Climate Change, Libya and Living Free of the Future!

Hogue sighting, a week ago at the end of his street that ends with lots of woods, hooters and a willow. (Owls, that is.) It was shot the afternoon after the last “globally warmed” blizzard. A rarity at sea level, on an island north of Seattle, Washington. Photo by Drew Kampion. See

First, some predictions about current events crowding the quickening train of our times.

CNN reports something I have been writing about since the early 1990s (click on millennium prophecies). The mainstream belatedly catches on because even the corporate controlled news cannot keep a lid on this reality any longer. This is not the first time a team of globally respected scientists have informed news agencies that your record winter storms and blizzards are a direct result of global warming pumping the atmosphere with the “gas” to fuel more powerful storms: moisture. CNN’s anchors may still carefully parse their words to fit corporate editorial limitations. For instance, calling global warming “climate change.” We do not want to talk about a warming climate change because that will upset our fossil fuel advertisers.

Climate change to what, then?

Here is the basic scientific fact: ONLY a warming climate can contain more moisture. Colder climates create dry atmospheres. The onset of an Ice Age would weaken storm activity, not feed it fuel. That is not to say that global warming may trigger an ice age. But let us stay on storm track here: a more humid global atmosphere makes storms that are more powerful. It is not just a nebulous “change”. Those clouds are floating in globally warming air. But as long as the corporate leash is on editorially tight, you will not hear the mainstream news anchors call the blizzards of this winter a symptom of global warming.

What you will hear is today’s CNN report saying that scientists warn “climate change” injecting more moisture in the atmosphere would be responsible for the violent winter weather rapidly becoming violent and early spring storms. They will not tell you the “why”, just that the climate changed.

Wild weather of winter dramatically shifting to wild spring storms is something I detailed last year when writing Predictions for 2011. Brace for record snowmelt floods in the US as globally “warmed” subtropical moisture begins to push and shove into arctic air over America’s Tornado Alley this March and then will come the hurricanes. Early — the first tropical storms in May.

Now to Libya…

In my first article about Qaddafi’s future at the onset of the uprising (click on Libyan), I said the following, posted on 22 February: “What happens in Libya will be similar but I fear it will take longer and be a far more bloody civil war. Unlike Romania’s civil war, Libya is among the most deeply entrenched tribal societies in the Arab world. This civil war will be won or lost by who can manage the complex alliances and promise patronage to key Libyan tribes…

“Gaddafi will try to take [the eastern Libyan oil fields] back, promise reward of the rich oil industry to those western tribes and sub-tribes leaders who support the crackdown.

“People inside Libya phone the outside world about Gaddafi’s acts of genocide. Believe it. This civil war could descend into a battle between Libya’s tribes to control oil resources.

“At the time of this writing (22 February 2011), Gaddafi and his tribal allies in the secret police and armed forces are ruthlessly liquidating rebels in Tripoli while air strikes on Benghazi continue.

“I predict Gaddafi intends to launch his heavily armored forces against Benghazi, the heart of the revolution.”

As predicted, his forces are gathering for a push on the rebellious eastern provinces. Once again we have another spirited and sincere revolution of the masses in an Arab country that inspires so many of us to hope that democracy can spread in North Africa and the Middle East. However, I have an ongoing concern. Like Tunisia where this Jasmine Revolution wave began, spreading to Egypt and like Egypt and all the other erupting demonstrations in Yemen, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq and Syria: the revolutions are leaderless and remain amorphous mobs. They have a heart, but are so far running about headless.

Gaddafi is “daffy” but not dumb.

Gaddafi had planned for an eventual civil war by denying the Libyan military units in the east proper training and military equipment. He had expected the defections from those natives of the east in his military industrial complex. I sense that the early chaos has settled and Gaddafi has stabilized his command structure. The air force is once again bombing the rebels because those pilots who have refused to fight have either escaped to the East or been shot and replaced by Algerian and other mercenary pilots.

I said it at the beginning of the Libyan Revolution and I say it again, as a compassionate warning to the revolutionaries in the eastern coastal cities of Libya, such as Benghazi: Gaddafi will launch an offensive on you. It will happen this month, and you people of Benghazi will need to get yourself organized or by April, you will have Gaddafi’s tanks shooting you point blank in your streets. You will have your beach side demonstrations strafed by Gaddafi’s Tripolean and Algerian pilots in jets and attack helicopters.

Listen well; there will be no “No Fly Zone” organized by the US Navy or the NATO air forces flying across the Mediterranean from Italy. That simply will not happen as long as you continue to be a leaderless circus in the streets, playing with your rusting, second hand tanks, and shooting off into the air magazine after wasted magazine of your secondhand anti-aircraft guns for the entertainment of brave Ben Wederman’s CNN cameras.

You need to organize.

Undisciplined revolutions of leaderless masses never succeed. And many an organized revolution can also succumb to a tyrannical state, initially caught off guard, but soon finding its savage footing and take aim, putting fire and chemical weapons on the cities and towns of rebels.


Let us change definitions of prophecy from predicting and forecasting to its deeper definition: divine inspiration.

The response to my last blog’s offer to share information and links about the meditation techniques I use has seen hundreds of readers ask for them and express their gratitude for my work. Today I wish to answer one of these readers who yesterday posted the following email. My reply is inserted in it. I wanted to share with the community at large this interchange, because many of you share these views.

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve been on your mailing list for over three years, and I’ve bought a few of your wonderful e-books. I know at times it must feel disheartening when it’s such a challenge to keep a venture like Hogue Prophecy going, but we need you :^)

Thank you for your kind words, Rachel. Thanks also for purchasing my books in the past, you have helped my work continue. (I like your pointy nosed smiley face.)

John, I’m a writer, and a student of epistemology and metaphysics, and I’m quite impressed with the tone of your most recent newsletters.

Thank you. That is nice to hear coming from a fellow writer. The last few blogs have been difficult children to rear for posting. Problem children can turn out to be great pieces, I suppose. I am at least glad that the last several have been well received.

In your opinion, how close do you think we really are to reaching a critical mass of collective consciousness to wake up from this dream of physical being?

It is a good and sincere question but perhaps it is the wrong question to ask, because it makes one think of consciousness as a collective phenomenon rather than an individual phenomenon.

It is better to ask how close you are to a critical mass of understanding by venturing inward inside your “self.”

It may sound strange, but the best thing you could do for the collective lifting of consciousness is to let all attention directed towards the collective go. Try an experiment. Gather your full awareness moment to moment on your own transformation. That should not be construed to mean you stop whatever work you are doing to better the world.

What if nothing needs to be forced to change, because this enforcer is the very thing in the way?

I am simply suggesting that you “add” something to each and every moment, each and every action or inaction. I am suggesting that awareness be nourished and added to your life. The meditations Osho taught me are not escapist. They are “engage-ist”. They are for life, not an escape from life.

I know a lot of people would love to find enlightenment; I know I sure would. But really, I think the most important ‘historic’ point will be that point where enough individuals begin to break their slumber, to induce a cascade effect in the rest of humanity.

That is how the mind reasons us away from making a critical mass of enlightenment happen. Can you see it in your mind’s words here?

You would like enlightenment. Everyone would like it… but… it is more important to think about the abstract possibilities of a critical mass of enlightenment happening…etc. In other words, let us sit back and catch the wave of changing consciousness, not “be” the wave.

See how the mind has taken you away from the only place such a critical mass consciousness is born?

The mind takes us constantly away from our center because that is how it has been conditioned in us from birth onwards.

This ensures that you will always be chasing things that are abstracts and not bringing your energy here and now to this moment, this body, this living, present evernow.

The predictable future is made of mind. What if the being never had a past or a future? What if being was about being eternally present?

Try bringing an awareness into your life that unlocks this eternity, while daily life with its changes and movement spins around and around like a storm circling but never disturbing this eye of the life storm: the witnessing consciousness.

Whether the rest of the world achieves a critical mass of enlightenment or not is a distraction, really — a distraction of the mind to keep you from reaching your critical mass of enlightenment right here, right now.

If enough individuals understand this, then the collective will change. But it will only change when enough individuals drop their minds’ infatuation with the abstract of a critical collective mass consciousness change.

Perhaps consciousness is like love.

When you intensely seek love, it never comes.

When you let go and just be, Love comes dancing in.

Mass consciousness changing?

The masses never become conscious. Only individuals.

In your next passage, Rachel, there is another example of how the mind in us can sound like it almost knows what it is talking about. (Please do not take that personally. Everybody’s mind does this.)

Perhaps a mind can take things personally because it is the ruler of personality. The word “personality” comes from persona — Latin for “mask”. Only the false mind programs in us pretending to be real can take things personally.

So, with that in mind – or better with that IN of meditation, watching mind, let us look again at these words:

Yes, the world is in trouble because of resource over-consumption, but this is really just a part of the dream (drama?) of physical reality. For individual souls, and for the collective consciousness we are all holographic fragments of, this so-called physical reality we’ve constructed is, in spiritual reality, completely mutable. There isn’t anything we can’t change, and in a heart-beat.

These are all unsubstantiated, spiritual platitudes. They may have a fresher, new age “mask” or “label” but these are the kind of “labeled” opiates religions old and new have been pushing on us to pop like bromides since humanity’s quest for enlightenment began.

I am not saying your words are not true. The best drugs ape truth. Look at the people who thought dropping LSD gave them enlightenment. All drugs get us addicted to the experience at the cost of forgetting the “experiencer”.

So, let us be clear. I am not saying that anything you listed above is untrue. It is a pretty picture, like a beautiful picture of a sumptuous feast. Has anyone been nourished by eating pictures of food?

I ask myself on a regular basis when we might start seeing the first signs of a collective ‘waking-up’.

I predict that the people who are looking for signs will never see this collective ‘wake up’ happen, now or any moment in the next thousand years from “now”, because it is not a collective phenomenon that ever strays like a herd of sheep, from “now.”

I know that we still have many hundreds of years before we grow beyond physical living…

We assume that we “know” — that is why it takes hundreds and thousands of years. Because we are programmed by society’s mind to think we know — to think that it will take hundreds of years before it happens. The mind programs us to postpone, to wander away from this moment — perhaps the only place outside of time when waking-up can happen.

It never happened before because I no longer live in the before. It never happens later because I do not live in later. I am not living 100 years or 1,000 years from now.

It does not happen when enough people attain a critical mass of enlightenment because they are all waiting for somebody else to start that mass consciousness rolling.

Can it happen at all unless it happens to you right here, right now?

…but at some point we must wake enough to at least be able to choose between focusing in the physical, or in whatever higher state of being we’re in when we’re more ‘awake’.

That is the mind making another bromide for the sleeping soul to drink away its divine indigestion with a lovely idea, a sweet thought — sweet dreams.

What are your thoughts? Ha, ha, when, John, when? ;^)

I have given thoughts, but do not take up and pop these thoughts as another bromide pill. Take them as a hypothesis. A challenge. I wish to give the mind indigestion because the mind cannot digest what I have indicated in these words.

Now, what if you all have a destiny with eternity that is ever yours, eternally waiting, in the unguarded instant of the next moment?

What if the advent of your critical mass of enlightenment is ever close — ever now?

Explore it. Relax into it.

These meditation techniques I began offering since my last blog entry can be tools to access the eternity of the blissful present.

I will freely give you links, YouTube spots and other information about the meditations I use.

Just contact me.

John Hogue

(03 March 2011)

PS—There is an Antichrist Unconscious that Nostradamus completely missed in his fascinating search through prophecy for the third and final man of evil threatening our future. I spend 25 years on the trail of the Antichrist, until I was looking at him face to face in the least expected encounter. Read the book about a journey to the Antichrist Unconscious and how one can be free of the shadow.

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