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DATELINE 3/18/13, my research is complete. Read the new article stream about Pope Francis in Prophecy. Click on Pope Francis.

DATELINE: 3/13/13. St. Malachy’s predictions. We have a Black Pope, the first Jesuit Pope in history! I am putting together the first of several articles looking at the prophetic significance of Pope Francis. He definitely has a connection to Malachy’s Pope Peter of Rome Prophecy free bulletin.  Tonight I will appear on Coast to Coast AM for a half hour or the whole hour to discuss the future of the new pope.

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North Korea Threat

Hugo Chavez Dead

Stock Market Beyond 14,000

Nostradamus and the Conclave of 2013


17 February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns
Foreseen One Year Earlier
By John Hogue

Lightning has struck the Catholic world – literally – when Pope Benedict, on 11 February, let slip the desire to resign from his office as Vicar of Christ and retire from his responsibilities as the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics (one-sixth of the human race). A few hours later thunderstorms darkened the skies over St Peter’s Basilica, like some meteorological reprise of Christ’s crucifixion in the movie, The Robe.

One might see in the shock and awe in the faces of one billion Catholics when they heard the news of the pope stepping down, a variation of actor Victor Mature’s expression as he gazed upon the dying Christ off camera in the gathering darkness.

Click on this picture and read more prophecies about who will be the last pope.

Victor Mature’s character, the slave Demetrius, hears Christ utter his famous last words before dying on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!”

I am thinking that a bewildered Catholic by the billion might have thought to utter a variation of Christ’s purported last words: “Holy Father Benedict, forgive us because we know not what you are doing!”

This just does not often happen in the Church of Rome, a tradition-bound organization that has survived 20 centuries of papal succession, usually with the pope leaving his job when God is believed to decide when the blessed moment of a pope’s departure has come – not a man. Benedict XVI looked so spent and wan during his announcement; yet, the day before when greeting and blessing people in St. Peter’s Square from his apartment window he did not look enfeebled.

Yes, he shows over the last few years of nearly an eight-year run as pope age catching up with him. Still, one could hardly compare the octogenarian Benedict’s difficulty with the rigors of office to those of his predecessor John Paul II. Benedict has no serious health issues and he got a successful pacemaker implant. John Paul II, however, for over a decade dragged his hunched over and crippled body around devastated by a relentless assault of debilitating Parkinson’s disease. He called his body God’s “hair shirt” in which his soul inside did penance.

Many Catholic believers, especially spokesmen for the Vatican, like to paint a rosy picture that Benedict is showing such bold humility to step down. What then do you call the recently “beatified” John Paul II for “not” stepping down from far more debilitating age issues and Parkinson’s disease?

What does God think about all of this?

Perhaps the superstitious got their answer in pure holy Hollywood fashion only a few hours after the abdication of the pope. Demetrius in The Robe had heard Christ’s last words on the cross when a violent thunderstorm erupted kissing his weeping face with pelting rain, framed in the glow of thunder-clapping lighting flashes.

Perhaps God got a little biblical-movie-flick medieval on the St. Peter’s Basilica. News networks around the world broadcast a dramatic lightning strike falling out of heaven to hammer the great dome. Is this just a natural thunderstorm previewing the coming of spring? Is it a divine message of displeasure because either a pope decides on his own, or is pressured by other men to retire while still standing?

Is a lightning strike on St. Peter’s dome an omen about the next pope to come, who in the Prophecies of St. Malachy is called Petrus Romanus (Peter of Rome)?

It is foretold that the namesake of the great Church under which the bones of the martyred St. Peter as first pope are buried, will be the name of the Last Pope before Judgment Day.

Benedict will surrender the ring of St. Peter, for its cracking by a hammer on the evening of 28 February 2013 – the ring that for 719 years has not been slipped off the living finger of a Pontiff complaining of enfeeblement. Off a cold, dead hand is the usual way that such rings are removed and then broken. This time St. Peter’s ring, fashioned anew for each successive pontiff to wear until that pope’s death requires its destruction, will be broken from a living pontifical retiree. The shards handed to the Camerlengo. The Cardinal entrusted to start the process of picking a new pontiff will then begin. My intuition tells me the man receiving those broken pieces of a ring will likely see his own ring finger measured for the creation of a new ring of St. Peter. (More on that below.)

I am posting this article today one year and a day after an article I posted on 16 February 2012 for OshoNews online magazine called St. Malachy’s Prophecy. I wrote the following prediction about the future of Benedict XVI. Note the words underlined:

…Rumors are surfacing that there is a growing power struggle inside the Vatican’s fortress walls – that Pope Benedict may not be long for this world, or that he might even resign his post as pilot of a bark of pontificacy, marred by sex scandals, that has run aground, requiring a new pope.

Whether this is just Internet clap trap or a real effort to force him out, at his advanced age Pope Benedict cannot long remain. The odds are that we are perhaps a year or two, no more than five years away, from seeing the Roman Catholic Church choose what will be St. Malachy’s Last Pope before apostasy turns to apocalypse.

Petrus Romanus is his motto: Peter of Rome. And he shall feed his flock when the city of the Seven Hills (Rome) is destroyed and the awful “Judge” judges the world.

(Jesus Christ! Catholic prophets are so serious!) Prophetic hyperbole often is our breathless council when living on the dark side of the future’s unopened door to tomorrow. There are other Catholic seers, near medieval contemporaries of St. Malachy, such as Joachim de Fiore, who see the coming apocalypse as a “revelation”. The Church, Pope, and priesthoods as middlemen to God are no longer needed in the coming “Age of the Holy Spirit” because humanity has a direct line with godliness incarnate.

One year and one day later, Benedict is finished as pope and I think he will fade quickly, either by natural or unnatural causes. This brings me to my second Dateline:

February 17 2013

Benedict’s Resignation
His Last Scandal

Pope Benedict XVI will diminish, retreating to the Apostolic Palace at the Castel Gandolfo, the summer residence of the popes under his new title as either Bishop Emeritus of Rome or Pope Emeritus. He will not hold any position in the Curia (the Cabinet of the Vatican State). He will be retired as the first pontiff in 719 years to cite age as the cause of his decline from performing his purportedly God-given responsibility.

Initial media bulletins when the resignation became known on 11 February 2013 made light of this rare occurrence happening nearly 600 years ago. This is actually incorrect and I am happy to see that since my first posting about the Pope’s Resignation on 11 February, the press has by coincidence of more comprehensive historical research, or by media search engines pouncing on my article, corrected this mistake.

At first, the press lazily explained the last man to step down 598 years ago was Gregory XII in 1415; however, the reasons for Gregory’s resignation were definitely not age related, even though he was 90 at the time. He would step down at last to put an end to the Great Schism (1378-1415) of the Catholic Church that often had two to even “three” successive pontiffs at any one time claiming legitimacy as Vicar of Christ for 37 years. Gregory was not going to let go of St. Peter’s throne clasped in his boney fingers unless the declaration at the 16th Council of Pisa (1409) was rescinded, naming him an obdurate heretic and perjurer. He would only step down if a “political” solution were agreed to, that all of his pontifical acts would be formerly ratified as legitimate. Stop calling him a Schismatic and perjurer, and he would retire becoming cardinal bishop of Porto. Health issues had nothing to do with it. He wanted respect and recognition. Gregory lived on at his comfortable new post for two more years.

If we seek a precedent for doddering, fading health of old age as cause for abandoning St. Peter’s throne because one is not up for the job, we have to look farther back than Pope Gregory XII to the retirement 719 years ago of Celestine V.

I wrote about his short and pathetic reign in Last Pope: Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome:


Twenty-seven months after the death of Nicholas IV a procession of several cardinals, dignitaries and their attendants could be seen laboriously making their way up the side of Mt. Morrone. The red robes of the cardinals stood out in sharp contrast to the barren and rocky wilderness of the Abruzzi region of the Apennine mountains. They met the disbelieving eyes of hermit monks who dwelled in the pile of rocks along the mountainside known as the monastery (and future prison) of San Spirito — a bleak place for those in desperate need of escape from the temptations of worldly life.

The cardinals demanded the monks produce their abbot, Pietro del Morrone. One managed to clear his throat — tightened by the paralysis of vows of silence and fasting — to say that Brother Morrone had abandoned the monastery and retired farther up the mountain to his cave 1,000 feet above sea level. An uncounted number of torturous steps later, the papal party stood at the end of their 150-mile journey from the conclave at Perugia to gaze for the first time upon the hollow eyes and gaunt face of their new pope, who blinked in disbelief behind the bars of his cell.

It took a moment for Cardinal Peter Colonna, the leader of the papal mission, to catch his breath and get used to the smell of the unwashed Holy Father-to-be, whom Peter de Rosa described as a man “peering through the bars of his home-made cell like a bewildered monkey.” A moment later this 85-year-old devout hermit watched Cardinal Colonna and the others all bend a knee to him, summarily ending his peaceful prison-cell lifestyle. After one of the longest and most contentious interregnums of the papacy, a prophecy about the Church attributed to Pietro del Morrone opened the door to its author becoming the next pope.

“No, this is not a joke,” Colonna explained, and went on to fill the hermit’s prayer-numbed mind with images of 27 months of political maneuvering by powerful families, Angevin sympathizers and the traffic jam of personal vendettas and colliding ambitions which had kept the 12 cardinals of the conclave in gridlock on a choice for Pope Nicholas’ successor.

By the spring of 1294 the deadlock had produced chaos and rioting in Rome. It was around that time that Cardinal Latino Malabranca revealed a prophecy attributed to Pietro del Moronne that “divine retribution” would befall the Church if a new pope was not soon chosen. And it was understood that this pope must be a lofty and religious man, humble and beyond worldly reproach. Once again the Church leaders were moved by crisis to look towards prophecy for the salvation of the Church… Thanks to Cardinal Malabranca’s evangelism and his pivotal power as the dean of the conclave, he managed to convince first two-thirds and later the entire body of cardinal electors that the papacy needed a pope as excessively devout and lofty as the well-known hermit, healer and prophet of Mt. Morrone.

Morrone accepted a bath, a miter cap and the fresh robes of a pontiff only under great protest. The ascetic was taken down from his mountain cell and was guided on a donkey by the hand of Charles d’Anjou’s heir, Charles II of Naples (1246 – 1309), down the mountain to Aquila, where he was consecrated as Celestine V.

The papacy of this “angel pope” was a catastrophe.

Charles II never let go, figuratively speaking, of the pontiff’s donkey leash. Celestine was taken to Naples where he became Charles’ puppet, meekly acceding to the appointment of 12 pro-Angevin cardinals, of which seven were French.

Prophecy aside, it soon became apparent that angels do not make good leaders of the papacy. Celestine may have been holy, but he was wholly ignorant of politics and even the cross-and-wafer basics of daily church duties. His Latin was atrocious, forcing the pontificate to write his edicts in Italian. And his commands only fouled the church machinery and brought more chaos and crisis. After four disastrous months Celestine – seeing what harm he was doing to his beloved Mother Church – locked himself away in his apartments, turning them into a monk’s cell.

The naive pontiff was tricked into abdicating St. Peter’s throne through the unorthodox counsel of the treacherous and ambitious Cardinal Benedetto Gaetani. Celestine had asked the cardinal, a noted expert on canon law, to find a holy loophole to get him back into his tattered and dirty habit and back up Mt. Morrone into his barred cave as soon as possible. Gaetani, under cover of darkness, drilled a hole into the wall of the pope’s cell, twisting a speaking tube into it. For several nights the hermit pope curled upon the stone floor was awakened by a voice calling out to him in the darkness:

“Celestine…Celestine…lay down your office. It is too great a burden for you to bear…”

The pope became convinced that the Holy Spirit was calling upon him to abdicate. Celestine retired soon after and was succeeded by none other than Gaetani as Boniface VIII. His successor kept Celestine under lock and key and would not grant his simple wish to return to the rocky wilds of Mt. Morrone, fearing that his own pontificate might be threatened by radical Catholic doomsday cultists and other papal enemies who might climb the mountain and pluck the former pope from his cell to lead a schism.

Boniface finally had Celestine locked behind bars in the tower of Castel Fumone, east of Ferentino. The old hermit resigned himself to his new lodgings, saying, “I have desired nothing in my life save for a cell, and a cell they have given to me.” He would live within his its confines for two more years before finally passing away in 1296. Historians claim that he was not harshly treated. Certainly a fanatic mendicant who abstained from the rich bounty of papal banquets, and preferred to munch in seclusion on dry bread crust and water, would find prison life in Fumone more to his tastes. Still, an argument could be made that he died of starvation and general neglect. Clement V had him canonized in 1313.

Before passing away, Celestine did a little prophesying himself, accurately predicting the fate of his successor: “You leaped on the throne like a fox, you will reign like a lion, you will die like a dog.”


It will eventually come out that Benedict’s “retirement” was a stealthy papal coup d’état conducted by dark forces infiltrating the Holy See. His abdication has more to do with neo-Fascists and the Italian mafia setting the stage for the return of an Italian pope to the throne of St. Peter.

Salacious priest-pedophile sex scandals might alarm and create a distance between the Catholic laity and the Vatican. This was not what took Benedict down. He was forced to resign because private papers leaked to the Italian Press last year in what is, otherwise known as the “Vatileaks” scandal, proved Benedict’s direct acquiescence to mafia money laundering at the Vatican Bank.

The butler did it! Paolo Gabriele, the pope’s personal butler, put in the hands of the press evidence that shows the ancient papal sin of nepotism is still alive and well under Ratzinger/Benedict who apparently was implicated giving lucrative contracts to friends and family.

The papers reveal the Vatican Bank scandal of the late 1970s has not been eradicated out of the Institute of Religious Works (IOR) as the bank is called. The mafia continues to launder drug money by the hundreds of millions of euros each year ever since.

The old guard, and anti-Ratzinger “Italian” faction in the Curia and College of Cardinals have been quietly making their move for over a year to pressure this pope to resign. Benedict is viewed by them as an administrative mediocrity unable to run the Church. The long experiment with non-Italian control of the Vatican since 1978 with the Polish John Paul II and the German Benedict XVI in charge is soon ending.

Watch what Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Bertone, the Secretary of State and head of the papal Curia (cabinet) does next. He is the Vicar of Christ king maker now. A new pope is coming with the spring and with him will come a “spring cleaning” of non-Italian elements in the highest posts of the Vatican.

I have not sensed such a power shift in the Vatican since September 1978 when Pope John Paul I after only one month in office was found dead in his bed from an apparent heart attack the morning he was going to fire key priests and Vatican Bank executives to put an end to mafia the drug money laundering. The then Secretary of Vatican State, Cardinal Villot when summoned to the bedroom immediately began tampering with evidence.

In my book, The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome, I wrote:

“The night before the pope planned to start his reformation of the Vatican Bank and make changes in other key posts, he retired for bed at 9:30 p.m. His servants found him at 4:45 a.m. dead in his bed, with the papers listing who was to be dismissed scattered over the covers and the floor. As soon as Cardinal Villot was summoned to the bedroom he pocketed the papers, along with the pope’s last will and testament (which had been on his desk in his study). John Paul always had a bottle of Effortil at his bedside to regulate his low blood pressure. Witnesses testified that Cardinal Villot had the bottle immediately cleared from the bedroom. Then he issued false statements to the police and the press about the circumstances surrounding the death of the pope. The controversial list has never been publicly disclosed.”

Villot did his work well, finally rushing John Paul I’s body to the embalmers, making it impossible to do an autopsy to silence suspicions that John Paul I had been assassinated by poisoning. Six months after John Paul II had been ordained pope, Villot, it is said, died from chronic bronchitis.

A whole lot of the Vatican Bank’s mafia accomplices involved in the scandal were to follow, dying of suspicious causes.

I believe the Conclave of 120 Cardinals gathering to elect a new pope on the Ides of March in a few weeks will rush to vote even earlier and I predict they will come to a vote quickly. The replacement who will soften ruffled relationships with other states and the mafia, and block any attempts to drag the retired Pope Emeritus Benedict out of Vatican City to face trial for one of a number of scandals he aided and abetted has already been chosen to become St. Malachy’s Last Pope.

February 17 2013

The Prophecies
Of  the Last Pope

Whoever the next pope is, he will be the last in what is, after the Visions of Fatima, the most famous Catholic prophecy in the world – a prophecy that will the election of the next pope may be fulfilled and thus launch the Catholic version of the Christian Apocalypse. Here then, with some bracketed updates for clarity inserted today on 17 February 2013, is a large excerpt from the article I wrote on 16 February 2012 for OshoNews Online Magazine giving an overview of this famous prophecy. It includes an introduction to my comments:


More than 850 years ago, St. Malachy predicted the names of all future popes with uncanny accuracy. Now, in [2013] there is only one more future pope on his list to be elected…

St. Malachy was the Archbishop of Armagh who reformed and reorganized the Irish Church and brought it into subjection to Rome; he was a zealous reformer and a promoter of monasticism.

In 1139, he went on a long and harrowing journey to Rome. When he finally sighted the eternal city he fell to the ground and uttered cryptic Latin phrases, each signifying the future destiny of the Popes. The manuscript that was written was locked in the labyrinth [libraries in Rome by] Church authorities declared it to be fraudulent when it was unearthed in 1595. However, the content of the prophecies is remarkable and chillingly accurate.

[John Hogue] examined the context of St. Malachy’s life, his pilgrimages and his miracles. He presents a fascinating account of the fates of the Popes and eight hundred years of Catholic prophecy –including those of contemporaries, St. Hildegard von Bingen, Joachim de Fiore and the 16th-century Catholic seer, Nostradamus, whose vision of the papal succession closely resembles that of St. Malachy.

In this first complete study of the prophecies in over a hundred years, [Hogue] brings his expertise to new revelations regarding the authenticity of the Latin mottoes. As the Roman Catholic Church continues to witness an eclipse in papal power, this masterly work uncovers the truth about St. Malachy’s prophecies and reveals their significance as an account of the papal progression, which Vatican policy makers have found too threatening to acknowledge.

During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there shall sit Peter of Rome, who shall feed the sheep amidst many great tribulations, and when these have passed, the City of the Seven Hills shall be utterly destroyed, and the awful Judge will judge the people.

We recently contacted John Hogue and asked him to provide further insight to ‘incite’ more controversy about what the prophecies of a last pope might actually mean; especially now, as the current pope seems under a cloud of scandal:

St. Malachy prophesied an end to the Roman Catholic Church and predicted the fates of the Popes until Judgment Day. After John Paul II died, German Cardinal Ratzinger took his place as Benedict XVI.

As John Paul’s Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (a religiously bureaucratic euphemism for the pope’s Grand Inquisitor), Cardinal Ratzinger offered the Reagan administration whatever help it could to persecute Osho in America and was pivotal in influencing the Italian government in preventing Osho from entering Italy during his world tour in 1986. Ratzinger ensured that petitions by Italian born [disciples] to grant a tourist visa to Osho were rejected, so that Osho’s frequent calls for a debate with John Paul on religion would not take place on Italian soil.

Ratzinger succeeded Pope John Paul in April 2005. Since then, he has taken his place on the Throne of St. Peter as the 111th, and second to last pope before St. Malachy’s presaged Judgment Day.

There has been a long held belief among monks of the most ancient of monastic orders, the Benedictines, that a Benedictine pope would herald the beginning of the tribulations before the Apocalypse. Ratzinger took the name of its founder, St. Benedict; he is not of that order, though he sees himself as championing St. Benedict’s call to conservative dogma and religious discipline that strengthened the early Church during a time of trials under the Dark Ages. Benedict XVI believes we are entering such a potentially dark time again.

In the prophecy, St. Malachy gives the pope a Latin motto that is telling on this matter. He is De gloria olivae (From the Glory of the Olive). The Benedictines have a subsidiary order of monks known as the Olivetans. Their spiritual task is to prepare the world for the apocalyptic times Jesus himself recorded while speaking to his disciples on the Mount of Olives, just before his crucifixion. Here is an excerpt:

Take care that no one misleads you. For many will come claiming my name and saying, “I am the Messiah”; and many will be misled by them. The time is coming when you will hear the noise of battle near at hand and the news of battles far away; see that you are not alarmed. Such things are bound to happen; but the end is still to come. For nation will make war upon nation, kingdom upon kingdom; there will be famines and earthquakes in many places. With all these things the birth-pangs of the new age begin. (Matthew 24: 4-8)

Jesus sets the mood of what Catholic interpreters of prophecy call the times of spiritual crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, the Apostasy. This then is followed by breakdown of civilization into wars and famines. This is the kind of global chaos foreseen by 16th-Century prophet, Michel Nostradamus, in his famous prophecy about a final Antichrist: there would be an “unraveling” of animal and man. It is as if the natural balance of earth and climate was a key portend of the coming collapse of human civilization as we have known it. [See Nostradamus’ prophecies about not one but THREE antichrists coming: click on Mabus.]

It certainly sounds like what is happening to the world today, the world under Benedict XVI. And under his reign, there has been scandal and “apostasy” in his Church shaking its foundations. As Pope John Paul’s “Grand Inquisitor” Benedict was responsible for suppressing information about decades of widespread sexual abuse of boys by priests around the world.

It would seem that “De gloria olivae” has become the “Olivetans’ pope of a church in the opening stages of an apostasy.


The rest of the article with my fulfilled prediction about the resignation of the pope you have already read in the first Dateline.

Who is the “lucky” fellow set to become St. Malachy’s last pope?

17 February 2013

And the Last Pope
Petrus Romanus
Will Be…

On the last day of February 2013, Benedict XVI will surrender his papal ring for sundering and depart to the summer residence of the popes outside of Rome whilst construction workers build him a nice retirement apartment inside Vatican City called Mater Ecclesia, a former convent.

As per tradition, the Camerlengo, Cardinal Bertone, will take over administration of the Church of Rome until a new pope is elected. There will be a two-week period allowing 120 Cardinals, none of them 80 or older, to gather as the College of Cardinals. This college will pick the next pope by ballot while locked away in the Sistine Chapel and a newly built adjacent set of apartments constructed just for what is called the Conclave. It is named after the Latin cum clave (with a key) that locks the 120 holy men in red caps and priestly drag of red and white robes inside the Sistine Chapel with no contact with the outside world. (That includes cell phones switched off and taken away by the lieutenants of the Camerlengo.)

It has been said that the voting process may officially begin on the Ides of March (15 March 2013) though there is a precedent in canon law to advance it closer to early March. The current pope not being called away to Heaven by God will not require a funeral ceremony and as it is, cardinals are already flying to Rome for the Conclave. Expect the voting in early March.

There will be one ballot held on the first day. If no one is chosen then there will be up to four ballots held each successive day: two in the morning and two in the afternoon. As we get closer to the time of the vote, I will go into more details about how the vote is accomplished.

One of the most ancient and fanciful aspects about this voting process is a stove with a pipe vent punched through the tiled roof in a corner of the Sistine Chapel that will vent smoke from the burning of the ballots. A mixture will be thrown in the fire to make black smoke if the vote does not pick a pope, a mixture for white smoke if a new pope is chosen.

Conclaves can be very short, or, like we read earlier about Celestine V, they can go on for months. Over a billion people will be watching that stove pipe vent for a sign on the first afternoon of voting. If the smoke comes up black they will get four chances the following a day and every subsequent day it takes the Conclave to pick a pope. Often there are false alarms, the wrong mix of smoker helper with burning ballots in the stove can turn the smoke black when it was supposed to be white and vice versa or leave a billion noggins scratching if it comes out a nebulous gray.

I will state again that it will be a quick conclave of no more than two days maximum. In other words, the first ballot on the first afternoon might be enough. A clinching ballot might come early the following morning of the next day if all goes to plans set in motion for more than a year now. I am of a mind that it could all be decided in in the first afternoon, but discretion might warrant another ballot the following morning. One does not want it to look too planned and too hasty, when “God” helps the cardinals vote.

So in the coming weeks the focus of interest shifts from Benedict XVI departing the stage to those Cardinals and priests considered papabille: the Italian term for those rumored inside and outside of the church to be most likely candidates for the next pope. It often happens that those most likely to be pope never become pope. My intuition would add that the following list does not contain the one who will be pope. Still, the prophetic record of my published works shows that I am usually a far better forecaster of the next year’s climate change (click on Predictions for 2013) than picking popes. You can read more about my track record by clicking on Conclave 2005.

I did say Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) had the best chance becoming pope during the Conclave of 2005 if conservatism ruled. I also presaged Cardinal Martini had the best chance for a liberal Cardinal. As it turned out Martini got the largest majority in the first round of voting but not enough to win.

Before we look at the list of papabille, let us consider a few important ways to read Malachy’s prophecy. The next pope will never be named Peter II, because an unwritten rule says the first Pope only, St. Peter himself, will be called Peter. Just like, I suppose, no one, even from the Latin American candidates would dare call themselves Pope Jesús. So, when St. Malachy gives us the name Petrus Romanus (Peter of Rome) one might look for papabille with the Christian birth name “Peter”, or some symbol of St. Peter on their heraldry, or they might belong to an order of priests serving St. Peter, or they may come from a town called San Pietro or St Petersburg, etc.

With that in mind, here is the current list of papabille. I know the sex scandal might make the following caveat a little waggish but I advise you all to follow the Cardinal peters that I have highlighted in red:

Angelo Scola, (age) 71, (Nationality) Italian. Scola is the archbishop of Milan. By tradition, many popes express their choice for the man most likely to succeed them by making that cardinal Archbishop of Milan. It happened for Cardinal Montini who later became Paul VI but it did not happen to my choice in the last round, Cardinal Martini, who in the Conclave of 2005 had already retired as Archbishop of Milan to pursue his scholarly studies in Jerusalem, though Martini did well in the first ballot. Scola is believed to be one of the favorites to succeed Pope Benedict. He founded the Oasis International Foundation, whose goal is to promote understanding between Christians and Muslims. He may indeed become a figurehead pope while the real power remains behind the scenes in the Curia, and perhaps even in the hand so the Bishop Emeritus of Rome who will still be living “in his retirement” deep inside the Vatican City Walls.

Gianfranco Ravasi, 70, Italian. Ravasi serves as the president of the Vatican’s council for culture and became a cardinal in 2011.

Christoph Schoenborn, 67, Austrian. The archbishop of Vienna is a liberal in a sea of conservative choices. In 2012, he overruled one of his priests and allowed a gay Catholic to serve on a parish council. I do not see liberals or non-Italians getting very far in the Conclave of 2013.

Peter Erdo, 61, Hungarian. Another Eastern European? (Not!) Been there, done that. Erdo is the archbishop of Budapest and heads the Conference of Bishops for Europe.

Angelo Bagnasco, 70, Italian. Bagnasco is the archbishop of Genoa. He is cut from the mainstream triumphalist, right wing cardinal stock, earning his right-wing weathervane of righteousness receiving threats from gay-rights activists after he condemned same-sex unions in 2007. I say, follow the conservatives and the Italians in this conclave. Bagnasco has a chance.

Joao Braz de Aviz, 65, Brazilian. He heads the Vatican’s department for religious congregations. He became a cardinal in 2012.

Leonardo Sandri, 69, Argentinian. Vatican chief of staff for seven years until 2007. Current head of the Vatican’s Department for Eastern Churches.

Odilo Pedro Scherer, 63, Brazilian. Archbishop of Sao Paolo, Brazil, the largest diocese in the largest Catholic country. He will have chance to vote for the next pope as he was elevated to the College of Cardinals in 2007, however, I do not see Brazil having a successful Summer Olympics “and” a liberal Brazilian Pope in Rome in the near future.

Marc Ouellet, 68, Canadian. Head of the Congregation for Bishops at the Vatican. In 2011, he was quoted as saying that becoming a pope “would be a nightmare.” As some of my readers correctly point out, Ouellet being an ancient French name will require an examination of his chances in regards to the predictions of Nostradamus in a later article. (Join my free newsletter now, and get a notice when the article is published.)

Timothy Dolan, 62, American. This Archbishop of New York City is America’s best chance for a pope but my oracle says “nope.”

Shoes of the Fisherman starring Anthony Quinn at Pope Cyril. Public domain.

Shoes of the Fisherman starring Anthony Quinn at Pope Cyril. Public domain.

Peter Turkson, 64, Ghanan. Africa’s great black pope hope for pontiff. Turkson is head of Vatican’s Justice and Peace Council. He is one of my favorites for the job, but then, Anthony Quinn was my favorite pontiff in the movie, The Shoes of the Fisherman. That, by the way, is another clue to who might be Petrus Romanus: anything to do symbolically or literally with “the fisherman”. That was St. Peter’s day job before he ran off with Yeshua. Oh, I’m sorry, I mean “Jesus Christ”. That is who the Romans “paganized” when they established a Church of Rome and thus Romanized Christianity like they did other religions, calling Yeshua by the misnomer “Jesus Christ”. The apostasy of the Christian Church began at its beginning.

Luis Tagle, 55, Filipino. Archbishop of Manila. A veritable “kid” in college of graying cardinals and thought to be a charismatic evangel of the Catholic Church where it is growing fastest, in the developing nations. I know there is great anticipation that a Cardinal from the developing world will be the next pope, but I do not foresee it happening. I believe it will be an Italian this time and perhaps the “last” time.

The person most likely to be pope is not on the papabille list. It is the Camerlengo himself, the Secretary of State. Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict’s) former secretary when he was heading John Paul II’s Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (aka The Inquisition). It is Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone, the former Vatican diplomat, Archbishop of Vercelli, Archbishop of Genoa and Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati. He is Italian and is fluent in French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. He can read Latin, Greek and Hebrew. This Sagittarian born Cardinal is 78, but unlike Benedict, he appears vital and much younger than his years.

Not only does his full Christian name contain “Peter” (Pietro) but also his birthplace plays with St. Malachy’s name for the last pope. Petrus Romanus, need not only mean Peter “of Rome”. Romanus could also indicate Bertone’s birthplace, Romano Canavese in Piedmont. Thus he is Pope Peter of Romano Canavese and Rome!

Cardinal Bertone took his vows as a Catholic as a member of the Salesian Order of St. Don Bosco in 1950 and became an ordained priest in 1960.

The Salesians of Don Bosco, also known formerly as the Society of St. Francis de Sales, is a Catholic charity institute founded in the 19th century to care for the education and spiritual development of young and poor children during the Industrial Revolution. The society’s mission today is to seek the “Christian perfection of its associates obtained by the exercise of spiritual and corporeal works of charity towards the young, especially the poor, and the education of boys to the priesthood.”

One might hope it takes a hard-loving Salesian Pontiff from a society charged with the protection of children to clean up the plague of pedophilia in the priesthood. Then again… Bertone served Ratzinger who did the bidding of John Paul II for decades, sheltering sex offenders from justice. Moreover, Bertone, the power behind Pope (Ratzinger) continued sheltering child-molesting priests during his reign.

Bertone is also Ratzinger’s point man in a fraud perpetrated to be the third and final prophetic secret of Fatima, released in May 2000. (Click on Third Secret of Fatima for more information.)

The much-anticipated single-page, handwritten presage of the last surviving witness of the 1917 apparition of the Virgin Mary, the late Sister Lucia, was passed by Bertone’s hand to the world as a “three”-page prophecy. Though the contents had been kept in secret, Sister Lucia had quoted the first line of her prophecy decades before. That first line was missing in the Ratzinger-Bertone version!

The pope foreseen by St. Malachy to begin the apostasy of the Church in its highest orders and authorities, might not wish to reveal the true Third Secret of Fatima as it was rumored to have predicted the coming Apostasy that launches the Catholic version of Armageddon and the Apocalypse.

If I am right and Bertone becomes the Last Pope Petrus Romanus, then a crisis of faith threatening the existence of the Church in Rome will deepen into full spiritual crisis and apocalypse during his reign. Even if I am wrong about Bertone becoming pope, he will still be the power behind the last pope’s throne.

St. Don Bosco, founder of Bertone’s order, shares an equally apocalyptic vision of that end similar to St. Malachy’s coda. Rome is destroyed completely and St. Don Bosco also foresees the pope and his cardinals made refugees, picking their way through the flaming ruins in a sky blackened for days in complete darkness during the time of the final pope. When reading the Fatima Forgery you will encounter a variation on his vision as if the cardinal, a Salesian, had lifted some of its elements.

The traditional coat of arms of the Salesians also has an ascending star with a comet tail. This could be a prophecy as well.

The next pope, will be chosen in 2013, the year of the great Comet ISON.

Is there a connection?

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If Comet ISON burns blue in November, it may mark the beginning of the Hopi Great Purification, a destruction of the old world as we know it for a new world by fire.

What kind of fire is left to us to ignite?

Will it be a fire of runaway global warming?

Is it the fire of awakening consciousness and love?

Which shall it be?

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With all that is happening in the upcoming Conclave, and the avalanche of comments coming in about it, look to the top of this list now for the freshest entries of your comments.


The following is a conversation stream from my Facebook page that took place a week ago related to the way people judge and counter-judge the resignation of the pope in particular and the apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church in general.

John I have never met the Pope. Have you? How is it that I’m judging anyone? Is it okay for others to make statements but not me? Being someone who choose to become catholic after many years of studying the faith but since have left all established religions because of the narrow mindedness of community ask that we all don’t feel that we are better for some reason than another and live in peace instead of fear based seclusion.

Mary, you need to read your words before you enter them in the stream. You made it sound like you had met the pope and know something we do not know about him. That was a false statement you made. Here it is again, “Reading these comments by people who have never met, spoke to or bothered listening to the Pope, or seek the truth, remind me of the principal of not looking for the speck in someone else eyes before taking the log out of your own.” First off, you haven’t met the pope. Secondly, who are you to say that the people in this stream have not met the pope? You never asked, you just made this sweeping judgment, right? I mean, who are “you” to say people in this stream have not met or heard the pope. Have you interviewed any of us before you threw that sweeping judgment out on this stream? Could we ask for an apology at least, for you speaking without thinking or verifying your points about all of us here? Thank you.

We are all judging and all the time. First and foremost, hypermoralitic religious leaders like the Pope. They know how it’s supposed to be and if you don’t agree with that vision, you’re just plain wrong at best and damned for eternity at worst. So there’s no innocence here. Judge and ye will be judged. Don’t judge and ye will be judged anyway. But there are two basic ways of judging. With facts. Or sheer gut feeling. How do you judge? I don’t expect an answer to that. That’s between you and you.

Yes Max, but there is something else going on here. One can own one’s judgments or pretend like Mary is doing here that she doesn’t judge others. That, is a fact. Moreover, judgments are not just between you and you. If I judge you a certain way, and get political and religious support for it, my judgment might get you in an oven in Auschwitz. Or, I might “judge” that a fallen priest is a higher being that gets more protection from the Church than the kid he buggers and molests. Judgment could be just between me and me if I am alone in the world, but no man or woman is an island. Our judgments have impact and consequence more than just for ourselves.

Are you having fun judging me? So is my judgement as you call it so terrible? You invite comments but judge mine as something so horrible that you condemn right away. Oh well John, it doesn’t matter.Enjoy yourself.

It is not “fun” it is fact, Mary. Moreover, what is “terrible” about your judgment of others is that it is unqualified. It is not too terrible for me, but it takes no Nostradamus to predict how terrible it “could” be for you in the future, if you keep following that habit. I hope you won’t do that. It seems hard for you to come straight up upon a point. You are elusive, tricky. You get close to admitting something and then throw it on the other. You are avoiding and now running away. This isn’t the first time, is it? Namely, I mean, you, staring something and then running away from the consequence of what you’ve said, blowing it off. Is this how you engage people in your life? And when it gets challenging, you just brush it off as something banal? You say in parting that “it doesn’t matter”. Do you matter?

On a lighter note, go Tard The Grumpy Cat. You know you have made it when you get your picture on John’s blog.

Frankly I have always looked at John’s comments as observations not judgements. He observes from different view points, study of prophecy plus his own knowledge of prophecy and seeing, hearing, feeling. That is how prophecy works. First it is a feeling or seeing of a matter then confirming it through other observations, even when I see things I still look for the absolute confirmation. Pope Benedict will be judged by himself on a higher plane. I don’t see us being judged by a pannel of men dressed in white; but at some time we have to judge our own actions. Forgiving others is so easy compared to forgiving ourselves don’t you think? … It is those little things that we didn’t do that do us in.

he Mind is Like Parchute , If not Open will’nt Work .John is SEEKER of Truth .Went Common Sense makes No More Sense , Seek No More Sense .

Yes, on a lighter note. Hi Tanya. “Tard”. What a great name for Grumpy. I didn’t know her name. I might call her Gee Cee (Grump Cat) Tard. Hugs to you and G.C. Tard.

And to Violet’s comment. Thank you. I care about people deeply to the point that sometimes an awareness in me must say things that can potentially hurt the other. It also hurts me because what I say about others is what is also true about the mind in me. This is a good “hurt”, like giving birth to something. There are good hurts too. Like a baby bird breaking the egg shell with his little gooey head. The path of truth sometimes compels me to take hold of an issue and stay the course until the necessary shock hits home like a seeding of understanding for the future. This presence doesn’t hit. I plants “seeds” in me, in others. What happened between me and Mary was a planting in the field of truth. What sweet or bitter harvest to come from this planting is up to each of us: me, Mary, and all of you who are reading it. We are free to be or not to be “response” able freedom.

To true John, I was once told ‘What we dislike in others, is what we most dispise in ourselves’. I have meditated on this and for me found this to be true. Instead of judging others, perhaps we could consider why we have a need to pass judgeement first. Defending a borrowed idology because of our conditioning is hollow compared to defending our own truth. If ones truth is a borrowed idology in this life time well, that’s as good as it get then, if ones truth comes from a deeper soul search well, good for you. But pushing ones agenda, your truth onto others, well, that’s just preaching…… And history shows us what happens to preachers….. I don’t see what you do John as preaching, rather delivering information, putting it out there for us to freely chose our truth. I never actually read or heard to push our own beliefs. No, your coin is upright not flat on its head, we get to see both sides. (Giggle) all hail G.C my new religion……….

When I approached John via email asking about meditations, he kindly sent me a lot of information on the subject….I’m so grateful and since then been meditating while enjoying the benefits of this…..THANKS John !

Obviously I don’t worship any man, especially the Pope and don’t believe he can forgive sins and etc. That’s who I am. I wish people would find their own truth in their soul knowledge instead of following others. It gives one freedom from dogma and from earthly turmoil. If God were what some perceive him to be I would not worship him, My God is a loving God who takes care of my every need.

I am saddened by the comments I have read. People who talk about love, light, peace,..then turn around and spesk with mean hearts about someone you have never met, only have the vaguest idea about. Most of the posters above show clear anti-Catholicism. John….I joined your page becauase I found it interesting. What I was appalled to find is you encouraging religious bias. To the rest of you pseudo-Christians, if you took the time to educate yourself you would know that while the Church teaches that whomever is Pope, the are merely God’s representative on earth. It also teaches that the Pope is both human as as fallible as the rest of is mere mortals. I am not defending the Church or its behavior …..however I refer you all to read John: 8.7.

John is not encouraging religious bias! He is encouraging clear thought through meditation. That is so far beyond the religious propaganda and control. Do you not realize that ethics and moral behavior do not require religion?

Anne, the first half of you letter was written from your own words and it is appreciated, even though I cordially disagree with you position because it repeats Mary’s position, which I have already written about above.

We always are repelled by the judgments we do not accept in ourselves. Look how your letter halfway through, turned into a parroting of Catholic dogma.

It wasn’t your voice talking. Someone else overtook your voice. And also, it is clear that when you let the priests possess your voice you do not question their statements. It is clear to anyone who questions, to anyone who actually reads Catholic Canon law, that “Ex Cathedra” (infallible) edicts and declarations are given and have been given by the popes, even modern popes like Pius XII. A number of popes are on historical record claiming that they are infallible channels of God’s will. But you are right, the Church of Rome and its priests and nuns are fallible men and women.

The danger is, the most powerful princes of the Church pretend to be otherwise until cornered by fact and truths that their dogma cannot explain or cover up. Case in point, John Paul II ordered Cardinal Ratzinger to protect pedophiles from justice during his long reign. Ratzinger sustained that suppression and protection of sex-offensive priests sodomizing and masturbating innocent children as Benedict XVI. On the rare moments when the Church had to give press releases their first priority was the need to protect the Priesthood. As you will see in good documentaries about this crime, such as “Mea Maxima Culpa (HBO), the official Vatican response for the long dark years of this crime against children, the communiqués never mentioned the children and their need for protection. Indeed, the Church under JP II and Benedict XVI recycled errant priests back into parishes where they sodomized and played with the genitals of children ONCE AGAIN. Where was the admission of “fallibility” then? Only when the Church princes are pushed up against a wall for their crimes do they drop the mask of holy infallibility. I know it hurts to hear this, Anne, and I am sorry to hurt your feelings. Still, it is time to move away from being the unthinking, blind believing “sheeple” led by the Pastors of pedophilia.


First we start with a few comments that anticipated my new follow-up article that took a week to piece together after my initial Dateline: 11 February 2013 posting:

John: I’m just eagerly awaiting your next commentary newsletter on the Pope’s Resignation. Is this event already foretold in one of your books? Interesting timing for it: a New Moon in Pisces, beginning of Mercury Retrograde, sun still in Aquarius…what are the stars also telling us? -K.

Yes the New Moon in Aquarius came in on the 9-10 of Feb. Just before the announcement. The Sign of Uranus is full of Aquarian surprises was it not? The more important New Moon to watch is around March 11 when the Conclave, if it is set to go forward earlier than 15 March, might “announce” a new pope under Pisces. That bodes for a murky choice promoted less by spiritual Neptunian urges and more by hidden enemies of the subconscious. The retrograde of Mercury will be active during an earlier Conclave. It is a good time to reflect on the past. I think the hierarchy will be busy doing that during the Conclave. However, the Piscean New Moon might bring confusion and a lack of communication too. I have been saying this Conclave will be fast, if the votes drag on, I would blame it on New Moon and Mercury retrograde communication crises.


John: I have both your books on this matter, they are both prized possessions and I have read and studied them. Benedict XVI will be gone Feb. 28 and now we move to “Peter the Roman.” Will you be writing in this area? If not, any firm notions about who The Roman would be? Regards, Daniel J. Grasse

Thank you for reading both my long and short editions of the Last Pope and its prophecies of St. Malachy. Yes, I will embark upon an upgrade of the big version of the book once we know who the Last Pope is, and I have done my research into his life and symbols. Once I finish adding some of these comments to this page, I must go back to finishing Predictions for 2013 first. I am thinking it will now be delayed further once again because of time sensitive prophetic issues. I thought I was finished with that with 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. Then came the pope’s resignation. Now I have 2013 “and” The Last Pope” to work on, finish and release in March sometime (for 2013) and early April for Pope. Those of you interested in reading more about 2013, click on prophecy 2013. In the meantime you can satisfy a lot of your prophetic questions by reading my small eBook, the Last Pope Revisited. Click on Vatican.


Eagerly awaiting your thoughts on the resignation of the current Pope. Does this set the stage now for the last Pope?


Now I would like to carry over some of my comments from my Facebook Friends and my replies:


WENDY (Facebook friend)
Are you familiar with the Magdalene laundries? Just horrible what the catholic church did to those women.

No, Wendy, I am not. There are so many crimes against humanity collected over 20 centuries of the Papal States, the Holy Roman Empire and the modern Vatican State that I missed this one. I mean, with the burning of witches, the forcible conversion of Native Americans, the burning of Mayan and Aztec history books and literature, the Crusades and its many massacres of Jews and Muslims, the Albigensian Crusade that killed an estimated 2 million, the 16 centuries of canon sanctioned law that pinned the blame on Jews collectively for the crucifixion of Christ that gave us the yellow caps and the yellow arm bands with the star of David that later on Hitler adopted for his own persecution of Jews and so on. We get the word “Ghetto” from the foundry in medieval Venice, in which, with Pope approval the Venetians crammed all of their Jewish population inside. The popes for 16 centuries perpetrated a religiously sanctioned anti-Semitism that created the climate for the Holocaust in World War II. All the chief perpetrators of the Holocaust as boys were Catholics instructed in triumphalist supremacist Catholic dogma. Hitler, Heydrich, Eichmann and many other notorious criminals of the Holocaust are what happen when a Church irresponsibly sanctions hate as holy writ.


JOY (Facebook friend)
Just looked at “october1958.com” It’s clear to me that this caller has no idea of your background or your experience and is an apologist for the Catholic Church. He also doesn’t know who Osho is. Clearly clueless.

Hi Joy. It was interesting how that question that caused the guy to melt down just popped in, medium-style, from an innocent-childlike intelligence. The question cut to the root of his big bush of conspiracy theories and Catholic supremacist stuff. The question completely unsettled him and he avoided it. I would have had much more respect for him if he had had the courage to say, “Yes! I hate Jews and here’s why.” When the truth is expressed, even if it is a dark truth, there is chance now that air can expose the motivating wound behind it. I did a lot of that work in my 1998 book on papal prophecies. I hope more of my readers will take a look at it.

Here’s another comment from Joy from Facebook:

My very sickening suspicion is that the pedophilia is actually a ritual of the Catholic Church. That there is a lot more sexual “magic” in this than just a bunch of twisted individuals that just somehow find themselves as priests. I believe it is sanctioned, and has been for 100’s of years as a ritual to consecrate and keep the Priesthood bound to each other. It’s finally coming to light, in the bright glaring light, and these people believe that it’s important to keep doing it, that’s why they keep transferring priests around. I know that’s bizzare but to me it makes perfect sense. Remember, these people burned women at the stake too.

Whitley Strieber and I recently did a show on papal prophecies and apostasy. I believe it may be in the subscriber only part two of our interview but Whitley spoke about a satanic infestation of the priesthood that used Satanic pedophilia rituals to create this unholy bond under the robes of holy orders. I used to work in an occult book store and supply shop in Southern California and I had my eyes opened to a lot of strange stuff going on with corps of Army officers to priests who bought magic tools that inferred they would be using them to practice some serious Satanic stuff in magic rituals. Anyway, check out Whitley Strieber’s recent radio show interviews here: Dreamland.


BONITA from Facebook:
It’s always such a pleasure to hear you speak! Your clarity and calmness really shines throughout your work. And BTW, not to embarrass you…but…your voice has a very pleasing resonant frequency. Thanks for adding to the good magic in this reality! 🙂

Hi Bonita. Thank you for your comments. Meditation helps me be centered and catch myself getting too serious. The “voice” had a lot of help from vocal training from Irene Chapman and Bill Chapman (my second father, really, and mentor, who died last year.) I was Bill’s protégé. He was a lead singer for the New York City Opera. I was an opera singer professionally in my teens and early 20s until the call to create my own works in solitude took this double-Scorpio with his Sun (5 degrees) and his Venus-Saturn and Ascendant (20-21 degrees) in Scorpio, in the 12th house, made it more natural to do what I’ve been doing, 22 books and counting, ever since.

Now we go back to regular Hogueprophecy comments:


Hi John, What’s your reaction on the resignation on the Pope? People think that only one more Pope will be in office and it’s predicted the Pope from Africa. Is prophecy coming true for those who believe in Revelation? Thanks

There are two Black cardinals, Arinze from Nigeria and the Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana I listed above in my papabille section. The first used to be a popular choice 8 years ago, the latter more so now. I do not predict we will see an African Pontiff as much as I would like to say, yes, my oracle says, no.


I think the final pope will be Peter Turkson, I was looking up some Nostradamus stuff and he referenced a black cardinal, the interpretation I saw said it probably meant a priest that became a cardinal. When I googled “black pope peter” I saw Peter Turkson’s name, later that week I read some Malachy that referenced Petrus Romanus, which got me to wikipedia Peter Turkson, I discovered Peter is from Rome, Italy. Let me know if you already knew this or if it helps please, have a great day!

There is nothing in Nostradamus that says “black pope Peter” in the prophecies. As often happens, amateur Nostradamus “scholars” get published doing the usual amateur things beginners do, which is stretch the original Renaissance French far beyond where they should. The “noir” anagram prophecies speak of a black leader, and in my book Nostradamus and the Antichrist, published back before Obama was elected president, I said he was this “black king” and that he would kill Osama bin Laden with an attack on the ground in Pakistan.


Hey, John! Doesn’t Nosty say that the last pope will be of swarthy skin? And that his name will be Peter? Hey, if this African gentleman (whose skin is rather “swarthy”…) and whose name HAPPENS TO BE PETER??????, gets the nod, can we expect Bibbi to hit Tehran soon? Is this all playing out??? No way….THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!! (All this while meteors are flyin’ by…). If he DOES get in, you better get on Coast right away! But if the next pope is European, (or even Asian as there is an Oriental in the running..) then I’ll be quite relieved and I can continue to rape and pillage for a little while longer… But if “Peter” IS crowned…I guess I’ll start usin’ those credit cards even MORE aggressively!! Wow. This CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!!

Bad translations of the French on Internet and on the many mediocre books published about Nostradamus give life to red herring forecasts. There is no swarthy pope. As for Bibi (Netanyahu) the prime minister of Israel striking Iran. I have always explained and in detail that the great, and most calamitous war possible in the Middle East, against Iran is slotted by Nostradamus’ astrology to better happen in mid-decade. Read more about it by clicking on Iranian Revolutionary Guards.


Mr. Hoague You have a new book out and one about the Last Pope ,but I need the books in KINDLE format thru Amazon or it’s no use,so if you’d see about this it would be good.Thanks

Kindle books are pdf files. You can read all my list of books below on your kindle if you use a pdf APP that are free for downloading. You can Google where. Here’s some of the e-books you can read on your kindle, your cell phone, or your iPhone:

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There were a couple letters from “Mark”. I need not bother you with his first longwinded letter. Suffice it to say, it was filled with the usual claims that Apostasy of the Church began with Vatican II, that Ratzinger is not a conservative but a liberal (I guess he has not noticed the steps Benedict has taken to turn the reforms of Vatican II backwards). Then the anti-Semitic polemics began. Mark said, “would Ratzinger praying in mosques be considered “conservative”, or Ratzinger saying that Judaism is a means to salvation?” (I would like to see Ratzinger’s exact quote, because this is taken out of context).

Then, as is all too predictable in such letters I got a lecture about what my real agenda was, that I was pushing the Jewish Cabala, that I was a liberal Catholic.

Actually I do not belong to any religion, theist or atheist. My real agenda is to share this insight: all religions are a form of corporate take-over of the living teachings of enlightened masters. With time the Religious Industrial Complex the memory of the original teachers is turned into myth and their teachings warped by unenlightened stretches to make for good business for political organizations that act as spiritual mafias of the soul. To me, true religiousness will thrive on this planet when the religions die out with a whimper in the coming centuries. Religions – whether they are theist of atheist – will be remembered as a symptom of our spiritual childishness.

Anyway this poor and projecting fellow, Mark, thought I was being very arrogant with the first two callers on the Coast to Coast AM show. (That is a minority view among you. The general feedback has been that I was calm and centered and the second fellow had gone into a fit and had a tantrum over me asking if he hated Jews.

I do agree with Mark about one point he said, but not from the same angle. Mark said: “It was comical how you asked the 2nd caller if he ‘hated jews’ because he mentioned Rothschild? Grow up John, please.”

The caller’s meltdown was comical. That is why I laughed aloud just before we had a time out for commercial. Still, Mark is partially right.

I am not growing up.

I am growing “in”.

Meditation does that. It does not fight with pruning the leaves of the mind’s many trips, conspiracy theories and the tangle of false conclusions derived from such. Meditation cuts to the mind’s root. The root of that second caller’s whole agenda was a fundamental fear and hatred of Jews. That is why meditation in me asked him if he hated Jews. His coming unglued and started spouting Talmudic passages that I will point out are spurious translations coming from a string of anti-Semitic writers from the 1830s to 1964 a little later. His immature reaction to my question was enough of a moment of truth to tell me at least that the caller did hate Jews. Why otherwise was there a reason to get all upset?

Then Mark, here, ramped up the same polemics in his first letter and I asked him if he also hated Jews. This was his reply (I apologize for his bad grammar and aversion to using capital letters and apostrophes):

No, i dont hate jews, but they need to covert to Christ. The “jews” were just pagans Khazars 1200 years ago, and are NOT semitic people. Oh yes John, many rabbis today would kill Christ again, just check out the Talmud to see what they really think of Jesus. Of course, you would have to put down the cabala for 2 minutes in order to learn more about the lovely talmud. Since i answered your question, let me ask you one- Are you a homosexual, John?

Khazars? Jews not being Semites?? (Chuckle) I guess the next thing you are going to proclaim is that the Apollo astronauts did not walk on the Moon and the Earth is flat. There is a thing called “archeology”. You might look into it. This kind of virulent racism is ever based on a hate-filled ignorance masquerading as fact. At least you are open about it and did not have a meltdown (yet).

It is true though, that the Talmud is very critical of “Yeshu” the idolater and there are references to his being stoned and hung on the eve of the Sabbath, that the “Virgin” Mary was an adulterous woman and that Jesus was her bastard son and that Jesus scratched out a living in Egypt as a day laborer. He learned Egyptian magical arts, returned home and declared himself a God, created a cult of heretics and so on.

Mark, if you cannot appreciate it, at lease others from all over the world who will be reading your letters and my replies will appreciate that no established religion welcomes new religions. All great world teachers have terrible report cards from the mafias of the soul that they threaten. The Brahmans hated Buddha, the Sanhedrin hated Jesus (Yeshua), the pantheistic Arabs hated Muhammad, Nanak of the Sikhs was hated by Muslims and Hindus alike. All established religions threaten heresy and death for those who teach a new religiousness. Indeed, all new religions are considered cults until they gain enough mainstream popularity and political clout to be called “Religions”.

I find the passages in the Talmud that denounce Jesus have a similar tone of intolerance that I see in your letters. For instance, Jesus is called a bastard, and you are thinking I am a homosexual. It smells of an ancient fear to me. The fear of established religions threatened by the new. This cycle of fear and persecution of the new is as old as humanity’s search for religious truth.

One last thing, for accuracy’s sake, the caller on Coast to Coast who referred to Rabbis poised to kill Jesus again is not in the Talmud. Anti-Semitic authors added these fraudulent statements in medieval times and more recently since the 1830s by a Jew-bating Catholic Abbé Chiarini of Paris, France, who published a long-winded tome entitled “Théorie du Judaïsme.” His translations of the Talmud are inaccurate stretches that made the work for the first time available to anti-Jewish campaigners like you, Mark, who do not read Hebrew.

From Chiarini the translations descend further into virulent polemical books by August Rohling (Der Talmudjude, 1871), the Talmud Unmasked (1892) and Elisabeth Dilling’s “The Plot against Christianity, published in 1964. The last two books are usually the source of inaccurate translations that hyperbolize the Sanhedrin’s real dislike of the new teachings of Jesus into this fiction of Rabbi’s with their knives ready for his Second Coming that are so popular with White Supremacists and Pre-Vatican II Catholic triumphalists venting on the Internet to this day.

OK, that should do it for Mark. Now I am ready to go after Luke, Matthew and John. (Just kidding…)

dear john, i have been inclinded in the past to pay attention what you say but your condescending speech regarding what you cant see as right or good in some people has reduced at least your intellectual stock with me. sincerely. s. m.

Unfortunately Sue is another cowardly reader who plays email inbox hit and run. She delivers her slam and then prevents a response from reaching her. But Sue, it isn’t so easy as that to hit and hide. Now your comment will be shared to the world as will my reply that you had not the integrity to receive:

Hey Sue, when you accuse someone of something, be respectful at least to yourself and honor your accusation with examples. When I hit people, I respect them enough to give examples to “why” I say what I say about them. Please honor yourself at least by having enough integrity to cite examples of condescending speech.

I’m still hopeful that she will respond to this.


John, The “judgment” spoken of in Malachy’s prophecy is the min-Judgment or you are aware…the Great Warning (Rev 6:15-17). This happens soon, at the end of the 6th Day. The Final Judgment comes after the 7th Day, the Millennium. Jesus said in Matt 16:18, Satan will not destroy My Church. It will be everyone’s choice in the Great Warning to say yes or no to what God shows us…there’s one plan, so one faith. God’s grace is working on you… Mary

I am so grateful that even Christ’s mom, the “Virgin” Mary, felt the need to leave her comment. All seriousness aside, I feel her sincerity. It is unfortunate that at this time she cannot see herself as parroting someone else’s belief system. That is the fundamental problem with faith-based religion. It is borrowed. Faith and dogma borrowed from the outside must deny and even suppress the inner experience of the mystery within. That is why I am not a man of faith, but a man of Trust. I trust the mystery within me and I use meditation to become more aware of what is integral to the inner eternity in me.

Osho used to say that we are all born intelligent, that stupidity is borrowed. In the name of religion, people have retarded their spiritual intelligence, seen it buried and suppressed. People who could be Christs or Buddhas are turned into their parrots called “Christians” and “Buddhists” by priesthoods in drag with funny hats, either with too much hair or no hair left at all. The blind parrots lead the blind parrot-parishioners.

One thing the great teachers like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or any other human being share who had the misfortune to have their truth buried under the rock upon which a Corporate Religion was built. They didn’t belong to any of your religions like you do. They were not parrots, squawking the holy bottom line of dogmas. They questioned the religious authorities and sent the world into new revolutions of human enlightenment’s evolution.


Mr. Hogue…In answering a query from one of CtC’ program last night, when the speaker noted that the Rothschilds were involved in money activites and other influences in the Vatican, you reacted as if Jewish…and then stated that Jesus was a Jew! Hardly! But for someone who is not a Christian, I would anticipate such foolish comments…Jesus came from the House of David and was not a “Jew”…You might call Him Judean, but that does not make the Jews of His time, Judeans…or true Israelites..since this crowd who came back from Babylon were racially comingled with Esau/Edom and other alien tribes later..So these “Jews” were not Israelites,the people to whom Jesus says He was only sent, and those to whom He directed His disciples to ONLY go…I cannot understand why George would get a non Christian to discuss the Catholic Church..

I think John R.N. has grown up with waaaaay toooo many pictures in Catholic Churches of Jesus Christ looking more like an Aryan Lohengrin than a Jewish mystic. I would say the same for the wonderful nose job the Roman Catholic Church artists perform with the stroke of a paintbrush dipped in a little anti-Semitism. If Hitler could somehow argue that Jesus was an Aryan, I guess anti-Semites of lesser stature can conjure up their stories about Jesus (Yeshua) not being Jewish.

It is understandable and John R. N. has my sympathies because the traditionalist up to Vatican II reforms in the 1960s sustained for 16 centuries canon law that branded all Jews as guilty of Christ’s crucifixion. The Catholic Mass until Vatican II promoted the Jews as “perfidious”, even two decades after the Holocaust. Ugliness cloaked in the name of God had its run for 1,600 years of Catholic-sanctioned, Holy Roman anti-Semitism. It had created a climate in Europe for hundreds of generations, spoon-feeding Catholic believers to fear and hate Jews, cram them into Ghettos, steal their children for conversion, force them to wear yellow hats, yellow armbands with the Star of David. How strangely hypocritical, that Jesus, who WAS as Jew, who in their own New Testament is identified as the successor to King David of the Jews, sees David’s symbol used to mark his own people – often for persecution and massacre. It is sick. It is evil. Worse than this, it is a long programmed habit of 16 centuries. Bad habits are hard to transcend, especially when the Vatican and most of its traditionalist popes protect them.


Now I will finish answering the Grumpy Cat-Tholics will a real holy humdinger:

Heard your show on coast to coast last night….you are truly diabolical, we can see it in your eyes as its clear you are a cabalist and you are pushing your filthy lies….you know nothing about the Catholic Faith and nothing about genuine Catholic prophecy….I love how you got so defensive with the 2 callers from last nights show who happened to be Traditional Catholics….you used the typical communist “anti-semitism” card, and you avoided the whole subject about the judeo-masonic subversion of the Catholic Church because you are on the cabalist payroll and you know that since Vatican 2 the CC has been totally under a jewish-illuminati influence, but you have no guts John and you are a satanic schemer. … John- you are a total fraud and you are in denial of the judeo-masonic takeover of the Vatican….stop bragging about your 22 books, because you suck and know nothing about Catholic prophecy

Sometimes when I read at these rants that sound like they are laced with alcoholic-colic, I think readers like Umberto are working on their golden years. Golden as in stained pants they’ll be wearing when they stagger down the street, homeless, talking to themselves out loud, like some grumpy, mean old man. Muttering like Popeye the Sailor Man long retired from the cartoon and long winded about it. Blaming life’s disappointments on the Jews, Madonna’s Caballa, the Masons. Me.

When Umberto sent his email smoking inside my inbox the subject line was “John Hogue you Suck”. I thanked and informed him that I would answer his letter before my entire Internet community I changed the email subject line from “John Hogue you Suck” to something like: John Hogue, you Diabolical, filthy Jew-loving, Satanic Scheming, total faud, and you suck.

He wrote back giving his mixed blessing blended with more variations of saying “you suck!”

With the kind of scandals that are floating around inside a Church undergoing a “sucking” crisis, I might “swallow” that derogatory term before uttering it and stick with calling me a filthy, Cabbala reading Jew of Satan, scheming my total frauds. And I would put a period at the end of the last sentence about not knowing a thing about Catholic prophecy (period).

A word to those worrying a bone of contention about what I write and say. Be mindful not to do the Sith thing. Going emotionally off course speaking in absolutes like Umberto here.

Remember in Star Wars when Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and became a disciple of Benedict XVI? (Oops, sorry, I mean Darth Sidious, I keep getting the two confused.) Anyway, Obi Wan Kenobi made one last try to get him back to the Bright side of the Force on that volcanic planet, prompting his glowering former student to say, “If you are not with me then you are against me!”

Remember Umberto, when you freely call people Satanic schemers that know nothing at all about Catholic Prophecy or anything else. Remember Obi Wan’s reply: “Only the Sith speak in absolutes.”


After I got Umberto’s letter, I received this one from Australia:

Hi John I have recently finished listening to you on coast to coast. You are a breath of pure fresh air. Very difficult to find someone whom immerses themselves into a subject, researches objectively, has a sense of awareness as to its sensitivity to others from both sides and can remain Balanced in delivering the researched information. Finding the Truth about our very existence is difficult in this system and its nice to stumble across someone occasionally who one can relate to. Sincerely Mark from Oz

I  feel I am on the right track when angry letters, and even outright hate mail is immediately followed by letters of support.


And from my Facebook friend, STEVE B.:

Hi John there are warnings in many texts about the tree of life (YIN) being our universal self, becoming out of balance and non reflective in the tree of knowledge (YANG). In other words our construct of reality is damaging to our greater being. (Be-in-God.) The ancient cultures had the right in the idea that we are both inside and a part of the god head. The mystery is still a mystery to many today and pseudo gods like those constructed with IT seem to be the point of worship for many. Little do they realize that the more we ‘work with’ nature instead of trying like that king on the beach to control and dominate the better our lives will become.

And now from Catholic Canon bashing to Dolores Cannon bashing:


Dolores Cannon has always said that nothing major or drastic will happen on December 21st, 2012, and that it is just dramatization. Transition on to 5d is supposed to be gradual.

Minti’s note was recently placed in the New Age Sewage article about Dolores Cannon, but I thought I would leave a comment about it here as well. I must remind people that Dolores Cannon in the past has written that 2012 would be a signifiant day in prophecy. People who have read my work over the last 30 years also know that I have evolved my study of the Mayan Calendar prophecy, that these ancient Mesoamericans had a more accurate prophecy time clock than any other tradition and that perhaps the uneventful turning of the year 2000 meant the millennium’s turning was off by 12 years. However, since 1997 when I shared my conclusions in the book Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies one can read in detail my evolution of study about 2012’s lessening significance as a doomsday date. Also you can see my final conclusions on this matter by reading the recently release eBook, Nostradamus 2012: The End of End Times.

The Mayan Calendar does have significance, but mostly not that projected upon it by New Age “Gringos” for north of the border as some corrected date for doomsday or contact high enlightenment for the human race. Also, Nostradamus has been dragged into the 2012er New Age Cult discussions without a single author in the over 3,000 books published on 2012 coming up with clear evidence that Nostradamus ever wrote about that year. This illusory connection to the Maya is falsely claimed either as a direct projection by New Age authors like Vincent Bridges or from an innocent mistake by Maya Anthropologist Carlos Barrios. What is amazing to me is how Nostradamus by coincidence and no direct connection to the Maya, gives us openly the year and time of the correct Mayan Calendar change of the 13-Baktun 5,125 year cycle.


hey john just a quick question. i know you have no love for dolores cannon and i personally have never been a fan my self but i did read her books on nostradomus a few years ago and there is some info that kind of sticks out in my mind. one being that you’ll be able to recognize the anti christ because there will be great debate and question about where he was born and where he comes from. and that his puppet pope willbe of french origin in some way. and with pope benedict recently announcing that he will be stepping down i’ve noticed that one of the candidates is a french canadian to replace him as pope i just thought it was a strange coincidence especially with the whole birth certificate thing with obuma. just wondering if you had any thoughts on the matter.

First off, to be clear, I have no love for Dolores Cannon’s illusions about contacting Nostradamus through an intermediary. I also gave here a clear warning that I would aim publicly to dismantle her theories when we were to appear at the Axiom Convention back in March 1997. I do not believe in ambushing people but if you write something in these pages or say something to my face that is stupid and you will be awarded with a hard hitting, root cutting, compassionate reply. When I hit people it is an act of love.

I cannot hate people, but I can hate their illusions. Since we live in a dialectical world there is such a thing as “right hating”. But I have found that I cannot hate anyone because to do that somehow hurts one’s soul because of the connection all being ultimately has. I know from first hand experience, ever since that encounter on a panel that when Dolores sees me, if looks could kill… She definitely hates my guts. I feel sorry for her when she poisons her spirit like that.

The French Canadian Cardinal I will comment on further when we get closer to the Conclave in early March because there are some interesting predictions made by Nostradamus about that.


Your intensity of belief in what you are sharing is evident. There is passion in your Internet voice. Perhaps the focus on requests for being paid for what you have to share could be less evident and passionate. Just a thought.

They are not equal. I give to my readers far more than I ask in support. This is your projection, because you have issues about being asked to pay for things. You would rather take for granted what goes into this work and just read it for free, unmindful and uncaring about the cost it draws from me, my health and my finances. I am most fortunate that your concern about me asking for money puts you in a small minority of misunderstanding readers.

Even when I ask for donations, I am giving you gift eBooks in return, sometimes with extra and special chapters just for them. Why not turn your energy around Sherry. I have no record of you giving anything back in all these years of reading. Why not be generous, just a little bit. And I do not mean this just for Sherry, I mean it about “you” reading this, if you are like Sherry, using this website and thinking like she does about money issues.

For a donation of 12.50 or a little more you can get these gift eBooks sent to you as thanks. These are ready for download now:

Nostradamus 2012: The End of End Times

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This one will be ready for download the weekend after spring comes in March:

Predictions for 2013


Finished reading THE LAST POPE REVISITED and completely enjoyed it. While reading the Religion Section of Huffington Post and the Last Post Prophecy. [Click on Huffington Post.] I found this paragraph interesting: \”Another point Weiss raises is the line between the prediction for No. 111 \”glory of olive\” and No. 112 Petrus Romanus. \”It reads, \’In the extreme persecution in the Holy Roman Church there will sit…\’ It\’s an incomplete sentence,\” Weiss said. \”Apparently a lot of scholars believe that line is an incomplete sentence indicating that there will be unidentified popes between the [\”glory of olives\”] and Peter the Roman.\” \” I would like to know your take on that statement. Thank you, Mia

First off. When I read the line, it is making a statement like a title to a chapter. Notice that this purported original printed page at Huffington Post shows the author putting periods after his titles. See the “Liber Secundus.” Notice he puts periods after all the mottoes too. I am a little surprised at Father James Weiss not pointing this often used Renaissance custom of putting periods at the end of every line, title, subtitle and sentence.

Perhaps Father Weiss is following orders from the Vatican to stretch out the list as much as he is stretching out the Latin inference. I will address this in more detail when I update my book The Last Pope, after we have a pope chosen.


John, I am interested in the meditation techniques that you use and the links you mentioned. The fact that you are fond of Osho is quite synchronistic to me. I was a young Marine nearly 13 years ago, bored, and browsing the local Barnes and Noble off base when I stumbled upon a book called “The Book of Secrets” by Osho. The title alone drew me in and I spent close to an hour flipping through the pages deciding if I should buy it. I did, and that book went with me during many years of travel and moments of happiness and dispair. The book found it new home in a friend who failed to return it to me and who I haven’t seen since my move. I like to think that it was time for it to be in someone else’s hands, so that it may benefit them the way it did me. That book was extremely influencial in breaking down some of my social conditioning and in many ways changed the way I look at the world. It was the first book I’d read on mediatation or religious concepts outside of the bible. I have only a passing interest in prophecy and have browsed through you site on and off for a year or so, but that you had studied under Osho and have some knowledge that you’d hopefully like to pass on is very exciting for me. Thank you for the work that you, I apprieciate anybody that searches for truth.

I have sent Scott links and information about the meditations I practice since 1980. You can also ask and receive them by going to my Contact link and putting just one word on the subject line: Meditation.


greetings: what do you think the federal reserve will do under this upcoming transit, make a stab at eliminating cash? or maybe the other way by backing the currency up with p. metal.? POPE TALK- according to the Billy Meier Plejarens Vatican city sits on a volcanic hotspot, magma chamber, so it could go one day. They,PJs ,certainly have the tech to know this. SATURN transiting SCORPIO- astrologically propitious time for the U.S. to do something about the debt. THEN it’s over! I hope they get their ass into gear! 2016 ELECTION- Clinton -Gore*again? * oh, by the way GORE had the votes if they had of kept on counting, and won the election according to JIM MARRS Jeb BUSH- Republicans best chance? best, I record coast(dvd recorder hooked up to am radio)

XB, when you said that Uranus’s transit of Taurus was coming soon, I have to point out that it will not be coming until May 2018. Not that soon, really. What Uranus in Taurus will signify is the time when the climate begins a shift into runaway global warming.



In the prophecy of saint malachy Malachy is prophesying about the destruction of the city of Rome during the great tribulation from the book of revelation in chapter 17, from the holy Bible this was always understood. The Holy Bible is flawless however, we aren’t in the Tribulation period right now. I was just wondering then if when it says during the last persecution of the holy roman church it means the current sex abuse scandal currently happening right now within the church? Pope Benedict XVI even called it the greatest persecution of the church back in 2010. It seems just as he’s stepping down it is really getting out of hand. Peter the roman is coming in while the church is in turmoil. Pope Benedict and the cardinals are calling for a younger pope with more energy and better health to take the Holy Seat because of this. The prophecy of Saint Malachy says Peter the roman feeds the sheep through MANY tribulations’ plural. The sex abuse scandal is probably one of the many tribulations in cluding the great tribulation.


Do not speak in absolutes. When you say the destruction of Rome is described in book of Revelation Chapter 17 in the “Holy” Bible has “always” been understood to mean this. First off, the Number of the Beast in Revelation is 666. This number is the numerical representation of the Greek letters for “Neron Kaisar” (Nero Caesar). This is the key to Revelation revealing best what Preternists in Christian prophetic circles claim. Revelation was supposed to cover events in the First Century, NOT the 21st Century. Secondly, the assumption that the Bible is “holy”.  A study was made listing all the acts of rape and pornography in the bible and it makes the “Holy” book a more salacious read than Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine.

I will agree with you that the next pope will have a whole world of scandals to manage and mostly divert attention to and outright suppress. Your view that a younger pope is being called is just coming from you own mind, really. People are often reduced to “sheeple” programmed to look for a pastor to lead the flock. I am not saying your are insincere, Eve. I am saying you are looking at these issues and Peter of Rome through the eyes of a sheep of the Church and its Pastors have you right where they want you: Bleet-lieve-ing.

Here are a string of older comments entered from 11 through 17 February 2013 that only now (10 March) am I able to comment on or just post for your reading I time and Conclave no longer allow me the time. Either way, thank you for all of your comments!

Hello Mr Hogue, at this moment I am in China to be exact Fujian China were there has been lots of military movement which I have been seeing in the mountains where I paint.I’m getting nervous and was wondering do you have anything written about China & Japan because if something is going to happen I want to leave.Thank you Kathy

Fujian is astride the Straits of Taiwan. I doubt this military action has anything to do with Taiwan but it does have something to do with the growing military bluff and toughing going on near Taiwan where islands disputed by the Japanese and the Chinese are involved. In my presages for 2013, I will speak directly to the possibility, later this year for a Sino-Japanese War.


In reading an article today written in 2005 by John Christian Ryter, paragraph 4, it says the Benedictines added a 112th pope versus Malachy’s 111 popes. Have you ever heard that before, and if you have what do you know? Could it be possible that world events keep them from voting on a new pope? Supposedly there is a cathedral in Rome with pictures of all the popes in order, and that there was only one space left after John Paul II, so some people speculated that Benedict would be the last. I am going to open up my hardback copy of the Last Pope now and see what you wrote back then. It’s been gathering dust since I last read it in 1999. Somehow I feel this sudden announcement is a fundamental game changer for the world, in some way.

Yes, there is that rumor floating around that the Benedictines added the Latin coda to the 111 mottos. I explain both theories in my eBook on the matter: Click on papal forecasts.

There were two spaces left after the portrait of John Paul II was put on the walls of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Rome just outside of the Vatican Walls. Yes, the hardback will cover these issues as well. For those who would like to get a first edition copy of that 1998 Hogue classic, check out this web page about it: Pope.


Hi John, With all respect your your own researches I suggest urgently take contact with M.Rudy Cambier a french researcher says : Nostradamus was a stealer.. last year we interviewed Rudy by Skype in France . You will not regret. If you need more info about Rudy Cambier let me know I will give you his phone number. You will need a translator as well. Best regards Roger

Thank you Roger. There are a number of theories out there about Nostradamus stealing from earlier texts. Ovason with his Green Language. Then there’s Cambier. After 30 years of studying the Renaissance French of Nostradamus, I am not impressed with either theory. Or, to put it in another way:

Merci Roger. Il y a un certain nombre de théories là-bas de Nostradamus volant de plus premiers textes. Ovason avec sa Langue Verte. Alors il y a Cambier. Après 30 ans d’étudier le français de La Renaissance de Nostradamus, je ne suis impressionné avec aucune théorie.


Hi John, my question is, do we have any hope in this worlg? Hasn’t greed (wallstreet), corruption with world leaders,corporations. Poisoning our food.Really is there any chance that this world can be turn around in time?

Enlightenment is not a prisoner of time, so there is always the eternity of now wherein change is never early and never late. We access this reality one individual at a time, or better, at every “now.”


john in century: 2, quatrain: 41 did the Pontiff serve for 7 years (days)

Benedict was elected pope 19 April 2005 and resigned 28 February 2013. Do the math. He was pope nearly 8 years: 7 years, 10 months and 9 days, give or take a leap year day in there.


May 8, 2013 could be Great Earthquake! I was watching the show on “Nostradamus – The Man Who Saw Tomorrow” Orson Welles 1981 on Youtube  “In the Year that Saturn and Mars are equally fiery, The air is very dry, a long meteor; of the people and beasts shall be a horrible destruction. Blood, thirst, fammine, when the Comet shall run.” We had the Long Meteor in Russia and the Year the Comet Shall run “ISON” 2013 “Fire from the center of the Earth, The great Earthquake shall be in the Mouth of May. Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus, Venus, Also Cancer, Mars in Zero.” Went to phil harrington and there is a Mercury/Mars Conjunction on May 8th Now go to program “Stellarium” for May 8, 2013 you can draw a line straight between Cancer to Staurn passing through Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus, Venus, Mars is in Zero because it’s in conjuction with Mercury being behind it. I don’t usually put much stock in this stuff because I’m a Christian and I put my Faith in the Good Lord (Jesus the only way to the Father) But this is weird!

The year 2013 is full of fascinating astrological portends. Far more crowded with them than 2012 with it Mayan Calendar hysteria. I would get on the list of advance donators, if you aren’t already on the list, to receive my prophecies for the year 2013 eBook set to be published at the end of March.


I agree with you in many of your points tonight on Coast to Coast (2-19-13), and feel that John XXIII was a great visionary prophet and saint. I disagree with the many who think he is some sort of evil person and that the second vatican council was evil, The exact opposite is true, It helped the Church become more contemporary in it’s understanding and approach.

I predict that if the progressive Cardinals can buck the conservative strangle-hold on the Vatican bureaucracy’s designated European born successors, then look out for a new pope from the developing world establishing a Vatican III – yet again another modernizing of the Roman Catholic Church where John XXIII left off.


I am sitting here listening to you speaking on the Coast to Coast program (2-19-13). You are obviously a very well read man and your talk is interesting. You lost me though when you said that we need to take Global Warming into account and if we do we can change the bad things that are to befall civilization. Sir you are a kook on this one point to be sure. There is certainly a Global Climate change happening…however there have been MANY global climate changes that have come and gone on our earth. We were not here…technology was not here, and we are not responsible for this one either. You say you are a believer but you have made your god a little “g” god if you really think that man can create global climate change…. how do you explain the others that have happened including the pole shifts long before civilization could be the blame. Put the Kool Aid down please. You are hurting your credibility. What a shame

Often people think I am interesting and well read as long as my views agree with theirs. The real test that all my readers eventually must face is when I go against the grain of their pet peeves, pet projections and pet expectations.

Also, the mind hears what it filters, not what is said. Show me in that recorded interview any moment when I said I “believed” in a personification of god, big G or little g? Belief is a form of qualified ignorance. I chose to know, or at least embrace and celebrate the unknown. When one believes in something, all authentic inquiry ends.

Your question about those forecasting poll shifts is not based on science any more than your climate change denial. You know, at a certain point, one has to move on and help people who are open minded. One must leave behind the flat Earthers, the superstitious, the people who need to cloak the divine mystery in imaginary friends called “God” or Allah, or others who are anti-Imaginary friendly who cloak it is Atheism, which is also a religion based on faith and not on science.

At some point I am forced to leave people grasping tightly to the pillars of their retarded thinking behind, and let the rising of the oceans overtake their stupidity. Sorry Marian. Can’t help you if you don’t let go of the dogma pillar of “dumb”.


I Heard your name before but never heard any interviews you did or looked you up. but I loved you tonight on coasttocoastam (2-19-13). You were the best guest I have heard so far. Thank you for being you!

Thank you, Alan.


Hello Mr.Hogue. I have followed at different times on Coast to coast (as of Tonights show: 2-19-13)) regarding Nostradamus and I read some of your books. I remember reading the Last Pope and was amazed of all the 111 of 112 popes being correctly predicted. Now regarding this last Pope resignation I found it suspicious,after listening to you I concurr with your theory there is a hidden story and maybe we may not really get the truth by the Vatican. Now Have you heard of a Archbishop Pietro Parolin he was born in Shiavon not far from Venice. He was appointed by Pope Benedict to a few posts and yes I am related but I only met him 2 times. He is a 4 or 5th distant cousin. the reason I point his name is a very very long shot but thought you may be able to find out more about him,I don`t even know where he is now,I`ve heard Venezuela was his last posting and he was also invoved in Nuclear arms moratorium in Brussels? Anyways keep up the good work and we are living in interesting times,don`t we?

The news media keeps giving watchers a false perspective that the pope is only chosen from within the voting College of 115 Cardinals. Not so. Canon law allows for outsiders, even priests who are not cardinals to be chosen outside of the College of Cardinals.


Greetings John. As is always the case, your appearance on C2C is very interesting and well worth the time. Rarely do we disagree, sir. But, I’ve worked very very hard to find something to bitch about and therefore make a nuisance of myself, for your entertainment, my friend. You mentioned 1980 (was it?), meditation, and cleaning out a dirty brain. I prefer a nice spinach and coleslaw salad for that. I reserve meditation for cleaning my mind. LOL! John, you have a wonderful life, and please don’t reincarnate as spinach or cabbage. That might not be a good thing. Oh, the power of smiles and laughter!



Hello John… I would like to pass this information on to you that may help support your research. In 1962, “Two Young Boys” had an Apparitional Encounter of “The Christ”. Though it was reported to The Church and later investigated by The Vatican… the event would be a conduit to a series of Global Events. One of “The Two Youngs Boys” has the gift of vision and prophesy etc. His name comes very close to a Prophesy of Nostrademus (C1-Q95) and a reading from Edgar Cayce “The Sleeping Prophet”. In the late 1990’s a psychology student named Irene Blinston wanted to pursue her Doctorate. Her Thesis was “Children Who Saw Religious Apparitions”. She put out a call for real stories, it was suggested by me that she look into the story of “The Bronx Apparition of 1962”. One of “The Two Young Boys” was interviewed in her research, under the name of “Richard”. Not only did she get her Doctorate, but also had a book published on her research. Please check The Bronx Apparition of 1962 and The Miracles of Divine Mercy”.  This is a true story that is still unfolding as I write. I hope this is helpful in what might give us a clue of what might be going on behind The Closed Doors of The Vatican and help to identify a future Pontiff. Brave Blessings; Al.


we all waited with baitedbreath that somthing catastrophic would happen on dec 21th 2012 ,3 days of darkness nothing happened ,if the maya were wrong so could st malachy be wrong as well. mr hogue, i find it amazing that no psychics predicted back in 2012 , that benedict would step down at the beginning of 2013. additionally, i feel the real reason why he stepped down is that art treasures, gold boulion bars , money has been stolen from the vatican coffers, the health reason for this particular pope steping down ,is obviously not the REAL reason but you probabally KNOW that.

Look John S., don’t play the psychic on your own because it is clear you have not read enough or researched enough to say that no one, psychic or otherwise, foresaw or predicted Benedict XVI resigning. I mean, come on you lazy man (LOL). You are leaving in the comments page of this article this comment when I wrote how I made that prediction you said no psychic has yet made almost a year to the day before Benedict resigned. And in your snarky additional statement about gold being stolen. Once again you provide an unsubstantiated and lazy, beer hall conspiracy theory from the Internet, in your cups, its seems.


Dear Sir, if someone could write me back would appreciate. I am a baby Christian in book knowledge and understanding, so here it is. I was raised thinking 666 was the RFID Chip and since that is coming, thought it went along w what I thought. What then is the difference, am trying to understand what you write, enjoy it very much. thank you, Teresa

RFID chips are a false conspiracy. The number 666 actually names Nero Caesar and not a future antichrist. The Book of Revelation is fundamentally projected into the future, when it was about events to happen in the first century of the Christian faith.


Hello Mr. Hogue, I did try to listen to most of your interview on Coast to Coast, and without being too critical I will just think that you are on a spiritual journey, and you do not profess to be a follower or disciple of Christ, but of an assortment of philosophies which you have arranged for yourself. However, with the understanding that the word “dogma” means “strong opinion,: please, remember when you criticize others for their dogma, you certainly have strong opinions concerning many of your own constructs. And, the Christian Bible explains that God has given us gifts of prophets, apostles, teachers, etc according to the Bible, and you do not qualify, obviously, as a Christian prophet. Christians are ambassadors of Christ, and you don’t seem to believe that Jesus is THE WAY. If you think my opinion is too strong or dogmatic, feel free to answer with your own dogma. PS The word dogma originates with a Greek word dokein which meant opinion in the NT, but especially, it is used to describe a “good opinion” or glory of God. Sincerely, jc

JC, your understanding of the Greek is correct, but like the word “Apocalypse” in Greek, the religions and the churches, eastern and western, have dirtied and warped the meaning. It is to that warped and brain dirty meaning that I criticize you and other blind “believers” stoked up on a drug called dokein. Belief is a drug of ignorance. It is the drug of opiate religions. It requires that you give up your reason, your experience, your spiritual scientific inquiry (to know rather than believe) what is true to you. You borrow belief systems like taking drugs. To have faith in them is to have faith in your qualified ignorance. You stop searching. You stop seeking. Before you believed you were a man. After you borrow someone else’s belief, you become a “sheeple”. That’s exactly where the mafia priesthoods of all dogmatic, big business religious industrial complexes what you to be. Led like woolgathering ungulates, ignorant of your true nature as grass eating sheep. As the song goes, we become the little sheep who has lost their way: Baaaa! Baaa! Baaaaa! And we are at the mercy of priests, politician-popes, religious pundits and brain-dirtying pedagogues.


Hi John, Have you commented on this anywhere. I was wondering what you thought of it: Full text from the Bulletin Orfanatrofio Femminile Antoniano San Pier Niceto of two questions Pope John Paul II was asked concerning the Third Secret of Fatima during an interview that was granted by Pope Karol Wojtyla when he was on an apostolic visit to Fulda, Germany, in April and May 1981 shortly before the attempt on his life in St. Peter’s Square on May 13, 1981. The interview was put out by the German news services at the time. Translation by Gordon Creighton and republished in FSR 40/2, Summer 1995. To the first question: “What is there in the Third Secret of Fatima – was it not to have been published already in 1960?” John Paul II replied: “Given the gravity of the contents, and in order not to encourage the world-power of communism to carry out certain moves, my predecessors in The Office of Peter diplomatically preferred to defer publication. On the other hand it could be sufficient to all Christians to know this: “If there is a message in which it is written that the oceans will inundate entire regions of the earth, that from one moment to another millions of people will perish, is it not truly not the right time for hankering so much after the divulgation of such a secret message? Many simply want to know out of curiosity, and out of a taste for sensationalism, but they forget that knowing also brings with it a responsibility. All that is sought is the gratification of their own curiousity, and that is dangerous if folk have convinced themselves that nothing can be done against evil, and if they are not at the same time prepared to do something.” To the second question: “What will happen in the Church?” John Paul II replied: “We must prepare ourselves to undergo, before long, great trials, which will require from us the readiness to cast away even our lives, and a total dedication to Christ and for Christ. With your prayers and mine it is possible to mitigate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because only thus can the Church be renewed effectively. “How many times the renewal of the Church has spurted forth in Blood! And this time too it will be no different. We must be strong and prepare ourselves, and trust in Christ and in his Most Holy Mother.” Thanks, Ann

Thank you, Anna. The statements of John Paul II, if true and rightly translated from 1981, once again show that the Third Secret revealed by Cardinal Bertone and Cardinal Ratzinger in May 2000 is a fraud. John Paul II obviously like all other popes from 1917 up the 1960 (when it was supposed to be revealed) and beyond up to himself, have read the Third Secret. In this interview he is implying he has special knowledge of the Third Secret, yet what he says jives more with what Neo Europa magazine leaked after 1960 about the secret and not the strange construction presented in May 2000. Read more on the Fatima-Gate Scandal at the following links:


Fatima prophecy

Our Lady of Fatima


Today’s Henry Makow. A lady wrote in that Benedict XVI never had a coronation. Does that mean we have another usurper, this one a Pope instead of a President. AND does this mean we are still two Popes away from the final Pope? Just a thought.

Ladies can write all they want and many ladies feel free to be authorities, like many men, by basing their stupid statements on the airy right to have an opinion based on castles in the clouds of illusion. Benedict WAS coronated. Cheesh!


Just a note from the listening audience, your treatment of the Christian fellow who started with the Rothschild Jewish Hate last night was handled brilliantly. I live in the bay area where there are many of the Hate Israel first crowd, similar to this fellow. You demonstrated how to stay in your center, through meditation by responding with wisdom or as has been said, with the better angels of our nature. Great show and I get your emails and materials. Keep doing it right, thanks.

Thank you Dean.


George Stephanopoulos was co-hosting for Nightline, where he was interviewing two Cardinals, one a Conservation, one a Liberal. He asked both of them who they believed was going to be the next Pope. Both said, “We don’t elect the Pope, the American CIA installs the Pope.”

The CIA plays an important and influential part in the Vatican, which it considers one of its most significant “listening stations” gleaning intelligence from all Papal embassies and church networks. The CIA might not install popes, but it does take from the Popes and the whole Vatican State apparatus information as seen through its worldwide windows to the world of one sixth of the human race.


Fascinating show…coast has pointed me in some diverse and at times smiley mind boggling directions but found your perspective on a tricky (for some obviously) subject to be worth visiting your site and finding out a little more. You talk well and have obviously done your homework and are easy on the ears. One of these days theres gonna have to be an attempt to stop being a jack of all research and I’m gonna have to pick one to try and master. There are some radical people and some even more radical viewpoints on this little rock and aint it all just a bit fascinating……all of it (actually, make that most of it). Some great work mate and look forward to your next appearance…good site too…..take care….Toby.

Thank you for your comment.


Heard you on Coast to Coast last night. Tremendous job in explaining so all could understand. Thank you

You’re welcome.


Enough for today. More of your many comments will be coming each day this week to this blog page. Keep on checking in.


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  3. Posted 13 March 2013 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    John, can you delete the PS in my post and my website address at linkedin? I thought it went to you as an email post first, and instead it posted – with my email addresses. I only meant to give the emails and web address to you. I’ll try to send you an email about this, too. Sorry for adding to your work.

  4. Posted 13 March 2013 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    John, I kept wondering if the Nostradamus Quatrain you put in your newsletter about the next pope could be true in some connected but less literal way. So I thought I’d look up Francis of Assisi, since, in taking his name, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes “Francis.” Here’s what I found on wikipedia:

    Francis of Assisi was one of seven children born to Pietro di Bernardone, a rich cloth merchant, and his wife Pica, about whom little is known except that she was originally from Provence, France.[10] Pietro was in France on business when Francis was born, and Pica had him baptised as Giovanni di Bernardone.[7][11] When his father returned to Assisi, he took to calling him Francesco (“the Frenchman”), possibly in honour of his commercial success and enthusiasm for all things French.[12] Since the child was renamed in infancy, the change can hardly have had anything to do with his aptitude for learning French, as some have thought.[2]

    Wondering if this could be relevant, in your estimation?

  5. Posted 10 March 2013 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    You have not mentioned anything about the prophecy of The Blessed Virgin, in which she said that the Pope must consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart in order to prevent horrible wars and vast desctruction to the world and to the Catholic Church. She also asked that the Famous Third Secret of Fatima be revealed in 1960, in order to save the Church, but no Pope, other than the one who died under mysterious circumstances, had the determination to open and reveal the full Third Secret. Cardinal Bertone claimed that he knew what was in it, but never fully gave a creditable explanation, which was neither explained nor made sense, and was slammed by the Press. Blessed Mother said that the Pope would eventually consecrate Russia as She ordered, but that it would be late. Do you see the next Pope consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart? If Bertone is chosen as Pope, would you really expect him to do so?

  6. Rev. A. Edward Moch
    Posted 20 February 2013 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    Hello John… My original “Cota” heritage name is of “Crypto-Jewish” origin that goes way back. I may have some “Peter of Rome” information that might be supportive toward your research… The Vatican knows who I am and my historic family imput to The Church. Please feel free to contact me.
    Brave Blessings; Al (aka: Rev. A. Edward Moch D.D. ++++)

    • Rev. A. Edward Moch
      Posted 12 April 2013 at 7:21 am | Permalink

      Update: It has been recently discovered that anciently, both families of “Pope Francis I” and “The Bronx Visionary” of The Bronx Apparition of 1962 come from the same region of what is called NO. Italy (abt 1100 AD)… not too far from one another. Some family resemblances are uncanny!

  7. Six
    Posted 18 February 2013 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

    I am still on the Ouellet bandwagon. Not only does he have the ancient French name, but his dad’s name was Pierre. He also enjoys fishing as a hobby. I wonder what his confirmation name is, perhaps it would give more insight. Also, I wonder if there is any Jewish ancestors on his maternal side of the family. I always interpreted Peter the Roman to be just like the first Peter, not Roman or Italian, true name is not Peter and had Jewish ancestry.

  8. MEL
    Posted 17 February 2013 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

    A very interesting book mostly about Vatican bank, its geo-political and economic reach and inter-connectedness with the Italian mafia is “Power On Earth” by Nick Tosches.

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