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Predictions for 2009


My Long awaited book of Predictions
For the coming year is now HERE

History is teething. A new era moves beyond a first birthday into a cranky second year. The bundle of joy has a diaper-rash future. We’ll be mothering and fathering it. Pacing all Cosmic Night long in the bedroom of newborn ages.

What kind of a start to a book is this?

An alarming noise. It peals 2009!

Abrupt is the lunge out of bedcovers of the semiconscious author pulled out of dream by a baby’s scream. He rolls out of bed. Stoops aching back to stretch opening arms into crib.

I gather up sweet sobbing potential all young and vulnerable and really pissed off.

What time is it?

Is it only 2009?!

I just took brief and blissful respite a year ago passing. The Cosmic Night is still young and long. Thirty-five years remain.

OK, OK — I’m awake. Where’s the warm milk? Time to start pacing and hugging kid-history and telling the story about this bawling baby New Year 2009. From the abstract to the abject, I go.

Come follow me down the Aquarian-Age rabbit hole…

John Hogue
(07 February 2009)

UPDATE 01/23/10

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