Kerry Skull-and-Boning Ukraine and a New Cold War, Obamacare Prophecy, 2016 Presidential Election Prediction, the coming irrelevance of the Electoral College and brace for a Decentralization Revolution


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KerryFaceUpsideDownDATELINE 20 April 2014:

The Return of the Mummy
Skull and Boning Ukraine

How do you all feel about US Secretary of State John Kerry’s plastic surgery augmentation? I like how the wrinkles gathering on the arching poop deck of his prominent chin have vanished. Kerry’s straight-lipped mouth can now rest in the saddle of a crescent-moon curved face as smooth as one of those stone-cold statuary tiki-god heads on Easter Island.

Kerry is a member of the Skull and Bones secret college society of white power elites trained for aristocratic overlording us in the US. He’s a graduate of the keepers of a corporate law above democratic laws you and I must honor. For appearances sake, he went under the knife prior to a game of thrones: his long-played political game with the upstart House Obama to unseat the pant-suited princess of House Clinton as America’s chief foreign Scull and Bones foil: Secretary of State. Now then, since the end of 2012, his extraterrestrially slit of a thin-lipless mouth and rejuvenated, Jay-Leno-from-Easter-Island chin are ready for their close up in Obama’s second term.

That chin defiantly thrust itself out at the echo chamber press corps last August into September. The Syrian al-Assad regime, the chin said, had gassed thousands of Syrian civilians sympathetic to the Free Syrian Army and punitive US attacks were imminent. Kerry told the press more than once to merely “trust him” that evidence he would never disclose was unquestionable!

In another bellowing session with the press the following day, Kerry’s Boris Karloff delivery of a joke unwittingly became an unplanned for—and perhaps unwanted—diplomatic breakthrough. Russian President Vladimir Putin prevented a US neocon-planned war of NATO with the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad that would kill uncountable thousands by taking Kerry’s dour joke seriously. In other words, Putin ran with the idea that his Syrian ally could avoid a “punitive” apocalyptic series of air strikes to rival the 26,000 sorties NATO pounded down on Libyan leader Gaddafi’s head. Assad only had to set in motion immediately a United Nations monitored dismantling of all his chemical weapons still in his possession.

It seems the post of Secretary of State has been vacated by a “mommy” with a tricky Dick-Nixon candidacy to organize and is now occupied by The Mummy, who seems to be a little slow witted when playing geopolitical chess with a martial arts chess master like Putin. Boris “Kerry”, however, lunges for the throat of an uncorroborated press story faster than the Mummy can strangle a starlet in a B horror film.

American leaders, be they Jackass-o-crats or Dumbopublicans controlling high office these days, consistently buy into stories of weapons of mass destruction that don’t exist. They then try to send American men and women to be wounded, traumatized or killed in wars for America’s corporate fossil fuelers who want to control the Middle East no matter what international law they break or kid they kill as collateral damage.

Consider the Syrian False Flag that was Kerry’s last attempt at diplomat, diplomatically trying to get the US and the rest of NATO in another war in the Middle East in a very big war with a target package of air and missile strikes that would take down the infrastructure and military of al-Assad faster and bloodier than you can say, “No-Fly Zone over Muhammar Gaddafi, DUCK-you-sucker-civilians!”

So says investigative reporter Seymour Hersh in a recent article based on leaks coming from inside the Pentagon. Ever proven accurate exposing the false virtue of American hegemonic scandals, left wing or right in Washington, Hersh relates that the Obama administration’s war plans last year were upset by US and British intelligence evidence that Sarin gas was unlikely released by the Assad forces. In fact, the missile battery that fired on thousands of civilians in an eastern Damascus suburb were launched from longer-range chemical weapons platforms manned by al-Nursa Front Sunni jihadis with the help of Turkish intelligence agents!

Kerry’s held-high his chin marched on with no apologies into 2014 to stick it to the Ukrainians next. On 17 April, that chin was smooth and ready for a second close-up—a second close shave—with the truth.

He had just come before the worldwide press after finishing a marathon, seven-hour negotiation with EU, Ukrainian and Russian diplomats to find a workable program of intentions, on paper at least. It was a call to all parties, especially extremist militias of Eastern and Western Ukraine to lay down their arms and abandon occupied and barricaded government buildings. I sensed Kerry was once again in a Syrian fix once again. He was backtracking on his prior brinksmanship trash talk once he and the President who advised him or he advised…

You know, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know who’s running American these days, the Skull and Boney Kerry or the Obamagogue.

Anyway, the conciliatory words said between the lines, that some little modicum of geopolitical and geo-economic sense might have stirred from Washington that the consequence of an escalation of sanctions with Russia was revealing the US and EU were playing a weak geopolitical hand. Time for Kerry to stop horse-facing around. Time for words of sobriety, adulthood, equanimity and not a moment for throwing out uncorroborated news reports…

But, hey, what am I smoking? This is that “other” ineloquent JFK (John Forbes Kerry) at the podium on 17 April.

Out of nowhere he inserted, in-between his diplomatically cuddly and hopeful words of working things out, a story he had heard from the Donetsk region that ethnic Russians in masks (don’t know how he could tell) were seen in front of a Jewish synagogue passing out pamphlets directing the Jews of Eastern Ukraine to register their Jewishness and their addresses to be mailed to the address of the local “People’s Governor” who signed himself as Denis Pushilin.

Kerry paused to let that sink in. Then he reared up at the podium and puffed up as best he could his flying saucer-sucking thin lips in an inverted V before grousing a breathy and ponderous alarm about ethnic Russians renewing old anti-Semitic demons:

The notorious pamphlet.

The notorious pamphlet.

In year 2014, after all of the miles traveled in all the journey of history, this is not just intolerable, it’s grotesque… beyond unacceptable.”

The Western media ran this story across the world faster than you can say “Sarin gas my ass in Damascus, Assad!”

Fortunately there are a few real reporters and journalists on the ground in Donetsk, who actually went to the address on the pamphlet and checked the story. It didn’t take as long to expose this Kerry-caveat as just another fake.

They talked to Pushilin. The soft-spoken, calm man I saw on RT (Russia Today) interviewed did not strike me as some Nazi. He denied having written the letter and added, “There are similar letters not only addressed to Jews, but also to businessmen, foreign students, people of certain other occupations.

This is actually a fake, and not a good one. There’s a sign ‘People’s Governor’. First of all, no one calls me by that title, no one elected me. Secondly, the stamp is the former mayor’s. Everything’s photoshopped.”

He added that the stamp was too large in the fake and the letter was rife with bad grammar. It’s virulent content was later sourced back to text from a play dating back to Soviet times.

Denis Pushilin talking to the press about the fake pamphlet.

Denis Pushilin talking to the press about the fake pamphlet.

This pamphlet anti-Semite story is just another false flag in the propaganda war going on over Ukraine. It’s similar to that other story about the Russian Lieutenant Colonel openly drilling militia and making speeches to ethnic Russians in Donetsk, broadcast by the Western media and babbled about by talking-head experts, not even on the scene to check the man or the story. But wait, what’s wrong with me? When does a talking head have a body or a heart to feel a story out “in country” in this slap-happy, crappy network news era?

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

The old cold war had generally cooler heads running the US and USSR. Journalists question more and checked their facts because if they got it wrong—Boom! Leaders and reporters were careful not to say or do something stupid that could blow up Planet Earth in less than 30 minutes with a full nuclear exchange and mutually assured destruction of “winner” and “loser” of the game of who fired their missile strike first.

Now, mostly in the West, I see cranky children in seats of power ready to up the anti, excelerating their tit-for-tatting by any lie the press badly reports on from cranks as credible sources, as long as it supports their narrative.

A similar hysteria overtook leaders and journalists 100 years ago staring the First World War in 1914.

The idiots of history are repeating themselves.

“They’re baaaack,” as the girl said to the television electrostatic snow in the movie The Poltergeist.

Only this time, leaders incapable of prudence actually HAVE the weapons of mass destruction that neither Saddam Hussein possessed nor al-Assad launched on his own people.

That’s what’s dangerous about our times and you, my readers, have to be very alert and loudly demand your so-called elected leaders start behaving like adults because nuclear arsenals are not toys.

I’m doing my part to spread the word by putting aside all other book project to finish and release A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce. This is a special expanded edition with a chapter about the Blood Moon Prophecies. The Kindle, Kobo and Nook editions will not contain this expanded version. I am taking advance orders now. Please help me in this work to give us a future for ourselves and our children that fools with nukes might never snuff out. The danger is close at hand… But a few years away. Let us turn ourselves away from that future.

DATELINE 20 April 2014:

Obamacare Fulfills a Hogue Prophecy

My Oracle over the years has had a consistently accurate record of accomplishment predicting outcomes in the evolution of the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare) that goes against the popular expectations of its failure. It was not any great stretch to predict Obamacare would be born a misshapen monster, an inelegant, unwieldy and soon to be bureaucratically lumbering system that may take 20 years to become what I should have been at its inception, a universal, single-payer system like other modern democracies.

(That last prediction is still a long shot for most people, but you heard it here. That’s where Obamacare is going.)

What was harder to predict given the mass media views in 2009 and 2010 about the ACA being impossible to pass in Congress was that Obamacare would pass. In these pages of Hogueprophecy, I dated it passing into law by late March of 2010. Moreover, I presaged that all attempts to rescind the law, even in the anti-Obama, Roberts Supreme Court, would fail to kill the O-care.

That was the case.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

When I was writing my chapter on Obama in Predictions for 2014 on 20 November 2013, I raked the president hard over the coals about many things, chiefly his “un-commander in chiefly” inability to display true executive skills on a number of domestic and geopolitical fronts. He is still fulfilling a more negative potential future in his second term: Obama “has” come too soon to his destiny in 2008 when that destiny, according to my Oracle foresaw his best timing for becoming president was 2012. His premature ejaculation of slogans like Change we can believe in and Yes We Can, reveal a president too unprepared for prime time office who has failed to fulfill most of his promises of change. Indeed, he looks like another mediocrity like his predecessor in the White House. Now history wonders if he’ll end his second term with history’s judgment as: Yes he can’t be a change anyone should have believed in.

With that said, the Oracle does not play favorites and will report a positive future fulfilled. Despite all that’s wrong and will continue to be wrong with Obamacare it had me write this, last November:

Despite all this, my Oracle throws us a curve about Obamacare in 2014. It will meet its financial requirements by March to enroll a minimum of seven million subscribers because the website will be fixed. The bugs will be worked out. There will be a rush of millions in the last-minute signing up, indeed I predict is will far exceed its seven million minimum goal by end of March 2014.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 2:
The Obamino Effect
(Prophecies documented on 20 November 2013)

One has to remember the times in which I wrote the above. Not only had Obama’s website shown him up as a poor executive and not the hip tech-savvy pres. he likes to portray himself as. Instead, he showed his abject ignorance for his own healthcare plan. After years of campaigning, promising people confidently that “you can keep” your current healthcare under ACA, the statement turned out to be false. He wasn’t lying though. It’s worse. He really was clueless about his own signature legislation, given that an immature executive will surrender his oversight to others, whom he may pick as his councils, who are often less capable than himself.

I called him in the eBook, “the leading follower” rather than a leader of the nation.

Who does he follow? Well, in the case of Obamacare, the language of the bill was penned by executives and lawyers of what I call the Sickness Industrial Complex. I predicted Obama would let these wolves of medical corporate profiteers into his “playing-political-chicken” coup and they would make sure the first “Affordable” act of ACA would be to increase medical insurance premiums by 75 percent to fill their pockets!

Many of you reading this today know how accurate that prediction was. Still, despite Obama’s darkest hour of credibility in November 2013, my Oracle predicted exactly what happened four months later. The Obamacare website was fixed. Seven million did sign up and another million came on board in the last minute—those who started the process but couldn’t finish it by the 31 March deadline were given an extension until 15 April. So it did “far exceed” its seven million goal by one million.

Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

I have much more to say about the future of Obamacare in Predictions for 2014. I hope you will read it as it is now available for only $3.99 at and also available if you prefer Nook and Kobo tablet readers. Also, if you download a free Kindle APP off Google, you can read it on iBook, Sony or any other reading tablet you like even if you purchase it from Amazon Kindle outlets.

I also have available an expanded special PDF eBook edition that includes an additional chapter on the prophecies of Mattias Stormberger. This “German Nostradamus” may have accurately foreseen what’s coming next in the Ukrainian Crisis. Will it be a new cold war or a nuclear war? Find out more by clicking on Obamacare.

DATELINE 20 April 2014:

The US Electoral College:
The Beginning of the End Foreseen

Quietly, yet steadily, a national popular vote movement in America’s states has emerged since 2007. The Federal Government may keep its people bound by archaic voting traditions, such as the Electoral College system, but the American people using the powers of given by the US Constitution to their states are beginning to see a way out of its 18th-century misrule, circumventing it altogether without the need to make a new constitutional amendment. One by one, the state legislatures have been putting quietly into law a provision that if there’s a tie in the Electoral College vote in any future presidential election, their electors will unanimously vote for the candidate who won the popular vote.

I’m imagining a number of my American fans reading this believe that they have always voted for the next president. It never happened. You Americans vote for the “electors” given to your state. “They” vote for the president. Moreover, they have options to change their vote. Fortunately, after a couple of centuries, the people want their vote to finally count. They want their candidates to campaign in all 50 states, not just the dozen swing states that win or lose one the 270 electoral votes needed to carry an election.

G.W. Bush in 2000 won his election without winning a majority. Five hundred thousand more voters voted for Al Gore, but Bush enjoyed having five fellow Republican Party Americans in the US Supreme Court deny the Gore camp a recount in the disputed election in Florida. Five Supreme Court Justices silenced the voices of 500,000 voters!

Whether this was the morally right decision or not, it was within the law what happened, because “your” vote has actually never counted. You only notice this flaw and folly of law that makes state identity more important than the will of the national populace in national elections in those rare close elections. Given the gridlock now and forthcoming in future elections in America, close elections will be your new abnormal, as abnormally “new” as your runaway, man-made climate change.

Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida and some would say G.W. Bush's "smarter" brother.

Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida and some would say G.W. Bush’s “smarter” brother.

Whether what followed 2000 was a Constitutional perversion that led to an illegitimate presidency or not, the people of the future will judge. Yet if enough states join this movement, by the next presidential election in November 2016 there will never again be a Florida hanging-chad dispute. No US Supreme Court will cast a vote that counts more than that of the entire American people.

At the time of this writing (on Easter “and” Hitler’s birthday in 2014) the following states have ratified into law their pledge to give all electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote: Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, The District of Columbia, Massachusetts, California and Hawaii.

Soon New York will officially join these states and it is expected Oklahoma will be next. There’s no need for all 50 states to join. Currently, the movement has grown to ten states and the District of Columbia with 165 electoral votes, or 61 percent of the electoral votes needed to reach 270 electoral votes, the number needed to clinch all elections by popular vote forever just with a minority of pledged states.

click on the cover to read more.

click on the cover to read more.

In the subjection entitled Reform Now or Revolution Later, from Chapter 4 of Predictions for 2013-2014 (soon to be reissued under a new title, The Saturn Prophecies: 2013-2042), I asked my Oracle to build a bridge to the future. Tell us in detail what Constitutional reforms were required to stave off a bloody revolution in the streets of America happening in the early 2020s. It logged this prophecy, a little over a year and eight days ago, 12 April 2013:

End the Electoral College: Federal elections aren’t state focused. End this delusion. The people vote beyond their state borders for the Federal President overseeing the Union of States. Require these candidates campaign before ALL the American people from Guam to Georgia, from Virginia to the US Virgin Islands. No more wasted focus on battleground states. In America’s 21st-century reality, the horse-and-buggy 18th-century electoral voting customs no longer aid the people in a technologically advanced society. A simple majority of all eligible voters is not only enough; it makes your federal presidential candidates value and approach every citizen living inside the contiguous “federal borders” of this land.

DATELINE 20 April 2014:

The Decentralization Revolution

What I reported above is something you’ll rarely hear or watch the mainstream media disclose because it threatens the corporate interests that have your news anchors in their pocket and pay. Find that revolution here, hiding behind the glow of the looking glass you’re gazing at right now, be it a computer or laptop screen, cell or smartphone.

My Oracle proclaims something that to my programmed sensibilities seems impossible. It visualizes a future of breathtaking and positive changes that will come from the smallest spark of the seemingly most insignificant individual. It is talking about you, alone, reading these words. Just you, no one else, can change the world.

My Oracle foresees a decentralization of many supersystems. The grids of power, like electrical power grids, will lose their hold on us because the Internet is teaching it and soon our technological advances will transform overnight, any time in the next four years after 2014, far more than the overthrow of captains and kings in 1914. The way we define money, the way we define what is a power grid or federal governance, may all be completely upended and changed when technology, under the influences of the science and humanism-friendly new Aquarian Age, provides individuals with more power and responsibility over their lives.

Soon will come the days of Cold Fusion ending the fossil fuel addiction of civilization.

Soon your Cloud software systems will become Cloud financial funding and Cloud parliaments online.

Banks will disappear altogether not long after 2018.

Your mind will be your crypto currency’s protective vault.

Thought Money is coming next.

Crowd Funding is the Bitcoin of tomorrow’s citizen financing, moving away from financial institutions in cold neo-classical buildings to neo-unplugged, individual empowering money Matrixes.

Money becomes a form of interactive community. You don’t get a loan from the big bank; you get it from future customers who want to invest in your idea, your business, your movie, your music CD, your entrepreneurial concept. The last in the list is the largest growing Crowd Funding trend and the financial system will continue to horse and buggy “out” from seeing the ground swell change the economic world.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 9:
The Post-Snowden World

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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


You state [in your 14 April posting] you americans will be caught on ww lll. Are you not american or author is from another country

Hi Ramiro, I am born in America but I consider this identity imposed on human beings of this beautiful planet, like all the other illusive identities like, American, European, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Deist, whatever borrowed identity over which society tries to coat and suppress our divine and innocent intelligence underneath as idiotic.

The word “identity” has its roots in the Greek word for “Idiot” (one who is under the illusion of being separate from the Cosmos).

So, I when I speak to people in under this identification I use  “you” Americans, because “this” American is no longer identified with the region of chauvinistic BS peddled there on this corner of the planet where he was born. I do, however, respect the vision of America’s founding fathers for this land and try to live by those values, transcendent from mere political borders and identity “idiot-ity”. Thanks for asking, though.


Now we turn to the discussion from two of my Facebook Friends and my reply concerning what I see as the honest blinders that peace-loving people put on when trying to understand why people keep promoting war. These blinders must first be identified and dropped so that real and successful efforts to end war can be empowered by a deeper understanding about why war is profitable and it does “fix things”.

I don’t think our governments are capable of telling the truth!

The US, west, NATO are military itchy they certainly want cold war with Russia, then hot war WW3 certainly our western leaders are kids with toy guns and they must be young souls in their incarnation cycle and decisions must be immature trouble is we all suffer with their stupid decisions could end us all so wake up change coarse.

Why is War always the answer? Seeing as war hasn’t fixed anything in mankind’s History.

Wars hasn’t fixed anything Terenzio we had 2 WW so far many people died in them and our world leaders have not learnt and now US, West, NATO planning next WW3 with Russia which is insane very immature, making same mistakes again which will cost mankind dearly.

Hi Terenzio and Stephen. Thanks for your discussion. I want to suggest to you and anyone reading the following to please read the entire essay before responding or reacting to it, otherwise I will erase your comment.

One has to fully understand the mechanics of war and who profits by it to find a way to solve this problem. Actually, your both are incorrect to presume that nothing is gained by waging war. A virtuous love of peace can be a mind filter that makes us blind to realities. Once fundamentally blind to realities, no solution can be had, no matter how deep is our passion to bring peace on earth.

War is VERY profitable for the unscrupulous. Though many countries lost territory and wealth, WWI gave others fabulous gains in territory, wealth and resources. WWI even liberated national groups like the Poles, the Yugoslavs and the Balts and Finns from dying Austrian and Russian empires so they could establish their own states. Thus war benefited even that virtue of national independence dreamed by millions of relatively good people. WWII made Americans fabulously powerful and rich compared to the rest of the world.

The Cold War sustained generations of good jobs for millions in the arms race. There is tremendous profit to be had by corporations and their workers in the armaments industry. Where do you think the jobs for millions working in the factories will go, if peace on earth should reign?

The people who love and work for peace need to drop their naive “how can they do it?” attitudes and understand clearly, dispassionately, why enough people profit from war to keep this madness going. Look beyond our accepted givens and peacenik platitudes. War “has” fixed a lot of things. For instance, it fixed the slave controversy in the US through waging a civil war. The Cold War fixed the threat of communism by waging an arms race Russia couldn’t sustain. In a way, it was one of the most successful and profitable war efforts ever embarked upon. It made unbelievable profits for the profiteers employed millions of Americans and gave them a good Middle Class lifestyle for generations. Few shots were fired and the enemy economically and politically died with a whimper rather than all of this leading to a nuclear Armageddon. Yes, I’d call that War, or the threat of War, providing a great fix.

Now then, are there better ways to employ and make money that doesn’t kill people and the planet and find better ways to solve our problems? CERTAINLY. However, if those who love peace want to convince others how to change, they need to become more aware of their own limited understanding of the problem of why wars continue to be encouraged and fought.


Now to the Obamacare debate that started on my Facebook Media Page:

It’s amazing what you can get people to do by threatening higher taxes for not complying

Joe, it is one of the ugly sides of Obamacare. To coerce the working poor by financially penalizing them if they don’t join the ACA is another class-war way of treating the problem of 40 million uninsured. Some people can’t afford 400 to 600 dollars a month for coverage. Moreover, the insurance companies who Obama allowed to write his ACA plan for him dipped their beak, as I predicted they would, by raising the co-pay limits, adding more burdens on the working poor. Let me make this prophetically clear, sooner or later the United States will have to follow the lead of other modern democracies and stop being the last democracy to do the right thing. We were last in abolishing slavery. We’ll be the last to establish healthcare as a universal and amended constitutional right of its citizens. Like it or not, single-payer systems will eventually soften the inhuman, “sickness-industrial-complex” edges of Obama’s morally ugly, profit-oriented plan. That’s my prediction, for the record.


And now we turn to mangled metaphors from someone who took offense at my plastic surgery jokes:

I used to be an avid reader of your email, however, your remarks on John Kerry’s plastic surgery, make you sound like the Enquirer which newspaper I will not even use as a bird crap. Please take my email off your list. (Editor’s note: She put an angry Happy Facturned purple with muchroom clouds coming horizontally out of its ears. I tried to carry it over but it wouldn’t work.)

No, Marie, I won’t take you off the list. Make yourself angry, if you like. It isn’t my problem. You got on this list using your own free will and you are now responsible for getting yourself off it.

By the way, I like your little angry happy face with the smoke blowing out its ears. Thanks for that. It was funny. Take care,

PS–I think your metaphor is also funny. I would like to see how you make a page made of photons and electrons off a website fit on the floor of your bird’s cage for pooping.

Maybe you have the blue twitter bird as your pet. Chuckle…

Now to the second interchange:

Cher faux prophete
You really do not have better things to do but to keep on down dirty with me !

I do, Marie, but I see the positive and instructional potentials of these interchanges, so I’m publishing your comments along with my inserted replies so that I can at least help other readers gain some insight, even if you’re closed minded. (Although, I think you like all this attention, n’est pas?) By the way, when you address someone in French with “dear false prophet” please put a period at the end of your sentences, si vous plait? It is very un-French chic not to have one’s period.

Go back to your brass tripod while you are sitting up there sniff some nutmeg powder and do your voodoo.

You spell it V-o-o-d-o-o. I do like Nutmeg in my coffee on rare occasions but I have no need of a brass tripod. The Oracle process is very simple and blissful. It doesn’t have anything directly to do with prophecy. It comes in the periphery of a witnessing meditation. One can “remember” witnessing any moment, waking or sleeping. That I use it sometimes as an aid to make predictions is just something that happens when “it” wishes. I simply watch this non-happening happen as I watch anything else happening in my life. There’s no need to lumber around Nostradamus’ heavy metal toys.

Another thing, the great prophets didn’t broadcast and sell their predictions so that they could sit back and laugh at people with better occupation.

Actually, Marie, you seem ignorant of the fact that Nostradamus was paid for ALL of his predictions and died a wealthy man. He also was a bestselling author who earned his royalties making those prophecies and laughed all the way to the bank.

Edgar Cayce asked for donations too and enough were had for him to “eek” out a mouse-sized but modestly solvent income. The royalties of his prophetic works and healing readings in part sustain his A.R.E. organization.

The flavor of your self-righteousness inclines towards a Christian bent. This idea that prophets don’t make a living comes from a rather one-sided source, the Bible’s Book of  Deuteronomy. It’s not convincing research to use only one source, the biblical prophet himself, as your only reference to what a prophet should and should not do and be. Propaganda always sounds authoritarian when there’s no corroborating sources or other critical sources to question a prophet’s authority to lay down the rules.

Know that while you are boasting about the success of your predictions…

It’s not a boast, its evidence. Given the short-term memory of most people in modern times, I am forced to remind my readers what I have documented as successful predictions. Its the way I can answer people like you who read my writings with their eyes wide shut to the fact that I do make accurate predictions whether one day, after being an avid reader, as you defined yourself in the first letter, you get your psychological buttons pushed by something I wrote, and now decide to forget all that avid reading.

…John Kerry is working hard to prevent war and death of millions of people!

Well, if you think that, you’re really a fool getting in line with Kerry to walk into a new cold war that goes very nuclear hot, mon cher. Remember what Mattias Stormberger predicted, “With open eyes will the people of Earth walk into these catastrophes.” This is a passage from his prophecies of a “third” world war. He was remarkably accurate about the first two world wars, as his predictions will show. Click on Stormberger. See how his predictions compare to other seers in the club of forecasters I call the World War Prophets in my forthcoming book.

Your eyes may be open, Marie, but your intelligence is fast asleep on this matter of what Skull and Bonesman John Kerry is leading this nation towards: disaster.

May the light of the Resurrection enlighten the eye of your heart

Again? You missed your period? Oh well, if the walls have ears, I guess my heart can have eyes…

The Resurrection concept was borrowed by St. Paul and tagged on the ministry stories of Yeshua, as is the virgin birth story. Both of these ideas come from the Persian religion of Mithras, which was a popular religion practiced in the Roman Empire during the days of “Christ”.

Oh, that’s another little detail of contention. Yeshua was never called “Jesus” or “The Christ” while he walked this earth. Rome was ever successful “Romanizing” any religion it absorbed. Your Christmas and Easter are also borrowed from pagan celebration days of Yule Tide and a spring fertility rite. But, with “open eyes” you put your faith in these catastrophes.

I hope to see the day when Christians will discard their false Imperial Roman identities and stop calling themselves by that derogatory term “Christians”. It means “little christs”. It’s strange how people will habitually, mindlessly take on  names that originally were intended as ugly slurs. The term “Hindu” is a slur. “Christian” (little christ) in Ancient Rome was equal to calling someone a “Nigger” if you were a Roman pagan. Yet even African Americans call each other the “N” word. Very strange human habit.

Anyway, someday Christians will rediscover that “Jesus Christ” was a projection that’s anti-Yeshua (Antechrist, vous dirais, Marie, en français médiéval de la Renaissance). In a way, they’ll have to embrace being “antichrist” and pro-Yeshua, and return to the pure beginning of their religiousness that was soon lost when Rome made a corporation out of their religion.

So, with no malice to you, Marie, my prayer for you is that you and all Christians enjoy a true resurrection of your reformed religion that will go “back to the future” as the Yeshua’s religion.


And now from my Facebook friends a sage observation about how Americans are cooking up a near-future nightmare…

I am 83 years young, lived through a great deal of history and can’t wrap my head around the ignorance of current generations as to politics, religion, economy, the 60’s 70’s and etc. It’s like me trying to understand the Persian Empire, which I have studied at length. It’ like the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar and his statue; empires rise and fall and the last empire is falling. Or ‘as in the time of Noah we will be running to and fro with no purpose” There was a time when getting news or even a letter was a struggle but held truth. Now it travels at the speed of light and has no substance. John, I truly enjoy your commentary and view on so many subjects. Keep up the work.

Hi Violet, thanks for your observation and I totally share your views. I’m in my 58th year and I’ve now lived long enough to live around two-thirds of the history you’ve witnessed–long enough to also concur that the quality of our leaders today are mediocre at best. When you compare Obama’s speeches to earlier presidents, whom I watched on YouTube, it’s shocking what people deem as “good” oratory these days. LBJ and Richard Nixon were not considered great orators, but I found their speeches far superior. The intelligence quotient of Americans in particular has declined. It’s becoming a very stupid country but no less arrogant with the world at large and I fear for the future when such a stupid country possess 6,500 nuclear weapons and sees other countries and its self under the blinders of a rather moronic narrative. The world is in danger of Americans and their growing mediocrity. I say this shocking thing, not to put the country of my birth down. I’m playing Chef Ramsay and America is a “Kitchen Nightmare” that needs some hard love and a good kick in its fried food fat collective ass.



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  1. rray
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    What does your oracle have to say about Obama trying to create a situation that will allow him to institute marshal law. Will it happen?

    The imporant thing to understand about our president is that he’s a puppet of corporate forces just like his predecessor and the only thing you have to defend yourselves from this new plutocracy is organizing yourselves to pick your own candidates and send them to Washington. I strongly recomment you read Chapter Two in Predictions for 2013-2014 ( In it is a long and detailed list of how you can reform your country now, or face revolution later.

    You can also donate $12.50 or a little more to receive the expanded “donors only” version with the Hopi Prophecy chapter on this page:

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