Hugo Chavez Dead, Predictions about Venezuela

Prophecy News Flash: 08 March 2013

A painting of Hugo Chavez with his designated successor, Vice President Nicolás Maduro Moros, right.

After 14 years as President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez died last week of a massive heart attack after a long battle with hip cancer. His death was met with a surprising outpouring of positive eulogies from left leaning as well as right leaning South and Central American governments. Praise also came form many circles outside of South America for decades of revolutionary effort to revitalize and redefine the Venezuelan democracy. One need only look at the seas of red, yellow and blue clad people in the streets across the land he ruled to understand that his passing was of great and collective significance for the country. Love him or hate him like most are apt to do in the United States, Chavez was loved by a vast majority of his people. That love only increased after the millions of US dollars funneled to Venezuela’s elites and plutocrats, intended to overthrow Chavez in a failed coup in 2002, failed to sweep ballot boxes aside and put a US-made bullet through his head.

The funeral procession.

This is not said to disparage the suffering middle-class there, many of whom write to me about how the Chavez agenda over the years has neglected the oil infrastructure and did much to ruin the economy for the sake of handouts to the poor. Point well taken; however, all good points can be overshadowed by those among the most wealthy one-percent Venezuelans that took a CIA bribe and tried to seize power with a gun rather than a ballot and a better conveyed idea. It is because of this oligarchic one percent, hoarding a majority of the oil wealth for themselves, leaving much of the 99 percent with little share of the profits and a major share of economic misery, that the Chavez revolution took place. (Are you listening, one-percenters of the USA?) Wealth inequality is ever the foundation for revolutions.

Years ago, my Venezuelan readers from both sides of the debate about Chavez being either a charismatic revitalizer of democratic values or a red shirted Socialist, anti-Capitalist, clownish dictator, began asking me to use my oracle to forecast his future. Back in late November 2007 I received this prophecy in Spanish from Uvidelio C. with the cover e-letter:

“I receive your news letter and I have followed your talks at Coast To Coast Am and for that reason I am asking you to verify an information that it is circulating through the Internet in Venezuela. They are referring to a Nostradamus quatrain B-1890. Is there a B-1890 quatrain?”

Clearly the prophecy has nothing to do with Nostradamus because he never indexed his prophecies in that fashion. The person spreading this around as prophecy was actually, it seems, trying to write “propheganda” psyops for the CIA that was specifically anti-Chavenista in tone. Still, I read prophecies of this kind as there is a lot of politics and propaganda laced in even the most generally respected prophetic traditions of the Christians, Muslims and Jewish seers. Even the man writing under the name of St. Malachy composing his famous papal prophecies in the 1590s of the Last Pope, had an anti-papist establishment agenda. Nevertheless, his visions are a remarkably accurate in their details of almost every future pope since 1595, especially those leading up to the current Conclave.

I tried to translate the Spanish prophecy making rounds in Venezuela into English – the brackets are mine for clarity:

“In the new continent, in the country of dark gold [oil], he will come to the power: one man loved by many and hated by others, carrying the flag and image of the Great Emancipator [i.e., a new Simon Bolivar]…”

The rest of this very un-Nostradamian prophecy describes that this charismatic “emancipator” great oratory powers once frustrated would go to war dragging down Venezuela and the entire South American continent into famine and warfare if his rule should last 9 years. The prophecy is obviously implicating Chavez as an antichrist figure. The prophecy ends with the usual doomsday coda of regret and repentance for Venezuelans and South American supporters of this Diablo dictator:

“Many will weep for blood of repentance for having given support… [the continent] will not be the same.”

This prophecy tested by real time and events is a hollow doomsday forecast of hollowed hope of wealthy oligarchs masquerading as oracles. Chavez was reelected president by vast popular majorities until a more closely contested election recently, and was president not 9 but 14 years. There was no continental South American War, no famines. Nada. One thing is true about the prophecy in the view of many millions of downtrodden poor people of his country: Chavez gave them a voice and a share of improved economic lot, using oil revenues to liberate tens of millions of people from abject poverty (how dare he!).

Back on 5 March, the day Chavez died, I posted the following for those who belong to my free newsletter list:


On page 70-71 of PG 70-71 of Predictions for 2010, I wrote about the future of Venezuelan strong man, Hugo Chavez:

I believe Hugo Chavez will remain in power through next year. The two attempts by the Bush administration to fund and counsel an opposition movement bent on his overthrow was unsuccessful. The Obama administration’s focus isn’t on furthering any help to undermine him…

The Global Oil Industry will go on losing capital barrel cost power to a lowering demand as fuel efficiency, and green-collar economy rises around the world in the next 36 years. Those oil giants that can diversify and develop into multi-faceted energy giants will adapt and thrive. I don’t witness Hugo Chavez making these investments in time and resources to be part of that adaptation. His foot dragging with history will put an end to his regime sometime in the next half-decade.

Chavez did remain in power through 2011. Then his rule was disrupted by long bouts of hospitalization, often in Fidel Castro’s Cuba then onward. The Obama administration did not pursue coups against him.

Here then is a teaching moment about the pitfalls of prophetic divination and interpretation. I did not witness Chavez making these investments because apparently there was no Chavez alive in the future to make them. Sometimes the narrowness of your inquiry into the future will only bring answers to a narrow focus, i.e. what Chavez needed to do to diversify his oil industries. The oracle will then answer: he will do nothing.

I should have asked “why” but I chose to assume why according to the narrow inquiry of my oracle. In divination, one has to ask the right question to gain the full answer.

He died in the third year after I recorded this prediction out of the five my oracle foresaw as the longest possible continuation of his regime. I would not be surprised if the Chavez regime survived his death for another two years.



To Emma N. and others from Venezuela who inspired the predictions above, I am sorry to inform you that the Chavenista movement will outlast Hugo Chavez for at least two more years. I am certainly mindful and remembering letters from members of the middle and upper classes of Venezuela painting a dire view of Hugo Chavez. There are those who write to me seeing Chavez in a positive light. He is a great emancipator of millions from poverty, who now have schools to attend, roads into town from mountain barrios, hospitals, health care. It is no wonder they love a leader, dictator or not, democratic president or socialist strong man, who, unlike most leaders of oil rich lands, actually “shares” the wealth of his nation rather than hoards the bounty in the hands of the chosen, elitist few.

To the defense of the latter view, in fairness, it is a documented fact, witnessed by hundreds of election watchdogs that in the fourteen elections held during the reign of Chavez, the Carter Institute and other organizations, including from the United Nations, monitoring elections on the ground in Venezuela have declared every one of these elections legitimate. Even the opposition parties, who numbered among their ranks those who accepted funding from the US to start a coup d’état against Chavez in 2002 – otherwise using force and violence rather than the ballot to regain power – have signed and agreed that Chavez held fair elections. Former President Jimmy Carter from his direct and objectively verified experiences openly declared last year that the people holding elections in Venezuela have their ballots far better protected from fraud than US citizens.

So why then is Hugo Chavez so demonized here in America?

I will tell you why, with acid tongue in cheekiness.

The one-percenters, the corporate elites of the US have a right to pay their media outlets to paint this chubby fellow in the red shirt a commie and a bombastic clown because billionaires lost a lot of money funding the CIA’s coup that utterly failed, taking Chavez out of office in 2002 only 48 hours. A lot of money was lost trying to restore the status quo: Venezuela’s rich elites who controlled most of the wealth and kept it to themselves.

I mean in the face of a US financed coup, how dare Chavez never cut the flow of oil to the US, even when we tried to have him hung by his own army. He’s rubbing our noses into our failed violence by sending oil to the US at a lower cost when gas at the pump got $4 a barrel the few years following.

Cheesh! Even I had to swallow my All-American hegemonic pride and seek the cheapest deal for gas from a Citgo gasoline station pumping pure Venezuelan, and now affordable state-owned fuel.

Millions of Venesuelans bid farewell to El Comandante.

I mean, how dare those little peasant wetbacks try to pull one on us overlording Americans of the North by electing a democratic president that nationalized their oil industries so they could share in its wealth? Didn’t what we do to Iran back in the 1950s teach any lessons to uppity poor people in South America?

Back in 1953 and for the first time with many more to follow, the US used its CIA agents to overthrow a democratically elected foreign government. CIA and British spooks moved in, got Prime Minister Mosaddegh arrested and jailed and put “our” autocratic friend back on his throne, the Shah of Iran.

Our message was clear. Didn’t you wogs and wetbacks get it?

We Americans talk democracy but don’t dick around with “our” dictators who surrender up your natural resources, you poor little people, for “our” profit.

How dare this Chavez, this clown, upset the natural balance of the golden rule (those one-percent who have the gold, rule the 99 percent)?

He doesn’t enrich the hierarchies of corporate power aristocracies, he nationalizes the oil industry to build hundreds of hospitals, roads, schools, give poor people, those lazy slackers, healthcare, education, hope. Millions of barrio beaners now are coming out of poverty thanks to that guy.

It upsets everything. Now power elites are questioned. They have to actually win elections fair and square to control the country. How can we let “that” happen, Citizens United? In a time when money is equal to free speech in America, how can Venezuelans “have” free speech “without” billionaire money manipulation?

So I’m all for what our corporate handlers of the US media are doing now, demonizing that man, because he had the audacity of hope to criticize hegemonic power when it invades Poland without cause. Oops, I mean when it invades and occupies Iraq without cause.

I mean, who is Hugo Chavez to tell us Americans we are fighting terror with terror when we invade and then occupy Afghanistan, then Iraq after 9-11? Carpet-bombing and drone killing from 15,000 feet with robot eyes on pilotless automaton flying machines isn’t terrorism. The arbitrary judgment to shoot anyone on the ground in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen today (maybe US citizens back in America tomorrow) because they fit a certain look, carry a gun (in a gun carrying culture, be it Near East Central East or East Texas) isn’t terrorism.

Assassination by drone, without declaration of war, legal definition of combatants, US citizen or not, without due process of law?

Nah, that’s not terrorism? Who are you, Chavez, to tell us we can’t fight terrorism with terrorism?

That’s why our mainstream media celebrates your death. That’s why scenes of authentic love for a leader and grief for his loss must be repackaged by our media as cult behavior.

When Venezuelans say Chavez will live on, they mean his vision and movement will live on. NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN twist it to imply the poor, dumb peasants thronging in their millions to pay final respects to their president lying in state is not a beloved JFK but some soon-to-be-resurrected Jesus H Christ in a socialist religious cult.

The lie is enough to make the pointed nose of CNN’s “Out Front” host, Erin Burnett, stretch a full-Monty Pinocchio. Wagging.

Then there’s US President Obama, talking the good talk as ever about his willingness to provide aid for democracy’s progress to move forward in Venezuela now that Chavez is gone. I mean George Bush bungled Iraq and couldn’t find Osama bin Laden, this new black Bush clears us out of that Iraqi mistake and decisively kills bin Laden. This new Bush is far better at taking people out, taking governments out, like in Libya. He should finance the opposition and this time, this Bush won’t screw up the next coup.

I hope not; because Obama knows as I know that that “Change we can believe in” must remain a hope, and not the reality that Hugo Chavez delivered as a “reality” to millions of his countrymen, damn it!


Now, all seriousness aside. Let us take the prophetic slant beyond the vigorous debate as to whether Chavez was just another socialist pontificating South American dictator or a new Simon Bolivar inspiring a dozen years of a political shift to progressive politics in South America.

Beyond what I or anyone else feels about Chavez, my oracle would like to remind us all the the systemic flaw still existent in a post-Chavez Chavenista movement, that it addressed in the above prophecy for Predictions for 2010. This movement will name a new president, and it has legs. It could go on but for the weaknesses in Chavez’s cult of personality and leading a revolution from the one-man charismatic show, from the top down.

Venezuela’s oil infrastructure is crumbling. It is in desperate need of a major overhaul that will require billions of dollars and long years of reconstruction to accomplish. My oracle says again virtually the same thing it said years ago, not my additions in brackets from today:

The Global Oil Industry will go on losing capital barrel cost power to a lowering demand as fuel efficiency, and green-collar economy rises around the world in the next 36 years. Those oil giants that can diversify and develop into multi-faceted energy giants will adapt and thrive. I don’t witness Hugo Chavez [or his successors] making these investments in time and resources to be part of that adaptation. His foot dragging with history [and the foot dragging of his successors] will put an end to his regime [that Chavenista Revolution] sometime in the next half-decade.

It is early 2013, that means in two more years a lack of infrastructure rebuilding will be the Achilles heal of the Chavez revolution by early 2015. I would add that a continued alliance with Iran and the possibility of a full-scale war against it by the US sometime in 2015-2016, as foreseen by Nostradamus, could be a major factor in the regimes toppling.

Postponing infrastructure revitalization sounds like the Achilles heal of the American Hegemon too. As I point out in my forthcoming eBook, Predictions for 2013, this year is a window of opportunity for Venezuela “and” the other American country, the United States. Both need to listen to the aspirations and the concerns of their middle classes and stop postponing work on rebuilding their infrastructures. If these nationwide efforts don’t start this year, not only are Venezuelans setting the stage for a great economic setback in their future, but also the North American giant is preparing the way for their empire to collapse like one of its 80,000 rusted bridges, poised to fall any second from now.

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 John Hogue
(08 March 2013)


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