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Ceasefire in Ukraine while NATO rattles Spearhead. Did Russia really Invade? Nostradamus, A New Cold War, Russia Bashing and the Media’s NFL Referee Syndrome. Comments about Hogue on Coast to Coast AM

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Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

DATELINE 06 September 2014

Of Ukrainian Ceasefires
And NATO Spearheads

Mood swings of irrationality are proclaimed these days from the thick lips of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. In the last few weeks, he was meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Minsk to plot out a ceasefire. Then he returns home and says Russia invaded Ukraine. Just yesterday he’s being feted, vodka-dinked, wined and waist-widening dined by the vacuous heads of NATO in their saber-rattling pow wow with US president Obama in Wales after accepting Putin and the leaders of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk terms for what appears to be (knock on my tin helmet for luck) a ceasefire that may actually hold.

What will Petro porky and portly Poroshenko decry next?

What on Earth prompted the designers of the NATO flag to hide a Nazi Swastika inside the star. Unconscious intent? Stupidity?

What on Earth prompted the designers of the NATO flag to hide a Nazi Swastika inside the star? Unconscious intent? Stupidity?

First off, as I explain in the next article below, there was no Russian invasion of hundreds of tanks and thousands of troops. That Russians are there, as volunteers aiding the Ukrainian Russian separatists, certainly. As certain as there are already hundreds of NATO advisers and several hundred Academi mercenaries (read: the notorious Blackwater groups with a new name) who started the influx of foreign “volunteers” marching into the Ukrainian Civil War month ago.

Here’s another irony. Over in a castle in the Welsh city of Newport, the lords and barons of the One Percent sit pretty and safe behind mesh-like security fences acting as a 21st century second wall to the medieval pile of stone in which they toasted each other in their NATO summit, secure in the belief that the 99 percenters, the “serfs” and peasants—you and I—will not bother them. Nor, it seems is their leader, the Nobel Peace Prize winner from Washington DC, thinking peace or hoping the ceasefire in Ukraine, brokered by Putin, will succeed. Their answer the truce is a $15 billion dollar deal to re-arm Kiev with US and NATO weaponry that can only make war businessmen happy and only make this ceasefire a ruse for Poroshenko to buy time and perhaps resume the Civil War in the spring of 2015, (click on Predictions for 2015).

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded "Fire and Ice Prophecies" edition.

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded “Fire and Ice Prophecies” edition.

In less than two years, the demonized Russian president has been an arbiter of THREE successful negotiated settlements.

Putin the “demon” prevented a NATO airstrike on Syria, got Syria to dismantle its chemical weapons arsenal and in so doing melted the diplomatic ice age between the US and Iran. He got them talking directly to each other for the first time since 1979. Putin may have initiated a process that just might prevent the Middle East from descending into its most catastrophic war by 2015-2016 (click on Nostradamus Iran prophecies). Thirdly, Putin as helped bring Poroshenko and the leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk to the negotiator’s table in Minsk. The bloody guns of August 2014 in Eastern Ukraine have at last fallen silent as the truce so far holds this first weekend of September 2014.

What has the US President with a Nobel Peace Prize done in the same two years? Barack Obama tried to start a war in Syria, sustain no direct contact with Iranian leaders and intensify sanctions on Iran, whilst backing a neo-fascist infiltrated putsch in Kiev that threatened the existence of Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens in the eastern provinces and put the new Ukraine on the fast-track to becoming a NATO member, an open provocation against Russia. Obama brazenly crossed a line Moscow already warned couldn’t be crossed without serious strategic consequences. Therefore, Russia countered the Kiev putsch and fast track to its NATO membership by taking back Crimea and its strategic naval bases. The Obama-backed Kiev ultra-nationalists started a civil war and rounds of US/EU sanctions and Russian counter sanctions have taken all of us on this planet a great step backwards 22 years into a very dangerous development: a second cold war that prophets foretell could spark up radioactively hot and soon.

Where Putin has tried to beat swords into plowshares, Obama in Wales was talking taking plowshares and pruning hooks and turning them into a NATO Spearhead Force that could enter any threatened NATO ally’s frontier with Russia, as well as a NATO designated protectorate (soon to be Ukraine) in only 48 hours. It’s not sold as a special defensive action blocking force, this NATOS-F you! Spearhead Force uses, in military terms, a title that is offensive, rather than defensive in definition. He’s using the language of attack, of aggressive warfare. It seems this president who is not yet ready for prime time History, who claims to be a great communicator, doesn’t realize the power of the presidential misuse of words in foreign policy and how by his words the world has just lurched closer to world war on the hundredth anniversary of the First World War starting.


The prophets of world war saw the First and the Second World War coming decades and even centuries before it happened; moreover, they are all adamant, save one, that the new cold war the round table of NATO leaders in Wales are only conspiring harder to make so—in the face of the Ukrainian ceasefire—will, in a few years, go nuclear.

Reading and understanding their compassionate warnings in prophecy could not be more important for your survival. Spreading the message of Nostradamus (1503-1566), Stormberger (c. 1756-c.1820), St. Odile (d. 720), Johan Friede (1204-1257), Pastor Bartholomaeus (1612-1658) and last but not least Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)—the only World War Prophet who saw how a third world war can be stopped—may be tantamount to giving all of us back our future.

DATELINE 31 August 2014

Russian Incursions:
False Flags or Russian Bear Bating
A Cold War Trap?

Count to ten, everyone. Step back from the brink of a new cold war and understand the bigger picture and what is motivating these very dangerous developments that, I contend, are propagated in large part by corporately compromised Western media outlets to feed our hysteria, our lemming-like habit to crowd-think ourselves into a worked up war-fever pitch. You’ve heard the term, “Fact is stranger than fiction”? Recent events in Ukraine this August 2014 turn that phrase inside out: “Fictions masquerading as fact, are simply strange.”

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded "Fire and Ice Prophecies" edition.

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded “Fire and Ice Prophecies” edition.

In a long line of accusations without solid evidence, or worse, outright lies, and/or feeble attempts at fact finding and government policy aping by the Western media, Kiev’s oligarch-turned-president Petro “Porky” Poroshenko and the Nazi-saluting Prime Minister Yatsenyuk tell us tall chicken little tales. For instance, a large armored column of Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers was heading under cover of darkness across the border into Ukraine and was thus destroyed. We never see the wreckage, the Russian dead, with their identification cards and papers proving they were invading Russians. There are no corresponding satellite images of destroyed tanks. All we get as evidence are a few pictures purportedly taken by two British journalists of a few Russian tanks, the territory unknown and unidentified (the picture isn’t time tagged) driving down a country road. The “night” raid is filmed in broad daylight. (Details… details…)

Next, portly Poroshenko plays Chicken Little, cock-a-doodling, “The Russians are coming!” This time a few hundred white trucks filled with food, water and blankets to assist and sustain the thousands of people trapped in shelled eastern Ukrainian cities had waited on the border for weeks, checked and rechecked by the Red Cross and the Ukrainian border guards. The latter had to admit there were no weapons being smuggled to separatists—that the convoy actually was humanitarian aid from Russia. The apparently let a few pass through without consulting Kiev. When the trucks roll, that doesn’t stop Poroshenko getting flapping mad before a fawning world press calling it a Russian military invasion. After that outburst, he quietly let all the rest of the humanitarian aid trucks “invade” Ukraine, especially after protests from the Red Cross and UN that, in diplomatic words, basically said he was being a prick and possibly committing a crime against humanity by denying aid. The food was delivered to the half destroyed cities of Donetsk and Lugansk without incident and was thankfully received by thousands who were on the brink of starvation and were without water for weeks. To this day the only humanitarian aid has come from the Russians in what is largest humanitarian disaster currently on the planet mostly unreported by the Western media.

Presently, big Chicken Poroshenko and little Henny Penny Yatsenyuk stand before an unquestioning Western press in a chicken-mite meltdown clucking that “hundreds upon hundreds” of Russian tanks are crossing the border. Please let us join NATO!

Once again, private satellite companies (not the CIA or NSA, mind you) give us black and white photos that look like they’re photographing lines of germs in an electron microscope, rather than Russian armored columns on the move over the border. In the picture the column from the altogether vague image and distant image of it could just as well be a column of “Ukrainian” armor and self-propelled artillery. It could even be an armored column of Ukrainian separatists. They have them. When the rebellion began, large military storage dumps and Ukrainian Army bases in the east were raided and stripped of their artillery, uniforms, tanks, AK-47s and APCs and ammo. Most of hardware came from idle stockpiles from the Soviet era when a very large portion of the disbanding, four-million man army of the defunct USSR, with its 50,000 tanks and 30,000 artillery pieces ended up as surplus stored all over Ukraine. When the neo-fascist Western Ukrainian Right Sector militias violently overthrew the Yanukovych government in February 2014, they spread across Western Ukraine and were first to raid and arm themselves with similar stocks of old-Soviet hardware. Given their straight armed and saluted pledges to liquidate “Muscovites” in the east, i.e. ethnic Russians, those targeted raided military dumps to defend themselves against what was threatened, and “did” roll their way by April.

Once again the satellite “evidence” is farmed out to some private company and not government stamped or signed off as its source.

There’s no picture time tagged, no spy satellite close-ups that could read the IDs of those tanks and a pack of cigarettes held by a soldier. They could have shown that. The low angle of the satellite shot was sufficient to take a zoomed-in picture that would have even revealed the national insignia on shoulders and armor (or lack there of it it were real Russian Army troops who had pulled or painted the insignia off). There’s no clear identification of the roads and houses, along with addresses and signposts, matched to any map to prove it is inside Ukraine. There’s no sequence of zoomed-in shots to give one a geographical lock on this road even being in Ukraine. For all we can tell, it’s inside Russia’s border.

The Russians are certainly guarding their own side of the frontier and increasing their military presence once again. That rather happens when hundreds of thousands of Russian refugees flee the bombed and shelled cities of neighboring Eastern Ukraine in a full-scale civil war-cum-ethnic cleansing.

Another video “evidence” comes in movies taken by Russians, speaking Russian, showing tank after tank going through an unidentified town, as usual, with no time tags. This could just as easily be Russians in Russia filming tanks maneuvers “in” Russia. That’s the extent of “evidence” that prompted the UN Security Council to meet, and for Obama and EU leaders to launch what I suspect will be another set of sanctions soon. Russia will then respond and Europe will be further economically damaged far more than the Russians.

Stupid reigns!

You can’t hide guns in white trucks, check and rechecked by the Red Cross “and” the Ukrainian border guards for weeks and call loaves of bread an invasion

You can’t destroy a large column of Russian tanks without the wreckage being easily photographed on the ground by Ukrainian Army units who destroyed them or from satellites constantly watching every move inside the border. Where are these indisputable, clear, documented, time targeted images?

You can’t just show Russian tanks on the move as your only evidence of an incursion or full-scale invasion by hundreds of them without that hardware showing up on CIA and NSA satellite images that ARE NOT available for public examination, unless there ISN’T any proof.

In A New Cold War, I wrote about the bigger picture behind all of this. There’s been a momentum of actions since 1992, committed by shadowy corporate powers in the West that the media’s current shortsighted obsession wrapped in jingoistic hyperbole and presented with fragmented evidence does not want you to read. We are not to be informed because our adult and measured decisions might question the abuse of power of our leaders:

Ever since President George Bush Sr. made his pledge never to move NATO one step eastward, the US and its NATO allies have provocatively and steadily absorbed Eastern European countries and former Soviet republics right up to the Russian Federation’s borders. The West’s support of an anti-Russian, pro-EU putsch in Kiev on 22 February 2014 directly led to the Russian Federation acting on its threat not to tolerate any further encroachments. Wooing Ukraine westward out of Russia’s sphere of influence was crossing that red line. Moscow anticipated the next step would be to turn Ukraine into a NATO ally and that would threaten Russia’s strategic, Black Sea Navy harbored in the Crimean Peninsula, leased to the Russians by Kiev after Ukraine gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Crimea, like Donetsk and Lugansk provinces, was never ethnic Ukrainian. Czarist, and later Soviet leaders, added these mostly Russian provinces for bureaucratic reasons, lobbing them into the Ukrainian SSR’s jurisdiction with Crimea being the most Russian-ethnic Ukrainian of these. In March, out rushed Russian forces already stationed in Crimea to occupy the peninsula. Ninety-percent of the population welcomed them as liberators. Given the violence and atrocities committed in Eastern Ukraine, Russian nationalists in Crimea voting for secession might feel vindicated.

In reaction, the US pivots to China after the Ukrainian “feint” on Russia. NATO’s next move is a military buildup to the northeast, amassing their air forces, armies and navies across the Baltic NATO allied states. Another assembly amasses to the east, along the Polish-Ukrainian border. A string of antimissile batteries are placed across the eastern frontiers of NATO ally Romania, also next door to Moldavia, a disputed breakaway province out of Russia that neighbors Ukraine.

Cynical speculation would have Ukraine become a battleground of proxies fighting and destroying each other in a “Syrian-style” civil war right along Russia’s soft Ukrainian underbelly. At some point in the Russian bear baiting, Washington and military contractors hope Putin will step into the trap and feed men and materiel into a civil war that grinds on and on, from truces to advancing tank attacks to truces broken again—a catalyst, or excuse, to tighten economic sanctions against Russia. Containment of Russia initiates a new cold war military industrial ramp up. Ukraine plays Afghanistan, a low-grade guerilla war lasting over a decade, mortally wounding the Russian bear as it did the Soviet bear in the 1980s. Regime change follows. The new “democratic” government of Russia opens itself to Western oil, gas and mineral mining. Yada, yada, yada…

A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus,
Stormberger, and Edgar Cayce,
Chapter 3: The Great NeoCON of a Second Cold War
That’s the West’s great (and lame) game in a nutshell.

Those of you who heard me recently on Coast to Coast AM and on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland radio shows might remember my prediction that Russia’s direct military involvement was most likely to take place with an incursion into Eastern Ukraine in the latter half of August 2014. That’s when I said it was most likely that Russia might indeed roll its army into Eastern Ukraine to put an end to the shelling of civilians and protect a majority of people of Lugansk and Donetsk provinces, alienated from, and attacked by, the anti-ethnic Russian policies of the US-backed and national socialistically leaning Kiev regime.

If this foreseen incursion has indeed begun, we may have entered a repetition of history. The “Guns of August” scenario of 1914 in essence if not literally has returned: a danger of repeating a world war caused by precipitous reliance of half-truths and projections. I have written this book recently to teach you and forestall your future from dallying with a string of outrages of the truth fomented by right-wing neoconservatives and left-wing neo-liberal supremacists in Washington and Brussels who have found bipartisan common hegemonic ground.

Before a whole lot of you “go lemming” in 2014 like people did in 1914, please step back and see the bigger picture. From a wider perspective you might recognized the shadier motivations that actually paint the West as the perpetrator of this new move to reestablish for corporate military industrial interests a new cold war business model containing Russia and China for what they hope will be decades of lucrative armament contracts.

A Western trap has been set to draw Russia directly into the Ukrainian Civil War to defend ethnic Russians, thousands of which have died in a humanitarian disaster far greater and sustained than that recent unleashed against civilians in the Gaza Strip by the Israelis. Since April the Ukrainian Army and its so-called “National Guard” units, consisting of Svoboda and Right Sector neo-fascist terror battalions, have been randomly bombing and massacring civilians in major urban areas, towns and villages across the Eastern Ukraine.

Yes, Russia is indeed arming the separatists and thousands of volunteers have crossed the border and swelled their numbers coming, especially after the Western powers first began allowing hundreds of Academi (Blackwater) mercenaries to help Right Sector unleash a few massacres of Russians in Odessa and Mariupol in May 2014. But what you may not know is that every militant act of Russia has been a response to militant actions initiated by the West, but made to look like something otherwise first initiated by Moscow by our Western media serving as mouthpiece for the Big War Business interests.

Ever since the Cold War ended, peace has been a threat to their business model and as my book, A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce documents, there has been two decades of tryouts of new business models for a sustained, low-grade, globally cold conflict. The so-called “War on Terror” was one failed model. Now we’re going back to the Soviet variant.

There really was an agreement between President Bush Senior with the last Premier of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not advance east, gobbling up former Warsaw Pact countries into its membership right up to the Russian Frontier. Once Bush was voted out of office by Bill Clinton in 1992, the new administration ignored the agreement and began a slow and steady NATO encroachment of Russia.

As Russia recovered from the collapse of the Soviet Union and under Vladimir Putin’s leadership in the new century, Putin warned the West that moving to convert Ukraine into a NATO ally was a red line that if crossed would have serious consequences. You may have had the electronic snow of your US new station’s televised report pulled over your eyes, but Moscow has seen this move coming, and has warned your leaders to desist. They did not.

Crimea breaking away was the first consequence.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

Eastern Ukraine partitioned will be next. As I presaged in November 2013 for Predictions for 2014.

Our fools in power in the West will unleash further sanctions that will do far more damage to America’s EU allies than it does to the Russians. As the EU economy slips back into a steep recession in the cold winter months of 2014-2015, the US economy will also suffer from this self-inflicted wound from your clueless President Obama and his Secretary “in Chief”, Dick Cheney (oops! I mean, John Kerry, the Skull and Bones secret society guy).

What Washington has set in motion, the prophets best known for their chillingly accurate prophecies about a future First and Second World War, forecast its ultimate end.

Seers like Nostradamus and Stormberger have warned with a visionary and harsh light shining upon our times, that this new cold war could be far shorter and end not with a whimper, but with a full-scale thermonuclear exchange that kills two-thirds of the human race.

Your true enemy is not Putin or Russia.

Your enemy is STUPIDITY, the handmaiden of GULLIBILITY, who is enabled by MEDIOCRITY in high governance of Western nations.

Though I am a lonely voice in a country where Russia-bashing and Putin-hating has become a mass-mob hysterical habit, I will say for the record that Russia’s leader is behaving with the cool and calculated rationally of a man on the path of the martial arts.

This dictator is an adult.

Your leaders in the democracies of the West, however, are childish, immature, and in the case of Obama, easily influenced by advisers and surveillance agencies that have their own agenda for which he’s to play puppet spokesman whether he knows it or not. Obama is not quite ready for prime time History. Putin is.

I know that sounds very odd, coming from an American. My work requires I see beyond nationalistic and religious identities at what future history calls to me and tells me will prove a correct call, given the jury of Time and Events as they transpire.

Putin will need every ounce of maturity as a decision maker when dealing with a circle of American and European fools holding a noose for Russia. A trap has been laid for the Russia bear. The people made to play the bait are Russian Ukrainian civilians being indiscriminately shelled, killed and wounded by the thousands, with hundreds of thousands more rendered dehumanized, homeless refugees crossing into Russia, burdening Moscow now with their need of care and sustenance. The civil war goes on because it’s meant to, until Russia is forced to stop it, silencing the GRAD missile launchers carpet bombing towns and the artillery batteries using banned terror weapons of mass-destruction, such as phosphorous in flesh-off-the-bone burning barrages, on civilian centers. The raw footage the Western press doesn’t show is all there, thousands of hours of real evidence, on YouTube. Come and see! Be informed.

Consider then the double standard of the West.

Cuba was America and Kennedy’s “red line” the Soviets mistakenly crossed and the US decisively acted.

Ukraine is Russia’s “Cuba.”

Believe it, President Putin will back the West out of Ukraine by diplomatic or military means. How this all goes down could see a crisis more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis had been when far more mature and sober leaders ruled on the Western side.

Another double standard is how its alright for a Western ally to amass troops and tanks on the border of a neighboring state undergoing an unraveling civil war and humanitarian disaster sending hundreds of thousands of refugees over their border, but not Russia.

Consider the military incursions of India in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi invaded East Pakistan to defend Bengalis being massacred and the West accepted that.

Ukrainian Russian refugees crossing into Russia.

Ukrainian Russian refugees crossing into Russia.

Millions of refugees had been fleeing into India’s West Bengal, strapping India’s resources to manage a humanitarian disaster of biblical proportions. The military option was India’s only option to put a stop it. They went to war with Pakistan, ended the humanitarian crisis Islamabad had fomented and sustained, out of which a new state of Bangladesh was born out of East Pakistan.

I see the same scenario developing in Eastern Ukraine, but the Western hypocrisy will not accept it, indeed, like Islamabad, its aiding and abetting Kiev’s massacres and the humanitarian disaster burdening Russia.

Mother and child, killed in Donetsk by Ukrainian terror shelling.

Mother and child walking through a Donetsk city park, killed by Ukrainian terror shelling.

Russia will use the military option, as Russian autumn approaches. Putin’s timing is strategically cunning. The Russians can fight in the cold, not the poorly mustered, hungry and ill-paid Ukrainian forces. Even so, Ukraine is a trap to be used by Western military industrialists and hegemonists to manipulate their leaders into starting the new cold war in earnest. Add to that the likelihood that the Clintons, who started the encroachment on Russia in the 1990s, might be back in power after the national election of 2016, expect therefore a new level of extreme brinksmanship with Moscow in the guise of President “Hillary” Clinton.

Pregnant woman killed by artillery. Call her a "combatant"?

Pregnant woman killed by artillery. Call her a “combatant”? Poroshenko tells the Western press constantly that there’s no civilians being targeted. If you just watch the mainstream media, that lie will be your false reality.

She has come out as quite a saber rattler in 2014. She’s stooped to the level of mob-think to gather votes, feeding the public’s Russia hysteria, calling Putin a Hitler just like Bush called Saddam such. Putin deftly defects such name calling like the gifted master of Aikido he is. Schoolgirl taunts should not sway a leader cognizant of the grave responsibility of actually possessing WMDs to the tune of 8,500 atomic and thermonuclear weapons.

Someone has to be sober in this very dangerous power game, because prophets see a different end to the new cold war business model. As early as 2017, perhaps in a Hillary Clinton administration, a future Cuban (read, “Ukrainian”) Missile Crisis might not turn out peacefully or well for humanity. If we survive H. Clinton’s Khrushchev-like blundering, Nostradamus says we could get a respite for 13 years before a cold war goes hot in 2027.

Please read the next article to understand the hidden pretext for war that is herding all of you like lemmings for a collective jump of the cliff of history either very soon or a little later.

DATELINE 31 August 2014

(Written on 10 August)

The New Cold War:
A Yellow False Flag
Of Referee Western Journalism

In all my many years, spanning four decades lived as a watchman of future events born of current “eventful” trends, I have never experienced the Western mainstream media descend to the subservient level of a propagating echo chamber for the powerful like it is doing today!

I have to look far back to find a parallel world, where sensation trumped sense—devil take the consequences—to a point where the press does not inform but rather would incite the masses to nationalistic hysteria, based on false narratives and myths that may inevitably lead to war. The press today in the summer of 2014 sounds and reads like the press mills 100 years ago in the summer of 1914 and the latter contributed greatly to the escalation of war fever that led to the Guns of August reporting with thunder and shell the opening battles of the First World War.

For example, consider the US news and most EU networks somehow already “knowing” who shot Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 out of the skies over war-torn eastern provinces of Ukraine on 17 July. The Western press mills stridently proclaimed its “findings” not even hours after Malaysian Airliner Flight 17 was shot down from 33,000 feet by either an air-to-air or surface-to-air missile before any investigation had been mounted. CNN, FOX and the US evening networks thumped their war “dumb”-beat: days before investigators had even boarded planes bound for Donetsk to be escorted in vehicles later by the Russian separatists to the crash sight.

Washington’s conclusions were made even a week before the black boxes had been handed over with the assurance and clarity that only the ignorant seem to posses, blissfully free of skeptical inquiry and evidence. Slam dunk, declared the boob tube anchors! The Russians separatists shot it down! No! Even better, Malaysian Flight 17 was shot down by Putin’s missile! You could see it in every news stand, row upon row of Time and Newsweek covers of a demonized caricature of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the world’s new designated bogey man, fabricating untested suppositions as unquestioned and sensationalized fact in headlines that Russia did it, Putin did it and so on.

I haven’t seen the New York Times or Time Magazine stoop as low and jaundice their journalism in yellow stains since William Randolph Hearst and his Hearst Newspapers in the 1890s sought a wider readership and sensational stories by starting a war. Hearst editors wrote that the battleship USS Maine, anchored in the restive Spanish colony of Cuba, had been blown to bits by a Spanish mine in an act of terrorism. This conclusion was drawn with absolutely no facts, no prior investigation, and just like Malaysian Flight 17, the false media campaign stirring up American readers to “Remember the Maine!” led the United States to escalate tensions between it and Spain until there was a full-scale Spanish-American War (April-August 1898).

As it turned out, there was no dastardly Spanish mine that sunk the USS Maine. A flawed seam in the iron bulkhead separating the fires in coal furnaces from the Maine’s gunpowder magazine had opened. The resulting explosion was nothing more than an accident one could only blame on American ship design.

The Hearst newspapers printed and pushed a firestorm of lies that killed 10,665 Cubans, 10,000 Spaniards and just fewer than 3,000 Americans in combat with another 50,000 Spaniards and Cubans dying from tropical diseases.

In 2014, we see the same yellow shade of Hearst haunting and possessing the journalists of print and TV media. Hearst hysteria seduces them to render Vladimir Putin as the devil incarnate like they did “Kaiser Bill” (Wilhelm II of the German Empire) in 1914 with cartoonishly illustrated and infantile verbiage making him the scapegoat for starting the First World War, just as they hurl invectives at Putin for starting Cold War II.

Then as now the press reaches for a simplification of a reality. In 1914, ALL European-power participants set themselves up with trip-wire alliances that only a coal spark could set off in the powder magazine that the militarized European continent had become. Actually it was a spark into a bullet’s cap from a hand-held pistol aimed at the jugular of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo, that lit exactly one month later worldwide warfare.

Then as now, conclusions are made to frame investigations scarcely embarked and thus cram what fragments of truth available up a projection to soon ensure that the whole truth will be lost in the shouting and posturing of yellow journalism. Thus armed with half-truth will nations march ahead into history’s new catastrophic follies.

Damn the truth. Full speed ahead.

Influence opinion and global policies so that public ignorance-cum-opinion supports politicians in Washington and Moscow ordering tit-for-tat economic sanctions. The US and EU pushed them on Russia three times for its support of the Ukrainian separatists until Russia finally replied in kind with a one-year ban on all food products from the US and EU. Now deepens Cold War II.

We are in it now, as I predicted we would be back in by late April 2014 (click on Grand Cross prediction.)

I’ve been trying to find the clearest yet simple, Zen-like metaphor, if you will, to explain how most of you, my readers, are being duped into demonizing Russia as the perpetrator of this very dangerous descent into cold war. Outrages in the news are not being told to you straight. It better get straight soon, because the world war prophets I’ve gathered in my newly released eBook frighteningly declare in clear language that this new and far shorter Cold War could go nuclear as early as the autumn of 2017 during the first year of the next US President after Obama. The new president might be Hillary Clinton, who of late has shown herself to be a more avid Russian bear-baiting warmonger than Neoconservative Senator John McCain on his worst “bomb bomb, Iran” moments.

The yellow journalism that launches this war is as yellow, grass-stained and dirty as a penalty flag thrown by a referee on any given Sunday game of US National Football League at the wrong player of personal fouls.

NFL football fans have seen this syndrome a hundred times played out in a sucker shove. The whistle blows. Play is over. Suddenly one player pushes another from the opposing team in the back. The second player reacts, shoves back. He gets the ref’s flag for a personal foul.

That’s how the US media referees the facts about Russia. The reaction to instigated aggression is being penalized as if the press purposefully ignores or just doesn’t chose to “see” who started history’s circle of tit-for-tat infractions.

My earlier articles and my new book detail a pattern of US involvement with the creating and overthrow of Ukraine’s duly elected Yanukovych government during the Maidan Revolution. In that process the US continues to back a new regime in Kiev that violently took over power with the help of significant neo-fascist elements that openly threaten fellow Ukrainian citizens who happen to be ethnically Russian.

This shoving-Russia-in-the-back scenario starts with a skewering of sequences and perspectives in the press, to soften all of you up, to make you all soft-headed and gullible to whatever John Kerry, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Obama call the authoritative truth, even though you aren’t shown any hard evidence to support it.

For instance, the CIA will say Russia shipped BUK anti-aircraft missiles to the Russian Ukrainian separatists to shoot down the Malaysian airliner, yet if that were true why haven’t we had an Adlai Stevenson moment? Back in the old days of the last cold war when the threat of mutually assured destruction was a sobering reality, American leaders wouldn’t hide behind locked doors, sequestering the objective proof of claims kept away from the public. They wouldn’t emerge empty handed before cameras saying you must “trust them” that what they say is so that the Soviets put missiles in Cuba.

In the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 1962), Americans came to the United Nations Security Council showdown and set up before the blinding floodlights for the television cameras of the whole world to watch US Ambassador Stevenson pull out enlarged replicas of U2 spy plane photos clearly exposing the Soviets lying about there being no nuclear missiles secretly stationed on Cuba.

At the time of this writing [10 August], the Malaysian airliner had been shot down 25 days ago. [At the time I’m posting this article on Sunday 31 August 2014, my statement on the 10th still holds:], the US leaders have showed the world NOTHING of what their spy satellites and date-tagged radar records should indisputably PROVE, backing up their accusations that Putin’s missiles had been handed over to separatists and brazenly fired upon a civilian airliner.

For the record, I’ll make a prediction why you aren’t seeing it—why it is classified, why it will remain classified. It’s the same reason why you never saw evidence the Assad regime fired chemical rockets on civilians in Damascus last year. Then as now Secretary of State John Kerry drones on about “absolute proof” he won’t present, because there isn’t absolute proof.

At least his predecessor Secretary of State Colin Powel made a show of proving something before Congress, even though all the evidence presented turned out to be wrongly interpreted but it worked. Bush and the neocons got their war.

The Syrian wild missile chase based on blind faith was Kerry’s failed attempt to drag you into another war in Syria, back in August-September 2013: because the evidence was faulty.

It’s a pattern being repeated from Syria to Ukraine with an agenda to play on public passions and rush the world into wars both cold and hot for corporate interests. The truth will come out about Malaysian Flight 17, just like what happened in Syria, about six months later when public attention is seduced to look at other press-fomented and exaggerated outrages. It turned out that the missile with a Sarin chemical warhead was fired “within” the Free Syrian Army zone, not by Assad’s units. It was a stolen Syrian-Army chemical weapons warhead shot at FSA neighborhoods by al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) jihadists with the help of the secret service of America’s NATO ally, Turkey. This was Ankara’s third attempt to falsely flag a chemical weapons attack on Assad to start a Syrian-NATO war.

You can check out the source of this revelation here by clicking on Seymour Hersh.

We’re not going to see the evidence slam-dunk blaming this atrocity on Russia, Putin. Neither will we witness satellite or radar pictures of Russian BUK missiles firing on Flight 17 because it never happened. Nevertheless, I do predict that you’ll eventually find out it was either a Ukrainian fighter jet or a Ukrainian BUK antiaircraft missile battery that mistook the Malaysian airliner as a separatist warplane and shot it down. (Click on BUK missile.)

The media is now telling you those dastardly separatists are fighting the Ukrainian Army around the crash site. They won’t tell you that the Ukrainian forces unilaterally launched an offensive into the crash area just as inspectors, landing in separatist territory, were about to arrive on the scene to do serious evidence gathering. (Source: click on Malaysian crash site.)

Kiev breaks the truce just like right wing elements in the new Kiev government scuttled a peaceful agreement arranged on 22 February that would call for new elections to peacefully resolve Eastern and Western Ukrainian tensions and get rid of the Yanukovych government by the power of the ballot and democracy, not the power of a gang of Right Sector Ukrainian skinheads wielding guns. (Click on Maidan Revolution)

You don’t see Right Sector stormtroopers violently overthrowing a democratically elected government in your news. That’s the first personal foul push that goes unnoticed by the network referees. Instead, you see the “shove” of Ukrainian Russians forming militias and setting up barricades in Eastern Ukrainian cities as a reaction, a pushing back that get’s yellow journalism’s flag.

Your press organs acting as echo chambers for your government won’t tell or show you Kiev’s threats to “Ukrainianize” the “Muscovites” in the eastern provinces, using the “M” word like the “N” word is used in America to dehumanize African Americans. You wont’ be told about the first act of the new, Russian-hating government, or see it in print articles on the front page of Time or Newsweek: the anti-ethnic Russian law to abolish Russian as one of the official languages of Ukraine.

You won’t be shown America’s “new friends” in Kiev Parliament with their torchlight parades, goose-stepping and flashing Nazi salutes. US TV won’t show you a Western Ukrainian neo-Fascist Svoboda and Right Sector MPs and cabinet ministers crowding a brave new government. You’ll only see the Russian Ukrainian reactions to all of this, falsely played before you as the second shove made first to be penalized.

Putting it in another way Americans might better understand, imagine this scenario. Republicans violently overthrow the Democrat president in the White House and put their own coup government in his place, which includes a half-dozen American Nazi Party members as key ministers running the Justice department, the Pentagon and the FBI and the courts. The first order of business is to review the voting rights of Democratic Party members, they call “Musk-Donkey-bites.” The democrats feel threatened. They start forming militias.

Now then, when you turn on the news, this is how that truth is spun: “A new government was elected in Washington, reacting to this, militant Democrat voters began throwing up barricades and forming militias and calling for secession from the Union…these separatists are terrorists!”

Don’t be that referee who throws the flag at the wrong source of escalating tension in the world. Doubt your press. Press hard for facts from your legislators and president. DEMAND they show the proof in objective evidence rather than ask to be trusted.

They are not to be trusted. Your honest skepticism may be the only thing standing in the way of a future that sees false narratives of 2014 drag the world towards a 1914 reprise, only this time, the warmongers are armed with thousands of atomic and thermonuclear weapons.

Washington’s best-laid plans are exposed in the prophecies of Nostradamus and Stormberger.


First a salvo from a Coast listener not too happy with my views on the Gaza War:

You never disappoint me in thinking you are anti-Semitic. How dare you not see the truth? You spread you lying interpretations. Israel wants to live in peace. Hamas wants to destroy them. You jerk. How anyone could take you seriously is beyond me.

How anyone could think you are a rational thinker, not guided by blinding emotions, is beyond “me”, Larry. So, you never surprise me as much as I never disappoint “you.”

Even on the show I stated categorically that HAMAS was doing EVERYTHING the Israeli’s claim they were doing, such as storing rockets under hospitals, mosques, etc., and that they were brazenly using their own people as human shields, and that Israel will NEVER be able to talk peace with them until they respect the Jewish State’s right to exist. Were you too busy after midnight seeing my face in your pillow and beating it when I said that on the show, Larry?

One more thing, do any of you note the latent racism in Larry’s statement?

No, not the obvious one, calling me a hater of Jews. It’s the meaning most people miss: that defending Arabs and criticizing Jews somehow makes one anti-Semitic.

Arabs are Semites.

It would seem those, like Larry, who are blinded by the tacit racism of Zionism, do not regard or acknowledge Arabs as fellow Semites, and thus a lower order of human mensch.


David posted this transcript of a passage from my Coast to Coast AM interview last Monday (4 August 2014). It’s a frequently asked question, so, I thought I’d share my answer with all of you.

This is a very simple question: Is there any place to seek refuge in this world because it sounds like it’s going to get really crazy and hectic around here?

“Yes, the refuge is just above your wondering feet if you ask me. The refuge is WITHIN.

This is a planetary issue, so there is no safe place physically speaking, and yes, I understand the idea of escaping to a safe place to weather it out. I guess if I have a bias towards the situation, I’m not a survivalist. I would rather be at ground zero trying to stop this dire future from happening even if I am right in target of a thermonuclear bomb in the process.

I think that the way to make the world safe, or to find a safe area, is to make the [whole] world safe. That means we have to look at what makes us make such a mess of the world and my solution to that is to utilize the science of self-observation. [I] have been practicing [this] since 1980. I [first] learned it in India and I am living it in my life. If some of you think my ideas are original in my writing, it’s probably because of the meditations that I do. These make me look at myself and the mechanics of my own dysfunction and see how that…projected on the collective, is really what everybody is going through. It’s the identification with nation, religion, borrowed knowledge, borrowed identity that has basically made us habitually divided amongst ourselves and each other. We see the world in a skewered way.

We do our best to make it better but we don’t look at the mess that’s the motivation inside of us, it’s the way we have been trained and conditioned…And meditation I contend helps a person see the robotic habitual behavior that causes the misery-go-around called the repeating of history.

When you start recognizing this, it’s like a light of understanding [turns on inside] that begins to make you free of it. And then the God-given intelligence given by Existence that you all were born with begins to awaken because it is no longer under to coating of ego and of identity. It’s know longer…

You become the driver of your body mind, your vehicle in life. Rather than think you are the car because the society wants you to think you are a dead, dumb automobile not the driver, the soul, the witnessing consciousness of your car, your vehicle. Osho, one of my favorite mystics talked about that. There is not going to be a Noah’s ark that saves us this time around… There is going to be a Noah’s ark of consciousness waiting instead.

The consciousness within each of you is the ark of the covenant. It is the way to live by example and by your example change the world.

Do you have hope for the future?

No, because if you have hope it hides your hopelessness. I am free of both. I have understood that for things to really work one has to abandon hope and then you abandon hopelessness. One has to abandon “good” so that you can let go of evil. (End of segment)


I would add to the above that if these words about meditation resonate with you, Contact Me. I will freely share links and information about the meditations I used. You need only email me one word in the subject line: Meditation.

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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


And now to Pete and his veiled death threat. His abstract musing of having me stoned to death may be prompted by a shadowy, past-life memory. Perhaps he was renewing an old habit, veiled from his conscious mind of the good old days when he was just another faceless member of a mob lusting for violence, the kind who drown or burn witches, or stone people. It’s an old story, really. So much of history is a study in mass-mind-mob mentality. The masses go to revolution and to war in lemming-mode following the rules that Adolf Hitler so sagely and evilly defined in Mein Kampf when defining the core nature of crowds of people. They do not act rationally. Indeed they are “like a hysterical woman” that must be seduced by simplistic slogans. A mob has a voracious hunger to feed a crowding emotion by devouring any semblance of individuality, reason or reflection. The manipulators of crowd provide the kindergarten slogans, like “Germany awaken!” or “yes we can!” or “change we can believe in!” or “take back America!” etc., that say nothing.

These media mind manipulators show just enough fragmentary evidence of an incident, that makes it look like Russians invading Ukraine, to stir up the mob mind but not give the full report that might cool their ardor to rush headless into history’s new cycle of half-thought, have-baked escalations of crisis and war.

Yeshua once said to a mob of stone throwers, “He who has not sinned, cast the first stone.”

The core meaning of the word “sin” is to “forget” your connection to the divine. Thus we sin when we lose ourselves in a mob mind. Have more “respect” (meaning, “look deeper a second time”) at what your authorities are feeding you as truth. Then, perhaps you’ll not succumb to the mob mind that motivated Pete’s interchange. Pete may not be able to “repent” (to re-member, become one and undivided), but my inserted responses to his letter are aimed at “you,” reader. I use Pete’s letter to point out what bad habits of the mob-mind potentially disempower our perceptions of reality.

Where are you now in your adoration of Putin? His further incursions of Ukraine are justified?

Putin has grounds recognized by those who actually take the time to read and watch what Putin actually has said rather than be greedy piglets ready to suck down whatever the news media “milks”. As I stated in the articles above and at length in my new book, a humanitarian disaster is ongoing that is far greater than the recent war in Gaza. It has killed many thousands and displaced nearly a half-million ethnic Russian Ukrainians. To those like myself who make an effort to watch raw footage from new outlets, uncensored by Washington and US corporate media, we see an ongoing terror bombing and selling of civilians of not one city, like Gaza but several cities far larger than Gaza City for four months and counting. Your media won’t show you this because your government has backed the Kiev government that is infested with neo-Nazis and fascists who made it painfully clear that Russian citizens of Ukraine will not have equal rights, in their “new” Ukraine. Indeed, this shelling is intended to be a pogrom of Russian speaking Ukrainians out of Ukraine. It’s ethnic cleansing.

I have always said that Russia in this war is being baited to get involved and as I explained in today’s article about the Referee Syndrome, if Russia invades, it is only because Kiev and its NATO and US handlers committed the first and deepening outrage. They first denied Ukrainian Russian citizens’ equal rights and a say in the country’s future. That precipitated the separatist rebellion and the grounds for fascists in Kiev to begin their pogrom. Russia is being inundated with refugees. Kiev is forcing them to get involved. It is not surprise to me if the next step is a military incursion and a partition of Ukraine, its what I predicted back in November 2013. Note that this prediction was documented in the earliest first days of the Maidan demonstrations, long before the coup in late February 2014, the absorption of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia and the current civil war:

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

2014, like 1914, sets in motion the breakup of long-held political frontiers. The Ukraine faces such a moment. Either civil war or a civil breaking up of the Ukrainian union along the Dnieper River is in its future. The Ukraine must split into northwestern and southwestern halves, the former dominated by native Ukrainians with more ties to the West and the EU; the latter, including the Crimea Peninsula, has a Russian majority seeking deeper ties with “Czar” Vladimir Putin’s co-prosperity sphere. Watch also the “Near Abroad”, the term used in Russian foreign policy for independent nations that are former, break away Soviet provinces. Some of these breakaway provinces will seriously consider reunion with the Russian Federation. Belarus is next, no later than in 2018.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5: Readings for Regions and Nations

I post it for another reason. Pete is another example of a light reader with a light grasp of what I do often accurately forecast. I’m constantly told by such people that I never get any prediction right. I can only conclude that reading is a challenge for such folk to master because I document everything I do in these pages and in my 26 books and counting, with three more on the way before Christmas 2014.

[Putin] lying to his people to justify this undeclared war is justified?

Yes, Pete, for all the reasons I’ve copiously listed in the articles today, for your enlightenment.

Unlike your “predictions” that President Obama and Sec. Of State Kerry would find a way to rush to war to feed the beast of industry like some democratic version of Cheney and company, their restraint has been obvious and even over done.

Obama and Kerry encourage a militarization of the Baltic States. ABM missile batteries are ordered to point at Russia from Romania to Poland. Weapons are being sold to Kiev. Under Obama a great pivot of US assets are being positioned around Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Australia to also start up a cold war confrontation with China. Kerry saber rattles for a war last year in Syria that a diplomatic effort by Putin thwarted. Libya is attacked in an Obama doctrine that’s seen it crumble into civil war and failed nation status, a breeding ground for jihad terrorism’s spread throughout Western and Central Africa. Drones aircraft are killing a whole lot of civilians with a few spuriously identified targets as “terrorists” mixed in, in Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Niger, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Drones are being prepared to do the same collateral damage and death in Sunni communities now occupied by ISIS.

George Bush belonged to a secret society that trains and grooms the elite class of power brokers and corporate manipulators of the US called Skull and Bones. Kerry is a member of Skull and Bones. Kerry was the first major Democrat Party leader to endorse Barack Obama for president. Now he’s his most influential cabinet member, controlling worldwide US foreign policy. I know I’m initially addressing all of these facts to vacuous Pete, but is anyone else reading this grasping the point? I know most of you who can read A New Cold War without the blinders of mob-mind filtering narrowing their perception understands all the above. If anyone reading Pete’s accusation has a similar opinion, I invite you to read my book, click on John Kerry.

You have been so far off on this one, but I have waited as events developed to see how you’d spin your way out of it. It can’t be done.

Read all of the above. I think I’ve stated my views comprehensively, although I do not expect a person with a mindset that can’t grasp the comprehensive will acknowledge this. To coin Pete’s own words, “it can’t be done.”

You hitched your wagon to the wrong horse and now you look like a fool. Putin is the bad guy. He’s another Hitler. He must be stopped or else we are well on our way to the last war. How could you have gotten this so wrong.

It’s become a tired cliché of the uneducated, those bar room philosophers, to use the H word as an invective against any political leader. Black and white thinking is not coming from a mindset “well thought.” Russians = bad guys. Americans (good guys). This black and white thinking is symptomatic of classic mob-speak, Pete.

Vladimir Putin is an oligarch. He is the closest thing to a modern Czar. I have never disputed this. But is he “Hitler”? Really? To any rational thinker, Russia is not intending to rule the world, kill off all Jews, nor does it follow a eugenics philosophy promoting a belief that Russians belong to a “master race”, that they are an exceptional people above the law. Consider what Putin wrote in the New York Times op-ed page replying to Obama’s defense of America’s Exceptionalism to do the deeds no other country might do, for the better good as they define “good” (very Hitlerian belief, I might add).

Putin was responding the following day to Obama’s 10 September 2014 press conference, where he defended America’s exceptional right to unilaterally strike the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons it was later proven never were launched by Assad (do I smell a reprise of attacking Iraq because it had WMDs here?)

My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this. I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.

Vladimir Putin (11 September 2013)
From his New York Times editorial:
“A Plea for Caution From Russia:
What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria.”

It must be remembered that there’s a whole lot of Americans and Syrians alive today because Vladimir Putin successfully negotiated a peace deal that dismantled Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal to forestall an Iraq-style US airstrike in late 2013. That’s not very Adolf Hitler of him, Pete.

Also, notice how the blindness of nationalistic thinking can completely ignore a far more “Hitlerian” act from its own armies and government. The unilateral invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the United States based on a false premise that Iraq was an imminent threat to the US was in spirit EXACTLY Hitler’s pretext to start the Second World War. He invaded Poland unilaterally, on a false story that Polish troops had raided a German radio station. It never happened. The raid was as real as Bush’s WMDs in Iraq and as real a cause for John Kerry’s hard pressure on Obama to go to war with Syria over its false chemical weapons attack.

Where is your insight now?

Alive and well, Pete, and rich in documentation and nuance that ever is beyond a mob-minded man to fathom. You’ll have to take off your mass-minded rose-colored glasses and look at things as a reasonable individual. Fortunately most of my readers possess this capacity.

Next Pete descends into suggesting some violent silencing of me. Like Ving Rhames character in Tarentino’s Pulp Fiction, he muses on the good old days when a mob might “get Medieval on my ass” as it were, as if I was a witch who should be stoned.

You are lucky. In older times you’d be stoned for being a false prophet.

Pete, just remember what kind of people you’re identifying with when you talk about me being stoned and killed. Just think about who you’re siding with, the people who answer anything with stones, torches and violence. That’s you, Pete. Scratch the surface of your mock civility, and you’ll find underneath that clownish white paint of civility, the bloodthirsty face of the mob, latent and still alive inside you.

What is your excuse for getting it so wrong, and how will you spin it to make it look like you were right? I think it is obvious that you realize how wrong you have been because of how quiet you have been about the subject recently. It’s like crickets. Nothing. Excuses please, and make them good.

They’re better than excuses, they are FACTS with links to documentation for those of you needing further reading to understand my views. I back up my view with a 50,000 words about prophecies of a new cold war, how it could turn out, and how it can be avoided. At the very least, my outpouring of work today should explain by the side of the output that I needed to take the time and care to deliver my views about this week’s events. What you project upon my silence up to now is another inaccurate projection from your mind.

I do not jump the gun like a mob-minded man. I take my time to investigate an issue before I write. That’s why most people who read Hogueprophecy are patient with my silences. They understand that I won’t write something until I’ve checked the story deeply, especially if it may initiate a future changing chain of current events.

That’s why hundreds of thousands read my articles from all over the world. That’s why a few people like you find me so confounding. I’m not a servant of monkey-mob-mindedness. I’m not quick to judge, as crowd hysteria would have compelled me through hypnotic suggestion to do. I’ve understood how the real Hitler played the crowds like a hysterical woman. I don’t succumb to the hysteria and reactions of a man like Pete who then ends his attack with an all too mob-like veiled threat that I should be stoned to death.

He who has not sinned, cast the first stone at Mr. Hogue.

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (


Pete replied to my retort to his stoning suggestion the following morning:

Says the man who sides with the modern-day Hitler. Apologize, explain, and then retire.

Retire? You will not be given the satisfaction. LOL. I do not give satisfaction to people under the spell of mob-mind, who just let their brains eat, and then see their intelligence eaten, by the organs of mass media that propagate a mass mind muddle. Ask yourself forgiveness for allowing your intelligence to be neglected. Explain to yourself why you are blind and liking it. Retire from this bad habit and rediscover a lost intelligence to think and have reason renewed, Pete.

Meditation can help you. If you allow me, I can send you information and techniques that might help you see an intelligence that is free of the mob-mind. I invite you to Contact me, and put only one word in the subject line: Meditation.

That would be enough to provide for you this information freely. I offer this because I see a soul trapped behind the stormtrooper mask of the personality identified as “Pete” who threatens to stone me. The truth of mediation could set it free.




My offer of Meditation as prompted the following letter from a reader taking up the offer and sharing her difficulties in the past with meditation. I feel compassionately compelled to share what I understand are these challenges because I’ve also encountered them and been helped by my meditation teacher, Osho, to remedy through understanding.

Hello, John. I don’t know if I’m hopeful, hopeless, or somewhere outside of those two when I think of reaching out for your offer of the gifts of meditation which suggest the possibility of liberating the mind from the ego, from habit, from attachment. I’ve seen you make this offer for years. I have tried meditation in the past – though Yoda says, there is no “try”, there is only “do. So I’ve said to myself that I just am incapable. For me, it’s a tremendous effort to stay still; inside my mentation, I am addled/”A.D.D.led” – inattentive, reactive, by turns unfocused or hyper-focused, mentally cluttered, frenetic, fixated, frustrated, a dog chasing my tail. Meditation “SHOULD” be a help to me with my disordered and disorderly mind, yet when I’ve “tried” to meditate, tried to let go or stay with, I come away with the belief that I don’t have the wherewithal to make it work for me. Nonetheless, I ask for what you might be offering, and I’ll try again. Lots of thanks, and love, Dinah.

Meditation helps one simply to be a witnessing consciousness seeing the passing clouds of hope, hopelessness and even this cloud called “somewhere outside of those two”. All experiences are watched, neither for nor against them, accepting what is, and watching “what is” is an IS-ness that is free of these clouds that pass through its “sky”. Consciousness is like a mirror that simply reflects. It is like the sky. You can’t define where it begins or ends. The sky isn’t there, really, yet its “isn’t-there-ness” is “there”. The hypothesis meditation presents is the question, not whether we need liberation, but rather, what is the misunderstanding we live under that falsely perpetuates the idea that we aren’t the essence of eternal liberation already?

Osho. Click on the picture.

Osho. Click on the picture.

One of the misunderstandings is this attempt to make the mind still. It never succeeds because it is the mind trying to make the mind still. The hypothesis is that consciousness, though it uses the mind as its servant in life, is in itself no-mind, or beyond the mind. If my “car” is my mind, Consciousness is the driver. The car can’t drive itself without crashing.

Another misconception is that meditation has to be done standing or sitting still. These techniques Osho offers are tailored for the modern human being. Many of them have active components where you shake, dance, move. They may create a space where it is easier in the final stages to settle and be quiet and still. But first, vigorous action, movement, laughing, crying, catharsis even, is needed. It’s innocently OK not to be able to sit still. We are like kids so full of energy. We need to allow ourselves in active meditation techniques to play and play hard, exhausting all of that frenetic energy. Then the stillness of meditation can come to us on its own accord, like a guest. The techniques of meditation can prepare our body-mind vehicle to be like a welcoming guest room into which the mysterious guest called “meditation” enters.

Osho and child.

Osho and child.

The word SHOULD does not factor in meditation at all. When the “shoulds” arise and other powerful self-judgment and judgment of others, do not suppress these, do not hold onto these. Let these dark storm clouds pass through the sky of consciousness. Meditation can give one the knack to be that one and complete sky, each moment. The sky is ever there, whether you crowd it with clouds of mind and emotion or not. They will pass along and the sky is ever there, ever “now”.

PIX (1) Epilogue-oshos-eyes

The Noah’s Ark of Consciousness is Within.


And now, that it is Monday, Labor Day, the flood of comments about the article stream in general are coming through. Here’s some of these:

Thank you for taking time to write this comprehensive article on the state of world affairs. I agree with your views on Putin. I’m forwarding this article on to friends and family.

Thanks for spreading the article around to your friends. Please tell them to do the same, spreading it along to their friends’ lists, and so on for every friend to send it on their lists. This is the way people power gets alternative ideas past the corporate media echo chamber for the government lies. This is how the people can take back their democracy, through being informed by the “new” mainstream media emerging in social and alternative media sources.


Hello john. I hope you and your mother are doing well. I just got through reading your newsletter and once again I thank you for having the spine and courage to write what the jaundice puppet write what they are told so called weasel journalist won’t. The world needs a boogeyman. The economy thrives on chaos. Not our economy mind you. The corporate war machine economy that is. People believe what the media tells them. People no longer think for themselves. There is so much hate and ugly in the world and it is brought on by none other than greed. So many innocent suffer by the hands of the leaders that are in office. But thanks to the media the evil that they do gets turned around blamed on someone else and before you know it they are on stage receiving a Nobel peace prize! My hope is john, that every American in some way is led to your site and reads today’s newsletter. Hopefully it will remove the blinders from their eyes and strike a spark in them that gets them to thinking on their own. Keep ringing that bell john. In these troubling times ahead we need a voice to stand up to the crap spewing media! Thanks for what you do. You are very much appreciated. Kind regards, MARC


Whoa! John, Once again standing your ground (zero) with courage and clarity. Well-rounded historic (read panoramic) insight providing perceptive multiple-choice facing the world August 31, 2014. I am in truth your grateful student.


John Keep telling the truth as the news media and western govt’s certainly don’t. I agree with you on Putin. He is not a small man and I personally like his leadership ability compared to Obammaer Karen


Chris Hedge’s and Naomi Wolf would agree with you as many others for sure. Walter Russell. When the Black Serpent uncoils at the bottom of the earth, a Phoenix will rise again…


This does feel like waking into a war with “eyes wide open”. Especially after reading this latest article! The media does seem to be looking for a World War to breakout, as if they want it. Thank you for helping us see the worlds stage with clearer vision.


Hi John, Thanks for all your precious work, I deeply appreciate what you do and how you are sharing with us! I recently donated € 12 for the 2015 predictions but forgot to mention what is was for… Sorry! Love from a Sannyas Friends, Dipako.

You’re most welcome Dipako. 2015 will be on the way to you at the end of November when the Americans Turkey’s celebrate their Turkey of a Thanksgiving holiday. 🙂 Lots of love, Arjuna




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