturally homogeneous, were divided by political and ideological lines into two separate nations at the onset of a growing East-West standoff: a communist “Democratic” People’s Republic of North Korea and a “democratic” Republic of South Korea. The North has never been “democratic”, and for much of the South’s history, it has been under the tyranny of Western-friendly dictators, the longest ruling of these being the late father of the current “democratically” elected leader of South Korea, the country’s first woman president, Park Geun-hye.

Kim Il Sung became Soviet-style premier of North Korea and from Pyongyang planned and launched on 25 June 1950 a surprise invasion across the 38 parallel in hopes of rapidly overwhelming the ROK (Republic of Korea) rag-tag army with his own force loaded up to hunt for bear by the Russian Bear’s Second World War surplus cast offs. To make a long and bloody story short, Kim Il Sung nearly overwhelmed the ROK and later mostly US forces sent by the United Nations as a police action to stop the North Korean invasion. Then, UN forces under US General Douglas MacArthur cut Kim Il Sung’s Soviet new model army’s overstretched supply lines with a sea landing at Inchon precipitating a rout of North Korean forces sent reeling back into North Korea. The survivors were flung back to the Yalu River border with China as Christmas and the onset of a vicious Korean Peninsula winter approached.

The new and Communist People’s Republic of China sent hordes or Chinese Red Army forces into North Korea by the hundreds of thousands to push the desperate and overextended Americans back over the 38th parallel. Thus the Korean war rumbled on in static warfare along the mountainous no-man’s land until an armistice was signed 27 July 1953 turned that area into DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), a no-man’s land cutting across the Korean Peninsula between two trench networks.

Kim Il Sung and his communist North Korea survived his great military adventure. He ruled on until death was near and a second Kim, as per tradition, Kim Jong Il, groomed to succeed his father, worked behind the scenes to show his military mettle and brinksmanship with the West starting with the world finding out in 1993 that North Korea, which had abandoned the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was in fact producing radioactive materials with the intention of becoming a nuclear power. The price of this expensive adventure was a string of famines killing upwards of two million North Koreans. With the Soviet Union collapsing, the North lost its main socialistically failing patron. While the two Kims, father and son, played ballistic man’s bluff with America threatening to become a nuclear power, China, their last friend in the world was sending aid feeding 77 percent of a nation forced to field and feed the fourth largest army in the world.

The game of bluff and concessions began in the early 1990s. First turning on the North Korean nuclear program, then turning it off after threatening conflict until the West and China provided aid. Then turning it on again, then off to receive aid for empty promises to dismantle the program, and so on. A spike in the bluffing ever seemed to mark a change in leadership in North Korea. It happened when Kim Il Sung passed on and Kim Jong Il came to power. The game continued all the way to the present saber rattling of the new successor, Kim Jong Un who apparently has gone around the bend where one sees interminable ranks of North Korean solders goose-stepping through Pyongyang as a kind of TV army.

This time the game got dreadfully serious. Little Kim has actually mobilized for war with the US and South Korea. He has put the North Korean People’s Army of around 1.1 million active and 8.2 million reserves on full alert. They gather poised for an invasion of the South across the DMZ with ten times more soldiers, artillery and tanks than grandfather Kim had at his disposal in 1950.

It sounds scary but the sorry state of North Korea’s ability to feed itself leaves little in the mess tin of North Korean soldiers to sustain an invasion without crossing the battle lines for food. Also, the pretty polished tanks and guns ever rolling and blasting away on North Korean television are not the neglected guns and armor belonging to military units that rarely train or go on maneuvers and are more likely seen in nearby fields helping civilians harvest yet another miserable failed crop.

Despite this the Korean Peninsula has not been at this level of military tension since Kim Jong Un’s father came to power in 1994. The Korean War has been on hold since 1953, yet diplomatic lid has been taken off. The North Koreans have officially abandoned the armistice agreement. We may be days or weeks away from resuming a long suspended war that in a little more than three sanguine years from June 1950 to the armistice of July 1953 killed three million people. Right now, President Obama is bracing the nearly 30,000 US forces alongside ROK forces consisting of 3,539,000 (639,000 active and 2,900,000 regular reserve) for a resumption of either long suppressed war or more likely an occupation of a collapsing North Korean state.

The last crisis in the early 1990s ended when Kim Il Sung at 82 died of a heart attack in 1994. His princeling son, Kim Jong Il, and future inspiration for Dr. Evil because of his quirky jump suits and erratic big-hair-brained behavior took up the dictatorship and began 20 years of apocalyptic “bluff and parry” with the world.

North Korea under the Kim Jong Il’s ill-tempered and erratic dictator did eventually become a nuclear power and with its underground nuclear tests made efforts to fashion an estimated five nuclear bombs some of which may be undergoing miniaturization they might screw onto the tips of its Scud-style No Dong regional, intermediate missiles. North Korean under the diminutive, little “Il” Kim also manufactured regional and even intercontinental missiles of the Taepodong 1 and 2 classes. The latter could blow the grass skirt and the lampshade off a Hawaiian dancer and a drunk in a Honolulu bar, if it did not malfunction and fall harmlessly into the ocean as Taepodongs mostly do.

Kim Jong Il got sick and had a stroke in 2008. Time for setting in motion a change of Kims. The “Son of Dr. Evil, Kim Jong Un, had to show the geriatric North Korean general staff that he had the waka balls to be the next supreme leader. So, in 2010, the young-Un went about ordering the sinking of a South Korean corvette off the disputed Korean coastal islands, killing 46 sailors. Later North Korean artillery actually fired 170 shells in November 2010 on an island claimed by South Korea, setting on fire Yeonpyeong, a fishing village, killing four, injuring 17. Upon “Dear Leader” old dad’s death on 17 December 2011 – kith and “Kim” Jong Un – took over the family business of doomsday bluff-and-get-stuff game, full time and the “Supreme Leader”.

Little Kim seems a little more like his near-deified grand daddy who was called “the Eternal President of the Republic”. His bouffant father is starting to look like the least kimchee-crazed Kim of the cabbage batch.

Un resumed nuclear tests against threats of UN retaliatory sanctions that could hit the regime where it hurt most, in the “No Dong”, cutting heretofore diplomatically immune money pipelines where most of the fragile economic sustainability of the regime and its armed forces flows. Kim lit off an A-bomb test in a mineshaft around the time of the 60th anniversary of North Korea signing the armistice on 27 July 2013 – incurring that autumn the crippling UN sanctions. Now it is not just his people that are enslaved and starving trying to feed a 1.1 million-man army and the eight million reservists suiting up for war. The new boy dictator has upped the anti of his threats, his crazy talk, far more strident, backed with actions that his father never dared.

The grandfather, invading South Korea was a live wire potentate of firsts. So now is the grandson. Kim Jong Un seems to be living in his own communist cult of Jonestown. He seems to be reaching for the the Kool-Aid that Reverend Jim Jones fed his US expat communards living in French Guyana in November 1978. The Christian cult’s mass suicidal tendencies were engaged after Jones had ordered the massacre of California Congressman Ryan and his entourage investigating their community. Time for “Operation White Knight”, Jones’ code for rolling out the orange-orange, lemon-yellow and raspberry-red Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. Just as they frequently rehearsed it, men, women and children dutifully lined up for a drink. In all 901 committed mass suicide.

Kim Jong Un rolls out his three-stage Taepodong 2 missile like Jim Jones rolled barrels of Kool-Aid. He openly threatens to target the US with missile attacks, pretending it seems, like he already has them nuclear tipped. He says he is going to take down the United States in a preemptive assault with rockets that on Korea TV blow up the US Capitol dome. He has gone one further into uncharted mental territory, a space-case – the final frontier where no Kim had gone before. He has ended, not just threatened to end but actually ENDED, 60 years of truce that has put the Korean War on hold.

Kim has backed up his threats, cut the roads, the lines of communication and severed the last emergency hotline between him and his opposite President Park in South Korea. President Park has shown herself not to be easily intimidated by nutcase, artillery casement threats from Pyongyang’s new ying-yang dictator. Park has one upped Un, saying any incident initiated by the North Koreans will receive a full retaliatory response specifically targeting the North Korean leadership directly.

The armistice has ended. The lines of communication are cut. The barbed wire and ire dragged across paths, locked, braced. Kim Jong Un has done something not seen since 1994, the last time the Korean Peninsula almost came to doomsday blows when his father was sewing an heir apparent’s apocalyptic oats: all air, naval and ground forces of the North Korean Army, Navy and Air Force are on full military alert, primed for invasion of the South.

The Korean War has been turned on. South Korea and the United States are effectively in a state of war with North Korea. One small mistake, one wrong shot, could see a bloody and uncontrolled escalation.

An army at full readiness cannot stay in that intense pose for long. My sense is that a Taepodong 2 missile will be test fired in the direction of Alaska or Hawaii this April 2013. The US anti-ballistic missile batteries on the US West Coast will fire on it, unless North Korean techno-bungling rises to match North Korean bluff and the missile crashes on takeoff or falls harmlessly in pieces into the nearby ocean.

Today, as I write this on the early afternoon of Friday 29 March, the supercarrier USS Nimitz will cast off lines at its nearby dock in Everett, Washington State, and if I wish to drive over to Double Bluff I can watch the great aircraft carrier, steam out of Admiralty Inlet to the open Pacific. It will sail to San Diego and pick up the rest of its strike group of missile cruisers, flight wings, destroyers, submarines a helicopter carrier and maritime amphibious ships crowded with 2,000 Marines and soon join the Stennis Strike Group already on station in the Western Pacific. The US Navy jets we hear rumbling for a week now on our island in Puget Sound may soon be launching their missiles on Korean missile silos and Taepodong rocket gantries. I see a decapitation missile strike on Kim Jong Un coming. His body “Kim Jong Un”-identifiable.

We are at a historic and dangerous threshold: the collapse of the North Korean political perversion in 2013. I am already writing about what happens afterwards. That is the topic of my new eBook, Predictions for 2013 and Beyond. It will be released at the end of April, a month from the posting of this article. Korea is just one end game coming in the year 13, the number of sudden upheaval and transformation, death and rebirth – the year that will have more than one opportunity to change our lives overnight.


11 March 2013

North Korean Threat
Kim Jong Un
Taepodong Bluffs

What did Dennis Rodman say to Kim Jong Un??

The bleached afro, multi-tatooed and lip-ear and nosed ringed-punctured, eccentric athlete, former player for the legendary Chicago Bulls professional team that included Michael Jordan. There was “the worm” as his teammates affectionately called, sitting in Pyongyang watching a basketball game the other week along side his host, the socialist premier of chubbiness, the young “Un” and late-twenty something baby-faced kid-dictator Kim Jong Un. He is the third Doctor Evil impersonator in line of socialist suzerainty of North Korea after his grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il went off to the sweet oblivion of atheist paradise. The Worm sat next to Dr. Evil young Un looking like he had stepped out of an Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp fiction novel about John Carter of Mars. As Auntie Entity said to Mad Max, “What a pair!”

The the US State Department did not want to touch that picture. They did not want to know where it had been afterwards or what Rodman would have said to the new North Korean leader as he is taking his first fat baby steps as an autocrat. The State Department made it quite clear in official channels to Pyongyang that the Worm was not a diplomatic Ping-Pong-player-ploy-to-China moment to melt the ice between North Korea and the US like happened in the 1970s that paved the way for Nixon to come to China to rock the world and roll with Papa-Oooh-Mao-Mao Zedong.

Rodman was the wrong man to play even Forest Gump in a fictional attempt to ping pong Pyongyang for a new US-North Korea easing of tensions. Perhaps Rodman was there to help promote Donald Trump’s new reality show retread of The Apprentice – because soon as Rodman came back to the US of A, the Donald’s A team of bigger than life – and smaller on subtle, over the top – Apprentice Celebrity All Stars, including the Worm, launched Episode One of the much hyped and Donald Trumped-up reality show.

After the error errant of dippy cartoon diplomacy “Wormed” his way home, Little Kim did the “Un” thinkable. The worm turned and Dennis was not to blame but a new UN regimen of sanctions passed a short time later punishing the North Korean regime for test-firing a sizable nuclear weapon in an underground test. The Korean War which had been put on hold since an armistice was signed in 1953 by North Korea with the Republic of South Korea and US forces dominating the UN military “police action” was now suspended by Kim Jong Un-equivocally.

Before now, the UN sanctions did more to hurt millions of marginally employed, hungry and even starving North Koreans. The new sanctions one cut to the marrow of the illicit North Korean commie-mafia’s pipeline to smuggle money in and out of the Soviet-style hermit anachronistic kingdom via diplomatic immune sources, literally by the North Korean diplomatic mule carrying suitcases full of cash, luxury goods to the Young-Un. His father, Kim John Il would turn in his grave if the $300-dollar-bottle Hennessey cognac were now blocked from entry.

Then, add to the ghost of Kim Jong “Il”-sult to injury, North Korea’s last political friend in the world, The People’s Republic of China, the same regime that had in 1950 sent and saw mostly consumed a million Red Chinese soldiers. The regime that saved grandfather Kim Il Sung’s “Il”-conceived invasion of South Korea, actually signed the UN Security Council’s resolution of new sanctions.

That is how fed up Beijing is with Pyongyang’s No-Dong Scud missile prongs, test nuke bombing and Taepodonging ICBM missile threats directed recently by Kim Jong Un-abashedly at the United States.

This is a significant escalation in an old ruse of North Korean leaders, especially since the fall of their Soviet Union patron at the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s. Each Kim has played the “I’ll jump and take the Korean Peninsula with me!” bluff. This attempt to wave missile-tipped Armageddon, chased with North Korean television images of serried ranks of goose stepping soldiers, rows of TV prop missiles, North Korean army units, sometimes with halos around their helmeted noggins charging hither and thither, usually is done to blackmail concession from the US and China that keep the tenuous autocratic regime afloat. Usually when one Kim dies from Jong or Sung-“Il”ness, there is a period a few years before and after the power shift to a new heir where the heir apparent has to create military incidents on the DMZ with South Korea to show the new leader has the ballistic balls. It also happens that after the new Kim “Chee” of power is crowned with incessant military parades along sterile Pyongyang boulevards and skyline with grotesque heroic statues that some incident taking it too the brink of a suicidal jump into full-scale war is threatened. Yet never has a new Kim entertained the Un-thinkable rejection of what has been a relatively peaceful and stabilized six decades of a North Korean-UN armistice.

The usual Pyongyang threat to open the war again has hitherto not happened until now. Moreover, Kim Jong Un threatens UN and US in particular with test firing his Taepodong 2 missile at US territory adding that soon he will top it with a nuclear warhead in a preemptive nuclear attack!

I have been writing for a number of years here at Hogueprophecy about this bluff of national and regional abyss jumping, (See North Korea, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un). I predicted that one day the kooky succession of Kims will cry “I’m going to jump!” one too many times to the point that China will step back and hold its head in its hands and America will reply in so many words and actions, “Go ahead, jump!”

Then the jig, the jive and this Jerk-brinksmanship ploy will be up and Kim Jong Un-redeemable, after which we will see the beginning of the implosion of the North Korean regime.

This article is posted on the day South Korean and US forces practice the long planned military maneuvers that North Korea has been aware would happen for over a month. Little kid Kim threatens to leave the 60-year armistice agreement if the drills go forward. A number of my readers in South Korea are writing in about it.

I live in South Korea outside of Seoul, about 20 miles or so from the North Korean border. I wanted to see if you think that North Korea and South Korea will end up in another Korean War. My wife, who happens to be Korean, thinks nothing will happen and that she has been living here all her life. I tend to disagree. This new president has more guts than the last and already stated that she would attack the North Korean leadership if North Korea decided to attack again like the shelling 2 years ago. Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

The new South Korean President Park Geun-hye is finally some one who looks at decades of threats to “jump” by North Korea as worthy of saying, at last, “OK, Jump!” Moreover, she is counter-threatening that if there is another North Korean incident during her presidency she will immediately strike back militarily at the North Korean leadership. This former daughter of fascist South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee is no shrinking violet and she seems to know how to deal with a group of bullies. My father in the Depression years did a lot of street fighting and eventually was an Army Air Force boxer. He used to tell me, “Always punch out at the loud mouth leading the gang first.”

Park’s will “park” a missile right down the mouth of the young Un. Decapitation of the North Korean regime will hurt it the most..

Now, when my dad learned his fisticuff skills in Depression Era Watts, Los Angeles, gangs settled their disputes with their fists. The escalation to knives, hand guns and now semi-automatic rifles makes his “hit the bully mouth first” a simplistic and anachronistic solution. It is a whole other and unpredictable matter when rather than punching a loudmouth you blow off the head and hope the body of the regime will then fall.

One way or another, this bluff of the North Koreans is coming to a head this year. Whether it leads to a resumption of the Korean War bloodbath or cuts the head off the dragon leaving the North Korean regime dying with a lifeless nerve twitching allowing for a reunification ot the Koreas Kim Jong Un’s regime has escalated its bluff game to the limits of suspended belief.

This is one of many subjects addressed in detail in Predictions for 2013, which is scheduled for release around Easter 2013.

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John Hogue in a still from Vision TV’s new series, “I Prophesy”.


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First a word from a few of my Facebook Friends:

[This is how it] would be if I were president. We are a great country that have become ashamed of our strength and let these small regimes hold us at bay. Should have turned them into a cinder back in the 50’s.

Violet, I don’t mean for you to take what I’m about to say personally, because we all sometimes talk the “if I were president, I’d blow them off the face of the earth” talk. When I catch myself getting into that habit, I’m glad I’m not president and not corrupted by such power to blow people up. Even sunny and smiling Obama has succumbed to the power of targeting US citizens without warrant or trial for assassination by drone and in the process killed a lot of collateral people as a necessary evil. Necessary or not, Obama can shed a tear for kids gunned down by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but not even comment, let alone shed tears for the hundreds of little kids his drone has and will continue to kill all around the world. Also, Violet, when your words and mine sound like what you wrote above, don’t they look like they came out of the mouth of Kim Jong Un? To make statements like that — to shed a tear for one group of kids and not for another– requires the sayer of such statements to disconnect from human empathy. One has to descend into a inhuman mindset to think of burning to cinders 24 million men, women and children, just because most of them happen to have the misfortune of birth to be born under a totalitarian regime and thus conditioned by that regime to see the world through its filters. I see the world through mine. You see the world through yours, Violet. It is the filters, not people, that we ought to swipe away from our eyes.


I just can’t take Kim Jong-un seriously. They will figure out a way to mount a nuke on a missile and 1000 N Koreans will lob it at us using horse drawn carriages and a slingshot. This feels more like a circus sideshow to help the military industrial complex make more money while satisfying the NWO depopulation agenda. They fight in public, shake hands in private. Kim Jong-un is not the boogeyman. We are.

People didn’t take Rev. Jim Jones seriously either. Sometimes true buffoons are armed and dangerous. Few took Hitler’s vision in Mein Kampf seriously. As one BBC reporter going under cover as a tourist into North Korea in early March once remarked. You could define the feel of North Korea with three words: Bad, Sad and Mad. A perfect storm with all three working together could trigger an incident that neither side in this poker game wants. Now to the so-called “New World Order”. It is actually a return to the crystallization of a new aristocracy based on money and corporate power constructs rather than royalty and blue blood. This development always coincides with the rise of new middle classes. The two collide. At first the aristocracies successfully suppress revolt, then revolutions led by middle classes follow. That’s how you got the American and the French Revolutions, from this roughly 250-year cycle that usually coincides with the transit of Pluto (forces of degeneration and regeneration) in Capricorn (status quo ruler). Like the last cycle of this, the aristocratic world order is neither ordered nor new. Today’s green backed blue bloods of the corporate aristocracy would like you to be duped by that myth. And as far as the NWO depopulation agenda, it is another Internet myth. Moreover, its not needed. Humanity on its own through its stupidity concerning overpopulation and climate change will set in motion the famines long ago forecasted by Nostradamus that will decimate the current population. If there is a depopulation agenda by the powerful corporations, its power is in neglecting solving the problem of food sustainability — not proactive. By the way, corporate aristocrats in the food industry would not support such an agenda. They don’t care about the people but they do care about losing customers to famine.


 Now to letters in my email inbox:

Such a fantastic website. I watch you when your on the history channel. I was interested in some of the stuff you talked about and looked you up on the web. Came across this site and enjoy it much. I will be setting me up a gmail account so I can get your newest book. I’ve looked back at your predictions from the last few years and was amazed. Just wanted to say thanks for the info and can’t wait to see what is to come.


John, Hello. I seem to recall reading a prophecy by Nostradamus that talked about a warlike Mongol who would be part of the End Times scenario. I don’t know the Century or Quatrain number, but Nostradamus’ use of the term “Mongol” implies an Asian, right? Do you recall this prophecy yourself?

The prophecy of the great Mongol is Century 10 Quatrain 72 is also the famous “1999” prophecy of Nostradamus, for which I have often written an evolving interpretation since 1983 that anticipated the 9-11 attacks. The quatrain reads:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

In the year 1999 September month,
From the sky will come a great king of terror,
Who will resurrect the king of the Mongols.
Before and after, Mars [war] rules happily

In Nostradamus, the War with Iran, I wrote: “September clues us to the number 1999 being reversed for the date 9.11.1 when Muslim terrorists of al-Qaeda (the base in Arabic) flew hijacked civilian airliners into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. This happens around the time China emerged again as a world power – not seen since it was ruled by Mongol warlords like Genghis and Kublai Khan. Thus their glory is resurrected in our time.”

As far back as 1994, when I updated my first published book, and certainly after the second update in 2001 under the title, Nostradamus: The New Millennium, I recall presenting a new concept that would include a future leader of North Korea as a possible “great Mongol” because the Korean people are ethnically cousins of the Mongols. Then as now, I believe that interpretation to be a bit of a stretch. I still subscribe to the interpretation that Nostradamus means the Great Mongol to be a Chinese leader.

Here are links to some of my articles that include this famous prophecy over the years, plus a few referring to prophecies of those born of Mongolian stock, such as the Dalai Lama:


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