Re: The Third Secret of Fatima, The Pope Disappoints

The Vatican’s declaration that Pope John Paul II’s assassination attempt in the early 1980s was foreseen in the Third Secret of Fatima is another example of papal sidestepping of an issue.

In this case the issue is the long awaited revelation of the 24-line “Third Secret” prophecy of Fatima. It clearly covers far more important prescient warnings and revelations than were contained in the Vatican communiqué made this Saturday 5/13/00 while the pope was beatifying two of the three children who, in 1917, proclaimed they received a visitation from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The surviving child, Sister Lucy, now 94 years of age, claims to have heard the Virgin Mary pronounce three prophecies or secrets in 1917. Two were made fully known by the beginning of 1941 and all were set down in writing by Sister Lucy in 1944 when it was feared she would die from an illness. The third secret was kept in a sealed envelope by the Bishop of Lerida and it later found its way to the Vatican and the offices of the pope. After writing the letter, a vision of the Mother of Christ purportedly told Sister Lucy that the third secret must be revealed to all the world by 1960 at the latest, otherwise dire consequences would come to humanity and the Church.

Forty years have passed with no official quoting of the Third Secret until a driblet was received this Saturday during the pope’s third pilgrimage to the Fatima shrine in Portugal.

A study of decades of correspondences from Sister Lucy commenting on what the Third Secret contains point to earth and church-shattering revelations. They may include:

  • Prophecies of a dire crisis in faith for the Catholic Church, coming from the highest members of the priesthood and holy offices.
  • The coming of an Antichrist (either pretending to be a future pope or as a false Jewish prophet in Israel).
  • A Chastisement of the world through an apocalypse of fire (global warming?), global plagues and wars triggered by a conflict along the Euphrates River (modern day Iraq). All of these disasters could conspire to kill a third of life on earth.

The communique also avoids some more controversial aspects of Sister Lucy’s spin on the prophecy. Among them the rewards Mary promised if humanity heeds her warnings to properly pray and recite the Rosary. They include:

  • Russia turning away from atheism (and the Russian Orthodox Church) to be converted to the Roman Catholic unity.
  • A period of peace will be granted to the world but it is dictated by the redeemed Vatican in Rome.
  • The Catholic faith will be preached to all nations. The only true “fountain of salvation” will be Catholic and no other religion, because the world will follow the guidance of “a single Shepherd,” the “Catholic” version of Jesus Christ.

In the end, this apocalyptic prophecy shares the same myopia as do the end-time scenarios of over 30 other mainstream and cult religions I have studied. In short, each tradition declares that its savior and its religion are the only true ones left to convert and revitalize a devastated planet in a new millennium of peace.

John Hogue
(14 May 2000)

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