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Canary Island Volcano and Tsunami Danger, Iran Terror Plot and Occupy Wall Street

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(UPDATE: 29 December 2013) There has been a lot of noise online and on Facebook about an imminent volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands that might send a tsunami hundreds of feet height across the Atlantic hitting the United States. A new earthquake swarm has been reported shaking El Hierro Island with hundreds of 3.5 and one 5.4 moderate magnitude temblors. This has not happened since the last quake swarm required the updated comment (see paragraph below) composed 9 months earlier. I suggest you read it, plus the article below that was posted in October 2011, when earthquake and “earth changes” watch was engaged about the future consequences of these events. Although a worse case scenario could make a wave spreading from a sudden collapse of part of this island’s landmass into the Atlantic, I will explain that there are far less impactful future possibilities that today’s Chicken Little clucking on Facebook does not explain to temper fears.

(UPDATED INTRODUCTION, 29 March 2013) El Hierro Island, the smallest island of the volcanically active Canary Island Chain, off the West African Coast in the Central Atlantic has been rumbling and shaking with swarms of low intensity earthquakes since July 2012. In February and March the swarms increased in magnitude and frequency that seismologists and volcanologists on the little island believe a volcanic eruption may be at hand.

My sense is that the full moon of March has triggered this spike indicative of lava rising to the mouth of over 6,000-foot volcano. I believe the new moon on 10 April but especially the next full moon on 25 April 2013 during a solar eclipse will hasten an eruption of El Hierro requiring whoever has not been evacuated this week to leave the island. My sense is the eruption could be submarine in nature, off the steep and mountainous southern coast. The great slide zone that sloughed off into the sea during an eruption of El Hierro 50,000 years ago is not going to happen. The landslide that created the El Golfo (the Gulf) valley may have generated a 300-foot tsunami inundating the Caribbean Islands and East Coast of North America.

At this point, whilst tuning into the astrology three days in, on, and three days out from the next full moon eclipse, I predict the eruption will be no worse than that which took place on the neighboring island of La Palma in 1971. Indeed it could last for a month, though, as did the last eruption El Hierro suffered back in 1793. In either case, there was no great sloughing off of island sides causing a civilization upending series of tsunamis across the Central and North Atlantic Oceans flooding North America and Europe.

Still, this volcanic activity should be watched carefully and level-headedly. I will plot with the cycles of the Sun, Moon and planets that so often align in right angles at the time of great volcanic activity and quakes. (See Earthquake.)

This is especially so if calderas on La Palma should awaken with fire, for it they do, in the coming few years of Uranus-Pluto Squares they could see, as I explained below in this article posted 16 October 2011 during the last El Hierro quake swarm, a tsunami larger than any ever recorded in the memory of our current civilization that is 5,000 years old and counting. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn re-entered their 90-degree square during this current seismic swarm on El Hierro. In next month’s solar eclipse, the square almost goes exact. Aries (fire) pulls on Capricorn (Earth) on the island of El Hierro, then. Expect volcanic activity in the world. If not in the Canary Islands, look to Iceland for something significant and ash laden over European skies once again.

The year 2013 is going to be a big Earth-quaking year on many levels, not only seismic. Read more about the eBook I am completing a month from this update that will describe in great astrological detail and dates when to watch and where the earth will move and the skies fill with ash. Click on Predictions for 2013 and Beyond.

Now please read this article below. Though it is written and documented almost 1.5 years ago, it reads like it could have been written today:


Canary Island about to Erupt?
Are Atlantic Tsunamis coming Next?

Tsunamis come in protest movements. Will they be coming as waves flooding the North Atlantic coastlines of Brazil, America and Europe? The windswept El Hierro Island in the Canary Island chain for months now has endured a significant earthquake swarm symptomatic of an imminent volcanic eruption. Unconfirmed reports of volcanic material floating off El Hierro’s coast might indicate a submarine eruption has begun.

In prehistoric times a large piece of El Hierro sloughed off into the Atlantic no doubt causing a catastrophic tsunami. The satellite photos showing a green subsea plume of a purported fissure in the island’s undersea shelf on the south side may presage an underwater landslide that might cause a tsunami, though I doubt it would generate any to match the previous monster wave that raged off its northern shore in prehistoric times.

This situation deserves watching, but some websites are practicing prophetic hyperbole by inaccurately comparing El Hierro to its larger volcanic island neighbor La Palma as the same, even in photos used. For now, La Palma is inactive, so those of you who think a 130-to-160-foot wave will crash into the US eastern seaboard eight hours after an imminent landslide are mixing your mega disaster metaphors and islands. Moreover, most of El Hierro’s tsunami energy would go south to the West African coast all the way to Antarctica, not west, if we were talking about La Palma.

I consulted my oracle about El Hierro. In the worst case scenario a tsunami might arise as devastating to other Canary Islands as that which flooded Japan in March of 2011. The main visitations with sporadic harbor and coastal damage like what was experienced in the Hawaiian Islands and Santa Cruz California from the Japanese tsunami would range along the sparsely populated Western Sahara southwards to the Mauritanian coast down to the city of Dakar, in Senegal.

My oracle at this point does not see a major tsunami coming out of a future eruption of El Hierro. It is much more concerned with El Hierro’s volcanism triggering a La Palma eruption causing half the geologically unstable, western coastal mountainside of the island to suddenly slip into the Atlantic. Such an event would be a civilization-changing catastrophe sending a tsunami up to 160 feet high roaring 4.5 miles inland over the coasts of Brazil, French Guyana, Surname, Guyana, east Venezuela, the Caribbean islands of the Lesser Antilles, and the US Atlantic seaboard!

Europe would also be hit by significant tsunamis between 16 and 23 feet high, nearly as destructive as those inundating the Honshu coastal towns and Sendai airport, would visit Ireland, Iceland, England, France and Spain. The Canary Islands and the nearby mainland coastline of southwestern Morocco and the neighboring nation of Western Sahara might witness a tsunami flood 300 feet high!

That danger, for now is not before us. If I feel that La Palma is next, you, my dear readers, will be the first to know, especially, if you are already members of my newsletter. If you are not yet members, please sign up here.


Iran Terror Plot?

There is a lot of sensational rumor leaking out of the FBI like a broken inkwell for thumbprints, black and obscure, very messy! Apparently an Iranian-US citizen acted as go-between on visits to Teheran with operatives of the al-Quds Revolutionary Guards to pay for and hire Mexican cartel hit men to cross the US border and assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador. They would throw a bomb into his lunch plate at a crowded local restaurant in Washington DC then hurl bombs at the Israeli Embassy. The blood money pledged was ridiculously low for any Mexican cartel to reap the whirlwind of US retaliation, a mere 1.4 million bucks. That will get you  a sack of cocaine.

I have watched Iran since my Boeing 747 Air India flight made a memorable midnight run over the Persian Gulf during the first week of the Iran-Iraq War in September 1980 while I was on my way to meet Osho in India for the first time.

The details coming out of FBI agent’s mouths – and flummoxing Senators debriefed on 13 October by such – are as clouded as Octopus ink and it is just as fishy. The whole story stinks to me.

It stinks of right-wing elements in the US and Israeli governments waving a false flag. These elements would still like to see plan B of their strategic goals achieved even in an Obama first or second term. This newly “discovered” Iran terror plot sounds like a semi-fictional incident (like WMDs in Iraq). It is intended to distract people away from a growing Occupy Wall Street national now “international” movement and perhaps distract people’s attention in Israel away from the steady progress of the Palestinian Authority towards some form of sovereign status in the United Nations by “trick or treat” time – Halloween.

It seems like a good time for government back door propaganda to stifle dissent in America and Israel with an ultimate and nationally uniting action. Let us make up a war with Iran and in the venture take down its Islamic Fundamentalist Theocracy. This whole terror plot smells of shadow elements in the Israeli and American governments that would like to accomplish the destruction of the Iranian regime.

That aim has been the Zionist/Neo-Conservative agenda fomented by the former Vice President Dick Cheney as far back as 1992 when Cheney as editor and a future G.W. Bush deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, authored the Neo-Con movement’s first of many evolving manifestos published after the fall of the Soviet Union. These sought to convince Americans of a new enemy to sustain the military industrial complex of the US superpower after the end of the Cold War. After the Soviet colossus fell Iraq and Iran, modestly if fairly fit the bill. They both were radically governed nations bestride some of the largest oil reserves in the world that sustained the United States “and” Western civilization with crude oil. These rogue regimes, perhaps rightfully, had to go, either by economic pressure or through unilateral invasion if global consensus was not forthcoming.

The Neo-Conservatives moved from theory to power in 2001 with G.W. Bush’s administration initially crowding their number in top cabinet posts.

In 2000, a Neo-Con manifesto openly pondered the need for a “Pearl Harbor event” to hasten their goals. Surprise, surprise! They got one on 11 September 2001 with al-Qaeda’s aid. Now they had their national emergency and Congress grasped by its left or right leaning “balls.” The Neo-cons could make their puppet president do or say whatever they wanted because the hysteria of national unity stifled rational critics. By false flag WMD scares, they succeeded in 2003 taking down Iraq’s Saddam Hussein regime. Iran was next.

US Plans for war studied and rehearsed from 2004 through 2006 were so brazen that I felt it was time to collect Nostradamus’ many references to a war in our future between Israel and America versus Iran because it seemed imminent. The first of two astrological windows for war were open during 2007. If the first closed, the next window would open in the near future in not far off 2015-2016.

In 2006, I began composing an e-book that matched up Nostradamus prophecies with the lightly veiled apocalyptic motives of leaders in the three potential combatant states. First in America’s highest office you have evangelical Christian war hawks in the Neo-Conservative cabinet of a president who famously said that “God” told him to invade Iraq and Iran was next. You had similar latter-day aspirations murmured by the Israeli cabinet and prime minister – some openly musing that war with Iran would be a portent for the Jewish Messiah soon to come. You had Iranian President Ahmadinejad loudly and notoriously proclaim his apocalyptic aspirations for Israel being “wiped off the map of history.” Even now the Iranian president opens every public speech, even before the United Nations, with a prayer for the return of the Mahdi. He is the 12th Imam, the final prophet who will reappear from his occultation to bring on an Islamic Armageddon that will take back al-Quds (the Iranian name for Jerusalem) and make the surviving Jews true believers of Islam.

The mainstream news as ever, overlooked the subconscious motivations beneath this three-way saber rattling for Armageddon. In early 2007, I deemed it was time to publish my findings about them and perhaps go on media outlets around the world exposing these prophetic motivations examining possible war scenarios of the 16th century French prophet leading up to those purportedly recorded in the Hadith by Islam’s final prophet himself, Muhammad.

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

In that book Nostradamus: The War with Iran, I gathered a number of Nostradamus prophecies that pointed to a future military showdown with Persia (modern day Iran) by Western forces. These verses using contemporary names from the 16th century even mentioned the Persian Gulf and its narrow opening, the Strait of Hormuz, as the site of a future naval and air battles where a fleet will be “melted and sunk” by those of the “trident.”

As usual, there are layers to the riddles of Nostradamus’ wordplay. The seemingly obvious solution modern people might apply is a US “trident” class submarine that melts and sinks an Iranian surface fleet that consists of an armada of thousands of small boats — none of which are larger in tonnage than corvettes armed with a brace of Chinese silk missiles. Certainly the overwhelming force of Trident submarines or the hail of fiery death descending from missiles fired by US Navy carrier jets, cruisers, frigates and destroyers would be enough to “melt” and sink any suicidal attack by a flotilla of PT 109-pint sized Kamikaze craft piloted by Iranian Shahid (martyrs).

Indeed, Nostradamus may have named the US fleet obscured in another interesting word riddle. They are called “the True Serpent.” If you look down 4.5 centuries of Nostradamus’ future history of the world that has become our past, you will often find his riddles and descriptions using nicknames or flags flown by armies and or fleets of water and even air. For instance, we have “those of the Sun” in Century 5 Quatrain 11 of Nostradamus’ history of the future Les Propheties:

Mer par solaires seure ne passera,
Ceux de Venus tiendront toute l’Affrique:
Lure regne plus Sol, Saturne n’occupera,
Et changera la part Asiatique.

Those of the Sun will not cross the sea in safety,
Those of Venus will hold all of Africa:
Their realm will no longer be occupied by Sun (and) Saturn,
And the Asiatic part will change.

Reference to those of the Sun standing alone is open to many possibilities, but the reference to Venus (a code name for “Venice”) is often used by Nostradamus to describe fascist Italy during the Second World War. Though Italy had possession of Libya, Somalia and Ethiopia at the start of the war, they did not achieve control of Africa, unless this is one of Nostradamus’ alternative futures only partially fulfilled. Saturn’s color is as black as Italian Black Shirts and German Gestapo SS troops, symbols of Axis fascism

Those of the “Sun” describe the third Axis ally: the Imperial Japanese fleet, visualized in Nostradamus’ nightly reveries in trance as dark gray warships flying the rising sun flag. The US Navy and the Army Air Forces would nearly sink the entire Japanese fleet in the Second World War. The fall of the Japanese empire forever changed Asia, ending its colonial hold and that of Western empires in a series of popular anti-colonial rebellions in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and also witness the rise of a sleeping giant, the People’s Republic of China.

The true serpent fighting the Persians in our future may be another reference to a naval flag. In my book about Nostradamus’ predictions for Iran, I said the following:

Every ship in this vast US armada flies the US flag and a US Navy Jack. Note that it is a flag with thirteen red and white stripes over which an American Rattlesnake crawls under the motto “Don’t Tread on Me!” It is only in recent times that all ships of the American Navy hoist this flag. On May 22, 2002, the U.S. Navy ordered all ships to display the First Navy Jack as long as the War on Terrorism continued. Ceremonies to raise the flag of the “true” serpent took place on every US Naval ship on 11 September 2002, the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the “Pearl Harbor” event that launched the world war of terrorism.

On some near future date, or perhaps as late as 2015, the “true serpent” will “invade” the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran
Chapter Six: “In the Arabian [Persian]
Gulf, A great Fleet will be plunged to the Bottom.”

So, with that said, is war with Iran about to break out earlier than the astrological window of 2015-2016?

My answer is emphatic.

It is no.

Gaming out this news of an Iranian terror plot this week is a propagandized step towards such a war happening when the astrological aspects I described in detail in the book open the potential for conflict once again about four to five years hence. Indeed the Navy Jack takes on new symbolic significance.

The true serpent flag is also the symbol of the American Tea Party. Perhaps in 2016 there will be elected a president of the United States who is a member of that “true serpentine party”? How ironic it would be if the party that often promotes America pulling out of wars in the Middle East actually got their man or woman into the White House who then led America into its third and most disastrous war.

Another scenario would have President Obama in his second term, co-opted by a Tea Party controlled Congress who pushes him into signing on to Neo-Conservative aspirations for a war after years of negotiation with Iran went nowhere. It is a fact that Obama at present has chosen diplomacy first in his efforts to take Iran out of the nuclear arms race with Israel. However, he has left the apocalyptic door open that G.W. Bush and his Neo-Con handler, Dick Cheney, had closed in their faces by events at the end of Bush’s second term.

John Hogue

(15 October 2011: The 31st Anniversary of my “Initiation”)

New Hogue e-Book is coming soon: Predictions for 2012

I intend to compose and complete my next almanac of yearly prophecies and get it out quickly to my readers by early December.

Here is how you can help make that happen and secure your own special edition. Read More…

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global
This is not a movement of hippies, corporate media hacks and it is far bigger and more mainstream already than the Tea Party ever was. Occupy Wall Street keeps gaining momentum across the United States with polls showing 75 percent of Americans sympathetic or in full support of the movement. This weekend it spreads to “Occupy” movements across the world in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Three thousand gathered before the London stock exchange, and six thousand plan to camp, Ziccotti Park NY style, before the European Central Bank headquarter in Frankfurt. Demonstrations where held in 50 other German cities including 6,000 demonstrators in Berlin and 1,500 in Cologne. Thousands also gathered before banks and stock exchanges in Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, Hong Kong China and Tokyo Japan.

The demonstrations in the US are at last showing results politically with Secretary of Treasury and Secretary of State, Tim Geithner and Hillary Clinton sending clear signals Friday that more bank reforms are coming and must come.

On an ominous note, peaceful protests on Friday and today were eclipsed in Rome with widespread violence. The blazing cars, shattered shop, and bank glass windows of Roman streets can be the future of this movement around the world next year in 2012, because Italy is far closer to economic default. Politicians are running out of time if they do not legislate banking reforms before this peaceful global movement must get their attention by rioting.

John Hogue

(16 October 2011)

Click on this book cover to explore the fascinating double life of history’s most famous and enigmatic prophet:


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