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NASA, Nostradamus, Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Great Heat Wave!

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Nostradamus is famous for his technological prophecies. It is believed he foresaw the invention of submarines (iron fish), air fleets guided through the heavens by pilots masked in snout-like oxygen masks he called half-pig men. He foresaw radio and telecommunications, the atomic bomb and accurately calculated the orbital distance of Space Station Alpha to Earth’s surface. Nostrtadamus also forecast the triumphs and tragedies of the US space agency, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) over four centuries before it existed.

There are so many current events reverberating in prophecy these days, what with Syrian rebellions, the looming Deficit deadline and a historic, lingering heat wave affecting hundreds of millions of North Americans. They all demand a comment. I will be introducing Nostradamus’ fire in the sky prophecies this weekend when the heat wave is at its peak, but first, I would like to cover a current event that has far more long-range historic influence on the future. I would like to talk about a lost decade in Space that began overnight with the landing of the last US Space Shuttle mission at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

It seems that the mainstream news has not yet picked up on the irony of the final shuttle’s name as it floats into floodlights out of the darkness like a pale and re-entry singed and smoking ghost to alight gently on the tarmac, soon to be rolled into a museum, forever. It is named after a continent that myth tells us catastrophically sank overnight into the ocean.

Space Shuttle Atlantis meets the Lost Continent of Atlantis, a fabled realm that purportedly sustained an advanced society in pre-historic times that were at least as technologically advanced as our modern civilization. They invented submarines and flew through the skies. Some New Ager mythologists advance Atlanteans to the level of space travelers who interfaced and intermarried with extraterrestrials.

Medium and author Ruth Montgomery believed that Americans have a special karmic link to Atlanteans. Indeed Americans are, according to her often prophetically accurate Spirit Guides, reincarnated Atlanteans facing the same collective karmic lessons the Atlanteans failed to learn. We new Atlanteans have harnessed the same technological advances and powers and have grown prideful and arrogant as in the past. Like in our past lives of high consumption of the earth’s resources on our crowded island continent in the mid-Atlantic, our wisdom did not keep pace with our earth-unfriendly technological advances. Our great Crystal-Solar arrays powering ships, submarines and aircraft were turned into weapons of mass solar destruction. Many of the most ancient annals and scriptures (see Mahabharata) describe wars in far off antiquity waged with a kind of rod or scourge that created atomic detonations and what sound like radioactive fallout.

The story goes that Atlantis sank into to ocean in one terrible night because of the misuse of ancient technology by those who, like us, have lost our connection with wisdom’s balance and no longer harmonize with this world and Nature.

There is still hope that we new Atlanteans will not overturn our world and sink our civilization; however, those of you in the eastern half of the country sitting next to the moan and rumble of your air conditioners that may switch off in brownouts, look out of your windows at the heat coming out of your skies. The new Atlanteans have upset the climate’s balance because of breathtaking technological advances at the price of denying thoughts and feelings of earth-harmony left far, far behind.

All agree on one thing, from the Hopi to Noah and all world death and rebirthing prophetic traditions: the last world that died and was reborn, the world that drowned Atlantis, was destroyed by a great flood.

The next world is scorched and purified by fire and the Hopi date this great purification to happen starting here and now in this new decade.

Just what kind of fire, be it the fires of awakened consciousness or global warming gone out of control is up to the new Atlanteans to make so by their present actions.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis last night came in for a landing with a destiny to become a museum piece. The era of the Space Shuttle after three decades is history. With it, goes American exceptionalism in space travel, some say. This morning 3,000 NASA contractors in Houston Texas got their pink slips, joining the 10,000 plus pink slip holders of another dying industry going on the dole when over 300 Borders Book Stores closed their doors forever the day Atlantis landed.

Though the cretaceous dead-tree book business still has one bookstore chain left (Barnes and Noble) a national, government run, space agency beyond NASA does not exist. I have a good source at Cape Canaveral who I will keep undisclosed. Back in 2009, he made a telling observation about the men and women behind launching US astronauts into space. For the weeks he worked there, it seemed to him that no NASA engineer was younger than himself, in his mid-fifties. A lot were far older and geriatric even, with heads of hair as grey as the first lunar dust Aldrin and Armstrong brought back from the first moon landing. If my source is accurate, it is a sign of tech species extinction, or, playing a variation on the launch countdowns of the glory days of the Moon race: “T Minus two years and counting to, dodo lift off.”

The good news is, the few younger men and women who kept on learning in college how to be engineers rather than stock brokers have been steadily leaving the dinosaur-like skeletal relics of Cape Canaveral rocket gantries for careers in private sector space industries. Big Space dies while little furry mammals creepeth and crawleth for investment R and D to nourish a pink litter of little space companies, mostly for now interested in launching well healed corporate tourists for a fleeting glimpse of the cosmos — sort of like safaris in space habitat.

It is doubtful that America will ever lead the way to the cosmos any time soon, some say at least for a decade, because like it or not, some projects, like mooning in space — going to the moon, that is — take the wealth of a nation directed by its political leadership to achieve. Something like the US-Soviet space race in the 1960s is too big an epic for one entrepreneur to afford. What is the profit in it? Yet, many a private contractor and entrepreneur directly enjoys the technological spin-offs of the Space Race. For instance, you are reading off one of those gifts, the computer screen or cell phone, and these products along with many other space race related articles, make beaucoup bucks for a lot of people, or allow you and me to make a living via these mediums.

Big Government efforts in space paid off big. Now that is over with Atlantis dropping out of the sky.

The Chinese government will prove what I am saying once again by putting its tax revenues into its own solo race to the Moon in this decade. They will gain the bounty of spin-off technological advances.

By decade’s end, Americans will have another Sputnik teaching moment when the Chinese red flag is planted on lunar dirt, but with a big difference. Back when the Soviets beat Americans to launching satellites like Sputnik in earth orbit at a time the initially lagging US space program was in its can do youthfulness and the country was interested, engaged and inspired. There was a political will supporting, the government of Eisenhower, then Kennedy, who were both able to lead and rightfully direct talent and resources to the challenges of the great Space Race. They came from behind and got to the Moon first.

It started last night with the final descent of Atlantis into the darkness of memory: Americans have lost space momentum perhaps for a decade. The Sputnik moment of a Chinese moon landing will have them return years from now to a rusting and neglected, publicly funded space age infrastructure, drained of brains gone elsewhere.

I predict that our astrophysicists and engineers will keep flying billionaires into space safaris or find gainful employment off shore in the Indian, Chinese and European space agencies. There will be no Eisenhower or Jack Kennedy to inspire a New Frontier in space. Obama the “Spock” (his favorite Star Trek character) ain’t no trail blazing Capt. Kirk. He has logically surrendered US leadership in Space to others, letting NASA for the first time let a primary delivery system for US interests in space exploration expire without a backup already in place.

Obama is no Jack Kennedy when it comes to inspiring his people to explore space. Indeed if JFK was BO, he would have let the Mercury Program end with a three to five year gap before Gemini, then a three to five year gap before launching Apollo… Moreover, the Russians would be on the Moon.

Now, if Americans want to get to Space Station Alpha, they will have to hitch a $30 million dollar ride on a Russian Soyuz spaceship for the next five years as no clear and defined goal or Kennedyesque vision is forthcoming from the cerebral Star-Trek-struck president who would be Spock. He, like the rest of America in my generation grew up watching real space exploration on television. Now, it seems Americans, including this president, would rather watch fake space exploration on television with fake space ships using fake computer graphically enhanced space drives making first contact with fake extraterrestrials on fake worlds.

Americans, your astronauts are actors now and space travel is for the birds and billionaires on holiday. When China will begin building bases on the moon and mining Helium 3 to power their fusion reactors programs in the late 2020s, Americans may have let a decade of momentum be lost like Atlantis in the labyrinth of a museum.

Is this Ameri-can’t future what you want?

The current state of big US space endeavors makes me wonder who was inside the space suit Nostradamus’ inner eye back in the 16th century may have ogled with disbelief, whilst sniffing sulfuric fumes sitting on his brass tripod like an Oracle of Delphi in a prophetic trance. Was the man in the following verse in question an American or from China?

9 Q65
Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre,
Ou sera prins & mis en terre estrange,
Les fruicts immeurs seront à grand esclandre
Grand vitupere à l’vn grande louange.

He will come to take himself to the corner of the Moon,
Where he will be taken and placed on alien land,
The unripe fruit will be the source of great scandal,
Great blame, to the other great praise.

I used to think this surprisingly un-nebulous prophecy for Nostradamus was about two US astronauts landing on the Moon 42 years ago on 20 July 1969 at 20:17:39 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). By the way, Atlantis fell out of the sky for a glider landing to mothballs touching down exactly on 21 July 2011 (09:57 UTC) — that is just shy of 14 hours after the 42nd anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

Now I am not so sure it is only about Americans on the Moon because of the first word Nostradamus uses, dedans. The use of dedans leaves open the linguistic possibility for a return of a man to the moon in the 21st century. In other words, once man was taken to Luna he will later take himself within the corner of the Moon. Humanity is not just putting footprints on alien land, they will dig into it, mine it, and construct a moon base that alien land will cover to keep its inhabitants safe from lethal space born radiation unfiltered by a lunar vacuum. That first lunar base may be crewed by Chinese astronauts.

The last two lines of this quatrain have many layers of meaning. The first layer implies unripe fruit to mean flaws in solid rocket boosters rushed to Cape Canaveral without thorough checking that had the Space Shuttle Challenger blow itself to bits after engine throttle up, 73 seconds after takeoff in January 1986. This caused great scandal for NASA and to the Soviets great praise for their plodding space program and ongoing construction of the Space Station Mir while US astronauts were grounded for years.

The next layer of meaning may mark the next Space Shuttle disaster caused by Nostradamus once again using metaphors of nature to describe odd shaped fruit-like inventions, such as the large, straight banana-like main fuel tank colored like an orange fruit in orange foam rubber on the last launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia in February 2003. A big slab of foam ripped off the tank, crashing into the shuttle’s wing at lift off. The unnoticed gaping hole in the wing caused the space ship and its crew to break up and burn like a falling comet during re-entry.

That big orange banana tank was unripe fruit for launching.

Once again, NASA and the US space program were grounded by tragedy and scandal. Yet, the Russians, to great praise, kept human space exploration alive shuttling astronauts, including Americans, to Space Station Alpha until the US fruit was ripe again.

Now we face the final layer of unripeness. The fruit of a new space delivery system is not even in seed. Unripe? Unplanted or planned. There is no clear shuttle replacement. This may be cause for the greatest space scandal yet coming from a lack of American vision and leadership. This time great praise to the other will go to the Chinese waving to the cameras on the moon by decade’s end.

John Hogue

(21 July 2011)

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PAS — (Post Apocalyptic Statement)
The next blog will be posted this weekend at the peak of one of the worst heat waves in human recorded history baking and buckling roads across two-thirds of the United States. Added to the horror of this angry message from Nature on the warpath with our bad habits is the added pain that only an atmosphere undergoing global warming can bring to heat waves. Hotter climates absorb more evaporated moisture, just like the air you experience in a greenhouse trapping the sun’s heat, makes a glass house feel close and sometimes oppressive inside. The global greenhouse effect will pump more moisture into worldwide heat events. The rising dew points of humidity increase the heat index. It may be 100 degrees Fahrenheit in places like Philadelphia and New York today, yet it feels like between 110 or 117 degrees on your skin.

My prophecies for 2010 and forecasts for 2011 e-books forecasted a two-year temperature tsunami coming from a planetary eco-system that has declared war on humanity’s abuse. In the effort to restore balance to the world, Mother Nature will violently shift from shivering winters of record snows to the kind of apocalyptic heat waves you are right now suffering in places like the Midwestern, southern and Atlantic United States.

Here again is what I said about it, long before it happened. In these visions are 2011’s great forest and brush fires of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. In these oracular musings are the monster floods of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the droughts and sun baked crop failures of Texas, and the Midwest. In these words, written in the first quote over a year and a half ago and in the second six months ago is the scorched earth heat wave now visiting a message to hundreds of millions of American.

The message is, wake up, return balance to your lives or suffer the consequences. If I would amend the classic TV commercial when Mother Nature suddenly gets grumpy I would have her say, “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature”:

(Zap! Goes the lightning and thunder. The owl hides his face behnd his wing and the bunnies run away.)

Starting the year 2010 into 2011, Mother Earth is about to declare worldwide war on us. She will fight us on the oceans with weapons of typhoon and hurricane. She will invade our beaches with rising oceans. She will bombard us with heated atmosphere and withhold the rains to water our fields of grain to deny her enemy sustenance. She will pull back her glaciers, withdraw and deny us her rivers. She will set in motion a scorched earth policy. Ignite her forests afire to burn us out. She will decimate our exploding and rapacious populations that covet and denude every arable acre, suck every last fresh water drop and befoul every last cubic inch of her fresh air. We drive her mad with climate fevers and she attacks.

Predictions for 2010

There’s a war on. A war against stupid.

In 2011, we enter year two of World War Three, Mother Nature’s war on us. This isn’t some pagan voodoo threat. The natural world is ill. It’s fighting back madder than ever in 2011. Her fevers will be hotter this coming spring and summer, her chills colder this winter, her flood of monsoon tears and cyclonic rages will redouble from what was seen in 2010.

Predictions for 2011

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