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The ISIS Orlando Massacre: The first of several Prophetic Wild Cards that Hogue Predicted may tilt the Outcome of the US Presidential Election in favor of Donald Trump

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The frozen body of an unarmed Native American, one of the 300 killed at Wounded Knee.

The frozen body of an unarmed Native American, one of the 300 killed at Wounded Knee.

If you discount the hundreds of unarmed Native American men, women and children killed in cold blood by US cavalry troopers at Wounded Knee in 1890, this currently defined worst mass shooting in US history in Orlando, Florida, and the worst domestic terrorist attack since 9-11, won’t be the last—even for this year. Omar Mateen, a radicalized Muslim Afghani American, born in New York City 29 years ago, walked into the Pulse Nightclub in downtown Orlando just after a last call for a final round of drinks were served before closing time at 2 am, Sunday Morning 12 June 2016. This disturbed homophobe and racist knew his target well. He had cased the joint, was familiar with its cozy interior, its exits and how many could quickly die in its packed environs on busy nights and where his victims and potential hostages might cower in bathroom stalls.

OrlandoShooting-PulseNightclubMapSurviving employees remember him as a frequent customer, sitting at the bar, alone at a table, getting drunk and sometimes belligerent. He chose his premeditated attack at a time the place would have been packed to capacity for Latin Night. There would be a crush of revelers drinking, socializing and dancing to salsa, samba and mambo beats.

Most of the people gathering at the Pulse enjoyed it as more than a mere nightclub. It was a welcoming haven for Orlando’s close-knit LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community. A lot of straight men and women were there too, enjoying the happy, festive place, in a city famous for its tolerance and support of its gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens.

OrlandoShooting-AssaultRiflesJust before 2 am, the DJ’s loud and drumming Latin rhythms vibrating the dance floor had another track added to it: a concussive, repetitive death beat of Mateen’s AR-15-type assault rifle firing small-caliber, high-velocity .223 bullets. Coolly, calmly he played  his instrument of death in the key of rapid, semiautomatic fire, felling swaths of partiers initially unmindful of the shooter because of the din on the dance floor. Before they caught their own death one might be at first struck with bewilderment when their lover and friends at close quarters suddenly gripped by something terrible, dropped to the floor lifeless.


Omar Mateen.

The music stopped but the thunderous reports of the AR-15 drummed on to a new song of screaming, cries for help and the death rattle of victims as hundreds of people ran in all directions looking for exits, stuck like fish being shot in a barrel by a rifled gun barrel in Mateen’s steady hands.

Caliph Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Caliph Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

OrlandoShooting-PulseNorthWallHolesMost of the 102 revelers were killed and wounded in the first several, terrifying minutes. Many of the dead were the wounded who couldn’t escape Mateen nonchalantly dispatching these with his Glock pistol while he took the time to call 9-11, telling them what he had done as a fighter for Islamic State, praising its leader Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He said the massacre was an answer to the massacre of ISIS civilians from the incessant bombing of US and NATO Air Forces over ISIS occupied parts of Syria and Iraq. A three-hour siege ensued between Mateen, now holding 32 survivors as hostages in the bathrooms, and the Orlando police and SWAT teams. Before dawn heavily armed SWAT troopers blasted and bulldozed gaping holes in the nightclub’s northern wall and poured in with guns blazing, dispatching Omar Mateen who only managed to drill a bullet hole in a SWAT policeman’s helmet that just missed a successful head shot.

OrlandoShooting-SWATHelmetBulletHoleThe following morning, the blood and gore had scarcely dried from the heaped dead inside the Pulse Nightclub numbering 49 with 53 wounded crowding Orlando’s hospitals, before the presumptive presidential candidates along with the sitting president of the United States swooped down into national televised view to politicize this national tragedy. President Obama and his designated Democrat successor, his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, used the mass shooting as a theme for their bully “bloody” pulpit to push Congress to ban all military-style assault weapons.

OrlandoShooting-ClintonOn the other side, the Republican leadership, not known historically for their legislative love of LGBTQs, suddenly got all soft and cuddly pro-gay. They did this while tentatively endorsing their presumptive nominee, real estate developer and reality show superstar Donald Trump, with less loving exuberance as he somewhat tastelessly first thanked his followers for acknowledging his fulfilled prediction that terror attacks from fanatic “Islamic extremists” were coming and would increase.

I’ve been in his position hundreds of times more than he has, being given praise for accurately predicting many horrible things over the last 30 years. Certainly one can use a correctly foreseen tragedy as a teaching moment to prevent such in the future. In his own Gemini Sun, prodigiously ego-powered Leo Rising way, I believe Trump was sincerely trying to do the same in his speech about Orlando and the Islamic extremism threat to the homeland, but I wouldn’t swell with pride about being right. You want to be wrong and sublimate all the praise you get for being right by saying, OK, thank you, but I’m not forecasting these things to be right. I’m here to tell you how to prevent me from being right again. I don’t want another American nightclub somewhere piled high with heaps of dead. I make my dire predictions to change that future, help people anticipate and change the inclination of destiny in time to erase future threats and accentuate the possibility of bringing to life a golden future.


Trump, in his speech, doubled down on his view that all Muslim immigrants and visitors to the US should be temporarily denied entry until a better system for screening Muslim immigrants is in place to protect all Americans of all races, and religions that are already here.

Trump plays “I told you so” prophet quite effectively to gain more support by playing on people’s real fears and their bad mental habit of looking at simplistic fixes for all of America’s problems. Got immigration problems? Build a wall. Got one in a million radicalized Muslims shooting up an Orlando nightclub? Temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the USA until you know how to screen them all. No mention how or how long that will effectively keep all Muslims from entering.

TrumpDarkBallCap-fistupOutsidePerhaps by addressing real fears with simplistic solutions Trump can even win. I have long predicted he would have such opportunities to do so because of the dark stars of spring and summer 2016 playing up the angst and anger across the Earth. Before we look at this window of danger, which is only opening—soon it will open quite wide and the chances for terror attacks will be numerous—walk first with me through the warnings of my Oracle, time tagged and documented over the last several months about what I call “wild card” moments in the future.

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Al-Baghdadi, whom gunman Mateen praised after killing 49 people, is one of the new candidates for Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist. Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

One can have a gift that senses the rhythms of human predictability that runs like a machine oiled with programming people to repeat the past and call it the future. A rarer gift of forecasting has one anticipate something ambushing the future, crossing the path of the ordinary march of Folly and Stupid out of the past and into tomorrow’s next tragedies. For instance, Americans go to sleep on the night of 11 June and wake up to 49 dead and 53 wounded in a terror attack rocking the American homeland. Overnight the world is changed forever and especially the focus of a US presidential campaign pitting most unpopular Trump with less but nearly as unpopular Clinton as the next president of the USA who’ll have the power to make war as well as save or savage the US economy with their policies. To the nimble politician who can adapt to sudden “Wild Card” prophetic upheavals may go the presidential spoils when inaugurated on 20 January 2017.

What defines the astrological heart (or heartburn) of the year 2016 is a stationary retrograde of fiery Mars. It started slowly backing up from 8 degrees Sagittarius on 17 April, retreating into Scorpio on 28 May 2016. It will turn direct course 23 Scorpio on June 29, then re-enter Sagittarius on 3 August, passing on 22 August the 8-degree mark where it began going retro in April and at last leaves Sagittarius on 27 September 2016. What does that mean? Expect volatility in the middle months of 2016. Expect to rise in the morning more than once to an incident that changes your world.

In forecasts documented in March 2016 for my forthcoming book Predictions 2016-2017: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough, I wrote:

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

The passion of Mars in Scorpio was kinetic. The passion of Mars in Sagittarius in the coming few months runs through our veins like the blood of the zealot—all or nothing can we proclaim in starkly righteous religious overtones. Patriotism will be rampant on every side, left, right or center and the temptation to behave harshly, to lack tolerance, to listen to others’ political and religious opinions will be “my way or the highway” highly likely. If you think the political discourse has gotten too coarse already, brace your shield and spear, Mars, God of War, you have heard or seen nothing yet.


…It’s a time for conflict and danger, intolerant speech, ideologically zealous politics, Black-flagged and saturnine Jihad! Black fires of oil fields in the Middle East. Sparks can especially fly inside the United States because Mars sets itself in a stationary retrograde just under 9 degrees Sagittarius. That means it conjoins the Seventh House Cusp of the US horoscope while pulling a stalemate tug of war in opposition to the US Natal Uranus.

UkrainianCivilWarProtesteronFireThis in astrological terms for America means terror attacks on the homeland. This means America is going to widen its war in the Middle East on the ground in Iraq and Syria. [This Mars stationary retrograde in July] could redefine and even sharpen the nastiness and partisanship of US government and also establishment and outsider wings of the battling Democratic and Republican parties, especially through July’s Conventions that could be open to fights on the convention floors.

Eight months ago (early October 2015), I documented the following forecast for a wildcard prophecy moment either caused by an act of domestic Islamic terrorism or an economic crisis in the autumn or both aiding in an upset victory for Trump against Clinton:

Never underestimate the power of sudden upheavals coming in 2016 to propel someone like Trump towards a landslide victory…

I’ll make a prediction about many of you reading this [first week of October 2015], starting a little less than 11 months ahead of Election Day, that you can’t imagine will be what you will do on 8 November 2016. I’m talking about those of you who go livid at any mention of Trump—especially those disgusted with his disrespect of women, Muslims and Latinos, or think he’s an all-American Antichrist. By November 2016 that xenophobe, nativist-posturing racist may not be so bad a choice. The Democrats will roll out an Establishment Clinton insider—more of the same, and “same” isn’t working anymore for you. Yes, it would be great to have a woman become president. That would be “new”—as new as having an African American as president for eight years.

How did that work for you? Not true as advertised?

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

The gathering troubles and turmoil of the next 11 months will wear down your snap reactions like they were the plummeting value of your US dollar. Financial survival has a way of changing one’s mind 180 degrees. Your future employment has become uncertain, or perhaps by November it’s already evaporated. That might make you think the unthinkable, especially where no one is watching, when you mark and mail your ballot, or close the curtains in your voting booth. At the moment of a very private decision, you might rearrange your priorities and join the crowd who counter, “We need jobs, not political correctness.”

Trump for President—Astrological Predictions,
Chapter Seven: Trump’s Astrology on the 2016 Campaign Trail


What happened in Orlando, by itself, would not propel Trump to a victory against Hillary Clinton. If, however, there are a number of domestic terror, lone-wolf attacks in America launched by jihadists masquerading as immigrants or American citizens proven to have come back from ISIS training in Syria, then the fiery tempers of the times of rancorous Mars could make me wrong for the first time predicting presidents in 48 years. Hillary Clinton actually loses to Trump. To avoid this Clinton must put her finger on the pulse of the times, stop trying to be macho, stop being a wonk and embrace feeling. Embrace the goddess power. Find your own song, Hillary Clinton. Stop singing your male handlers’ tunes; otherwise, events will give Trump and his cathartic campaign more momentum, perhaps even enough to make this race extremely close, even enough to win, if Clinton’s ability to trip over a sure-bet destiny yet again is in play in 2016 like I forecast it was in 2008.

A Final Word on a Strange Numerical Coincidence


Play the Orlando terror attack by the numbers and once again there’s a numerological pattern that has nines and elevens (9-11) appearing just like they did in the ultimate terror attack that launched our current era of a global terrorism world war on 9-11-2001. I think in this case it was merely by chance, but still patterns have their reoccurring vibrations, it would seem:

Mateen was 29 years old: 2 + 9 = 11.

29 has a 9 and two ones: 1-1 making 2 = 9 1-1 = 9/11.

The attack took place in the wee hours of 12 June 2016.

Take 6-12-2016. Add the numbers in 6/12, 6+12 = 18, 1+8 = 9.

Take 2016. Add the numbers 2+0+1+6 and you get 9.

Add to that 9 the 2 of closing time, 2 am, and you get 11.

Add all the numbers of the date: 6+1+2+2+0+1+6 = 18, 1+8 = 9


Click on the cover and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris--Bible style.

Click on the cover and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris–Bible style.


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