Libya, the Japanese Quake, Tsunami, Meltdowns: Food for the Super Moon

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There will be tsunamis in the Pacific and Indian Ocean in 2011.

Predictions for 2011

(Documented on 21 December 2010)

PROPHECY ALERT (19 March 2011): Libyan No Fly Zone and the fall of Gaddafi foreseen by Nostradamus. I am putting together an article for posting later today. If you are on my free e-news bulletin list you will be the first to know when the blog is online. If you are not yet a member of the e-news bulletin, you can join by clicking on newsletter. In the meantime, there is a large segment on the future of the Libyan Rebellion in this blog posted 15 March 2011.

All the people across Japan will remember where they were at 2:46 pm Japanese Time on 3/11/11 when the fifth largest quake in recorded history, magnitude 9.0, hit the northeastern coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu near the port city of Sendai. Most of us living across the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side of the Ring of Fire, the most seismically active fault lines on the planet, will not remember where we were unless we remember our dreams and nightmares impressing brains within sleepy skulls in wee hours of the morning, Pacific Time.

I was one of the few on the West Coast of America who could remember where I was about 30 minutes after the quake struck. I had just helped my mother from the bathroom back to bed. She is in her 84th year and was enduring a third difficult night healing from a fall and concussion in the garden. I had stepped out of her bedroom to switch off the bathroom and hall lights. When I returned the television was on. That might be a mundane event in modern TV addicted times, but for my mother to have put the television on in the middle of the night was odd — perhaps a sign of post-concussion weirdness?

She told me later that she had a very strong impulse to turn it on.

So, as I walked into the bedroom the wide screen blazed in photons and electrons before my gaping, gasping face the great black wave shoving a whole city off its foundations.

The Pacific Ocean unslipped its earthen coastal boundaries along Japan running rampant, spilling over farms, plastic covered greenhouses and crop fields. The roiling surge was almost completely obscured, edged by black earth, topped thick with debris as if the detritus of neighborhoods sprinkled with metallic kernels of breaching, rolling fishing trawlers and bobbing cars were some “rubble of human ruin” cereal, riding a great wall of filthy milk, flooding out of Satan’s spilled Cheerios bowl from Hell.

Then the TV picture changed to a vision captured by the cyclopean eye of a cell phone gripped tightly by horror, pointing at a coastal residential foreshortened skyline of beautiful tiled oriental flanged roofs.

The houses came alive.

A host of them, tightly packed, started retreating back from the sea. Those farther away rushed and pushed along the nearer ones, as if the neighborhood of tiled roofs was a stampeding herd. The cyclops cell camera caught the great tiled rout carried on a frothing white and sweeping wing of a tsunami, undercutting and carrying away hundreds of houses from their earth-moored foundations! It was as if the world had tipped towards the cell phone camera spilling the sea and houses towards the person holding it on high ground.

Overwhelming as it was I began to cry at the humbling yet terrible beauty of the great wave’s power as cleanser of all human plans and follies. I understood in that tear-stained, heart-heaving moment why the ancients worshipped the sea as a great goddess for it seemed the works and day-to-day habitual rhythms — the taken for granted artificial environments constructed by man — were suddenly cast down, drowned, swept away by a divinely raging hand of goddess nature.

Another Jungian feminine archetype goddess may have influenced that invisible hand: the Moon, the starlit queen of tides.

She not only contributes her invisible force behind high and low ocean tides each day through her gravitational pull, but this heavenly body, heaving gravity as she speeds around us every month, may also cause the Earth’s tectonic plates to wax and wane.

It often has happened that great earthquakes take place a few days or a fortnight before or after the New or the Full Moon. Back in June 2010, I posted in the article Pluto and Uranus Squared Saturn a list of the great killer quakes of the 20th and 21st centuries focusing on how often and with shocking regularity the great temblors and tsunamis in modern history occur when Uranus is in square or opposition to the Earth or other major planets. The danger intensifies when Mars is also in 90-degree square or opposition to Earth or Jupiter.

Here is that list again, with one significant astrological addition. Notice in red how often the quakes happen exactly on a first and last quarter aspect when the Earth and Moon are squared at 90 degrees. What is more significant is plotting how close significant earthquakes episodes happen within a week of a New Moon or a Full Moon aspect:

Great Kanto (Tokyo) Quake, 1 September 1923, Magnitude 7.9
The Sun was in Virgo (an earth sign, meaning earthquakes) opposed Uranus in Pisces shaking and burning down Tokyo five days after the Full Moon on August 27.

Honshu, Japan, 2 March 1933, Magnitude 8.4
Uranus was in Aries, at that time, which was six days past New Moon.

Great Chilean Quake, 22 May 1960, magnitude 9.5
The most powerful quake ever recorded by instruments happened when the Sun just transited out of Taurus (an earth sign, quakes) with a near square of Uranus in Leo three days before New Moon.

Great Alaskan Quake, 27 March 1964 magnitude 9.3
Second largest quake ever seismically recorded happened when Uranus and Saturn were in opposing signs with Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo (an earth sign equals quakes!) one day before Full Moon!

Tangshan, China, 27 July 1976, magnitude 7.5
Perhaps the greatest killer quake recorded in modern times with an unofficial death toll exceeding 600,000 souls. Uranus was in Scorpio in an approximate square of Mars, Saturn and the Sun in Leo on a New Moon day!

Sichuan, China, 12 May 2008, magnitude 7.9
Vast earth waves and mountain landslides leveled cities carrying off over 80,000 in Central China when Uranus and Saturn were in opposite signs (Pisces and Virgo). One week after the New Moon was in first quarter aspect, 90 degrees square the Earth.

Sumatran Quake and Indian Ocean Tsunami, 26 December 2004, magnitude 9.1 to 9.3
The second largest quake in history recorded by seismograph caused a death toll mostly from its generated tsunami that unofficially killed over 300,000 people. Uranus and Pluto were at work again in a near grand T Square of a near Uranus in Pisces opposition with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Sagittarius. It would seem that quakes do not always happen exactly on grand T-squares but within the approximate time and location of these. The quake did happen exactly on a Full Moon day!

(To see my article about Nostradamus foretelling the Great Indian Ocean quake: click on Nostradamus.)

Haitian Quake, 12 January 2010, magnitude 7.0
Three days before New Moon on 15 January.

Chilean Quake, 27 February 2010, magnitude 8.8
The seventh largest earthquake ever measured shook the coastline off Concepción unleashing a killer tsunami into four Chilean fishing ports. A more moderate tsunami raced across the Pacific Ocean requiring millions of people around the Pacific Rim to evacuate their shores. The Moon was in Virgo squared Jupiter in Pisces. Uranus was also 23 degrees Pisces, one day before Full Moon on 28 February.

Now let us look at the astrological aspects of the most recent historic quake in Japan:

The Great Japanese Quake and Tsunami, 11 March 2011, magnitude 8.9, upgraded to 9.0.
Uranus (ruler of sudden surprises, upheaval) was in the last most intense degree of Pisces (ruler of oceans, tsunamis) before it passed into the combustible fire sign of Aries on 13 March with a flourish. Reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had a hydrogen explosion and suffered a partial meltdown on the last day of Uranus in Pisces. Then Reactor 3 also blew up its outer building around the nuclear reactor’s containment vessel harboring a possible meltdown within the reactor core on the first day of Uranus transiting Aries (an astrological marriage of nasty surprises). This happened less than six days from New Moon and one day before a First Quarter Moon squared Earth 90 degrees.

I never expected the New and Full Moon aspects in my review today would be so close or exact. And on two occasions when they were nearly a week off, the Earth-Lunar Square of the waxing First Quarter Moon played a serial factor in large earthquakes, if not a square of Mars or Uranus.

It is important to understand that the subtle forces of the stars and moon begin exerting pressure on planets and people days before the waxing and a few days after the waning of an aspect. Depending on the vulnerability of what is being pushed, be it psychic or seismic, movements and changes can happen in the early influence of an approaching aspect. It can happen right on the aspect, as was the case in the great killer quakes of Tangshan, China (1976) and the Great Indian Ocean quake of 2004; or once the aspect’s influence is lifting, the pressures exerted before the let-up cause a collapse into mood changes or earth changes. For instance, I can press upon a brick wall, harder and harder, until I tire and step back. The damage I did is a factor in the wall’s sudden collapse moments, days or weeks later.

The more powerful the aspect, the longer the pressure of cosmic influence. This is important to understand with what is coming in the guise of next Saturday’s Full Moon on 19 March 2011. On that day the Moon will approach Earth in a lunar perigee. In other words, when you look at the moon on Saturday, you will be seeing it coming to its closest approach in 18 years! What a joy to marvel at moonrise and moonset when distortions caused by looking at it through the thick atmosphere over the horizon will make the Moon appear even larger.

Astrologer Richard Nolle defines such a Full or New Moon at 90 percent or greater of its closest perigee to Earth a “Super Moon”. The last Full Moon on 18 February, the upcoming one on 19 March and 17 April’s Full Moon all qualify as Super Moons within Nolle’s calculations.

Beyond skeptical suspicion of astrological influence in our lives, few open-minded scientists can deny the measurable impact the Moon has on ocean tides. Looking at the list of great quakes above, perhaps the Full Moon’s monthly close presses and the dark New Moon pulling away have a tidal affect on the tectonic plates. Sometimes this cosmic breath in and out causes quakes and volcanic eruptions.

Ask anyone working in hospitals, law enforcement, firefighters or EMS medics and they will tell you that more murders, injuries, basic wacky “loony” behavior happens on a Full Moon night.

The term “you’re a loony” made famous by Monty Python comedians got its origin from the word “lunar” for Moon madness. Imagine then, what pressing yet subtle tidal pressures on the waters of Earth and the waters of the brain and body might kick loose during a Super Moon Looney time? Add also to that mix a near Jupiter-Pluto square; with the Super Moon transiting the earth sign Virgo (earth signs equal earthquakes).

In lieu of what regularity Uranus and Mars push and pull in squares or opposition during heightened seismic activity, consider the aspects on Super Full Moon day 19 March 2011 (all shown here in Pacific Time). The Full Moon opposes the Sun at 11:10 am. The Moon opposes Uranus 1:45 pm.

The Sun on Saturday approaches full conjunction with Uranus on 21 March, within the 2-degree orb of influence (that means Earth may be under the magnification of a Sun-Uranus cosmic pull on Saturday even if the conjunction is not exact).

The Sun is in the last degrees of ocean-tipping Pisces (28.32 degrees) conjunct Uranus (revolutions and sudden upheaval), which is just a quarter of a degree into Aries. The first and last degrees of transits into signs are most powerful.

Sun and Uranus are conjunct in southern declination (be watchful of wavy waters and trembling earth in the equatorial or the Southern Hemisphere).

The Super Moon is in opposition to the Sun and Uranus conjunction. If the Asian side of the Ring of Fire endures another major quake, my oracle predicts the danger would be moving south of Honshu Island into the equatorial or southern hemispheric areas. Be prepared in Kyushu Island (Japan), Okinawa (Japan), the Philippines, Indonesia, all the way south to Christchurch for more strong aftershocks in New Zealand after that devastating quake several weeks ago. The danger of a powerful aftershock and tsunami around the devastated northeastern coast of Honshu is also high. Cosmic influences magnifying a nuclear disaster in many damaged Japanese reactors on the 19th is also: high.

We had Super Moons in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005. The last was on 10 January 2005, a New Moon, roughly two weeks after the Indian Ocean quake and tsunami on the Full Moon of 26 December 2004. The great Japanese quake of 11 March 2011 happened just a little more than a week before the Super Full Moon on the 19th. I certainly hope this temblor and tsunami is the worst the current Super Moon may deal us and all that is left after an uneventful Saturday under big moonlight is the shouting between debunkers and astrologers on blogs.

That is my hope but not, I sense, going to be fulfilled during the Full Monty of the Moon.

There will be a violent shift of record winter storms into record spring storms and tornadoes in North America. Prepare for spring floods across America and Western Europe. The sudden swing of seasonal climate change from globally snowed under winter to globally warmed spring will hinge on the next full moon date.

There will be another major quake or volcanic eruption in the next 20 days of 7.5 or above 8 magnitude. Some Sun watchers who divine earthquakes by watching solar flare activity worry for the southern Japanese island of Kyushu being the next Japanese target.

In my case, my oracle keeps prompting the Philippines up in my mind as of more seismic or volcanic concern. What is far more pressing the psychic intuition is the constant oracular sense mounting that the northeastern quarter of the Pacific Rim’s Ring of Fire is going to be active this year like it has not been for many decades.

In Predictions for 2008, 2009 and 2010, I accurately forecasted quakes in the Cascadian Subduction Zone off the coast of Central Oregon. This vulnerable coast and Southwest Washington’s flat and sprawling beaches are ever my concern for a Sumatran-style unzipping of the Cascadian S.Z., which is almost geologically identical to the Sumatran fault that pushed monster waves across the Indian Ocean in late 2004.

I have already forecast in Predictions for 2011 a magnitude 5-to-6 magnitude quake for the Western Washington region over which I sit, typing this on my sandy and quake resonant island north of Seattle on the Puget Sound. However, left last but not least in my forecast in my e-books is an area along the US coast of most concerned to me. The region that may be influenced either by the big mooning of 19 March; or, other aspects of astrological power coming around the next Super Full Moon in April.

Be mindful and well prepared, those of you living in San Diego and Los Angeles for a major quake along the San Andreas or its tributary fault lines this year, perhaps sooner in spring than later. I have documented already in Predictions for 2009 and 2010 some accurate preliminary quakes with epicenters east of San Diego along the US-Mexican border.

There also is Bardarbunga, the large volcano in central Iceland. It might bardar-bee, bardar-BOOM because of March or April Super Moons, blowing ash across Europe. Bardarbunga is capable of vomiting twice as much ash fall than that which fell last year from its smaller neighbor with the unpronounceable Viking name: Eyjafjallajokull. (Gesunheit!)

There will be seismic, loony events in the mass unconscious mob mind of humans too.

Twentieth-Century mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff gave an esoteric slant to the mood tide-swinging influences the Moon upon us. He explained that planets evolve like people. The moon being the newer earth-born part of a binary planet relationship feeds upon the energy of the older for nourishment — A mother’s milk of human and animal unconsciousness.

It feeds upon and influences of our subconscious, mechanical behaviors. The moon makes us “nutty” bonkers, bouffants, as the source of its mysterious extraterrestrial buffet.

When you and your beloved look at the moon on the 19th, just say, “eat me” to that glowing orb. The baby planet Moon will invisibly comply. Gurdjieff says we are all unmindfully “food for the Moon.”

Now, I can almost see the question marks flying out of the reader’s brain. What in loony goodness is Mr. Gurdjieff mooning on about here? Moreover, what meaning, provocation, or a mystic’s inscrutable device in a figure of speech was intended when he blamed his disciple’s mechanical, idiotic conditioning as a lunar food source?

Maybe the moon, being a newer and primitive heavenly body pulling its gravitational weight inside and around us is a physical channel of a force of unprogressive unconsciousness. We are trying to emerge from it, snap out of its gravitational drag back to being habitually primitive. Gurdjieff would propose we cultivate a countermanding soul awareness to sense a cosmically unconscious lunar influence and rise above it.

Scientists might guffaw at all of this as subjective clap trap, but then, scientists do well to make us food for wars, climate changes, atomic bombs when they invent their machines without the wisdom to think through the consequences. Even Einstein saw his mistake when encouraging the creation of atomic weapons, mooning that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the American scientists would never be irresponsible, like an Adolf Hitler might, with weapons of mass destruction. When the Hitler threat was over in 1945, and after a few test fires on non-nuclear Japan, the United States started building atomic bombs by the hundreds before the Soviet Union lit off their first A-blast in 1949.

Einstein by that time began soul searching the unforeseen consequences of his scientific flight of atomic fancy lobbying FDR when the “good guys” started threatening civilization’s “good byes” by initiating a nuclear arms race with a head start of 250 US A-Bombs to 1 Russian device in 1949.

Food for thought, or food for the moon because of thoughtlessness…? We shall see.

Let us visit Libya’s future:

When the times of Cosmic Night grasp for the opiate of pheminin politics this tsunami can brush away regimes on a whim of impatient mass hysteria.

Predictions for 2011

Speaking of something Moon-looney is a Libyan Revolution without coherent leadership or a plan to defend itself against a modern, well armed, disciplined Libyan Army. The heart and bravery of the rebels is not in question. Their military “intelligence” however…?

It is guided by a hysteric mob psychology — military moon madness. You see untrained men thronging about the coastal road lifeline of Libya, without leaders, knowledge of tactics, a plan. But as the Libyan rebel I saw on TV, ducking from Gaddafi’s artillery barrage said with a grin as he fumbled with stripping and fixing his jammed rocket propelled grenade he planned to use for the first time: “We’ve got God on our side!”

Many of those men are now food for the desert flies. Food for the Moon. Regimes like Egypt could be overthrown by mass emotive demonstrations but mobs cannot govern a country, least of all themselves. I would add mobs in popular revolutions, if they do not find their leaders, discipline or focus, are food for Cadafi Luna (the decoding of Adaluncatif), the famous anagram Nostradamus used to describe the Libyan dictator in his prophecies.

Before Japanese catastrophes turned the one-dimensional attention span of CNN and other networks away from the Civil War in Libya, I could see camera footage of the East Libyan militias, if one could call them that, taking a desert road trip, packing their buddies with guns in the truck bed.

Hi ho! Hi Ho! Allah willing they go, fighting westward down a lost highway to Gaddafi’s stronghold, the city of Tripoli. The rebellion took al-Brega and other coastal towns. Their little victories against small Libyan regular army units in the first skirmishing phase of the civil war were touted by gushing news anchors in the West as “great victories” against the nut-job dictator.

I watched that armed rabble, spending precious ammunition blasting away at the air for the news cameras with their secondhand and rusty guns, mobs of them thronging their antique T-54 tanks like third world buses. No commanders, no order and no supplies except for surplus military hardware ransacked from Gaddafi’s depots in Benghazi.

I saw college students getting a crash course on which way to point their RPGs while under bombardment from Gaddafi’s freshly painted and armored APCs mounted with 50 caliber machine guns and 20mm cannons. I watched Men in street clothes pose a brave front on sand blasted and weather beaten triple-A antiaircraft guns mounted on pickup trucks. They just fired straight up in the air when jet engines thundered overhead, unseen, the gunners hoping to hit something other than their own helmetless heads when that entire spewing ordinance came falling back out of the sky.

I warned back on 3 March 2011 in Climate Change, Libya, and Living Free from the Future what was going to soon happen to the rebellion against Gaddafi if it remained a rout of heroic warrior clowns without ring masters in Benghazi, or officers to train and guide them:

“I said it at the beginning of the Libyan Revolution and I say it again, as a compassionate warning to the revolutionaries in the eastern coastal cities of Libya, such as Benghazi: Gaddafi will launch an offensive on you. It will happen this month, and you people of Benghazi will need to get yourself organized or by April, you will have Gaddafi’s tanks shooting you pointblank in your streets. You will have your oceanside demonstrations strafed by Gaddafi’s Tripolian and Algerian pilots in jets and attack helicopters.

“Listen well; there will be no No Fly Zone organized by the US Navy or the NATO air forces flying across the Mediterranean from Italy. That simply will not happen as long as you continue to be a leaderless circus in the streets, playing with your rusting, second hand tanks, and shooting off into the air magazine after wasted magazine of your secondhand anti-aircraft guns for the entertainment of brave Ben Wederman’s CNN cameras.

“You need to organize.

“Undisciplined revolutions of leaderless masses never succeed. And many an organized revolution can also succumb to a tyrannical state, initially caught off guard, but soon finding its savage footing and take aim, putting fire and chemical weapons on the cities and towns of rebels.”

Gaddafi’s daffy antics before the camera, his rambling incoherent speeches should not be the news media’s sole gauge of what he is capable of. He is daffy but not dumb. He has controlled the most tribal of Arab-North African countries for 42 years. He always had a contingency plan to suppress a rebellion of the tribes of Cyrenaica (Eastern Libya), never a friend of his clan or his tribal allies. He made sure the militias there had little training, bad command structures. He threw them the remains of lousy, defunct-Soviet weapons while the Tipolian Western Libyan tribes, revolutionary militias, his blood and allies, procured the most modern Russian-made weapons, jets, artillery and T-72 tanks.

Back in early March, the rabble-lion rebellion forces against Gaddafi came down the coastal road from Cyrenaica high on courage and cockiness, but lo on heavy armament or logistical supply or support, boasting they were going to drive on to Tripoli and take Gaddafi out. In the meantime, Gaddafi’s forces took their time to regroup, consolidate their alliances militarily and politically. They then systematically liquidated rebellions in Western Libya while letting the rabble from Cyrenaica overextend themselves from their base in Benghazi. Now the counter offensive I predicted back in a 22nd-February blog (click on Nostradamus predictions), is on course for a march on Benghazi:

Gaddafi will try to take [the old refineries and fields] back, promise reward of the rich oil industry to those western tribes and sub-tribes leaders who support the crackdown.

People inside Libya phone the outside world about Gaddafi’s acts of genocide. Believe it. This civil war could descend into a battle between Libya’s tribes to control oil resources.

At the time of this writing (22 February 2011), Gaddafi and his tribal allies in the secret police and armed forces are ruthlessly liquidating rebels in Tripoli while air strikes on Benghazi continue.

I predict Gaddafi intends to launch his heavily armored forces against Benghazi, the heart of the revolution.

Nostradamus on the Fate of Gaddafi
(HogueProphecyBulletin 22 February 2011)

On 14 March 2011, the Libyan army retook al-Brega in Eastern Libya. Al-Brega is a main petrol and natural gas refining port that powers electricity to Eastern Libya cities such as Benghazi. Rag tag and tacky armed rebel forces were pounded by air, artillery and tank fire and sent fleeing down the road to Benghazi, scattering their weapons along the same sand scoured thoroughfare Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps chased the routed British in 1941.

A rebel spokesman defended the rapid retreat with what authority to speak to the media I do not know, and neither does the media, since there does not seem to be a real revolutionary government in Benghazi, just hope and expectation of one. Anyway, he spokesman explained the rebel fighters were not routed but had chosen to leave al-Brega as a “tactical maneuver.”

Tactics are always trumped by strategic maneuvers, such as that achieved by Gaddafi’s armed forces who by taking al-Brega. Gaddafi now can pull the plug on power in the rebel capital of Benghazi. Libyan tanks now begin their advance on that second largest city of Libya, which is only a two-hour drive up the road. On the Ides of March (15 March 2011), they fight pitched battles in Ajdabia on the approaches of Benghazi. By next Saturday, Gaddafi will be closing an iron ring around blacked out Benghazi under the light of the Super Full Moon.

Now to other deadly arenas of Arab Revolution.

Since the waxing moon has a pull on mass mob moods, one sees demonstrations in Yemen become bloodier last weekend with police firing live ammunition into demonstrators.

More significant than this is what is brewing for the Full Moon weekend to come in Saudi Arabia.

On Thursday (10 March 2011) a day before the Japanese Quake, Sunni Saudi Arabian police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into a crowd of hundreds of Shia protesters in the city of al-Qatif in oil rich northeastern province, the source of nearly all of its oil. There has been a surge in activity on Facebook to organize “Day of Rage” demonstrations for after Friday Prayers on 11 March. It fizzled. Most of the users are educated young (and mostly majority Sunni) human rights activists and intellectuals living in the main urban centers of Riyadh and Jeddah.

I would expect the worst disturbances coming next Friday through Saturday under the Super Full Moon will be sectarian in nature, in al-Qatif and other oil drilling and refining towns and ports along the northeastern corner of the Saudi kingdom with a sizable Shia minority of 15 percent of the population.

Next door in the Shia principality ruled by a handful of Sunni princelings called Bahrain, watch sectarian tempers under lunar influences intensify too. The Bahrainian monarch on 15 March declared emergency rule for three months and called on Sunni monarchs of Arabia and other Gulf states to send their solders into Bahrain to suppress all protest. Push has led to the people shoving back. Bahrain will become a sectarian battlefield when the Moon is super full on the 19th.

Egypt’s revolution may also suffer mood swings towards the sectarian with further burnings of Egyptian Coptic churches by the Moonstruck Muslim majority in the Nile Delta cities and towns.

Moon moody influences the subjectivity of economic speculation.

Look for the stock markets to feel the pain of the Japanese Quake, the uncertainty of tech market stocks because so much of our technical products are manufactured from a now-fractured Japan for the next few weeks if no meltdown of nuclear power plants happens (it will happen).

Global economic recovery will suffer a huge setback if nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiich Plant breach their containment vessels like radioactive effluent lava fuel rods ooze from the butt end of containment theory.

The Dow Jones plummeted -228.48 points back on 10 March because of a number of bad economic reports, including an increase this month US unemployment. I guess it takes no Nostradamus to predict that a Day of Raging Shias in the oil producing cities of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will make next Friday’s stocks plummet some more as oil could climb higher beyond the new $100 per barrel daily averages. But then, who can easily predict these Gaddafi Looneytoon times, what with the Moon’s ramp up to perigee on 19 March. For all I know the stock will gain hundreds of points by the end of next week on speculation of all the reconstruction investment in Japan to come (not!).

In my forecasts for 2011, I often drew readers’ attention to the months of March and April, two of the most potentially problematic months in a half-year of crises in political leadership resulting in an economic relapse to deep recession.

It starts with the Super Full Moon but the volatility does not end there. A fury of a political kind erupts next Friday just a day before Full Moon madness with a potential shutdown of the US Federal government because of budget gridlock between Donkeycrats verses a coalition of Dumbo-Publican-Mad Hatter Tea Party pols. Thus will begin a six month period of “Wattsington” DC riotous politics on the floors of US Congress that I described in detail in the Predictions for 2011 chapter “Wattsington DC”.

I would like to close with an interpretation of a prophecy written for that book’s final chapter, Alarm Bells Sound the Unsustainable:

A tectonic rock thrown into a huge Pacific pond. This NOAA satellite image of the Pacific Ocean shows the tsunami wave height as it rolled across to the Americas.

Neptune (the planet named after a Greek sea god) moves into Pisces come April. It will be a year of great sea storms and flooding La Niña rains for the whole world.

Nature is turning up the volume of her screaming gales. Her thundering quakes and waves mount until the alarm bells of an unsustainable abuse of the ecosystem begin their first ringing sound.

2010 was the year of the temperature tsunami. The tsunami I foresaw in the Pacific for 2011 has happened this week. It will not be the last great wave mounting the shores made of dry earth and more etheric shores of our unconsciousness. There will be events that are more tsunami-like in 2011. Political tsunamis that wash away regimes, political movements, presidential hopefuls, like tea flooding out of a party cup. Arab waves of revolution sweep some regimes away, yet some dictatorial regimes will sweep the undisciplined and hysterical popular revolutions aside in a tsunami of bloodshed.

The earthquake and an ocean flooding over Japan, the Libyan civil war turning civil rout are all food for Neptune in its final degrees of transit out of revolutionary Aquarius. On 5 April 2011, the great ruler of subconscious mind and spiritual transformation, the ocean God-engine of our weather and waves, moves into its home sign of oceanic Pisces.

Deep waters wait to be plumbed by the potential human awareness of each of you; or let the force of conditioned habit stamp “eat me” on the backside of your soul illuminated in the moonlight.

Never was there a time in history when human existence needed the IN-significance of individual transformation. It is time to be empowered by awareness we ignore and toss like pearls to the swine of our conditioned, programmed ego-minds.

Unconscious habit is ever the food of negative futures.

It is time to meditate.

I can share my meditations with you, if you but ask. Contact me.

Meditation is the only bridge to a future golden age of a new humanity.


John Hogue

(15 March 2011)

Books by John Hogue

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