Tornadoes and a New Manifest Destiny

I do not know where to begin. On the back burner of my subconscious ever since the catastrophic tornado outbreak across the US South has been the gnawing concern for those in my ever-widening global Internet community that might be in harm’s way.

I have been “vibe-ing” and emailing readers living in Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas. I am especially waiting for some answer from friends in Alabama in the hopes that widespread power outages there have delayed replies rather than life’s power being cut off by one of the estimated 169 tornadoes reported last Wednesday. The maelstrom slammed seven states, on 27 April 2011 — worst of which was the northern third of Alabama — in the worst tornado outbreak in 86 years. The death toll is at 340 and rising making it the second deadliest outbreak in history.

I have managed to contact every one of my readers, the status of the last of which caused me the most concern because I sensed my friend “Kira” who has frequently left comments in these pages, was in great danger from the tornadoes. I recall warning her in 2010 to be careful this year because of the hurricane season coming. (You can read more about what is coming, and early, by reading my forecast in Predictions for 2011.)

I thought she was still living near the Alabama coast but only after the Wednesday outbreak, when tuning into her, I suddenly remembered she had moved. Moved to northern Alabama!

Anyway, I sent out email feelers yesterday and received her reply just before sitting down to compose the first draft of this blog on Friday night, 29 April 2011.

As Kira is part of our HogueProphecy community on Internet, I wanted to share with you all her eyewitness account, somehow composed in the darkness of Harvest, Alabama, back on Friday night. Harvest is now a town where the lights are out, the streetlights are down, many arbor shaded neighborhoods denuded to splintered wastelands yet as many as 3,000 volunteers on Saturday have pitched in to search and clean the wreckage, now to the din of power generators.

Here is Kira’s account from Friday night: “Hi John, typing this on borrowed generator power…and in the dark. Am in harvest alabama, EF4 [tornado] territory. You should have seen the wind. It was Astounding! Sorry for the mistypes,using a nook and fat fingers. My house spared, many houses gone, three left their roofs behind. Most large trees splintered or broken. No power till at least next Thursday, may end up without water soon. All stores empty for 50+miles, gas stations have limited power to pumps,gas lines hours long. Will write next time I run into a generator, Kira.”

Keep her and and everyone across the US South afflicted by this historic tornado outbreak in your meditation and in your prayers


Is this the way it will be? A historic catastrophe per month?

Will the year 2011 be the year of twelve natural disaster catastrophes?

The Oracle had impressed upon me in sessions in late 2009 a message about an assault on the human race that would take two years to reach its full intensity as Mother Nature’s world war against human stupidity.

I wrote the following in November 2010. The oracle declared that the Copenhagen Accords to be held by world leaders the following month in Denmark with a goal of finding international consensus about reducing greenhouse gas emissions enough to slow climate change was a kind of modern “Munich Pact.” The world leaders of today act like Hitler’s appeasers in the past only this time they try to appease angry nature herself with feckless gestures at the onset of her two-year escalation of global super storms and other natural disasters. The previous appeasers, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier, convened an emergency summit in Munich in 1938 with Hitler to give the Axis dictator any ethnic Germans and territory he wanted ripped off Czechoslovakia if that prevented a world war.

There were storm clouds of world war on the horizon then. Starting in 2010, the storm clouds on the horizon “are” the war:

What lies before us in 2010 is another kind of appeasement to buy a little less than a year’s worth of denial before the sudden lightning spike of a new kind of world war where friends and foes alike are cut in a more subtle identity. Starting the year 2010 into 2011, Mother Earth is about to declare worldwide war on us. She will fight us on the oceans with weapons of typhoon and hurricane. She will invade our beaches with rising oceans. She will bombard us with heated atmosphere and withhold the rains to water our fields of grain to deny her enemy sustenance. She will pull back her glaciers, withdraw and deny us her rivers. She will set in motion a scorched earth policy. Ignite her forests afire to burn us out. She will decimate our exploding and rapacious populations that covet and denude every arable acre, suck every last fresh water drop and befoul every last cubic inch of her fresh air. We drive her mad with climate fevers and she attacks.

Predictions for 2010
Chapter 15: We Have Appeasement for Our Times

Shall I comfort tree-hugger hubris and permit myself to secretly gloat? Some do believe that karma came down hard with earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear reactor meltdowns upon Japan because its people wantonly hunt down and kill whales at a rate beyond any other nation. Campaign Whale reports that over 20,000 smaller whales, dolphins and porpoises are cruelly slaughtered in Japanese waters every year. The meat is sold for human consumption. Deep water whaling fleets of Japanese sail to the Southern Seas killing 800 or more whales of larger species each year “for research”, or so they say, even though the “research” meat ends up at fish monger markets across Japan for public consumption.

Shall I privately indulge the self-righteous guilty pleasure of the green peaceable who believe fishing towns along the northeastern Japanese coast harboring local fishing fleets that hunt Dall porpoise by the thousands where shattered then washed away by the 11 March 2011 quake and tsunami by an act of existential revenge? Were nearly 30,000 people claimed by some divine wave — a cetacean citation of crimes against innocent dolphins?

What am I to make of the Red States like Oklahoma and especially Texas now ember red and blackened with range fires scorching millions of acres in March and April 2011? Is Nature gunning for the fossil fuel harvesting and belching longhorn state?

What about those other red-blooded Republican “red” states, those pro-creationist, anti-science faith based bastions of the US Midwest and the South? The “Bible Belt” populations mostly eschew scientific evidence of global warming and climate change. Why is America’s Mecca of climate change denial getting walloped by the climate the worst, these days? Is there a connection? Payback?

Did Mother Nature in the last few weeks just take the Bible Belt to the wood shed, as it were, unbuckling and sliding that strip of leather strap out of B-Belt’s pant loops for one hellovah whippin’ as some kind of punishment for hiding their heads in the dogmatic sands of belief over scientific facts?

You have got to wonder! The first major outbreak of tornadoes happened on 14-16 April, smacking southern states and especially splintering eastern North Carolina killing 45 — more than all the people killed by tornadoes in the US in 2010. That weather bull-hide ride made national news. Seemed bad enough, but look what followed. A monster twister — on Earth Day of all days — took out St. Louis, Missouri’s International Airport on 22 April.

Had enough?

Then came the biggest apocalyptic weather leather lashing in eight decades last Wednesday (27 April). At the time of this blog’s posting on May Day 2011, the death toll rises past 340 and climbs with hundreds still missing. In the ravaged city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, alone, there are over 400 people still missing. Thousands have been injured, many severely in the most violent day of the most tornado-packed month in recorded history. April already had 453 twisters confirmed before Wednesday’s outbreak when large metropolitan areas such as Birmingham and Tuscaloosa got Ala-bammed along with many other smaller towns across Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia.

The final numbers are yet to come in but what I would call “Black Thunder, Funnel Cloud Wednesday” may add another 169 twisters to that list of 453, as well as few confirmed EF4 and EF5 super-tornadoes, the latter of which can spin-crush and launch house and cement foundation slab off a basement with winds exceeding 200 mph.

Is existence punishing Japan for its whaling slaughters?

Is the planet bringing biblical windstorms and whirlwinds down on areas of America where most people do not believe there is any climate change going on?

Now for the first week of May a further aftermath of a disaster of biblical proportions approaches, rolling down the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys: Prepare thyself, Noah, for floods in Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.

People in quakey-ever-shakey Japan and twisted Tornado Alley USA are seasoned survivors of natural disasters; yet, you hear a new comment spreading between these climate and seismic toughened folk. You hear them say in Japan, “We are used to serious quakes and tsunamis — even atomic fallout since we are the only country to suffer an atomic attack — but nothing like these disasters!”

From St. Louis International Airport down to Arkansas and east across Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia all the way to the Carolinas and Virginia, you hear people begin to say, “We’re used to tornadoes, but not like this! Is the weather changing? Is it getting worse?”

You hear corporate media anchors call our spiking times of natural disasters since 2010 “the new normal”.

“Why, you say, are we getting more loss of life and historic swaths of property damaging storms, tsunamis and earthquakes?” rhetorically muse TV anchors and CNN weathermen and women on the boob tube.

They usually throw out data that in itself is correct, but it lulls one from confronting the question face to face.

Mr. and Mrs. couch potato. My fellow boob tubers.

Got climate changing indigestion?

Drop and fizz this bromide of weather anchor truthiness: There are more cities destroyed because the world is more populated than ever before, thus urban habitation has spread. In other words, as lyrics to the song Home on the Range could go, these days, “I now have a home, where the funnel clouds roam/Where the wind sheer and isobars play/Where seldom was heard a tornado alert/When the skies are thunder-cloudy all day…”

The church going survivors of the Bible Belt can pray for better weather and believe by the grace of God he missed them and hit their lesser lucky neighbors with the Lord’s dodge ball of disasters. The corporate handlers can past a brave happy face on their TV meteorologists as they comfort and obfuscate about climate change now reaching its tipping point.

And in the other camp are climate change believers feeling holistically holier-than-thou about faith-obsessed Bible bashers getting trashed by tornadoes and floods along with a lot of reasonable people in the South who recognize climate change is upon us. The ecology jihadist mindset conveniently overlooks all the thousands of Japanese earth friendly vegetarian folk who do not eat or kill porpoises being carried out to see by tsunamis

If retribution is coming, it is only a divinely bad joke that whale slaughtering and climate denying regions of the earth are being hard it today.

For the rest of you, your hits are coming…

When given the vision of the coming world war storm, the oracle defined the enemy as something hiding within each one of us.

Green or mean to the planet?

It does not matter.

This most subtle of enemies has to be recognized, understood and thus by a meditative understanding, transcended by every one of us. Moreover, as the Oracle put it in writing in November 2009:

The enemy is our unconsciousness as a species, our willingness to believe rather than “know” our collective soul, our willful postponement and outright resistance to awakening our responsibility to be gardeners — not rapacious parasites — of this Earth. And, if Mother Earth must, she will scourge us, starting in 2010 through 2011 with a spike in climate change disasters never before seen, bringing to a close this most ominous 00 “uh-oh!” decade of the new millennium. The potential death and destruction of this oncoming war of Earth on us will render every land and ocean a battlefield. Militant Mother Nature on the warpath will deliver more epic horrors and losses than endured in the last global World War and all 3,000 wars in 5,000 years of recorded civilization.

We will wish we only had an Adolph Hitler to appease with our Munich-cum-Copenhagen Pact. It is easier to behold an objective foe, far harder to fight the subjective enemy hiding behind our platitudes about becoming the change we can believe in.

Predictions for 2010
Chapter 15: We Have Appeasement for Our Times

Tree huggers, tree cutters, all are essentially unconscious of conditioning that makes them an enemy of their only home in the universe at this time. I close today’s blog with the first of my three interchanges in early March with a reader, a man I will call JZ. I tried to help him see the Earth enemy that hides even in the most Earth loving mind.

My main question to you John is, “shouldn’t we as humans be excited that mother earth is fighting back”?

Should a lemming be excited by a plague decimating its family?

At this point, I believe it to be the only solution to our global problem (the scale has already tipped, all we can do at this point is to try and make the correct decisions for ourselves, let her fight the cancers’ we have sickened her with and hold on for dear life). This is actually exciting to me and I relish in the idea that earth is healing herself.

It is healing itself from “you”. I guess a germ can feel happy about being disinfected out of existence.

The reason I ask is…..for us to make a difference as a society at this point, wouldn’t we have to empty all of our cities (shut em down), quit buying gasoline and most products currently sold in 90% of our stores, every person on earth quit having children etc…etc…etc… starting in this moment, right here and now? Well, it is obvious that we will not, and are not doing this. I am probably in the minority here but it excites me that we are going through this cleansing period, that mother earth is not allowing this any longer, I am personally trying to make all the right decisions and be in the right place at the right time.

You have completely misunderstood my article, Jon. (See Climate Change). You are as far off as you can go into your mind. My article was not supporting people getting deep up into their minds.

What you are excited about is coming to directly erase you. This excitement is absolutely idiotic. Why? Because this excitement is mental and lost in abstract reverie. You have lost yourself in your thoughts as if you are not a part of what the collective will go through when being cleansed.

You are going down Nature’s toilet with the rest.

Where do you manage to think you are separate from the rest of humanity? You think this is going to be fun when you cannot eat, work, or find fresh water?

Where is your heart, JZ? Snap out of this intellectual frivolity.

Because no matter what any scientist says or any of the lies that the corporate world tries to disseminate upon us…this is happening and it will not stop until those things I mentioned happen… be it by choice or by force. (I believe there is no longer a choice and it has to be forced). Sorry for the grammar mistakes and I hope my writing is understandable. (I am terrible at writing), sorry for that!

It is too understandable. Your grammar is fine. Moreover, much of what you are saying here is true and will happen. But deep down your mind is ruling these facts as some abstract titillation, as if you are not going to be one of the victims of what is coming. The mind when ruling the soul is a tyranny of the idiot.

Thank you John. You are definitely among the best and the brightest this world has ever seen and we are lucky to have you. Keep up the wonderful work!

If I am “that wonderful” then understand why I am inserting this hard slamming today. You have completely misunderstood me. If my work is so wonderful then “wonder” hard and deep at why I am savaging you right now.

The mind is idiocy incarnate and your mind — not you, not your soul — wrote this email to me today.

I am very sorry I have to be so hard, but there it is. You have forced this hard reply on me. It is not what I wanted to do.


I sent that reply off to JZ. It was not easy to do it, yet I am guided by something mysterious within that sometimes must say things to you all that I also must remember and be. Between you and me there is no one higher or lower. There is just us on this only home in a vast cosmic desert, too vast to sail to new worlds like Columbus 500 years before. Perhaps in the next 500 year cycle, perhaps by the 25th century, we will have matured enough, know enough, and have discovered enough scientifically to teleport beyond the vast distances of desert space and time to visit other oases in the universe.

That time is not yet.

Time is running out on humanity to aspire and reach that “yet.”

You will read the process JZ and I go through in the next blog tackling something that must flower in each of us before scientific invention of deep space travel can expand our life to other worlds. There must come a resurrection of human consciousness first.

John Hogue

(MAY DAY 2011)

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